Nefarious NapStealers Hold Unclaimed Money According to Good Morning America


Image by jollyUK via Flickr

As everyone knows by now, Good Morning America ran a segment this morning on Unclaimed Treasury Bonds, which the Nefarious NapStealers are trying to hide from the legitimate recipients. If you’re one of those people who love to go with the masses, you should try the following links for unclaimed money and unclaimed property. When searching these sites, make sure not to fall for the unclaimed money and unclaimed cash scams, which nefariously pop up all over the place.

I personally have searched for unclaimed money at these sites and found an old utility deposit that was owed to me, so it’s definitely worth the few minutes it takes to do the search. However, if anyone asks you for money to search for these types of things, avoid them at all costs. It is a scam!

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  1. Find your unclaimed money: Good Morning America this week has been helping viewers find billions of dollars (no, that’s not a typo) i…

  2. Aah you too have decided to take on personal finance. I am currently working out my personal finance model using Ramit ideas for automation.

    Btw I must thank you, you are actually one of the reasons I felt positive peer pressure about the way I handle finance that I decided to get on top of it.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of the series…….

  3. latestinsider says:

    Rupert, I too emailed Getty Images about three weeks ago to warn them that they pics might be stolen by fatty. Got the same email back. At least they will be monitoring his site more closely now that a few of us have informed them?

    This could quite possibly be one single act that could close him down permanently, and destroy koptalk forever. They are very stringent on copyright laws and they could sue him quite easily over theft of previous pics.

    Fingers crossed!

  4. Jim Gaynor says:

    My organization (an engineering consulting firm dealing in civil and environment engineering) is seeing similar percentages for mail sent to legitimate recipients, and even higher overall.

    That is, 75-80% of inbound messages to our domain are directory phishing attempts.

    Of those messages addresses to legitimate addresses, 40-50% are spam of 80% liklihood or higher.

    On my personal accounts, I get more spam than I get legitimate messages – and with server-side and client-side filters.

    Think of the bandwidth costs of all those messages. Think of the dollars that corporations and institutions spend on filtering technologies.

  5. the coverage of this on Good Morning America today was to say that the British government was “tested” by this protest in regards to the upcoming royal wedding – nothing about why this protest happened, all about how this would affect the security of the royal happening in April. Amazing (or maybe not, our news in america is quite. . compromised, shall we say).

  6. with Empress Bee. eat the cake too. I love German Chocolate cake. That is what that is it? If not then pass.Your fingernails could be in the jello. You crack me up. Anyone can make jello Mimi. Really honey.Do you bank on-line? If so you should be able to find the missing money. Just saying.You have a great Friday. See if you can round up all the missing stuff. 🙂

  7. pinkladdie99 says:

    during her interview on the red carpet before that AMAs she said she was going back to Nashville to spend thanksgiving with her family 🙂 i wen t to the second to last show at Madison square garden, amazinggg btw I also met her on October 13 th when she was on good morning America before the wonderstruck release :))

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  9. stillo docksler says:

    The problem with increased taxation is that none of the money goes to Amerika. The banksters have stolen $14.8 trillion dollars in the last 9 months and they lust for more. The more money big govt borrows, the more they waste. It costs them $2 to spend $1. Our military industrial complex under Dov Zakheim loses $4 trillion and blows up a couple skyscrapers in New York to cover it up. A missile flies into the Pentagon and surgically removes the accounting team that discovered the missing money. Why does no one ever ask what were they doing with $4 trillion when their annual budget was $250 billion. Were they investing their budgets with Bernie Madoff?

  10. The guy that was violated last night doesn’t know who it is but he woke up missing money.. sounds like a past situation there is u ask me.

  11. If you have ever done business with your local government or applied for a permit or license, or that of thing, chances are higher that you have unclaimed money held by your city waiting for you to claim it. Check out these tips and tricks to search for unclaimed cash being held by your city or town.

  12. want tholm says:

    Where should contributions go? Surely not to fund “private goods”, from which taxpayers can be excluded by entry fees or otherwise. White elephants will always their own “needs”. Let them find private investors or increase entry fees instead of picking the pocket.

    “Public goods” are the only justifiable recipients of tax money. Nobody is excluded from state education or the NHS. why they are legitimate recipients of our taxes.

    In the it is difficult to find a better formulation than that of Keynes:

    “To develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practice of the

    This is the first Object of Council Royal It encompasses Education and Innovation. These are Public Goods, like schooling or the NHS.

    If instead we continue to allow money to be to “private goods”, and white elephants, no structures and systems will suffice to rescue us from our folly.

  13. I don’t have thousands of followers, but I’m going to try as hard as I can to get Justin to just tweet or mention the following links.

  14. Bookmarklet says:

    “The current Anna Hazare movement challenges the Government of India in claiming to be the legitimate recipients of the mandate of all Indians.  Kiran Bedi shouts, ‘Anna is India.  India is Anna’, to reflect that monopoly.  In this respect, the arrogance of Government of India is matched by the arrogance of Anna Hazare Movement.  While the battle between these two entities takes the front stage, the saner elements of the debate are thrown out of the door.   There are some clauses in Janlokpal Bill which are quite contentious.  The jingoism is not allowing the debate to happen.”

  15. steaulaine says:

    And where is the missing Money (millions of money) already sent to Iraq? And why were our troops sent without the right equipment in the beginning of this mismanged so-called war? And why should we send more money? These questions and more should be debated because they are questions and because we live in a democracy, not a Dictatorship, although it is beginning to look like one. The American people must have a debate on these issues and we will. The awful fact is that Lies got us into this war and only the Truth will get us out.

  16. Have you done any Good Morning America or other programs?? Your talent should be in acknowledged in a big way. It has been my pleasure to hang out on your channel all day!

  17. This one of the great of personal finance is written by “Cristen Conger”. I generally read the news here finance related. this is the good sign that “MSN Money includes IRA contributions, brokerage statements and savings bonds in this category.”

  18. Hi Karin,

    the PressKey() method works when using the documented strings (F1-F24 or ENTER), however I could never get it to work when using the PageDown command PGDN, or NEXT, Key.PageDown.ToString() etc but could never get the correct combination.

    Other attempts I managed to get page down events to work, however it would never retrieve new records.

    I did find it interesting that using the code that you have provided, the requests occur only when new records are retrieved from the server. have to have a bit more of a muck around with it. 🙂

    Thank you.


  19. I do not think declaring war is going to solve the problem in any way! War is not a it is just a to the problem.
    Even though I feel BJP can do a better job than the Congress, in no way does it guarantee that the situation is going to be any better! Politics, especially coalition politics, have been setting new records each time for steeping low!

  20. It turns out the missing money was a system error after all. No one told me so officially yet or made and apology to me though…

  21. Global warming myth – Let’s Talk about the FACTS : The Santos Republic- Your Premier 21st Century World Pundits says:

    Following up my and points about using number of temperature records:

    Some folks seem to have an intuition that if the average temperature is rising, lots of new records must be set very frequently. But that intuition comes from some big assumptions that definitely do not hold true for global warming.

    New records will be set very frequently only if the variability around the mean (average) is nearly the same as or smaller than the trend in the mean.

  22. Unofficia: 82 Lafayette, 80 S’Bend, 79 Indy. All new records. Rain knocked the Haute from 80 down to 69 this hour. It hit 78 in Evansville.

  23. eromedome22 says:

    Made up my mind… a conspiracy theorist in most cases, but this is just stupid. Getty images? You kiddin me? Arguments being made with Getty images? LOL. Give me 48 hours and I could assemble still shots from Google and make the case that everyone is a Free Mason.

    Skull and Bones belt on Beyonce??? GTFOHWTBS…. LOL. In 2007 damn near everything had a skull & cross pattern of some on it.

    Man, at least the Pac still alive theories have some more documentation than Getty images and trendy belts….

  24. eeezzzlink_2010 says:

    Guess who has unclaimed cash in California?: Click the “Show caption” link at the bottom right to view info on who has money and othe…

  25. gricks barko says:

    […] About: Getty Images is the leading super-agency that transformed the stock photography business to visual content industry by bringing together new licensing models, digital media management tools and a comprehensive offering of creative and editorial imagery, microstock, footage and music. Based in Seattle, Washington, Getty Images distributes visual products online in more than 100 countries around the world. (filizefe’s blog) […]

  26. latestinsider says:

    Another contributor, “Kopwank”, had earlier traced the copyright of two of the images to Getty Images. See his post in Comments above. On closer examination it seems that those two images were taken from a fractionally different angle by someone working for Getty. All the images used by Koptalk were from PA. The Word Press software let me post all the links together as a comment. But they are all in the near the bottom.











    ALL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  28. Your “free stock photo” site is really Getty Images finding new ways to sink their money-grubbing tentacles into people. Look at the bottom of the page – “2001-2008 HAAP Media Ltd, a subsidiary of Jupiterimages.” At see “© 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation, a Getty Images company.” Getty Images is an awful, ripoff, “picture police” company I would never do business with or release my contact information to.

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  30. LouDeKross says:

    But in this case they were not from Getty Images!

    The two Getty pictures – of Dalgish and Grobbelaar – were almost identical to the two PA pictures – but they were taken from a fractionally different angle by another photographer for Getty Images. So, in this case, all the photos used were from PA.

    But right – in the past Oldham has used Getty Images many times. But the legal at GI needs a screenshot and url before they will do anything. They see going on behind closed doors at KT unless they pay 30 quid entrance fee. If people keep they will eventually take action. I think they would not sue at first – but demand payment. They might also demand and accounting of all past stolen copyright based on they have on file . If KT refused to cooperate then GI would sue.

  31. CORRECTION ! :



  32. I interviewed Conor during the Vote For Change tour, and I **like** one of the new records a great deal. I also think disgustingly talented.

    Plus, who would you rather see everywhere now? Conor Oberst or Bono? Or freaking Paris Hilton? (who now has a jewelry line, see Conor or Interpol? I mean… how is this so bad. not like he just woke up yesterday and making records. kind of been doing this a long time.


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  38. > we needn’t throw away the data we already have, but imo we do need to
    > figure out how to translate or repurpose it into new structures

    So how much resistance to enhancement of records is driven by fear of the size of the job to get that enhanced data populated for X,000 existing records? Your post implies (or am I projecting?) that the huge job of retrofitting keeps people from adding tools for new records. I hope not a large concern, because unevenly applied improvements still are improvements.

  39. Thanks, Sébastien,
    However, your formula is for a single specified entity. So you would need to know (and if necessary change) the set of Ids and the values of those Ids – the in your formula. Whereas the scenario I had in mind is that the table is being frequently extended with new records, so the set of entities grows over time.

    What I like about the iterator solution is that (with a little coding) it is generic both as to the sub-sequences that are detected, and the Summarized function that operates on the subsequence values.

  40. Kim Auisp says:

    We need a “pay site filter” to keep people who aren’t gong to pay to read stuff on the web from wasting their time following links.

  41. Sounds like Good Morning America really used Heklina and the other drag queens, and then kicked to the curb! GOD FORBID a drag queen get some screen time! All the middle-American-morons who watch Good Morning America might see a drag queen and then spontaneously combust!!! (I wish)

    F*** Good Morning America… and F*** Britney, too; while at it!!! (though, I F*** Britney with d**k! EWWWWWW!!!)

    Safe trip, fellas!!! Greg… control yourself around all those Asian boys!!!

  42. briekman scholclauf says:

    By DJ Gallo | Page 2 Getty Images NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell checks to make sure the officials keep tabs on the new rules. The Sa…

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  45. intauziah bebennelli says:

    There are Billions of Dollars in unclaimed cash and sitting and waiting to be claimed Some of this lost money has been sitting around for years just log on to a easyunclaimedcasha and find more

  46. Blimey, been busy! Putting up 1 list of 20 titles is hard word enough, so 15 sounds like proper masochism. Still hats off for taking on the challenge. Some great lists so far, and I am looking forward to read the following ones. As ever with reading other list, pointed out a few things missed out on (that Murcof soundtrack for so be ordering some new music in Jan.

    I know what you mean about classifying records and giving them a priority. My year list has changed throughout the year, as new records came out, others suddenly made sense, others again which lost their appeal after a while… I am not doing such a list for the decade, but I will be working on 20 essential records of the noughties, in no order, just because I really think of ordering them.

  47. h2h_Corner says:

    Is it me or are G+ links often busted when it comes to following links from twitter app on iPhone!? Multiple redirects and general fail.

  48. UNITED NATIONS: An end to a nearly decade-long nuclear standoff between Iran and major world powers will be possible if the United States and its European allies recognize Tehran’s right to enrich uranium, a former Iranian negotiator said in an editorial.

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  50. Heather, SF CA says:

    found to be pretty useless, and Keane might be “legit” but their practices are predatory. 35% to give me the name of an asset? No, thanks. All unclaimed money has to be returned to the state eventually, so bypass these greedy tracer firms and go directly to the state website. Just google “unclaimed funds” followed by your state name, and you will find a database that you can search for unclaimed funds. simple and either free or very low cost. Be sure to check all states the person has ever lived in.

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  52. palottley says:


    12,000 dollars to 11 dollars that must be some huge miscellaneous fees..possibly the hidden bureaucratic waste lining peoples pockets and not the students.

    The big question Matt if you could look into it..why did the children only receive 11 dollars per student? how did The No Child Left Behind Act take their money? and where did the money go? obviously it cant be paper, electricity and water. private schools pay for these things too? and still have ample resources.

    The mystery of the missing money…help us Matt our only hope.

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    Treasury yields are little changed as concerns linger about the economy

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  56. SFGate24 says:

    Rates drop at weekly Treasury auction with 3-month bills falling to lowest level since March 1

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  59. feetisden largevoy says:

    I imagine how hard that was to turn in that money. like to say I would go turn it in right away, but I know I would think about it. I also believe the company just keeps all unclaimed money. an unethical practice, which sure, anyone would be against. a good thing that the owner of the money came to get it.

  60. Holden, Troy O. says:

    Your website is becoming one of my favorites where I live in very cold rural Alaska. This has been a very cold fall-winter with many new records.
    Would you know if the “daily mean temperature” for a specific date can be tracked over time (e.g. 30 years) as a proxy for valid cooling or warming trends for a given locale?

  61. It currently contains more than 4.6 million records including more than 400,000 images. Plus, video and sound files, electronic journals and other resources from the Smithsonian’s museums, archives & libraries. New records are being added daily.

  62. […] Wealth Channels wrote an interesting post today a quick excerpt Hundreds of thousands of residents in the State of Kentucky have more money than they probably think. The State Treasury is currently holding $150 million Kentucky unclaimed money from financial assets citizens have aren’t aware, or have forgotten about. These can range from abandoned bank accounts, lost or uncashed checks and gift old stocks and bonds, even odd items like jewelry or mementos left in safe deposit boxes whose owners can’t be located anymore. If owners of lost assets aren’t located after 3 years (usually), they are turned over to the State Treasurer’s office for safekeeping. Right now, the names on the Kentucky unclaimed list numbers around 200,000 and since public awareness about KY unclaimed money is relatively low, these numbers are to grow each passing year. […]

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    For the first time since the government collecting the data, central banks, mutual funds and U.S. banks are buying more government securities at Treasury auctions than Wall Street’s bond dealers.

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  65. The proliferation of personal finance bloggers is similar to the slew of SEO social media strategists and online marketers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Being a user of a Facebook make you an in social media, just as being a user of Google make you a SEO

    The “personal finance blog” has a similar story to tell. So many people seeking advice, and so many people with advice to give. Some of the advice is downright silly, but most of it is just common sense.

    I fully agree with you – basic personal finance should be taught in high school. Everyone with an A automatically with a 650 credit score.

  66. chris marstall says:

    I became aware of this fallacy when I attending high school. The papers were full of stories about athletes frequently setting new school records. The school was only 5 years old when I was a freshman, so it was relatively easy to set new records- roughly 1 in 5 records could be expected to be broken at that time, 1 in 6 my sophomore year, etc.

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  69. Google Reader says:

    169 page Guide to finding unclaimed money. Hundreds of phone numbers/email addresses of instances where you can find your unclaimed money plus a manual to claim it legally.

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    Judge rejects missing money suit
    Concord Monitor
    “We expected that it would be dismissed,” said Assistant Attorney General Danielle Pacik, who represented the state and State Treasurer Catherine Provencher …

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    Did you know that today, the United States is one of six countries that still executes children who are as young as sixteen years old?

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  77. Yay! Most of my personal finance savvy also came from my parents. It with them, ever since I babysitting/getting an allowance, then a class in high school that gave me my first budgeting lesson and been hooked ever since! Though the next big culprit was my Personal Finance course I took as of my degree my senior year of college 🙂

    really glad my parents instilled those values in me all my life, and have made good monetary decisions themselves!

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  84. betsyalt says:

    I chuckled when I read this post. I, too, succumbed to the ad blitz and tried to see if I have any unclaimed cash. In the end, the page would not load – I guess due to the “overload.” Will be interesting to read your analysis!

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