The Nefarious NapStealing Google +1 Button

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

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Here at Siesta Thieves, we try to stay at the cutting edge of technology, including online social networking. So we have made the unprecedented step of becoming the first sleep needs awareness (Nefarious NapStealer) site to incorporate the new Google +1 button. You will find this button throughout the site. Google has created this functionality to allow you to mark sites you like as you travel the web so that they can help your search results be customized to your interests when you search.

Is this new technology a napstealer? We’ll just have to wait and see if it takes off and if people start using it extensively. As any other online interaction, +1-ing sites could be an obsession for someone who wants to customize their web perfectly, causing insomnia, sleep problems and inviting the Nefarious NapStealers to take residence via the Internet and the Google plus one button.

We’ll see. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Man of Roma says:

    Perhaps you misunderstood at all. Instead, perhaps you felt understood in a way you simply want to be understood. Big difference.

    Your massive reaction of taking the unprecedented step of deleting your whole entry and publishing a lengthy explanation as opposed to simply posting a few hundred words of “setting the record straight” leads me to at least consider my theory as viable.

    Just a theory.

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  3. I have shared it on all my social networking sites 🙂 I am a big fan now ♥ do you have many Australian fans? I would like to request any Demi Lovato or One Direction song 🙂 ♥ Thanks girls! xx

  4. WebProNews says:

    Search results are especially to those who spend an inordinate time sitting in front of the blinking cursor on their favorite search engine, waiting for the next brilliant boolean search string to pop into their head. You would assume that knowing more about how search results are created would make it easier to find […]

  5. montschko sterwak says:

    Hello Cristina,
    Thanks for your comment and for adding so much to the idea of a PLE. You absolutely right, PLEs are first of all personal.
    Concerning your question, it is great that you asked. PLEs are not in anyway restricted to online interaction or web tools. I have a f2f study group with a friend that is also of my PLE, books are also of it, courses I have taken, and so on. PLEs presupose a whole learning ecology.

  6. eDownUs says:

    “Great thoughts Carolyn.  Where our generation may see some of this online interaction as socially isolating, the same is not true for my kids.  Without texting and computer related “conversation” they would be socially isolated.  It’s been an adjustment for me as well.”

  7. kass jiano says:

    ever since the new Google privacy policy went into effect all my search results are anime and big dildos WTF THIS IS SOME FREAKIN BULL CRAP

  8. I believe that in your response to this readings and presentations was accurate in pointing out that with the advance or progression of technology it has developed some forms of that our generation values today. I also agree that with the rise of new technology it makes semi depreciated. With new technology our generation has learned that it gives rise to new forms of and new ideas, and I feel as if the rise of new technology deprive our generation of

  9. My wife will switch from Blackberry to iOS. I knew it will happen sooner or later. From old school & boring to new technology, simple & FUN!

  10. I want one!! I need some new technology I was going to buy a telescope but that zoom produces very good results I can believe how clear the footage is watched many videos in regards to these stars and this is some of the best. going to buy a handy cam first 😉

  11. aterpandro hine says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remembered the name of the show and that the performers were in a pit with the crowd around them and that I loved the songs. Thanks for the history and food for my search engines.

  12. Kunde inte låta bli at köra din kommentar genom Google Translate:
    “Dumb semi-off-topic question, but it was not possible, rather than babelfish translation babblefish which the teacher said?

    (In the old days there was bad service at

    (Uh, now I feel really old, I remember when Alta Vista was new, first time in history that we got answers quickly from a Web search engine … it was well past 5-15 seconds is not unusual …)”
    Mycket nöje! *asg*

  13. salassale says:

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  14. ACORN Comedy Hour: Congress can't hurt us says:

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  15. It is an unprecedented step most closely paralleled by JFK’s decision to keep Eisenhower’s Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles in place back in 1960.

    Dulles and his entire staff were later dismissed by Kennedy who wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” Bay of Pigs, failed assassinations, mafia involvement… the best parallel you could come up with?

  16. bekaney coulds says:

    Social media is known as a media to have interaction between various sets of people, share the idea, news, and content and get in touch with different communities. Additionally it is facilitating conversations, online interaction between sets of …

  17. Regarding The idea is not to lock anybody in using, so – yes – an feature will be introduced very soon.

    Regarding search results: The search results will also be updated with the comment, related and spurl buttons (I simply forgot them). Additionally an option to make an RSS feed out of search results will be introduced at the same time, allowing people to subscribe to a feed of Spurled pages that match a given search term or terms.

  18. walchihany gnar says:

    Jamie Condolora period 5 5/15/10

    In the movie I played as nick and nick is always on the side line just like my life is so far. This film was very hard to come up with and yet opposes challenges for this crew. Also the actors worked very hard to make this movie a big success and with this in mind all the actors came prepared and ready to work and act. This was a big success and this movie will be huge for Mr. Fisco English classes and he will use it to show what the great Gatsby was like in the modern era.

  19. i have been using the search engine from year 2004 when iam in classs 11th.i have used it for prepairing an assignment.i prefered using the yahoo website because it is easy to is full ocean for all kind of a days i am using other web search engine also.

  20. Allison Whitehead says:

    We are so lucky to have the sounds of these great bands in the house at AmPm on Thursday, 10/15 — all to raise money for the programs we offer at house for teen moms and their children. I hope the event is a BIG success and able to raise lots of money!! We are sincerely grateful to the band for their generosity to house.

  21. tsi bachette says:

    Delaire’s online community is defined by a Facebook page, a Twitter, a regularly updated blog and an event calendar. Social media seminars are offered to show the advantages of online interaction and how it is a new way to …

  22. parl sie says:

    […] The three stages of social networking « Online Journalism Blog my presentation/panel discussion on social networking the other day, here’s the analysis I gave of what I see as a three-step strategy when getting involved in social networking. visibility, connectivity, (tags: internet socialmedia socialnetworking journalism) […]

  23. Balanced look at the current state of schools have been far behind the curve on this, and most still act in a defensive way about online interaction. Interestingly, however, the latest Cobb County School District Technology Plan includes utilizing web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, and digital networking in learning. It remains to be seen how this will happen…

  24. orrazze karnoy says:

    I think that a library with a thriving teen program would benefit most from a social networking site since that seems to be the demographic most likely to access the profile. I think the library in question would probably have to their presence on the site in the library itself; I have to admit, I have a hard time imagining most people browsing Facebook and thinking to check whether their library has a profile.

    One obvious disadvantage is that the percentage of library patrons who use social networking sites frequently is probably fairly small. (I say “actively” because many people HAVE an account but necessarily log into it. My grandma, for example, created a Facebook profile at my insistance, but she even have a picture up.)

  25. +1 new Google reader/email follower/subscriber
    +1 new Google reader/email follower/subscriber of YA Roundup

    Brett Hatch, first grade. this little crush followed me through high school and we ended up being great friends. (not the kissing kind dang it)

  26. Las 3 Etapas de las Redes Sociales | CiberPrensa says:

    What I also see as in getting involvedin social networking is purpose. Is it because your friends have an account at the same website? Is it because you want your band to be visible? The purpose and expectations imho defines the experience. Nice categorization!

  27. senstropel says:

    I think there are definitely some libraries that would benefit more from social networking than others. I believe that the usefulness of social netwoking depends on the patrons of the specific library. If a library serves predominantly elderly patrons, social networking is not a viable option, but younger users and potential users are flocking to social networking services in ever greater numbers. Social networking, in that case, might offer a way to connect with both current and potential patrons and to create a with people who might have proviously felt alienated from the library community. Social networking might also be useful in an academic setting where many students are familiar with social networking options.

  28. Thanks for a very interesting

    I have used this to implament the Google custom search function to my website.

    Actually i had some troubles completing this correctly.
    This means i had choosen to open google search results in a new window instead.

    When i tried using the implant of search results on a new page, it did the search but didnt come up with any search results.

  29. We’re still trying to get used to the new Google Play  moniker for the former Android Market, but Google itself is full steam ahead and has already released its forst notable update to the service. The 3.5.15 update to the familiar Vending APK doesn’t change things as drastically as the last one, but there’s still […]

  30. I agree with what you say Jerrid. While I attempt to use new technology in my practice, when it is useful and can be applied, we should not just get rid of old technology.
    As you point out there are trade-offs with using new technology, however, there is still value in having students use old technology.
    Everything we bring into our practice needs to be critically assessed and we also have to consider the possibility that may not necessarily be available when we need it.

  31. ta cinnte says:

    Justine Greening, the Secretary, is to take the unprecedented step of voting against Network Rail’s plans to award a bonus of £336,000 to its chief executive at a key meeting this week.

  32. oeck salomaddan says:

    I'd just like to say I have only recently discovered this blog and I enjoy reading and relate to many of the posts.

    I have given into prescription sleeping tablets for my sleep problems and left me walking around like a zombie for half the day, well, more so than usual. I know only too well how incredibly frustrating sleep problems are.

    Congratulations on the year of blogging, I look forward to reading more soon 🙂

  33. 8 ways people talking about intentional social media strategy may (still) be right « Levite Chronicles says:

    lara – they are great people, so thank you for seeing that. And each of them is a person and writes out of that.


    a remarkable thing. met most of them (not Paul and Cheryl yet) and there is a significant correlation between blog and other online interaction and offline interaction. The other word to use for that is integrity.

    Thanks for making me see that. Cool!

  34. I think that libraries using social networking sites draw in the interest of teens and young adults. They might view the library as hip if they are up-to-date on the type of social networking sites that teens are using. Also, if people can easily check a myspace page to see what types of events and programs are going on at the library while they are borwsing myspace, why not?? Marketing and promotion of your library and the services you provide is so in todays society, that marketing in anyway possible is extremely

  35. Maggie Hos-McGrane says:

    This is an outstanding look at the difference between “wowing” kids with new technology and moving to involving kids with new technology. The difference is activity. This year we put in 35 Promethean boards. Right now the kids and teachers are in the stage, they are showing off the new technology but not really engaging students any differently. I think it is time that I nudging them into the engagement with technology.
    Thank you for this post and for giving me the nudge to make this transformation happen.

  36. hail dore says:

    I agree more. It is so much more to focus on the cross than at our sin, otherwise become legalistic and dejected. For me, with this song, it makes the cross that much more sweet and wonderful to focus first on the curse, and then on the cross. But you are right…we have to keep the cross at the forefront. Excellent point. 🙂

  37. vogelman says:

    Searching for a specific video on YouTube can sometimes be a hassle, especially if it’s newly released. It could take a while for the site to update search results with that new video. There’s a way around that for developers. …

  38. HelloTxt says:

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  39. 1) I learned that FB on a college campus for educational purposes and that actually research is being done as to its use and value.

    2) My thinking really change as I still believe there is value in using the technology of social networking in education. We just need to figure out how to keep up with it and be sure it is used appropriately.

    3) The was pretty clear and interesting. I have enjoyed using FB even though I understand it all. Will be interesting to explore FB and other tools

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  42. I take it off, it just went on own. I sent them an e-mail to see what was up, but heard anything yet. I noticed it right after they were down for maintainence so who knows. Also I changed to the new google sign in too. I hope it get straightened out soon. I noticed my links went to the bottom of my webpage so fix that also.

  43. 6 colours as colourscheme is too limited – wonderful would be if we could sgi-Irix colour schemes (.basecolorpalette files) and/or .kcsrc (from KDE), which both were much more complete (20 colours or more in average), allowing you to change the colour of buttons, sliders, checkboxes, textcontrol fields, progress bar, etc. – much more complete, and i think all Gnome users will love soon this feature being available! 🙂

  44. Social networking is a growing phenomenon, with many different sites offering this service. Although it is true that social networking can make some people less social, I think that this type of technology would be beneficial to those living in rural areas. This gives people, especially teenagers and young adults, the to connect with other who live in other states or even other countries. This can be a fun, educational experience for Internet users.

  45. Qantas is the talk of the town on social networking sites after CEO Alan Joyce took the unprecedented step of grounding the airline’s domestic and international aircraft.

  46. wlafargue says:

    enjoying reading the blogs of our group, I thought it was just me that was experience growing pains with the new technology learned in this class! I have learned so much about new technology, I enjoyed the reading assignments in this class including the text and the Horizon I had not heard of some of the new technology in the future. It amazes me how quickly the Internet has changed, improved and connected our world. sure during the Christmas holidays absorb all the information I learned in this class!

  47. hew bearne says:

    My baby have sleep problems of any kind so I relate. Frances slept through the night since she was two days old. She even fixes breakfast for herself on Saturday morning to let us sleep in. such a dear. KIDDING! Keep up the good work. all trial and error. Be good to yourselves and to each other because easy to go crazy when up all night.-sb

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  49. Well, Google seems to be having a productive day so far. In addition to the unveiling of their Account Activity feature and a handful of new Google+ Hangout apps, Google has also pushed out a considerable update to their Google Maps for Android app. Now at version 6.5, Google Maps now packs improved for devices with high pixel density displays — any device that falls into that category will now get high-resolution map tiles that make for more detailed views that are less cluttered by unnecessarily large labels.

  50. Remember DuckDuckGo?

    It’s a search engine that pulls its results from a bunch of sources, including crowd-sourced sites like Wikipedia and other search engines like Bing, to build a more complete profile for search results.

    It’s also growing like bonkers right now. You can see in a on the right how quickly it’s growing.

    Its search traffic has more than doubled in 2 months, while Google is still branching and away from search.

    Obviously, DuckDuckGo is still tiny compared to Google, but Larry Page can’t like the hockey stick shape of this
    Please follow SAI on Twitter and Facebook.

    Join the conversation about this story »
    See Also:
    THE GOOGLE INVESTOR: Google’s Problems In China Just Got OF THE DAY: Google Is Spending Billions On Data CentersCITI: Google’s Stock Is Ready To Go On A Monster Run

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  53. towney neve says:

    I am considering doing my formal on how college coaching has changed with technological advances in communication. Specifically, I would like to address how social networking sites such as twitter and facebook have effected how college head coaches market their program to fans and alumni. Recruiting is also a major area of coaching that has been affected by the new wave of communication channels. All in all I believe this will be a very informative and interesting topic to research and explore. Communication has such a major effect on the success of college programs and now with todays advances it is all that more for coaches around the country to keep up.

  54. sola doola says:

    No bones about it, about as as they come. People are surprised to learn this when the “real life” meeting comes about after ages of online interaction.

    Twitter definitely opened up my social circles. However, the phenomena of the “tweet up”? the way of screwing with me.

    And yes, it does bother me how many people 1) know what an is and 2) even take an educated guess at how we work.

    Best Regards,


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  56. I often use tags with big blogs like (lifehacker) to get more of the same subject the post i speaking about, when I am searching for a specific thing tags gives me a lot of help.

    As for what you said about technorati tags I use theme for one reason I once read an that said Techonorati help search engines figure out what is your post is all about ( I know if it is true but what I know is that I am really considering removing it ASAP ).

  57. while i do think its really cool, especially what forefront did. i think we are being really lose with the term church. watching a sermon and offering on your screen….is that church? maybe if there was online interaction with other people i could be sold that it was church (like….but maybe just not going out and spending the day at home is okay too.

  58. Thanks Lynn, good to know someone has read it!

    I think this of online interaction (either blog/collaborative wiki/camtools site) can really help to face-to-face interaction for people who are generally fairly geographically dispersed. But there need to be clear aims and objectives to keep people on track. At the moment finding collaborative wikis more useful than a blog just because you can usually arrange for better navigation so you can find information again later.

  59. Long Distance Worker Tech says:

    Even as the NFL prepares to take the unprecedented step of administering blood tests to screen its players for human growth hormone, the league doesn’t necessarily believe its product is chemically fueled from sideline to sideline.

  60. Great Photo manipulation. People think Warhol was a great painter but his medium was screenprinting. I have been a screenprinter for over 30 years and never considered to use it in my “ARHHT” (New England pronounciation) The Brush is much freer. Screenprinting has to be much more thought out. Plus I want to bring my work home with me.
    Will, Now that I know your Profession I have to be much more careful with my writing.

  61. The search works very well for finding a spurl that I wish to revisit–however, not as intuitive as it could be. The search results may be clicked on, to visit the URL, and nothing more. It would be most helpful if the icons that appear next to my spurls would appear next to them, allowing me to comment on the spurl, or select “related” spurls.

  62. naptimewriting says:

    As someone trying desperately to survive my twelve month awful (and seemingly unfixable) sleep problems, still getting up every two hours, sometimes more, I love it love it LOVE IT when someone who has had little sleep for a looong time finally gets to reclaim some

    Hurray for sweet sleep!! Long may it continue for you x

    (Also still at the stare-back-at-people-in-terror-and-disbelief stage when they casually enquire as to when will be making an appearance!)

  63. 1. At our last class setting, I set up Facebook! Little did I know that social networking was already in the Hansen household. My seven-year-old is fascinated with (“Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net!”) In addition, he can social network with other pet owners! Amazing and scary. It is scary because I do need to be watching what he does on that we site; it is also scary because I am not very far ahead of him in terms of social networking!

    2. Nothing has changed in my thinking. This is reinforced though: keeping ahead in technology TAKES TIME!

    3. I need more information of RSS Feeds…are there RSS Feeds for my curriculum area?

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  65. Johnny Chan says:

    Hard to argue with your points, Heather. Perspective is gained in light of what is going on in other countries of the world where preemptive actions to prevent social networking in its entirety are the norm.

    A world without social networking for Americans? We would lament. A world without social networking for other countries? Just another day.


  66. deathinnan says:

    We might need a guinea pig or two from among us to run the traces first. Meg, are you offering? 🙂 we could use the instruction provided by this tutorial; we might want to be more selective when it comes to Outreach.

    As far as using blog posts to walk people through the new technology — using the new technology to teach the new technology — a brilliant approach.


  67. papilla says:

    1)Something you learned
    After reading the I am seeing social networking sites as more than a new-fangled social click. People when give the time can develop their site into an extension of themselves and in the process learn about themselves.

    2)Something that might have changed your thinking
    All I have heard have been the dangers of the sites on talk and news shows. The possibilities that exist as a teaching tool seem immense.

    3)Something that you question/disagree with/don’t understand.
    How will the views of the public be changed to make social networking sites be an acceptable tools for education when it is just the dangers being told?

  68. This is a 3D symbol. The center of the symbol is an obelisk. I believe that this symbol says something about the phases of the moon in different locations and different times of the year. maybe the La Elah Ela Allah is also written in it but it is much more than that in my eyes.
    if you write 9111 which is the 9/11/2001 and then do this 9_1_1 1 then you have Allah and much more
    The IRI symbol is much more complicated.

  69. The disadvantage for a library to using any of social networking site is that not everyone is connected to that social networking site. The advantage for a library to use a social networking site is that they can reach out to that demographic that uses the social networking site.

    Libraries that deal with youth and college students would probably benefit the most from social network sites since their patron demographic is often on social networking sites.

  70. demblee says:

    […] So with more than 1.8 billion mobile phones worldwide and an increase in mobile penetration and 3G subscriptions, it only seem natural that our social networking move towards mobile? (Ok, social networking refers to social networking sites like Facebook and Mysace mobile, not considering the blogosphere here! Haha, to avoid confusion over my last post on Gender Differences and Appeal in social networking sites) […]

  71. I downloaded the new Google Chrome this morning.

    My first impressions are like yours are “pure simplicity”
    The fact that clean and uncluttered, is very appealing to users.
    I also like the tabs feature, which is very similar to Firefox

    However, I will be sticking with Firefox just now as, as I would be totally lost without the add-on I currently use.

  72. I guess true the that for online interaction always positive, JMM. But what I love about the internet for writers is the way it allows the world of a book to expand in non-linear ways with background info, images, additional scenes, etc…

    So glad you like the hints about “The Mask of Night.” I hope have good news about it (and Book which working on) soon!

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  75. Hmmm…. Maybe i should have with social networking sites only include sites like Facebook, Hifive, Myspace, etc. haha, I never considered the blogosphere as i was typing this.

    Regardless, yes, i agree in terms of the blogosphere that various communities have stronger male presence. Tech blogs are usually male dominated, but i think lifestyle bloggers like Xiaxue with a high following are mentioning. I guess like summerlove said, the content of the message would appeal to different genders.

    So now a little confused. I understand blogs are definitely a site where there is social activity, but when we use the term “social networking sites”, does it include the blogosphere as well? Pardon my ignorance!

  76. I would say – utility based social networking is the future. It will have content, commerce, community, will be specific and can be personalized…

    StepOut travel technologies is working on a travel social networking and e commerce offering that will probably be the first focused social networking with full e commerce…


  77. guhl cal says:

    […] TechBizWatch wrote an interesting post today on Using Social Networking for a quick excerptUsing Social Networking for Business October 19th, 2007 By Damon Brown Friendster-like social networking sites can help small companies attract more customers and get a foot in the sales door. Online social networking is the newest weapon to get more customers. The Internet research company Compete found that two out of every three people […]

  78. […] Social Networking Postcard Project – Published April 13, 2008 Odd Ends , Projects , social networking Tags: postcard, social networking, Social Networking Postcard Project, Twitter As a real world social networking I’ve asked my contacts to let me reach out to them with postcards.  Several folks have opted to this time.  This is the second week and you can read about the 1st here. […]

  79. India Talkies says:

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    Google Places show TA reviews in the search results – you have to go to the specific Places page for a to see any reviews. Every TA review links back to the TripAdvisor site. I think Mr Kaufer gets a fair deal out of this arrangement. He expect to dictate terms to Google.

    What I do dislike is Google ramming Places down our throats in search results. Whatever Google says, it is not about improving search results, it is about the future use of Places to sell hotel reservations and so on directly to Google users. If I want to see Places in the search results perfectly capable of clocking on “Maps” in the search options.

  81. I will back you up on your positive review of I am a member of the Wasatch Outdoor and Hiking Group here in Salt Lake City, among other groups. The people are great, and it is nice to have a calendar of hiking events I can check regularly and there is always something planned. I have met some nice friends and had some really fun times. I prefer it actually to facebook, because it is limited online interaction, but more just the necessary online interaction to lead to offline fun!

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    And while I agree that interlinking social networking sites would be a good thing, I think any of those mentioned would truly facilitate global networking even when interlinked. Global social networking sites exist in things like Stumbleupon, where the point is the online interaction. But in things like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo the point is that the online interaction facilitates personal interaction.

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    Ironically, this is what has happened when the ministers talk about bloggers and blogging. Their fear of blogs is almost transparent!

    But the comment that the ministers are too old for the new technology is not necessarily true. It is the mindset. They are not receptive to new technology and end up fearing it.

    How then can they qualify to lead a nation?

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    is so much more rich, and nature so much more awe-inspiring, than the tiny world of the believer can allow them to be.”

    Amen and amen.

    “Perhaps you could switch schools?”

    I graduate in 3 months and 6 days. At this point, its much more it to just stick it out than to transfer and have to take another semester or two somewhere else.

  91. distraughtcanva says:

    I blame that kick ass awesome sleep in that I had. Much more would’ve been done if I got up at 7am when I woke up. Grr.

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    blog is for the new generation, I doubt they know how to use keyboard or not.

    Or simply because afraid that their secrets/dark side would be revealed online.

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  96. @Jason and
    Some good thoughts, although I do think the online interaction is a stretch as well (more on that in a later post).

    While all about doing anything of sinning to reach people with the gospel, I do think an internet church falls of accomplishing the mission of Jesus. But have to wait until later in the week to see why I think that way! Come back as we dive into it.

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    Online networks are one of the easiest way to keep track of all those contacts, once they have been made!

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    Why a dish, eating out of Tupperware is natural. Why else would they have created it.

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    may be accurate but is completely missing the point. DK and DU are more dominating in the conversation because the right is in power. grassroots conversations are always more active on the disenfranchised side of the aisle, because the people out of power are naturally more angry. (myself a case in point.)

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    2) glad that students are using the social networks to actually connect with others in a positive way. We only hear about the negative impact that social networking can have on young people.

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  176. another interesting thought:

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  204. Actually I fluctuate back and on this idea- one day believing the powers that be want to continue with business as usual and the next believing they would rather crash the system and reconfigure it to their liking.

    I made my comment above because for The Shock Doctrine to work you have to have shock. A slow, catabolic collapse smoothly pave the way for sweeping changes. For that a fast crash is more desirable. I saw the for the begin of such an event yesterday and the Fed took an almost unprecedented step to it. It looked to me as if they purposefully avoided the tipping point you mentioned.

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