Nefarious NapStealers Steal Academic Performance

Edina High School Main Entrance in Edina, MN

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{While|Inasmuch as} everyone {needs|requires} {varying|different} {quantities|amounts} of {sleep|rest} to {function|perform} {normally|well}, {researchers|scientists} have {confirmed|verified} that {teenagers|young people} {need|require} {more|greater quantities of} sleep than younger {children|kids} and {adults|older people} in order to {perform|achieve} their best in {school|academic pursuits}. {Hence|Therefore}, they are at a {greater|larger} {disadvantage|risk} to the {attacks|assaults} of Nefarious NapStealers and other sleep disorders. Studies have {proposed|shown} that {middle|junior high} school and high school {students|children} need at {least|a minimum} {9|nine} hours of {sleep|rest} for {peak|best} {performance|achievement} of their {academic pursuits|school work}, while it {seems|indicates} that {most|a majority of} adults only need {8|eight} hours of {sleep|rest} to {achieve normal functionality|perform normally}.

The problem is that in {teens|high schoolers}, the nefarious napstealers {actually|typically} take the form of hormones due to the biological changes that {occur|happen} {during|throughout} puberty, which {disrupt|interrupt} circadian rhythms and {do not allow these kids to fall|prevent these children from falling} asleep as early as they could when they were younger. {Typically|Normally}, {adolescents|teenagers} don’t {feel tired|get sleepy} until {11pm|11:00 p.m.} or {midnight|12:00 a.m.}, so it {becomes impossible|is extremely difficult} for them to {achieve|obtain} the {9|nine} hours of {sleep|rest} {necessary|required} and still {get to|arrive at} school on time.

One {proposal|discussion} to {help|aid} with the {issue|problem} is to {change|alter} {school start times|the time school begins}. {Schools|Local educational institutions} already {stagger|alter} {start|beginning} times to allow bus routes to {deliver|drop} children at the {appropriate|correct} schools at the {appropriate|proper} times, so the {older children|adolescents|high schoolers} should {have the latest start times|start school last}. In 1996, Edina High School in Minnesota changed it’s {class beginning|school start} time from 7:20{am| a.m.} to 8:30{am| a.m.} and {found|the result was} that it {dramatically|markedly} {improved|increased} students’ {performance|achievements} in {academic pursuits|school work}. The Nefarious Napstealers had no {control|sway} over {kids|children} who {before|previously} would {typically|normally} {sleep|nap} through their {first class|homeroom period}, regardless of their {interest|involvement} in the subject or activity.

We can {laud|hail} the {dramatic|extreme} {improvement|changes} and call for {global|overall} {sweeping|complete} changes in {school|class} {start|beginning} times, but {unfortunately|nevertheless} there are also other {factors|things} {involved|that affect the results}. The Edina case study, part of a 17-district CAREI School Start Time Study {showed|indicated} that {changing|altering} the {start|beginning} time {helped|aided} {significantly|noticeably}, but not {nearly|quite} as much as they had {hoped|predicted}. Another {issue|problem} is that with high school students other napstealing {factors|issues} are {at play|involved}, including extra-curricular activities, such as {sports|football}, {music|band}, {cheerleading|volleyball} and {clubs|societies} that {occur|meet} {before|preceding} and {after|following} school, as well as {part-time|temporary} {jobs|employement} that many {high schoolers|high school students} {have to get|must obtain} to {be able to afford|have the money} to {participate in|join} all of the {extra|additional school} activities. Another {huge|great} {factor|portion of the problem} is all of the {social|non-school} activities that high schoolers participate in that may or may not be related to school activities and an ever-increasing amount of time allotted to Internet use, texting, online social networking and a plethora of other siesta thieves and napstealers that nefariously whittle away at the finite amount of time available to today’s teenagers.

Parents need to do everything they can to help kids in these situations, from helping them to cut out caffeine and other stimulants that nefariously interfere with sleep patterns, as well as encouraging their adolescent children to take short afternoon naps to make up for the sleep they may not be getting at night. Parents should encourage their children to keep Internet, online social activities, texting and movie watching to a minimum during the week and minimize talking on the phone in the evening. These teenagers should also be exposed to sunlight as soon as they wake up, to help their bodies reset their inner sleep clock.

What ways can you think of to help adolescents and teenagers achieve better sleep?

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  1. Too Cool For School says:

    Up early – three presentations at Edina High School today – 10 am, 12 noon, and 2 pm. Then a drive to Mankato, then Iowa v. Arizona. Vroom.

  2. broadsideblog says:

    Holly, thanks for the kind words! The blog stalker is gone, and, I hope, for good.

    Pedicures are so great…Last night, the sweetie and I laughed like crazy as we were lying in bed and it felt so good to laugh that hard. It has been a while.

    I think people often feel guilty about taking a nap but I think as basic as drinking water when you feel thirsty — your body is trying to tell you something important.

  3. I have a question about beads…My brain must be taking a nap on this..On the sight fire mountain and gems there are bead sizes I dont understand…When looking at a bead selection there is a 1-14 15-49 50-199 200+ … All these are different prices…would someone explain this to me?? I am missing something..what dose these numbers mean? I am have a Rose Nilan (Golden Girls) moment….thank you

  4. Infinity MedStaff – Oklahoma City, OK – ARNP, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Candidate will provide medical and educational services to patients which include assessment, physical exams and management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders. Competitive Compensation Package Full Benefits Package Paid Malpractice Insurance Professional and Dynamic Work Environment Requirements: Credentialed in Family Practice Prescri

  5. Thanks for adding me as a friend on technorati -and mybloglog. get around to adding you to my faves list too in the very near future. just too doggone tired to do that tonight. The grandson has had me up since about 1 a.m. and showing no signs of going to sleep soon now either at 3:35 a.m. Wish we could figure out what his “sleep disorder” is and get it corrected so maybe my own sleep disorder would then self-correct!

  6. Wow the person with sleep disorder just has to listen to that commercial a couple of times and by the time they finish the side effects the person will already be asleep! 🙂 Oh and I love the intro to this Vlog! looking forward to my package!

  7. delayed2sleep says:

    My, but you are optimistic! I refer to the statement: “Your doctor will be able to accurately diagnose a sleep disorder…” That may be true of SOME disorders. It is VERY rarely true of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders, delayed sleep-phase disorder and free running (non-24) disorder. Many have searched for years and decades looking for a diagnosis and some understanding of these conditions.

  8. cheriust says:

    Please send our sympathies to Professor family, and add our thanks as well. I was Dr. student at Edina High School, graduating in 1962. At a turbulent time in my life, his class added stability, discipline and fun. I know I have made it through college without the experience of his high school class, and join his other students in saying that we have missed his class for anything.

    Sincere sympathies,

    Betty Olson

  9. sorry banard I ws knocked out then had class at 8am 🙁 I’m taking a nap till 12 then going to the editing lab call yu whil walkin

  10. JimmySmith says: Sometimes you just got to think outside of the box. Next up, I will solve the stadium issue for you once Edina High School returns my phone call.

    Why would Edina return your call? Are they looking for a guest speaker to inform health classes about the dangers of drinking paint thinner and the horrible message board posts that follow?

  11. "on the subway" - Twitter Search says:

    Sluggy’s Lunch – Claymation

    This less-than-a-minute video is my FIRST EVER claymation It is about a cute little sculpey-slug named Sluggy and what he does in the afternoon after his nap (he eats lunch after taking a nap in his Nerd’s box). Thanks for watching! I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!

    From: SawyerMusicOfficial

    Views: 1

    0 ratings
    Time: 00:35 More in Entertainment

  12. Then when I actually can sleep, I have a night terror or stop breathing in my sleep. I’m so lucky to have several sleep disorders.

  13. jebdamone says:

    foxmtbr says: Like, say, Tarvaris Jackson?

    yes, they traded up for T Jack Off but forget, they also traded up for John David Booty and to no avail.

    But if the Vikings are looking for some good news, check out this math. The Packers won the Superbowl with a roster of 53, 15 on IR plus 8 incoming draft picks. That means the Packers will have to cut 23 players which translates into treasure chest of players for the Vikings to pick up and sign. They meet all the requirements to be a Viking, they will be all ex Packers, they are not good enough to play for GB and none of them will ever expect to get to the Superbowl.

    Sometimes you just got to think outside of the box. Next up, I will solve the stadium issue for you once Edina High School returns my phone call.

  14. MN principal of the year, Bruce Locklear of Edina High School is in DC. Its awesome I get to represent such great schools (I’ve visted 70!)

  15. awkward moment when you’re so tired from taking a nap that you feel like to have to take another nap to get over your nap

  16. lii babbaro says:

    I am completely full of nervous, anxious energy, I have a zillion things to do, and all I feel like doing is taking a nap and daydreaming!

  17. wheenauer says:

    Move it to Edina High School. With the Vikings out of the playoffs, only a small number of fans are showing up anyway. Tell the Edina School District that they can keep the concession revenues in exchange for tearing up the field.

  18. ram nori says:

    Insomnia is the one common sleep disorder that 4 out of 10 people are experiencing these days. It could. Without having good sleep, people have been known not to do the things that they usually do; they could even …

  19. thetooloftools says:

    The Metrodump $18 Mil in total much less $18 mil in repairs. My suggestion is that they play 2011 at Edina High School.

    That way they can safely sell out the games without leaning on the local business to avoid the TV blackouts. That same $18 mil can be re-routed over to Allied Moving vans for the inevitable move westward.

    See how easy it is to find solutions if you just focus on the final objective?

  20. melanie_lowery says:

    My child taking a nap, so I was going 2 too… But my nephew trying 2 WWE me while I lay. He better get before I drop da ppl’s elbow on him.

  21. jette vers says:

    When people experience abnormal snoring or they suffer from insomnia that lasts more than several weeks, it`s possible that they suffer from sleeping problems. There`re different types of sleep disorders and also different ways to overcome them. Do you have sleep problems? Please check my website for more explanation.
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  22. GagaCooper says:

    PNSD – post nap sleep disorder. Not being able to sleep after having a nap earlier in the day, even if your life depends on it.

  23. “Next up, I will solve the stadium issue for you once Edina High School returns my phone call.”

    Why does it matter? I thought you allowed within 200 yards of any high school.

  24. I was feeling very ambitious this morning, but now all I can think about is crawling in my bed with a book and taking a nap.

  25. Taking a nap in my car on a Saturday night in OB wtf lol old lady Carrie needs z’s or something. Screw rock n roll with no lube haha goo …

  26. hannus das says:

    Lenny uhg! I thought I was taking a nap around 8pm… didn’t think I was going to sleep for 6 hours and wake up in the middle of the night! grrr.

  27. burcheney pabrandvig says:

    Supposed to be taking a nap, but I can’t sleep. You think the Warf and Del Monte Center will be packed because of the golf thingy?

  28. whitta ako says:

    Authorized Vendor for Valerian Root. Encapsulated Valerian root with a guaranteed natural potency of .1% Valerenic acids. Valerian has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, it promotes relaxation in persons leading a hectic lifestyle and helps restful sleep. Valerian valeriana officinalis has nervine, anti spasmodic, calmative, hypotensive, and emmenagogue an herb that stimulates menstruation to help relieve insomnia, headache, hyperactivity, hyper excitability, disease, after pains, anxiety, tension, stress, nervous stomach, palpitations, PMS, menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, sleep disorders, urinary tract disorders, depression, bronchial spasms, lingering coughs, and as a sleep aid..

  29. Are you suffering from a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea? Chances are that you are not absolutely aware or you may be in denial. Unlike several disorders, sleep apnea is not simply diagnosed. No doctor may tell if you have got one solely when one consultation or visit. It is also not diagnosed through blood tests and other clinical procedures. It is typically the roommate or bed of a patient who may tell if someone has sleep apnea. That is because no person may extremely tell what goes on throughout his sleep, just like not everybody may tell if he extremely snores as a result of he may not hear himself do thus during his own sleep. There are general symptoms and signs that a person has sleep apnea. It is very that you …Los Angeles CPAP, Los Angeles sleep disorder, Los Angeles sno

  30. I agree with much of your review, for example both the public and clinicians need much more information than they now have. But my reaction to your first sentence is that got it backward: “Clinical practice related to sleep problems and sleep disorders has been expanding rapidly in the last few years, but scientific research is not keeping pace.”

    That depends on which sleep disorders you are considering! I have a circadian rhythm disorder. The researchers know about it, but the vast majority of doctors / nurses / psychologists etc do NOT know anything at all about these disorders. Therefore I (and others) went undiagnosed for many years, a burden which should have been avoidable.

  31. inas anje says:

    Definition A sleep disorder (somnipathy) is often a medical disorder of the sleep patterns. You need to understand why sleep disorder could deteriorate your health as well as interfere with normal actual physical, mental and emotional functioning because it effects your nerves in the production of natural hormone melatonin which is needed for sleep and …

  32. SilverTongueMM says:

    It’s a baby breaking out of a woman’s stomach like a dinosaur egg. I guess. Only the baby got tired & is taking a nap now.

  33. DMoneyMetzger says:

    I gotta get up at 6. Im going to be mad tired. Taking a nap when I get home to my wife. Hopefully with her.

  34. How sleep disorders caused by snoring affects you | – Snoring can be very noisy, husky or something you can hear from a or somebody

  35. Johnn Luevanos says:

    IL-Springfield, Provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. Perform polysomnographic testing and analysis, and associated interventions. – Current CPR per American Association guidelines. – Must maintain 10 continuing education units anually that to sleep medicine. – Current as a Registered Polysomnographic/Sleep Technologist, as recognized by the Board of Regist

  36. onehelejun says:

    I have a sleep disorder and I can’t drink energy drinks or very much caffeine. I saw a commercial for it & I was wondering abt it

  37. I ferried across. Actually from France to England, then from Wales to Ireland. I got a little seasick, mainly from my friends and I leaping into the 100 mph crosswind at the precise moment the ferry dipped off the crest of a wave, making it seem like we could jump 10 feet in the air and 20 feet backward with ease. I effectively overcame the sick feeling by taking a nap.

  38. I think reality was the point. just a silly take from the p.o.v. of a bookseller. Too bad the third one was removed – it was funny. Maybe it was the proximity of small children and the staff member taking a nap with a bottle of Scotch. Either the parents of the children complained, or the distiller complained of trademark infringement or something.

  39. Belmonte Propper: pic
    I don’t know why but i can’t go sleep. is anyone interested in taking a nap, cuddling and just staying in today? IF YOU’RE DTF then go ahead and reply as well. reply with a pic of your face please. all races welcomed just be between 19-23. military is preferred but not required.
    Join to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  40. ishwarwood splanne says:

    when my mom is taking a nap : no noise . when im taking a nap : imma put metal in the blender , and vacuum for 5 hours .

  41. Some people can sleep through anything. Phones ringing, doors slamming, cars rumbling can’t break through their slumber, while others…

    Electroencephalography – Health – Research – Sleep Disorders – Conditions and Diseases

  42. nejy arnethi says:

    Been dragging along all day. Gonna go take a nap and see what that does to my productivity. Well, my productivity AFTER taking a nap.

  43. Tips on how to remedy Sleep disorders By means of Drop Ray ban is probably the most popular eyewear in the world. People, old and yaung, all love Ray Ban sunglasses, especially beatbox by dre ! The brand is popular due to high quality and cutting edge design. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses are clas …

  44. edinahistory says:

    Just found out some people in Edina High School’s Spanish class got to meet Messi on spring break and have an hour play session with him….

  45. My cat was taking a nap and when he woke up he stretched and then he facepalmed with both paws. I laughed so hard he bit me.

  46. My kids go back to school today and there is no mommy happier than I am!!! First order of business is taking a nap. Or maybe wanking!!!

  47. So, made it home…didn’t run out of gas, which is a good thing. Now I’m taking a nap. Yes, another one, my eyes are burning and I’m beat.

  48. madelineblogtip says:

    On that note I’m signing off I hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night…..why can’t they invent an app for sleep disorders? xx

  49. Twitter / Favorites from thwartedefforts says:

    So, I tried taking a nap. Slept for about 30 mins and then my mom called me. Then work called me after that. I am now wide awake.

  50. kargerby giunao says:

    Cute baby kitten and adult cat taking a nap together

    Mr. Butters (the adult cat) and Miss Cupcake taking a little nap together. When I first got Miss Cupcake, Mr. Butters didn’t take to her too well. He would always hiss at her whenever we put them together for a play date. Eventually, as we introducing her to him more and more, he ended up LOVING her, thus their napping together. Now Mr. Butters is like the big older brother. OuO

    From: toteswonk

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    0 ratings
    Time: 00:27 More in Pets & Animals

  51. I like to be outside when it is sunny. Actually last weekend I was so excited about the weather, and I was lying, taking a nap, and eating food on the glass. I already got a sun tan. I am easy to get them, but most young Japanese girls like that. They put suncreen whenever they are outside. lazy and I care, but maybe I should do that for my health.

    And I know that exsercise can decrease skin cancer. Thank you for your nice information!

  52. oke sarto says:

    I was so excited to get the NSFW stickers, I think I accidentally showed the mailman my junk. (I was taking a nap, and…long story.)

  53. Her parents were asleep. Taking a nap after a long lunch. The girl played by the river, although her mam and dad had told her not to.

  54. says:

    Graymark Healthcare – Omaha, NE – The Provider Relations Representative will be responsible for identifying, targeting and generating new business for Total Sleep. The focus will be primarily within the Medical Office setting. Grow existing referral sources and identify new referral sources. The Provider Relations Representative must also continue to educate the physician(s) and staff as to various sleep disorders and provide addi

  55. Johnn Luevanos says:

    It’s natural to once in a while experience problems with sleeping. In the event that you have had problems sleeping for many weeks or for a longer period, you may need professional medical help. There are numerous varieties of sleep disorders. However, there are actually just a few common ones. Every person will probably be […]
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  56. ©2012 TheWorld365 | Nuno & Debora Photography. All Rights Reserved..You might also like these — Double Jointed (0)…05/19/2012 — Husky Taking a Nap in The Snow (0)…05/18/2012 — My Friend’s New Puppy is Hungry… (0)…05/18/2012 — My Friends New Husky Puppy (0)…05/17/2012 — I Opened My Eyes Today (0)…

  57. Twitter says:

    ©2012 TheWorld365 | Nuno & Debora Photography. All Rights Reserved..You might also like these — Happy Meatball (0)…05/19/2012 — Double Jointed (0)…05/19/2012 — Husky Taking a Nap in The Snow (0)…05/18/2012 — My Friend’s New Puppy is Hungry… (0)…05/18/2012 — My Friends New Husky Puppy (0)…

  58. Twitter says:

    When people with sleep disorders choose not to use their sleep apnea machine, it can potentially set off a chain reaction of events that cause serious damage to the

  59. Twitter says:

    A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that an inexpensive “orphan drug” for the treatment of sleep disorders seems to be a potent inhibitor of cancer cells. Using technology in a novel approach, the researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center were able to rapidly analyze the genome, which has far-reaching implications for developing more effective and safer cancer treatments. Leading researcher Carla Grandori, M.D., Ph.D… (Source: Health News from Medical News Today)

  60. ledahley says:

    By Eric Culhard Sleep is very for a person`s health and wellbeing. There are a lot of people who do not know how to appreciate the sleep`s and do not get enough sleep. There are over 70 different sleep disorders and more than half of the adult population have trouble sleeping. Because the people do not talk about these conditions, they are not found on time and therefore

  61. schuter says:

    And don’t they just look so in lurve! Halle Berry and her beau Olivier took advantage of their long weekend by taking a long stroll down the beach in Malibu Sunday. We suppose Nahla was either with her pops or taking a nap, but either way, her mama looks pretty happy to have some alone time […]

  62. Biggest mistake today was taking a nap. That dream literally broke my in two.
    Biggest mistake today was taking a nap. That dream literally broke my in two.

  63. krogo lievonds says:

    EJR Downgrades Spanish Debt
    Daily Reckoning – American Edition – 39 minutes ago
    By Chuck Butler 05/30/12 St. Louis, Missouri – Good day. I got all my “home alone” chores done last night, of course after going home and taking a nap!

  64. Frederick woman defies bipolar setbacks: ‘There’s always hope’York Daily RecordMary Buckley has come through almost 15 years of turmoil with a positive outlook about her future while managing her bipolar and sleep disorders. Despite the debilitating effects of those conditions, in May the 46-year-old celebrated her second year …

  65. kesenziega kokoletso says:

    I don’t really want to stir up any trouble, just tweet in the mornings when I am trying to wake up (because of sleep disorders) DeletingSome

  66. I got 5 hours of sleep last night, so even though it’s not yet 9am, I’m taking a nap before I have to pick up DS…

  67. kell kashizah says:

    Edina trying to avoid ‘conflict minerals’
    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    The action came at the request of Edina High School students who worked with the city’s Human Rights and Relations Commission on the policy. The measure does not ban the purchase of technology that contains minerals such as tungsten and gold that are …

  68. LoseWeightFact says:

    Oh hey 6am, where did you come from? Oh, you called to tell me you were on your way? Sorry, Sleep Disorder is a jerk & didnt relay the msg..

  69. sleep - Google News says:

    I f you think you may have a sleep disorder, your primary doctor or a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders may send you to a sleep center for diagnosis. There are a large number of sleep centers located across the United States and their numbers are increasing. Sleep centers in the United States must be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

  70. khoff djenson says:

    Can’t sleep? You’re not alone. According to the National Institutes of Health, between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders or occasional…

  71. west fey says:

    Long Saturday so far. The boys are finally taking a nap, and I am now working on some code. Can’t wait for tonight’s OSU game!

  72. Sleep disorders donamp;rsquo;t just spring up without any reason. The most common causes for troubled sleep are different health conditions and medication side effects. The most common types of health problems that influence sleep issues are neurological, mental, kidney, stomach and joint di

  73. says:

    Sleep disorders are characterized by the disruption or abnormality of the sleep pattern characteristic for a give person. Some sleep disorders are severe and serious enough to affect the overall well being of the patient, affecting his or hers mental and physical condition.Sleep is a biological

  74. Jonathon shows courage and determination as he enters his first International Competition. The other teen jumped to the advantage and finally submitted JP to a triangle choke; however, JP refused to tap, so he wound up taking a nap and passed out.

  75. I love how my mom and sis woke me up at 12 cuz they said I was sleeping too long but now they both taking a nap smh

  76. Catmoves says:

    What a refreshing post. OK–I can so relate–I was, many years ago, a sleep deprived mom whose 2 oldest kids had bonafide sleep disorders. BAD. I also had a mid-life crisis around 32, so I get that, too. And, you know, I think some of us are born a little prone to the melancholy. read a very non-scholarly, readable book lately that has helped me understand my penchant for “enjoying” the blues. You are not alone!

  77. NewsTrends says:

    There are many sleep disorders. Snoring is just one of them. Snoring is a very common and sometimes annoying sleep disorder. The purpose of this page is to help you learn more about the causes of snoring and to direct you toward some help. Frequently snori…

  78. I think I have a sleep disorder.. I wanna sleep and I try every night but I fall asleep at like 6am every day no matter how tired

  79. There are quite a few kinds of chronic sleep disorders. You might be suffering with one or more of them and don’t beware of it. One of several primary results associated with sleep apnea symptoms and other sleep disorders might be stumbling out of bed following seven to eight hours of rest but not feeling […]
    A post from: Insomnia Causes -Why You Can’t Sleep

  80. ljubbaghra says:

    Maybe it’s because it felt as though you were taking a nap in a but sleep pods – whether in offices or – never really took off. Similarly, the Snuggie. Even though Rihanna gave it a try on the US chat show Ellen Degeneres, it never felt a chic option.

  81. rasser rhin says:

    pretty sure I have some of sleep disorder, I just get so angry in my sleep.. like one time I woke myself up cause I punched a wall wdf?

  82. I feel like taking a nap. It’s not even 10 and I got up at noon. Had so much energy but now it is gone.

  83. There is a large number of sleep treatments for the people suffering from sleep disorder and these treatments also involve the use of sleep medicines. However, the natural treatments are more preferred by the patients.

  84. giff deo says:

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea may be a sleep disorder whereby respiratory stops and quite frequently whereas sleeping. These episodes of temporary cessation of respiratory last for about ten seconds or perhaps longer. Individuals with this condition may not be aware of getting any issues within the night, however might feel very sleepy and groggy during the day. In obstructive sleep apnea, throat muscles tend to dam and relax the airway. As a matter of fact, snoring is taken into account to be one of the foremost evident indication of sleep apnea. Anyone might have this disorder, however most individuals littered with obstructive sleep apnea are men, especially those who are quite overweight. Obstructive sleep apnea treatment would mainly … sleep snoring

  85. Twitter says:

    Hate taking a nap after a long day. I wake up so disoriented! Did I miss something? Is everyone/ thing okay? Going back to sleep.

  86. aiyanasmailbox says:

    Is a hassle, but might be it to have a sleep study – I know so many people with sleep disorders that had no idea before

  87. _BrazilianBITCH says:

    It’s funny how I’m not in school anymore yet I ended up taking a nap around the same time as when I did have school lol smh

  88. Why do I love my husband? Bc he just said “is mommy taking a nap” & kids said “yes” and he said “she deserves it” (ok signing off!)

  89. borrman says:

    Lou and Lux in Dallas with a group going, because the plane will travel with the 1D and Lux tour bus, tour bus experiencing sleep disorders.

  90. I hate how so many people are acting like they have a sleep disorder cause it’s summer… like no huuny you don’t know what it feels like.

  91. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder. The flow of air through the airway passage either pauses momentarily or decreases while the person is asleep. This may happen due to a narrow, blocked or floppy airway duct which causes a possible momentary pause in breathing called an apnea episode.

  92. it is not true that older people need less sleep however over 50% of people over 64 years old suffer from some type of sleep disorder

  93. Twitter says:

    normally I would be taking a nap at work before I my shift. I can’ t sleep. If anything, I’m breaking out in a sweat. Not good.

  94. Sector - Biotech/Pharma says:

    Risk factors for a rare sleep disorder that causes people to kick or punch during sleep, could include smoking, head injury, pesticide exposure, farming and less education, according to a study published in the June 27, 2012, online issue of iNeurology/i, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. People with the disorder, called REM sleep behavior disorder, do not have the normal lack of muscle tone that occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) …

  95. Twitter says:

    Halloween Scare: taking a nap & being waken up by thinking your name was screamed. Waking up & realizing it happened. TP call never scarier.

  96. says:

    The latest advances in treating neurologic disorders such as stroke, headache, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and sleep disorders are detailed in a special issue of the journal Neurologic Clinics.

    read more

  97. Twitter says:

    And if so, are they real balonies? We need a balcony to use when our youngest is taking a nap. We are thinking of getting a pool-view studio or standard view 1 bedroom. Thanks for any help!!!

  98. creeker yve says:

    With over 50 million Americans suffering from some type of sleep disorder, who couldn’t use a few suggestions on how to maximized the quality of our sleep?

  99. rosvillene says:

    If you have just been detected with a sleep disorder, you are going to want to learn about the narcolepsy definition and facts to help you through coping with your condition and loosing the effect that symptoms can have on your life. When you learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and the treatment forms that this disorder can use, you will begin to learn that you can still lead normal life with changes. Through information gathered, you and your physician can create a clear treatment means to help you cope with your disorder. Narcolepsy definition and facts tell sufferers that they can expect an unusually high level of exhaustion and tiredness at awkward and uncontrollable times. Most of the time these individuals will fall asleep w …Narcolepsy Definition, Narcolepsy treatment, medication, illness, sickness, health, sleep disorder

  100. Ill wind is blowing for wind turbine protesters
    Wokingham Times
    The group has held several public meetings, where a professor on sleep disorders and energy have talked about the long-term consequences of wind …
    and more »

  101. Pharmacy hat on

    Melatonin is most commonly prescribed in long term sleep disorders. A course of a benzodiazepine is a more standard course of treatment for insomnia. The melatonin is taken to give you a sleep cycle, benzos help re-establish the cycle.

    Melatonin and benzos are both prescription only medicines, though melatonin is available as a “supplement” from health food stores.

    If you do go the drug route speak to your GP first.

    Pharmacy hat off

  102. SunflowerSass says:

    If a guy is willing to wait on you for an extra 3 hours cuz you were taking a nap then he’s a keeper lol

  103. kakikam cusa says:

    Abey din catch me taking a nap in her class today tho she was standing somewhat in front of me (Y) hope tomorrow oso cuz I’ll be sleeping>

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