Mother Cat Protects Sleeping Kitten from Nefarious NapStealers

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen this, but this protective mother cat sees the Nefarious NapStealers attacking as her kitten starts running and twitching in its sleep. The best way for parents to help children avoid the napstealers is to provide love, affection, guidance, and yes, even hugs.

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    1. Cutest thing I’ve seen in ages – mother cat gives kitten a hug as it has a bad dream –

    2. Oooh! What games did you get?? 😀

      shell says: Cooking Mama, Trauma Center, Brain Training, Catz, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, Purr Pals, Quick Spot, and BOTH Transformers games So far all these are more than enough for now. :p

    3. Twitter says:

      “How to deactivate a cat”

      For those that are like “what?” it is instinct for a cat to stop moving when picked up by the scruff of the neck, as that’s how a mother cat gets her kittens places.
      [Reposted from stunya via karton]

    4. This project of yours was very unthoughtful to those it had to potential to effect, me being one of them. In high school I dreamed of coming here as a broadcasting major. The reason I wanted to get in to broadcasting was all because of Al Roker, so what better school to attend that SUNY Oswego, but no because of your project my overly protective mother insisted I not go here because she said a school that would be closing is no place for her son.

    5. sanke hilinen says:

      This reminds me somewhat of research involving sleep habits, sleep disorders, depression, and seasonal affective disorder — thinking specifically of light therapy and light boxes, as well as sunrise and sunset simulators. People respond to both natural light and darkness in really ways, physiologically. This makes plenty of sense to me.

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      Insomnia, depression closely linkedKXLY Spokane(NewsUSA) – At least 40 million Americans suffer from long-term sleep disorders, while another 20 million people experience occasional sleeping problems. Stress, anxiety, stimulants, medications, late night meals and schedule changes can all cause …and more »

    7. 14thstreetbridge says:

      Chris my kitten is doing fine. Dons been back since our big blow up over “Mission”. I gave him a hug this morning and told him I loved him. locked horns before and this one over the kitten be our last/ However been getting from everyone that stays at that camp that all the kittens are fine. Mother cat moved them so it all worked out.

    8. oldrocker74 says:

      No, Lucille deduced this by herself. It would be many years before Bailey would come out. A politically correct person would think, or at least say, that a man could put on the costume and makeup of Diller, Garland, Lee, Streisand, and act like them, yet be perfectly straight. But Ball was never PC. She knew right away, and like any protective mother, thrilled about it.

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    10. Strage, I replied to this earlier, but not in the comments? At first, the mother cat cleans up their waste, after they to eat on their own, they will use the “communal” litterbox. They have to see it being used, they instinctively know about digging and covering. Always a good idea to place each kitten in the box early on.

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    12. The best way to deal with children is to try talking to them and if they do not listen they should be punished by putting them on time out. If they continue to miss behave they shall be spanked.
      The best way to deal with teenagers is by listening and talking to them. You should be very patient with them.

    13. ForumElins says:

      Anyone want to be interviewed for a human interest piece I have to write? Only prerequisites are that you are a) human, and b) interesting

    14. packa hooths says:

      Found mother cat in attic and need home for all. Called pound if they take them and don’t find a home the all will be put down. Please help.
      kittens and mother are black with white paws and green eyes.
      kittens are 5 weeks old.
      Location: Ferris,tx it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    15. wan agle says:

      J Clin Sleep Med. 2011 Oct 15; 7(5): 526-9
      Daftary AS, Walker JM, Farney RJ
      Parasomnias are common sleep disorders in children, and most cases resolve naturally by adolescence.(1) They represent arousal disorders beginning in NREM sleep and are generally non-concerning in children. The diagnosis can usually be made by clinical assessment, and testing with polysomnography is not routinely indicated.(2) However, in cases with atypical features, polysomnography and more extensive neurologic evaluation are medically indicated.

    16. damn it!

      here we go again, the very same comment, for the second time.

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      the best way to get your muses back wait for the right moment. things like this always come when you least want it… or when the deadling is approaching.

      the best way to get a cab during the rush hours speak english. pretend not thai ;p

      (and i do understand what like when a cab refuses to go to some place 10 minute away… it had happened to me before.)

      and a note for myself : the best way to graduate get to work on the which is what i should be doing!

    17. This was such a sad thing. We had something similar years ago here with a college student who was home for the summer her freshman year. Out jogging with her dog, saw her 1/4 mile from home, but only the dog made it. It was the first time I felt unsafe, and never left me. Poor Darling…she just understand my over-protective mother mind.

    18. I always think that the best way to “release” anger is to talk to another person and release everything. THAT is the best way, not watching a violent movie (although I enjoy those…..). Personally I think this theory is right in a sense that the movie does leave an impression on a person and its how that individual deals with it and not get influenced. Cheers!

    19. I'm so glad to hear you had a good vacation, especially about the managers “taking care” of you. That was awesome!

      Though I must admit, when you mentioned all that alcohol, I help but think, “Oh no, gonna themselves.” Just the protective mother (oh. my. god.) in me.

      We just saw HP, too. I read the books, but Chris has. We both enjoyed the movie immensely.

      about you. *hugs*

    20. I think kandi is the most down to of them all, my prayers are with her and his children….her mother did nothing wrong she just stress what she felt as a protective mother, I just wish someone would tell kim to seek help, she is not engaged big papa just gave her a ring to
      shut her up everytime she says engage, I just think of big papa

    21. Drew Ciolino says:

      i think that the best way to discepline children and teens is to talk to them and let them know that what they did was wrong. when you yell and hit them it makes them feel worse inside because maybe they mite think that there parent thinks differently about them since they did something bad. your children/teenager will feel and learn a lot better if you talk to them. if they still continue to misbehave take it to the next level and take something of theirs away.

    22. This was from Sorcey on thread “The best way to help Palestine”

      “Sigh.Another misleading and mediocre piece from Seth”

      Sorcey likes pieces only when they are hammering Israel,this last one of pieces up to standards.

      You expect bottom feeders to have standards.

    23. speaktruth says:

      Speaktruth- that is a very compelling story and thank you for sharing it. I have a son, and a few years ago he told me of all the things he had done right under my nose. Thank goodness they were innocent rites of passage, but it was eye-opening, as I was always a very doting, protective mother. He was kind enough to wait until it no longer had the sting of fear and horror. They are amazing people, they? Your story was very appropriate to the issues raised by this thread.

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    25. angelica alcantara:p says:

      i think little kids should not be disciplined by being spanked. instead they should be put in timeout. the best way to deal with a teenager is to give them their space and freedom but not too much tho. teens should be disciplined by taking their phone away and not letting them out for a couple of days.

    26. OMG Im turning into my mom. I’m gonna be an over- protective mother. My bf just went on a date & and I made her text me his license plate

    27. shirlena says:

      Yes, we have snow, nothing major yet. It around midnight last night. I had to call 911 on the way home from work, a truck in front of me was going all over the lanes and ended up smashing into a guardrail. I called 911 and stopped to see if the driver was okay. Seems he was. Today I took my “kid” and bought him new tires. LOL I will always be an over-protective mother, it seems. ha!!

    28. Update: Clint likes the idea of fostering a mother cat with kittens, and then picking the best kitten from the litter and adopting that one. Either way, waiting until we get the staining done before we get another kitten.

    29. hiretts tana says:

      get used to it. My youngest daughter is 11 and I keep telling her against the law to kiss a boy till shes sixteen. she has an older sister at nearly 14 so not working! Now just decided to tell her that if she kisses a boy shes grounded for a month. Over protective mother you see, still want my baby girl to be a girl not a young lady. They grow up so quick.

    30. Lake County is full of them. I was recently sent an email from a protective mother who while driving to vote in her old hometown located in Lake County, Floirda noticed a disturbing vehicle behind her. Sadly this vehicle and its windshield message was seen by this child as well. What message did they see you might TO A and the KKK are alive and well – at least in Lake County, Florida……

    31. So true, always worrying and I have to be reminded sometimes that my sons are in their twenties! The hard as they grow older is learning to cut the apron strings, no one wants an interfering or over-protective mother. But that will never stop you worrying, you just learn to keep it to yourself, you grow as they grow and I think so long as you remember what life was like for yourself at ages, you know when to back off and give them space.

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    33. Hmmm… i too agree that someone should have stayed with her even without her asking. But i guess as Indyana said such things are all fading off and sometimes don’t even exist on the radars of the so called “COOL” circles. I hope that she understands the gravity of the situation rather than brush it off thinking that you are an over protective mother. Thumbs up! You are doing a great job as a mother. Keep it up ! 😛

    34. I was considering being a foster home for a kitten until kittens are available. But that seems like a lot of work for little return, and it seems difficult to make the timing work out.

      The page I was looking at was giving me options — mother cat with kittens,
      kittens without a mother cat, kittens without a mother cat that need to be bottlefed, or an adult cat. Over all those options, rather have the adult cat. My second choice would be the mother cat with kittens. I definitely want to bottlefeed anything! And not too sure about kittens without a mothercat, because I think I can housetrain them properly.

      Anyway, I thought about it, and I decided just going to have to wait it out.

    35. Hi Tom,

      I agree with Gramma Willow that you should try belly dancing. As a matter of fact, I think you should have pictures taken of you in your costume and send it to Robin to print in the blog. We could follow your progress as you advance through the course as of a human interest feature. Actually, maybe I should quit picking on you and sign up for a few lessons myself.


    36. Are you serious? Why in the world would God, if he existed, want to smite hippies? If anything, out their doing good work by helping those less In the meantime people like you are wishing ill on your fellow man.

      You are right, though. Sarah Palin is a human interest story. You know what else is a human interest story? A dude who can eat 40 hot dogs in 10 minutes. If you set the bar for 2nd in command of the most powerful country in the world at “human interest story” then may God, if he exists, help you.

      Of course people like yourself would love Palin. She makes even someone like yourself look smart.

    37. Gatz, thanks for the correction. Must be a new move coz what said some years back. why it was more manly, skewed toward some colours, fewer human interest stories and but now easier to see that society mag angle coz they have more female writers and more human interest I think really hating on pinky to have a different opinion. the kind of socialite few people envy. the magazine selling? Let me know if you could. Guess that coupled with the fact that her acting leaves much to be desired. But congrats on raj junior! Babies are a blessing

    38. Randi Harhart says:

      I am not a strong reader. Most people have a hard time admitting that. In my personal opinion reading is a great way to learn but not all people learn the same way. We all have different minds and we all think in different ways. Some people work best when things are explained or reworded to them. Some people can just read instructions and understand exactly what to do. I have to read something mulitiple times. Not always do I underdstand what I am reading. I think the best way to learn is to read it and if you do not understand ask questions. After reading and asking questions write it down. Write down your answer. If you get it wrong what does it matter. You learn from your mistakes. Try the best you can. That is all anybody can ever ask from you.

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    43. E nine and E mae take it too serious. They will come back after finish their works with Zeus {as he asked them to give him a blow job} OK this is my wish. Next time can you write something funny? And can i put my comment in Thai? My English is getting poorer and my German not even better. So Thai is the best way for me now.

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    45. radagast says:

      Bad advice, whatever the intention, is a of life that appears everywhere. been told SO many times what the best way is, the everybody else does If I had listened to these dopes, I would have lost my career a long time ago. “The best is the best way for THEM. And I never listened when I was told that had plenty of other guys here, just as good as you, and ALL done it that way.” (I hated that line the most) The reason here is because the person employing me has faith that know the best way to get the job done. And no, these are NOT just as good.

      Speaking of SCONY, from what little observed the women who look out for the other new women who join.

    46. To sell them & another person who lives there sAid mother cat was mEowing going crazy looking for them. I was livid but what could I have

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    48. brookie says:

      I've read somewhere that they believe the singers from the last two seasons had personalities that engaged interest. right about that. I guess these interminable human interest stories are their way of saying, “see–these people really are interesting!

      But it something that can be forced. Either great personalities will emerge (Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino) or they We going to know until the real performances and there much a manipulative human interest segment can do about that.

    49. Oh, that is SO HARD! I always see myself as my protector; that it is my duty to protect them from harms way, and sometimes even from themselves, or otherwise their future lives are in jeopardy. On the other hand, I was raised by an over-protective mother, and felt suffocated by her most of my childhood, so I can see the point you are trying to make.

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    51. Having grown up in Douglas County, it sounds very normal to me! When I was a young girl having a summer slumber (outside by the river), there were shots being fired across the river. My protective mother was frantically herding very scared little girls by having us crawl into the house! A night on the Umpqua! Keep us informed of any future free

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    56. Mommy2be_0419 says:

      lol I feel like a jealous gf , weird cause I’m not or a protective mother so idk how to feel about it, trying to like it again

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      You’ve just gotten the letter in the mail that you’ve been dreading all summer – your child has been assigned to the teacher that all the moms on the playground have warned you against. You immediately go into protective mother mode, planning how to fix this wrong. Yet, before you call the Principal or check out private schools, take a deep breath and think it over. Like you, I personally experienced that sick feeling with my own child, and I’m happy to share what I learned.

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    60. we are having a bit of an emergency here, our mother cat just sneaked past us with a kitten & legged it outside & jumped the fence…

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    65. adamjury says:

      The best way to stand out is the stop trying to fit in. I’d rather be a square than have a circle full of fake friends.

    66. Eve Fisher says:

      Josh, Good work adding some human interest stories along with the coverage of the games! Please have the title of the post reflect the human interest element. Your blog continues to be professional in terms of writing and content.

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    75. nah she won’t go but she’s like THE most over protective mother in the world and she basically doesn’t let me have a life :/

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    77. i think as you a good education a culture always is the best way for a country, the population to rise them and to defent in the best way their own rights.
      I do not know if western countries are prepare to help afghans in the best way or we only know to appear when there is an urgency problem and after that we dissapear as we appear and we leave them with more problems as in the begginer.
      Thanks for your visit to the blog and your comment.

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    81. The King’s Speech is an extremely well-made film with a seductive human interest plot, very prettily calculated to appeal to the filmgoer and the latent Anglophile. But it perpetrates a gross falsification of history. – Christopher Hitchin’s on the historical revisionism of The King’s Speech. The LA times suggests that this, along with the History Channel digging up footage of King George VI not really stuttering all that badly at all, might be the beginning of a backlash against the film, which has been gaining Oscar momentum since it’s SAG Award wins. With The Social Network, 127 Hours and The Fighter also having a basis in reality, is today’s film making too hung up on the “true” story?

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    87. Elmer, I am struggling to even begin to describe how wrong you are.

      When you see a mother cat caring for her kittens or a group of antelope chasing off a predatory lion stalking an old antelope or a rhesus monkey refusing to take food when it discovers that another monkey gets a shock in doing so – what religion do you think caused these behaviours?

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      Clad in cut-off jeans, a plaid and sneakers, the Oscar-winning actress looked ever the protective mother as she and her four-month-old made their way out to the family car after visiting with a friend.

      The rare mother/son sighting comes as Miss and fiance Benjamin Millepied recently returned to the States after taking their first family vacation with little Aleph.

      As for their overseas destination, the trio romped around Europe while making stops in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris, France.

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    110. I'm here meekly holding up my hand for Obama. I feel very small and out of place in my corner of cyberspace. It seems that everyone I read is thrilled with the Palin choice.

      I keep asking myself I be an old fashioned protective mother and still be a

      I just want to tune out for the next sixty days. My hopes were dashed in 04 and they are even higher for this election. I actually a bit depressed about it.

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