Nefarious NapStealers or Heat Fatigue

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Which is worse, those nefarious napstealers or heat fatigue. According to a Wired article,  when extreme heat sends your core temperature off the charts, the fact that your body slows down may just be a psychological response. It may not be fatigue or lactic acid building up in muscle tissue or nothing more tangible than what’s in your head.

A joint study conducted by researchers at two British universities shows that playing through the pain or fatigue or soreness is much more conceivable than trying to face siesta thieves or nefarious napstealers alone.

A recent study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, comprised of seven male cyclists engaging in various 30-minute stationary trials riding their own bicycles on a stationary apparatus.

Trials were performed in three rooms: a room kept at 71.2 degrees Fahrenheit (control), a room at 88.5 degrees (hot) and a final one in a room in which the temperature showed 78.8 degrees but it was actually 88.8 degrees. The final room, the hottest of the three, was the napstealer “deception” trial. The {7|seven} {participants|subjects} performed the specified tasks in all three trial rooms and their temperature was taken nefariously.

The cyclists were able to go farther in the control room than the hot room, but they actually did even better in the nefarious deception room than the other two. Additionally, the power output was actually was higher in the deception room than in the hot room and about the same as the control room, even though it was 17 degrees hotter in the napstealer deception room.

So I guess the lesson is that in order for people to perform their best, you have to trick them into thinking the task actually isn’t as difficult as it is. I would have to agree. In my experience, people tend to work harder when they think the task is possible and manageable than when they have no hope of accomplishing the task.

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  1. Gluten Free Carla says:

    Hi Jess,

    It just may be food allergies, but it itching can be a symptom of a number of different conditions and diseases. He should see his doctor if stopping the beans work. If he has other symptoms he should see his doc right away. I get itchy when I eat a food I am allergic to and also when I have foods high in sulphites like alcohol or foods containing MSG.

  2. Tracy B says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the military would be one of the first establishments to try and capitalize on sleep deprivation. How many of us have thought, “if only I didn’t sleep I could achieve so much more!” Although an attempt at “healthily” reducing sleep hours has been researched by the military, a true moral and ethical question stands larger. “Is it fair to deprive these women and men of something that the body naturally craves?” Playing with the chemical balances of the body is truly a scary task. The body was made perfectly in design to meet human tasks, and if the body is demanded to achieve more for survival or convenience, evolution takes over, but science could be going too far. It sounds like a movie script, quickly on our way to a robotically controlled society.

  3. cohornber rholl says:

    Thanks, emjaybee. I have found that most of the physicians who defend such sleep deprivation went through it themselves, and I think they think other new physicians should go through it because it was the way things have always been done. Most professional physician and medical education organizations are more of restricting sleep deprivation.

  4. calebsiemens101 says:

    but all things pass including this super dark dimension, no Resurrection, no redemption, no perfection, all we can expect is sleep deprivation and deep depression, bleak impressions of mean neglection of affection, insurrection is a need, implement techniques in society to rid the greed, listen please, I more then believe this to be why many evil things thrive in peace

  5. romathle hene says:

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  6. I’ve been a parent for some 8,710 days. During that period of time I learned more about sleep deprivation, sibling rivalry and teen angst than I previously considered humanly possible.

  7. cooptroop08 says:

    I was going to let it pass, but I feel I must say something now that repeated yourself.

    Oil of Britney Spears could give you to all manner of nasty conditions and diseases—more so than pigeon droppings. So if using that as the lubricant, they might just want to fit him for a casket.

    And Heyward, you speak just like an apathetic Bravos fan. But I get the feeling going to make a Britney Spears oil and pigeon dropping pie for tonight, you?

  8. hols alletisden says:

    Those of you who read my column regularly know what happens when my twin sister, Janet, and I get together: The trip is a whirlwind of dining, thrift shopping, sleep deprivation and more dining.

  9. Are you using a body pillow or anything? (I imagine that after a point they only help so much, though.) Well, you have so long to go, so soon you can look forward to more positions in bed while you suffer from sleep deprivation for totally different reasons. Yay!
    I, too, need a book to read. I a Olen Butler novel and I usually really like him, but not as compelling as like.

  10. The Huffington Post | Full News Feed says:

    There was nothing sweeter to the ears of a student than hearing, “Class, this will be an open-book test.” This was far better, of course, than an open-note test, which required you to pay attention and furiously scribble what the teacher said. However, either is preferable to the all-too-common “brain dump” that measures who has the keenest memory. Think about each model of assessment, though. Are we measuring what the student learned when we allow them to utilize their book for answers? Or their notes? Or forcing them to cram in as many factoids as they can before their parents (or sleep deprivation) force them to go to sleep?

  11. Even with the best air travel tips, sleeping well on a long flight isn’t easy. Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman discusses his well-traveled tactics for getting sleep on long flights. More »

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  12. Boston24 says:

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  13. ScientificAmerican says:

    Patients taking the anti-cancer drug Avastin may have something to worry about in addition to treating their cancer – a new study found that the drug greatly increases the risk of severe protein loss from the kidneys – a condition called proteinuria – which can lead to kidney damage.

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  14. matz sumik says:

    on a scale of one to drunk i probably seem very drunk, yay for sleep deprivation. you can also tell im not thinking straight cus im tweetin

  15. Eight years after their five-week old daughter was seized by the state when they refused a risky spinal tap, Corissa and Eric Mueller are finally in accusing the baby’s doctor and the hospital of unneccessarily calling child protective services to seize control over their child.

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  16. robeeselit says:

    I really hope my teachers don’t expect much out of me today. I’m in sleep deprivation mode and I plan on being incredibly lazy today.

  17. ayat rocktha says:

    Those who prefer brown rice to white rice have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a recent study from Harvard found.

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  18. we can’t walk tmrw, I’m in so much pain & dying from sleep deprivation :'( I feel like dying would be less painful than this

  19. The National Society for Epilepsy has turned to the iPhone to make young people more epilepsy aware, with the launch of a new iPhone app.

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  20. The adopted mother of young HIV orphan Nkosi Johnson continues his legacy.

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  21. walkery says:

    Alzheimer’s disease and its associated dementia can be a scary prospect for individuals and families faced with it. Between 2.4 million and 4.5 million Americans suffer from this debilitating, incurable disease, according to the National Institutes of Health. That figure is expected to rise as the baby boomers age.
    Community memory screening events are becoming increasingly popular as individuals and their families seek to detect dementia in its earliest stages–before it destroys patients’ memories and thinking skills. But many physicians warn against these screenings, which are often ineffective when it comes to detecting dementia, and can leave test-takers feeling scared and powerless.

    Dementia – National Institutes of Health – Alzheimer’s disease – Health – Conditions and Diseases

  22. thisay cancolacke says:

    Hey there DAVE – sleep deprivation much? guessing no. I look pretty tired and sad too AND my health is all but gone as well. Getting up several times a night with a baby for almost TWO YEARS will do that to a mom….a good mom anyway.

  23. by Rafia Zakaria, Dawn, Pakistan – The CIA’s recipe behind rendition was simple: is illegal in the US and hence prisoners were to other countries where similar legal constraints do not exist so that interrogations using tactics such as starvation, sleep deprivation and water boarding could be used against prisoners.

  24. Metafilter says:

    Whoever claims to be on a perpetual polyphasic schedule must be either suffering from a sleep disorder, or be a liar, a mutant, or a person with a mulishly stubborn iron-will that lets him plod through the daily of sleep deprivation Polyphasic Sleep: Facts and Myths | Polyphasic Sleep: 5 Years Later!

  25. ABCNews24 says:

    Regulators asked to require more testing for E. coli in meat to help protect US food supply

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  26. klanday schillo says:

    […] In the study the most at-risk group was found to be adults under 60 years who routinely slept fewer than five hours in a 24-hour period. Other recent research has found that marathon sleep sessions on weekends cannot make up for chronic sleep deprivation. chronic sleep deprivation can have negative emotional consequences – especially among young people. […]

  27. tera brummierme says:

    do you get that thing with sleep deprivation where you feel like your whole body is vibrating back and approx 5mm, and at about 3hz?

  28. sleep - Google News says:

    After reading this, I hope you can still sleep well. Sleep-inducing medicines, popularly recognized as sleeping pills, have a reputation of helping people acquire some peace and relaxed at night. Sleep deprivation is such a difficult condition to have since it truly zaps a person’s capability to do the more aspects in life, at […]
    A post from: Snoring Solutions That Work

  29. So last night I remembered to post Thursday’s poem … then forgot about Friday’s. So tonight I’ll post Friday and Saturday and put myself back on track. Sleep deprivation never plays out well for me. Why haven’t I learned this lesson yet? Stubborn, I think that’s what this is called. Or perhaps denial. In any […]

  30. sleep - Google News says:

    €cLiPz – LOVESHACK 2.0

    A rather random but funny mashup i did during sleep deprivation

    From: mikeyOpan

    Views: 0

    0 ratings
    Time: 03:42 More in Music

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  32. says:

    THURSDAY, Aug. 12 (HealthDay News) — Less than four hours of sleep on five consecutive nights may affect the brain in a way similar to that of acute total sleep deprivation, a new study suggests.

  33. mcevie jossa says:

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  36. For the first time since beginning his treatment for throat cancer, actor Michael Douglas is opening up about the fight for his life — the fight the Hollywood legend is confident he’ll win.

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  37. Doing the math on my tweets just made me realize I wasted 9 minutes doing that research on sleep deprivation. Gonna get back on track

  38. ashleahartland says:

    sleep deprivation gets counted as an excuse like being drunk right? if I were to text someone, could I be like ‘oh I was tired’ tomorrow?

  39. ABCNews24 says:

    The European Medicines Agency is investigating whether there is a link between narcolepsy and a swine flu vaccine. Narcolepsy is a rare disorder that causes people to suddenly fall asleep. In a statement issued Friday, the agency said there have been a “…

    Narcolepsy – Health – European Medicines Agency – Conditions and Diseases – Sleep disorder

  40. quiron rosenburg says:

    Doctors were shocked when they looked into a woman’s uterus searching for an orange-size tumor but found something that resembled a giant rock instead. Surgeons ended up removing a 56-pound (23-kilogram) tumor from the 54-year-old woman. It was 19 inches (50…

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  41. Take care of yourself – sleep deprivation takes its toll! I went through a long period of insomnia a couple of years ago and I was one big ball of stress and anxiety as a result. Talk about brutal – I remember thinking the same thing at the time about understanding how sleep deprivation could be a form of It really can drive a person crazy!

    And good luck with the writing, knitting, and jewelry making. Would love to see pics of your WIPs 🙂

  42. pato ald says:

    One of those days where my lack of patience added to my sleep deprivation is going to make me do something I don’t wana do.

  43. Joe Johnson says:

    Sleep deprivation is another world! It’s like getting kicked out of a bar all my friends are still hanging out in & having to wait outside.

  44. I fight sleep deprivation on a daily basis. Mainly because I don’t go to sleep to the early hours, and then just complain about my fatigue!

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  47. Rich is on paternity leave, Zach is caught up at work and is suffering from sleep deprivation, so we brought in Mike Rothman once again to pick up the slack and suffer the slings and arrows of recording a podcast.  We have to apologize for a minor mixup last week, a link to episode […]

  48. @Emmanem45 and sleep deprivation, club penguin, BAG TAGS!!, believing in Peter, eating non taper food, and oh yeah swimming?
    and sleep deprivation, club penguin, BAG TAGS!!, believing in Peter, eating non taper food, and oh yeah swimming?

  49. _EmmaFurlong says:

    OK not going to manage to sleep again until the evening I think so I’ve got up to do something useful with my sleep deprivation…

  50. Twitter says:

    Here are any considerable tips to ensure greater sleep that from a life coach: 1. Inculcating greater habits during the day. Sleep deprivation is largely caused unsatisfied to debilitated habits being followed during the day. … Most people watch television during such times, without realising that they are actually causing manifold harm than doing good; it is appropriate to avoid such activities, which will cause the mind to become in force than relaxed. …

  51. There are literally dozens of types. In fact, there are many different conditions and diseases that you probably don’t even realize are a type of This explains.

  52. mass hung says:

    (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) fMRI scans reveal how sleep deprivation impairs higher-order regions in the human brain where food choices are made – not the deeper brain structures reacting to basic desire. This new evidence offers another explanation for the link between sleep loss and obesity. Impaired brain activity in the frontal lobe was observed but not significant differences in areas traditionally associated with basic reward reactivity. Therefore, sleep loss may be more about higher brain functions than cravings.

  53. Twitter says:

    Neither rain nor fog nor the threat of sleep deprivation prevented thousands from descending upon the Patriot Center late Sept. 27 in anticipation of Midnight Madness . A line stretched around the arena, and when the doors opened, eager and enthusiastic patrons filled the stands to watch the…

  54. Bad food choices may be due to sleep deprivation, according to a new study. At Sleep 2012, researchers from the University of California show how sleep deprivation impairs the regions in the human brain responsible for food choices. They state that these findings may help explain the association between obesity and sleep deprivation. The researchers enrolled 23 healthy individuals to in the study…

  55. I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation thats doing it or if I’m legitimately this whiny and annoying all of the time… But I don’t like it.

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  57. Twitter says:

    Khaleej Times

    R u in Trouble?
    Khaleej Times
    Teenagers text an average of 100 messages a day, CBS News and texting addiction can cause problems with eating, isolation and sleep deprivation.

  58. lischwenda galla says:

    Via Ben Armbruster, it is revealed that lawyers for alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have written to the UN special on asking for an investigation into his at Guantanamo Bay, which included being water boarded 183 plus 7.5 straight days of sleep deprivation in a secret CIA prison. AFP: The letter asks that […]

  59. mentle sillfrit says:

    Rookie doctors will be getting work shifts, along with stricter supervision, but a medical student group said yesterday that the changes don’t do enough to protect sleep-deprived residents and their patients.

    Medicine – Sleep deprivation – Health – Medical school – Sleep disorder

  60. Rookie doctors will be getting work shifts, along with stricter supervision, but a medical student group said yesterday that the changes don’t do enough to protect sleep-deprived residents and their patients.

    Medicine – Sleep deprivation – Health – Medical school – Sleep disorder

  61. harojina says:

    This may be the Molly and sleep deprivation talking, but Elvis is setting
    in front of me and appears to have a Crick in his neck

  62. in the last 38 hours, i’ve only slept for 2. sleep deprivation is always fun, especially when it hits suddenly! guess i’ll just wait for it

  63. Sleep deprivation has the same effect on the immune system as experiencing physical stress, according to a new study. Researchers in the Netherlands and United Kingdom compared the white blood cell counts of 15 healthy young men under normal and severely sleep-deprived conditions. The greatest changes were seen in the white blood cells known as granulocytes, which showed a loss of day-night rhythmicity, along with increased numbers, at night. “Future …

  64. The Strangest Stories of Euro 2012: Gigolos and Sleep Deprivation: A Fan’s Take
    Yahoo! From Yahoo! European men, when you were chugging beer, eating chips and watching all of those European Championship matches, do you know where your wife or girlfriend was? Did she have a rock-solid alibi? Sorry, “rock-solid” is probably not …
    and more »

  65. Sleep deprivation will have serious effects on someone’s health. It can affect a person physically and mentally. It can have an effect on your ability to think, accommodate stress, and keep your immune system healthy. Concentration will drop and memory will become impaired from future sleep deprivation. Drawback solving skills are disabled and call creating skills are compromised as well. Obtaining seven to eight hours of sleep an evening is what most people would like to be well rested and healthy. Future sleep deprivation will conjointly cause hallucinations in severe cases. Slurred speech, depression, irritability, and slowed reactions times will happen as well. You can additionally get and disease too from sleep depr … sleep snoring

  66. Also we had to change your name to Cosimo to honor you new found family. This is what sleep deprivation does to my brain. :O

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