Sleep Calculator Helps Avoid Nefarious NapStealers

Pediatric Polysomnogram Tests for Nefarious NapStealers


Image by slayerphoto via Flickr

Fitness online has a great sleep calculator that helps you {determine|find out} if you’re getting {enough|sufficient} {sleep|rest}. Using this {calculator|program} can {help you to avoid|assist you in avoiding} Nefarious NapStealers and Siesta Thieves that always seem to {pop|show} up when you’re {unprepared|not ready|least expecting them}, just like the Miami Heat were {unprepared|definitely not ready} for the Dallas Mavericks last night in Game {4|Four} of the NBA Finals. Dirk Nowinski looked {sleepy|tired} and {sick|sleep deprived} as he sat on the bench, {hacking|sneezing} and {coughing|sniffling}, but {in the end|when all was said and done} he put the Nefarious NapStealing Dewayne Wade {aside|in his place} and {conquered|emerged victorious}. It {seems|appears} he could {use|make use of} a {sleep|rest} calculator, {as well|also}.