Nefarious NapStealers Are Making Your Children Fat!

Nefarious NapStealers Cause Childhood Obesity

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A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) entitled Longitudinal analysis of sleep in relation to BMI and body fat in children: the FLAME study determined that if Nefarious NapStealers prevent {young children|kids} from obtaining their {recommended daily amount of sleep|daily necessary rest}, those {kids|children} are at {significant|an increased} risk for becoming {overweight|fat}.

The objectives of the study were to find out whether {less|decreased} sleep {changes|modifies} the body in some way in young children that causes {a propensity for|an inclination to} obesity. Therefore, the {researchers|scientists} designed a Longitudinal study that included ongoing {annual|yearly} measurements on 244 children ages {3|three} to {7|seven} from a birth cohort in Dunedin, New Zealand.