Nefarious NapStealers and the Importance of Sleep


Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

According to a study at Harvard University in 2006,  because of the increase in people sleeping less than six hours per night, 75% of Americans experience sleep problems, if not full-blown nefarious sleep disorders. Normally, one shouldn’t be extremely worried about intermittent insomnia, which can occur for many various environmental factors. The real napstealer has to be chronic sleep loss, which causes all kinds of  health problems like weight gain, hypertension, and a weakened immune system. Therefore, people who don’t get enough sleep are not only sleepy, but can be fat, sick and irritable, as well.

The Harvard study created six recommendations to help avoid the influence of nefarious napstealers.

  1. Memory / Learning: Sleep allows the brain to assimilate new information to permanent storage via a process called memory consolidation. It has been proven in many studies that people who sleep after learning, perform better because the brain has finished processing that information.
  2. Weight and Metabolism: Ongoing sleep deprivation can result in unexplained weight gain because a person who is sleep deprived because of nefarious napstealers will experience an altered level of appetite-inducing hormones, as well as affecting the way the body uses and stores food, specifically carbohydrates.
  3. Security: Sleep deprivation accumulates, building up a sleep debt that causes people to uncontrollably fall asleep, even during the day. Falling asleep in certain situations, such as while at work in the medical field or other life and death occupations can have disastrous results.
  4. General Outlook: People who haven’t had enough sleep can be moody, impatient, irritable and lack the ability to concentrate, as well as not having the energy to participate in activities that they consider fun and important, generating an endless cycle of emotions.
  5. Heart Problems: Extreme sleep disorders can cause high blood pressure, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat.
  6. Sickness: Sleep deprivation decreases the function of the immune system, which means the body can’t fight off infection, viruses and other sources of disease. Adequate sleep can help a person to overcome sickness more quickley.


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  1. He may have a hyperactive brain, does he suffer from any sleep loss. Either that or human contact is not his (accent aigu on the e)
    Just for effect.
    Oh DW you be a English Master, why do the words affect and effect have obscure meanings that can be used interchangibly with the other word. For instance, “I believe our foreign policy effects the situation” I linked the page that first threw up a flag on this issue. It is a safe clicky as always.

  2. Thanks for this insightful post. I read it with much interest.
    You are quite right to say that writing down your goals is Where do you get the figure of 3 percent writing out their goals? It sounds like the infamous Yale or Harvard study. This study was a myth and it discredits coaching and we coaches each time it is quoted, which is a great shame because the message of goal setting is – too to become the victim of an urban myth.

  3. Redxkisses says:

    Every evening I convince myself I don’t need to do laundry, and every morning when I wake up I find I was lying to myself…endless cycle

  4. takammonds techsler says:

    This flattering and tee declares to the world either your general outlook or your complete willingness to hotfoot your way to the nearest landmark in impromptu competition. You choose!

  5. XantheMatychak (@xanthm) says:

    Certainly not an Austrian perspective, Prof. McGahan even left her “Chicago” roots behind when she graduated (three times) from Harvard: PhD, Harvard University; MA, Harvard University; MBA, Harvard University; BA, University.

    One response might come from the “Amen” speech in Other Money because what she offered was not a business plan, but a prayer.

    I agree with her 100% that ethics should be integral to every course, because in terms of consequential human action, every choice is a moral choice by definition. (But for the many wonderful alternatives among flavors of ice cream, the phrase “moral choice” would be redundant.) She offered no examples of how to achieve that across a curriculum in business management.

    Much of what she said might sound nice, but even if you agreed with the goals, where do the resources come from, if not from the very investor profits she begs to abandon?

  6. Emsock,

    I can count the number of times been to My Left Whine in the last year on my fingers, and still have enough left over to send you the Universally Recognized Perform An Impossible Physical Act Gesture with both hands at once. It just so happens I live in Virginia, get the WaPo delivered to my house, and was able to see the disastrous results of your encounter with that journalist without having to read about it on the Internet.

    Speaking of said Universally Recognized Gesture, considered it given you.

  7. Clare Witmer says:

    Low thyroid levels correspond with an underactive thyroid and can impact in unexplained weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, irregular or faint sleep apnea, high or low blood pressure, chronic pain, constipation, frequent infections, brittle nails, weak muscles, head congestion and sinus problems, joint pain, hoarseness, and more. A low thyroid can be discovered by using simple blood tests. If you have low thyroid levels it is something to take seriously.

  8. ducherer says:

    Hi doctor, I am so glad I got the to know this website of yours. so informative… I love it. I have learned a lot even though this is my first time to open this website. I was amazed because earlier today me and my colleagues were talking about lack of sleep, over-eating and not doing any exercise. You see, I always sleep late even though there are no works oe deadlines to be done, I just sleep early. And most of the time, I only have 5-6 hours of sleep. At least now I know, still a way to counter the effects of chronic sleep loss.

  9. gri zellashing says:

    Pretty much all week I’ve woken 10 mins before my alarm. I guess that means I’m no longer sleep deprived like i used to be in my last job.

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  11. macacelhof stuc says:

    “Matt Walton is the owner and our agent for a condo purchase in Chicago. Matt is probably one of the best real estate agents in Chicago. Matt never sleeps, instead he power naps in between showings.…”

  12. Yeah, well this is a nightmare situation that all medics are afraid of and that fear can often affect quality of care. Then everyone loses. From my experience, I am very suspect of any accusations that come from a patient with an altered level of conciousness, who comes with an accusation days after the event. Especially when the standard of care for a fall with loss of conciousness could easily explain everything. If he did it, fry him. But as a he said/she said case, I seriously doubt it will go anywhere.

  13. I often say this, This is WHY we have some thing called an Immune System, what is the Immune System supposed to do? why fight they very germs wthis doctor speaks of, what the heck is the use of having an Immune System if we going to allow it to do JOB?going bare foot helps keep our immune system strong. thats WHY we bare footers get sick that often.

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  17. askiah keisteverg says:

    Those “shared computer workspace” scenarios seem icky….

    Two more practical ways to increase the odds: adequate sleep, and keeping nasal passages moist. The former keeps the immune system humming as best it can. The latter, whether through saline nasal spray or a facemask for moister air intake, and help make a more daunting environment for droplets to set up shop.

  18. etcshadow says:

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  20. munds machar says:

    pzizz sounds like it only has a placebo been known for a very long time that quick/power naps for 15-20min. improves the body fxn, rxn, etc. i think you really need the pzizz to do the trick the just soft, quiet, relaxing music?). though, i tried this myself, so be judgmental about it..-sherman

  21. montegneli mccump says:

    […] Jump to Comments Ed Yourdon, one of the of the ICSE Peopleware panel I blogged about, has an extremely informative description of the discussion in his […]

  22. You realize this is all a medical phobia, your own doctor said that all you had was high blood pressure, eat better and get rid of that. This is more of a mental condition than it is a medical one. Just try and find yourself man.

  23. weightloss Master says:

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  24. This reminds me of a of biofeedback. A bit of biofeedback with some self therapy with some muscle technique maybe? In my lifetime used ALL of these things to deal with both physical issues (recovering from a very bad car accident), emotional issues (same as above as well as numerous others), and my sleep problems. While I finally did to medication for the sleep problems I never would have made it as long as I did or need as limited of an amount of medication that I do without taking some of my process into my own mind. Which I do on a regular basis. Anything that advocates the mind over body approach is looking into, and like you said, what have you got to lose? 🙂

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  26. hasna mckeownsel says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter and found the excellent.

    One thing I do with newspaper and others I want to save, but not clutter up the office with – I scan them into an Adobe PDF format file and save in a directory on the old PC. Once a month I back up my data files like this to a CD-ROM for more permanent storage. Saves on the clutter.


  27. Sheila Tehrani says:

    Definiteley! When sleep deprived it dulls everything, not just you but the way you see the world too. I am a totally different person when sleep deprived. I just read an about the “weight of blankets” thing yesterday. tweet it to you. Have you thought of using weighty blankets that are not warm? Like an open weave crochet blanket? I swear by proper hydration though. Almost any issue had has been solved by proper hydration. Seriously. Lol.

  28. The depressed, sad individual will see things as an endless cycle of meaningless work and daily ho-hum. The positive person (you demonstrate an inkling of with your final sentence) sees challenges as a prep for something bigger and better. I am in a similar situation. I quit to be a copywriter though I trained for it. Before I jumped at the chance to earn less money and from scratch, I rationalised this was an I get again and, in the worst case, I would learn something new. And that does it? Have a look at the endless cycle – it might a growing spiral in disguise, one of learnings and

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  30. Here from NCLM. No IF issues here, but I can absolutely relate to the NOT FAIR” thing and will even go so far as to admit to having uttered that on a daily basis for, oh, the past few weeks? In case you were wondering, I have a lot of health problems, and realize they were genetic and autosomal-dominant, and now have two kids with SOME health problems and one kid with a TON of health problems. And to have to think of paying such a sum for even a CHANCE of getting pregnant makes me ill. so sorry; I wish I could give you my but without the whole genetic doom thing. Or at least a nice new laptop. NOT fair.

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  34. Hi Ruth,
    It was so wonderful reading your note, and so happy that you are continuing to get stronger! Keep doing your daily homework…power naps are also great too!
    I think about you constantly, and pray for your speedy recovery daily.
    G-d Bless and keep your amazing positive attitude going.
    I wish you and Stan, and your entire family a Healthy and Happy New Year. May the New Year bring you peace and joy.
    Lots of love,

  35. Schnookie says:

    And I just finished processing the hot peppers from our garden and farm share. I had to take off the stems, seed them, roughly chop them, pulse them in the food processor, then bag them all up. I ended up with three of minced hot peppers. And even with rubber gloves, my hands are KILLING me. It burns! IT BURNS! I think going to be a game-time decision for our game diary tonight. (I say, typing this comment. Hm. I should take some lessons from Paulie on how to convincingly and conveniently get injured at times… :P)

  36. huppeszews martig says:

    Q . Is it possible to cure loud snoring? A . Excessive snoring creates problems not just for those who snore but for those who sleep next to them. Both can suffer chronic sleep loss from constantly waking up; in some cases, snoring may be a sign of a more serious medical problem.

    Snoring – Sleep disorder – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Shopping

  37. chas polda says:

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  38. lucker fordementz says:

    To growing base of blog readers:

    The last sentence here is key. He is still listening to new information, and acknowledging that new information COULD make him think otherwise. Although I guarantee any of the new information we receive in the next month will sway any of the trustees, I am there will be new information… We need to be making these decisions based on our most up-to-date info and projections, rather than presumptions based on last year or previous years. We all know this.

    Also, there was no meeting Jason was not invited to. This Notice of Motion consisted of an email, which was promptly forwarded to all members of the board. First discussion of it occurred on January 12.

    Silas White, Board Chair

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  40. It does, and sad that we involve ourselves more in the established homeschooling groups out there. So many of them differ not only in educational leanings, but just in general outlook that impossible to fit in – and from my experience with local groups – want to?!

    I FULLY your own group… work, but it if you can find even a few like minded peeps to hang with.

  41. Not sure that permits would be a problem. There is a lot of comradere in the medical field, clinics, doctors, nurses, assistance etc. Permits, licenses, perscriptions are a deterent to problems, but these things violated all the time in the medical field, when money or celebrity is involved, or it THEY themselves want something? I take this for granted, had so many overdoses and violations all the time with other celbrities. So far, we are not even talking about narcotics or highly controlled substances.

  42. Oh man, do I feel for you. The kidlet has never been a great sleeper, and just now at seven has to regularly sleep through the night in his own bed. few things worse than ongoing sleep deprivation.

  43. KinkyButterCup says:

    15% of cancers are caused by viruses. The way the viruses contribute to a tumor growth is quite interesting. And the way our immune system +

  44. veeth cardi says:

    insomnia. I suffer greatly from it. If I fell asleep now I’ll be up at 6am cleaning my windows or something. Power naps FTW 😉

  45. rohining dms says:

    Why is it those pictures have to be on display? I mean…mom, seriously. The time you gave me a haircut and that one year i thought bubblewrap was a cool accessory…they really can go into “permanent storage” (aka the trashcan)

    oh, and things will get better…though right now all doom & gloom. I blame the media cause probably not as bad as making it out to be…

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  48. brasakann stagenski says:

    A person {suffering from|struggling with|experiencing|being affected by|affected by} fibromyalgia {usually|generally|typically|normally|commonly} complains {about|regarding|concerning|with regards to|in relation to} symptoms {such|this kind of|these kinds of|this of|these} depression, {fatigue|exhaustion|tiredness|low energy|weakness}, chronic and {sleeplessness|insomnia|sleeping disorders|sleep problems|sleep loss}. Though {doctors|physicians|medical doctors|medical professionals|health professionals} are not {as yet|up to now|to date|confirmed|established} sure {about what|by what|in what|with what|as to what} the causes of {fibromyalgia|fibromyalgia syndrome} are they {do|perform|carry o

  49. lodo whitman says:

    I recently found out that before the age of two I was medicated for insomnia. It kind of pisses me off that I was, as I was younger than the age of two, and children can be hyperactive with really disturbed sleep as toddlers.

    So I wonder if my issues are initially triggered by having been given strong medications at a very early age.

    I developed major psychological problems in my teens. Was diagnosed Bipolar at 22, and then I have been given a bunch of different diagnosis since then, and now I have stopped bothering with the doctors.

    I get intermittent insomnia, and seemed to have had the worst of it when I was in my early 20's.

  50. I am not too knowledgeable on the night elves, but all seems generally right in your

    Sure like with anything, there are specifics here & there that may be lost. But the purpose of this, like all the entries here; is to give a general outlook on a topic. And in that sense, this is very good at giving people a general idea of the society, those in power and why & how it all meshes together.

  51. maga swamelards says:

    Dear Méri, your Schwalm is coming out beautiful, using a hoop or not. Actually, amazing how you manage to do it without a hoop and the still in shape. Even using a hoop I avoid letting it move – with disastrous results to my long and stitches. Ah, well… first times are just about that, they? I hope you enjoyed the 🙂

  52. May be sleep deprived to the point of being a zombie panda but I was still able to pull a number from this chick in drive thru today. Go me!

  53. K, I imagine the sleep loss is a big of the blah. Getting through the day is tough even in good circumstances but the sleep loss (and whatever is behind it) makes it more difficult.

    I hope the clinic is helpful. without therapy as well as without meds at the moment, right? I hope one or the other can be arranged if it would be helpful.

  54. We have hope but that hope is running out.

    According to you…

    5 years from now will be better off than now ? (Y/N) terms of general outlook.

    You will of course ask for whom to which my only reply is the vague term “the middle class” 🙂

    The rich never needed to care either way, but the poor benefitted indirectly if not more.

    would be good to know where in India you post from, in bangalore

  55. @KD ,
    well .. thats a risk I am willing to take 🙂
    about jayaram .. well .. lets leave him out of this bumps stuff .. 😀

    friend ,
    Infi .. haan ??
    I know I had friends in Infi who cared so much .. 🙂

    I heard about SIGcig .. when is the bangalore chapter coming ?? 🙂

    this time there is no beach .. and even if I lost a phone or two .. hardly matters .. all it 🙂

    Longer life .. whats the use .. a happier life better than a longer life ?? 🙂

  56. Sleep loss is coming to be more common in our contemporary society. Lots of folks are turning to prescription resting pills for this condition. Yet these prescription resting pills have lots of side effects. Firstly, they can be habit forming. They can cause serious next day drowsiness. And one thing that is really strange is […]
    A post from: Insomnia Causes -Why You Can’t Sleep

  57. boury fadles says:

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  58. pichelcher gabrebauer says:

    Almost finished processing first batch of reviews for my new How to Change the World booklet. Glad that most of the feedback is good. 🙂

  59. Looney, the influence of C.Z. in all details is small, but in general outlook is huge. Arab and Persian Christians (and Kurds and Chaldeans, etc.) feel very abandoned by U.S. churches because of the huge influence of Christian Zionism on U.S. Middle East politics. Reading the horrors that Lebanese Christians went through last summer and having seen first hand the oppression of Palestinian Christians makes me very angry at Hagee and other Christian Zionists.

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  61. syl haukrohlma says:

    proud of you for exercising so regularly! fantastic.I bet you get that badge soon. been reading about a few others (men too) having trouble with unexplained weight gain. not much but still frustrating. I wonder if the change of seasons has anything to do with it? Maybe something to do with our natural body rhythms? Ya never know.Keep up the good work!

  62. 2x tylenol pm & a packet of dubiously old powdered soy milk i pulled out of storage. YEP this should solve my sleep debt problem.

  63. Yeah, Lerman has a tendency to tie himself in knots to sound intellectual — and “Straw Lerman” captures this wonderfully. But, Israelinurse, not sure that we should deplore that Lerman offer any “clarification” for his view that the Holocaust shapes Jewish identity too much… given his general outlook, not hard to imagine what he would come up with.

  64. keese bask says:

    I thought some more and came up with these:

    1- osteoporosis or hashashat el3etham… it is not true that it only effect elderly women … thanx to our new lifestyle young girls are suffering from it too

    2- A lot of elderly q8y women get knee problems… i would love to grow up without having to suffer my self but im not sure how and what to do

    3- Thyroid illnesses themselves… one such indicator is unexplained weight gain which can be attributed to thyroid… not cancerous ones but plain old thyroid hypo o hyper thingies im not sure which is which

    i will let u know if i get any more ideas! I cannot stop thinking about it sra7a!

  65. ( — A demonstration project on the southeastern tip of Australia has helped to verify that depleted natural gas reservoirs can be repurposed for geologic carbon sequestration, which is a climate change mitigation strategy that involves pumping CO2 deep underground for permanent storage.

  66. sceptical about this method of learning, even though it has been said that there has been research taken out that “proves” that listening to learning material while sleeping is an effective method, I still think I buy into the idea. It seems too much like hypnosis (which is something else sceptical about). I agree that instead of actually learning while sleeping, a good sleep is good for consolidation of memory. As it can be seen that memory consolidation continues during sleep, but then leads to the additional effect of memory enhancement. Thus, our brain performs better after an afternoon nap and much better after a full night of sleep (Stickgold, 2005)

  67. Was dwelling on the fact that I’ll FINALLY make up for this week’s sleep loss today, when i realized, I still have more work to do.

  68. “thanks to my immune stimulating herbs!”

    What does mean? How is immunity stimulated? What is the actual effect on the human body that these herbs are causing?

    I ask, because it is completely fair to say that harmful bacteria stimulates an immune system. Otherwise, the immune system is at rest, balanced, as it should be in a healthy body.

  69. says:

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  71. erwinkers says:

    I listened to the broadcast you gave me from Shane Claiborne, and he really is something to study – a cause of sleep loss! I got a lot out of what he had to say. “Being a Christian is about choosing Jesus and deciding to do something incredibly daring with your life.” This is so true – being a Christian just about choosing Jesus, but making that conscious decision to follow Him with everything you have – which is a radical/daring step to take.

  72. jeresen kozekin says:

    Objectivism says that it is based on objective reality, and will therefore lead to people leading longer lives. Therefore the average of a longer life is proof that you are dealing with reality in a good way, a way that works.
    If someone were to that his values were based on reality, but my Christian values gave me a longer life, I can make the following and base it on the objective evidence-
    “My Christian values are more real.”

  73. Osmanli,

    I am not familiar offhand with hypothyroidism, though if it indeed causes weight gain then this lends to Gary idea that hormones play a significant role in weight gain and obesity; and not merely willpower when it comes to eating more or less. Do you know what the typical treatment is for hypothyroidism, or how it works to stop weight gain as well?


  74. This is in line with the basics of law- that people should “reasonably know” that consuming large amounts of Super Fries and Big Macs often is not healthy. It can lead to weight gain and health problems. This is a more than “reasonably known” idea, it is a world-wide known fact! Therefore, the the parents of these children who suffered from obesity and health problems have no case at all. The calorie counts and nutritional facts are not hidden. The parents were aware, and were the ones providing them with the food.

  75. ariesbudo says:

    Dear friends,

    The other at the Hombu, Sensei displayed a copy of the book full of pictures and texts by Sensei. As Doug put it, the general outlook of the book is the best published so far.

    With all the taijutsu techniques from the 9 schools published in it as well as many pictures and Densho (some from other schools not in the Bujinkan); this will be the best training tool for the Bujinkan community ever published in English!

    Take care,

    Arnaud Cousergue

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  79. leorgand sano says:

    I think so cool that you want to be a nurse. I too grew up with parents in the medical field. Not to the extent that you did but my mom is a nurse. I love being able to go to her for medical advice and sure you do the same with your dad. happy you want to help make a difference in the world, even though you will be working with little kids. 🙂 I do agree that without the medical field, society would fall So many people in this world need medical attention and we would all be lost and really sick without it.

  80. The Third Bit » Blog Archive » Ed Yourdon on the Peopleware Panel says:


    Sorry about calling you “Chris.” I know where that came from — perhaps I had noticed that one of the other people commenting on your posting was named Chris. Anyway, now I know who you really are!

    Ed Yourdon

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  82. I dunno – personally I need my eight hours, and usually get more. My schedule means I have to leave the house till at least 9am, although to be honest I get a lot of time for much aside from work! But after years of deprivation (crazy study/work schedule) enjoying the adequate sleep. Agree with the others – could be dehydration or lack of something like iron. Do you take vitamins?

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  88. Aussie Cath says:

    Really glad 4 u. U make me miss Ghana. Your experiences there will enrich your general outlook on life and people. you made a good choice to have all these international exposures. Waiting to read about your Church experience; bet you, different from the way I do lead services here in WI, even from the same Catholic church. Hope you feel better and better. Looking forward to your meeting Edwina, from the Univ. of Ghana, Legon.

  89. joaquetzma says:

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    Re: lights – I think there needs to be a balance between efficiency and security. In winter the car park is so dark that if you are working late or come back to the office when everyone else has gone its not great. So the entrance hall lights are handy to have on in these instances.

    Perhaps some longer life/energy saving lights or motion dectectors as Mike suggested?

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  101. Regarding the Harvard study, I noted that the researchers used phone surveys to determine gun ownership levels. Given that individuals in possession of a stolen or illegal weapon are probably not going reveal this fact to surveyors – and will likely not even take a survey – an section of data is completely missing: those who possess stolen or illegal guns. It would be interesting to see some stats on the percentage of homicides that are committed with stolen/illegal firearms, though I suspect such stats would be difficult to obtain. A high concentration of illegal/stolen weapons in a state could skew the findings drastically.

  102. Quadelle says:

    Ouch. rough.

    Looking for the positives here: her husband is or so it sounds. I hope he is aware of her feelings and is ready to her after the and help her work through her feelings. He needs to be ready to take over meals, housework, and child care for a little while so that she can rest and recover.

    I know why anyone would say that it will all be better when the baby gets here. when we are the most overwhelmed and exhausted, especially with other children to care for. a lot of pressure to place on someone.

    never been in this situation, or had PPD, but I would think that having a lot of people to help make sure she gets adequate sleep, regular meals, and someone to watch her other children for the first few weeks might help ease the transition.

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  104. Lisa McMann says:

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  105. I suffer from intermittent insomnia too. Like Helen more not being able to get to sleep than waking early. Since reading somewhere that just relaxing in bed is about 50% as good for you as actually sleeping I concentrate on making my lying awake as effective as possible. But I have all of strategies I try – I have a teddy, which helps, I sometimes wander round the house and go to bed elsewhere, which sometimes works. Jonathan laughs at me for all my strategies and weird sleep psychology – he drops off to sleep in 5 minutes almost every night…grrr.

  106. ryeblossom says:

    I live in a culturally diverse city as well. And I see a lot of the same attitudes (and not even a nurse or in the medical field!!!). We do things differently here, men do tend to be overbearing and dominating in other countries, and the communication barriers are BEYOND frustrating.

    And of course all the blame gets dumped on the hospital/nurses/doctors.

  107. james hooper says:

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  108. Hi Jeneli,
    I enjoyed your post. It is honest and that is refreshing.
    I think psychiatrists often ask questions that make us curious. Maybe it is the nature of their profession. I guess we have to trust our doctor(s) as much as we can. I agree that communicating your thoughts on the matter is a good thing. I think the more we communicate our experience, because it is an of our health care, the better our relationship with a doctor will be.
    Thank you for sharing this of your journey.
    And — Cheers to all of the wonderful, “clusterheaded mentally interesting fibromites,” who tell all about their sleep loss!:)

  109. At 25? I think so. I happen to personally know someone whose first 32 years were pretty useless, including seven years of homelessness and drug additction. Now 54 and a social worker who really knows what being down is like. Adequate sleep does help, though be very careful not to grow dependent on the pills. They do have that potential.And there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help. My friend did. Things can turn around fast or slow. Take care.

  110. marieatsbabies says:

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  112. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your routines. Various routines always fascinate and inspire me. Wow, you really do get a lot done.

    The only thing I wondered about was how does poor Ravi get enough sleep to go to work the next day. Working hours in SIngapore are just crazy. Usually if I sleep at 3am I can only wake up at 1pm (I need loads of like a bear) When I was working I had so much sleep debt…I slept the whole weekend. Once I even slept for 24hrs straight!! I was super groggy and felt like I had a hangover after.

    Also slingbox? the first time heard of it.

    And glad that you have time to write your blog now that in a fan 🙂

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  115. amasterry aiharpe says:

    I've wondered how much insomnia (especially chronic insomnia) is actually circadian rhythm sleep disorders that have been misdiagnosed. experienced a whole host of these symptoms, but have no problems getting enough sleep if I can sleep when I want. trying to sleep on a normal schedule that presents problems.

    The medical people probably draw enough distinction between the two. Jet-lag is a a disruption of the circadian rhythm, rather causing true insomnia, for example. And intermittent insomnia sounds similar to mild non-24 hour sleep wake syndrome – with the circadian rhythm cycling out of and into phase every so often.

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  123. maritcombe cutta says:

    yeah but waking at 3am my power naps turn into waking up the next day haha! If i set my alarm after few hours i return to sleep

  124. Are these feelings a result of personal defect (what I should have done) or communal grief (like saddness of Princess Di passing)?

    My mother was a nurse and was quite detached from these emotions you describe, having been in the situations many times. That seems to be fairly common in the medical field. There is an acceptance over the limits of human action.

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  128. Finally got to uploading the review paper Goder and I had written recently on sleep and memory. You can download it HERE. Essentially, we describe a mechanism by which abnormal NREM sleep processes (i.e. reduced slow-wave sleep and sleep spindles) contribute to declarative memory impairment and concomittant sleep disruption in neuropsychiatric disorders including Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, and fibromyalgia. Underneath, I posted what the tentative model looks like (click to enlarge). Would love to hear your thoughts. Fig. 1. During NREM sleep, abnormal structures may be unable to generate sufficient slow oscillations to drive the reactivation of hippocampal memory traces. These same structures may also be unable to facilitate normal spindle activity, preventing efficient declarative memory consolidation due to an absence in plastic changes. Decreases in spindle activity lead to failure in inhibiting sensory information from reaching the…

  129. Stephanie says:

    Although the three parenting books I have read discuss the behavioral management of how to get a toddler to bed (e.g bedtime routines etc…), there is a gross underappreciation of how powerful sleep is as a behavioral modifier. They focus on the regimented bedtime/rules which I think misses the more aspect of how a child acts when they are becoming over-tired. Or the effects of cumulative sleep debt on daytime behavior. Not to worry, the Weissbluth Method Toddler Bedtime App will help families recognize when the bedtime is too late 🙂
    -Daniel Weissbluth

  130. I open on Saturday mornings which means if I want to go out on Fri nights, I can maybe do happy hour. Should be home early to recover and get some adequate sleep. And y’all know I live in New Orleans, right? 🙁

  131. colisetski gourse says:

    Just to get sleepy at 6am Riyadh time, which is 11pm Montreal time. At least I won’t have sleep problems when I fly back :/

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  134. I love power naps!!!! I can take a nap for fifteen minutes and feel refreshed. About coffee no matter how tired I am….I can only tolerate two cups, anything beyond that make me sick and also I cannot sleep at all at night.

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  138. birdonthewire2008 says:

    Your descriptions are stunning. And all such stories truly are unique. I have more or less finished processing the effects of my own father, who was a decent man but too self-absorbed to stay married or have much to do with me. I grew into being a father through experience without having any models and with a vague idea of not wanting to repeat the mistakes of others. But self-absorption and neglect of sons is easily inherited, and I was surprised and moved last Sunday when told what a fine father I turned out to be. Time will tell, as my lives unfold, whether or not truth in it or were they just being nice.

  139. libertycard says:

    What does Iraq have to do with this amnesty bill?
    “Conservatives that the endless occupation of Iraq get no blame at all?”
    Your labelling our involvement in Iraq as occupation is also wrong.

    Who that? Or is that another assumption of yours?

    I know of any conservative who an endless military presence in Iraq. We all want our troops home after they have completed their mission. Pulling out too soon could have disastrous results for this country.

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  141. When people try to throw salt on the nigga name I talk to it makes me like him more! Oh well I don’t have high blood pressure! lmao!

  142. sche coff says:

    bill melville and jaydubs have confirmed my worst fear: if i blog about it, it happened.

    like when mcfly notices that his hand is to disappear right in the middle of that Enchantment Under the Sea

    as a side note, all classic moments mentioned here in the comments section will move to my brain for permanent storage, but you better act quickly. thanks friends.

  143. hiro frotte says:

    The immune system gave up on you? Its a sign that your immune system gave way to the newly strengthen visrus strains. In a way its a good sign as it allows your immune system to strengthen or rejuvenate itself against those new strains of viruses and bacteria so that you have another 3 years of immunity…. try not to over expose yourself…. hehehe

  144. gilow jowes says:

    Are you reading my mind? The struggle for holiness is difficult. I wish I had the answer. For myself as well as others. It seems so trite to just say, focus on God – but that means that we must humble ourselves and trust Him – when we Him. Ah – the endless cycle continues.

    Be encouraged Christa – encouraged others on this journey! Thank you for being so transparent with us.

    Love and prayers,

  145. “…by abandoning their supposed ideals and carrying out the ultimate in market manipulation: a do-over. The biggest rival to MtGox can only handle *at most* 10% of their traffic, and often struggles to stay functional with less. The next biggest vanished from the face of the because its admin was too cheap to spring for permanent storage of the contents of his Amazon server before rebooting it. (Hilariously, he *did* make backups – on the same machine…). No, MtGox is almost a monopoly as far as the exchanges go. Funny, that.”

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  148. SemperGunny says:

    “there are probably simple natural solutions for yourself and your child” This is just such utter nonsense. My child was preemie. There is NO natural for needing a respirator. My child had leukemia, now in remission due to chemotherapy. There is NO natural for leukemia.
    Yes, simple health problems (eg ear infections) can have simple, ie affordable for normal people, solutions. This is not true of serious health problems.

  149. ell bus says:

    desmond,thanks for the word, i really need this. hell yeahh i need a great immune system in the future esp for the big day. ;p

  150. arch brader says:

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  151. fraggle says:

    Oh my dear. so sorry had such stresses. difficult to deal with stress when you had adequate sleep. not sure how that bed alarm thingy works, but I hope it will mean more rest for the both of you. And glad daddy is concerned and making a to be of help. Give little Isaac a kiss from me. And a big hug to YOU!

  152. I think experienced a kind of “majority creep,” in our culture, whereby adulthood has been steadily revised upward for the last several decades. of this is a result of longer life expectancy and better health, so that 35 is now young instead of middle-aged, and “60 is the new 40.” The other it seems to me, is the youth culture. Acting young (or immature, to look at it from the negative side) is a thoroughly predictable side effect of our premium on looking young.

  153. Last night, I made the A to B connection that I enjoy mornings so much more if actually gotten enough sleep the night before, and that mornings are correspondingly more unpleasant if my body had adequate sleep to be ready to wake up. This logic hit me like a ton of bricks.

    According to Ali, I had a similar revelation about eight years ago in my sophomore dorm room, but apparently I was too sleep-deprived at that point for it to stick.

  154. says:

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  156. katesisco says:

    i have to put in a word here for the role in anxiety/sleep disorders , the confusing of the circadian rhythms AND adjunt theroeisthrough which we can retrain our body to react normally … totally agree with his postion on the breath which would explain why ancient therapies dealing with deep breathe exercises asa deep back breathing and hypnotic breathing are so vital in stablilizing body symptoms

  157. Nina from Mauritius says:

    Tim Clark (08:31:01)

    The Dust Bowl (of the was a regional situation of “drought, high temperature, and high winds”, compounded by “poor farming practices”. But, it was temporary.
    Higher temperatures are projected for this future Southern California to Kansas Dust Bowl. And, they would be permanent.
    heard this mentioned twice: from Copenhagen, and from some Harvard study. Being from Arizona, I wish its climate on anyone else.

  158. cris gaultoni says:

    Raising wolf cubs could have disastrous results. It goes against religion in that wolves are supposed to be bridges to heaven and get paid homage to which is very different from raising a pet. As the wolf gets older it could be a danger to the people around it as well as the livestock. Chen says that raising a wolf around flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, and packs of dogs be a public disavowal of separating friend and foe” (Rong 165). He also fears that raising a wolf cub could upset Bilgee and other people.

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  160. hydenciand says:

    been there – spending all my time being angry at the world. It work. It makes me feel like crap. It make other people treat me like crap. Anger just produces an endless cycle of misery. So I decided to just let go of it. I said to myself, “Let go of the anger. not doing anyone any favours.” And to be honest, never been happier. I get annoyed by everything. And other people are treating me better. Bliss.

  161. biba mcchi says:

    Fulmer said not only can sleep disorders increase the risk of high blood pressure and disease, they also take a toll on job performance and …

  162. andyrasmussen says:

    Thanks for the comment, Sarah. Indeed, diagnoses in clinical settings are reliably unreliable, although of course valid in that clinical settings are the reality in which patients get their care. What I like about this is the real-world setting. It provides some for the memory consolidation/reconsolidation approach to PTSD that seems to be the most promising for prevention purposes. Thanks for the also refer readers to the work of Joe LaDoux (NYU) and Roger Pittman (Harvard, I believe).

  163. janaglia says:

    The DEM is all about creating a poor largely minority voter base then trapping them for life in an
    endless cycle of the Big Government Programs they create.
    Now THAT’S racism. And Harry is the ugly face of it.

  164. I remember my old days of thinking I had to train every day to get fit, and I also remember the constant pulled calf muscles, hamstrings and quads. An endless cycle of getting injured, recovering some fitness, getting injured again. My gradual degradation in wellbeing really seem like fun at the time!
    I would urge everyone who does the juneathon to give themselves a well earned week off at the of July, then the supercompensation effect will finally be allowed to come through.

  165. traineniu says:

    Oh, Mykonos … oh, crystal clear water, oh, high sea adventures. Look what made indeed.

    sure the jump in ratings is directly related to you, they always? 🙂

    And as a person who has battled intermittent insomnia, ear plugs are a godsend. Those and an Advil PM ward off even my busiest brain activity. Melatonin is good if on an odd schedule, but too much can make you more off kilter. Valerian Root is much more gentle and less disruptive if you prefer the herbal route.

    If all else fails, go see the ships doctor and get a Rx for Xanax and sleep like a baby. Stay far away from Ambien and the like, we want you sleep walking off the ship in the middle of the night.

    Safe travels and sweet dreams!

  166. Chronic Sleep Loss Linked to Alzheimer's « The Daily HIT | Alzheimers and what you can do to prevent alzheimer says:

    […] Chronic Sleep Loss Linked to Alzheimer’s « The Daily HIT view page cached Chronic sleep loss is associated with the increased brain plaquing seen in Alzheimer’s disease. From the page […]

  167. horn conaham says:

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  168. Hey Tom,
    I listening to your father at work and noticed a big difference in my attitude and general outlook towards my work and coworkers. a graphic designer and website developer, so I spend alot of time on the computer. of my daily routine is listening to the podcast of your live recordings. Thanks for this resource. You guys really are changing the world one person at a time.
    -Paris Vega

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  170. Ed Yourdon says:


    Thanks for the writeup of the “peopleware” panel session. I wrote some notes about the session, too, which you can find on my blog at

    Ed Yourdon

  171. dufrecilil says:

    Okay, the guy with blood in his poop has hemorrhoids. Which reminds me of a story about a friend of mine. She got a cat, the cat had roids. She got cream for roids, and put it on the cat. Cats find hemorrhoid cream delicious, the cat got diarrhea. The cat got diarrhea, and needed more cream. It was an endless cycle which i think is still going on to this day.

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    After 10 days of juice, the results are in. Down 4.7kg. Waist down 5.7cm. This despite stalling for 2 days with sleep debt & dehydration!

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    […] Top Ten Software Engineering Ideas, in JacksonvilleI‘ll (Ed Yourdon) be giving a presentation on the “top 10 software engineering concepts” at an ITMPI software best-practices seminar in Jacksonville, FL today; for more details about this and future seminars (including, for example, […]

  175. Wordbobby, the text in that document you linked to discusses the 2.1 replacement rate, as you say, but shows a poor grasp of what the 2.1 means, or of basic mathematics.

    It fails to note that in countries where people have a longer life expectancy the date of first is delayed and people have fewer children.

    It also fails to note that any effect of longer life expectancy is for one cycle only, even if the cycle is of five generations rather than three.

  176. got three of these little ginger babies right now..fostering them because the shelter is too full and somehow dumped them and their mom off (mom is now back at shelter alone :(. All boys, 6 weeks old, crazy wrestling matches with nom-nom nip action followed by 20 minute power naps, followed by zipping from room to room. Will miss them terribly when they have to go.

  177. Hi Sharon,

    Just a clarification: ShareFile actually allows for permanent storage. We do have a “File Box” that is intended for one-time transfers and files there only live for 30 days, but you can create as many permanent folders as you want and files will stay there as long as you want them to.

    I work at ShareFile and this is not intended to be an for our product but rather just a clarification on your comment.

  178. currently working on a contract that relates to REM sleep and the association of dreams as a means of memory consolidation. If you have looked at a “Jaws” reference, lately (or anything relating to “Jaws”, that would account for it). The fact that a park and “Baywatch” women are included are just images thrown in for the memory consolidation that relate to other things that you have seen recently, as well. If you want, I can send you the specific written on the subject (my contractor is selling it for $10).

  179. #tedxc -RT - Twitter Search says:

    Can playing the computer game “Tetris” reduce the build-up of flashbacks for trauma? A proposal from cognitive science. “Flashbacks are the hallmark symptom of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although we have successful treatments for full-blown PTSD, early interventions are lacking. We propose the utility of developing a ‘cognitive vaccine’ to prevent PTSD flashback development following exposure to trauma. Our theory is based on two key findings: 1) Cognitive science suggests that the brain has selective resources with limited capacity; 2) The neurobiology of memory suggests a 6-hr window to disrupt memory consolidation. The rationale for a ‘cognitive vaccine’ approach is as follows: Trauma flashbacks are sensory-perceptual, visuospatial mental images. Visuospatial cognitive tasks selectively compete for resources required to generate mental images. Thus, a visuospatial computer game (e.g. “Tetris”) will interfere with flashbacks. Visuospatial tasks post-trauma, performed…

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  181. — In the adrenaline-charged world of high finance, napping might seem like the ultimate taboo, perhaps even grounds for dismissal, instead of an acceptable alternative to coffee and five-hour energy drinks for employees seeking a mid-afternoon lift. But when Manhattan-based private investment fund Kodiak Capital Group began to cover international markets back in January, someone suggested getting a couch for an office next to the trading bullpen so that employees could take 15 to 20-minute power naps. “Some guys get to work at 8 [a.m.], work until 5, go to rugby practice until 8, go home, and then they’ll work the Australian market in the middle of the night and go to sleep,” says Kodiak’s managing Ryan Hodson.

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  183. geiseccion says:

    Scientists and educators alike have long known that cramming is not an effective way to remember things. With their latest findings, researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan, studying eye movement response in trained mice, have elucidated the neurological mechanism explaining why this is so. Published in the Journal of Neuroscience, their results suggest that protein synthesis in the cerebellum plays a key role in memory consolidation, shedding light on the fundamental neurological processes governing how we remember…

  184. He proceeds to tell me that he works in the medical field and that I cannot comprehend the amount of germs I probate have on my (cont.)

  185. glazileswe arczi says:

    Wealth distribution is more egalitarian (look at Gini coefficient) in Croatia than in Russia. And Croats have a longer life expectancy. And we have much less crime, notably homicides.

    And no Russophobe. I actually believe in Slavic unity, but today Russia is very different from all the other Slavic countries (except Belarus), being a dictatorship etc.

  186. In the end, I will do what I am emotionally capable of and what feels right and what comes naturally to me. I can not go against my nature. I have tried that with disastrous results. I am trying to do what instinctively gives me peace of mind. If extreme feelings of disquiet arise, i know I am doing something wrong. Right now I feel at ease and at peace with myself. If I force myself in directions I should not go, distress and upheaval are the result.

  187. heiweitney says:

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    The state of Wisconsin is out of integrity with its children.

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    Here's a news flash people: weight gain does NOT equate to pregnancy!

    I normally weigh around 110 lbs. I am blessed with a high metabolism, I eat what I want (including lots of carbs), and I exercise 5 times a week.

    When I experience weight gain, always less than 5 lbs. However, most of it goes to my stomach, so it sticks out, giving me the appearance that I am “expecting” something. But that mean that I am pregnant!

    How stupid do you people have to be? Yeesh.

  191. Jim Waldenfels says:

    I have been of the view that weight gain, which is clearly not a universal outcome, may perhaps be associated with the mental issues that often accompany ADT therapies.

    Depression, for example, can reduce the initiative to exercise — and of course the lack of exercise, weight gain, etc., then reinforce the feeling of depresskion — a slippery slope indeed.

    It would be interesting to see if there was any correlation between mental state and weight gain.

  192. sakasalis says:

    I compare bystander to dpax, Hibbo. Bystander is intelligent, and while his views may be significantly more liberal and sympathetic towards what the writers of policing blogs call or the difference in views is the product of a difference in moral philosophy and general outlook on life, NOT of ignorance or of a refusal to think anything which is politically incorrect. Many of his posts show that he understands the lives of those he deals with as well as the police bloggers do – dpax, on the other hand, could never understand them, because his values would never allow himself to even open his mind to such realities.

  193. Melissa and Dave says:

    Its a good job I was in the background or war would have been declared! Power naps are a Haines tradition long before scientist found out that this was good practice. how my Dad could work leaving home at 4:30am getting home at after 7:30 pm almost every day of the year. He power napped at his home, near his business. Winston Churchill & a myriad of other high achieving notables do the same. The question remains – how long does the nap last to make it powerful??Thanks Debbi for your accurate insight.

  194. andyross2011 says:

    I agree with the benefits of using breaks for people of all ages that you have highlighted. I was wondering if breaks can also enhance learning from a memory perspective. I found research that suggests physical activity during breaks can enhance the consolidation of information in memory (Pesce, Crova, Cereatti, Casella & Bellucci, 2009) and that sleeping is more effective than drinking coffee for consolidating memory and promoting better recall (Mednick, Cai, Kanady & Drummond, 2008). Due to practical implications, I think that physical activity is probably best for promoting memory consolidation at school and that either physical activity or napping could be used by students revising for exams at home…

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  196. Without adequate sleep, your ability to work is compromised. The average sleep time during weeknights for the average American is seven hours, down from nine hours in the early twentieth century. [1] Such a loss of sleep isn’t without its consequences, as it can contribute to irritability, increase …

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  198. herza heukel says:

    Yes, which is of the humor in the situation. Back when they ate beef at every meal, except for the weight, he was in good health. Now that dropped a lot of weight, having all these health problems (or, all these health problems are catching up to him).So, got it from two sides, having a dad with gout and eating lots of animal protein.I told him he ought to be proud to have the “rich disease” but he having any of that.

  199. Fitness Targets says:

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  201. NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Sweet drinks have been linked to a slightly higher risk of developing high blood pressure, but, contrary to earlier research, a large new study finds that fruit sugar in those drinks is not the likely culprit behind that association.

  202. sleep - Google News says:

    My power was going on and off all night, which made my dog freak out and bark when everything would kick on/off. Sleep deprived Friday!

  203. Ailments are universal. So are any other health problems. They can happen to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, without any discrimination. Some problems can emerge anywhere anytime but can be lingered for better treatment to some future date. But some get so chronic that you need an immediate attention without exception. Many of the …

  204. Twitter says:

    Did you have 7 hrs of restful sleep or were you tossing & turning? Sleep loss can impact your health & should be taken seriousl

  205. vogens inegurpina says:

    […] Cheryl wrote an interesting post today a quick excerptI‘ll (Ed Yourdon) be giving a presentation on the “top 10 software engineering concepts” at an ITMPI software best-practices seminar in Jacksonville, FL today; for more details about this and future seminars (including, for example, […]

  206. chuckbagley says:

    Excellent; absolutely excellent. I think the use of Google in these applications (and hopefully there are more) is by several (if not many) adult learning theories. In and accretion, tuning and restructuring and the role of prior knowledge in developing new schema from where you know and move to the new location with new information).

  207. lakhmattne says:

    I love the idea of your power naps, but I am too highly strung to nap all the time!:D Can you tell?! Lucky you.Gym will do you good, but you got to eat better lunch than a power bar or a fruit, Sanju baba!:))Motorcycle is very cool, I agree! How on do they turn in tight like mile long Burrito,who the heck eats that:))Have a great weekend!

  208. Alltop RSS says:

    Related Adolescent lifestyle and behaviour: a survey from a developing country. PLoS One. 2010;5(9): Authors: Qidwai W, Ishaque S, Shah S, Rahim M INTRODUCTION: Adolescents form two-thirds of our population. This is a unique group of people with special needs. Our survey aims to identify the lifestyle and behavioral patterns in this group of people and subsequently come up with issues that warrant special attention. METHODS: A survey was performed in various schools of Karachi. Data collection was done via a face-to-face interview based on a structured, pre-tested questionnaire. included all willing persons between 12-19 years of age. RESULTS: Most adolescents with lifestyle issues fell in the age group of 16-18 years. Females were more depressed than males and had more sleep problems. Substance abuse and other addictions were documented more in males. Watching television or listening to music was stated as the most common late night activity (61.8%) and…

  209. kyricolla klebran says:

    i think shes beautiful as always! and you can see the weight gain in her shoulders . but shes still gorgeous and i love the new hair. eveything new always looks weird at first. but just wait until she gets all glamed up and has it stlyed, then everyone will want their hair like hers. go eva!!!

  210. Jim Waldenfels says:

    G'day Jim. I think we are all an experiment of one! on my second round of ADT — simply Zoladex — and putting on some weight for sure.

    BUT … on my first round I was going to the gym and went on a Weight Watchers program because I was so concerned about weight gain — and actually lost about 20 lbs!

    I really should get off my backside and do something but I am finding it difficult to do that. Mentally impaired by ADT as an unkind poster termed me on a prostate cancer forum when I disagreed with zomething he said. I think that bad, but there is no doubt that my mental faculties change when on ADT.

  211. whitmann pascia says:

    Bradley, the issue is not simply that the made a value-based judgment. The issue is that the made a bigoted, decision. This is very problematic and dangerous because it can lead to full-blown sectarianism. No judge, especially one on the US Supreme is supposed to make a decision on values or morals alone. Can you imagine the societal divisions this would lead to?!

    As the Harvard study concludes, “minimalism and formalism” are examples of legal practices that allow judges to defend their decisions without using controversial/disputable moral claims on which to base their decisions.

    In this case, the ruled for the defendant with the contentious claim that there was only ONE “rational” interpretation of the video; but, as the Harvard study proves, a significant minority of the people polled saw things otherwise.

  212. forknowledge says:

    Justin, if you had really looked for the information on Talk Origins, you would have seen it explained quite well. There are several references on Talk Origins and elsewhere that show that new genetic information can arise in several ways, no matter what exactly the creationists mean by “new information”.

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  215. OK – – just because you gain over 50 pounds does not mean that you “pig out” during pregnancy. I gained over 60 with each pregnancy…and guess what……the majority of it was swelling…it all came off after delivery with each child within a few months. When did all of you become medical doctors that can dictate what is right for each individual person? No two people are the same; therefore, weight gain will not be the same person to person. a healthy baby the most thing here???

  216. Hi Candace,
    Great question! Sadly, the multiple of 3 hours is a myth. Everyone has their own “sleep number” which is determined by your genes. Although the number of hours of sleep you need can change slightly throughout your lifetime (i.e., as a baby you need more & as an older adult you need less), if you get less than what you need, you automatically to accumulate sleep debt. While you may not feel the effects of sleep debt right away (i.e., the next day), it will to catch up with you.

    Hope that helps & happy sleeping!

  217. Use of the internet has exploded recently in the medical field, according to Judith E. Thompson, author of “A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice”. Pharmacy technicians are no exception to the healthcare professionals who use online… Recent published on 11/4/2010 by Ilana Waters

  218. Thank you for the kind words about my and my son.
    I would greatly appreciate any prayers for him. He is 29 and is heavily medicated for his mental illness, plus he has many health problems also. It is such a struggle dealing with all his mental and health problems, but he is such a blessing to us. You are so right about the stigma and misinformation that seems to abound about mental illness. It is so to know that there are others who really do understand the daily struggle.

  219. bocchiem vlaholm says:

    Summary: Background: Healthy sleep facilitates the consolidation of newly acquired memories. Although patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often complain of sleep disturbances and memory deficits, the interrelatedness of these symptoms is not well understood. Sleep may be disturbed in PTSD by increased awakenings during sleep, which has been associated with decreased growth hormone (GH) secretion. We conducted a controlled study in which we assessed sleep fragmentation, nocturnal secretion of GH, and memory consolidation in patients with PTSD.Methods: While sleep EEG was being monitored, 13 veterans with PTSD, 15 trauma controls (TC) and 15 healthy controls (HC) slept with an iv catheter, through which blood was collected every 20min from 23:00h to 08:00h. Declarative memory …

  220. yrackel says:

    In high school I was a David Letterman fanatic. I go to bed until 2am after his show and I had to be at school by 8am. It was a real tired mess!
    I like a sleeping totally dark room. That makes it harder to wake up in the morning but having everything silent and black is wonderfully cold and womb-like and I love it!
    Power Naps are super. I wish the USA accepted a “siesta break” for an hour like many other countries do in the middle of the afternoon. be much more productive as a society if we were formally allowed to refresh ourselves!

  221. perrin woitsuaki says:

    #1- Public workshops like the Park Street “Visioning” have usually been on Saturdays, or at least evenings. This forum is real and one hopes it will be held on a weekend.

    It seem that any of the people on the final list who might be satisfactory to the “appellants” are folks with any real beyond their empirical observations as residents. not like there is not value in that, but remembering the Harvard study Dave Kirwin cited a while back, I am sorry these folks or offer any academics or other persons of greater than themselves for nomination.

  222. bubeathi says:

    Read the rest of Weary Travelers Can Take Power Naps Almost Anywhere in the Tiny Sleepbox 01 Permalink | Add to | digg Post tags: Arch Group, eco design, green design, LED lamps, minimal footprint, Russian, Sleepbox, sustainable design, temporary structure

  223. Are you happy at work? A Harvard study says depression rates are 10 times higher than in the 60s. Any thoughts on why? Share w/

  224. Sleep disturbance negatively impacts the memory consolidation and enhancement that usually occurs with a good night’s sleep, according to a study published in the open access journal PLoS ONE…

  225. “(can you imagine the wreckage that would have come from Billy Corgan working with anyone else than the rest of the relatively chill Pumpkins?)”

    kidding, right? That experiment has occurred with disastrous results already (Zwan, 2007 Smashing Pumpkins), only proving your point.

    I forgot that the members of Cream already had great reputations before the band formed, so good point there.

    I cringe when I hear the word, frankly. It just reeks of rock-n-roll excess to me.

  226. Fuzzy Slippers says:

    Love the background! Love the pencil, the book, and the idea of shopping too! I think I need to keep house shopping, we are looking for just the right place in the outer edge of San Antonio, and maybe we will go look some more today?…We have had our Thursdays off together for the longest time now! think my “blaggghs” are sleep loss related and rain related… we have had too much rain!

  227. Claus Metzner says:

    Nathaniel, it is illuminating that you say “I enjoy the process of seeking for things”. You are right, seeking definitely IS enjoyable and we have to acknowledge this fact before moving on. Sometimes I wonder if not the idea of long-lasting satisfaction is the true problem. Actually, what is so bad with an endless cycle of seeking and disappointment if one remains aware of the mechanism ?

  228. Just_Joshing15 says:

    I had a good night 🙂 I only spent £3 and Holly is probs my fave drunk person ever. Dying of sleep deprivation but it :):)

  229. wagopackst says:

    A passionate and emotive piece. The endless cycle of life is apparent here, and all its wonders. Yet, as of the whole, which we are, everything thrives. of us changes, only to shoot back up again, wise and willing to go another round, in the guise of a green ornery shoot. Everything changes, and everything stays the same. Dance the dance of life, it says, and go another round;-)

  230. Adicto_Al_Ruido says:

    Utoh….Sorry KD..It looks like the world is on the verge of turning their back on you like they did Lebron. Hating is an endless cycle.

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  232. You know I believe that kid feet padding their way to a loved room after midnight should always be seriously attended to.

    This is another story to add to the paper on freedom. Look at how the CRCT limits freedom:

    invasion of home routines
    time to play more stimulating games
    adequate sleep for three people
    personal hygiene

    It even creeps into a young psyche and disturbs her sense of security. How insidious!

    We need to have zero tolerance. time to strike back. Since my kids are older, I let them choose whether or not they wanted to go to school during testing. All three of them “chose” to go. You know why? The school gave them snacks and let them watch movies when testing was done. I guess I need to do a better job of educating my children about social activism.

    Thanks for writing this piece.

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    Your stories are amazing. I, as a literary professor, with tenure at Harvard University am very impressed. If you would like to keep writing these amazing stories I think you should forgive your friends because life is only good as the number of clouds in the sky.

    P.S. I know bad people too, let them get to you.

  237. I agree, I really care what Ted does or – gasp – how he meets his mother. The of the show has always been how these five friends interact.
    And using the name of one of them as an insulting verb really shows the extent of their deep friendships. Actually, two names – to mosby (confess love prematurely) and to ted up/out with disastrous results)

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  243. Heehee, yes, goats. 🙂 I have three, but only one is any use. Of the other two, one is crazy and the other is just odd.

    That would be terribly if it was soy sauce. My problem always ended up being hair products that rub onto my face, until I sleeping with my hair up, which fixed it.

    And… I think too far into sleep debt to ever catch up, so taking what I can get. 😛

  244. hasna roschr says:

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    Only by answering those questions can one to speak to public policy.

  249. Olga Reid says:

    So happy to read an update! much to absorb ferries, dogs, donkey rides, sulphur, beaches, shopping, AND Archeological marvels; exhausted from just reading all about it. But please do keep journaling & blogging. even better now having seen the Facebook pictures of what you describe. to keep catching power naps. Get some rest-much love; Mami

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  252. shepon norancella says:

    CME is cool, theory stuff is cool too….
    but all also i can get from books

    what about the clinical things?? dah masuk clinical year but 3/4 of time during our class we spent with our butt plopped on the chair either waiting for teacher or discussing the topics with hands-on experience pun…

    this is just from my experience, not a general outlook on others..diff teacher diff teaching style. (and the grammatical error in the first paragraph was intentional!~~)

  253. Fantastic that got the wowee feeling of being in all these far away places. BTW know if this helps at all, but Skye and I took our cameras to camera shops and they burned our pics to a disk (for permanent storage) which we then used to upload onto the web at net cafes. These is probably all very old school now, for those of us with 8 billion gig ipods :PHope you get the pics thing If all else fails get Vanessa to do it at work haha.

  254. […] has been for a while.  lucky that I this in good condition – but think back to this episode last year, and see what kind of effect the excessive stress hormone levels had.  In […]

  255. Drew Herrmann says:

    Ha, you must have been in a fog because you jumped around a lot in your writing. I get that way sometimes, too, when I just seem to focus my mind on anything in

    I was listening to NPR a while back, and they were talking about a Harvard study that looked at happiness on a day to day basis. The creators of the study created a phone application that allowed the to rate their overall level of happiness and also indicate what they were doing at the time they logged their response. The study found that people were most unhappy when they were thinking about the future.

    Food for thought…

  256. mcclena maliried says:

    was watching Breaking Bad when I was intrigued to find that the White family stores food in the EXACT same brand of tupperware we do!

  257. misco clowdenais says:

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  260. Michael says:

    Thanks, K!

    Yeah, Script Frenzy does have that general outlook – just get the pages typed, you can revise them later.

    And I this sequence, and had a funny bit occur to me – in the office building, a talking elevator, a bit like the ones in the guide to the galaxy! Shows that the best stuff can come out when not over-thinking it.

  261. wolfeales leton says:

    Hi Frampu,

    Good question!

    It was taken in July 1969 and the photographer, Ed Yourdon, wrote about it:

    “I took this photo from the window of my looking down at the corner of Bleecker and West 10th St. in Greenwich Village. It was a flash storm of some kind, and within a few minutes, everyone was off the street.”

    Thanks for writing.


  262. ticklemetae says:

    power naps? Are you kidding me? For me are like some kind of trailer for the night and when I wake up again, I just wanna close my eyes.

  263. kov horpendjeb says:

    >>The only competent branch of the government that you can count upon is the US military.>>

    And even the military is incompetent. You need wars to weed out the idiots – during peacetime, you get a buildup of bureaucrats, and that results in disastrous results during the early phases of war.

    I suspect the only reason we did as well as we did in Iraq is due to Tommy Thompson, who had real war experience in Vietnam. No disrespect to the leaders of Storm, but it last lont enough to result in _any_ weeding out of incompetence.

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  269. Queenie. . . says:

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