US Open Golf and Nefarious NapStealers

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There are those who look forward to US Open Golf all year long. They spend sleepless nights, bothered by nefarious napstealers, trying to get some winks so they can be up bright and early to see their favorite golfer tee off. Since Tiger Woods is out this year with an injury, all eyes are on Phil Mickelson to see if he will finally win, when he has been so close so many times.

Even golfers can be bothered by nefarious napstealers, when they are trying to get a good night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed for their early morning tee times. How many golfers do you see out there on the US Open Golf course yawning because they didn’t get a good night’s sleep?

This year the field has quite a few up and coming young golfers, such as Luke Donald and Lee Westwood. They are the ones to watch, unless the Siesta Thieves have hindered their performance, causing the opposite of performance enhancing drugs in golf. Who will prevail, the youngsters who are currently ranked #1 and #2 in the world, or the senior pro who has been here before, but never conquered at the end of the last hole?

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    1. tettius wilgooka says:

      hello frank!

      thanks a lot for visiting my blog! i really appreciate you dropping by there even if there are times when i return the favor. sorry about that.

      and thanks for the word “putt-putt”. that is something new to me which is an addition to my dictionary! great and thanks!

      in my dreams, maybe i can join the US open golf tournament. haha! i wish!

      so, you love golf, too? i supposed.. but you mentioned in your post “as NO golfer…” which means you a golfer but you love the sorry… my not to huge to understand. hehe.

      hugs to you and your family!

    2. bohnbakyau calley says:

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    3. "tiger woods" - Twitter Search says:

      (59°F) Golfer opens up about girlfriend drama Rory McIlroy made a big mistake with longtime sweetie Holly Sweeney, and it took “groveling” to fix. Writer surprised Tiger, agent join firm Stricker’s amazing shot British Open favorite Golfer’s big girlfriend dramaKobe takes on trash talkerBeckham name puzzles WebRare frozen lake bubbles 1 of 40 GOP leaders say they’ve sacrificed enough on debt talks Surgeons perform world’s first double leg transplant Casey Anthony’s safety post-release worries lawyer How an obscure lightbulb law became a Tea rallying cry Drunk, unemployed actor trashes Letterman’s studio Navy officer on carrier removed for relationship 7-Eleven offers free slurpees on 8 after teen steals hummer, leads wild chase- CBS SF Comm. colleges consider cutting off repeat course-takers- CW updated 01:36 pm 12,505.75 -1.19% 2,802.62 -1.99% Visit Yahoo! Shopping Check out this season’s newest phones, MP3 players, and more. Yahoo! Small Business: Claim…

    4. J LeClair is right. I think the greatest player of all times, no point, but does he deserve to be worldn°1 if he wins this week at Augusta, regarding the way he has played the last months ? I say nope, sir. Same thing for Luke Donald : currently but has won two tournaments in the last 18 months,the Match-Play and a little tournament in Spain, when Miguel-Angel Jimenez has won three times on Euro tour and in the top 10 ? too odd to me

    5. Golf Lessons Channel says:

      This is unofficial Us Open website Created by Us Open Golf Tournament fanatics and Us Open Tennis Tournament fanatics Which makes this website unofficial Us Open fan club There are some empty places for all Us Open Golf and Tennis fanatics

    6. I have been praying for salvation for many years.
      In a way, I think that what has happened to him is an answer to prayer – something to cause him to pause and consider that there was something (or rather, Someone) missing from his life. I do not know him, but I could not help but feel that his life had to have been quite empty to live without knowing God. Elin and Mom might come to know the Lord first and lead Tiger to Christ. I loved golf long before I knew of Tiger. He was never my favorite golfer, but he was fascinating to watch.

    7. Sarah Palin: I’ll Run If Y’all Like “Out of the Box” | HyperVocal says:

      Let him play golf. He is right….he came to win. All this nonsense about him saying “Tiger, you suck” during the round??? the big deal, commercials have this word “suck” on it all the time…..
      One thing about the tournament, Phil Mickelson deserves a tremendous admiration for his golf and his for his family. I had a wife with cancer and being able to play at World competiton level and still have so much devotion to his family is something that should be highly and honestly cherished. People should focus on the positives; its the media that throws all this BS into our heads and we all get caught up in it. No for anyone, golf is golf and life is life….get on with it.

    8. jaydendrums111 says:

      haha well, few months back i went over to a mates and we went out to a track thingy with his uncle, My mates uncle let us have a go round the track in his f430. only slow tho 🙁 but he let us open her up on the str8 🙂

    9. I have read Rick Reilly in Illustrated for years. I missed this one. You should have saved it for day. There are lots of young golfers with poor home lives and drunk The Irish are known for there blarney and dependence on the bottle. As a Canadian, I can really appreciate the analogy to my own choice of destruction. Your blog is very scattered but you hit major themes, Mr. Catcher, I hope people actually read the dirges and not just goggle or google the picks and funny things. Do you have email???

    10. At the time that this was written, Tiger Woods was a college student. If you consider how a good of all the college men that go to UF are, he would not be much different. As usual, Tiger Woods is in the spotlight and is more heavily criticized than any other athlete due to his success. Granted, his recent actions and what he says in this might not be morally correct, but the media makes it seem like he is the only guy in the world that acts like this. Also, people forget that Tiger is one of the most outstanding athletes off all time. He might have done some things off the golf course that are regrettable, but none of that should take away from his incredible achievements on the course.

    11. goguentsma kuse says:

      A preview with Phil Mickelson leading up to the 2011 US Open at Congressional Country Club.

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    12. kondstra rot says:

      Ah, teaching teachers how to teach. 🙂 Something that I would look forward to reading more about. seen enough subject-mastered-teachers that have no business being in front of the proverbial chalkboard (or projection screen) since teaching is not reciting/reading off of the notes thrown up on the board anymore than knowing how to Wii!golf going to get you to the Open Championship.

    13. wason yojin says:

      Thanks for the WTA post. The reason that Penneta has such a good h2h with Stosur has to do with the return of serve. Flavia has a good, is non-existent. Stosur has also never beaten Venus and that is because strength, i.e. the kick serve to the backhand, goes straight to strength. It does not bother Venus because she is so tall. It bothers Serena a bit when she is not returning well, but mostly on clay and slow hard

      Stosur says that hard are her favourite surface but she has never really done well on it. Never made it past the third round of the US Open.

      ARad is one of my favourite players and loved watching her match last night. A veritable clinic against Peer.

    14. khofsteiro says:

      Czech Republic – 1. Germany – 1. Great Britain – 1. Japan – 1. Kazakhstan – 1. Serbia – 1. Switzerland – 1. Interestingly, the US who won this award in the US Open 2011 have no players in the round! Also, surprisingly, Australia has two …

    15. Looked completely clueless in the Most Series against England while another senior pro Dravid fought a lone battle . I think it is time for Tendulkar to retire gracefully from Cricket and make way for youngsters . Tendulkar as usual has been the biggest failure for India in overseas…

    16. Australian Open (The Happy Slam) — FIFA World Cup Atmosphere, National Pride, Accessible

      Roland Garros (The Chic Slam) — Rude spectators, Battle of Gladiators, Test in Patience

      Wimbledon (THE SLAM, The Glorious Slam, The Desired Slam) — Traditional, Pure, Simplified, Test of Athleticism, The best player more often than not always wins.

      US Open (The Primetime Slam) — The commercial slam, the Big Mac Slam (because of its cheesy elements), the roar, where the adage “less is more” is flagrantly ignored.

    17. klcom vek says:

      Big Ben Struck Two Jesse James Robbed a Few But Tiger Played 18. Notorious Apparel pokes fun at our favorite golfer, biker, and QB. An offensive and funny t perfect for the fan with a sense of humor

    18. Hope Pip settles down soon and you get some sleep. I dread those sleepless nights as I can only imagine it will be worse than the sleepless nights I have at the moment. At least I still get 3-4 hours at a time which is better than nothing. The other night I got 4 hours and 15 minutes and was so excited I woke Kirk up to tell him! Otherwise I get 2 hours at a time before I have to peeeeeeee! I think it would be much harder to deal with when its your baby unhappy though 🙁

    19. yurcoa kuta says:

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      You’re Saint Of My Life, and when the world is trembling, down don’t you cry.
      Coz there’s nothing-nothing that will keep us
      Ha … Ha … Ha …
      Sing with me my little darling
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      Pick the moon kiss the star so good nigh

    20. kley cha says:

      Your accent strange to me, Dave. South Africans are some of the major players in golf — Ernie Els, Charl Tim Clark, and 2010 Open Championship winner Louis Oosthuizen, as well as legend Gary Player, just to name a few. But you do have a deeper voice than most of the South Africans heard. You sounded really good on the video — congratulations on the new outlet for your talents!

    21. Janette battin says:

      Freddy – You have been my favorite golfer since 1986 with the exception of the 86 Masters that Jack won. Jack was my favorite growing up and you took his place. I know everyone watches for Tiger and they should. great, but I still watch to see you and the sweetist swing thats ever been on a golf course. Get well soon. My prayers are with you.
      PS I have a 9 handicap and thats with 3 back surgiries in the last 22 months the last to fuse my lower back with 3 pins the size of your index finger and I have never felt better!!! God Bless You!

    22. quintinjardine says:

      No, it would be Eduardo. well back on both lists, it seems. Actually I meant be next on the list for a pick. He has a point about missing the first of the qualifying period through injury. Since then made it to the final of the Accenture Matchplay and done okay in the Open. have picked him over Luke Donald, but sure do okay. struck by the fact that Pavin has yet to complete his team. Wonder who his picks will be. Kim, Watney, Cink and . . . Fowler?

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    24. robergersm bashi says:

      Congrats to Phil, and Lee Westwood played so well too.

      I never liked watching Tiger, never fun to watch. Too spoiled, foul mouthed, angry, throwing or at least slamming down clubs. Nothing fun or inspiring about him. I like watching somebody I can root for.
      I never liked him to with so not surprised and care about his personal problems.

    25. voshidley yway says:

      good luck JR – hope you continue the form and prove that you are a top 10/15 player this season.
      More aggression needed and look for the safety element near to water, but you will keep near the top of the rankings.
      JR is a better competitor than Lee W (lucky to be no 2) and Luke Donald, so keep up the positive approach to your shots and we will see you at no 10 befor too long. The fex ex points are achievable once again – good luck for The Masters.

    26. Wow, quite the math whiz. Maybe they should name a theorem after you.

      The correct answer to your question is 4 in that the progression automatically to the beginning number after it reaches 2 in this localized sequence.

      Read Pythagoras to understand this better. The PGA will prove me correct.

      Had Robbo not dumped Luke Donald suddenly, he most likely would have become The Open champion. Something to muse about….

    27. US Open the only hard tournament no? Sam did alright at the Oz Open this year, Serena was just flawless against her. Plus Sam also had a good run during the US Open series last year, only to be burnt out by the US Open and played a shocker against Vania King.

      risking it this year, too many tournaments in the lead up. When will she learn to think like a top 5 player? *sigh*

    28. StayBank's Golf Links says:

      Tiger Tracker: For the third straight day, Tiger will be paired with Lee Westwood at the Honda Classic. Both players trail leader seven shots back of the leaders. Follow live!

    29. Getting a little tired of the early morning tee times I need to go low so I can set my alarm a bit later tomorrow.

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    31. Google Alerts - golf says:

      The golf season is officially under way for our Alistair Tait, but it has nothing to do with Rory McIlroy or Lee Westwood – it has everything to do with the Sunningdale Foursomes, or golf at its best.

    32. Barak Obama joins the fray of Democratic presidential hopefuls announcing their candidacy via online video. I wonder if any of the candidates have strategies for really integrating the medium into their campaigns? As evidenced by the insane growth of the online video space, an active and engaged bunch of peeps. Which candidate will really embrace the online video phenomenon?

    33. Good Night All Time I put the fans away and got the quilt back out, it is getting chilly now, Hope you all had a great day see you 2morrow!!

    34. annemariesegal says:

      & Very true. I had to learn the hard way. I never had trouble sleeping until I became a manager of people. Then the worries and sleepless nights began. I regained my ability to sleep several years later when I returrned to non-management role. Of course there were sleepless nights for my kids issues but that usually was just a night or two. Thank you for your comments.

    35. USA TODAY (blog)

      Obama-Cameron dinner: Stars and celebrities
      USA TODAY (blog)
      By David Jackson, USA TODAY When Rory McIlroy visited the Washington area last year, he left with a big prize: the US Open golf championship. Tonight, the Ireland native will claim another big prize, a ticket to the White House dinner …
      and more »

    36. It did not take long for Luke Donald to retake the top ranked position from Rory McIlroy. The 22 year old from Ireland only held the title of top ranked golfer in the world for two weeks before relinquishing it back to Luke Donald.

    37. Congrats on a great weekend! You are by far my favorite golfer and I am pumped to see you back in the spot in the world!

    38. JasonCambell says:

      I kno it’s kinda rude but tiger woods is kinda like a young golfers god.. He’s a beast at golf and gets the women!!! Lol

    39. The Download: Dispatches from the road to Austin
      Washington Post
      Their task was straightforward, if ambitious: Create a company along the way. But the 1500-mile trip to the annual technology and festival was anything but simple. There were Internet outages, sleepless nights and unexpected stops.

    40. Morgan Lynch says:

      Golf:Rory McIlroy has been drawn alongside Luke Donald and Lee Westwood for the first two rounds of this week’s WGC-Cadillac Championship in Florida. McIlroy, golf’s latest world number one, will go toe-to-toe with Donald, who he deposed at the top of the rankings, as well as renewing an increasingly acrimonious rivalry with Westwood.

    41. Well, well, well, Mr. Garrity. I see that finally come to your senses, and have added a New England golf course to your top 50. Rick Boule, and Wayne Mills will be happy. A very good choice I might add. I might also suggest that there are others just as as The Country Club in the area. Expand your horizons Lad. a You are showing good potential. You surely must remember 1st US Open Championship in 1988 at The Country Club with an 18-hole playoff victory over Nick Faldo??? Did you cover that Open as a senior writer for Illustrated? Enquiring minds need to know.

    42. hillo neppelanti says:

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    43. Walt,

      And if the Republicans could have their way, oxygen would be a controlled substance, or a commodity that only the wealthy could afford.

      I must say good night to all.

      Good night, Walt.
      Good night, Zooey.
      Good night, Jane (my love).
      Good night, Gracie.
      Good night, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are.
      Good night, Chet.
      Good night, David.
      Good night, John-Boy.
      Good night, my someone, good night.
      Good night, rest of planet

      Sweet dreams to all.

    44. bill collins says:

      It usually comes down to Super Long Hitters and players with a Depth Touch on the Greens. In saying this the winner will come from this selection of players;

      Bubba Watson
      Dustin Johnson
      Alvaro Quiros
      Lee Westwood
      Angel Cabrera
      Nick Watney
      Rickie Fowler
      Rory McIlroy
      Eduardo Molinari
      Francesco Molinari(for driving & iron play)
      Matt Kuchar
      Ryan Moore
      Zach Johnson
      Luke Donald

    45. This was a fantastic victory by Roger, congratulations!!! To be honest Novak played great tennis when won the second set too, today he quite good enough, maybe the other stuff has got to him somewhat. have his future chances. btw TP, Andreev and Muller tomato cans imho. Andreev was out of the tour for a year following surgery, and Muller was a former US Open junior champ, who had fitness issues and now improving aspects of his game.

    46. Determined that I still don’t have time for podcasts. (Along with 99% of online video, most of my DVR’d TV, and my ever-growing TBR pile.)

    47. goodnight-began as a french term gutenach-we can use good night in many ways for example,as a possesive a good night a converse object have a pretty good night even as a proposition like saying ummmm its a good night for the or most common a modifier noun like saying good club night good night is not even considered a word its like a term or a formal greeting or farewell. goodnight moon is a classic childrens book i believe by margaret wise brown in composed in 1947……………….. wow traci you turn on my thinking cap keep it up and to the readers excuse my grammar lol

    48. einice kerif says:


      While you were biking in 110 degree weather, I was skiing on an open golf course and it felt like -20 with the wind chill. I was wearing four pants of pants, two long sleeve under armor a windproof warm up jacket, my parka, two buffs, a hat, mittens, and sun glasses. And I was still cold.

      Love you!

    49. Phil Mickelson - Twitter Search says:

      With his victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger Woods has finally won another PGA Tour event. Back in February, Phil Mickelson noted that Tiger Woods was almost back to his previous form. before the Arnold Palmer Invitational, Arnold Palmer confirmed Phil…

    50. just like statistic of his second innings avg can not change and to his stupendous first innings avg too…

      one such innings can not change that either…

      its not rocket science that he has failed in this series…

      this series was special in the sense that lots of yougsters were given chances and being senior pro he should have been the guiding force (in terms of performance in this series) which he failed to do so along with sehwag and yuvraj who by noway can be called juniors now…

      he just waisted his good form from tests as is sehwag…

      also qestioning of performace in series can not or should not be taken as criticism on whole career…

    51. flock bustence says:

      Hey, check this out:
      2003 US Open Cup winner: Chicago (missed playoffs in 2004)
      2004 US Open Cup winner: Kansas City (missed playoffs in 2005)
      2005 US Open Cup winner: Los Angeles (missed playoffs in 2006)
      2006 US Open Cup winner: Chicago….

      I really think that winning the Open Cup has a tremendous effect on qualifying for the following playoffs, but quite an interesting trend nonetheless. Also, if it for the aquisitions of Blanco, Conde, and Coach Osorio, Chicago would very likely be missing out on the playoffs this year continuing the trend for the consecutive year. see how New England does next season.

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    53. yellowcat says:

      How did you ever meander from a story concerning our all-time favorite golfer Phil Mickelson into some bizarre rambling about Tiger Woods?
      toast. divorced. history.
      Better get your priorities straight, Idiot. not be putting up with any more of your derisive commentary should you choose to challenge reality with respect to YOUR opinion as to who can golf, or who

      At the moment, Phil rules, or should. That little creep, TW, has proven to be an annoyance to everyone.

      End of this commentary, but not the final word by any stretch.

    54. IanRush6 says:

      DF: Full credit to them. They deserved to win the game. Wright is a good senior pro; he will be a key player for us to pick the lads up.

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    57. The final round of the Kraft Nabisco Championship was supposed to be uneventful, perhaps even boring. World No. 1 YanTi Tseng, whose dominance of late has triggered comparisons to Tiger Woods in 2000, was expected to coast to the winner’s circle for the third consecutive week and for the time in six in 2012.
      Yet as the sun faded behind the San Jacinto Mountains at Mission Hills Country Club on Sunday, the title was still up for grabs. The back nine was producing more twists and turns than an episode of 24. Even Tseng, at 23 already a five-time major champion, was caught up in the excitement. Standing in the 18th fairway while waiting for the group on the green to clear, she wandered over to a and said, “There’s some drama, huh?”

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      I.K. Kim

    58. Hey Gary and crew, done fantastically getting to the Humber. Nice to have a rest and set sail again such a dull comment – sorry me trying to be positive). Expected to see you rowing by St Andrews at the Open Golf! Great to read the blog – great to meet you all at Via Fosse wait to hear about John Good luck on the seas – Good on you. Deb & Dom

    59. […] As the first Major of the year is on the horizon, it was only apt we mark the US Masters with a big guest. Chubby Chandler – agent to Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Ernie Els amongst others – joins us on this Paddy Power Podcast to deliver some unique insight into his chances, some outside bets and more some of the questions you wanted answered. […]

    60. ewalker11 says:

      I personally have no problem with Tiger Woods. I know he is a celebrity and a story like this will attract alot of attention, but its his own personal life. Cheating is wrong but regular men cheat and its a big deal because its Tiger Woods. Im not saying cheating is good but at the the same time he is still a good human being noone is perfect

    61. lorene macchilber says:

      Don’t search through the professional ranks to find Gene Wojciechowski’s new favorite golfer in the world, because he’s teeing it up at this week’s U.S. Amateur.

    62. Find Free Articles - ArticlesBase says:

      LONDON, Aug. 23, 2010 (Reuters) — European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie faces the prospect of a few sleepless nights before deciding his 12-man team on Sunday after Peter Hanson’s Czech Open win put him eighth in the table with one event to go. … > read full story

    63. Marathe it was very well within the rules of the game. It was absent mindedness on the of AJIT AGARKAR ….. And he is supposed to be the senior pro setting example. ……… Yeah you talk about ……the entire team from Bal Tackreys place shouted F***k Off when Robin Uthappa got out, That was brillaint is it ????!!!!

    64. khan lebergntai says:

      Oh, that was so good! I love that dimples 🙂
      I love the barrel racing too. I wish I had the time/lifestyle to haul and go pro. Ha, and the horse! But I hold out hope someday. Wade and I have said when we hit our go do Senior Pro together. When the kid grows up and gets out of school.
      But I still dream, and I still do little gymkhanas to keep me doing it. I love, love, love it!

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    66. wert weistieger says:

      thinking Mickelson making the Masters his 10th Tournament of the Year and then compounding that over of his 40 year old body by having a Brain Freeze on How Many Drivers to put in his Bag all while Mindlessly pounding 4 different drivers on the range was a Big Mistake. Go back to Thursday when Phil Mickelson Showed up for Warm 4 Hours before his 1:48 Tee Time? to Mickelson- YOU ARE OVER THINKING These Majors… In the End Phil could not Break 70 for 4 Rounds and played the last 54 Holes of the Masters at +1 over Par. This Masters was Supposed to be All About Phil Mickelson, Jim Nantz Licked Him Like a Lollipop for a Full Hour before The Masters Came on the Air Live, and Phil Fizzles like a Wilted Flower. Me thinks a New Strategy might be in order for next year for him.

    67. Hello Councilor Pete,

      I think Angelo Que is the first Pinoy to qualify for the Open Championship in the last 10 years since Frankie Minoza who qualified, I believe also at Royal Birkdale ten years ago. Bantam Ben Arde also qualified back in the day in the and The Open and maybe even also the US Open.Quite a few pinoys have qualified although I am not sure if a Pinoy has made the cut in any of major championships.

    68. Lady Jude says:

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    69. My mantra to get me through potty training/sleepless nights/whatever is going on at the moment….

      be using the potty/sleeping through the night/whatever by the time he goes to college.”

      And then of course we will have lots of other things to worry about but I try not to think about THOSE. Enough sleepless nights as it is.

      Good luck, it DOES get better at some point, usually without you noticing until it is all over and done with.

    70. storger baro says:

      Come on Helen, if no one else does, can we not at LEAST expect golf writers to be accurate on a very simple statistic which has been repeated numerous times over the last three weeks if not more. Tiger Woods won the 2005 Open Championship by FIVE strokes not EIGHT. He won by EIGHT in 2000. PLEASE, at least from someone who is supposed to know what they are doing, PLEASE BE ACCURATE!!!

    71. […] Tiger Woods Has an Obamagasm Tiger Woods Has an ObamagasmAnd here I thought ole Eldrick was non-political. I have heard it said that Barack Obama is the Tiger Woods of politics. Or maybe more like Tiger Woods is the Barack Obama of the full post from Countenance BlogTags: Campaign 2008, Athletics and via Blogdigger blog search for golf. […]

    72. @ Sunita

      YOU made it happen! … The “Senior Pro” of the team! .. I am actually glad I didnt screw up.. and did justice to the “expectations” you people had of me! 😉 .. hehehe! .. But it was a wonderful experience.. and I think made some terrific friends!


      nice! 🙂 … Your first comment on my blog… (Or is it?) … Good Good!

      Debate details – i remember much… will have to see if i can get hold of some transcripts.. if at all things were recorded!

    73. Bed for me early morning tee time… New Ping driver and New ecco street shoes in blue ..may even make it 3 in a row and use new ball,maybe!

    74. seckler schabelz says:

      A flock of Southern belles was waiting behind the Augusta National pro shop last Saturday, all gussied up and giggly about the evening to come.
      The women made small talk as the golfers in the 76th Masters ambled by in various states of distress. Sergio García walked past with his newest love interest, recuperating after a 75 that sapped his spirit to fight. The engaged Jason Dufner arrived next, his eyes vacant after shooting what would be the first of weekend 75s.
      At a few minutes past seven, the sound of oncoming metal spikes tore through the bucolic scene. Rory McIlroy, fresh off a third-round 77 that basically eliminated him from contention, wheeled around the corner, ignored the phalanx of sundresses and made a sharp right turn toward the parking lot.

      & Image Information

      Tiger Woods, 2012 Masters

    75. Good Night All abit warmer during the day but on an evening it can still be abit chilly 🙁 Hope you all had a great day see you tomorrow!!

    76. Justin Rose is the March PGA TOUR Player of the Month presented by Avis. The monthly winner is chosen by fans. Want to congratulate Rose? Send a note below and we’ll pass it along. Previous winners: January Johnson Wagner February Phil Mickelson

    77. vardt ange says:

      Ummmm.. I think he really thought he knew you. I mean not get carried away, you are almost 30…… and um that is sooooooo old for dudes to be hitting on. By the way Pinehurst is one of the most famous US Open Golf locales in the country. You should be proud to walk the halls where the greatest golfers the world has ever seen have walked.
      Ok, he probably was hitting on you but golf are sneaky like that so pass that on to anyone you actually like!
      I hate to say it but I miss you!!!

      The Mayor

    78. Tiger never used to give excuses.

      been emasculated by his wife and the press. And now lost.
      come back. In the meantime, in spite of the hype about young new players, becoming BORING! I mean, who gives a damn whether Kaymer or Lee Westwood are N°1?

      going with Rory, whilst waiting for the Tiger to roar again.

    79. I am sure I need not tell you that the Joy in the Journey comes from the inside…they either love it or they The best you can do as a teacher is the love of the dance for those who “show up”, both mentally and physically. Perhaps a discussion about regret with your prelim / open championship level dancers will help – the “Regret” speech always did it for me – somehow, the thought of living with regret was too much for me to contemplate!

      Thanks for the postings – gaining a view into the TCRG world is quite insightful!

    80. Johhny Miller, like Greg Norman and Tom Weiskopf, totally squandered his talent. He can criticize players from the booth like a big shot, but his record of just 2 Majors was pethetic. Oh he was great tearing it up in Phoenix and Tucson early every year when no one cared, but he was 0 for the PGA and Masters and should have done better than 1 US open an 1 Open Championship.

    81. mandboika straudapp says:

      One advantage Phil Mickelson will have going into the weekend is that he understands and can deal with the pressure. Just go back to last week to see what pressure can do to a good golfer. Mickelson is correct to look at par as a solid score. The next 36 holes will be tough and some borderline unfair. He is a proven closer on difficult venues and if he plays within himself and takes what the course gives him, he should find himself in a good position coming down the strech on Sunday.

    82. Joe Dogs says:

      I fancied Dustin Johnson to win The Masters months ago and I am sticking with him as my pick. He hits the ball a country mile, he draws the ball (most of the holes at Augusta National turn right to left) and he is a good enough Putter.

      My second Choice is Lee Westwood. His putter as everyone knows holds him back, but when it comes to Long, Straight Driving I think of anyone better than Lee….


      1. Dustin Johnson – Long & Good Putter
      2. Nick Watney – in Putting this Season
      3. Lee Westwood – Long straight driving
      4. KJ Choi – Great record in Event
      5. Phil Mickelson – In top form
      6. Matt Kuchar – Best Putter in world right now
      7. Ryan Moore – Great putter, good game
      8. Kaymer – World Number 1, Cant Ignore
      9. Alvaro Quiros – Longest hitter in the world
      10. Rory McIlroy – Raw talent, its his time.

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    85. macios gidah says:

      my picks are matt kuchar,hunter mahan sean kaymer lee westwood and of coarse lefty phil! also one more name watch out for the irishman gram mcdowell wait for tourny …

    86. Sandra T. Jones says:

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    87. Dave, my daughter is an Irish dancer. She competes at the Preliminary Open Championship Level. She travels to nine cities per year to compete. An Irish Dance competition is called a Feis (pronounced “Fesh”) Anyway, she competed last weekend in Indianapolis and we will travel to Louisville this weekend. Just in case someone would question whether or not this is a you should see how strong, disciplined, trained, and focused these dancers are. My daughter practices several nights per week and on Saturdays.

      Do I get an “A?”

    88. I'm a Phil Fan also, and agree with your comments. Consistancy is something that is lacking in his game.

      Health issues in his Family last year played a role in his game and of course he is not getting any younger. It is going to be difficult for Phil to reach his Goal of 50 Tournament Wins. There are too many Young Golfers who are rising to the Top. Its hard to predict who will win each week.

      I think 40 is the maximum number of wins for him. I am rooting for him.

    89. brando giam says:

      Tennis-Djokovic switches off from grief to beat Haase
      Reuters UK
      “Over the years, I’ve learned whenever I play tennis to kind of switch off from everything else. You get that mindset and that ability to switch off when you dedicate a lot of time to this added the Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open …
      Novak Djokovic fights through griefESPN (blog)
      Djokovic, Nadal, Berdych into Masters semifinalsNewsday
      Grieving tennis star Novak Djokovic plays on at Monte Carlo Now (blog)
      all 163 news articles »

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    92. sio magg says:

      Chris Logan never saw it coming — that is, the golf ball that nearly knocked him unconscious or the cancer diagnosis that followed. The 25-year-old from West Chester, Pa., was watching the final round of the AT&T National when his favorite golfer, Sean O’Hair, drove a shot into the crowd and right into Logan’s temple. When doctors examined Logan for a concussion, they found a lump in his neck that turned out to be thyroid cancer.

    93. Redemption for Tiger about WINNING.. ..and yes he is getting his game together and will eventually WIN.. Some people will treat him like a Messiah when WIN.. I am an X-Tiger fan.. Like many golf admirers, apprciating many of the young golfers who are in their twenties, and are playing great golf. Tiger have to apologize to the golf world for what happened in his private life. …but he chose to apologize in well scripted speeches. It was damage control for his sponsors and his fans. His a great golfer, but ultimatly, redemption is about WINNING !

    94. Jenny, thanks. While the French Open is probably ranked number 4 for me, it has gained tremendous respect over the past 4 years — I enjoy the unpredictable nature of the surface (although it always reward the best tennis player — at least prior to emergence). Even though I find the Roland Garros unruly and rude, it be the French Open now would it. Not only does one have to battle your opponent, one also has to battle the crowd and their fickleness.

      My Old list of slams from a spectator point of view:


      US Open
      Roland Garros


      Australian Open
      Roland Garros
      US Open

    95. just like statistic of his second innings avg can not change and to his stupendous first innings avg too…

      one such innings can not change that either…

      its not rocket science that he has failed in this series…

      this series was special in the sense that lots of yougsters were given chances and being senior pro he should have been the guiding force (in terms of performance in this series) which he failed to do so along with sehwag and yuvraj who by noway can be called juniors now…

      he just waisted his good form from tests as is sehwag…

      also qestioning of performace in series can not or should not be taken as criticism on whole career…

    96. Marcus Inglez says:

      Angela Merkel is the leader of Germany and had a nice relationship with George W. Bush.

      George W. Bush and John McCain battled it out for the Republican nomination in 2000.

      John McCain was defeated by Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States in 2008.

      Tiger Woods spoke at Barack inauguration festivities.

      Tiger Woods place second yesterday to Phil Mickelson in the Tour Championship.

    97. Anderson McDougalsworthyness says:

      The truth is noone wants to say Tiger from those saying Tiger. Everyone wants to sound intelligent and sophisticated and say Palmer, Nicklaus, Jones, who!!. Tiger is the best. The pgatour should rename to the Tiger Woods tour. freaking underpaid. He should get his own country to be honest

    98. ..Match Play champion Luke Donald did not trail in any match the entire week.. ……………..Luke Donald had only two wins around the world in the past five years so not many would have given him a snowballs chance in Arizona of winning the Match Play Championship….Turns out be he was more unbeatable than anyone in the 13-year history of the tournament……………………………….

    99. sosipater says:

      Congrats to Zach Johnson for the win. I know he and his wife are Christians. I really enjoyed seeing the comaraderie of the other young golfers him after he walked off of 18 green. I went to high school with his wife and her sister. Good folks. I think anyone we were pulling for made the cut for Saturday. Mavbe Badds did. not sure.

    100. The $7 million WGC-HSBC Champions golf tournament will be played at a new venue this year for the first time in the prestigious event’s seven-year history, organisers said Wednesday.
      Mission Hills, Guangdong, China, will host the 2012 event — one of Asia’s richest golf tournaments — on its Olazabal Course between October 29 and November 4.
      The previous seven titles, which have been won by household names including Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Kaymer, were held at Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai.

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    102. Golf Tip – Practice at Home « MorePars Golf Blog says:

      I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice that I put my favorite golfer on my list. Has he been punished enough, no. I am still upset at him over his actions but it will pass. You are right, I would put as his mental toughness and ability to hole the big putt and also his ability to focus on the shot at hand in the midst of all the distractions that he has to deal with being the best. Thanks for the compliment on my teaching and I will see you soon.

    103. […] As if that enough, the Capital Bar is hosting the Sleepless Nights and the Slate Pacific later that night. The Sleepless Nights are up for the ECMA for Alternative Recording of Year along with labelmates Grand Theft Bus. Both the Sleepless Nights and the Slate Pacific are also playing playing in Cornerbrook for the ECMAs at the end of the month.Hopefully the Slate Pacific can get a nomination next year for their debut EP Safe Passage due out on March 17th. Also, check out the Sleepless CBC Radio 3 session. […]

    104. lim nardunley says:

      Good luck to you this year, Mr. McDowell. I hope your decision to switch club manufacturers effect your game. Your U.S. Open win was awesome and that victory over Tiger was icing on the cake for me. Truly incredible to make not one but two huge putts to win that tournament! Congratulations on 2010 and hoping 2011 is even better!
      Thanks for showing class in victory and respect to the game when you don't.

    105. ttcnot2easy says:

      I think the thing, so to surround yourself by people in a similar situation to yours! even got friends with kids in highschool already (OK they did get VERY young). As much as I can sympathise with the sleepless nights, and the idea of them is already giving me sleepless nights, never actually happened to me, so I relate. Those pics of Ava and the twinnies were so cute by the way, growing so quickly already!

    106. 1) Tiger Woods and his wife.
      * Doesnt say.
      * His fans
      2) The conflict is about toger cheating on his wife.
      * New news on Tiger Woods
      3) 2009
      4) It focuses on Tiger woods. His home in Flordia, and 2009.
      * New news on Tiger Woods
      5) This is being written beause of actions.
      6) It doesnt make me feel any different because he is human and people make mistakes. Just because he is the best golfer doesnt make him look bad. Look at what kobe did.

    107. StayBank's Golf Links says:

      U.S. Open: Will Rory McIlroy sink or swim?
      Los Angeles Times
      We love our phenoms, and we apparently have one going now in the US Open golf tournament. Before Los Angeles got the sleep rubbed out of its eyes, Rory McIlroy, Thursday’s three-shot leader, had expanded that to seven.
      McIlroy Sets Record at 11-Under Par for Two Rounds at US OpenBloomberg
      U.S. Open 2011: Rory McIlroy takes early lead at Congressional as second round …Washington Post
      US Open 2011: Rory McIlroy blasts his way around Congressional with exhibition …
      Reuters -Sydney Morning Herald -Newsday (subscription) -AFP
      all 2,889 news articles »

    108. Hello Charles Howell 3! I think you are one of the most promising young golfers to come along in a long time. I love your golf style, your personality, and would like to meet you someday. I have been missing you on the pro golf tour lately. Are you okay or are you taking a needed break from the action? God bless you and your golf game and looking forward to hearing from you and saeeing you back in the game soon.

    109. pob miche says:

      The jinx is only in the mind of those who have the mind to win. Luke will go home with two trophies and a green blazer to wear.

      1. Luke Donald
      2. Tiger Woods
      3. Phil Mickelson
      4. Nick Watney
      5. Lee Westwood
      6. A South African
      7. Kaymer
      8. A South African
      9. Sergio Garcia
      10. One of the Molinaries

      But of course I would like Sergio to switch place with either Luke or Tiger 🙂

    110. Hey Rohit,

      yea man, ive been playing golf since i was a kid. Its my favorite hands down. And Tiger Woods is one of my Heroes

    111. “How long do I need to wear flip flops for my tan to even out?!” “Dude you need to wear those bad boys until Lee Westwood wins a major…”

    112. kakanon klieote says:

      If Lee Westwood have to withdraw from PGA championship due to injury, i think he won and passed both Tiger and Phil. as for stars playing poorly…a ton of them, obviously tiger, phil the past few months, sergio, adam scott, villegas have all played poorly. what the heck happened to vijay and davis love? remember the last time i saw their name on the leaderboard.

    113. stada ikkilbusch says:

      These World Gold Ranking are kind of a joke. What has Lee Westwood and Roy MacIlroy done to deserve to be ranked that high ? Neither has won on the PGA tour and how mant majors have they won ? Kaymer is proving himself as has Graeme Mcdowell, but Luke Donald just won his 2nd golf tournament in his whole career, Tiger has 80 some wins, Phil has 38, sorry I buy it.

    114. Randomness says:

      “Jack’s First Major,” documenting Jack Nicklaus’ 1962 US Open victory, will be the first USGA film shown on network television, broadcast by NBC on June 17 before its final-round coverage of the US Open.

    115. Phil Mickelson looked tired throughout the weekend of the Masters. Maybe the and all the recent play was just too much coming into this taxing tournament. In any case, Phil is always gracious and smiling on the golf course. Now, to the golf analysts on Morning Drive. Are they kidding? A whole week of predictions and no one even mentioned the name. All I heard was Tiger, Tiger Tiger… enough with Tiger.Do your homework and tell me something I know.

    116. ibner kochulming says:

      Oooo! Can I have your cap when done with it? o(:o)
      Now, my Masters prediction:
      1. Phil Mickelson
      2. Phil Mickelson (he will win so well no one will take second)
      3. Ernie Els hungry for a green jacket)
      4. Tiger Woods
      5. Padraig Harrington
      6. Chris DiMarco
      7. Mike Weir (maybe–his playing has been shaky)

      1214. Charles Barkley
      1215. Margaret Burke
      1216. Pope John Paul II
      1217. Vijay Singh he deserves it)

    117. Send me back to the sleepless nights, the stupid fights. And oh, it nvr mattered who was wrong or who was right. n now u’re all a of me

    118. Wales, Oct. 2, 2010 (Reuters) — Bubba Watson and Jeff became the first U.S. rookie pairing to triumph in an opening Ryder Cup session for 31 years when they defeated Luke Donald and Padraig Harrington 3 and 2 on Saturday. … > read full story

    119. Andrew Broad says:

      I see Federer winning the US Open after his recent losses, and I think be very tough for Nadal too. Winning the Olympics and US Open back-to-back would be almost impossible when so close together, and Nadal was already weary going into Beijing. This is a great for someone like a Ðoković to win the US Open (although winning Bronze is practically the same as winning Gold).

    120. Hey Wynne:

      Well, getting late over here on the other side of the Atlantic, so I just wanted to say goodnight. Everynight before he goes to sleep, Mattie says “Good night, I love you, and have nice dreams”. He intersperses each with kisses. do the kisses from over here, but Good Night, We Love You, and Have Nice Dreams.

      hoping you can make it home tomorrow.

      Love, Josh, Ellie, Sasha, and Mattie

    121. naghameli says:

      Evan Geiselman of the US does an aerial as he competes beside the pier during the men’s third round heats of the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, California on August 5, 2010. The event which brings together the world’s best surfers celebrates it’s 51st year beside the historic Huntington Pier which is considered the of California’s surfing culture. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON

    122. tola bean says:

      […] Media Series: Online Video, Social Networks and Wikis longscorner placed an interesting blog post on Emerging Media Series: Online Video, Social Networks and […]

    123. tigerfan says:

      Note to Aaron: You may disagree with Peter K. Connolly, but keep his grandchidren out of it. quote (“….how patheticaly foolish your grandchildren are going to be..”). How he chooses to raise his grandkids is none of your business.
      Thanks to all the other comments, ..I enjoy reading them.. Good debate on Eldrick.
      Good to see young golfers succeed, especially Rory Mcllroy. He has a bright future for a twenty-one year old.

    124. welliorey says:

      […] As the first Major of the year is on the horizon, it was only apt we mark the US Masters with a big guest. Chubby Chandler agent to Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Ernie Els amongst others joins us on this Paddy Power Podcast to deliver some unique insight into his chances, some outside bets and more some of the questions you wanted answered. […]

    125. Delpo looks good in this picture. According to his interview with Susana, he would travel to Asia this past tuesday so I guess he must have arrived already to Tokio.

      Delpo was the cover of Gente magazine (one of the most popular magazines in the country) they devoted a mini edition to his US Open Win and of the last edition of the argentine tennis magazine Grip. I bought both of them to store them, I always do this when an argie favourite of mine wins something

      In the Grip Magazine there are several interesting and editorials. They praise Delpo for his on and off attitude and basically they say that for the first time Argentina has the champion they want to have. If you are interested Gauloises I can transalte some extracts from the magazine because they give some funny examples of Delpo´s as a human being.

    126. German Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs to the same political as…

      German Federal President Horst Köhler (1)…

      who awarded the former coach of the German national soccer team Juergen Klinsmann (2) the Federal Cross of Merit.

      Juergen Klinsmann was interviewed by CNN’s Tottenham Hotspur Becky Anderson (3)…

      who also interviewed the former coach of the German national soccer team Franz Beckenbauer (4)…

      who designed and built a golf course together with his friend and German golf pro Bernhard Langer (5)…

      who was in one flight with Phil Mickelson (6) at the 35th Golf Players Championship in 2008.

    127. » Emerging Media Series: Online Video, Social Networks and Wikis says:

      […] longscorner created an interesting post today on Emerging Media Series: Online Video, Social Networks and a outlineAccording to a March 2006 study released by the Online Publishers Association, online video viewing has become commonplace for many Internet users and a daily addiction for some. Notably, technology buyers are no different, […]

    128. schner says:

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    129. Measuring Up the Online Video Measurers says:

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    130. Anderson McDougalsworthyness says:

      Biggest global Tiger Woods

      Biggest golf swing Ben Hogan

      Biggest winner and Jack Nicklaus

      Most popular golf Arnold Palmer

      These are the main people that have changed golf.

    131. I feel Tiger Woods has made a mockery of his marriage vows. How could he honestly expect his wife to be there for his botched “apology”.
      He an image he could not or was not willing to live up to. Too many young golfers and young people looked up to him as their mentor. He should remember how much sorrow he has put many people through, the number one being his wife and children.

    132. appers says:

      Mr. Watson:
      I have watched you play this great game since I was knee high to a grasshopper. You inspired me to become PGA professional which I have been a of since 1996. You are without a doubt a great man and one of the greatest to ever lace them up a pair of golf spikes. I wish you well in all the rest of the majors this year and especially at the Open Championship where you will compete and win your 9th major. Give them Hell Tom!!

    133. Wimbeldon will retain its revered tournament status, and its trophy will remain the most coveted one. With the roof in place after 2009, we will hopefully avoid another season like this one. The US Open has its own character and status, but face it, the AELATC has been around for longer than half the buildings in the US! going to take some doing to surpass the long standing traditions of that tourney.

    134. bee brystev says:

      Interesting, I think really on the front edge of an influx of really young golfers onto the world stage. These are the first group of kids that were Tiger followers. They were 4-5 years old or whatever when Tiger came out and the whole Tiger work-ethic has been known to them for their whole lives.

      Guys like McIlroy and Ishikawa and Jason Day even that Italian guy Mannasero are already visible, but I imagine there are a ton more coming.

      There does seem to be something wrong with the process from AJGA to college to PGA. It seems like more Americans should be making a smoother transition. Maybe Fowler is the first of a new breed, I know…

    135. cayorozo bircmaryvo says:

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    136. I agree with you re: Berdych, Dee. The year end no. 3 is pretty much up for grabs. It could be any one from Berdych, Murray, Djokovic, Soderling,… It
      will depend mainly on who does well at the US Open, Paris and Shanghai. Like you
      say Federer falter, otherwise even his year end no. 2 could be in jeopardy.

    137. ShopTwoRivers.Com — Blog — The Chinese Liked the Big White Guy! « Doin Work says:

      […] Phil Mickelson HSBC Championship Trophy China Lao Mi or Phil Mickelson won the HSBC Championship in Shanghai on Sunday, which was really Saturday here in America. Highlighted in Nanfung Daily was how Phil might be ranked second in the that he walked by as he edged Els out for the victory by one stroke! Hopefully Phil is getting back on track after a disappointing season last year. His family seems to be okay, so now see if his focus goes back to the golf course! […]

    138. Former Open champion Paul Lawrie was satisfied but not entirely happy with his three-under-par 69 in the first round of the 139th Open Championship at St Andrews.

    139. I agree with you Dan — the race card is so old; completely stupid too b/c 90% of fans are white. We love the fact that Tiger is black — he was my favorite golfer for years. I can completely look past all that done if just show some humility — something that shows that trying to do better. Jack, Arnie and Tom Watson all said that Tiger needed to stop the profanity — that Golf is a game — but he refuses. He shows no respect to the past golf greats, to the game itself, etc.

    140. pawlerain nyu says:

      Thank you! If I was in L.A. I’d buy you a beer, but since I’m in a “have a good night sir!” will have to do!”

    141. ausi read says:

      Kim Clijsters Ready To Chase Open Win
      ‎Clijsters has arrived in Sydney jetlagged but keen to recover ahead of the Australian Open later this month.

      The three-time US Open winner is hoping to clinch her first major victory outside the US at the first grand slam of 2011, where she is a bookmakers’ favourite.
      1 Vote(s)

    142. mcglitz says:

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    143. Cricketer_RDJ says:

      you should be tucked up in bed with a mug of cocoa instead of thinking of a night out! Set the right example senior pro!

    144. getofftheschneid says:

      “would that include your dukies?”

      yeah. I expect much this year from them

      “All of them is one thing but we are talking about a collection of individual matches and in each of those matches anything can happen. Like I said before a Luke Donald can easily beat Vijay on a typical Friday afternoon so why can’t he do it here when matched head to head?”

      Agreed but you argue that this a typical Friday afternoon? There is a lot more to lose in this format and there is (or should be) more pressure to perform in the 1-and-done system. Paddy really surprise me either. I know all of these guys are stupid-good and the separation from 1-64 in golf is nowhere near the same as it is in NCAA but still…

    145. Ka da badan veni me oske prwa Neshta, Khu lag khob ta kho mi pregda Landey shpey di. Dase kho makawa namak harama mashya *GOOD NIght*

    146. WASHINGTON (AFP) – US second seed Andy Roddick was eliminated by France’s Gilles Simon while Czech top seed and Wimbledon runner-up Tomas Berdych struggled into the ATP Washington Classic on Thursday.
      Simon, sidelined nearly three months by a right knee injury, ousted Roddick 6-3, 6-3 from the US Open tuneup event in 69 minutes, winning 21-of-23 points on his first serve and 14-of-21 off the second serves of 10th-ranked Roddick.
      “He was not able to hit winners

    147. phanske says:

      stevie v and t are on the right track – with all due respect, why would anyone pick francesco? i even know the guy was in the field. eduardo has always been the better player between them. again., i only picked him because he waqs playing well and won the scottish, so in my mind bandito, this is a pretty simple call.

      with ed, i am still behind bandito, so at this point i concede the open Championship through 16 holes now.

    148. In the age of big bats, flat decks, and milking your average against the chumps of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh (neither of whom, for instance, KP has faced in his current 50+ average; your qualification for a great player is noted) he was worryingly ineffective when Australia were. He had a horror in 2005, and his last two series when under the pump were disasters too.

      If you discount his big scores against the Zims and Banglas, the average drops below 49. The fact is that when he was bolstered by the immense strength of the Australian line-up he was a mighty force. When it weakened, he did.

      I respect his talent, but not a lot else. He was a winner, but when the team needed him to be senior pro he fell Speaks volumes.

    149. I forgot to add that Tiger is no spring chicken, also no one has mentioned his possible steroid use, which ruins the body and the mind. Do you people actually believe that Tiger did not take steroids? This is the best crop of young golfers ever, do I need to go down the list of great players. Tiger played great before, because he did not have to worry much, he just did it, unlike now where he is losing it, losing control, watch how he acts, there is something wrong with Tiger mentally, he is not playing with a full set of clubs, if you know what I mean.

    150. Jim Barnes says:

      Are you in the USA aware of the fact that world and are Europeans.
      I have been watching WGC competition and for a major I have seen mr.Woods.They show him walking, standing, concentrating etc.and in the mean time Lee Westwood and Kaymer are in the picture. Even the of these to at the first is not transmitted. It is ok to be a little chauvinistic, but try to make your transmissions more general interest!
      Thank you.

    151. nor lans says:

      How could you not like Phil Mickelson? He is just a class act guy. He is an outstanding golfer, role model, father and husband. To use a quote from The Parade “He is the Anti-Tiger”. And I, for one, am VERY glad he is!!!!

    152. I seriously think that Tiger woods’ marital issues are problem. He was man enough to admit to his mistakes and apologize for them. Leave the matter alone and let the man and his wife concentrate on getting their marriage and together. I think the media and the bloggers ought to concentrate on objective while leaving and respecting the privacy of citizens. Just because someone gets highlighted on the media, he/she is not a superhuman. We all make mistakes, and that’s human.

    153. You’ve probably been hearing about the flap between Donald Trump and the country of Scotland. In a nutshell, Scotland is planning to build a bunch of wind farms, including one offshore near Trump’s soon-to-open golf course and planned Trump says wind turbines are so ugly, noisy, and dangerous they would not only ruin his […]

      …continued at

    154. haug heerak says:

      I can see myself frequently visiting the Anonymous Moderate.

      Tiger made stupid decisions, which are amplified because of his perceived image – which has been taken down a few notches. As a local commentator asked, “Why would he go out for hamburger when he has steak at home?” Well … I guess he really likes hamburger.

      CCC mentioned Lefty Phil. Interestingly, I keep thinking about how he handled personal issues last year (wife and mother diagnosed with cancer). Although not my favorite golfer, my level of respect for him jumped up!

      Thanks for commenting.

    155. Angela Merkel met world leaders at the G8 Summit including

      George W. Bush who ran against:

      John McCain in the 2000 primaries. John running mate was:

      Sarah Palin, who got into a feud with TV talk show

      David Letterman who has interviewed New York Yankees captain

      Derek Jeter, who has been in a commercial with

      Tiger Woods who has competed against

      Phil Mickelson

      Whew!! There you have it…I think 🙂

    156. It’s good to have enough going on that you can’t get it done — I have purpose. I wish I had less purpose. Good night, Twitterverse.

    157. Good Night everyone! Happy late easter!!
      Good Night everyone! Happy late passover!!
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      Good Night everyone! happy late Thanksgiving ( my last years Good Night Everyone, Happy Late First Day Of School!
      – Oh wait, its too too late for that!

    158. glu the says:

      Tom: not foaming at all. Just reacting to your post. blogging without instant response, right?

      Re: stabbing, I think we did lose a lot after it happened. (Seles will probably agree, too.) Even though there was the Aussie Open win, a pittance compared to what could have been. We lost out on a very good rivalry. Graf and Seles would have probably played a lot of tight three-setters a la Evert/Navratilova.

    159. Tiger Woods Chatter says:

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    160. cuniharria dill says:

      Some people just know how to win; a mental block. I know NOTHING about Phil Mickelson or golf, but it seems everytime I hear this name mentioned because blown another chance to be a champion. the old addage that got to “lose to know how to win” (Thanks Steven Tyler), but the fact is that some people are content with being above average. “Above average” sounds pretty good, right? “Great” or “The Best” sounds better though. only room at the top for one – and that ONE sure Phil Mickelson.

    161. Angela Merkel was greeted at the by Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud in 2007……
      Ehud greeted former President George W Bush at the same in Israel…….
      George W Bush handed off the Presidency to now President Barack Obama……
      Barack Obama was present when Tiger Woods gave a speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial during inauguration week……
      Tiger Woods played with Padraig Harrington during the second round of the Tour Championship in 2009……
      Padraig Harrington Played against Phil Mickelson in the first days matches during the 2009 Ryder Cup…


    162. I remember when I was completing my college course in Computer Science back in 1985…waking up in the middle on many nights when discovering the answer to the final program we had to write. How many sleepless nights did I spent?

      10 years later I discovered CNN. It was news overdrive. How many sleepless nights did I had?

      In 2010, I see any minds in this world (young or old) to be capable to absorb the wealth of information via texting, unless they want to sleep.

      Ontario, Canada

    163. Emily :Da says:

      Little Athena, before you write another hard hitting story that the whole world must listen to, try to check your spelling, You would be doing all of us a great favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And yes, we can all tell that you have the interesting penmanship of a 3- i mean 6 year old!

      Oddly, its saying typing at like, 11 o clock but i am in Cali, so like, its 8 o clock and i am supposed to be researching the god Athena! I was looking at images, and then i saw the cover so like, i should get back to work! Good Night Ya'll!

    164. SapaiTurk says:

      Do you think that the guy who got bitch-slapped at the US Open is tough enough to be a Cavalier? I would think so, especially if they are all foreign Lebron fans. How about playing for the Cavaliers? US Open Westside Story Kitchen Bowerhouse Boy sure talked a good game of smack. US Open guy vs QB Verica in a back alley brawl….who you got, Zack?

    165. Lee Westwood tweeted you, well jel lol! How are you me dears? Not long until Silvo now. Hope you had a good time in Barca x

    166. @Paul

      The US open is as big as The Open???
      got to be kidding, right? The Open is by far the most prestigious tournament in the world. Some US-golfers rank The Masters at the same level, but just a few nutters. The Masters is 2nd, ahead of the US Open on that list.

      But we can agree that The US Open is above The USPGA Championship.

      And Louis Oosthuizen counts as a European since played in Europe for the last 8-10 years. The same way that Luke Donald and Laird counts as half-americans and not true europeans.

    167. Chris Larsen says:

      I would also like to add one:

      if you actually get to go to an event rather than watch one on television, then be the guy who forgets to turn off his cell phone. invariably, it WILL go off when your favorite golfer is in his backswing and you WILL get stared down by said golfer. hard to get his autograph when he thinks you are the reason he went from first place to being tied for 9th.


      US Open Golf 2011, DeShawn Stevenson, NFL Lockout and Today’s Stories
      Bleacher With Tiger on the shelf the needs Phil. The US Open would be a great place to reestablish himself. For more on the US Open Golf 2011, and all of today’s breaking news, stick with Bleacher Taking Tiger’s spot at
      all 1,111 news articles »

    169. rameeksman says:

      I just wanted to praise Celia on a job well done once again this year! Our team is on its way May 1-4 to Minneapolis, Minnesota for The Open Championship! This is an honor for the kids because this is an international lego competition. Although it is not Japan, I know the team will have an awesome time! It probably will be the first time for some to fly as well! Also, as Brittany Richardson said, “It has The Mall of America!” Congratulations to each team member and Mr.Lee for another excellent year. I sincerely hope that the Mill community will wish them well and be proud of their If you know one of the team members, PLEASE pat them on their back and brag about their awesome work on the team!

    170. fixturedates says:

      This means that even a USASA team “could” make the champions league and ultimately go to the club world cup. Imagine if, free from a salary cap, some billionaire owner assembled a USASA team with former pros. . . It would be like the Beerfest of soccer – beware of Das Boot!Anyway, this us just fantastic, finally making the US Open Cup one of the best tourneys in the world.

    171. However, the International Olympic Committee has accepted it to be of 2016 Olympic Games by 63 votes in favour and only having 27 against the proposal. Besides many other golf playing nations, the Turkey … The organization has provided the unique playing and learning atmosphere to the young golfers by arranging wonderful events in which thousands of amateur players from around the world Since last years the federation has been …

    172. Lee slow play is a plague – young golfers look for a lead from pros -why does the Pga allow the likes of crane/na avoid penalty

    173. I really get your point here, TP…
      Francesca Schiavone earned this Championship, she went out and WON it, in one of the best finals seen in awhile.
      If you want to believe one of them belong there today, whether it was from not beating enough quality opponents, facing injured players, being genetically male, or whatever… YOUR issue. Fact is,
      Francesca Schiavone earned the 2010 French Open championship today. Congratulations Fran! 🙂

    174. tobello says:

      Only a tiny minority of those in Britain were able to watch any of the US Open (I am not one of them), because no free-to-view channels have the rights to televise it. The BBC provides wall-to-wall coverage of the other three Majors to Freeview-viewers, but all they could show of the US Open were a few still photos of Murray.

      Worse still, we even buy old US Open matches from video-copying services anymore, because the USTA has forbidden their distribution!

    175. Kirsten says:

      Do your remember the simple lullaby:
      “Good night little Jessica,
      good night, good night.
      Good night little Jessica,
      good night…”
      sing in ever quieter refrains,
      (a la Good Night ever so slowly darkening pages)
      until your eyes finally closed?
      “Hush little baby,
      say a word,
      Papa gonna buy you a mocking bird…

      still be the sweetest little baby in town…”

    176. minori amber says:

      Tiger Woods, as great as he has been and probably still is, evident in his latest flashes of Ye Olde Tigre, will never again dominate the pro tours as in olden days.
      There is a show business expression that fits quite well in his current dilemma.
      To wit:
      1/ Who is Tiger Woods?
      2. Get me Tiger Woods.
      3. Get me a young Tiger Woods.
      4. Who is Tiger Woods?
      I wish the lad well in all his endeavors.

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    178. grochibble says:

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    179. Former prezto speak at Sage Valley
      Aiken Standard
      By HALEY HUGHES – Staff writer – The three-day Junior Invitational tournament at Sage Valley Golf Club kicks off Friday with an elite group of 54 young golfers to benefit the First Tee programs in Aiken and Augusta and …
      and more »

    180. Angela Merkel
      was in
      Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen (2006)
      Michael Schumacher (1)
      was in
      Cars (2006)
      Tom Hanks (2)
      was in
      The 68th Annual Academy Awards (1996) (TV)
      Claudia Schiffer (3)
      was in
      De tú a tú (1990)
      Almodovar (4)
      The 75th Annual Academy Awards (2003) (TV)
      Landau (5)
      “Entourage” (2004) {Redomption
      Phil Mickelson (6)

      it!! Six Degrees, no more, no less 🙂

    181. Who’s Louis Oosthuizen? We’ll I shoud tell you that I’m next to you, i know nothing about him till he won this Final Round of British Open Golf Championship 2010

    182. Tiger is good for the game. He went out expecting to win every tournament he played, now he is just trying to win. There are to many young golfers that are not intimadated by him any more.
      If he gets his putting back win agin.

    183. horsinski says:


    184. As far as Michael Whitehead is concerned, no one can replace Tiger Woods, even though that’s exactly what he has done this week at the 111th US Open golf championship.
      Whitehead, a 23-year-old Texan who is getting married next month, finished as an alternate in US Open sectional qualifying last week in Dallas, but took a spot in the field when Woods withdrew a week ago due to left leg injuries.

    185. Business Insider says:

      Officially licensed NFL Football Green Bay Packers Superbowl Golf Balls Towel Set. Outfit your favorite golfer with golf accessories that link him to his Superbowl 45 winner, the Green Bay Packers. This gift set includes three playable golf balls and a 1

    186. DUBLIN, Ohio—Tiger Woods will try for a fifth Memorial Tournament title later this month. Woods has accepted an invitation to play in the tournament founded by Jack Nicklaus. So have Jason Day, Bill Haas and Sunday’s winner of the …
      Tempie Begg liked Woods will try for 5th Memorial Tournament win – Pioneer Press on 15 May 2012 (2 weeks ago).

    187. fuschman says:

      go with my favorite golfer, Steve Stricker, because I think due, this is not a big hitters course due to it narrowing in the 300 yard range and putting is going to be at a premium. Consistency is also which helps Strick and also Matt Kuchar, who I think will also contend. A darkhorse would be Hunter Mahan who is rolling the ball well.

    188. MelFeng says:

      You are the reason why I have sleepless nights. You are the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight. And you are the reason I sleep

    189. salagent says:

      It seems only a “open championship” for boats from France???

      ISAF and IMCCA-Rules are clear: First language of event must be english and not french as published in your NOR.

      We will stop our preparation for this event until this will be changed in your Notice of Race.

      Francis, Micro GER-118

    190. RussiaGoogle says:

      Yes, Maria Sharapova had to get down in the for her latest French Open win, but her quest to complete the career Grand Slam is still alive. After breezing through her first three matches, …

    191. jumi ramotovito says:

      Golf, Nordea Masters Edoardo Molinari, Lorenzo Gagli, Andrea Pavan, Federico Colombo e Alessandro Tadini prendono al Nordea Masters (6-9 giugno), torneo dell’European Tour in programma sul percorso del Bro Hof Slott GC, a Stoccolma in Svezia. Buono il field per la presenza degli inglesi Lee Westwood e Ross Fisher, degli spagnoli Sergio Garcia, Pablo Larrazabal e Rafael Cabrera Bello…

    192. John McEnroe believes Novak Djokovic is feeling the strain as he closes in on Grand Slam history, but backed the world number one to fire on all cylinders in Friday’s French Open semi-final with Roger Federer.
      Djokovic already has the Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open titles in his possession and victory in Sunday’s final would make him just the third man in history, and first in 43 years, to hold all four majors at the same time.

    193. ise towski says:

      I think people are having trouble with the exploitation of the loophole. They think against the spirit of the rule, or the game…whatever.

      Lee Westwood, who is a PING player stated that he has access to the wedges, but will not use them.

      I think, eventually going to be banned from everything but USGA competitions. Until then, I hope they find some more interesting storylines.

    194. Twitter says:

      Jun 07, 2012 – Golf:Lee Westwood showed why Sweden is a happy hunting ground for him as he carded a 64 to move three shots clear of the field at the Nordea Masters in Stockholm.

    195. By Helen Ross, PGATOUR.COM AVONDALE, La. — Usually after an early morning tee time, Bubba Watson would have done his post-round interviews, grabbed a bite to eat and hit the fitness trailer or headed to the practice range. On Thursday, though, after Watson shot 71 in his first competitive round since winning the Masters, he […]

    196. thewelsber scalva says:

      AFP – US Open golf champion Graeme McDowell and World Cup final football referee Howard Webb were among the figures whose achievements were recognised Friday in Britain’s New Year’s Honours.

    197. Ha Ha TP!! You honestly expect me agree with that one!! Wimbledon, the beautiful grass and the spiritual home of tennis, the tournament they all want to win, even the – would you not agree? I know very thin on the ground player wise and Murray has yet to prove himself IMO. Also, much nearer geographically to mainland Europe. get me wrong, I love the US Open.

    198. Lee Westwood wins Nordea Masters – How did your favorite golfer fare? Visit our European PGA Tour leaderboard. Third-ranked Westwood’s 19 under total of 269 at the Bro Hof Slott Golf Club saw him complete his 22nd European Tour victory and his third in Sweden. He also won the …

    199. ICC World Twenty20 Final Misinformed Preview: Australia « Harris Sportsthoughts says:

      […] Win tickets to the Open Golf Championship here Tagged with: adam gilchrist, australia, brad haddin, cameron white, david hussey, david miliband, david warner, dirk nannes, donald fisher, ed miliband, eton mess, ian healy, michael clarke, michael hussey, patrick swayze, point break, shane watson, shaun tait, steve, steve smith, world twenty20 […]

    200. Andy Johnstone says:

      You hit the nail on the head – with Brendon there always seems to be ONE round where he falters. Nonetheless, one of these days going to put four decent rounds together and crack the circle. It could even happen tomorrow. If it does, write a song in his honour just like I did for Louis Oosthuizen after his Open win last year. Check it out at Youtube daveslats.
      Vasbyt, Brendon!!!

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    202. lush nusa says:

      Saina Nehwal’s Thai Open win comes as refreshing news with 46 days to go for the of the Olympic Games. Am sure Indians will do well.

    203. USA TODAY

      Eagles’ backup QB Edwards to play host to golf’s best at US Open
      Press of Atlantic City
      Philadelphia Eagles’ Trent Edwards walks off the field after practice at the team’s NFL football training facility, Thursday, May 31, 2012, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) Posted: Thursday, June 14, 2012 12:05 am | Updated: 12:04 am, …
      Michael Vick Invites Criticism After Calling Eagles His Best Team Ever: A …Yahoo! EAGLES: Edwards enjoying some time on the golf courseThe Times Herald
      Eagles Notes: Vick setting an example for Eagles, Reid saysPhiladelphia Inquirer
      News -USA TODAY
      all 83 news articles »

    204. Oldstylish says:

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    205. remperi parkesle says:

      Some tiger woods humor for you:

      Tiger Woods is so rich that he owns lots of expensive cars. Now he has a hole in one.

      the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards
      Tiger Woods seriously injured in the crash, but still below par.

      What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing out at 2.30 in the morning? They went clubbing

      Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn’t decide between a wood and an iron.

      Tiger crashed his car because he was in a rush to move on to the second hole.

    206. moschat punishin says:

      U.S. Open 2012: Expect The Unexpected At The Olympic Club – Huffington Post
      SAN FRANCISCO — The plan is for Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson to pack a powerful punch in one group. Luke Donald, Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood are supposed to counter in another. Forget any agenda at the U.S. Open this week.

    207. HelloTxt says:

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    208. Sergeant says:

      Very true, Evie. He will be out of the top 10 after the US Open. But if
      Nalbandian could jump from 153 to 33 in seven weeks and is still rising,
      Del Potro have any problem in going back to the top 10 if he really
      playing after full recovery.

    209. Grant was joined by Alan Bastable the senior editor for Golf Magazine. They discussed the US Open over the weekend and the events that transpired. They talked about Tiger Woods’ performance and why the […]

    210. While Webb Simpson emerged from the damp mist to win his first Major title at the US Open on Sunday, fellow American Tiger Woods remained in a fog of doubt over the true state of his game. Woods …

    211. Lee Westwood is a great golfer and will be in the hall of fame as he is just hitting his stride. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer the world has ever seen and has opened the game up for all ethnicities. This is something that all of us should be thankful. We have all made mistakes in our life, remember to error is human, to forgive is divine. We are all God’s creation.

    212. samiam60 says:

      Tough year for tiger. 2nd time he has been beaten by a nine iron

      Nike wants to drop their endorsement, apparently Tigers balls go eveywhere.

      the difference between Escalade and his pitching wedge?
      He can hit his wedge over water hazards and trees.

      What do Tiger Woods and seals have in common?
      They both get clubbed by Norweigans.

      You can take the Tiger out of the Woods but you take the Wood out of the Tiger.

      What do Tiger Woods and “I dream of Jeanie” have in common?
      both blown masters.

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    215. Twitter says:

      Louie’s House

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      From: KatieCadet1

      Views: 0

      0 ratings
      Time: 04:07 More in Education

    216. crish aruk says:

      Official World Golf Ranking / Masters 1st round

      1 Kaymer / +6 in 1st round
      2 Westwood / Even in 1st round
      3 Mickelson/ -2 in first round
      4 Luke Donald / Even in 1st round
      5 Macdowell / +2 in 1st round
      6 Casey / -2 in 1st round
      7 Tiger / -1 in first round
      8 Stricker / Even in 1st round

      Why some many people say that Tiger is playing miserable golf, saying that he will never win again, that he has no chance of winning this Masters, etc … etc …

      The only possible answer is because they are jeallous!!!

    217. Have no fear; Ms. Friel is much than you think she is. She knows full well that Bob Hope shuffled off this coil back in 2003, but she was referring to the everpresent “Hope Spirit” which is truly present at every PGA Senior Pro-Am, every celebrity roast, and every time someone says the name, “Brook Shields” in a excitedly high voice.

      of like to win the Nobel Prize one of these days. To me, of like the Academy Award for brains!”- Leslie Townes “Bob” Hope

    218. tylin gue says:

      Has anyone heard of Lee Westwood? He went from one of the best players in the world, to one of the worst, and then climbed all the way back to number 1 after losing it last week. Who is anyone to write off Tiger? Someone who has won majors pretty much at will throughout his career, why would someone say he has less of a chance to re-gain number 1 than Lee Westwood did when he fell so far.

    219. versefley ndene says:

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    220. By Brian Wacker, PGATOUR.COM BETHESDA, Md. — The highlight of Tiger Woods’ round Friday at the AT&T National was a 48-foot eagle putt, but the most shots of his day were a couple of early par saves that kept him in contention heading to the weekend at Congressional. “The pars at 14 and 15 […]

    221. roxandt audry says:

      I agree, golf needs Tiger to return to form. I believe he will – only a matter of time now. I cannot agree with other “analysts” that Tiger will never win another tournament in his career.

      Now that gotten that out of the way, can we please discuss the terrible nicknames Phil Mickelson has?? “Phil” and “Lefty” have to rank as some of the worst nicknames of all time.

    222. Seriously how is Luke Donald ahead of Tiger in the world rankings? I like that he is but he doesn’t deserve to be.
      Reminder: I am a fan

    223. potenski says:

      Golf fan may regret getting this tattoo. A Bubba Watson fan finds a unique way to pay tribute to his favorite player, but there’s just one problem. See it! Guy gets tattoo of right-handed Bubba Watson on his leg Showing for your favorite golfer can be tough at times. Unlike the casual fan […]
      Bubba Watson Fan’s tattoo has one mistake is a post from: Uncle Sam Trends Topic – Trends Topic in US – Powered by Top Hosting Review

    224. denbrug says:

      I have to agree with you on almost everything. Tough to say the Golden Goal is in contention. There is always a game winning goal in some in some international event every year. This one mattered to us, but not really, because no Canadian really thought we would ever lose that game. I dont have an index of events, but sure there is something bigger. Maybe Rex Ryan Foot fetish video. Or the biggest non-event Tiger not winning on the tour. Lee Westwood became world No. 1

    225. Am clearly going to get into trouble this week because all I wanna do is watch tennis at the US Open instead of write. Go Venus!

    226. Jul 07, 2012 – Golf:Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will miss the cut at the Greenbrier Classic as US Open champion Webb Simpson moved one stroke clear in Friday’s second round of the weather-delayed event at White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia.

    227. Phil Mickelson - Twitter Search says:

      Unlike Tiger Woods, who seems to endure a referendum on every shot he hits in competition, Phil Mickelson’s failures are chalked up to Phil being Phil.

    228. chaseberry5 says:

      The BEST Settlements in recent Divorces that I’m aware of and in my opinion Tiger Woods n hottie Elin Nordegren, Tom Cruise n hottie Katie

    229. Hy Rachbind says:

      Bummer about Rory but a great win for Charl!! To the 45% of people who said that Charl would never win another major on the poll on the homepage, get a clue!! I expect that from the espn readers who have never heard of anybody not named Tiger or Phil. Charl has proven himself as one of the best young golfers in the game over the past 2 years, and I would epect he will have at least a few more by the time all is said and done.

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