Nefarious Napping – It’s not just NapStealing Anymore

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According to World Wide Words, there are many uses of the word nap, including gnome-napping, kidnapping, dognapping, data-napping, art-napping), kegnapping), space-napping, and even headnapping. The common thread is that napping is synomymous with stealing. This is why napstealing is so nefarious, because it combines two thieving terms into one evil concept, Nefarious NapStealing.

The original, kidnapping, came about in the seventeenth century combined kid with nap, which is a word meaning to grab, snatch or seize and is very similar to nab, which may be Scandinavian. The other meaning of nap means a short sleep {taken|seized} or {snatched|grabbed} in the middle of something else. Hence, the terms power-napping, dognapping and catnapping.