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Fitness online has a great sleep calculator that helps you {determine|find out} if you’re getting {enough|sufficient} {sleep|rest}. Using this {calculator|program} can {help you to avoid|assist you in avoiding} Nefarious NapStealers and Siesta Thieves that always seem to {pop|show} up when you’re {unprepared|not ready|least expecting them}, just like the Miami Heat were {unprepared|definitely not ready} for the Dallas Mavericks last night in Game {4|Four} of the NBA Finals. Dirk Nowinski looked {sleepy|tired} and {sick|sleep deprived} as he sat on the bench, {hacking|sneezing} and {coughing|sniffling}, but {in the end|when all was said and done} he put the Nefarious NapStealing Dewayne Wade {aside|in his place} and {conquered|emerged victorious}. It {seems|appears} he could {use|make use of} a {sleep|rest} calculator, {as well|also}.

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  1. haha! im sure you’ll do fine 😉 the non calculator wasnt too bad, hoping tomorrow will be easy though!

  2. hahahah the closest I come to hacking with a computer is when I make my calculator say “BOOBIES”

  3. Do anybody got a mf calculator?

  4. sobbing into a pillow because i’ve just broken my calculator watch.

  5. Dear calculator, please add a ‘show work’ option. Sincerely, you’re useless without it.

  6. I want a Casio Natural Display calculator. :/

  7. Getting rid of librarians because everything is online = getting rid of accountants because everyone has a calculator on desk.

  8. Outlet stores are so insanely overrated. You need to be a human calculator while shopping; everything’s “__% off.” So annoying!

  9. bro calculator man

  10. guitarmaninflames1 says:

    its indica, but from ive heard its not that great for insomnia (sleep disorder).. can anyone tell me how well this could help me sleep?

  11. sabardt joshigiao says:

    […] of journalism? I hope not. A few years ago, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, allowed bloggers to have press credentials for press conferences and games. He didn’t allow for them to be the locker room after the game, […]

  12. Twitter says:

    Kansas City Star

    NBA: Judge Order’s Dewayne Wade’s Wife To Be Arrested
    Inside Pulse (blog)
    After numerous problems with the divorce proceedings between Dewayne Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn …
    Dwyane Wade should stay away from New York, out of the tabloidsSun-Sentinel
    Cops On the Hunt for Dwyane Wade’s (blog)
    Judge Orders Wade’s Wife to Divorce American
    andPOP -E! Online (blog)
    all 318 news articles »

  13. modestypress says:

    #6 pandemonic

    There seems to be a gender gap in regard to chess. I imagine three possible explanations:

    a) a stupid game and not spending enough time on.

    b) It requires the same physical characteristics needed to be a defensive tackle in the National Football League or a “Strong Forward” in the National Basketball Association,

    c) Women have much greater chess abilities than men and just pretend to lose because of our fragile egos.

  14. Jordan_Baney says:

    I’m a Suns fan because of Nash, my mom promised me the day Nash plays in the NBA finals I would get to go, i’d love to see it happen!

  15. Wow, thanks Brenda!

    This is almost exactly what I had in mind for this post before the sleep demons told me to wrap it up early….

  16. Kobe also blew a 3-1 series lead against the Phoenix Suns, which was a team that played NO DEFENSE, and NEVER made it to the NBA FINALS.

  17. cord dewinsky says:

    I wonder can I buy tickets to the NBA Finals. Well, at least one game! Unless my team is in it, which will be a longshot

  18. HuffPost says:

    The Chicago Bulls breezed past the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-91 with the help of forward Luol Deng’s perfect four-for-four shooting from beyond the arc.
    The 26-year-old Deng scored a season-high 24 points, Derrick Rose added 19 points and nine assists and Carlos Boozer finished with 13 points and 11 rebounds for Chicago, who won their fifth consecutive National Basketball Association game.
    Antawn Jamison finished with 22 points and Ramon Sessions scored 16 for Cleveland, who lost their straight.

  19. shers candragaer says:

    I agree Lynne, both in terms of the air traffic controllers deserving a more evidence-based policy, and the implied analogy to education policy imposed in blatant disregard of the research consensus. Still, despite the flaws, I was struck by the overall attitude and practicality in remarks, enough that I thought it suggesting something quick, urgent, and straightforward for schools. Amazingly, not heard back from the President or the Secretary. 😉

  20. …and just how could we forget anything even remotely related to the Miami Heat when everything that once reputable commentators throw up in face is every little piddling excuse to talk about the Miami Heat?

    I now expect to see this as just the first installment of an entire series of similar The next installment: HEY, FORGET ABOUT ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS, and when you have run through the entire 25 members of this seemingly interminable team, you will on the janitorial staff!

  21. Air travel in America is becoming increasingly scary, with napping air traffic controllers, First Lady near misses, and so on. Who can we turn to in these trying times? Heh, we should be ashamed for posing such a rhetorical question. The Daily Beast caught up with the only man we need to hear from, Captain Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, to get his thoughts on the crisis gathering in America’s skies. Besides the fact that Captain Sully never met a flying schedule he couldn’t man up and handle, we learn that proposed cuts in the FAA’s budget scare him: More »

  22. WASHINGTON (AP) — As if you weren’t already sleep deprived, you’ll get an hour less shuteye Saturday night no matter what time you turn out…

  23. soaaiderek says:


    Prior to the 2008 NBA Finals …

    1. Who else picked the Boston Celtics to beat the Lakers?

    and, then, simultaneously

    2. Picked the Lakers to Win 70+ games in the 2008-2009 Regular Season AND the NBA Championship?

    Who else did that?

    … when the rest of the basketball world was, in fact, picking the Lakers to beat the Celtics immediately prior to the of the NBA Finals last year.


    There was only NBA Analyst … in the entire world … who did THAT, my friend. 🙂

    Only one.

  24. Growing number of young adults are taking advantage of ACA: “Data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) shows that in the first of 2011, the percentage of adults between the ages of 19 and 25 with health insurance increased by 3.5 percentage points, representing approximately 1 million additional young adults with insurance coverage […]

  25. If anyone is interested in the tapes of the situation you can go to and you can download the tapes. Listening it shows the professionalism of the air traffic controllers, and even though a single-engine rated pilot, how well Mr. White did. It is an amazing feat.

  26. tired of ignorant people saying ignorant things about Miami heat simply because they want them to win. If you have ever watched the miami heat play before they had the big 3 you know that Joel Anthony is a good Center who has above average defensive capabilities and only needs to be surrouned with better plays for him to become a great center in the NBA. Miami does not have a weakness in their center spot, and when the season im positive people will know why the Miami Heat will lead the NBA this season AND.. for seasons to come. If you want to be a Hater go ahead.. But all your doing is fuel the game of the Miami Heat. Good luck to all the teams that have to face the Miami Heat because they are in for a big one..

  27. Although a medicine reduces ardour and increases a feeling of compensation from even a tiny meal, it’s still probable to devour too many kilojoules. ”All bariatric operations can be beaten if patients eat soothing or glass kilojoules like cheese, ice-cream and honeyed or chalky drinks,” she says. ”It’s critical that patients learn to eat good-quality […]

  28. What's next- are we going to allowing our 9-1-1 dispatchers to bring their kids into work and answer calls? While we are at it, why we put them on the radio and let them dispatch all police, fire, and emergency medical personnel? Like 9-1-1 dispatchers, air traffic controllers are responsible for thousands of lives. And this is SERIOUS BUSINESS!! What was the father planning to do if his stupid stunt caused a colllision between two airliners- maybe spank his son and send him to his room?
    How dare these people take such a risk and allow a child on an air traffic control radio frequency in one of the busiest in the United States. Have we forgetten what happened over the Hudson River between a private prop plane and a tour helicopter? what happens when this job is not taken seriously. All the individuals involved should be fired.

  29. Los Angeles Times

    Lakers vs. Celtics: Still the NBA’s most colorful rivalry
    Los Angeles Times
    Paul Pierce, left, Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics aren’t as young as they were during the 2010 NBA Finals. Neither are Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the Lakers. But that doesn’t mean the rivalry between the two teams is any less intense.
    Friday NBA Roundup: Kobe guides Lakers past T-WolvesGlobe and Mail
    NBA Preview from The NetworkCANOE
    NBA roundup: Lakers edge Kevin Love-less TimberwolvesDetroit Free Press
    all 540 news articles »

  30. This is the National Basketball Association and the “National” refers to the United States and Canada where democratic processes and freedom of speech prevail. David Stern is a nothing. A mere executive like Barak Obama. Without the Stan Van Gundys to speak the truth plainly and the Rasheed Wallaces to scowl, there is no NBA. Stern needs to go the way of Mubarak and his ilk.

  31. ha, ok… I got 43 on this, 32 now. The psichiatrist I wento to told me I have OCD, and a sleep disorder, and a chronic depressive personality and ptsd and photographic memory… It later crossed my mind that you go into a office and say “I think I have aspergers”, because he will feel like you are trying to teach him his job…besides, is still a rather unknown condition in my country, and he an so…

  32. harmohlen says:


    NBA: A Classic ending
    Pasadena Star-News
    They are imperfect teams and hardly considered potential NBA Finals opponents. A third meeting in the championship round in the last five seasons doesn’t appear likely. The scorecard figures to read: Lakers 1, Celtics 1, in their most recent title …
    Kobe Bryant’s late push helps Lakers rally by CelticsESPN
    Kobe, Bynum power Lakers past CelticsUSA TODAY
    all 453 news articles »

  33. weightloss Master says:

    Obese women who have bariatric surgical procedures before pregnancy were three times less likely to develop gestational diabetes (GDM) than women who have bariatric operations after delivery, according to new research findings published in the August issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons…

  34. I think dat Charles and Kenny are exactly right. The Dallas Mavericks are a soft, pathetic non-physical basketball team. They are not physical enough to contend in the Western Conference at all. Since Mark Cuban has all this money, maybe he should spend it on some players that presents a physical presence. Until then, the Dallas Mavericks will never contend or win a NBA championship. As far as Kenny and Charles goes, both of these guys are future Hall Of Famers in my eyesight.

  35. From: Reggie, Misamis Oriental

    Oh come on why these entire puss for the best Teams and Players of the NBA? Let not your rule over your heads!
    Have you seen the intensity and tenacity of the Lakers in both the offensive and defensive boards displayed by the Lakers in their 17-1 records? The Lakers winning in a very wide margin of 20 and more points over the major NBA playoff Teams while losing against NBA Teams not of playoff caliber?
    Expect to see a Lakers Team that will completely devour its opponents in the playoff in the play of games and in the NBA Finals! WANNA BET!
    Posted: 1:21 pm
    April 14, 2011

  36. baughera masakay says:

    I just wanted to tell you this post totally cracked me up. sleeping okay in our house (for the minute… or perhaps the second) but filing these away for our next throwdown with the sleep demons!

  37. this is like dejuvu all over in the in 1986-87 when Lakers/Celtics were at each other in the NBA Finals… Best games ever!

    From Wikipedia:
    The 1986–87 NBA season was the 41st season of the National Basketball Association. The season ended with the Los Angeles Lakers winning their championship of the decade, beating the Boston Celtics 4 games to 2 in the NBA Finals.

  38. Scratch That, Charles Rhodes Will Be With The Mavericks Summer Squad « Bulldog Maroon & White says:

    […] Then, on Monday, I deduced from this link on the Dallas Mavericks website, which did not mention Rhodes, and this link on the Mavs Blog on the Dallas Morning News website that Rhodes, and others, had found alternative options to suiting up for the Mavericks summer league squad. So, I wrote a post that the Mavs might not be cup of tea. […]

  39. boda welter says:

    MOGRAFI announces the release of Sleep Calculator 1.0, a beautifully animated sleep resource for iOS devices. A good night’s sleep is often the best way to help you cope with stress, solve problems, or recover from illness. Sleep Calculator counts backwards in sleep cycles, helping you figure out the best time to get a deep sleep. Sleep Calculator is a universal app, taking advantage of unique iOS device features, and features two different calculators – “Wake up by…” and “Sleep now”.

  40. Ummmm. . . Abdulaziz, this is about RELATIONSHIPS! Babe-magnets at home! Men who have compassion for their wifes, love having time with their families, who know and love their children, even – men who cook!

    Being a hit at the Marina Mall calls for a whole new tool-box, geared to relationships which may list for minutes. You will want to be very trendy, expensively dressed, and body toned at the gym. It helps to be in your teens.

  41. What happened to the days of stiff competition. Magic, Bird and MJ would have never formed an alliance, their mindset was all about beating the best not joining the best. If the Miami Heat win championships now, the NBA community will not be impressed. tell me not about money; as far as the Miami Heat organization is concerned all about. We have become a very soft people, we like to compete we just like to win.

  42. JAMA current issue says:

    米疾病予防管理センター(CDC)が実施したNational Health Interview Survey(NHIS)の結果をマットレス販売チェーンのSleepy’sが分析した結果によると、最も睡眠時間の削られている職業は在宅看護師で、コンピュータープログラマーはエコノミストやソーシャルワーカーと並んで5位だったという(NYTimes.comのブログ記事、 本家/.)。 在宅看護師の平均睡眠時間は6時間57分。2位以下は弁護士、警官、医師・救急救命士と続き、5位のプログラマーの平均睡眠時間は7時間3分。一方、睡眠時間の長い職業も発表されており、上位は林業、ヘアスタイリスト、セールスマン、バーテンダーなどとなっている。ただし、平均睡眠時間の一番長い林業従事者でも7時間20分であり、それほどの差はないようでもある。
    すべて読む | デベロッパーセクション | ビジネス | 統計 | 医療 | デベロッパー | アメリカ合衆国

    「分割型睡眠」こそ人間に適した睡眠パターンという説 2012年02月24日
    「子供の睡眠時間が足りない」と100年前から言われ続けている 2012年02月15日
    就寝時間が遅い若者はうつ病のリスクが高いとの研究結果 2010年01月05日
    睡眠不足がアルツハイマーの一因に? 2009年09月29日
    睡眠不足だと仕事がはかどらない理由、科学的に明らかになる 2008年05月23日
    睡眠時間と死亡率には密接な関係がある? 2007年10月03日
    「早寝早起きは三文の得」はウソだった? 2006年12月07日
    睡眠不足による損失 2006年06月09日
    睡眠時間が少なくても平気なハエ 2005年04月28日
    睡眠時間が最短なのは日本人 2005年03月11日

  43. IDGAFOS 2.0 (Nu Jump Up/Moombahton Freestyle)

    Used a 720p camera and a 480p camera to make this editing was pretty fun seeing as i did everything while sleep deprived hahaha XD well hope you all enjoy it I don’t own this music it is a creation from Dillion Francis and it is title IDGAFOS version 2.0 you can find his soundcloud here: comment, like, subscribe, favorite, share Like follow

    From: KingAcell

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    Time: 05:09 More in Entertainment

  44. rafarraryn kuniskoci says:

    give credits who deserved, I think that Pat Riley is a genious, he is the mastermind in this, he always has done it, glad for Miami heat is going to be an interesting and very competitive series this year. even though they are young but they have the of a champion, mr. riley!!

  45. Janine Lim says:

    I want to second what Janine and Mr. have stated about the International Wolf Center. I spent several days with them last winter as they were beginning to develop their videoconference initiative. They are extremely dedicated to their mission and excited about this new tool to extend their educational outreach. I give them a thumbs up. 🙂

  46. Maybe I can stop blaming the sleep demons and actually get to the root of my insomnia… That’s one thing I learned from Psych today!

  47. anteingend says:

    […] citing  Leon Smith and Ndudi Ebi as classic examples for the implementation of the limit. Many (including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban) actually believe the age limit should be raised to 20 or 22. Critics of the rule, meanwhile, point […]

  48. – Because I think the world will be a lot safer if the United States has no nuclear weapons but Iran and Korea do have them.

  49. This is an example of the service you will receive from Air Traffic Controllers in the event of an emergency.
    In this regard also, is the fact the an
    experienced King Air Pilot was available at Air Traffic Control.

    The SEL Pilot was cool and ,as a pilot understood the basics and followed directions and landed the aircrcrft safely.

    The quality of a pilot is determined by their currency.

    Al Beckwith

  50. On nite leaving Atlanta in my Comanche 250 airplane, my engine blew and I had to make a nite landing on I-20 while on fire. What you are missing is the role of air traffic controllers. The controllers talking to him. They instructed him and told him what he could and could not do based on the size and type of his airplane. He made all the right decisions become of air traffic controllers. They are the real heroes. l

  51. QuickStats: FROM THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS Percentage of Adults Aged Years with Excellent or Very Good Health,* by Race and Hispanic Subpopulation{dagger}–National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2009{section} [From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  52. yo real talk im a true hard dwade fan/miami heat but i agreee with rico. Lebron was acting way too cocky i mean if i were him wouldnt promise championships u have to have mentality of action thats the key for this team if they have that mentality and manage to stay healthy then its over. But we have to see lets go Heat. They need to just shut up and play win first then talk.

  53. Reggie,

    As you may recall, I am from Cleveland, Ohio so I want to agree with you but simply King James seems to understand the business of Basketball and the world around him. Cleveland just seem to put the pieces together for that Championship team
    I was there when they were in the finals. Although I lived in DC, I had season tickets and went home for many games.
    At the end of the day, THE KING WANTS A RING with the BLING. If it does not happen this year, LBJ will be looking at the best business case to get the CHAMPIONSHIP.
    That Joe P dude is crazy! No way going to Texas.
    HOTLANTA should be on the radar. You heard Jigga right? If Jeezy paying Lebron, paying Dewayne Wade……(Jay Z 2009)

  54. Jamaal Al-Din says:

    New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni resigned on Wednesday in the midst of a losing skid that has the National Basketball Association (NBA) team battling for a playoff spot, according to multiple Post from: VietNam Today

  55. wholstra says:

    Last month, the U.S. of Energy”s (DOE) Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting released an economic cost-benefit analysis tool to help cities, as well as utilities and other organizations, estimate the costs and impacts associated with switching to light-emitting diode (LED) street lighting. The will also be hosting several workshops and webinars on LED lighting and the new tool between now and August. To use the tool, city leaders and other stakeholders can input the variables of their situations “” such as the street-lighting technology they are currently working with, necessary quantities, projected phase-in period, local electricity and labor costs, local taxes, installation cost, loan inter …cheap LED bulbs, affordable LED lights, LEDoption,

  56. “The New York Times recently published an unspeakably profile of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the new Mr. T. Up to now, Jackson’s credits have been limited to titles like “Midnight Meat Train,” so “The A-Team” is a whole new world and boy, is his copy excellent.

    My favorite is when he explains why two years ago he went on a high-speed police chase in Beach: “Mr. Jackson now says he was depressed, sleep deprived and hadn’t consumed anything but Throwdown Rampage Punch energy drinks for four days,” journalist Franz Lidz with a straight face. “

  57. Alumni Profile - Steve Masterson ‘04 « Sport Management Education says:

    […] Be ready to sell! Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks put it best when he said, “If you can sell, you can find a job in I will take a high school dropout who is caring, involved and can sell over an MBA in management almost every time.” Source […]

  58. DawsAnimal says:

    Its gonna be thunder and possibly heat in the NBA finals and the way that they played the other day, idk how its lookin for heat! We’ll see!

  59. mura zahrganza says:

    […] From Om TV hub NewTeeVee comes word of a move by the National Basketball Association: the NBA has done a deal with online video-editing service Eyespot (to be announced Tuesday) that will let viewers and Web surfers remix game clips into their own videos and post them. Other registered users can then rate the videos with a star system, and see the top-rated clips with a click. […]

  60. eagles0895 says:

    Boston Celtics and LA Lakers heading to the Finals!

    Yup thats right! Boston beats Detroit in Game 6 heading into the NBA finals to meet the LA Lakers. This is the first time Boston has made to the finals in more then 20 years and LA since 2004. This will be a great match up as the team with the most NBA finals wins in NBA history Boston Celtics go head to head with the team that has made it to the NBA Finals the most, LA Lakers. Who will win? Post who you think HERE!

  61. *Ron

    He was one of the central figure in the Pacers–Pistons brawl.

    The Pacers–Pistons brawl (also known as The Malice at the Palace) was an altercation that occurred in a National Basketball Association game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers on November 19, 2004 at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With less than a minute before the game was officially over, the fighting began on the and then extended into the stands after a plastic cup with beer was thrown at then-Pacer player *Ron Artest*

  62. foorizzior sie says:

    If Heat beat Mavs, they’ll be 4th team in last 7 seasons to sweep season series vs team that beat them in previous NBA Finals

  63. If Tait in the basketball hall of fame someday, it will only be becuase he call games for a big-market team.Hopefully this extension will allow Tait to finally call some NBA Finals games. I believe an announcer as good and long-standing as he has never called an NBA Finals game. I guess those are the pitfalls of being associated with the pre-LeBron Cavs in all their mostly-hideous incarnations.

  64. In order the l;akers will win 70+ wins they need to do thier best in winning all nba games

    If the miami heat wanted to win 70+ games they need to have team work and wade, james, bosh they need to step up thier game in order to reach games….

    The Miami heat wants to win the championship titlethey need to step up thier best and try to beat the los angeles lakers.

  65. Hawks Fans – Broken wings and other things | Atlanta Hawks: Fan Nest says:

    jejebron top 5 Shooting Guards? Here it is. 1. Kobe Bryant ( of course ) 2, Dewayne Wade 3. Ray Allen 4. Brendan Roy 5. then there is a slight fall off. you got Joe Johnson, Kevin Vince Eric Gordon,Jason Richardson, Jason Terry,Ben Gordon. Monta Ellis is actually a point guard, he does score a lot but he and Stephen Curry really swap in and out at PG position at Golden State. How could you say that Ellis is a better player than Roy, come on.

  66. We went from 11,000 in 1980s to 9,000 that a loss of 2000! I am sure the air traffic is worse than what it was in the 1980s. Also I am sure they are trying to cover this loss of 2,000 and increase in air traffic by scheduling. I think they are doing a very good job. Also is 9 hours off between shifts, that is really dumb and did any one also pick up on the statement that it is the same 9 hours off for pilots, you have to be kidding me! Pilots and air traffic controllers with 100s of peoples life’s in their hands with less than 8 hrs sleep when you figure in driving time and eating time someone needs to wake up, and it’s not the air traffic controllers, its management!

  67. Why Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd Plays So Well – 100.3 Jack FM – Dallas Radio says:

    […] Dallas Mavericks Beat Miami Heat 0 comments print Filed Under: 100.3, 100.3 FM, 100.3 Jack FM, American Airlines Center, Basketball, Community Events, Dallas, Dallas Events, Dallas MAvericks, Dallas Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki, eyes on the back of his head, Jason Kidd bobblehead, Jason Kidd Extreme Bobblehead, knee injury, NBA, Oklahoma City Thunder, Toronto Raptors, What to do? Where to go? Leave a Comment Below print […]

  68. fouledout says:

    i agree.. the west will still win the trophy. the san antonio spurs, dallas mavericks, houston rockets and phoenix suns will be the top contenders for the NBA title. The eastern conference teams are really getting stronger, but they are still very weak compared to the western conference, because most of the powerhouse talents are playing for western teams..

  69. carbaglia says:

    Mark, your evaluation of fb resonates with my conclusions as well. It is a new tool and who like getting a new tool, whether it be the garage variety or the kitchen kind that will make your life easier and make you more effective in tasks. Like almost everything in this world you can misuse it and make it a counterfeit god or you can use it for the Glory of God. I find it is not that hard to keep it in the latter category.

  70. Cortaillod Galjour: lovetoshowoff lovetoshow thank you for sharing
    I’m goin to be 29 soon. Looking for a country boy, but not racist. Between 30-37. Kids ok as I have 2. I am real…..the Dallas Mavericks have been playin their out with Dirk! Put your favorite in subject line or you’ll be automatically deleted. Emails without pix will be deleted. Also include your height, weight, and eye/hair color. You don’t know me as I’ve only lived in MO for a VERY time.
    Join to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  71. krumley sike says:

    Next time one of my kids has a 102 degree fever and won’t do any work, I’m going to ask them WWDND? (What would Dirk Nowinski do?)

  72. Los Angeles Times

    Looking ahead in the NBA: Chicago at Oklahoma City
    Los Angeles Times
    With Chicago’s Derrick Rose injured, the Bulls at the Thunder isn’t exactly an NBA Finals preview. But with Oklahoma City establishing itself as a top team, it’s an intriguing matchup nonetheless. After missing 12 games with a sprained right shoulder, …
    Road to the Finals: Oklahoma City (blog)
    Bulls-Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder Player Expects to Win Every Game: A Fan’s TakeYahoo! New York Daily News -Bleacher York Post (blog)
    all 34 news articles »

  73. D-Tube-It

    New tool for your family or your work … let’s squeeze it out … D-TUBE-IT …………. WOT IT SEZ – IS WOT IT DUZ

    From: centuryofghost

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  74. hender asbauk says:

    So far, pilots, air traffic controllers, crane operators, train operators, bus drivers, and truck drivers can not be medically if they use Chantix. There will be more restrictions on use in coming months. To say that this will not affect stock is not based in reality. I think that everybody should quit smoking, but Chantix is not the way to do it.

  75. A new study has suggested that obese women who have undergone bariatric surgical procedures before pregnancy are three times less likely to develop gestational diabetes (GDM) than women who have bariatric operations after delivery.

  76. Thomas makes great points that candidates and non-profit groups should burn into their brains. It is not about jumping from shiny new tool to shiny new tool. Its about using online tools to communicate your message and engage in conversation with and potential

    Building relationships is key to winning a campaign and building for an issue.

  77. tam bert says:

    After watching the videos and looking at the evaluation handbook, it becomes clear that the new tool is flexible enough to address the needs of new and experienced teachers. In both videos, people do what they have historically done and that was enough to get them by.

    The new tool provides specific that show mastery in each area. This allows both teachers and administrators to see exactly what is needed to grow into the next level. It also takes out the subjectivity that clearly exists under the current model. Both videos show a “supervisor” praising for little to no actual work. Using the framework provided under Developing, Proficient, Accomplished and Distinquished it is very clear what needs to be present to meet these minimum starndards.

  78. pruqs411bgx says:

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    The best soccer players are playing rugby!

    Ling Yai

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    […] This week in Heat (blog)He said that, unlike the Yankees, Cowboys, and Dukes of the world, who are hated by many, many people but also loved by many, many people, this Miami Heat Heat Censors Scott Raab, New Times, and Long Ago HeraldMiami New Times (blog)After Insulting James, No Credential in MiamiNew York TimesLeBron James: Esquire banned from Miami Heat gamesPlain Dealer (blog)Huffington (blog)all 20 news […]

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  92. I always thought of Pete as a very private person; Roger is the compete opposite he and embraces celebrity. Do you think if Roger hadn’t reached out to Pete; Pete would still be living a very quiet life away from the spotlight? I do. It must be for him to have those microphones shoved in his face and ask questions about, “Whether or not he thinks Roger is the GOAT?” I think under the circumstances, he is doing okay. It’s nice to see him out and about and he seems to have developed a sense of humor too.

    I love ‘Sir’ Charles. He tells it like it is. I especially love his commercials with DeWayne Wade. Funny stuff.

  93. […] Dallas Mavericks Remake Kanye Video 0 comments print Filed Under: “On The Road Delight”, American Airlines Center, Celebrity, Central Market, charities, cooking, Dallas Mavericks Cookbook, food, Golden State, In The Kitchen, Kings, Mark Cuban, Mavs, Mavs cookbook, Mavs foundation, New Jersey, Off The Off the In the Kitchen Leave a Comment Below print […]

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  95. I like your metaphor–maybe I should revise mine. How about this:

    Families are like Parents are like air traffic controllers who make sure that children (pilots) are flying tuned-up airplanes that are ready to take off for journeys to interesting places. Then, when the pilots need to fuel up or rest, they can circle back to the and the air traffic controllers help them find the right runway to land on.

    The launching-and-returning is what I was trying to get at–not just dissolving, but dissolving and reconstituting in a different form.

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    Sunday marked the silver anniversary of one of the most critical victories in the history of the Los Angeles Lakers: Game 2 of the 1985 NBA …
    NBA Finals: By The NumbersSan Francisco Chronicle
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    If Tait in the basketball hall of fame someday, it will only be becuase he call games for a big-market team.Hopefully this extension will allow Tait to finally call some NBA Finals games. I believe an announcer as good and long-standing as he has never called an NBA Finals game. I guess those are the pitfalls of being associated with the pre-LeBron Cavs in all their mostly-hideous incarnations.

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    Yeah, right. I said it.

    So to those who have crowned the Miami Heat as champions even before the season remember this: one more game and your “TEAM” is at .500; get owned twice more, below .500. So, good luck with your talents, South Beach. A group with individual talents has no chance compared to a real TEAM.

    We should rename the Miami Heat, the Miami ClevelandCavaliers03-10 2.0.

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  107. I can spell Losers.

    Definition please?
    Softest NBA franchise in the league whose team colors are purple and gold.

    Can you use it in a sentence please?
    The Celtics demolished their opponents in the NBA finals this year, and almost every year faced them. By now, they (and their fans) must feel like real losers.

    Losers, L-A-K-E-R-S, losers. CORRECT!

    24, and no, not just ass-tasters number, but the largest comeback in NBA finals history, in the Losers house no less. Ouch.

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  110. NEM – SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION OF THE BUMIS? (Part 2) « Hidup Tuah! says:

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    WASHINGTON— As they looked ahead to the of the NBA playoffs, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade noted Thursday how they’ve come together in their thinking about late-game situations. But there is one significant difference between the Miami Heat stars …
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    Carmelo Anthony poured in 41 points and Amare Stoudemire returned with a bandage on his stitched-up left hand to score 20 points and grab 10 rebounds for the Knicks, who trimmed the deficit in the best-of-seven series to 3-1.

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    Bleacher People talk about how deep this team is; well, NBA coaches their benches come playoff time and it is the superstars who have to step up and get the job done. Don’t get me wrong, Tony Parker is having an amazing season, but do I think the Spurs …
    Knicks-Heat PreviewESPN
    Heat-Knicks Game 5 Preview: Heat look to send Knicks (blog)
    Heat get 2nd chance to put Knicks awayHouston Chronicle
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  126. LeBron James – not realible in tha 4th, DeWayne Wade – Injury Prone & doesn’t perform under pressure, Chris Bosh – (-__- ) yea right…

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  128. vanghamirc says:

    The whole makes no sense, I can totally answer this question.

    How they can win it all: The Dallas Mavericks: Out of nowhere Mark Cuban decides to sell the Dallas Mavericks to ……ANYBODY ELSE (to be fair anybody would work in this scenario). Upon David Stern finding out Mark Cuban sold his franchise to somebody else, Stern immediately contacts all NBA referees and convinces them that in the best interest of the game they should help the Dallas Mavericks to win the NBA Finals.

    The Mavericks win the NBA finals and David Stern rents billboards all over Dallas that says “SUCK IT MARK”

    There is the one and only way see the Mavericks winning it all.

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  130. That is the cutest picture! How hard was it to get them to both look down at the same time? And look – still a knitting blog!!

    “If the reasons aren’t obvious, you must not have a three-year-old.” *Snarf* Or even have been within a mile of a sleep-deprived three-year-old… Having the 6-year-old and Mom and Dad sleep deprived is more than enough to be going on with, thinking.

    I think Mr. no-wakey was just one of those weird one-off things and it will never happen again. my theory, and to it.


    US men’s basketball upbeat despite key injuries
    Chicago Tribune
    DALLAS (Reuters) – Despite a rash of season-ending injuries to top National Basketball Association (NBA) players, US Olympic basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said on Monday he believed he can bring a solid team to the London Games.
    Olympic basketball a boon to league – ColangeloYahoo! NBA injuries delays Dream Team namingNinemsn
    USA basketball chair Jerry Colangelo politely counters Mark Cuban’s anti-NBA Star Telegram (blog)
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  133. Sitting here trying to finish a MASSIVE assignment that’s due 8am tomorrow morning, not fun when you’re sleep deprived and sick as a dog 🙁

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    Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers NBA Live Streaming
    Bet UK Betting
    Sacramento Kings vs Los Angeles Lakers live stream online free October 13, 2010 – Information of the National Basketball Association match between …
    Irish Coffee: NBA conspiracy
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    by Madeleine Bailey, Daily Mirror 23/03/2011 A fifth of UK employees work shifts but this disruption of the natural sleep-wake cycle confuses the body clock. Dr Guy Meadows, of the London Insomnia Clinic, explains: “Daylight and darkness trigger …

  136. My husband has this, has since at least high school. the stay-at-home-parent while I work. We have 3 school-age kids and a toddler. My husband HAS to be able to be awake and functioning once the up and running around. He also enjoy being up, alone, all night with nothing but re-runs on TV and nothing to do. only a limited amount of cleaning he can do without waking others up. My biggest problem there is that he feel like doing any of it, is too tired during the day from lack of sleep, so I have to do it when I get home from work or it get done. In the current context of our family, my husband has a sleep disorder.

    I wait till all the kids are older and independent enough for my husband to be able to get the sleep he really needs.

  137. basketball - Google News says:


    NBA-Golden State Warriors moving back to San Francisco
    Chicago Tribune
    SAN FRANCISCO, May 22 (Reuters) – The Golden State Warriors will return to San Francisco, where the National Basketball Association franchise’s owners plan to build a privately financed arena on the city’s waterfront, team officials and Mayor Edwin Lee …
    Warriors, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to announce NBA team’s move to city on …San Jose Mercury News
    NBA’s Warriors unveil plans to move to San FranciscoBakersfield Now
    NBA Warriors set to move back to San FranciscoAFP
    GMA News
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  138. timh1986 says:

    national basketball association actually banned pick and rolls for any under competitions under 18 because they relied on the pick and roll too much. I do think European basketball is superior in a lot of ways to the American game, although clearly people making these comments should know what talking about, because I be making statements about pick and rolls when as Repesa correctly says, European basketball is FULL of pick and roll.

  139. Erik Spoelstra will never go to the Hall of Fame because he be coach long enough to win a ring.

    I say we call the new “Big Three” Cerberus, the three headed beast that guarded the underworld. big, scary and nobody wants to take it on. Once the Heat get going in a year or two be an unstoppable force in my opinion. I see the NBA Finals being Oklahoma City and Miami for the next 6 years.

  140. Bookmarklet says:

    All too fitting that the Spurs stand in the way of the Thunder
    By Royce Young | NBA Blogger any time the Thunder travel into a city to play a struggling franchise with a batch of young players, it’s inevitable. The pregame almost always are centered around whatever team Oklahoma City is playing …
    NBA Playoff Capsules: Early success of Spurs’ superstars eludes ThunderBrownsville Herald
    NBA Finals: Looking Forward to the Eventual ChampionBleacher NBA Western Conference Finals: San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder …Midwest Fans
    CNN -Washington Post
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  141. Globe and Mail

    Celtics Finally Round Out NBA’s Elite Final Four: A Fan’s Perspective
    Yahoo! Contributor Network – 9 minutes ago The Philadelphia 76ers were sticking out like a sore thumb in the NBA playoffs, at least compared to the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. Sixers fans like myself readily admit …
    NBA roundup: Rajon Rondo’s heroics top Sixers in Game 7, send Celtics to East …Detroit Free Press
    They meet again: Heat-Celtics in East finalsAtlanta Journal Constitution
    Hello, again: With spot in NBA finals at stake, Miami and Boston to play for …Washington Post -The Detroit News
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    Havin a sleep disorder sucks ! I can be in a middle of a sentence and my skin will drop to sleep out of nowhere

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    Heat will need outside help to solve Celtics problem
    Follow the Heat and Lakers as these favorites shoot for the NBA Finals. » Visit Heat or 3Peat Central By BILL REITER BOSTON — Erik Spoelstra called Sunday …
    If LeBron needed reminder, Celtics show what rivalry’s Heat fail only test that
    NBA Power Rankings Emotional Rollercoaster: Power Shifts and FutilityBleacher Palm Beach all 517 news articles »

  149. QuickStats: FROM THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS Percentage of Teens Aged 14-17 Years Who Had a Sunburn* During the Preceding 12 Months,{dagger} by Race/Ethnicity{section} — National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2010{paragraph} [From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  150. Miami heat is going to get a championship for as much years they are going to be together unless something realy amazing happens like for example carmelo anthony joins lakers then lakers might get a champioship over miami heat. you would have to compare the positions. who is better. pau gasol or chris bosh? carmelo anthony or lebron james? kobe bryant or d-wade?

  151. BOSTON — Chris Bosh took in the Miami Heat’s morning workout Friday, though coach Erik Spoelstra won’t say if the injured All-Star forward can return for Game 4 of the Eastern …

  152. PAPilot says:

    Mir, again, an incorrect reading and interpretation. Being subject to the jurisdiction of a country, and being within the confines of its jurisdictional space, are two different things. You can be within the jurisdictional boundaries of a country without being a subject of that jurisdiction.

    Being “subject to the jurisdiction” of one Nation means you do not owe allegiance to any other. In the case of British citizens born on US soil, by British law they owe allegiance to Great Britain, are NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and cannot claim citizenship under the 14th amendment because both required conditions are not met.

  153. • A steady stream of U.S. officials current and former has been visiting Israel and trying to assure everyone in sight that the United States will up sanctions on Iran if there is non-cooperation on negotiations, and that if it gets right down to it the U.S. will take military action to prevent an […]

  154. Twitter says:

    There’s a buzz in the streets near Station today as fans clad in Boston Celtics green begin to arrive in the TD Garden area, anticipating tonight’s game against the Miami Heat, in which the Celtics could dispatch a despised rival and launch themselves into the NBA Finals.

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    Sleep Calculator

  156. Basketball » J-Kidd for Harris, Diop, plus two #1 draft picks - First thoughts says:

    […] khandor wrote a fantastic post today on for Harris, Diop, plus two draft picks – First ONLY a quick extractMavericks close again on landing Kidd … astute NBA observers would do well to keep in mind the initial assessment of Jamal Washburn (one of the original ‘Three J’s’ for the Mavs), according to Tim MacMahon (Dallas Mavericks Blog, […]

  157. twitter_786 says:

    Apple’s developers just got a little bit of good news ahead of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

    The Wall Street Journal Apple is planning to introduce a new tool in “the coming weeks” that will help app developers to track each person using their app.

    Apple’s developers used to track information about their users based on the unique device ID number on the iPhone and iPad. However, Apple telling developers to stop using this method last year in response to privacy complaints.

    Having a simple way to track user habits makes it easier for developers to understand user behavior and in some cases to target users with ads. There’s no word yet though on how this new tool will work and whether it will be any more agreeable to those concerned about privacy.

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  158. Just a little something I created while I was bored and sleep deprived. If all goes well, it just might be the official opening titles to the next two James Bond 007 AMVs in the works, and every other one after that.

  159. I found this infomation while attempting to find out how much the NFLPA* charges members for dues. I also wonder if they still have to pay them now that not a union.

    “The presidents of unions for players in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association made more than $1 million each. The NFL union head, Eugene Upshaw, made $2.4 million. Moreover, Eagles Donovan McNabb received $900,000 from his AFL-CIO affiliated union as a player representative.”

    Can we get full disclosure from the NFLPA* as well?

  160. The United States Anti-Doping Agency initiated a procedure against Lance Armstrong with a time frame for allegations that began in 1996 and continued through 2010.

  161. Authorities are searching for an F-22 Raptor and its pilot who lost contact with air traffic controllers last night just before the jet was due to land at an Anchorage military facilityFull Coverage: Air Force

  162. yes keyur…chelsea has built a squad so big and awesome that gonna win the epl, the champions league, the fa cup, the league cup, copa de america, the iit madras schroeter trophy and they will carry this momentum into next world cup to be the first team in this century to beat australia .
    they will also reach the nba finals where they will narrowly lose to the gunners.

    read properly man

  163. Been up an hour and a half already, only got about 4 hours of sleep. Time to wake up K Wild so I can spread the sleep deprivation

  164. schatte says:

    OK then if you said that it just a preseason and dwade is out can you miami heat fan just stop give ur team stupid idea of Heat Champion already cuz if preseason doesnt count then they not even close to win champion yet.

  165. youtube oklahoma city thunder - Twitter Search says:

    The Heat plays host to three consecutive NBA Finals games in Miami’s downtown bayside arena beginning Sunday night in an even series, and hundreds of Thunder fans hoped to make the trip. The only question was, could they get here in time? Because, who knows exactly how long it takes to traverse the 1,465 miles from Oklahoma City in oxen-drawn covered wagons?

  166. newborn - Twitter Search says:

    Rode MTA for hours this morning, to be alone in crowds, to pass time, to see structure. Still sleep deprived & stressed, but found some calm

  167. elviras deliante says:

    LeBron James had 20 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds, Dwyane Wade scored 20 points and the Miami Heat took a 79-75 lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder into the of Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

  168. lakers celtics game 3 : scriptbest says:

    […] Lakers vs Celtics – Game 3The Lakers are back at home and Kobe was back in his zone. Its defentiately good to be at home. Kobe Bryant has 36 points. The other big man for the Lakers was Sasha Vujacic, he poured in 20 points. Thank you Sasha for helping out Tags: michael crowe, Gordon Ramsey, Miley Cyrus, sasha lakers, David Cook, Paris Hilton, Pj Brown, Buck Angel, National Anthem, Kobe Bryant, Ray Crockett, Jordan Farmar, Frank Dux, Stephanie Crowe, Nba Finals, paige birgfeld, Randy Pausch, sasha vujacic, Lakers Celtics, ralph reed […]

  169. Words Come Out Of My Mouth A Lot

    Best title I could think of. No joke. In which I talk about sleep deprivation, ukuleles, taps, a new video and be awkward. Music is in the intro is of Don’t Unplug Me by ALL CAPS and you can buy it at and the background music is from unseen beats

    From: Demolition1HHTV

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    0 ratings
    Time: 02:21 More in People & Blogs

  170. bybeek dayser says:

    Earl K. Sneed continues to look ahead to the NBA Draft on June 28, writing that the Dallas Mavericks are in search of a young player that can step in and contribute immediately with the No. 17 …

  171. A remarkably big bluetooth is known for a fabulous in addition to prophetic ad showing Basketball Star Charles Barkley combined with Celebrity Dewayne Go. On this conventional selection budding Wade enables several lost attempts to find yourself in Barkley’s Favourite 8. Tremendously, at one point Barkley allows that person inside of their Fave 7. Go is undoubtedly stoked!Quickly Dewayne Wade realizes whom turning into one Barkley’s Favorite All 5 may not be the only thing that the…

  172. Mădălin Oprea says:

    Miami Heat Sublimated 12×15 Plaque | Details: 2012 NBA Champions
    by Mounted Memories
    Buy new: $49.99
    2 used & new from $49.99
    (Visit the Best Sellers in Plaques list for authoritative information on this product’s current rank.)

  173. delicious says:

    (Reuters) – LeBron James of the Miami Heat was named the most valuable player (MVP) of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals on Thursday. …

  174. Lisa,
    I found the Hot Dog vendor iPad very interesting. We all think of a new tool from our own perspectives and needs. As the hot dog vendor the first thing on his list was having the ability to order more buns and hot dogs on demand – makes sense if you are a hot dog vendor.

    When new technology is brought into our school district often asked “what are you going to do with that” or “how are you going to use that”? When what they really mean is show me how I can use this new tool in a meaningful way and not feel like I am wasting my time learning. Tall orders since what may be meaningful to one person all meaningful to another. Much like the hot dog vendor.

    You are right, it was thought provoking – thanks!

  175. BREAKING NEWS: Plane disappears just before scheduled landing at Destin The Florida Daily News
    Eglin air traffic controllers losing the PA 46 Malibu over Choctawhatchee Bay about 7:40 pm Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation …
    and more »

  176. A total of 46.3 million people in the United States do not have health coverage, a trend that has been rising in the past 15 years, said a US survey published Tuesday.
    There was good news for children in the data from the 2011 National Health Interview Survey, which showed that seven percent of US youths were uninsured last year at the time of the interview, compared to 13.9 percent in 1997.

  177. rito hishnapiet says:

    Source: Ray Allen to visit Heat on Thursday
    MIAMI (AP) — The NBA champion Miami Heat will get to make their sales pitch to Ray Allen.
    Allen To Visit Heat, ClippersESPN (blog)
    NBA Free Agency 2012: 4 Reasons Why Ray Allen Will Join Memphis GrizzliesBleacher NBA Rumors: Ray Allen Visiting LA Clippers, Miami Heat While Celtics WaitSB Nation
    Kennebec Journal
    all 465 news articles »

  178. The upcoming season isn’t for the Indiana Pacers with much anticipation. A streak of four consecutive seasons without a playoff will do that to downtrodden fans. The glory years of the 2000 NBA finals team with Reggie Miller, Rik Smits and Jalen Rose have never appeared to be more distant. Indianapolis Star columnist Bob […]

  179. “Anger Management” will air an all-new episode tonight on Channel 27 in Tempe, and now fans are being given a glimpse at the episode, “Anger Management” episode 1.03 titled “Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation…

  180. To have it shut down is just appalling. It’s just embarrassing.” Before moving to Harvard, Sunderland, originally from Nova Scotia, worked for years creating policy at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Research done at the experimental lakes on the effects of mercury on fish and waterways was discussed at t …
    Leta Monaham liked The Disaffected Lib: Beelzebub Slammed by Harvard, Smithsonian on 7 June 2012 (4 weeks ago).

  181. emurphy33 says:

    I know if this is photo is photo of the year, (I still think the Tiger shot is better) but it definitely sums up the hype of the Miami Heat. LBJ and Dwayne Wade are two of the most talented an branded athletes. This picture both athletes as “godly figures” (as many fans see them) and captures the sensationalized expectations of the Miami Heat season. Great shot by the photographer.

  182. ros whita says:

    […] 9:00-10:00 p.m.: Back-to-back repeats of Anatomy (2.7/5 HH rating, 3.82M viewers, 1.3/4 A18-49 rating) grew just a tad from its lead-in, but again, was very lowly viewed.  Just to note, this would have been the night for Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  ABC definitely would have welcomed those ratings, in place of these, regardless of how low they were. (For more on the ratings, check out my complete and extensive analysis of the 2007 NBA Finals). […]

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