Avoiding the Nefarious NapStealers – The “God” Particle Discovered

Large Hadron Collider

Image by John McNab via Flickr

We don’t know for sure because CERN officials are downplaying it, but there are rumors that researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have discovered the “God” particle they have been searching for, efficaciously avoiding the Nefarious NapStealers in their pursuit of scientific fact. However, there has been no official word, so we won’t know for sure until the results have been verified and the studies have been published.

What do you think? Have they found it? If so, what do you think the ramifications will be?

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  1. Been to a talk on Paicle Physics and Large Hadron Collider. Excellent, but my head now hus…

  2. All of which leads me to ask: once they’ve found the ‘God Paicle’, what will they do with the large hadron collider?

  3. If your only tool is a Large Hadron Collider, every problem looks like a potential sub-atomic paicle

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  6. soe noeyen says:

    not ironic at all actually. The LHC was built for the purpose of testing theories and hypotheses like string theory and the higgs boson. The goal is not to prove or disprove any specific theory. but for advancing our understanding of the laws of nature and the universe.

  7. An update on the 2.1-sigma MSSM Higgs signal « A Quantum Diaries Survivor says:

    How do you know that you are able to infer a true Higgs field, (rather than some other fundamental field of the Standard Model), from the production of characteristic and reactions that are predicted by the standard model to occur up to that point, anyway? I believe in the Standard Model up to the Higgs boson, and then not absolutely sure how to interpret what generaly relativity says about the field with and without a Higgs boson, but I also naively see room for question if the Higgs directly observed. How do we know that pair of W bosons come right out of a field that produce a Higgs?

    Tommaso, I also see what saying about the “embarassing rate of W and Z events”, making direct observation that much more likely, though, right.?

  8. In a national Events guide it has Ben Goldacre in London, discussing Bad Science, this coming Thursday evening.
    If his message to last meeting is anything to go by then be in a fighting shape as comparably good as Darren for it.
    Something to look forward to.

    Elsewhere, in a Cumbrian newspaper on the same evening, we have:
    Young Farmers Association (YFA) are continuing their week-long annual Hay Festival,
    (the more twine the merrier!) it cheerfully adds.

    And, also, on the Events page is:

    But not what, where, who, or why?

  9. caesen reise says:

    Hi guys your comments force me to be gracious in my thoughts toward Asafa and for that I say thanks.

    John McNab is this you who is father to James, who lived on Weymouth Drive? If so, HIIIIII!!!! That was a loud high pitched squeal. Please e-mail me at This is Lorraine Rainford of Norris and Lorraine.

  10. barton fujilli says:

    yeah, the queues were majorly huge to get into the tunnels. and because we grasp quite early enough that we had to queue to get a ticket which gave entry at a time, and decided to watch whatshisname – 2003 nobel – conference first, we got to the queue for tickets just after they had closed the queue. which was very frustrating.

    i just talked with a friend who was in the last group to get admitted to the ATLAS experiment. soo jealous!

  11. bunt roern says:

    …isn’t it mainly non-scientists who have an exaggerated respect for science as being a collection of ultimate truths (“It’s a scientific fact / It’s a scientific fact / It’s got to be accurate, it’s got to be exact…”) that is the essence of “scientism” and scientists who know much better how tentative and doubtful it all is?

    I really like that.

  12. sigge mein says:

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  13. Everyone believes in energy. It is just a scientific FACT. “God” is energy. God is love! We are ALL made of both! Filled with love & energy!

  14. It is not assumptive because I live in India, I have an Indian and I was born in India. I know India well. Secondly your data is wrong, taken from a chain email 35% of NASA is not made up of Indian scientists nor are 30% of the doctors in the United States Indian. Again this is my blog and I can write whatever I want to write or do you have a problem with the whole freedom of speech thing? In which you case you can simply move to China or somewhere. As for how well you do your job and how ambitious you are, it is quite irrelevant.

  15. […] is a headache for theorists in physics. I here some time ago the brilliant and simple explanation of the problem with the Higgs boson mass given by Michelangelo Mangano. In a nutshell, the Higgs […]

  16. Max Cairnduff says:

    I tried “Day” by AL Kennedy and abandoned it, but I abandoned her as an author – I will try another. I saw her talk about it at the Hay Festival and quite liked her laid back style. I also saw her show “Words” on the Edinburgh fringe last year and really liked it. I think she does not appeal to some people at all though. In our family, younger son and I enjoyed the show immensely, whereas husband and older son fell asleep.

  17. the higgs boson is a temporary of photonic origin that is the direct result of a photon collapsing on itself to give rise to fusion type reactions the faster the photon collapses directly influences the state of fusion that occurs a boson is the initiator of all fusion reactions but however is so temporary it cannot be sustained longer than the reaction takes to complete so is extremely elusive but it is the bridging between matter and antimatter

  18. I would agree with the earlier poster that we need to see more from Indian scientists. The name of the blog “Materialia Indica” suggests that it is there for discussions on metallurgical and materials scene in India or related to Indians. Occasional mention of interesting work around the world is fine but it should not end up becoming a norm.

  19. Then you would just love what the Army is doing at one base in Germany. This base is slated for closure in 2008, and they just began work on a handicap ramp for the post library. heard that the cost is 20,000 euros.

    unofficially known for a few years that this post was closing, and official word came in 2007. Only now do they want to build a handicap ramp.

    Is absurd the right word here?

  20. signello says:

    Just to clear up an error: Higgs Boson is not it is “The God

    Joe, Jim is talking about Quantum Energy. I call it Magick.

  21. The Guardian

    God Mystery Will be Resolved in 12 Months: CERN Scientists
    International Business Times
    By IBTimes Staff | October 9, 2011 6:28 AM EDT Scientists at the CERN facility in Geneva hope to resolve the God (Higgs boson mystery in the next 12 months. “I think by this time next year I will be able to bring you either …
    CERN officials say that the Higgs Boson will be found in 12 monthsThe Weather Space
    Will the Large Hadron Collider Explain Everything?New York Times
    Large Hadron Collider: There’s an App for ThatEscapist Magazine
    The Guardian -Popular Science -Indian Express
    all 11 news articles »

  22. Michael S: I came to exactly the same conclusion re Charles. The eyes have it. Took the words out of my mouth.

    Likewise, the clincher for is the half-moons. A digital fan might well be that bald, but would have rectangular glasses.

    That is scientific fact. no real evidence for it, but it is scientific fact.

    And you are all WRONG about Sally.

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  25. It is a proven, scientific fact that when the human egg and human sperm unite, occurs and a new human being is created.

    ….or two. Or three. Or potentially hundreds.

    Of course, science really go in for the use of terms like “new human being” in any of legal or moral sense, so hard to see what they could mean by “scientific fact” here.

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  27. Trickledown, I suggest you read up on string theory and the higgs field/higgs boson. The big bang is beleived to have been caused by one string surface with no higgs field coming into contact with a surface that had one. The recently operational super collider at CERN should be able to find the Higgs Boson relatively quickly and help to give us a better understanding of the universe before the big bang.

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  29. chris alindraab says:

    Winners of the ‘Worst date ever’ essay compe wins 5 season tickets to Storymoja Hay Festival, 1000 credit and a copy of Single and Searching

  30. noop anter says:

    […] readers. Maybe the author of erudite little rant has just returned home from the Hay Festival. I can just imagine him frowning over Simon Jenkins, Polly Toynbee or Madeleine Bunting while […]

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    Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx Spotted in Verizon Computers
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  32. Scientists say well thought strategy needed to catch up with China
    Economic Times
    NEW DELHI: Top Indian scientists have stressed on the urgent need to design a well-thought-out strategy to develop science and make it economically competitive to catch up with the fast surging China. Taking in a seminar on “Science and Technology …
    and more »

  33. in! I love the idea of attaching it to some other big book event. Hay is wonderful, but it could be awkward for people to get to? happy for it to be anywhere but Hay can be very expensive for accomodation etc during Hay festival – especially if people book in advance. I wonder if London is a better location – attaching it to the London Book Fair might be better, as publishers will all be there anyway?

  34. Jay Solomon says:

    Super Symmetry is a popular theory physicists like to play with. Since only a fraction of the universes mass can be accounted for, the theory supposes the remaining mass is found in “dark matter” This dark matter is substance, but not in an apparent physical form. What exactly is this “dark matter”?
    I keep putting quotes around “dark matter”, because I hope no one thinks, oooh star trek.
    If had equal and opposite invisible the combined matter or combined mass of the invisible opposing would be the remaining “missing” matter, and the label for this missing matter is dark matter.

    Check out the atlas experiment. alot of information physicists are hoping for from a 16billion dollar experiment.

  35. IBNLive.com

    A new family of legless amphibians discovered
    New Delhi: It’s a great moment for conservation science. A group of Indian scientists has discovered an entire new family of amphibians in East India.
    New amphibian family find for IndiaBBC News
    Newly discovered legless amphibians are horrifyingmsnbc.com
    New family of legless amphibians found in IndiaBoston.com
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  36. Lea House lived up to our expectations. I liked the fact that this B&B – – an interesting place to stay for those who want somewhere better (and cheaper!) than a chain hotel. Caroline is a great host: attentive but not intrusive; informative and engaging. We stayed one night here during the Hay Festival. not too far to travel and you get to see more of the delightful English/Welsh countryside. We will be back – for the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

  37. banerjee says:

    This reminds me, once again, how rare it is to see on Indian scientists and their work in the blogosphere (and in the internets in general).

    Could you a series of working scientists in India who stand out above the crowd? Who are the great minds of our times? What are they doing? Interviews with some of them would be an added bonus.

  38. Hi Dorigo,

    I am Philippe, working as a postoc in the ATLAS experiment. I have been studying the CDF multi-muons a bit since last week : I have read the paper as well as your fantastic posts about it. I have just one question to ask you for the moment : do you know why the paper does not show any calorimeter-based information ? I am very curious to see distributions of, e.g., jet energy or missing transverse energy for the ghost events : do you know if such plots exist ?

  39. This song earned Mastodon a Grammy nod. And, for those of you wondering, no. wood chips will not get you high. The other about mushrooms giving you super strength and a lush Paul Bunyan beard—scientific FACT. More »

  40. Get Your Physics Fun While It Lasts « Eat It Or Wear It says:

    […] See also: Large Hadron Collider to close for a year for refit and repairs Large Hadron Collider ‘to shut down for a year’ Hadron Collider to be closed amid fears of a very big bang Large Hadron Collider, largest atom-smasher, needs to be shut down for repairs Large Hadron Collider will finally reach full power in eight years behind schedule Collider to shut down at end of 2011 Large Hadron Collider shutdown planned Large Hadron Collider to shut down, not baguette this time Scientists rubbish stories about LHC shutdown over safety concerns Woman, fearing apocalypse, tries to halt collider Woman fails to shut down Large Hadron Collider Here We Go Again […]

  41. as per your definition, Indian scientists
    1) lack foresight
    2) do not know what the bigger picture is
    3) eat up funds and limited resources while producing no output..
    4) tell lies/mislead public and are control freaks
    Now it the characteristic of stupidity?

    Regarding benefits….
    As I just mentioned in another post… After the sign of the deal, india ended its isolation and within days signed 2 pacts… one to get uranium (which we never had) and the other to get technology (4 reactors). Both deals were signed with Russia… and USA got absolutely zero kickbacks….. so where is the question of benefit to USA?

  42. See, while I am not enough well-learned to fully follow your line of reasoning above, I feel that is one example that there are many interesting ideas out there that are somewhat marginalized by the big players – SUSY, string theory, and the like.

    SUSY has appealing and the firework-like signatures one may hope to observe make it so attractive it is hard not to marry it if you are an experimentalist… And yet I think things will be _more_ interesting, and not less so, if the LHC should not find anything but a single, well-behaved Higgs boson…


  43. My official word on the Red Bull butt video. +1 for the concept, -1 for the execution. Therefore, 0 points each way for Webber and Vettel.

  44. Maniac Magee in a summary

    My favorite is when John McNab and his little brothers and maniac came into the house where it was messy and there ware a lot of stinky icky, yucky and all kinds of nasty  things on the floor. For example there were a lot of cans and bottles and  lot of crusts, peeling, scraps, rinds, newspaper and all kind of nasty things that I want to talk about right now. Anyway nothing was worse then the kitchen in the kitchen  there was a jar of peanut butter was on the floor and someone had gotten jumped into it, and skied a brown footed track to the stove. 

  45. depohlsedl kner says:

    No White iPhone 4 until middle of July is the official word, and I’m ok with that seeing as there’s some screen problems at the moment.

  46. baynoli wente says:

    I cannot in all conscience sign such a petition. Should members of say the Sudanese government or similar come to the uk, I would encourage and such action. It specifically anti-Zionist and to my mind trying to have it banned on those grounds seems to me to be I for one wish George Monbiot had been successful in his attempted use of it with John Bolton a few years ago at the Hay festival.

  47. bubacke silieslan says:

    “Back in December, we announced that webOS would be going Open Source (thumbs up from me). Now, we have an official word from the webOS Developer blog: Enyo, the JavaScript app framework, is now available for download right here. Here’s the gist, from the developer blog: In December, HP announced that webOS would be made available under an open source license, with continued from HP. We’re proud of webOS and its potential to harness web standards to improve the next generation of applications, web services, and devices.”

  48. Here We Go Again « Eat It Or Wear It says:

    […] See also: Large Hadron Collider fully armed and operational Large Hadron Collider fires up after $40M repairs Proton Beams Are on Track at Collider Large Hadron Collider after 14 months of repairs Beam sent around Large Hadron Collider In pictures: Cern Large Hadron Collider Large Hadron Collider ready to Science: Large Hadron Collider ready to The Large Hadron Collider Large Hadron Collider Higgs boson Saw This In a Movie Once, Pretty Sure It’ll Work […]

  49. Hmmm what I think ?

    I think the Higgs boson is there by force of experimental evidence.

    seen nothing measured at recent colliders (LEP, LEP II, HERA, Tevatron) against the bare Standard Model. And the measurements at LEP by themselves already _need_ a Higgs boson, or they would be really inconsistent with our understanding of radiative corrections.

    In other words, I think Chris Hill might be right, but still, nature always has it its own way. If one single Higgs boson is dumb, that is ok, it does not make Nature dumb. Rather, we might be just not understanding what telling us. I think statement does not make a theory with five higgses more appealing to me.


  50. collendel says:

    I know if you can call our scientists stupid. Indian scientists work at ISRO, they? But they definitely seem to lack foresight and are unable to see the bigger picture. And they are afraid of losing control (funds) which till now was theirs. The DRDO is the worst of them all. They eat up funds and produce absolutely no results. I respect Manmohan Singh for having stood through all opposition to this deal. I believe gonna help us more than the US.

  51. This does sound insane — and insanely awesome! miss you at the BBC (yes, I agree: as an anglophile-in-training, I stop thinking of, um, the TV station), but it sounds like have an awesome time at the Hay Festival!

    I really am leaving for England in the morning, despite the fact that been saying “Packing! Getting ready!” for days now. See you Friday (!!) 🙂

  52. Twitter says:

    MTV.com (blog)

    ‘Paul’ Red Band Trailer Curses You Out And Eats Your Dead Bird
    MTV.com (blog)
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  54. sommuter? says:

    Hey elm – I just found your blog by Googling sommuting too. I found the word in a Shimano product description and thought it might be cyclist jargon for some special kind of commuting. If not then a lot of people seem to be making the same typo. Do you think they might declare it an official word if enough people use it?
    Maybe you should dedicate a blog entry to the definition of sommuting and then in 5-10years time when Oxford dictionary announces that it has become a real word – you can lay claim to having invented it.

  55. sanahorger sult says:

    Hello michael,

    the constraint is due to the searches performed by electron-positron collisions at LEP II. The associated ZH production was expected by running the machine at a total energy exceeding M_z + M_h , roughly. They did not see it, so they set a limit. The limit is very stringent: although it says “we exclude a SM higgs boson if its mass is below 114.4 GeV, at 95% confidence level”, the probability they can have missed it if its mass is 112 GeV is about zero. That is because of the steep behavior of their probability of observing the as a function of the mass.


  56. wolboski hode says:

    The future of the High Street will be one of the major themes of this year’s Hay festival as residents of the picturesque market town enlist Mary in their fight against plans for a supermarket.

  57. Gently Mad says:

    LOL! I get so confused whenever I see BBC mentioned on twitter too! I been to the Hay festival before, but I love the town. have to see if there is anything in the programme that grabs my attention this year. Enjoy yourself!

  58. mike brown says:

    In occasione dello Hay Festival, il Guardian ha chiesto ad alcuni scrittori ospiti di farsi le domande che i giornalisti non gli fanno mai. E di rispondere, naturalmente. 
    Pubblicato da luisacarrada | Commenti Tag: libri

  59. BBC News

    Hay Festival 2012: Actor Harry Belafonte heads line-up
    BBC News
    The annual mix of literature, politics, comedy and music will be held over 11 days from the end of May. Highlights include the American actor, singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, who will be launching his memoirs and discussing his …

  60. Hi John, the impetus for the is a course in the history and philosophy of science sitting at Harvard. trying to summarize the main views of each philosopher as we come across them, working from primary sources.
    Re science, yes I think this stuff is very relevant. For example, we are entering a new energy frontier at the Large Hadron Collider; if the Higgs boson is not found at the expected energies, we will definitely be faced with a paradigm change. That said, we already know the Standard Model is incomplete, so these things are never black and white..

  61. We touched on this briefly in our previous post covering Sprint’s tentative plans to bring Android 2.2 to their network on at least the HTC EVO 4G (and other Android 2.1 phones launching this year), but for those that missed it, official word through Sprint’s Twitter says the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero are not […]

  62. lebetschla zolino says:

    Under normal circumstances, use this as a chance to brag about our trail and bike lane maintenance. Usually the LFP is brushed and salted and is usable for (if a little icy for all out training). Given the way the bike lanes are continuous with the streets, they are also usually Chicago-style clear, which is to say nearly dry in an amazingly time.

    this seems to be changing this year. The path is a wreck and there is a buzz that the salt trucks are not salting the bike lanes on major streets. No official word on this, but there HAS been official word on the need to cut salting due to cost of salt/labor etc.

    Officially, this sucks.

  63. Scientific fact The main reason human beings weren’t around during the Ice Age is that the Stella Saga women’s boots hadn’t been invented yet. Ok, maybe that’s not an actual fact, per se, but it makes sense when you think ab

  64. First time accepted submitter m4ktub writes “A team of researchers working with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC have published an in arXiv where they describe what is believed to be the first observation of a new the boson Chi-b (3P). Professor Roger Jones, Head of the Lancaster ATLAS group, said ‘While people are rightly interested in the Higgs boson, which we believe gives their mass and may have to reveal itself, a lot of the mass of everyday objects comes from the strong interaction we are investigating using the Chi-b.'”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  65. “My, Grandma – what a big atlas you have!” All the better to map the surface of the to a frankly-ludicrous level of detail (this thing shows the location of shipwrecks), not to mention display beautiful photographs of world wonders across 6 ft (1.8 m) by 4.5 ft (1.4 m) double page spreads, my dear. This is the conversation that would almost take place were Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother to blow her US$100,000 savings on the Platinum Atlas – the largest Atlas in the world – published by Sydney-based Millennium House… Continue Reading Biggest Atlas in world yours for $100,000
    Section: Science and Education
    Related Large Hadron Collider researchers find new GPS mapping enriched with historical traffic speed data NASA radio transcripts digitized for the web Juno sets off on 1,740 million mile journey to unlock Jupiter’s secrets Mars Curiosity Rover successfully launched Harman Kardon’s diamond-like GLA-55 speakers

  66. joshua.hamman » Blog Archive » Higgs Boson does not exist says:

    like a galaxy with a black hole in its center so too is a super saturated atomic structure when the core collapses a black hole is born there is your higgs boson and the power for fusion to occur

  67. As a nuclear disaster unfolds in distant Japan, a growing number of Indian scientists, academics and others have expressed concern about plans for a coastal nuclear plant.

  68. not just 4 the candiates to talk about their faith & religion belief is their action & the things they do show who they are

  69. Google Reader says:

    Bill and Melinda Gates who are touring India promoting philanthropy with Warren Buffett are also trying to pull in Indian Scientists, technical and research institutes.

  70. Whatever. If 90% of Mormons believe x, then safe to say that in practice, Mormons believe x. never find 100% of any group all believing the exact same thing, and I really think that what people actually believe and practice is a whole lot more relevant than what the “official” word is, especially when the official word is so nebulous and hard to pin down.

  71. iquezade says:

    I wonder if civilisations in the distant future will discover the Large Hadron Collider and look at it the same way we look at Stonehenge.

  72. Slashdot says:

    For the first time since the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was opened in 2009, physicists from the UK think they’ve detected their first new subatomic
    Researchers from the University of Birmingham and Lancaster University analysed data from the ATLAS experiment, where of matter are shot at each other at close to the speed of light, in the hopes that interesting new will appear in the carnage.

    By: Mark Brown, Edited by: Duncan Geere
    Continue reading…

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  74. dee groves says:

    The Hay Festival, the annual gathering of the literary great and good in the Brecon Beacons, has struck a deal with the British Council that will lead to it being around the world.

  75. cuzzi naukljakof says:

    Christian~it is a scientific fact that all percentages of Monicas come out for personality tests, or any test for that matter. She is ruthless and will knock out Phoebe for desired test rankings. (okay, mabe not scientific fact, but clearly a Phoebe lie if I ever heard one)

    And please, do not laugh off all your that could be harmful to your anatomy. Though, if I could choose which to laugh off right now, have to say my not flat belly.

  76. pozzina cohnanchla says:

    Zhoucun Bahena posted a photo: funfashioncriminals franccediloise hardy 1968 by john mcnab on flickr
    Zhoucun Bahena: funfashioncriminals franccediloise hardy 1968 by john mcnab on flickr
    Im not sure what I’m looking for but I figured I would try this anyhow. I think Id like to meet up with a guy for some fun tonight. May be into something on a regular but want it to be very very discreet. If you want me to respond send me your face picture first and what you look like. Not really looking to travel but will think about it for the right guy. I have pics and will send mine if I’m interested.
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  77. row fenholzka says:

    Sorry, but physicists are not saying that the Higgs boson is not a creator of anything. Just because some have nick-named it the “god does not mean that it has any relation to a “creator.” If it does exist, it is intimately involved in giving objects mass. Even if found, there are Higgs boson-less models that would seem to be more valid.

    As a microbiologist and having a large interest in astrophysics, I am confused by your that recent advances have given credence to intelligent design. If anything, the opposite is true. I am also not too sure which of the books you are referring in your bibliography. You seem to be referencing religious (not scientific) material.

  78. If you go to The Netherlands… « Kimbooktu says:

    The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books takes place on Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29 on the gorgeous UCLA campus in west L.A. This festival is one of the–if not THE–top U.S. book festival. About 140,000 people attend, there are more than 300 authors, 325 booths, 100 panels and presentations and books galone. And all free (except for an $8 charge for parking). The people who organize this do a fantastic job. This is–if possible–not to be missed, and one of my favorite events of the year.

    That said, I want to go the Hay festival. Very, very, very much.

  79. vinchardi delia says:

    Gonnoi Burington: factorygirl-photography sienna miller by john mcnab on flickr
    I tried to post a picture but it wouldnt allow me to, go figure. Email me with a picture and I will reply with one as well. I have a broad and diverse range of interests.
    Join chirrup.com to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  80. kikowsky says:

    Speaking of writing popular books, I’m at it again. I’m currently hard at work writing The At the End of the Universe, a popular-level book on the Large Hadron Collider and the search for the Higgs boson. If all goes well, it should appear in bookstores at the end of this year or beginning […]

  81. “This first one is actually of the control room of the ATLAS experiment, but it looked to me rather like the inside of a betting shop.”

    Yeah, betting on what will go wrong next, and whether find the Higgs boson. (Personally I think Columbo has a better chance.)

    If Phillip is reading this: When is/was that Bach unaccompanied violin


  82. maret haechund says:

    For the price of 200 pounds, I’ll be travelling to CERN to meet the professors, and see the Large Hadron Collider with my Science Class!

  83. Ian Wylie says:

    Morgan – I seen any official word yet on a companion book for Ashes To Ashes series one, but I hope there will be one.
    Loulou – you the only one misty-eyed!
    And can I just say thank you again to all those who have left comments across my Ashes To Ashes and Life On blogs. always great to hear from fellow fans of brilliant television. More blogs to come in due course ahead of a set visit to 1982 later this summer.


    * The LHC is smashing together in a bid to unlock the secrets of formation of our Universe
    * It is operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern) in Geneva
    * The collider is housed in a 27km-long circular tunnel under the French-Swiss border
    * The giant tunnel is located an average of 100m underground
    * The LHC is the largest and highest-energy accelerator
    * The circumference of the LHC is 26 659 m, with a total of 9300 magnets inside
    * The magnets are cooled to an operating temperature of -271.3°C (1.9 K) – colder than deep space

    * Large Hadron Collider: A Guide

  85. Bill sez: “I’m NOT accusing the of being biased, but the whole thing just comes off as a day long for Aaron Schock.”

    I sez: No kidding. What did you think it was going to be? Same thing with Obama and his European fishing expedition. (You wonder if Obama is running for President of the U.S. or E.U.) As far as there going to be any out of sojourn to Peoria.

    Bill also “Greg Batten told listeners that there’s no official word yet on whether Bush plans to make any surprised visits anywhere.”

    I sez: If they gave official word on a surprise visit, then it be a surprise, would it?

  86. Tweet El acto de entrega de libros a los dos primeros centros educativos se realizará hoy en el barrio El Pozón. A las 9:30 a.m. en la Institución Educativa José Carmelo Villamizar, y a las 11:00 a.m. en la escuela 14 de febrero.En ambas instituciones habrá lectura de cuentos para niños y niñas a cargo de dos reconocidos de RCN televisión.Siete instituciones educativas oficiales de la ciudad serán las beneficiarias de los 7.280 libros recolectados en la campaña de donación que realizaron la Fundación Plan, Hay Festival, Comfenalco, TCC, Ennovva y RCN Radio y Televisión, desde el pasado mes de octubre con el fin (…) | Fuente: eluniversal.com.co

  87. Watch Out For Black Holes! « Eat It Or Wear It says:

    […] See also: Hadron collider resumes, full speed seen in weeks Large Hadron Collider back in action Collider In Europe Large Hadron Collider briefly back on over weekend Large Hadron Collider in multi-magnet quench hiccup Design Flaws Caused the Massive LHC Glitch Watch Out For Black Holes! Saw This In a Movie Once, Pretty Sure It’ll Work* […]

  88. cormac says:

    Yes, that little devil of a Higgs Boson is rearing up its ugly head again. Dr. will we ever find that little rascal of a Higgs boson, elusive little scoundrel. And not to forget the magical land that he lives in, the Higgs field, i believe the field is over 10

    Thank you for some very interesting and educational blog I will continue reading them with enthusiasm.

  89. trupple cervek says:

    Google has just recently filed for a new trademark, “Speedbook”. While no official word has been given as to what device will bear this name, it seems likely that it will go to a tablet device. That leaves us with two possibilities that we know of. First being the Chrome OS tablet we’ve all heard […]

    Visit TalkAndroid for android news, android guides, and much more!

    Will Google’s Chrome tablet be call the Speedbook?

  90. bolanqueen says:

    parapa the rapa-nui-

    Man. I know just what you mean. Personally tho, my research in biology lends a closer molecular approximation of love to methylenedioxymethamphetamine. just a really fun word it?). The only thing that bothers me is I figure out which one is the God molecule. been trying to fit in Higgs Boson in there somewhere too. got a theory using Higgs Boson that might be able to tell us which molecule makes you wonder about free-will.

  91. msnbc.com

    Tree species reflect supercontinent split
    More science news from msnbc.com Oxford / Jelly visualize the Higgs boson Science editor Alan Boyle’s blog: Sometimes it takes a to make sense of the Higgs boson — the prime scientific target for the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider.
    and more »

  92. lichanos says:

    Read the published by the Indian scientists who were commissioned to do the study of the glaciers by the environment bureau, the that Pachauri called “rubbish” and voodoo science. It claim that they are all “fine,” whatever that means.

    Glaciers grow, they shrink. “Threatened” is a term for political situations, and maybe species near to extinction.

  93. kharo guin says:

    The hunt for the Higgs boson, the elusive “God may be more complicated than thought as a scientist now says there may be 5 of them

  94. Twitter says:

    Yesterday we brought you news of McLaren’s plan to parade the 2012 MP4-12C supercar through its American dealerships to drum up interest, and today we have the official word on pricing. The newest McLaren supercar will between $225,000 and $250,000. McLaren hasn’t gotten more specific than that, though we suppose it’s as close as…

  95. #sgp - Twitter Search says:

    The Guardian

    Michael Gove ‘crystal clear’ creationism is not science
    Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, has confirmed that creationism will not be taught in free schools because it is “at odds with scientific fact”.
    Michael Gove: pupils should read 50 books a Children ‘should read 50 books a year’, says GoveTelegraph.co.uk
    Free schools will not teach creationism, says for EducationThe Guardian
    BBC News -Telegraph.co.uk -DeHavilland (press release) (subscription) -This is London
    all 10 news articles »

  96. Brookhaven National Laboratory – Suffolk – The Physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral research associate position on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, Switzerland. BNL is involved in many aspects of ATLAS. It is the host of the ATLAS Tier-1 computing facility, and is designated as one of the US ATLAS Analysis Centers. The Omega Group at BNL has significant responsibilities in ATLAS

  97. Ha! I saw her speak at the Hay Festival a couple of years ago. I’m not sure that even an Ireland hat-trick could top her talk.

  98. Twitter says:

    Today’s Quote – “It is a scientific fact that your body will not absorb cholesterol if you take it from another person’s plate.” Dave Barry

  99. ScienceDaily: Latest Science News says:

    This boson isn’t the Higgs
    While we’ve been paying all our attention to the elusive Higgs boson, the ATLAS experiment has turned up another which researchers say could be responsible for much of the mass of “everyday objects”.…

  100. RateVin | Published News says:

    Global healthcare major, GE Healthcare Life Sciences has young Indian scientists and scholars in molecular biology to compete for its prestigious science award, which includes a $25,000 cash prize.

  101. New external post Weekend field trips on the Web from Cosmic Log – Cosmic Log’s Column – and Seeds in the group Science Writers Association
    ‘Nova’ on PBS: ‘B-29 Frozen in Time’
    Daily Mail: Crop cubes (via Daily Grail)
    Symmetry Magazine: The Large Hadron Collider decoded
    Discovery News: The Large Hadron Collider, now in comic form
    The next generation | Space.com on the relaunch
    Bad Astronomy: This w …

    Comments: 0

  102. Rama Iyer says:

    What about the Indian Scientists, the Research Personal and the Indian a shame that the brains in India come up with such medicines which are usually first produced in developed countries by Pharma giants ( whose aim is not to save the world!! but to make money !!). From the stand point blame them. But we question the ethics !Comeone India and Indian scientists, wake up, come up with life saving formulations, come up with medications that can save the poor in India and all the poor countries in he world.That way you need not rely on the Pharma Giants !

  103. That large black hole we are all supposed to be in iminent danger of could well help pixelate the species (and everything else). I hear that gravity is very dense in those places and would rip the cells quite nicely 🙂

    By the way have you seen the Large Hadron Collider rap? Look for it on Youtube – it explains it all beautifully. Science made funky. had some very interesting chats about all this the last few days here at work. End of the World brought to you by Large Hadron Collider.

    Frankenputer – I love it!!!!!

  104. A while back we pondered what would happen if your hand was hit by the Large Hadron Collider’s proton beam – this time we’re asking the people who wor

  105. I've just been listening to something from the Hay Festival and the rain there is bucketing down, it like with you? The photos are great, that saying sky at night shepherds I never know whether that means gong to be good weather the next day or rain…
    I love the leaning tree…is that the same Gregynog that Swansea Uni have conferences at? I remember going there for an Anthropology thing once…

  106. Sascha Mehlhase, Physiker am Niels-Bohr-Institut der Uni Kopenhagen arbeitend, hat den Teilchendetektor ATLAS am LHC in Lego nachgebaut. Higgs, Higgs, Hurra! As of an outreach project at the Niels Bohr Institute I have recently designed a model of the ATLAS experiment in LEGO® bricks.

  107. Mario Campanelli is a Reader in physics at University College London, and works on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. He has been member of the Icarus experiment, one of the two detectors located on the CERN-Gran Sasso beam. Here he explains why getting rid of relativity was always going to be problematic:

  108. will romeierer says:

    CERN researchers have observed a new — the Chi-b(3P) — in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider, University of Birmingham and Lancaster University researchers just announced. The combines a “beauty” quark and its antiquark so that they bind together. Like the more famous hypothesized Higgs the Chi-b(3P) is a boson. […]

  109. StumbleUpon says:

    Your Personal Small Through 3X Hadron Collider To the tune of Man and with apologies to They Might Be Giants Large Hadron Collider, Large Hadron Collider Not man but guider Really cold place, zoomin’ around Large Hadron Collider Is it in France or is it Swiss When it gets going does it cause an abyss And is the Higgs Boson hiding out there Nobody knows, Large Hadron Collider. The six major components of the LHC are printed in off white around the bottom of this which is a 100% cotton t in blue dusk. See below for full text.

  110. As of a public outreach program for the Large Hadron Collider, a physicist has created a scale model of the ATLAS experiment in the Large Hadron Collider – out of Legos.

  111. bhatman donen says:

    SaintDomineuc Waterson: mizou iyoupapa claire danes via john mcnab c 2009 john mcnab under cc-by-nc-nd license
    Whether we go to new roc city or just go and have a few drinks then catch a movie buzzed i want to do something today.. Im AA Which is also my preference … send a pic im only reply to AA males
    Join chirrup.com to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  112. tsukello prull says:

    (PhysOrg.com) — The Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland has generated a lot of news of late, e.g. the announcement that a team had found what it believes to be a that traveled faster than he speed of light, an actual new and of course the seemingly never-ending storyline associated with the hopeful discovery of the elusive Higgs Boson, now a physicist not associated with the project, has built a scale model replica of the ATLAS experiment; a detector that will likely serve as ground zero should the so-called “god ever be observed.

  113. kampann weight says:

    Congrats to Indian scientists a begining has to be made ,the journey will be long ,frustrated at times,team members leave for reasons otherwise,but still the journey has to continue.
    I believe LCA will be a hit programm if direction ,dedication and ability to dream continues on ,yes if India has developed avionics,4th generation softaware,composite materials but kaveri engine did not take off.then we must investigate why and try to rectify it ,take ISRO as an inspiration or even B.H.E.L that operates profitably and makes products,think of C-DOT as well ,
    Please continue the work and iam sure the spin-offs will be more beneficial in the long run.
    I hope drdo will please IAF with stealth version of TEJAS
    jai hind
    Rama Mohana Rao Anne
    Sydney Australia

  114. bin hedio says:

    In fact now I am thinking of Hay Festival – if you would enjoy a few drinks on the wiggly garden at Hay Festival pls tweet me 4 an invite

  115. ashiman alfoneth says:

    I am coming late into this conversation.

    the two lutheran sources that are the definitive and official lutheran positions on sanctification are VI of the formula of concord. http://www.thirduse.com and the small and large catechism of dr luther. 3rd of the apostles creed. period. forde and others are not the official word that would bind the conscience of any Lutheran. the lutheran confessions are.

  116. marypickford says:

    >I’m so green and awesome!

    LOL. My favorite was Josh “There are a whole lotta websites you can visit…” Thanks, JT! I can tell you care. A little Nicole snark would be just the thing. Or maybe with mob antics resurfacing, she could get into racketeering in the carbon credits market.

    There have been a few items in the soap mags from “insiders”, saying Days will be picked up for another year. No official word though, AFAIK.

  117. Making_Hay says:

    On my way to the hay festival in Wales. Sat in a pub in wales drinking beer from my home town. Would you believe it.

  118. cummenziah says:

    Authors: Jonathan L. Feng, Ze’ev Surujon, Hai-Bo Yu Recent indications of a 125 GeV Higgs boson are challenging for gauge-mediated supersymmetry breaking (GMSB), since radiative contributions to the Higgs boson mass are not enhanced by significant stop mixing. This challenge should not be considered in isolation, however, as GMSB also generically suffers from two other problems: unsuppressed electric dipole moments and the absence of an attractive dark matter candidate. We show that all of these problems may be simultaneously solved by considering heavy without extra fields or modified cosmology. Multi-TeV sfermions suppress the EDMs and raise the Higgs mass, and the dark matter problem is solved by Goldilocks cosmology, in which TeV neutralinos decay to GeV gravitinos that are simultaneously light enough to solve the flavor problem and heavy enough to be all of dark matter. The implications for collider searches and direct and indirect dark matter detection are…

  119. Circulator 38's Facebook Wall says:

    agora is a oriented event display for the LHC/ATLAS experiment. The first version is more a proof of concept that an application ready to do physics. Anyway it can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like.
    Recent changes:
    Modifications to be able to send scenes on our wall of screens from a or tablet.

  120. ~ why_137 put “Present at the Creation” onto shelf why_137 commented on “Present at the Creation” The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest, and by far the most powerful, machine ever built. A project of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, its audacious purpose is to re-create, in a 16.5-mile-long circular tunnel under the French-Swiss countryside, the immensely hot and dense conditions that existed some 13.7 billion years ago within the first trillionth of a second after the …

  121. Deccan Chronicle

    Popular Indian Beaches Unfit for Swimming
    ABC News
    By MAYABHUSHAN NAGVENKAR AP India’s most popular Goa beaches are unfit for swimming and fishing because of high sewage contamination, Indian scientists have warned. The level of fecal coliform bacteria in coastal and river waters is much higher than …
    Goa water unsafe for bathing and fishingNDTV.com
    Polluted Beaches Have Embarrassed GoaTopNews Arab Emirates
    Water In India’s Goa Unfit For Bathing, FishingOfficialWire
    all 117 news articles »

  122. digbythefox says:

    “Gator Tango and the Higgs Boson” – Gator Country Awaits in Fanciful Spy Thriller: It takes two to tango, and in the lively novel “Ga…

  123. atlas_agora 1.0
    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Utilities
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)
    agora is a oriented event display for the LHC/ATLAS experiment. This first version is more a proof of concept that an application ready to do physics. Anyway it can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like.

  124. brisckoff harhani says:

    Years of combing tropical mountain forests, shining flashlights under rocks and listening for croaks in the night have paid off for a team of Indian scientists which has discovered 12 new frog species plus three others thought to have been extinct.

  125. Telegraph.co.uk

    Hay Festival 2012: Life Changing Literature – Bettany Hughes
    Here were the prophets I’d met on the pages of classical literature, made flesh and tearing gentle little communities with their, often heretical, tales of New Jerusalems and the Last Days. And whereas for the ancients, all man’s hopes lay in the …

  126. grenfranco weps says:

    New blog post : How the full moon disrupts sensitive measurements at the Large Hadron Collider (as do fast trains and the waters of Lake Gen

  127. The second theme of my talk at this years Hay Festival was the way Dickens often uses linguistic features as a means of character description, or refers to language in the narrative. The examples below are in some cases adapted from the novels, to suit the…

  128. winstonsdad says:

    Arabic writers (writing in Arabic and French) have been icreasingly visible in English. Last year, the Hay festival organised Beirut 39: New Writing from the Arab World (a selection of 39 pieces by Arab writers under 40 was published by Bloomsbury, translated from Arabic, French, Dutch). Bizarrely I find translated three Algerian writers in the past couple of years, most recently Boualem An Unfinished Business. A wonderful woman writer to out with might be Yasmine Ghata, whose elegant little book The Night was published by Hesperus

  129. A Higgs boson walks into a church. The priest says “Your kind isn’t welcome here!” The boson replies: But without me, how can you have mass?

  130. In science news around the world this week, a Senate panel cut NSF’s budget and weighed in on a telescope race, Rwanda has with Carnegie Mellon University to create Carnegie Mellon Rwanda, NASA announced it had selected a design for the new Space Launch System, Indian scientists are calling for a major rewrite of the proposed Animal Welfare Act of 2011, and Israel is joining CERN.

  131. NEW DELHI (AP) — Years of combing tropical mountain forests, shining flashlights under rocks and listening for croaks in the night have paid off for a team of Indian scientists that has discovered 12 new frog species plus three others thought to have been extinct….

  132. Muse Messageboard says:

    In view of the LHC upgrade phases towards HL-LHC the ATLAS experiment plans to upgrade the Inner Detector with an all silicon system. The n-in-p silicon technology is a promising candidate for the pixel upgrade thanks to its radiation hardness and cost effectiveness, that allow for enlarging the area instrumented with pixel detectors. We present the characterization and performance of novel n-in-p planar pixel sensors produced by CiS (Germany) connected by bump bonding to the ATLAS readout chip FE-I3. These results are obtained before and after irradiation up to a fluence of 10^16 1-MeV n_eq/cm^2, and prove the operability of this kind of sensors in the harsh radiation environment foreseen for the pixel system at HL-LHC. We also present an overview of the new pixel production, which is on-going at CiS for sensors compatible with the new ATLAS readout chip FE-I4.

  133. Delicious/tag/singularity says:

    Just days after U.S. physicists were told they would have to shutter their accelerator later this year–so ending their hopes of finding the elusive Higgs boson–their European competitors at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland, look set to continue the chase for an extra year before a scheduled shutdown of their machine, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
    from ScienceInsider

  134. craya calzka says:

    new Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-68U118 boasts both a design and internals that rival current and possibly future MacBook Acer Aspire TimelineX AS1830T-68U118 packs Intel’s fastest ultralow-power processor and an 11.6-inch screen. Shadows of an upcoming MacBook?(Credit: Acer)]Persistent rumors about an upcoming MacBook Air point to a redesign–as well as new processors. And on Wednesday, we got official word from Apple that it is staging a “Back to Mac” event on October 20. Needless to say, this can only serve to fuel speculation about new MacBooks–and most prominently the

  135. Top news from India says:

    Independent Online

    Scientists abandon AIDS vaccine trials
    Times of India
    CHENNAI: Indian scientists have decided to drop the AIDS vaccine candidate – for which trials began in 2006 – though it proved to be safe in phase-1 trials and showed promise in fighting the virus. The scientists said they were unable to take the study …
    Hopes of an indigenous HIV vaccine fadeDeccan Herald
    AIDS vaccine hunt gains cluesCBC.ca
    Funding for HIV vaccine research on the riseChina Daily
    BioScholar News -iNewsOne -Hindustan Times
    all 135 news articles »

  136. YahooNews24 says:

    AP – Years of combing tropical mountain forests, shining flashlights under rocks and listening for croaks in the night have paid off for a team of Indian scientists that has discovered 12 new frog species plus three others thought to have been extinct.

  137. Global warming is an undisputed scientific fact now, and there is little doubt that this ominous trend is related to human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels. I completely accept the science of climate warming, yet I don’t always do the right thing by my heirs. Why is that?Read More… More on Green Energy

  138. Johnn Luevanos says:

    Houston Chronicle

    Physics blogs hint that long-sought Higgs boson is in sight
    Los Angeles Times
    Physicists working at the Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland may be on the verge of announcing the discovery of the long-sought Higgs boson, the so-called God that theorists believe gives all other mass.
    Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson DiscoveryWired News
    New Data on Elusive Shrouded in SecrecyNew York Times
    Hot Physics Gossip Suggests Higgs Boson Discovery Coming Next WeekThe Atlantic Wire
    San Francisco Chronicle -Bloomberg -ITworld.com
    all 18 news articles »

  139. 918,433 PDF eBook documents (13.56 seconds) Capital Marketplace Conference icsc.org Separating Scientific Fact from Personal Opinion co2science.org Gunbower National Park vic.gov.au Small Business Resource Guide whatspossible.com Entropy-Based Warfare: af.mil The Newbies Guide To Audio Recording Awesomeness homebrewaudio.com Getting involved in the management of local wetlands frcc.org.au Engineering the science of hall acoustics 2002 Instructions for Form 41, Oregon Fiduciary Income Tax Return Kuhn vs. Popper by way of Lakatos and the Cold War sfu.ca Business Intelligence Conference, November 28 to 30, Hamburg juergendaum.com A5 Case Study of Saltmarsh sites in Lake Macquarie PDF lakemacquarielandcare.org Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center South Carolina … sc.gov Chapter on Service NATIONAL POPULATION HEALTH STUDY OF NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS cnsfederation.org SECURING FUTURE MARKET GROWTH Inside this issue: ruralfunds.com.au…

  140. sarahemilywild says:

    we built and use the large hadron collider, but people get a bigger hard on from the technology behind easy pay at apple stores and nordstom

  141. sufkin devasquari says:


    Gingerbread Man Unboxed By Google, placed on the lawn of sweets
    Android Community
    As if we needed any proof that Google’s upcoming Android version will be named Gingerbread, we finally have official word of) of the imminent OS. …
    Google ‘Confirms’ Gingerbread Android OS, Via StatuePC Magazine
    Gingerbread man arrives at GoogleZDNet (blog)
    Android Gingerbread Confirmed, Mascot Arrives on Google CampusMashable
    Electronista -IntoMobile -TechCrunch
    all 63 news articles »

  142. achievement is laudable. Indian scientists groomed at the Indian Institutes of Technology have done their country proud. Technological excellence and using space for peaceful purposes should be promoted. One should not look for sinister motives. One should congratulate India in its endeavour to promote technological excellence. All nations have a right to extend their horizons, scientific capabilities for peaceful purposes. One should not assume that India has evil military intentions. It is a peaceful country with a rich civilized heritage.

  143. solstorums lona says:

    When I did my training on the USP, the instructor gave me some thresholds which I just rediscovered. I am still waiting on the official word from HDS. I thought you and anyone else who reads this blog might find them interesting.CHIPs < < 70%WP rate < 30% < < 50%Cache utilisation > 90%I wonder are they gospel or not?Stephen

  144. Google Reader says:

    techbeat writes “The big bang machine may already be living up to its nickname, writes New Scientist. Researchers on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, have seen hints of what may be the hot, dense state of matter thought to have fill…

  145. fourell ker says:

    No official word from firefighter in command on scene about the cause. More in Monday’s Daily News.
    No official word from firefighter in command on scene about the cause. More in Monday’s Daily News.

  146. failibreid says:

    I do hope there anything wrong with writing all these blog entries in a corset… 😉

    And maymay, I think technically that manhandle just meant that it was powered or handled by human power – rather than by an oxen or some other beast. And as to our growing English language, pretty sure that if womanhandled is not an official word, it will be made one during our lifetime.

    And it have to deal with farming equipment. Unless you consider a riding crop as a farming tool 🙂

  147. The idea behind it was simple and brilliant – it is a scientific fact that cigarettes are killing 5 million people a year, and that big…

  148. You say “The red band is constrained from above by the direct limit, MH>114 GeV, obtained by the LEP II experiments at CERN”.
    How does this constraint come about?
    What is the consequence if, for example, the Higgs boson is 112GeV?

  149. hanuessot beau says:

    Plouarzel Mozena: funfashioncriminals franccediloise hardy 1968 by john mcnab on flickr
    Im not sure what I’m looking for but I figured I would try this anyhow. I think Id like to meet up with a guy for some fun tonight. May be into something on a regular but want it to be very very discreet. If you want me to respond send me your face picture first and what you look like. Not really looking to travel but will think about it for the right guy. I have pics and will send mine if I’m interested.
    Join chirrup.com to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  150. There are advocacy groups that claim it is bad for the environment and bad for the frogs and amphibians that come across the herbicide but these a factsa and a figuresa are not based on scientific fact

  151. burling says:

    Girls dont understand why us guys keep on hands in our pants when we lay down. Its a habit. Balls produce heat alse. Scientific fact.

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