Nefarious NapStealers Cause Pilot Fatigue

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According to USA Today,  a review of airline schedules for May 2011 revealed that an average of 2,600 flights a day are scheduled at times that make it {difficult|hard} for pilots to obtain {adequate|normal} sleep. These nefarious scheduling issues can cause reduced alertness, napstealers or, in the very worst cases, {falling asleep|nodding off} on the {clock|job}.

The airline schedules proven to {create|pose} a nefarious risk of napstealing fatigue departures that occur early in the morning, flights during the night or arrivals that occur after midnight. {Performing tasks|Working} at these times interrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and the brain’s {built-in|deep-seated} {sleep requirements|need for sleep}, according to experts in the field.

Fatigue is not something you can ever will away,” says Harvard Medical School sleep researcher Charles Czeisler. “We’re trying to work at a time of day when the brain wants to go asleep.”

Recent widely reported events of air-traffic controllers who were asleep on the job or didn’t respond when they were needed are just symptoms of the larger problem. Nefarious NapStealers use airline schedules to subject pilots and other key figures to the dangers of sleep deprivation, causing the FAA to speed up its release of work schedule restrictions on pilots to August 1, 2011. Airlines are helping by voluntarily introducing even further measures to ensure that pilots are not sleep deprived and that they have plenty of ways to obtain the sleep they so desperately need.

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  1. aubschke nicold says:

    I think it is clear they should fire these guys and privatize the Federal Aviation Administration. Private companies are much more efficient than government and they have more of an incentive to protect their customers because they will lose money if they Just look at all the money Toyota lost the last couple of years. A privatized FAA would set up a work schedule and a system that would ensure these workers fall asleep on the job because they would lose customers if they

  2. beartwinsmom says:

    Loved your post – My favorites:

    How to be in the moment

    (So very true and so easy to forget)

    Why sleep deprivation is used as a technique

    (I had NO IDEA what sleep deprivation was until our daughter was born!!)

    How to keep your house clean while still caring for and playing with children

    (I am sooo impressed and a little jealous that this made your list! : ) Any pointers?? )

  3. Pet Airways does not have approval from the Federal Aviation Administration or the of to operate as an air carrier. And, nothing within the the filings of these two government agencies suggests that they will get approval soon or even plan on getting approval. There will be NO Pet Airways any time soon.

    Sorry to disappoint.

  4. lawrenceez says:

    I hear one stage of sleep deprivation is similar to being drunk. I have never been drunk, but been in that looney, everything is funny, stage. It would be a hoot to have a normally serious character just bust up laughing at something not so funny because of sleep deprivation.

    Sadly I brought my characters along far enough to use this yet. Soon enough.

  5. d'sot rie says:

    Most of us are familiar with the term circadian rhythm or clock when it comes to jet lag (the result of crossing several time zones in a few hours). We know it’s difficult to sleep or get into the rhythm of life’s daily routines that we had experienced before the flight…

  6. Right. And now, two years later, are there more doctors out there heard of circadian rhythm disorders? Maybe some of the brand new ones have had to wade through a chapter about them, otherwise: no change. GPs, family practitioners, & pediatricians know nothing, and bad.

    But researchers are continually working and learning: new discoveries and theories every week or so. Some practical explanations for us soon? Please?

  7. krul seal says:

    “Tens of thousands of lives are being saved by mammography screening, and these idiots want to do away with it,” said Daniel B. Kopans, a radiology professor at Harvard Medical School. “It’s crazy — unethical, really.”

    heard Kopans speak at half a dozen mammography seminars. This guy has forgotten more about the risks and benefits of mammography than the family practice docs and nurses on that task force will ever know. not the kind of guy who would refer to other physicians as “idiots” lightly.

  8. 10:50 a.m. updagte: A Beechcraft BE35 crashed while taking off Saturday morning from a runway in Dixie Valley and three people were taken to the hospital, the Federal Aviation Administration

  9. sucheur ston says:

    I recently went to a 2 day couples counseling training sponsored by Harvard Medical School. It was riveting. I met some interesting people. Marital Therapy is exciting and challenging. I learned a great deal and was reminded of some concepts that I already knew. I believe that the training will allow me to be a better in my personal life and be a better provider to the clients I serve. I recommend books by Dr. Susan Johnson regarding attachment.

  10. LOL! I notice that I blink an awful lot. I am going to blame it on sleep deprivation. This is great! I know how you find the time to make such a great channel, yer awesome. 🙂

  11. burkspatrick says:

    Has this been brought to our attention by someone like The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The LA Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Evening Standard, New Scientist, Popular Science, Scientific American, or Discover? Or are they all of some huge impossibly unwieldy conspiracy that can keep a lid on all the major media but somehow keep a few bloggers quiet?

  12. Me,too! Agreeing with “I find this very fascinating”.

    I think that photosensitivity developed for circadian rhythm purposes long before anything like vision came along. (Almost?) all critters need to be able to predict the changes in the light/dark cycle to be able to react sensibly. Even unicellular organisms have an eyespot made up of a few proteins, allowing them to seek or avoid light.

    In our retina, light strikes the ipRGCs first, and the rods and cones many layers later. It is now known that the ipRGCs may function normally, allowing entrainment to the 24-hour light/dark cycle, even in totally blind people. Until recently, blind eyes were considered useless and often were replaced with glass eyes for cosmetic reasons. now known that this can create a circadian rhythm disorder, unnecessarily!

  13. No bell i have my facts straight and know even more detailed info about the failure of the genre. As I knew it was going to end the day it began. USA Today is more credible than your ideas. If you want to talk more facts we can get to it. But need to sit back and take-a-notes.

  14. It can have an impact on the Circadian rhythm to have excessive daylight or excessive darkness. With that much daylight there would likely be an increase in serotonin production which could cause increase in energy level and hence some decrease in sleep. It could help to get darkening shades for the windows of the bedroom to get a better sleep. 🙂

  15. gellierck says:

    It sounds to me like the balloon accidentally got away and the dad called the Federal Aviation Administration in hopes they could capture the balloon and return it to him (being that it cost so much to make). Without thinking of the consequences he told them his boy was inside. One thing led to another as the story escalated, he told his son to go hide in the attic.

  16. I know that these blind animals still show having a circadian rhythm without seeing. Are there other animals that show this. I would think in a totally dark environment that it would not be as for having a daily rhythm.

  17. I love this channel but I do think it needs more graphics (USA Today style), MS Paint Historical Re-enactments and may be girls on trampolines. Spencer, you are the Colin of the blogesphere.

  18. Good on sleep deprivation! I liked the lines “Inconsistent bedtimes are, for all practical purposes, homemade jet lag—the desynchronization of the two systems that regulate sleep, the circadian rhythm and the homeostatic pressure system. Staying up three hours later on weekends is equivalent to flying across three time zones every weekend.”

  19. Ah, but Stupak apparently coming away empty-handed.

    According to Instapundit:

    “WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Stupak (D-Menominee) announced three in Michigan have received grants totaling $726,409 for maintenance and improvements. The funding was provided by the U.S. of Federal Aviation Administration.”

    The press release was dated Fri. March 19. Perfect timing, eh?

  20. Yeah, believe me had enough trouble with flight attendants and carseats (and yes, had good experiences, too, but man have I had some grumpy Luckily this harness is the first one in the U.S. to be FAA approved!
    the only harness type child aviation safety ever by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    But be sure to bring some verification.

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  22. smleupen says:

    Is there an answer for that question? It seems like the paper hinted that mole family had undergone burst of diversity/divergence in the Pleistocene, and that the circadian trait is kind of left over from evolution? not sure what they were getting to exactly. Also, I rule out the possibilities. Perhaps having a circadian rhythm as a mole underground would have its benefits, such as pacing the moles sleep cycle or accounts for metabolic differences throughout the day/making energy more available when foraging at night, etc.

  23. chikovicio ranchirn says:

    His Aunty Erin could sleep through anything when it was HER timing. She slept through most of an oil company laying on a coffee table! BUT otherwise she had a sleep disorder & wore Nana & Pops to poor health. Perhaps Dreyton takes after Nana – poor child. I think he is really his own man, and probably will be a very tall & strong man so he needs his sleep to keep up his growing.Just thoughts from an old lady.

  24. costoe cucci says:

    Victoria Osteen was fined $3000 by the Federal Aviation Administration for interfering with a flight crew. She paid the fine.

    The Osteens should have never let this incident go to trial. Joel Osteen should have just cleaned up the spill and apologized to the flight attendant. No one would have ever even heard about it.

    A little humility on the of the Osteens would have made this whole thing disappear.

  25. Inquisitr24 says:

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  26. Lamzierouge says:

    Am afraid to say your diagnosed wit sleep disorder , tell your mom get you some sleeping pills , I swear you gon be drooling

  27. Most of us are familiar with the term circadian rhythm or clock when it comes to jet lag (the result of crossing several time zones in a few hours). We know it’s difficult to sleep or get into the rhythm of life’s daily routines that we had experienced before the flight…

  28. TheBlackCat says:

    no, he’s not dumb. in fact, he has a degree in biology from brown university at a time when that degree was heavily larded with courses on evolution. he was enough to be accepted to harvard medical school, though he decided to do the rhodes scholar route. dumb? no. evil. perhaps

    Well, I like to reserve “ignorant” for most creationists, but he obviously be ignorant. What alternative is left?

  29. The hearing in central London has heard that troops used ”conditioning” methods on Iraqi prisoners, such as hooding, sleep deprivation and making them stand in painful stress positions with their knees bent and hands outstretched. These techniques were outlawed by the Government in 1972 after an investigation into an interrogation in Ireland. Mr Hoon said he had been advised that […]

  30. Mohammad Betar says:

    Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine demonstrated that nitrogen balance, the process of utilizing amino acids and disposing of their toxic byproducts, occurs with a precise 24-hour rhythm – also known as circadian rhythm – in mammals. Disruption of this cycle has a direct impact on survival of organisms, and may predispose one to life altering diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease…

  31. Justine, Setauket, New York says:

    You even addressed bonuses for Public Service. I work for the Federal Aviation Administration. As a Govt. Agency I would rate any type of bonus or award for dedicated career employees a joke. Managers fail miserably when dealing with slackers. Meanwhile, the Senior Executives reap thousands in bonuses. Equitable? Probably not, but it is real. It is commonly referred to as the “quota” system.

  32. Lithium impacts on the amplitude and period of the molecular circadian clockwork. PLoS One. 2012;7(3):e33292 Authors: Li J, Lu WQ, Beesley S, Loudon AS, Meng QJ Abstract Lithium salt has been widely used in treatment of Bipolar Disorder, a mental disturbance associated with circadian rhythm disruptions. Lithium mildly but consistently lengthens circadian period of behavioural rhythms in multiple organisms. To systematically address the impacts of lithium on circadian pacemaking and the underlying mechanisms, we measured locomotor activity in mice in vivo following chronic lithium treatment, and also tracked clock protein dynamics (PER2::Luciferase) in vitro in lithium-treated tissue slices/cells. Lithium lengthens period of both the locomotor activity rhythms, as well as the molecular oscillations in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, lung tissues and fibroblast cells. In addition, we also identified significantly elevated PER2::LUC expression and oscillation amplitude in both central and…

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  34. Joshtbryan says:

    when u think school’s good 4 u & ur future.. Uhm, NOP! It ruins it, you’ll have sleep deprivation which can cause obesity & mental illness.

  35. kandlinsen says:

    Researchers have developed a pair of small molecules that may help to treat various disorders including obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and sleep disorders. Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute showed that when administered in animal models the synthetic small molecules altered circadian rhythm and the pattern of core clock gene expression in the brain’s hypothalamus, the site of the master cellular clock that synchronizes daily …

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  37. billholt says:

    Protack talks like the Government and taxes are the problem without realizing that if the Federal Aviation Administration did not run the the air routes, airplane safety, pilot there would be no commercial airline business. Get real. It takes a huge ego to think we as individuals are more than we as a community.

  38. Jerry Oakman says:

    Flying car gets OK from FAA
    The Federal Aviation Administration has granted an exemption to the Terrafugia Transition, a flying car built by a team of MIT engineers. …
    Flying cars set to soar into the marketplace in 2011 Computerworld
    World’s First Flying Car Cleared for Take Off
    Flying Cars May Soon Be Reality dBTechno
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  39. This song is seeww very you. To hell with that Cambio song, Call Center. Daysleeper is anti-circadian rhythm at its grandest.I have Stardust here, thanks to the advent of torrent! But I still seen it yet. kinda catching up on my favorite TV serials, especially Weeds. God that show is just mondo great. Trust me. You should watch it. ;-p

  40. White Horse Taylor Swift

    So I have been studying for days for a completely unreasonable test and the result of my sleep deprivation is me singing a sad Taylor Swift song.

    From: 7manjula7

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    0 ratings
    Time: 03:38 More in Music

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  43. not much to say about the circadian rhythm question except that seen people living as far south as Montreal suffer (a lot – failing out of university from seasonal depression, it was really bad) from lack of sunlight in the winter…if you think you, I highly recommend a sun lamp or whatever. Can make a world of difference.

    In an unrelated note – Am v. jealous of how much you and your husband get to travel….


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    At least five dead in Oklahoma as tornadoes pound U.S.
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  47. This is so beautifully put. Thank you. Every time I notice my own tendency to get agitated or impatient I know this is just what seeing in the world. There is a new study published this month in British Medical Journal that says that happiness is contagious. Dr. Nicholas Christakes from Harvard medical School says, like there are emotional stampedes that ripple across this infinite fabric of great to think our happiness, which is energy, can actually make waves. really not powerless; we can keep working on ourselves. Onwards!

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    VA failing to provide timely mental care
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  51. Agreements allowing private plane owners with “hangar homes” adjacent to to taxi directly from their onto tarmacs risk turning government investments into private perks, a Federal Aviation Administration official said Wednesday.

    Federal Aviation Administration – – Aviation – Business – and Logistics

  52. Stir Fry Shenanigans « Nomalicious and Vicious Delicious says:

    Circadian rhythm, interesting. The major issue I see with this argument is that circadian rhythm does in fact relate to change, internally at least. A biological clock exist without measured function, which is occurs as a result of change, no matter how subtle.

    Change definitely a state of sleep, but whilst we sleep change continues to occur, which allows the biological clock to be set. As it seems to be this rhythm is set by external stimuli received, typically the level/amount of light detected.

    Also, it been proven in extreme scenarios, such as solitary confinement, that the normal light-dark cycle is broken, causing irregular sleep patterns and an offset internal clock?

  53. A novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle has been identified by scientists. These new findings by researchers from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute could provide a new target not only for jet lag, shift work, and sleep disturbances, but also for disorders that result from circadian rhythm disruption, including diabetes and obesity as well as some types of …

  54. USA TODAY (blog)Anxiety disorders like Aubrey Huff’s largely misunderstoodSan Jose Mercury News(Dan Honda/Staff) Some fans have been unsympathetic since Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff was placed on the 15-day disabled list this week with anxiety disorder. The theme of mocking on radio and the Internet: How tough is your life when …Anxiety disorder puts Giants’ Aubrey Huff on disabled listUSA TODAY (blog)Aubrey Huff’s Anxiety Disorder Prompts Local Media Mental Health DisclosuresSFistAubrey Huff placed on disabled list with anxiety disorderSan Francisco Chronicle (blog) -Fox 215 news

  55. stard chroerathw says:

    The Federal Aviation Administration wants to deny federal aid to public that enter into new agreements allowing private plane owners with “hangar homes” adjacent to airfields to taxi directly from their onto tarmacs. The 72 with existing agreements would still be eligible for grants under FAA’s $3.5 billion annual improvement program, but agency officials are scrutinizing those to see if their current arrangements with hangar homes violate past grant conditions.

  56. The man who helped lead the so-called enhanced interrogation programme in US prisons overseas has defended the policies.
    Jose Rodriguez, former director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, writes in a new book that techniques such as sleep deprivation and waterboarding are justified.
    Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane from Washington, DC….

  57. ber leach says:

    Depression is associated with a molecular-level disturbance in the body’s 24-hour clock, new research has suggested. Scientists examined genes that regulate circadian rhythm in people with and without a history of depression. As a group, those with a history of depression had a higher level of activity of the so-called Clock gene, which has a role in regulating circadian rhythm, than did people with no mood disorders. “If we look …

  58. Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have identified for the first time a novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle. These new findings could provide a new target not only for jet lag, shift work, and sleep disturbances, but also for disorders that result from circadian rhythm disruption, including diabetes and obesity as well as some types of cancer.

  59. Twitter says:

    His bed is cold / his pillow too / REM adventures / he does eschew /oh Louis Gray / oh Louis Gray/ Circadian rhythm eludes thee

  60. Science Codex - Science news, science articles, all day, every day says:

    For Immediate Release – Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have identified for the first time a novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle. These new findings could provide a new target not only for jet lag, shift work, and sleep disturbances, but also for disorders that result from circadian rhythm disruption, including diabetes and obesity as well as some types of cancer.

    read more

  61. smeloman says:

    Depression linked to body’s 24-hour clock
    A new research has suggested that depression is associated with a molecular-level disturbance in the body’s 24-hour clock. Scientists examined genes that regulate circadian rhythm in people with and without a history of depression. …
    Depression associated with molecular-level disturbance in body’s 24-hour
    all 10 news articles »

  62. Harvard Medical School has received a $30 million anonymous gift to create a major center to transform primary care medicine, a specialty that provides routine front-line care to millions of people but that many doctors consider unglamorous and underpaid.

  63. Ymarsakar says:

    BW is right.It has been a very lomg day. comments are a product of his ethnic background. Liberal, white, egotist. There are many from his of the world with attitude. When I interviewed at Harvard Medical School, the interviewer asked about my military experiance. When I mentioned I had worked with nuclear weapons in the old Strategic Air Command, he asked “Did you meet very many intelligent people in the service?” My answere of yes was apparently incompatible with attendance at Harvard.
    I remain continually amazed at the breathtakingly ignorant attitude of the libs toward the US military.

  64. So I had this plan where I’d still be awake at 4 or 5 and and rejoin the Skype call. But then I took a circadian rhythm to the something.

  65. HelloTxt says:

    By combining an iron oxide a tumor-targeting peptide, and a therapeutic nucleic acid into one construct, a team of investigators from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School have created an agent that holds potential as targeted therapy for breast cancer. In addition, this new agent can be easily tracked in the body using standard magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

  66. I should read that transcript later, when I have quite lots of time. My circadian rhythm has been disturbed since few days ago til next week

  67. __LoyalBitch says:

    I was supposed to call my mom at midnight to wish her a happy mothers day… Of course I fell asleep. My sleep disorder ruins everything!

  68. FAIRFAX, Va., May 10 (UPI) — A Judge in Fairfax, Va., Thursday dismissed the drunken driving case that had led J. Randolph Babbitt to resign as head of the Federal Aviation Administration.

  69. jetBlue spokesman have admitted that “JetBlue Airways said in a statement that it was working with the Federal Aviation Administration and Authority police to investigate the matter. It said the safety of its customers and crew members was never at risk.” [emphasis added]

    So apparently the charges stem not from actual danger to anyone, but rather the idea that slaves quit, only be sold.

  70. Twitter says:

    “Air traffic controller and lawyer Ben Sliney had just his first day at his new job as an administrator at the US Federal Aviation Administration in the Washington suburb of Herndon, Virginia. Sliney, who had arrived at the FAA command centre at 7:00 in the morning heard at 8:30 that flight AA 11, which had taken off from Boston, may have been hijacked. Sliney left a morning meeting a couple of minutes later when he learned that one of the flight attendants may have been stabbed.”

  71. SAN FRANCISCO — A US Airways flight from Phoenix to Kahului, Hawaii, has landed safely at San Francisco International after the pilot declared an emergency due to smoke in the cockpit. A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration says the plane landed in San Francisco a little after 5 p.m.

  72. Sleep deprivation among oil field truckers, a problem that is resulting in more highway fatalities, is likely to become a bigger issue as more wells are drilled.

  73. cpwespayne says:

    Wow. According to my mirror, a
    week of constant stress and sleep deprivation can really do a number. I look like I belong 6 ft under

  74. JetBlue Airways Corp. plans to outfit its fleet of 160 planes with inflight Internet access in mid-2012, the airline said Wednesday. The Wi-Fi system will be provided by ViaSat Inc., a Carlsbad, Calif., telecommunications company. Neither JetBlue nor ViaSat would say how much the new system will cost. Before the planes are wired, the satellite-based system must be tested by the Federal Aviation Administration. “This system will be designed for the 21st century, not just for today’s personal connectivity needs, but with the bandwidth to expand to meet tomorrow’s needs as well,” JetBlue Chief Executive Dave Barger said in…

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  77. arju gren says:

    The Federal Aviation Administration found no evidence of unidentified aircraft or objects in its inquiry into a corporate jet pilot’s claim he saw a possible remote-controlled aircraft flying near his jet over Denver this week, the agency said Thursday.

  78. Twitter says:

    Scientists have identified for the first time a novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle.

  79. Twitter says:

    Depression appears to be associated with a molecular-level disturbance in the body’s 24-hour clock, new research suggests. Scientists examined genes that regulate circadian rhythm in people with and without a history of depression. As a group, those with a history of depression had a higher level of activity of the so-called Clock gene, which has a role in regulating circadian rhythm, than did people with no mood disorders.

  80. Francis Acero says:

    Sorry to hear about the suffering.
    I had a Caldwell-Luc a few years ago to remove a cyst. After the operation my face swelled up and was really scary.
    I read recently in a book from the Harvard Medical School that surgery is rarely necessary for cysts and that they should just burst by themselves.
    I guess your situation is different. Anyway, all the best.

  81. Our 5th PM suffers from sleep apnea (or sleep apnoea in British English), it is a sleep disorder and is treatable . he seek treatment . While he was sleeping, he gave chance to the 4th floor boys to make descisions on his behalf. There were occasions, he was so sleepy while delivering his speech and the microphone dropped off!!!

    Pak Lah being himself, just continued with reading his speech as usual without reading it in advance before. He was usually reading it for the first time on the podium!! No wonder our host who was never politically inclined, joined a political for a stint to make sure Pak Lah is OUT of office. His sleep apneoa was too much for Malaysia.

  82. The Associated Press

    Tropical Storm expected to stay offshore
    The Associated Press
    MIAMI (AP) — Tropical Storm is moving eastward as it spins off the coast of Florida. maximum sustained winds are near 40 mph (65 kph) early Monday with some weakening expected during the next two days. The storm is centered about 175 …
    Tropical Storm heading
    Hurricane 101: 2012 season Periods of rain this afternoon, high
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  83. find pdf says:

    Aaron Koblin uses data from the US Federal Aviation Administration to illustrate the paths of aircraft as they soar over the continent during a 24-hour period. Every day, around 27,000 flights take off.

  84. Boston, MA – Auto req ID 22307BR Business Title MATLAB Programmer School/Unit Harvard Medical School Sub-Unit – Location USA – MA – Boston Job Function Information Technology Time Status Full-time Schedule Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM -5:00 PM Neurobiology Salary Grade 055 Union 00 – Non Union, Exempt or Temporary Duties & Responsibilities A programmer with proficiency in MATLAB is requ

  85. My circadian rhythm is messed up… In the past 3 days, I’ve woken up at 4 am, 2 am, and 7 pm. This has been happening for years. :

  86. mal borzogue says:

    JetBlue Airways made a deal with ViaSat to bring high-speed Ka-band satellite-based inflight Internet access to its fleet of 160 aircraft. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two companies calls for ViaSat to provide and install Ka-band antenna components and SurfBeam2 modems to JetBlue’s Airbus A320 and Embraer 190 aircraft as well as two-way transmission bandwidth services using the WildBlue-1 and ViaSat satellites. LiveTV, JetBlue’s subsidiary that provides live TV across JetBlue’s fleet, will manage the integration of the ViaSat broadband aboard the aircraft. LiveTV will also bring WiFi-enabled services aboard and lead in the process of the new system. Because the product will be the first of its kind for commercial aviation, the system must be tested and by the Federal Aviation Administration prior to installation fleet-wide. JetBlue and ViaSat expect the first installations to occur by mid-2012. Interestingly, ViaSat and LiveTV plan to…

  87. hannah24 says:

    It really sound like from the company, only concern about when is his going to be discharged from the hospital. company should not over stress Kim Hyun Joong any more, base on his health condition now. Sleep disorder mainly from stress, hope the company will take care of him and reduce his work load until his is fully recover. Will rather not to see him if that will kill him.

  88. A federal aviation official says agreements that allow private plane owners with “hangar homes” adjacent to to taxi directly from their onto tarmacs risk turning government investments into private perks. Federal Aviation…

    – Federal Aviation Administration – Business – Taxiway – Runway

  89. cord tris says:

    There is something most uncivilized about living in a civilized world. What is it? It’s hard to get good night’s sleep. Some of this punishing sleep deprivation is voluntary. Too much to do. Too much to see. Too many responsibilities. Not enough sleep. For many people, it is a desperate need to cure insomnia. People toss […]
    A post from: Insomnia Causes -Why You Can’t Sleep

  90. The funny thing about sleep deprivation is that it results in time dilation. So if you think about it, I’m a time traveler. Yay science!

  91. chackborak says:


    Gila fire now 10 percent contained
    Silver City Sun News
    By Aaron West / SILVER CITY — The Whitewater-Baldy Fire continues to grow, but due to burnout operations and the assistance of a burst of humidity in the double digits on Thursday night, it is now 10 percent contained.
    New Mexico fire haze reaches Prescott area as city sets heat recordPrescott Daily Courier
    New Mexico fire visible from
    New Mexico Fire Largest in State HistoryFox News -Los Angeles Times
    all 995 news articles »

  92. Scientists have identified for the first time a novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle. These new findings could provide a new target not only for jet lag, shift work, and sleep disturbances, but also for disorders that result from circadian rhythm disruption, including diabetes and obesity as well as some types of cancer.

  93. aePiot's Facebook Wall says:


    Nothing free for Dwyane Wade in Game 3 loss
    By Jeff Zillgitt, USA TODAY For the 13th time in 697 regular-season and playoff games, Heat guard Dwyane Wade did not attempt a free throw in the Game 3 loss Friday against the Boston Celtics that cut Miami’s advantage to 2-1 in the Eastern Conference …
    Controlling the paint crucial for Heat,
    Miami Heat at Boston Celtics, NBA Eastern Finals Game 4: Fan Playoff PreviewYahoo! Celtics stand and deliver against
    ESPN (blog)
    all 3,188 news articles »

  94. Frickin circadian rhythm. I want sleep. Just b/c I get up early 5 days, doesn’t mean I want to the other 2. Sleeping in was easier as a teen

  95. Twitter says:


    Tell us: Who are you picking for NBA Finals now?
    By Reid Cherner, USA TODAY This was all so much easier last week when we choosing between the Heat and Spurs for the NBA title. But it turns out that the Thunder and Celtics had no thoughts about going paws up. we could be looking at a finals in Boston …
    Thunder look like NBA’s next big Thunder hold off Spurs, move one win away from NBA Finals Thunder Take Lead as Their Young Stars Best the Spurs’ Veteran OnesNew York Times
    San Jose Mercury News -Fox News
    all 3,873 news articles »

  96. ricardo ruiz says:

    Harvard Medical School Accepts $9M Gift
    Harvard Crimson
    The program, dubbed the Program in Translational Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, will offer a grant for students and faculty on the cutting …

  97. tal fober says:

    I really wish I had a system that didn’t require at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Or that my work schedule could be more compatible with my natural circadian rhythm.

  98. La vitamina E, presente in molti vegetali e nell’olio d’oliva, riduce del 10% le chance di essere colpiti da un ‘ictus ischemico’ (l’occlusione di un vaso sanguigno per un trombo), il piu’ comune (70% dei casi). Allo stesso tempo aumenta del 22% le di subire un ‘ictus emorragico’ (una perdita di sangue nel cervello) il piu’ raro. E’ quanto e’ emerso da una ricerca della statunitense Harvard medical School e dell’Inserm di Parigi pubblicata sul British Medical Journal .

  99. Twitter says:


    NCAA president denies he’s considering leaving
    The website by Brooks tweeted earlier that who has overseen college athletics’ governing body since October 2010, recently had been in touch with “reps of LSU’s interests” about a job combining the powers and pay of the university’s …
    and more »

  100. my eyes burn every time i blink and i may or may not have just briefly fallen asleep standing up. sleep deprivation at its finest

  101. Twitter says:

    Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder Linked To H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine ?
    The European Medicine Agency (EMA) has had over 80 submitted to it from various European countries where the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix made by …
    and more »

  102. hegden obecerry says:

    I’m not going to sugarcoat it: moving the to eight o’clock is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. As soon as I found out about the move, I was elated. I have a very finicky circadian rhythm, and doing something so…

  103. caetalitel says:

    The Paranormal Activity director, fresh off of filming “Area 51″, has his sights set on his next directing project.Variety has more:”Paranormal Activity” helmer Oren Peli has signed on to direct “Eliza Graves” for Sobini Films and Icon Prods.
    Loosely based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe, project centers on a Harvard Medical School graduate who takes a job at an insane asylum, unaware of the fact that it has been taken over by its occupants. Joe Gangemi penned the screenplay.

    read more

  104. Pax Stereo Tv says:

    I have had a really great week this week! I got a really good grade on my last module and also got my grade back for my Organic chemistry test and found that I did very well. I’m also going to Boston this week to look at Harvard Medical school and meet with a few current student there to which I am …

  105. The day is not far when just popping a pill could make you live longer and healthier, a Harvard Medical School professor believes. Associate Professor of Pathology David Sinclair said his work to activate the genes, which control ageing “could expand lifespan by five to 10 healthy years.” It wouldn’t stop you getting old, he said, but instead would push back the point at which you become impaired before “hopefully, [you] immediately drop dead,” …

  106. By Deborah Charles WASHINGTON, June 12 (Reuters) – Forget the long hours, sleep deprivation and 24/7 scrutiny. First lady Michelle Obama has more upbeat advice…

  107. sleep - Google News says:

    It is the circadian rhythm that regulates the hormonal surge. Increase in different hormone level may increase the blood pressure and increase in stickiness of the platelets.

  108. bruedin says:

    I am so feeling you on the circadian rhythm thing. Day after day I tell myself to go to bed earlier, but hey! Look! to 3 again. Great job getting up early today…trust me, I know how hard it is. so funny to me how easy it is to sleep while light out and stay up when dark out.

    I want my mountains back, too! I miss the West sometimes (lived out there for about a year and a half recently).

  109. mcker tina says:

    A new Boeing 787 Dreamliner made an emergency landing in Texas during a test flight Tuesday afternoon after the pilot smoke in the cabin, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

    read more

  110. Twitter says:

    Flooding swamps Duluth, drowns zoo animals
    Several animals at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth, Minn., drowned overnight when torrential rain caused flooding across the city, swamping roads and sending sewage spilling outside overflow tanks. “We have 11 confirmed dead animals, …
    People evacuate homes, animals flee zoo pens as heavy rains bring floods to NE … Washington Post
    Zoo animals among those escaping Duluth flooding Christian Science Monitor
    Duluth declares unprecedented flood ’emergency’ as rain pounds area Los Angeles Times
    The Guardian  – USA TODAY
    all 408 news articles »

  111. McLEAN, Va. (AP) – Gannett Co. Inc., publisher of USA Today and other newspapers, on Thursday named Victoria Harker as its new chief financial officer. Harker most recently served as chief financial …

  112. rebeccartist says:

    I obviously have a problem since this is the 4th night in a row I’ve seen Still Up trending. My circadian rhythm is all messed up now.

  113. Twitter says:


    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh bring their parade to South Beach
    Washington Post (blog)
    By Cindy Boren Dwyane Wade and Erik Spoelstra and the Larry O’Brien Trophy. (Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images) Nerd glasses – er, hip glasses – for everybody!
    Miami celebrates Heat’s NBA title with paradeThe Star-Ledger –
    D-Wade takes jab at Spoelstra’s humble Free Press
    Miami Heat celebrate with paradeESPN
    Huffington Post -USA TODAY -ESPN (blog)
    all 817 news articles »

  114. Circadian rhythm is completely out of whack. Went to sleep yesterday at 10pm. Then woke up at half eight tonight. Going to sleep now at 3am.

  115. Here at America, we have brought you extensive coverage of the Federal Aviation Administration’s plan to allow unmanned drones to fill America’s sky by 2020, but what does this mean for Americans? Abby breaks down the possible uses for drones.

  116. morimburne says:

    Anyone got any good tips on how to reset my Circadian Rhythm? I was sick for a few days and not that I’m getting better I seem to have turned…

  117. A team of researchers from Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital, with others from the United States and Haiti, has determined that the strain of cholera erupting in Haiti matches bacterial samples from South Asia and not those from Latin America. The scientists conclude that the cholera bacterial strain introduced into Haiti probably came from an infected human, contaminated food or other item from outside of Latin America. It is highly unlikely, they say, that the outbreak was triggered by ocean currents or other climate-related events.

  118. sailtheseabree says:

    Since I put my circadian rhythm into one of those ‘will it blend?’ blenders it seems normal to go swimming at 3 AM, or as I call it, evening

  119. coondoggie sends in a Network World story that begins “Space Exploration Technologies (Space X) got the first-ever Federal Aviation Administration license allowing the reentry to of a privately developed spacecraft. The license was needed because the Space X Dragon space capsule is scheduled to launch atop Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket on Dec. 7 and return to The Launch of the rocket had already been approved by the FAA. The FAA Office of Commercial Space noted that it has licensed over 200 successful launches.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  120. A trio of health on Wednesday urged the United States to create a stockpile of vaccines against cholera, which has taken deadly hold in the impoverished and quake-hit Caribbean nation of Haiti.
    The gesture could reap high rewards for a relatively low cost, argued the three from Harvard Medical School, George Washington University, and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI).

  121. XIANGTWOO says:

    It’s 3 am and I just heard a firework go off. Might as well be patriotic all year. Our sleep deprivation won’t spiral the country downward.

  122. WASHINGTON — Federal officials say they are restoring Mexico’s top aviation safety rating because the nation’s airline oversight has improved. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that Mexico now complies with international safety standards based on the results of the agency’s review last month of that nation’s civil aviation authority.

  123. I’m gonna get up really early tomorrow and fix this circadian rhythm of mine. I have been staying up all night way too much recently.

  124. Overweight has acceptably become the major issue regarding the health problems of the people in India as well as on the global ground. Everybody from the nook and corner of the world is facing this physical disorder. Though people think that gaining overweight is an appearance issue but it is significantly the signals of copping with more diseases. So if you are overweight you are likely to develop more heath problems. Overweight can be a reason of many diseases such as disorders, diabetes, types of cancer, stroke, joint pain, sleep disorder and many other diseases. This can be considered as the chronic conditions. Excess of foods can be the reason of your weight gain. It replaces once commonplace nutrient deficiencies in the …Overweight Health Issues, Causes of Overweight, Overweight Issues

  125. Intense muscle tissue weakness could possibly trigger respiratory failure.In cardiac output is elevated consequently of improved center price and contractility and reduced peripheral vascular resistance. Pulse stress is increased, and circulation time is within the level out. Tachycardia, commonly supraventricular, is regular and thought to be affiliated to the immediate results of thyroid hormone about the cardiac conducting program. Atrial fibrillation may come about, specifically in elderly individuals.Constant 24-hour electrocardiographic monitoring of thyrotoxic sufferers displays persistent tachycardia but preservation with the normal circadian rhythm of the center price, suggesting that regular … treatment, thyroid, health, disease, muscle tissue, -adrenergic receptors, thyroid hormone

  126. daubollidy says:

    Hawaii is getting a $17 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to build an aircraft rescue and firefighting building at the Kona International on the Big Island. “These funds will help the firefighters and first responders at the Kona International house and properly maintain the equipment they need to handle any emergency,” U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, said in a joint statement from Hawaii’s congressional delegation. “Recent statistics show us that…

  127. WASHINGTON — A government watchdog says the Federal Aviation Administration didn’t follow rules or made errors two years ago when awarding $161 million to for improvement projects.

  128. timah hirocische says:

    The placebo effect has been proven to work even when patients are aware of it being used.

    Another possible resolution of the ethical dilemma might come from the “honest placebo” effect found in a 2010 study.[4] at Harvard Medical School, where patients with irritable bowel syndrome experienced a significant beneficial effect even though they were told the pills they were taking were placebos, as compared to a control group who received no pills.
    From wikipedia (heard about on RRR)

    So there is no other way for homeopathy to work but the placebo effect.

  129. Science and Reason Net says:

    After a consensus meeting in May 2009, members of the British Association for Psychopharmacology set new guidelines for treatment of sleep disorders. These guidelines established evidence-based treatment as the leading model of therapy for insomnia, parasomnias, and circadian rhythm disorders. The results were published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

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