Nefarious NapStealers Cause LA Carmageddon

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On July 16 and 17 there is going to be a construction closure on the 405 in Los Angeles, which according to local news sources will cause a massive shutdown, which is being referred to as the Nefarious NapStealer Car-Mageddon. The LA Weekly has reported that the closure will not only affect traffic in and around L.A., but will cause closures of multiple tourist attractions, including The Getty Museum, which normally one of the largest weekends for their annual 1.2 million visitors.

Instead of the usual hour-long commute between attractions, annoying yet tolerable (and so authentic!), mid-July visitors can expect apocalyptic traffic mayhem, dubbed Carmegeddon by KNX news radio, for their entire weekend stay.

So, if you’re in LA in July, get out before the Nefarious NapStealers take over The 405 this summer. If you’re planning on visiting Los Angeles in July, don’t.

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  1. what is that? I just moved to LA

  2. so apparently i’ll be arriving in LA in the middle of carmageddon, aka a shut down of a big chunk of the 405. grrrreat.

  3. “Plan Ahead, Avoid the Area, or Stay Home” -your 3 options per the press release I just got re: 405 closure

  4. Alright LA, what’re we doing for on July 16-17 when the 405 is closed?

  5. everyone in la is worried about mid july when the 405 freeway shuts down. im so paranoid about carmageddon i may sell evrything and scram

  6. Good Morning LA! Another beautiful day to waste in traffic…

  7. kaly kilist says:

    Hi Andrew,
    We could use your crew clearing some of the brush on the 405 freeway near our house. Cars catch on fire right near our community, 1/2 mile south or be a problem, but no, they have to burn their cars right on the dry hillside brush near our house. Mark and Steph are in Tokyo, I will be meeting them in Hawaii this week. Wish you a lovely XMAS, and a wonderful, healthy 2010.
    Love, Marsha

  8. karyamant wagan says:

    if the project is going to be a rail line, the ridership prospects warrant it to be on Van Nuys Boulevard, not Sepulveda Boulevard.If it has to be bus-based, it should be on the 405 freeway because the only place the buses can use carpool lanes. Also, commuter services can use the lanes.Buses will not get their own lanes, especially not in the Valley. And limited-stop service is not a viable alternative.

  9. From The 405: Performances from Jimmy Edgar, Daedulus and Dillinja should draw in the crowds. With 14 stages and hundreds of confirmed acts, too, Glade promises to retain its reputation as one of the premier electronic festivals. Addison Groove will perform a full 808 drum machine live set, and Glade’s […]

  10. caloughner says:

    What would I do with a flickr pro account? hmmm.
    With the summer season in full swing, I would love to begin my project in search of architectural beauty in Los Angeles. From Frank hall, the Getty museum, the beautifully designed Starck spaces, the LA eyeworks in melrose, the various modern libraries of downtown, the San Fernando Valley, and Beverly Hills, to the beautiful homes of Venice Beach, Bel Air and Malibu.
    Just itching to do some photographic damage on these sites.

  11. glad that I read your comment. I was definately going to purchase a 405. I have a 305 that went dead and was going to upgrade only because I have a very, very small wrist and the 305 swallows it completely. I thought the 405 would be better, however, with your comments, I would rather have a huge (305) garmin that works great than a small one (405) that

  12. bene dul-noudje says:

    And slide is absolutely staggering! It looks like there has been a massive shutdown in hiring of new medical school faculty from 2001 to now. In 2001, 8% of total faculty were hired that year. In 2006,

  13. ToxikMuzik says:

    I was there! First time in Belgium and I had to take the train out to Hasselt see Tiesto… it was so it. JES opened with a live performance and it was hands down the best events ever seen. Then I come back home to Los Angeles and see his of Life down here, and it was just as good! You all that are going to see soon are in for a great time!

  14. goldiron says:

    LAPD plans motorcycle safety crackdown

    The LAPD will conduct a specialized motorcycle safety enforcement operation Thursday in an attempt to crack down on reckless riders.

    Extra officers will be patrolling areas frequented by motorcyclists where crashes often occur.

    Motorcycle fatalities have been on the rise across Los Angeles County, increasing from 275 killed in 2000 to 533 killed last year. Collisions have increased in the same period by 47 percent.

    By comparison, as of Monday there were about 704 homicides so far this year in Los Angeles County, according to the office.

    Inexperience is a major factor in the increased number of motorcycle fatalities, police said.

  15. You might want to read up on the Labor Day weekend closure of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. The eastern span is being replaced from Yerba Buena to Oakland. A large section over Yerba Buena was removed and new bypass ramp slid into place. Despite a huge setback that could have kept the bridge closed into this weekend new pieces were fabricates here in Arizona and flown in on a flight. The bridge opened only two hours late Tuesday morning at 7am PDT. Great job workers!

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  17. 5:23AM – Off ramp closure on 45NB at Mayfair Rd. No word from the DOT on when this might open. It was not a scheduled construction closure.

  18. I will never recommend Los Angeles county a place to live these muthafukas try you over broke bitches and bitches who feel they deserve attn

  19. I hope a late reply is better than never…
    As an almost non mobile phone user, I wonder if we need to think more carefully about technology and terminology. It seems to me that the answers above apply to the use of telephones, which have of course been around for all of our lifetimes, not specifically to mobile phones, which have not (in my case at least). Mobile phones are being used here only as an exercise, but it does perhaps illustrate the need to be careful about what it is that we are talking about.

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  21. At least one person is in critical condition after a three-car collision on the 405 Freeway southbound Wednesday morning, authorities said. The accident was at 4:30 a.m. on just south of Getty Center Drive, said Ed Jacobs, public information…

  22. I lived in Brooklyn during 9/11 and New Orleans when the levees broke in 2005 and 24/7 news coverage was abhorrent in the inaccuracy of its In times of emergency CNN does nothing to disseminate real news and only fuels rumors and speculation. You may believe that CNN has a high level of integrity in its but to those of us living in places where news is happening, we know to turn the cable t.v. off when we need real news and turn to local news sources.

  23. kvaliverna says:

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  24. “I felt like a Greek God, riding up in that tram to arrive at the Getty Center, overlooking the mere of Los Angeles. Alas, there were no servants to feed me ambrosia, the amazing museum grounds…”

  25. ok, now to answer your challenge!

    What does the mobile phone extend / enhance?
    The human ear, community, connectedness, direct contact
    What does the mobile phone reverse into?
    Personal space, intrusion,
    What does the mobile phone retrieve?
    The telephone, telegraph, letter writing, pots and string
    What does the mobile phone obsolesce?
    Sanctuary, being unreachable

  26. green41563 says:

    There is an ingenious way to at least delay the 18-game schedule, and at the same time do right by Los Angeles: Give L.A. an expansion team to begin play in 2012


    Do right by Los Angeles? Los Angeles has lost five NFL franchises. No need to waste any more time on the place.

    Second, the LAST thing the league needs is another expansion team.

  27. landragone bowler says:

    You do have a voice. Your voice matters and there is something you can do. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of people around the US who reject US-Israeli aggression (and vice versa). You can demonstrate, rally, organize and find others who feel like you do. Write your local newspaper and tell them about the biased coverage, contact public local radio/alternative local news sources and give them your voice. a student DJ and local activist and I can tell you there are things you can do. feel like your helpless.
    Good blog…

  28. delmarkila carrenchec says:

    Dear Michael,

    enjoyed reading your review. It has been some time since you posted your review, so I hope you still have the time to answer my question.

    The 405 has been released quite some time ago (over 2 years). One could expect that a newer version would be launched (e.g. 406). How does Garmin make sure that their product(s) are with the latest features? Do they upgrade the software?



  29. Skirball Cultural Center Offers FREE African Music Tonight: Kenge Kenge Th. 8/26 (via art predator) « whisper down the write alley says:

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  30. @BenSpies11

    God I spent 4 and 1/2 hours on the 405 freeway, I guess 400 hours in a plane is more, hahahah Lets win Ben, need U on top

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  32. A Los Angeles councilman pushing for an economic boycott of Arizona says the nation’s second-largest city must take action to protest Arizona’s tough new anti-illegal immigration law critics say will lead to racial profiling.

    City policy analyst Gerry Miller says Los Angeles has $56 million in Arizona-related investments and he recommends suspending travel to the state, avoiding new contracts and reviewing current ones for possible termination.

    Councilman Ed Reyes told KNX news radio Wednesday the Arizona law is discriminatory and “we need to take an action.”

    The council discusses the proposals Wednesday.

    The Arizona law makes it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in the state and it requires police to check immigration papers during investigation of a crime.

  33. dwb hviid says:

    As there are no other replies, share what I got from the exercise myself.

    What does the mobile phone extend / enhance?
    The ability to connect people especially over long distances, now possible globally –
    What does the mobile phone reverse into?
    Isolation of people in close proximity – being not present when driving / excess usage in public company etc.
    What does the mobile phone retrieve?
    Post / Telegraph / Personal face to face communication / message delivery
    What does the mobile phone obsolesce?
    Larger community, personal connection, intimacy, genuine maintenance of friendships (not just interactions with facebook 'friends').

  34. Full construction closure on FM 3009 from Tri-County to FM 2252 from 8 p.m. tomorrow to 5 a.m. Wednesday. Bridge beams going in at railroad

  35. zen lampietran says:

    The elitism is a of the dogma. Like when the LDS leadership says that technology was invented for the spread of the gospel. In hindsight, its so shallow as to be both humorous and pathetic. Where are the great today as compared to the past? Well I visited the Getty Museum a few weeks ago, and there were a few hundred there. Where are the great scientific minds comparable to Newton? You only have to look in high schools to find that level of mental acuity. You name the topic and great mind, odds are, improved upon it since then.

  36. /hi there, if you want, I have both and can borrow you my 405 for a run. I can tell you a lot about the 305 but dislike the 405. The one big reason is the 405 goes into battery save mode and to reset or get back into using the watch you have to press the outside and keep it pressed before you can stop your workout. That is a bit of a pain though. If you want to use my 405 for a run to tst and see you are welcome, let me know and I can bring it for you to the next race or maybe to ultrak one day or you can fetch it. If I can give you advice I enjoy my 305 more and dont know what to do with my 405…. KEEP FIT

  37. dome schulkin says:

    I too have had repeated issues with the 405 and unless you wish to spend endless hours messing with the watch I would highly recommend an alternative

  38. poulou pembauerzn says:

    Pulse News for iOS adds local content for many cities

    Pulse News for iOS adds local content for many cities
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  39. melingsrid sell says:

    I saw an on the back of a magazine the other day for a cellular telephone that does NOT take photos, play or let you surf the Net. It was a phone with big buttons you can push. You have to push “send” or anything, you just dial the numbers, then talk. I found myself fascinated. A phone a phone. How odd. Unique. I gotta remember to get you and Leonesse listed on my blogroll… Been meaning to do that for weeks.

  40. Linda from NY // May 13, 2010 at 8:42 am

    Los Angeles to Boycott Arizona… Maybe It’s Time for Arizona to Cut Off Their Lights?
    The BEST post of the day!!!

    “Los Angeles lecturing Arizona would be like Obama lecturing GREECE.”

  41. A raid on Occupy LA’s City Hall encampment was imminent Tuesday night as several local news sources that Los Angeles Police were gathering at Dodger Stadium.

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  43. says:


    Valora en The Bay Bridge newsletter has returned in time for the historic Labor Day weekend closure of the Bay Bridge. The latest issue is chock full of tantalizing details about the unprecedented work about to occur on Yerba Buena Isl…..

  44. Unless you were in a coma last summer, you heard all about Carmageddon, the one-weekend construction closure in Los Angeles of a of Interstate 405 (site of the legendary 1994 slow-speed cop chase of O.J. Simpson). The run-up publicity was massive and worldwide. Like a hurricane off somewhere in the Caribbean, there were predictions of a massive bad outcome. And like most threatened hurricanes, the worst did not come to pass. Los Angeles residents simply left town or stayed home.

  45. richerra says:

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  46. stanizzi magrawer says:

    Hi Ellen! It was great fun meeting you face to face, and you seemed like a good friend from the first moment. And I enjoyed getting to know Willow a little better too; we had met before but only briefly. You gals are good company! Next time, the Getty Center!

    Now, tell the truth, did you share those avocados with Willow??!! kidding, of course).

  47. I think funny that there is a 405 freeway in Seattle, and also in Southern California, and (as far as I know) nowhere else in between!

    If the library is any indication about the rest of the place, that is the nicest looking Goodwill store eve seen! head for the book section too, first.

    Thanks for sharing your fun day out.

    Sara, This is a nice store. Soon be back on the 405 in California…

  48. Twitter Trackbacks for The Westin Bonaventure recieves Los Angeles’ first Green Seal Silver Certification « Eco Green Travel [] on says:

    […] The Westin Bonaventure recieves Los Angeles’ first Green Seal Silver « Eco Green Tr… view page cached The Westin Bonaventure recieves Los Angeles’ first Green Seal Silver From the page […]

  49. siehlemy michockman says:

    Good day! It sounds a lot like our day; hectic but full of family and friends!! We had a good one, too! The freeway closure caused lots of late guests for us, too!

    So, bad blogger follower here needs to you to message me on Fb your password for protected posts. already seen the pics, but I want to read the words, too!

  50. tresia cattribby says:

    It's somewhere just past noon solar, and driving almost perfectly Due – US-405 approaching Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles CA – No shadow errors. to the front of the car.

    (See the round hotel tower to the left? And the Getty Center on top of the hill to the left? Sunset. And it was taken a good six months ago, before all the construction mess as they are widening and replacing bridges there.)

  51. Found an old issue of “Screamers” magazine/newspaper, kinda like the LA Weekly. Not sure why I have it, I must have known one of the bands.

  52. Something about one of your sentences triggered the memories of when the spiders occured. I present the return of altavista translator (horse force):
    “Julia assures me it that is because they had not used the trader to find a lawyer who speaks in a cellular telephone with its mother (which yes, is accurately what fêz) in a Saturday night is of the hot cabin of the hen.”
    Thank you and goodday.

  53. sawtoothperambu says:

    Basketball legend Magic Johnson led a group that won an auction for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. WSJ’s Bruce Orwall has the details. Photo: Reuters

  54. zantalia temonovra says:

    Google Blog | Google Zeitgeist
    The regional breakdown of Google’s year-end study of search terms shows how much people use the search engine to find local news sources, says Johanna Wright, the company’s Director of Product Management. “In nearly… Read more

  55. Scott Brady says:

    I agree that the national news has done more extensive coverage of the in Haiti than the Illinois and local news sources. This is probably because there are fewer people in Illinois and at the local level that have a connection to either Haiti or the people in Haiti. I also agree that it is a huge story that can affect many people here in the United States. However, if someone locally is connected in some way to the devastation, they can still obtain updates from the national news media.
    I would give the national news media an A for their coverage and the state and local media a C for providing coverage when the story first hit but losing some steam with it as time goes on.

  56. Hey M – If you want to keep up with the Joneses, the 405 will do. It is about $300 range. You will be very happy with it. However, it is not compatible with the Apple Mac until this Fall. You will need to use the PC to download the data. The HRM is really up to you if you want it or not. all about the zone. The nicest thing about 405 is that you need to use the wire to hook it up to your PC. Its done wireless which is cool. You will be very happy with 405. No question.

  57. Armed robbery suspect shot by Torrance police
    Los Angeles Times
    They chased it to Sepulveda Boulevard and Howard Hughes Parkway, where police forced the vehicle into a spin and fired on it. The vehicle continued to flee and was again stopped at Manchester Boulevard and Boulevard, where officers fired on the …

  58. diroli mazade says:

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  59. Daniel Nichols says:

    Sorry I get to a computer on Monday or Tuesday, but here are the best titles on my iconography bookshelf:

    The Meaning of Icons, by L Ouspensky
    A History of Icon Painting, various authors, translated from the Russian
    Icons and Saints of the Eastern Church, the Getty Museum
    The of the Icon, by P Evdokimov
    The Icon, Image of the Invisible, by Egon Sendlor
    The Icon, Window on the Kingdom, by M Quenot
    Doors of Perception, by J Baggley
    The Mystical Language of Icons, by S Nes
    Transfiguration, by M G Muzj

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  61. Many Angelenos stayed off the roads during “Carmageddon,” and instead spent their weekend close to home, exploring nearby parks and shops and enjoying their neighborhoods. One Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend marked the 405 Freeway closure with a…

  62. Yes, southern Ca has a diverse tapestry of museums ranging from ancient collections to contemporary..In fact, the Los Angeles County Museum of houses one the most significant collection of Islamic in the world…The Getty Center and The Getty Villa are homes to some impressive collection of Greek Roman antiquities..Filipe, if your perception is narrow, to (this side of the woods) it is stemming out of ignorance. Understandably.

  63. buehrhaene says:

    Don't know quite what to believe about Zanzi – he is completely unknown to me. I suspect Jerry Brown could address the appointment but perhaps that will not be at the top of his list?

    On another note…while I am at times at odds with point of view (a bit more to the center) grateful for both the information and forum. I am often traveling and the Herald is more informative and on top of the news the other local news sources, imo!

    Happy New Year!

  64. mcnice rosshak says:

    I visited the Getty center Museum online and found much information on teraching lifes- both protraits and landscapes. They have online tips for teachingf ESL students about the masters of like Monet. Their webset included lesson plans for ESL students, and mini tests about the material. It has so many examples that it is not feasible to include here, but I will email you the examplews I found.
    glad you liked it as much as I did.

  65. Scott wrote: “We say extend the Red Line to Burbank, Bob Hope the Empire Center, and the Metrolink Station. only 4.1 miles for the terminus in Hollywood. Red Line to not such a good idea. end duplicating the Metrolink service, but in a back-assward manner.You could serve Burbank but after that, take the train to Sun Valley and then possibly Sylmar.The other option would be to head on Van Nuys Boulevard.There needs to be a project along either Van Nuys Boulevard or the 405 freeway, and following the 405 down to LAX and then the South Bay.

  66. ForeignPolicy says:

    SAN ANTONIO, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — San Antonio’s Incredible Pizza Company has been named as the top Family Center in America for Facility Food Operations by Tourist Attractions & Parks Magazine and Foundations University. The 2012…

  67. Twitter says:

    From The 405: American psychedelic-prog rockers MGMT are back in the studio working on what would seem to be their eponymous third album. Here is footage of the duo performing a new track at Columbian festival, Estereo Picnic. The track is expected to feature on said album […]

  68. An breaks U.S. law as soon as he/she steps one foot across the U.S. border. It is as simple as that. Bank of Amexico providing credit to those that ARE illegal is an outrageous act. Which I feel will encourage illegal aliens even more so.

    the of Homeland Security worried that the program could be exploited by criminals.

    Ya think?

    Ha! And they claim that they are not targeting as potential customers. Then why is it that they ran the program as a pilot in 51 branches in Los Angeles County???

    Transparent lying greedy bastards.

    One more piece of wisdom. Illegal aliens are NOT all lovely hardworking family types. Those that defend them as a whole, defend criminal elements as well.

  69. CBS News

    Google Street View Goes InformationWeek
    Expanded Google Project adds 360-degree walk-throughs of famous and its housing, including White House and rooms. By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek Google’s Street View increasingly has nothing to do with streets.
    Google Project adds White House, the Met, National GalleryCNET
    Google Project expands to include the Getty Museum, LACMALos Angeles Times
    Google Project features White House, the MetCBS News
    PCWorld -ABC News (blog) -Sydney Morning Herald
    all 37 news articles »

  70. Dal, there is no sense in beating our heads against a wall expecting the local press to be “fair and/or balanced”. Every time Hare gets into trouble, his press pals close rank and circle the wagons around just a fact.

    You cannot get honest and complete information from local news sources—so thank the gods and Al Gore for those thingees! 🙂

  71. Hit the 405 Freeway and exit Sunset Blvd. in this sick new by TLFI. With small scenes of L.A. printed TLFI gives no doubt as to where it’s at. Los Angeles pride is a big deal in California and this is the that proves it. Even if we’re all in love with lifestyles we can’t afford out here except for some lucky ones that doesn’t stop us from wearing it on our Lock your down now and prove your L.A.

  72. meestlund says:

    SoCal getting beat up by 70 mph winds. You can tell it’s breezy in LA. Freeway motorists have to keep both hands on their cell phones.

  73. done chuk says:

    Currently, the only rebate that Garmin is offering on the Forerunner products is the one on the 405 series. They did a rebate on the 405 series last summer, so maybe that means that they will have another rebate on the 310xt in the future. Who knows? Garmin is very quiet about new products and programs, and it is difficult to try to forecast the future with them.

  74. sarsberthy tamsing says:

    Just in case anyone cares, when Serena talks about training on the 405, the 405 is an expressway/major highway in California mostly in the LA area. Mostly infamously when cars were traveling about this fast was during the OJ Simpson police chase.

    Weaving in and out on the 405 is probably not a good thing and most likely illegal but only if the police see you doing it.

    As she says she gotten a ticket in awhile.

  75. When I was trying to decide on the 305 or the 405 a couple months ago, I went with the 305. A significant of the decision was that the 405 connect to my mac. Bad decision timing on my I guess. But then I also noticed that a new 305 and 405 were the same price from Garmin. Hmmm. Then I read a lot of bad reviews from people. Double hmmm. In the end, I went with the 305, despite my complete and utter distaste for its clunky appearance.

  76. […] Online Stock Trading wrote an interesting post today a quick excerptBy MICHELLE CONLIN, BUSINESSWEEK Posted: 2009-03-10 23:55:34 Filed Under: Small Business , Home Business , Management     Eve Gelb’s life was once a blur of hour-and-a-half commutes on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. What memories: The NPR fatigue. The stale minivan air. The deep identification with the characters in Waiting for Godot . But that’s all in the past. Gelb, a project manager at a giant HMO, SCAN Health Plan, has given up her Ethan Allen-style of […]

  77. nanka daugh says:

    […] freeway closure to point out how rail transit offers commuters better reliability; and Trains for America looks at the possibility of privatization (Virgin Trains, anyone?) in the American rail […]

  78. fidoughley says:

    We are SO PROUD of the Los Angeles County Urban Search and Rescue team in Haiti. They are doing an amazing job as well as all of the other teams that were deployed. There is also an incredible team of Los Angeles County Fire personnel here at home that are keeping the families informed on a daily basis. Way to go LA County… you are the best!!!

  79. The manuscript is in the Getty Museum – with perhaps a dozen other parchments displaying scenes from the life of St. Hedwig. If you go to the Getty Museum web site and just type St. Hedwig in the search function, all of the parchments should pop up for you to view. The manuscripts were commissioned by ancestors of the saint, sometime in the 13th century. Hope this helps somewhat.

  80. marojenno says:

    traveling wakes up the senses..especially if in a place that you been or seen before.

    i would like to live near the getty museum…or if given a chance, live at the getty museum itself (the research center or the villa). Being at close proximity with of the past warms my and soul…. and located in one of the most beautiful places that ever walked on in my years of travel/work…

    Even my native Californian friends I know of even set foot in there…and it was only when I told them about it that they went…be it a date or a family outing and now like: “How come I come here before?”

    Armi, if you go to the U.S., I highly recommend that you go miss it.

  81. Just an added “teaser” found about the “Strangers When
    We Meet” house (notes as of
    give a sense of scale:930 Chantilly Rd, Los
    Angeles, CA 90077NexTag Estimate: $2,390,604 (as of
    01/14/2008) this?]A large 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom single
    family home in Los Angeles, California. This 2 story home, built in
    1959, measures 5,517 sq ft on a 95,004 sq ft (2.18 acre) lot. Amenities
    include pool. NexTag estimates this Los Angeles county value
    to be $2,390,604.

  82. GetAllJobs says:

    In His Own Words: Veteran traffic Tommy Jaxson of KNX News Radio says Los Angeles is bracing for what may be the worst traffic jam in the city’s history.
    Add this to your queue
    Added: Fri Jul 15 03:41:10 UTC 2011
    Air date: Fri Jul 15 03:40:33 UTC 2011
    Duration: 01:20

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  93. Wakey wakey! No major delays this morning, just a little slow around the SB 183 construction closure at Cameron Rd, but it reopens at 6am

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  99. I went out to Topanga mall yesterday, saw the 405 was deep in traffic on the way back, thought for sure I was going to be toast, but I head back to Santa Monica around 2:00pm and I had a clear path home, phew. I thought those 9 miles on the 405 were going to seem like forever. I really like leaving this 9 square mile town of Santa Monica, but it does get a little small at times.

  100. smillmann yusolon says:

    will continue to provide overnight service through 6 a.m. Monday, despite the reopening of the Bay Bridge’s westbound upper deck, but will not provide overnight service between 1 and 4 a.m. Tuesday. Additional ferry service will also continue to be offered to Alameda, Oakland and Vallejo through Monday. The Bay Bridge’s westbound upper deck reopened on Sunday night, more than 24 hours ahead of schedule following a planned holiday weekend closure for demolition and construction work. Motorists passing through the toll plaza are asked to drive carefully, since the merge will be different. While 20 lanes will still merge down to 5, they will curve slightly to the south, Caltrans spokesman Ney said. The bridge was not scheduled to reopen until Tuesday at 5 a.m., but

  101. In LA, dire warnings as freeway closure looms

    In LA, dire warnings as freeway closure looms
    AP – The alarms have been sounded and the preparations have been made.

  102. tsumado casso says:

    I really like idea about the Internet transferring information from many to many. Watching events unfold online and on the news, it is obvious that governments are having more difficulties controlling the flow of information. I live in a place where there is little local media coverage. It is difficult to get information from local news sources. Bloggers seem to have more information. I agree that new media is useful in getting information to people. However, media cannot determine outcomes, no matter what type of media it is. If we could only have a media that was a medium…predict the future!

  103. kovacs elten says:

    The Roar: Facebook Meme Page Linked to Cyberbullying
    On Saturday, March 24, 2012, a “Millennium Memes” Facebook page surfaced creating a means by which students could post opinions about the school, teachers, and classmates that has now gained the attention of local news sources such as ABC 15 and Fox 10 …

  104. A very good point, Meredith.

    I do take offence at the notion that old people drive, however. In fact, suggest that young people who are challenged behind the wheel. I drive a respectable 27mph no matter what highway on and leave my indicator on at all times just in case I even think about changing lanes. I had an accident remaining at in over 6 weeks.

    Compare that to some damned young person doing 100 in a school zone on two tires while downloaning an ipod app, chatting on their cellular telephone, cannibas and watching a utube video while listening to rap music blaring at top volume.

    Give me the senior driver any day of the week.

    not that we that we refuse to drive like hellions and maniacs.

    Anyway, from that a very nice post and a fine rebuttal.

    Best regards,

    Don Mills

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    No bottle blonds: it’s all in the genes
    Sydney Morning Herald
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    Dark-Skinned People Have Own ‘Blond Hair’ Gene Separare From EuropeNews One
    Blonde hair evolved independently in Pacific islandsNew Scientist
    Another Genetic Quirk of the Solomon Islands: Blond HairNew York Times
    Los Angeles Times -Science AAAS
    all 57 news articles »

  106. ‘Waiting for the Rainbow Sign’ by Lynell George
    Los Angeles Times
    By Lynell George, Special to the Los Angeles Times Editor’s note: Lynell George’s essay “Waiting for the Rainbow Sign” first appeared in the LA Weekly in May 1992. It was subsequently published in her collection of essays “No Crystal Stair: …

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  108. Marti Oakley says:


    WHY they out there with their trucks, tractors, guns, pitchforks, Twitters, cellphone cameras and BIG SIGNS blocking access to this place, raising a STINK and calling these psychopaths OUT!!

    Good grief, MN, ARE YOU ALL ASLEEP?

    Let us fellow readers go to the local news sources online and POST DOZENS OF COMMENTS and get these folks JARRED OUT OF THEIR DEEP AUTUMNAL SNOOZING!!

    ARE THERE NO PATRIOTS within reach of this facility?


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  111. jani ting says:

    Last winter I took a “detour” around a winter freeway closure. Once I was back on the freeway, I had it all to myself for about 30 miles. It was kinda eerie, almost post-apocalyptic, seeing NO cars or anything, on that big empty freeway. Fun though!

    I love food shows, used to go to the “Fancy Food Show” in San Francisco a couple of times.

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    (This was my first time so i got about 16 shots on a 24 roll, and half of these were good). Keep clicking!

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  117. What is this, 1988 where you have to hold a brick up to your face and call a cellular telephone? Get to a land line,

  118. The Full Feed from says:

    What as a line item on a “wish list” 10 years ago finally has come to fruition. Bixby Knolls is now officially on the map with directional signs on the 405 freeway. “There are now nine signs directing people on Atlantic and Long Beach Blvd. into our business district.” said Blair Cohn , […]

  119. New York Times (blog)

    Chu Pressed by Senators on 45% Cut in US Fossil-Fuel Research
    The US will need to “continue to rely on relatively inexpensive fossil fuels” as cleaner energy sources develop, said Senator Rob an Ohio Republican. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the top Republican on the panel, questioned the proposed …
    Will the Real Clean Coal Please Stand Up?Triple Pundit
    Obama Administration Policies and Proposals Continuing to Cripple the Domestic …FuelFix (blog)
    Massive shutdown of US coal plants expected within 5 to 8 yearsAutoblog (blog)
    Lexology (registration)
    all 134 news articles »

  120. orrowsky says:

    runmd, has the same price with that of yellowstonegps and i think you have a good deal already. i say anything about the GF 405 because i seen it yet and had never read any comment/review about the product. i am just apprehensive how sensitive is the bezel of the 405 is. that is where you push for the functions of the watch. anyway, i have observed that more runners are using the GF 305. once again, welcome to the “GF 305 Club”! happy running!

  121. Adrian, considering it’s the LA Weekly, I’m surprised to not see Greeblatt’s on the list. But Joan’s on Third? For real? Out of all the places on that street with actual *good* food, they picked Joan’s? That’s funny.

  122. From The 405: Liars have unveiled a track from their new album, WIXIW , and it sounds like Danny Elfman if he was given something half decent to soundtrack, and suddenly found himself drowning in a sea of beats and electronic Check the […]

  123. Curation has always been an underrated form of creation. The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the most frequently visited museums in America and as a private collection from one man (J. Paul Getty) who … Continue reading → [WebProNews] [Read More]

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    A Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend decide to have a little outlandish fun while the highway is shut down for a bridge demolition project.
    Many Angelenos stayed off the roads during “Carmageddon,” but one Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend marked the 405 Freeway closure with a dinner party.

  125. asi bruenkovic says:

    Cherry and will restage curator Peter Bunnellʼs landmark 1970 exhibition, Photography into Sculpture, at the gallery as a of the Getty Museum citywide initiative, Pacific Standard Time. The exhibition opened on September 10 and continues through October 22, 2011. Photography into Sculpture stands as one of Peter Bunnellʼs great contributions to the history of photography. Described in the original wall text as “the first comprehensive survey of photographically formed images used in a sculptural or fully dimensional manner,” Photography into Sculpture brought together a cross-section of from across …

  126. Dear Stalker, to make it easier, I will be at The Getty Museum at the Herb Ritts show today between 1-3pm —- Yeah, like I’d tell you.

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  128. ‘Enhanced mobile phone coverage on this train’ sign staring at me. On the evidence of this first hour that is nothing of an utter lie!

  129. The June 5 election will be the first since 1964 in which an incumbent hasn’t been on the ballot. If a candidate doesn’t garner 50% of the vote the top vote-getters will meet in a November runoff.
    It is the most powerful job in Los Angeles County’s criminal justice system, a position that oversees the prosecution of 60,000 felons each year and can provide a steppingstone to higher office.

  130. pagliah says:

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  131. jan jan says:

    Well, at least one of the Guns ‘N Roses singer’s adoring fans thinks he is.

    Guns N’ Roses fans bought this ad in the LA Weekly to wish Axl a happy 50th


  132. citizenactionteam says:

    Jewish Community Foundation Los Angeles Los Angeles’

    Jewish community has created the Fire Emergency Relief Fund which was with an initial $100,000 amount, including a $50,000 emergency grant from the Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation and a $50,000 commitment from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. This fund will primarily provide assistance to individuals and families who suffered losses as a result of the fires.

    Contact Information:

    Fire Emergency Relief Fund
    c/o Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
    6505 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 761-8200
    Jewish Federation
    Jewish Community Foundation

  133. SATMessageRadio says:

    No way… this day is no fun. KP, you are leaving and I do hope for the best for your future. If ya need free help call!!

  134. wellconnectdmom says:

    So some bloke just came in to ask if I knew how to call New Zealand from his German mobile phone. It seems I’m now a Telstra shop as well!!

  135. fearfulpenguin says:

    Some days you go to the Getty Museum and it’s exciting! Then you get there, ride the tram next to and it’s even more exciting!

  136. Twitter says:

    The Getty Museum and Getty Villa are ending their free evening parking policy. next week, it’ll cost $10 to park after 5 p.m. for special events and the museum’s Saturday evening hours.

  137. There were two schools of thought as the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils made their way east to continue the Stanley Cup Final.

  138. stig nakaorier says:

    You know OC Weekly was owned by the Village Voice? I thought that was Common Knowledge. They also own LA Weekly and a lot of other similar rags throughout the nation, but that was probably a bit more intuitive since they tend to have the same look and feel as the Weekly.

    always considered OC Weekly the of thing that ends up clogging storm drains, littering the streets, and lining the shopping of the homeless. an old saying about getting what you pay for. Well, keep in mind that OC Weekly is free. And even at that, not sure they overcharging.

    sure supposed to be some kind of high-minded or sophisticated political commentary, but the fact is nobody reads it.

  139. From The 405: Tamara Schlesinger from 6 Day Riot was kind enough to take some out of her busy schedule to talk us through the amazing On This Island . […]

  140. eccherson says:

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  142. syzon frickspota says:

    I have a stack of Obama Newspapers from LA Weekly, and LA City Beat from election season 2008, and post election 2008. Free for the taking, take one, or take all. Email only. Available until noon tomorrow, until noon on Thursday, or I can leave them on the back porch if you want to pick them up later in the day.

  143. abbynormally says:

    welcome!!! Mine did the same thing the night before my half marathon and I freaked out because I knew it had half battery left! I think the 405 is better just because it finds the satellite quicker and touchscreen, but I mean the functions are the same. I just have been wanting a 405 for so long and can use it as a regular watch too because it actually looks like a watch and not a laptop on your wrist hahaha.

  144. niew nyholmerre says:

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted in Rome with his recently wedded spouse, Priscilla Chan, onlookers tweeted. Photos of the newlyweds at the Vatican museums, including the Sistine Chapel, hit Twitter Monday, Italy’s ANSA news agency The owner of the exclusive Pierluigi’s restaurant in Rome told local news sources the couple was on their honeymoon and ate an …

  145. charles turner says:

    You need to check out diddy reise if you for its right on the out of campus off of the 405 freeway in westwood. $1.50 ice cream sandwich that is the wait! Freshly made cookies (of your choice) and a scoup of hagen daz (sp?) ice cream (also your choice)

  146. 3d printer - Twitter Search says:

    A Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend decide to have a little outlandish fun while the highway is shut down for a bridge demolition project.Many Angelenos stayed off the roads during “Carmageddon,” but one Sherman Oaks couple and their college friend marked the 405 Freeway closure with a dinner
    read more

  147. garba talakedahl says:

    Management organizations included among recipients LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — California Community Foundation (CCF) has announced $5,135,500 in new grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Los Angeles County, bringing the total amount of…

  148. ehalforges says:

    KPCC, FM – Pasadena, CA – Sr. (Homepage) Requisition: 221-11 Description: The Sr. (Homepage) will continuously combine original on significant & interesting news stories of the day with the work of other KPCC journalists, programs & desks. – Regularly checks wire services, local news sources & blogs for developing stories around Southern California, with a focus on the Los Angele

  149. RT #p2 OR #topprog - Twitter Search says:

    Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Bob Watkins shows one of five H-3 helicopters transferred from the military. It’s now used for search and rescue and SWAT of the LA …

  150. says:

    Do you want to be a writer? This is your tradition. In 1978, Michael Ventura co-founded the ‘LA Weekly,’ serving as film critic and feature writer until 1983, when (while continuing to write features) he began his biweekly column Letters at 3AM. The column appeared in that publication until 1993; since then, it has been published by the Austin Chronicle.
    17 years of archives available at the Chronicle as text, or ad-free PDFs on his site.

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  152. gaylorrin whinaert says:

    Anaheim to Lancaster in 70 mins? (normally 2 hr drive) and that’s AFTER sitting at a dead stop for 15 mins cuz of freeway closure

  153. bert gittoraisn says:

    Hollywood Backs Harris as Cooley Pulls Away
    LA Weekly
    Harris’ physician-researcher mother, a Tamil immigrant from India, and her Stanford economics-professor father, an Afro-Caribbean from Jamaica, …
    and more »

  154. ROME (AFP) – A 5th century BC marble statue caught up in a dispute between Italy and the Paul Getty museum in the United States over stolen was returned to Italians on Thursday, as they …

  155. Twitter says:

    From The 405: WHY? have announced details of their EP/Album. The band have signed with City Slang, who will release their new album later in the year. The label will also put out a new EP titled Sod In The Seed this August, though only digitally […]

  156. Medical groups react to Supreme healthcare ruling – Los Angeles Times
    Across the country, organizations are reacting to the Supreme 5-4 decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. While most medical organizations appear to be happy with the ruling, some are concerned that the law does not go far enough, or that it includes provisions likely to …

  157. spencer viontela says:

    Source: – Thursday, September 29, 2011
    Editor’s note: Today we roll out some changes to Florida Morning. With the interplay between state and local government becoming more we have created the “Regions” section. This area will focus on local issues, with, of course, a slant towards government/politics. While this new section evolves, feel free to let me know about good local news sources I might be missing ( ). read more
    All Related | More on Florida

  158. News aePiot - Club's Facebook Wall says:

    In LA, dire warnings as freeway closure looms

    In LA, dire warnings as freeway closure looms
    AP – Thousands of doctors and nurses will bunk at hospitals, an emergency operation center will be set up and Southern California residents are being urged to stay home and stock up on food.

  159. kumeman czakimsehe says:

    hi riker 🙂 have u ever been 2 the Getty Museum in Malibu ;))? i read about it in an archaeology book & it looks awesome!

  160. Twitter says:

    I’m traveling to southern California soon and am wondering where I can see some work of Irwin.
    I know he designed the garden at the Getty Center and, to my good is giving a talk this coming Sunday (June 12) at LACMA.

    I’m interested in the installations he did in the 1970’s and the work of other “light and space” like Maria Nordman and James Turrell. The gardens and public works sound cool, but I’m really curious about the indoors stuff too. I’ve read so much about them, it would be nice to see something in this vein in person. Is there anywhere in this area you can view an installation by one of these artists?

  161. vincedelisi says:

    there’s so much to see Getty Villa in Malibu, Getty Center and we do have buses that go all around if you can’t rent a car

  162. himondah says:

    Caught on tape: DUI suspect crashes car twice as police look on
    Los Angeles Times
    A drunk-driving suspect crashes her car twice after being pulled over by police. KTLA picks up the story: “Christian Aparicio drove into a gas station …
    Drunk driver hits police car among others
    (Video) DUI Suspect’s Car Crashes Into Police Cruiser In Laguna Beach, Then … LA Weekly (blog)
    DUI suspect crashes into police car, pole
    Contra Costa Times  – OCRegister
    all 30 news articles »

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