Snoring is a Nefarious NapStealer, Too

Snoring (14/365)

Recent studies have shown that snoring is not only bad for the person snoring, but can also cause sleep deprivation in the person who shares a bed with the snorer. That’s my interpretation of the following summary of the study:

“We have previously identified heavy snoring as an independent risk factor for carotid atherosclerosis. In order to explore the hypothesis that snoring-associated vibration of the carotid artery induces endothelial dysfunction (an established atherogenic precursor), we utilized an animal model to examine direct effects of peri-carotid tissue vibration on carotid artery endothelial function and structure.

What? Basically, the researchers took rabbits, let them fall asleep and then used snoring sounds to let the napstealing begin. Other rabbits, who weren’t exposed to snoring sounds were said to have slept better. Really? You think? And then, another brilliant statement to summarize the hypothesis of the study is:

“Features of OSA such as hypoxemia, large intra-pleural swings and blood pressure volatility were prevented. Carotid endothelial function was then examined: (1) biochemically by measurement of tissue cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) to acetylcholine (ACh) and sodium nitroprusside (SNP); and (2) functionally by monitoring vessel relaxation with acetylcholine in a myobath.

It’s a good thing you have me to explain the nefarious napstealing going on in this study, because otherwise, you would be stuck reading things like this:

“Vessel cGMP after stimulation with ACh was reduced in vibrated RCA compared with unvibrated (control) arteries in a vibration energy dose-dependent manner. Vibrated RCA also showed decreased vasorelaxation to ACh compared with control arteries. Notably, after addition of SNP (nitric oxide donor), cGMP levels did not differ between vibrated and control arteries, thereby isolating vibration-induced dysfunction to the endothelium alone. This dysfunction occurred in the presence of a morphologically intact endothelium without increased apoptosis.

So, to sum up, if you don’t want to develop carotid atherosclerosis… (sounds bad, doesn’t it) …you need to stop sleeping with someone whos snores or fix their snoring problem. The genius behind this whole study is that you really needed a government-funded study to tell you that sleeping with someone who snores is a nefarious napstealer that can adversely affect the quality of your sleep, right? Or they could have just asked my wife.

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  1. I think I’ll definitely end up being some form of pathologist. Spent an entire afternoon on atherosclerosis, thrombosis and coagulation.

  2. McDonald’s

  3. In medical research, finding a reliable and cost-effective animal model can greatly enhance success in identifying disease mechanisms and genetic pathways, potentially cutting years off drug testing regimes and development of new treatment strategies…

  4. Pratima Khunte says:

    Thanks for the welcome back, and for following my adventure! Global warming is VERY REAL. The has actually undergone several “global warming” periods during its existence. Most of America was covered in glaciers before they melted due to climate change. Among the controversial issues are whether humans and their technologies have accelerated the next warming period, what the direct effects of fossil fuel usage is, and can we develop alternate clean energy sources? Have a great summer!

  5. korissmah says:

    Thanks!!! 😀
    really scary about my picture!!!! Unless somebody HACKED into the site!!! And hacking sounds like throwing up, which is a good thing so it should be a good thing but not because the hacker can delete stuff but they did a good thing by changing the picture but also kinda mad because they hacked but hacking sounds like throwing up which is a good thing– UGH SO CONFUSED!!!!

  6. fetalbetal says:

    Wait so is the take home message here, that if you are on IR adderall, switch to XR? I am currently taking 20mg and have a love hate relationship. The drug has changed my life dramatically, but often times I have a hard time determining appropriate times to take them and will often suffer for it (no sleep til early morning if taken to late). Im curious about asking my doc for xr, but not sure.. My biggest issue is sleep deprivation and somehow I see a XR pill fixing that.

  7. acajudi100 says:

    Cool. Prepare for sleep deprivation, various assaults to your senses and fast food. LOL But ya should have a blast. I posted my impressions of a trip I took last year as well.

  8. //Satire is often mistaken for meanness and intentional mockery.//

    which is the first good thing about satire. The second good thing is when it

    Kinda like…. the first good thing about beer is that it is beer. The second good thing about beer is that it is still beer! There is a third good thing, too, and after a GREAT WI win over MI I am on my way to to find it!

    //wrote my first post not at all sure what I was doing or why// …sounds like every post I write!!

    See you in church…iffen you sit by the window!!!

  9. Matt seems to be the Dr. Mengele of the Animal Rights movement. One of the key facts that AR members like to ignore because it fit their arguement is that humans are used in testing. used in testing AFTER being tested in animal models. I think of anything of hand that went straight from an animal model into general use by the population. Since they believe there is no difference in the value of a human or that of an animal I see why they volunteer for more clinical trials. They would be saving the lives of those animals they to represent.

  10. When a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world, It’s just the end of a world that you had with one girl ..

  11. gamhagg dressett says:

    hsofia, I snore, according to my husband. And fat. And so is he, and he snore either. So no, not every fat person has a snoring problem.

    My doctor decided I MUST have sleep apnea years ago because, OMG fat. After a sleep study, no apnea. Duh. The source of the issues I was having at the time turned out to be asthma but he was so sure it was fat. Needless to say, no longer my doctor.

  12. Are you experiencing heavy snoring every night? Has it gotten so very troublesome that your wife or is always constantly complaining when it comes to the distruptive breathing pattern which keeps her tossing and turning just about all night time? Has the situation turned out to be so extreme that it might undoubtedly end […]
    A post from: Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Causes

  13. Ah…just found one more thing!

    a a paper that came out of the Vilano Group and Research Institute, Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia on this subject. They looked at olive, soybean, and palm oil intake, they have a similar acute detrimental affect over the endothelial function in healthy young subjects.

    Endothelial cells make nitric oxide, which dilates your blood vessels and If this happen LDL (bad cholesterol) be eliminated from your body. Whether the olive oil was taken at room temperature, heated, or fully heated to frying, there was the same damage to the endothelial cells.

    Hope helpful.

  14. eillis millempiot says:

    “More for everyone, especially the non Muslim Malaysians to re-trace everything (learn the culture, sensitivities and value system of the Malay Muslims – the majority of Malaysia)”

    brilliant statement…whats new…!
    learn ,sensitive,value system,bla bla of majority…always one way traffic….!!
    why you learn the ways of the other 45% of the msian population ??
    a bigot you are and shall remain…what a shallow mind !

  15. hannell horner says:

    my eyes got really dry while i was on accutane, i also got ridiculously dry skin as well. but it worked soooooo good. i have great skin now, and i also get an occasional pimple now and then. the good thing was that when i wore eyeshadow it never creased!

  16. Authors: Haarala A, Kähönen M, Lehtimäki T, Aittoniemi J, Jylhävä J, Hutri-Kähönen N, Taittonen L, Laitinen T, Juonala M, Viikari J, Raitakari OT, Hurme M Abstract Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in immunocompromised organ transplant patients. It has been linked with the pathogenesis of elevated blood pressure. However, controversy exists as to whether CMV infection is associated with endothelial function, and little is known about its role as a potential risk factor for early atherosclerosis development at a young age. We aimed to discover if CMV antibody titres are associated with early vascular changes (carotid intima-media thickness, carotid distensibility and brachial flow-mediated d…

  17. Karen and I slept on a king-sized water bed, and after I solved my snoring problem (C-PAP, wonderful things!) we never had a problem.
    I agree that spouses should sleep together whenever possible… the last two months that she was alive, she had to sleep upstairs in a small bed and I missed her so much… in fact, I still do, and I regret every night that I get to sleep with her.
    Luckily, it bother her at all… she could always sleep like a log under almost any circumstances.

  18. I told you that you have sever heavy snoring disease for free and save you the burden of all those medical expenses! 🙂 That is horrible what you are going through btw, I believe that you are not covered. I did a little bit of research on cases like yours and found that people take matters into their own hands. Check this out..
    On ebay their are machines you can purchase that people are selling, along with other more reasonably priced methodical sleeping aids lol. Some may look like devices, but the only real is sleeping within a mile of you. JK HAHA No but seriously, you should check it out.
    My goes out to you Kev, and others who share in your H.S.D. talk to you soon! SLEEP WELL!

  19. I found this on Flickr. Apparently there is a spot in Nova Scotia where “feral” rabbits roam the grounds and interact with the human visitors. As anyone who knows rabbits can see, the bunny in this picture is not a “feral” rabbit but probably instead a former house rabbit that someone released into the wild, which is actually a horrible thing to do. They are difficult to see here, but there are about four or five other rabbits in the back of the picture and they all seem healthy, so I assume the bunnies are treated well and taken care of, even if they are considered wild. This picture is from 2006 so I know the current situation there, but I would love to go and see this.

  20. A new study shows that a simple ultrasound test may help to identify people at high risk of stroke who have a condition called asymptomatic carotid stenosis, a narrowing of the carotid found in the neck, in which few or no symptoms are present. The research is published in the August 17, 2011, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology…

  21. I recommend any extracted oils, whether raw, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, or harvested by raw extra-virgins (OK, I made that last bit up). Whenever you extract oils from the nutritional matrix they were packaged in by good Mother Nature, you change the way they behave in the human body. fascinating about oil vs nuts is that nuts improve endothelial function ( the ability of the cells lining your blood vessels to produce nitric oxide) while oils impair endothelial function. So I recommend nuts and seeds, as well as avocadoes, to provide the fats that are necessary for our well-being.

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  23. cobotkampe says:

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  24. got the number for the sleep clinic at Shore University Hospital. They can diagnose and fix his snoring problem lickity split! Also, if sleep on his side instead of his back, snore less, or it at least would be less severe. Ad for the leg up… not sure what to make of that. I can tell ya that my six week old son does that, too.

  25. reigh yane says:

    Hey verena,
    I liked your with the explanation of the and the characterization of the persons, so I got an good overview about your topic.
    The following summary was very detailed and interesting to read, I really enjoied it.
    Another good point of your bloq is the ending. At first you give your personal resumee and after that the reader becomes five facts why she/he should read this book.
    impresed about your blog, well done.
    See you tomorrow;)
    Yours, Kay

  26. uter carriko says:

    Good to dollar-cost average now by buying via 401k but NOT a good time to get into the market with new positions or big money imo. Expect a lot of turmoil for next couple months at least – we need to determine the trickle down effect/impact on main strreet and not just direct effects but indirect ones too. really surprised the markets didnt anticipate this a lot sooner. (not an just another victim)

  27. beil botta says:

    Research has recently found that vitamin D has a protective effect against stiffness and impaired blood vessel relaxation.

    Study with reduced levels of vitamin D had increased stiffness and vascular function impairment. However, among those whose vitamin D levels were normalized over a six month period, vascular health improved and blood pressure measurements declined.

    Science Newsline
    “The results add to evidence that lack of vitamin D can lead to impaired vascular health, contributing to high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

  28. ohan holdi says:

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  29. I think Dr. Stern gives a good perspective that the knowledge we gain from our space missions is definitely useful in expanding our knowledge base (i.e. info for students in textbooks, planetary etc.) I guess the reasons for my negative outlook on NASA is that I see or realize the direct effects its research has had on lives in comparison to the pressing needs of people, the environment, etc.

  30. robosindle vong says:

    Gillard is right – nothing new here. even tried that business with Disability Pensions before, back when they were in power (ask Draino about that sometime). And forget that although the stated goal of WFD is to help people find employment, a government funded study during the Howard years discovered that it actually made it harder.

    The true purpose of pushing people onto WFD, of course, is that for statistical purposes, those people are not counted as unemployed.

    Finally, this action is neither tough nor loving. The latter needs no backup, and as to the former, a characteristic of bullies to think their cowardly form of pugnacity makes them tough…

  31. fust quay says:

    The only good thing about soccer is, sometimes, warring countries will stop fighting for a bit, to compete on the soccer field. Then they go back to fighting. But any such gains are set back by the rioting fans. OK, one more good thing is, it is a that can be played by poor children. Soccer requires no expensive equipment.The only good thing about David Beckham was the movie, “Bend It Like Beckham”, a great movie, which he in. (Kiera Knightley!!!)Posh? Spice Girls? Pass.

  32. reid alvarado says:

    Rabbits Relaxing in a funny position

    My rabbits Mimi and Boxy relaxing in a funny position like any other rabbits 😉

    From: LucySadir

    Views: 0

    0 ratings
    Time: 00:10 More in Pets & Animals

  33. kristinlorette says:

    I also thought it was interesting that the research stated that the CSC model is not applicable to all mouse or human tumors. Since the CSC model does not even apply to all human tumors I know if using a different animal model would be better. Maybe it would be helpful to look at how the tumors that the CSC model does apply to are different from the tumors it apply to and if a difference in the signaling pathways in the cells in these tumors. These findings may then be able to be applied to mouse and human tumors.

  34. Did you ride up clarks today (wednesday the 13th) at lunch? luckily I had just finished climbing (red sleeveless jersy and root beer GF rig) so I have to suffer the humiliation of being caught and passed by someone in a 29er jersey and an orange rigid vassagio SS. Good thing that trail 200 yards longer or you would have caught me. I would feel a little bad for you, but you caught 5 other rabbits on the climb. not too bad.

    if it you, disregard.

  35. Freaking pet store people LIE LIE LIE about their animals. Beansa, lucky your girl a huge rate for rabbits sold in pet stores, largely because they sell BABIES who are too young to be away from mom yet. “She get much larger” yeah-whatever would cement the deal. But your parents did the right thing-taking her to a sanctuary. Some buns really do hate people, but are happy when with other rabbits. And some are the other way around-they hate other rabbits.

    Big hugs to you for reminding people that cute clothing is a bad idea to have a child.

  36. well bednard says:

    this something. i saw research that someone in hospital if they hear loved voice, or their hand is touched by same, their whole chemistry or whatever improves. rabbits bonded with people fight to live longer if sick. and they need other rabbits to love. now what does whole computer world do to this. summer school almost done, i have 2 months of newspapers and i read one section!!!! said we have more acquaintences but fewer real friendships which take time and are deep.

  37. yagi nam says:

    A new study shows that half of the persons that in a government funded study were able to ward off methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in their nostrils by drinking tea, making the consumption of such beverages not just for the wide awake anymore. Tea and coffee have been found to have antimicrobial An estimated 2.5 million persons (1.4% of the population) are MRSA nasal carriers…

  38. Well summed up dude..

    The best was from Kondeshwar to Kusur.
    Low visibility was the main reason for our indecisiveness,a MAGNETIC COMPASS could have helped us at that time.
    On hindsight we took a firm decision and got lucky near the end.

    Also the spirit of the group should be applauded.
    Thanks to some stupid antics (by yours truly) and some heavy snoring in the night we shared
    lots of laughs,which released some of the weariness

    To conclude it was great would have been better if my shoulder would have lasted all the way
    [btw it was 1 of my better decisons,considerin how sore my shoulder is today :)]

  39. michellethelaw says:

    , the good thing about being down to 9 men, is that they will never live it down if we pull off a win 😉

  40. helsheal says:

    Wolfie ~ Yes, this is a good thing, a very good thing. A very, very good thing. Such is not always the case following this kind of surgery, and been most anxious to find out where I stand. Now I know. Yep, a very good thing indeed.

    Wayne ~ worry, Baby. a sweety for sure, but this time I was flying solo. still at least a month away from being ready to share (darn it).

  41. ves pagne says:

    Climate change could cost Canada billions of dollars yearly, study group says
    OTTAWA, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) — Climate change could cost Canada billions of dollars a year by the end of this decade, a government funded study group announced Thursday. The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy said the cost of climate …
    and more »

  42. This Brand New 61-page info product reveals why we get hangovers, the symptoms, the direct effects of alcohol, plus 40 different ways to remedy a cranium crushing hangover (there are actually slightly more than 40).

  43. “Well, there you go again” Mr. Jefferson! you read in your old age? Is not a Home and Day at Elk Landing a good thing? Is not Defenders Day held earlier this year a good thing? Is not the Ghost Walk scheduled for October a good thing? Is not Vintage Base Ball a good thing? Is not restoration of my old mansion a good thing? Were not all the archeological digs good things? Come on. Granted, the Elk Landing board may have done a knuckle headed thing by agreeing to look into selling some of its land for development, but there are some good things going on there. Even Mr. Jefferson gave his arch nemesis, Mr. Hamilton, his due.

  44. engerlin says:

    You make a brilliant statement, in its simplicity. It has everything to do with teaching.
    What teachers do not have is enough time to reflect, to interact with students, to step up and get to know the kids, so that we can say, Hey, did you want to give this impression? Comments come out in classrooms all the time: Oh I got so wasted last night” when the person may have had A single beer. Looking big in the eyes of peers is often more than planning for the future.
    Mike Gange Fredericton

  45. sae nalina says:

    i’m tempted to tweet the lyrics of the track that’s playing in my head, but that might not be a good thing to do at the moment.

  46. The story is told about a wild rabbit that was captured and taken into captivity in a laboratory. Here, the rabbit found two other rabbits – but these knew of no other existence than that of the lab.

  47. *shudders* eesh. Thinking about using animals in tests makes my head turn. On the one hand, we can better the entire world with these research subjects — the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. On the other hand, my inner chimp is telling me that they are living creatures who do not deserve to be treated in such a way. In any case this is a good overview of the animal model heirarchy. I never really thought that a researchers own preference would have an impact on the animal chosen.

  48. Only picks I got wrong on my bracket were UConn and UNLV. Good thing I had them out the next round anyway. MY BRACKET IS STILL INTACT.

  49. burggraver angan says:

    Hey! You could try the new Dutch expression I learnt today. Hevige Snurken heavy snoring. Much more likely to a fulfilling conversation than boring old thank you.

    I will be back Palinode, to defend honour in Week 5. Be afraid.

  50. Religion has no place in US government, by putting such stuff in there they are trying to make it “Okay” for Religious people to try and force themselves in government.

    With the future brainwashing, a Church telling people who to vote for will be a “Good thing”. When a law is passed solely to appease the religious majority it will be a “Good thing”.

    If non Christians have their rights revoked for not being “Christian” (Since America is a “Christian Nation” now) like how America was founded, it will be a “Good thing”.

    And if they are sent to the Gas chambers…
    be a good thing.

  51. Jcdavidson37 says:

    This girl in my history class made a brilliant statement and I said “somebody throw this girl a bone” and nobody knew what it meant

  52. Fiver is a good character choice. You thought of some things I I thought of him as having characteristics of a sage, too. He was able to see and feel things that no one else could; to predict like a prophet does. He spoke truth in a way that was offending and hard to believe but he was always right. He had a lot of widsom that the other rabbits finally came to recognize and respect. He is an interesting character, to say the least!

  53. greenmetropolis says:

    @ Paul: I did have wee hamsters once, Chablis and Chianti. Then one ate the other and the cat got to the last one, yanked it right through the bars of the cage by its foot. Traumatizing. They were replaced by four mice named Ziggy, Stardust, Spider and Mars. They were smelly and lasted about a year. I am a crazy rabbit lady.

    Josh: your cat is the spawn of Satan. But I secretly think most of them are way under the surface. My rabbits can kick my asses any day of the week, but it could be that outnumbered and know it. Oh, and right, one of the rabbits is a psychopath. And two of the other rabbits are bigger than them!

  54. Yeah, I kind of have a snoring problem too… I think because of my lack of exercise these days. I will be joining your journey soon.

    Keep inspiring us to get there with you!Just hearing that you have set the goals and are working is a great thing. like fb posts which are always motivating. Gotta get back in the ring! Keep us posted!

  55. kathy_skadoo says:

    Introspection is a very good thing. That being said, too much of a good thing is bad. Find your balance by realizing how much good and joy you have brought to the world. Something we just think that we let “a good thing” get away. Sometimes we just need to realize that the “good thing” may have left on own. Of course, I have no idea what you are pondering on. I just feel like writing right now.

  56. SEMPERFIDELIS29 says:

    My Dad Seriously has a snoring problem.. Gonna send him to the doctor i cant sleep the sofa is not an option anymore its so

  57. anjawynter says:

    In my room I’ve got a heavy drinker who talks in his sleep & to top it off a heavy snoring bear off a man! Lmbo

  58. Shefaly:
    What I meant to convey was that stress is an independent risk factor what kills people even when the other known factors are taken care of. Of course, they are also
    As far as objective measures of the response to good and bad stress is concerned, I reckon there should be different biochemical markers for each. I think anyone today knows exactly which ones go up in bad times and which in good times.
    Thanks for the comments.

  59. Interesting topic, but you go into your evaluations in enough depth for your opinion to be much to me. I would like to see more information about what you did to actually evaluate the frameworks beyond counting classes.

    Ultimately this boils down to the following summary: “Here are four NIO frameworks. use them. They are tricky.” How? Why? Concrete examples and comparisons please.

  60. doorheabei says:

    7:49 w 185. Apparently I took the “crawl” too literally

    Nice job, David, and all you other rabbits. Those are some fast times.

    If you are a CFJ subscriber, there is a great video from Carl Paoli (my new favorite SME). supposed to be about pistols, but I was watching 1 this weekend and it offered some interesting tips on squats that I tried to incorporate into heavy stuff. Nothing dramatically different, but a couple of cues that were new to me. Maybe the GIC can check it out and give his thoughts about stance width, toe angle (actually, lack thereof) and other Paoli cues.

  61. New research from Neurologist Dr. David Spence of The University of Western Ontario has shown that using 3-D ultrasound to identify ulcers in the carotid is an effective way to pinpoint the small number of high-risk patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis (ACS) who would benefit from surgery to prevent stroke…

  62. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a muscle-wasting disease caused by mutations in the dystrophin gene. Little is known about how blood flow control is affected in networks supplying dystrophic muscle. We tested the hypothesis that mdx mice, a murine model for DMD, exhibit defects in vasomotor control. The cremaster muscle was prepared for intravital microscopy in pentobarbital sodium-anesthetized mdx and C57BL/10 control mice (n ≥ 5 per group). Spontaneous vasomotor tone increased similarly with branch order in both mdx and C57BL/10 mice [pooled values: first order (1A), 6%; second order (2A), 56%; and third order (3A), 61%] with no difference in maximal diameters between groups measured during equilibration with topical 10 µM sodium nitroprusside (pooled values: 1A, 70 ± 3 µm; 2A, 31 ± 3 µm; and 3A, 19 ± 3 µm). Concentration-response curves to acetylcholine (ACh) and norepinephrine added to the superfusion solution did not differ between mdx and…

  63. SheIs_Different says:

    Sometimes we wish for the better when all the good thing is in front of us.. We just don’t realize it because too busy complaining..

  64. As travelers arrive to enjoy matches and festivities, safety remains a top priority. The following summary reviews travel information and security concerns identified by Kivu Consulting, Inc. during a recent review in South Africa.

  65. A paper from Rhode Island Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit examines whether different presentation formats, presenter characteristics, and patient characteristics affect decision-making for patients requiring treatment for asymptomatic carotid stenosis. Based on the study, the researchers concluded that how the treatment options are presented to a patient strongly impacts patients’ decision-making, while the patient’s age, gender, and education level may also influence the decision. The study was recently published in the journal Neurology.

  66. peck poncris says:

    Ahhh yes…the Vader mask!! It makes a *hissing* noise as breathes. It also uses water (for some reason, I know) friend hooked him up with one and told me it has a computer chip that can be analyzed (or read) to determine sleep patterns. never noticed a huge snoring problem, but dh sleeping very soundly and the mask was sposed to fix that problem. That is, when he does sleep with it!

  67. Health-Care says:

    Research has recently found that vitamin D has a protective effect against stiffness and impaired blood vessel relaxation. Study with reduced levels of vitamin D had increased stiffness and vascular function impairment. However, among those whose vitamin D levels were normalized over a six month period, vascular health improved and blood pressure measurements declined. Science Newsline “The results add to evidence that lack of vitamin D can lead to impaired vascular health, contributing to high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.” In related news, researchers have also found that high level of vitamin D could be protective against the development of early age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of vision loss in adults. In women younger than 75, those who had 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations lower than 38 nanomoles per liter were more likely to have age-related macular degeneration than women with…

  68. I found it a littlle surprising how many professions use biofeedback, including dentists!

    This is not entirely reductionist because it does take into account that other methods are used in conjunction with the biofeedback, “most rely on other techniques in addition to biofeedback”, such as some kind of relaxtion technique. This does , however, ignore individual differences for example it seem to mention things like a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders.

  69. Awe…. I need my charger but I can’t move… and all I hear is snoring… heavy snoring and I think he left the icecream out….

  70. Hi, thank you for this post. You may wish to elaborate in another post about the health consequences of early menstruation (before age 12), namely that it is associated with an elevation in [lifetime] risk for breast cancer, apparently a result of greater exposure to estrogen. Of course, it is one of several such concerns and it is the constellation of risk factors that must be taken into account. Early menstruation also is associated with increased risk of other chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is not clear whether early menarche is an independent risk factor or whether the risk is tied to higher levels of accompanying obesity. In any event, earlier menstruation in the population is cause for concern.

  71. Are you moving yet? | Articles About Health says:

    not sure true and sure get slammed by some industry lackey, but heard and read on several occasions that you use canola oil. Apparently, made from rapeseed oil which is used in light industry as a lubricant, and it has to be genetically modified in order to be declared fit for human consumption. Rapeseed oil has been used for hundreds of years in Asia and India because cheap and the people were (and in many places, still are) impoverished. been linked to numerous cancers and pulmonary/cardiovascular disorders. The EU has banned its use, mostly because of the GM distinction but increasingly because of the medical issues related to its use.

  72. almoreenai says:

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  73. This was another brilliant statement:
    ” You were the one that was assuming, not me. ”

    I know you better than you know my wife.
    Figure that one out ?

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    Jackson is done A Good thing.
    Childress is done A Good thing.
    Pat Williams done Retired.
    M. Williams done A Good thing.
    Ray Edwards is done Single digit sacks, thats OK.
    Berrian is done A good thing.
    Green way and Leber are not done, and more than likely be resigned.
    A complete rebuild, no, not really, with a strong draft and a free agent or three, the Vikings will be in the playoffs next year.

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  78. she declared that one orange 1/3 cup of juice

    I missed that brilliant statement. I been too shocked at how much wine gave life up for her “cuisine.”

  79. Hannah B. says:

    I was also skeptical of the depression animal model used because of it looked so much like anxiety, and while reading an preparing to lead a discussion next week I stumbled across an interesting finding. a little teaser for next week (that not going to explain and ruin for you now): in the mesolimbic dopamine reward circuit, elevated function in one area of the nucleus accumbens caused depression-like symptoms in rodents, while reduced function of the same area caused anxiety-like behavior. It seems we can separate the two after all!

  80. OK, this is going to sound weird, but mine is a rabbit. Hazel, to be precise, from the novel _Watership Down_. That book is my favorite read — the one I choose to read when stressed out. I love Hazel because he is flawed, but persistent. He is also surrounded by a group of comrades whose strengths complement his weaknesses. I love that he can be successful in his quest even though he — and all of the other rabbits as well — is not perfect.

  81. Jenni_Marie8819 says:

    The only time i’m actually productive is at night but I can’t be productive at night cos I will suffer from sleep deprivation the next day

  82. gohensey bunner says:

    i think visual and auditory hallucinations brought on by sleep deprivation are simply a of being a parent. my kids are 4,6,and 7 and i still seem to get past the sleep deprivation thing. seems like most nights something pops up with one or more of them. in fact i think they have secret meetings before bedtime to decide which one of them will keep mama and tato up at night. they take shifts. a conspiracy. yawn.

  83. Understand where you are coming from and here often times from clients here the same argument. Style is personal and its a good thing we all love the same stuff. For me however minimal rooms are not relaxing – when everything is all pared back rooms just feel empty and sterile not relaxing and cosy. But hey we can all have our opinions and the good thing about being minimal is that its the easiest look to pull off financially and Intellectually which is a good thing.

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  92. This is a simple but brilliant statement: “Black is a color that has no social significance except in of the world where people who are called blacks are not valued” Many people of privilege would find the concept surprising.
    You might be encouraged to know that the other day as I was listening to The Takeaway on NPR the subject of came up, and at least two — and I think three — of the statements emailed in by listeners pointed out the and damaging concept of Can it be that it is to be heard? I agree with James: keep teaching!

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    she is litter trained. she comes with nothing but the rabbit coat on her back.


    serious responses only please.

  95. Interesting. I read letter to Jimmy and it included this line:
    “I must take issue with your that my column deals with Obviously, obesity causes health problems–no one disagrees with that.”
    Not only does her column not deal with fat acceptance, then, probably never even heard of it if she thinks “no one disagrees” that obesity is an independent risk factor for various health problems. In fact, these days, if an issue — no matter how firmly settled — that inconveniences or upsets any group of people, you can be some idiot has “debunked” it. The Big Fat Blog dude wrote that “took on the author on his blog and, well, he kind of exploded,” but I see no comments on blog from anywhere, so this probably same from the same bin of “facts” as no proven diabetes-obesity link” and the rest.

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  103. DisneyFilmProject: Amanda

    As cheesy as it sounds I once had a little grey rabbit that I named Thumper.

    Thursday – Comment – Like

    Cliff Wu and Dennis liked this

    That’s not cheesy. That’s cool. – Ryan Kilpatrick

    heh… never noticed before that his eyes are brown so you can tell him from the other rabbits – Todd Perlmutter

    You’ll have to forgive me, I forgot the group I was addressing. To most other people it is cheesy. 🙂 – Amanda

    Not cheesy. I named my dog the same thing cause he thumped like thumper. – Lori Abramson

  104. reid alvarado says:

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  105. mobachelle says:

    actually, a pretty brilliant statement.
    With spanking, it is a percussive thing.
    Or like an orgasm, it takes time to build.
    To be fair, if someone wants a warm up, they should tell you. It be a guessing game.
    However, you have been pretty vocal about liking hard play. And I can totally understand now how it can be boring if the person wants to be hit “lightly”.

    Also, there is some thrill as the bottom, to know that you have no control over how hard you will be hit.

  106. roberez spino says:

    lool.. I hope it’s a good thing lool.. My day was ok could of done without my meeting but from that it was good.. 🙂

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  115. Ok, thanks for the clarification, the helpful points and discussion.
    But could I just check that grasped where got so far in terms of what “closeness to Christ” means?
    Auntie: “Yes, go ahead”
    -: Why thank you.)…
    So closeness to Christ seems to encompass a few things – so would the following summary be near enough to being discussed? – Closeness to Christ is the spiritual maturity which has its foundation in our union with Christ.
    yes? no? maybe?
    if yes – thanks, pardon my slowness, with you now, continuez.
    if no – just pardon my slowness.

  116. Yorik Demitri says:





  117. Annette, Missouri says:

    I have read the bill and nowhere did I see ACORN in it.. so that is made up.

    There are a lot of things in there I understand why he would want out. Most of that is very good stuff that will help to stimulate the economy. Does he think the sewer system in DC need fixed?? that infrastructure???
    What is wrong with Hybrid vehicles?? That is a good thing for the environment, a good thing for the economy and a good thing for the government. Looks like a win, win, win all the way around.

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  120. vongpenroy says:

    What a brilliant statement by regarding what a soap is! She was a very thoughtful actress, whether she was playing Jo on SFT or Meta on GL. (Those were her only two daytime roles, right? I have my copy of Soap Opera Encyclopedia handy).

    I guess have to beat the bushes for a copy of her book…I would love to read it! 🙂

    Hey Matt, pretty readily available on Amazon as a used title, and my copy cost all of $5 plus shipping, so it should be easy to find. She had a brief role on One Life to Live as a judge after SFT and during the Rauch years, and it was Rauch who was at the helm of GL when she came back.

  121. ala rom says:


    You may be right on how a McCain-Romney ticket would put a little more pressure on Obama in Massachusetts. He also may help in Michigan and Nevada (especially Nevada — McCain will take Nevada with Romney hands down).

    But I think Charlie Crist, who will bring big gains in Florida, would be a better choice — at least in terms of direct effects to toss-up states.

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  125. waldani says:

    John… what does that have to do with the story about the Canadian real estate market?

    If you want to wail against corporate America, the Bush administration, CEOs, etc. be my guest. However, nothing you say about them applies to Canadian banking, real estate, debt, economic policies, banking regulations, etc. Canadians get to vote in the US elections so complaining to us too helpful.

    Canada is coming through this relatively unscathed. Economy will slow down as the US market drops, but the direct effects of the US banking system and government bailout have nothing to do with the Canadian real estate market.

  126. garagesassiness says:

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    HELLO MI neighbour! I expect to “pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer nor neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.” Indeed!

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  129. Twitter says:

    WASHINGTON, June 12, 2012 (Reuters) — Forget the long hours, sleep deprivation and 24/7 scrutiny. First lady Michelle Obama has more upbeat advice for Ann Romney as they face a hectic summer of campaigning: Enjoy it. … > read full story

  130. Christine says:

    OK – I need to see all of that quilt! loving what I do see in this image… okay, coveting what I see in this image! 😉

    having some quilting frustrations myself and I know if because of the machine, me, sleep deprivation, batting… something else completely?! Ugh. (Not to mention my first ever attempt so “winging it!”) Wow – sewing therapy for me on your blog. Sorry! 🙂

  131. anlay phankovski says:

    an animal smith who wants to unmask a hairy senior but is blocked in this desire by an animal model who wants to win back a meaty telepath

  132. ambergraceriel says:

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  134. tigerbrite says:

    Forgot to mention: a few weeks ago I was visiting an old lady in a nursing-home, and she wanted to watch this lunch-time TV programme which has home video clips of animals doing comical things. There were two animal weddings – one for a canine couple, the other rabbits. Probably not on the human scale of extravagance, but complete with frocks, flowers, eccentric vehicles and lots of food. The rabbit-breeders had even persuaded the vicar to come along and give a blessing. The videos did not show the animals leaping upon each other.

  135. Life With Buck says:

    HEY! I The Stolen Child just this past Friday night! What a coincidence. But what a bummer about the power being out. Storms over there in your neighborhood are very disturbing. When I was at I would sit on the couch looking out at all the trees and waiting for one to come down through the ceiling. I can see where be stressed out and wanting to eat. The good thing is that you recognized it and want to get right back on track. And the other good thing is that be able to do it.

  136. lack yoch says:

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  137. Circulator 38's Facebook Wall says:

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    Community Impact Newspaper
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  139. “It actually was a good thing. I learned after the fact that Medline is a horrible company to work for. Their sales commission policy is one of the biggest scams I’ve ever heard of. I had several job recruiters fill me in on this later on and also found some “Sales Reps” forums on the Internet where the “shop talk” was fairly candid about how sleazy they are.”

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  141. Is it ok for me to visit? Or is this an intrusion?

    Your motto is so right. I care how much you know about any subject – not interviewing you to hire you for a job. I just enjoy the interaction with you.

    I think you need to worry so much about being all over the map – kinda what makes you you. And a good thing… a very good thing.

  142. ListFree says:

    Depression and physical impairment are common and long-lasting after acute lung injury (ALI), shows study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Depressive symptoms were an independent risk factor for impaired physical function. “Early identification and treatment of depressive states should be evaluated as a potentialintervention to improve long-term outcomes in ALI survivors,” said first author O. Joseph Bienvenu, MD, PhD, associate professor of …

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    When did Romney come out w/the brilliant statement: it’s not a tax.
    Way to take a campaign issue & throw it over that cliff, they talk about

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