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The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).

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  • The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. During the Renaissance era it was fashionable to shave them off.
  • The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. The record holder reported hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech and memory and concentration lapses.
  • If you are right handed, you will tend to chew your food on the right side of your mouth. If you are left handed, you will tend to chew your food on the left side of your mouth.
  • It’s impossible to tell if someone is really awake without close medical supervision. People can take cat naps with their eyes open without even being aware of it.
  • To make a pound of honey, bees must collect nectar from over 2 million individual flowers
  • Anything less than five minutes to fall asleep at night means you’re sleep deprived. The ideal is between 10 and 15 minutes, meaning you’re still tired enough to sleep deeply, but not so exhausted you feel sleepy by day.
  • Heroin is the brand name of morphine once marketed by Bayer.
  • A new baby typically results in 400-750 hours lost sleep for parents in the first year
  • Communications giant Nokia was founded in 1865 as a wood-pulp mill by Fredrik Idestam.
  • One of the best predictors of insomnia later in life is the development of bad habits from having sleep disturbed by young children.
  • Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult.
  • The continuous brain recordings that led to the discovery of REM (rapid eye-movement) sleep were not done until 1953, partly because the scientists involved were concerned about wasting paper.
  • People in nudist colonies play volleyball more than any other sport.
  • REM sleep occurs in bursts totalling about 2 hours a night, usually beginning about 90 minutes after falling asleep.
  • Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined (NOTE: The presidency of Israel is largely a symbolic post. The Prime Minister has the real power)
  • Dreams, once thought to occur only during REM sleep, also occur (but to a lesser extent) in non-REM sleep phases. It’s possible there may not be a single moment of our sleep when we are actually dreamless.

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  1. Calculus + john mayer = deep non rapid eye movement sleep

  2. look the talibs have got bad habits and some of it is propaganda to make the taliban lok bad, dont u know that mullah omer ,jalalludin haqqani, hikmatyar sepetrated themselves from these fake talibans in PK, yes these fake PK taliban r a wahabi cult i know thay r funded by the RAW MOSSAD CIA,any way PK army has to reconcile with the moderate afghan taliban to gain a stronger position in the region of khurasan (if u know what that is).

  3. #Jan17 - Twitter Search says:

    This reminds me of a half-baked plan I had in college. After learning about REM and non-REM sleep, I figured that two 4-hour cycles of sleep should be just as good as one 8-hour cycle. So after class, I’d go back to bed for 4 hours, do some problem sets, screw around on the Internet, then go back to sleep for another 4 hours. It didn’t really work for me. I remember feeling like I was losing touch with reality after one week of this. So maybe we’re already evolving 🙂

  4. naberlande says:

    Would you rather be a person who did 18 days of a challenge, or a person who never tried? 18 days a failure; it is a victory — smaller victory perhaps than 30 days would have been, but still a victory it is.

    (Also, I went back to yoga yesterday for the first time in five weeks. Are you proud of me? :))


    I am very proud of you! Bravo! Do you know Matt music? Your comment here reminded me of one of his songs, “Little Victories.” a good one. Check it out.

  5. thorsko drey says:

    Ahh! This was so damn beautiful! I loved all the moments, and I adored the couples. This was seriously so darn beautiful! Absolutely loved every single moment you conveyed here. I LOVED the song, and I loved the beats. Great job! Love to see more from you! 🙂

  6. It is true that political motivation to develop these regions needed. In parliament there is no single moment spoken these region Therefore people has to demand their right.. Try to understand Democracy gave so many powers all you have to know is how to use it…..

  7. zorod evasser says:

    These are very interesting So I guess what you are saying here is that the Clinton surpluses were bolstered by tax revenues generated from the buying and selling of equities during the latter years of his presidency? what read. It was that, coupled to a lesser extent with his digging his sweaty paws into the Social Security surpluses.

  8. frazier braboulows says:

    For my own view, this would sure blur the line between church and state. (religion and To detractors, how is this community different than the scores of nudist colonies in FL? Why be all up in arms about Catholics wanting to live in likemindedness with their neighbors when nudists are everywhere in FL doing the same thing? Just a question…

  9. bacher jareudts says:

    I post once a day, sleep deprivation or not. Preferably no sleep deprivation!

    Well, more a matter of prioritizing – finishing one thing before moving on to the next.

    helpful having long term goals, term goals and daily goals and intentions. Works a charm – you see the mountain and the steps leading up the mountain!

    I hope you will find a woman that enhances your life too! best of luck with that!!!

    Recreational shag LMFAO – I may need to quote you on that one! Perfect headline =)

  10. alxbask321 says:

    I love john and he loves da vinci, and sometimes i look like the mona lisa lol i get terrorised by my friends and now im happy because john probably appreciates the mona lisa lol!

  11. I am not sure whether this is really a comment on the growth of the tech sector or on the lack of growth in the finance sector. It could be that the anti-banker, anti-hedge fund policies of both the last government and to a lesser extent the current one are beginning to have some effect. The high earners really are abandoning London in favour of Geneva.

  12. I agree that child care should not be for profit. Making a profit out of the care of young children means that corners are being cut somewhere, what are our young children missing out on? Quality staff who actually care about the young children in their care? Equipment? Experiences? Interactions? Environments that inspire them? Not to mention appropriate nutritional food that covers their daily food requirements? A for profit centre like the ABC chains just seem to be able to deliver these as profits are the bottom line! just my opinion….though.

  13. karangrimp frant says:

    During the third trimester of pregnancy you may feel incredibly tired, but find yourself unable to drop off to sleep or waking up frequently at night unable to get back to sleep again. Your sleep disruption may be due to many things; physical your baby kicking, indigestion, nocturnal trips to the loo, or an inability to switch off mentally “” with your mind racing with exciting plans for the future, even in the small hours. This broken sleep can be incredibly distressing, leading to tiredness and depression, and leaving you with no energy and a sense of being disorientated. You may have some people tell you that this broken sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy is simply your body preparing you for the sleep deprivation …Pregnancy, Pregnancy Advice, pregnancy symptoms

  14. Other than that though, fantastic job. Love the commentary, love all the references, and love the random thoughts of life. I can very much relate to them all.

  15. butte prock says:

    yeah… I wanted to add it in my entry though. It was because of my REM sleep, and I woke up at that stage, that is why I was paralysed. I think, I was just being too paranoid on this matter. I guess I really coped well with my previous dream~~~ It has given me a of trauma I guess… Thanks Dr.Cheng Hiang! 😀

  16. garteles says:

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  17. woido masu says:

    You have been sick for 18 days? Wow! I would back to exercise slowly. Make sure you stay hydrated. Listen to your body. If you have a fever and body aches, skip the work out. If you just have a bit of a stuffy head left over, you can work out, but expect to be able to push hard. Walking or using the elliptical trainer are good to Hope you feel better!

  18. another question, which might be a whole nother post:

    if a movie would itself as 90 minutes of special effects with no story. just like that : 9 10-minute long extreme high-production-value effect sequences, would we go?

  19. imrankhankundi says:

    Yeah, OK. When my sons were young we built 13 layouts in the loft, had 200 locos and loads of coaches, wagons ets. When they left home and got wed I flogged the lot for some £7,000 . Trainz has replaced all that. Just laid the track for a layout and it will take a train 90 minutes to do a full circuit at 80 mph. At 74 yrs it keeps me alive !! I do a lot of live modern trains on video and stills etc..Aint life great.

  20. wolfgaenga laposeaken says:

    My good and bad habits
    I always exercise, but just three times a week. I usually eat fruits and vegetables and I sometimes have a healthy breakfast. These are my good habits and now talking about my bad habits: I sometimes snack on junk food, but I just can eat once a month. I usually watch TV and surf the net too much!

  21. benez linlaynell says:

    Postgres Plus goes cloudy
    EnterpriseDB is trying to pump up the PostgreSQL database to do battle with Oracle 11g and, to a lesser extent, IBM’s DB2 and Microsoft’s SQL. So the database is upgrading its Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.1 – and kicking it onto Amazon’s EC2 compute cloud to peddle it alongside Amazon’s own Relational Database Service.…

  22. Susan D. says:

    Oh my god – the cuteness! Cannot… resist… the cuteness!
    Esther is 2 1/2, and is asking for a new baby. Actually, informing strangers in the grocery store that going to be a new baby. tried telling her that not one on the way, but not hearing it.
    But seeing cuteness is making the idea a little more attractive…

  23. raza123n says:

    im left handed as well, but i play using my right hand. (i play tennis with my right hand) so i dont know if that is considered as ambidextrous or not. if anyone knows, please tell me! i am currently trying to teach myself to write with my right hand as well as being left handed

  24. Not related to the course but you might find this pretty interesting – “Communications giant Nokia, Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a Finnish firm called Senseg are all developing displays that use voltages of different frequencies, applied to a grid below the touchscreen, to trick our into experiencing a wide variety of touch sensations. They are known as vibrotactile displays.”

  25. audri bedwelkerr says:

    I'll trade you the white spots for the milk, beanie drool and whatever she had for lunch that day stains.

    As for had a plan…not to have a plan. I am so happy for both of you and wish you all the happiness and roundness there is and may the 3rd trimester be everything you hoped and much much more!

    Can you say sleep right, sleep deprived. I thought you could. I wait for the announcement. If you need any clothes let me know, I still have all the maternity clothes!

  26. macnelierr mann says:

    Meetings longer than about 90 minutes or two hours tops are a rarity, with the exception of day long training or “special sessions”. We go for more than 90 minutes or two hours tops without a “bio break”.

    say you almost have a case of a “hostile” work environment. How do you maintain your composure?

    Have you ever thought of running for president?

  27. kus brungebhai says:

    Mr. Prime Minister,

    your wise and utmost accurate decision is required here.

    as a citizen of this colourful country, I demand you to give assurance to the people that the prime minister-in-waiting is a man of clean personality with intergrity and posseses all the necessary qualities to be the world class prime minister of this as he is to lead a country with citizens of a world class qualities and of a first world brain and education.

    I trust, a reply from you Mr. Prime Minister is in order.

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  29. shartlans kling says:

    Concave Spirit: Sleep cycles.

    Our body rests in multiple cycles of 90 minutes. If the cycle is near termination when you wake up, you will feel rested. Even if it was only 90minutes.

    However, if you break the cycle anywhere in the middle (or during some specific time which I cannot recall), you will feel even more tired than when you had only napped for 90 minutes.

  30. Thanks Maggie, for dropping me a few lines on random thoughts. Yes! I notice that our thoughts consisted of some of same words. I also notice that other classmate’s random thoughts have some of the same words too. Do you think it could be that we all wrote on the same assigned topics?

    I like how the color black plays out in the theme of your blog. Job well done on your blog!

  31. This is stupid! A coalition of the minority to go against the Prime Minister. Dude, forming a new government that will be working for the interest of the people… but the people of Canada voted for Harper to be their Prime Minister NOT DION who said he will resign after his defeat who is now still here trying to be the next prime minister.

  32. Well, it works to do the 15 minutes to get yucky stuff done too. I assume you posted about your Fearless Why. I love that! I really want to read about it. (Link, please!) I think been on a self-love adventure for a while too… I just recognize it until recently.

    And yes, I agree. If you think you have 15 minutes, not looking closely enough.

  33. ryde pal says:

    look it up the rem cycle is ur rapid eye movement while u sleep. To wake up and not be tired uve got to sleep in increments of 2h

  34. Christopher Pellegrini says:

    Uchikawa ranks tops for right handed batters, surpassing Tuffy Rhodes at .369 in 1999 for best right handed batting average.

    more, Uchikawa break into the lineup until the end of April. Give him 10 more and he could have become the first 200 hit right handed batter.

    I never really gave much thought to how much of a disadvantage right handed batters have until Nikkan rattling off the lefty vs. righty production numbers.

  35. OK, so the cruel irony about not being pregnant anymore is that sleep is again but I am not getting ANY with my newborn around. I really believe how sleep deprived I would feel. Sleep towards the end of pregancy was WAY more satisfying than the 45min-2 hour max cat naps I get now. Not to scare you but ENJOY these last few weeks alone cuz these ones are exhausting in a completely different way.

  36. Ed your summary of years is pure Daily Mail. How about: Peace in Ireland, independence of Bank of England, Devolution, massive improvements in NHS, Education, reduction in crime and the longest period of economic prosperity in our modern histroy, not to mention that it feels now like we live in a modern braoadly fair society. Iraq and unquestioning of Bush were his major downfalls.

  37. Wisdomousgem says:

    actually the orange puffle comes out every 15 minutes.
    it come out when 10 orange penguins r there. sorry u might hav ur facts wrong.because i have seen the orange puffle like 30 times,and during those 30 times it came out every 15 minutes and there were no orange penguins.the orange puffle can be spotted every 15 minutes at the ski lodge,ski village, and box dimension.

  38. I happened to see Mr. Lovelace at the Arcata market. He was meeting and greeting, getting a warm reception. It may all be over in June.

    Fuggetabout unquenchable hatred for Ken Miller or Paul Gallegos or Tim McKay as a basis for discussion. Very few people retain that much anger and hatred toward so many. And the few who do are rightfully incarcerated, under close medical supervision, or will be soon. Otherwise tragically, they will go postal.

  39. kapparnals henk says:

    that guy knew 7 languages ! And the shocking thing is it was normal for males to know more than 5 languages in the renaissance era

  40. “Wednesday’s results in CONCACAF Champions League play made for perhaps the most shocking night of football in recent Major League Soccer history. As the clock struck midnight, the only MLS team still standing was a Canadian one. In all ways, it reinforced the notion that over 90 minutes, anything can happen. Still, it’s hard not to play the what-if game in the aftermath. What if Santos Laguna goalkeeper Oswaldo Sánchez hadn’t made that brilliant double-save on Álvaro Fernández and Brad Evans just eight minutes in against Seattle? Would an early Sounders goal have completely changed the face of the game?”

  41. giovacco kieslaure says:

    Dear PingSkills,My current backhand block is just placing the bat in the right location and pushing forward without using the wrist. It is very consistent. The only thing is I want to put more power into the stroke which I can’t without using the wrist. The basic question I have is how exactly should my wrist snap? Should it be moving from up to down or from left to right (for a right handed player) ?Thanks in advance!

  42. got loraemeyen says:

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  43. I knew it was a matter of time before Lorenzo took that dick out of his mouth and reappeared.

    Wow. That was the longest period of silence ever. (And the longest blowjob. Must’ve been some cock.)

    Once again, Daggy is shooting off and baiting.
    Not working.

    The Johaha Team.

    Still can’t figure out who we are, D’agostino?
    You are way off base.

    I bet Jeff knows, Daggy. Ask him.

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  45. When you are in REM sleep (the stage of sleep we dream in) you body is actually paralyzed and you cant move much more than your eyes. (Im not really sure why were paralyzed during REM sleep but ill look into it, i am not even sure if it is known yet) But it could be that you were on the verge of waking up and your body was freaking out because it really move which is probably why you woke up. 🙂

  46. Good! You got your blog up and running.

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  47. Sales in Singapore bear the same purpose in life that nudist colonies bear to swarms of mosquitoes, i.e. attract the females of the species in a blind frenzy with males behind saying feebly .” but….but ….we do not need any more AB+   “. There are sales the whole year round,  closing down sale, Chinese New Year sale, end of season sale and Versaille. Recently, I was such a hapless husband following my wife like a guided missile but with far less firepower. This was the occasion..

  48. Being left handed myself has also posed a bit of a problem when it came to school when I was younger. Having teachers who were right handed were able to help out other kids when they were learning how to print and learn cursive. For me, they were mostly unable to help as they found it awkward how to describe the writing motions to someone that was left handed.

    To see some advances made here would be great, as I had to rely on my Father who was also left handed to show me, rather than teachers.

  49. yeah, and that’s what I’m talking about. I don’t believe that she enjoyed every single moment and was all the times hippi hippo happy with her life right now. she had her up and downs. and before the sogno she seemed really down on the pics I saw sometimes. she is doing a hard job which is holding her far far away from the ppl she loves and cares about …

  50. Well, i have tried to get organised many times but it just ends up in a mess in no time!

    tried to conquor my bad habits and have succeeded and failed.

    One of my bad habits was biting my nails, and i succeeded in stopping but occasionally revisit my bad habit when stressed.

    Another my bad habits was drinking too much soft drink.

    I know it sounds stupid but i lost a few kilos in the process.

    Now i only occasionally have a glass on special occasions.

  51. pull ron says:

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  52. jaynalum lottone says:

    Oh my gods. Every time I hit rem sleep I get poked by the temp roommate. I snore dammit and you knew that. Let me get some bloody sleep.

  53. Hey Guys, Keep an eye open for the Flora London Marathon on Sunday April 22nd. Six Marathoners with under 2:07!!! including: World Record Holder Paul Tergat- Kenya (2:04:55), Haile Gebrselassie- Ethiopia (2:05:56), Former World Record Holder Khalid Khannouchi- Morocco (2:05:38), Lel- Kenya (2:06:41), Hendrick Ramala- South Africa (2:06:55) and Felix Limo- Kenya (2:06:14) plus Olympic Gold medalist Stefano Baldini- Italy (2:07:22) and Colin and buddy Jon Brown- Great Britain (2:09:31). All competing on the VERY fast London course where the World Record of 2:15:25! was set in 2003 by Paula Radcliffe. This one is likely to be VERY FAST! I Ash

  54. Poll: Mia Mottley Opposition “Leader” in name only? You decide… « Barbados Free Press says:

    Have you given the mule in the photo above any food today ?
    You seems be a person with many problems. First, with reading posts and replying accordingly. Now, I can see you have a problem with Hope you are not referring to the Prime Minister. I can see three realistic photos. One above, one in the middle and the other below. Make up your mind, or you might be using whisky and gin from your celebration.

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  57. WalesOnline - Swansea City - Swansea City News says:

    -The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. The record holder hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech and memory and concentration lapses.

  58. Fabio,

    I have the at hand, but I remember some work by Bowles and Gintis in the past few years that placed IQ fairly far down on the list of the best predictors of income. If I remember correctly, things like wealth, etc. were more highly correlated with future income.

    Has there been better or more recent work taken on Bowles and conclusion?


  59. cynthia rockwell says:

    hmm…i wonder. i think a whole 90 minutes might be too much…but since never been done not sure. bruce connor made films of nothing but disaster footage in the 1960s, but they were experimental and not mass marketed…i know. i have a feeling people would indeed go to see it. but probably prohibitively expensive to make such a film. $125 million for a film that has 20 minutes of special effects, how much would 90 minutes cost?

  60. You raise an issue Vicki. In many cases, white papers are owned by technical writers in engineering or product development. The content of white papers really needs to be driven by the marketing group and/or to a lesser extent sales where the product features, benefits and business case can be developed with the objectives and key messaging in mind. –Gordon

  61. How do you go about infusing the catnip? I would like to know more about this for the new baby coming, but also for Liam. He has all of his teeth, but sometimes he really could use some aid in mellowing out. I could probably use it too, especially once the new baby is here. He very much enjoys chamomile tea, which I could probably use a bit more often, but I never remember to.

  62. People say the Cavs fall into bad habits. I think that with the coach.As much as the players back to the “Take long jumpers/stand around and watch LeBron” version of offense, Brown always seems to back to his old bad habits of riding LeBron and not trusting his bench. If this team is going to grow, they go back to pulling a Linus Van Pelt by grabbing their security blanket and sucking their collective thumbs. (or in case, chewing them).That includes Brown.

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  71. Armstrong targets 3:00:00 in Boston Marathon « Running Advice and News says:

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    Coach Dean

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  73. Jamie Dawn says:

    Interesting left handed facts. I am right handed. My Dad was right handed and then changed to his left hand in later life! never known anyone to do that before!

  74. My good and bad habits

    My good habits: I study every day, I do my homework, I sleep early all the time, I play tennis every day, I exercise all the time, I go running twice a week and I always eat fruits.

    Bad habits: I eat vegetables, I eat junk food three times a month and I like to read books.

  75. golaillete says:

    right handed, my parents and grandparents are/were all right handed, my hubby is right handed, and my kids are right handed. I have a cousin who is left tried writing and batting a baseball left handed, and it was really hard. This makes me sad and mad at anyone who ever tried to force a left handed kid to use their right hand. I wish I could use both hands equally efficiently.I also wish I was double & triple jointed so I could bend like those Cirque de Soliel performers.

  76. Yeah the argument I always hear in of soccer is that 90 minutes of playing time, while an NFL game, despite lasting three hours, has only maybe 25 to 30 minutes of actual on-field action. I concede the point. But with each snap anything can happen. Anything! In soccer you can have 90 minutes of absolutely nothing. Yeah, sign me up for that. It may be fun to play–I personally think so (USE YOUR FRICKING HANDS!)–but rather stare at a block of cheese for that amount of time than watch a soccer match. And saying something.

  77. Characteristics

    Acer palmatum is a deciduous shrub or small tree reaching heights of 6–10 m. The leaves are palmately lobed with five acutely pointed lobes. The flowers are produced in small cymes, the individual flowers with five red or purple sepals and five whitish petals. The fruit is a pair of winged samaras. The seeds of Japanese maple and similar species require stratification in order to germinate.

    Even in nature, Acer palmatum displays considerable genetic variation. Even seedlings with the same parent tree can show difference in such aspects as leaf size and shape, and color.

  78. frainblon says:

    Universal Health – Shippensburg, PA – Roxbury Treatment Center is a private 112-bed sub-acute detoxification/rehabilitation and psychiatric center located at the foothills of the scenic Blue Mountains. In our 60-bed chemical dependency unit, detoxification is conducted under close medical supervision. The team of physicians and our around-the-clock nursing staff provide the needed assessment and care. The Recovery Program offers a pro

  79. While Kid A is a great album, not prog and neither is Muse. Dream been garbage since the 90s and The Mars Volta is prog for teenagers.

    That being said, the others definitely deserve to be up there. But for me VDGG, Rush, and Oceansize are the only choices whose albums I agree on. Obviously all opinions, but I think Blackwater Park should have been there over Ghost Reveries, In Absentia over Deadwing, and Anno Domini High Definition over Rapid Eye Movement.

  80. The Collection, Lincoln, posted a photo:

    The will be created using black panels which will be covered in the individual flowers created by the students.

  81. Speaking of tour crashers, one time I was just standing in front of the Mona Lisa. Just standing there looking at it. Of course there was a tour group with a leader speaking – there is ALWAYS a tour group in front of the Mona Lisa! Hello! So then I got yelled at for honing in on their tour that they paid for! I was outraged – like I allowed to stand and look at the Mona Lisa because they were having a presentation by their guide! Give me a break. Glad you liked the Mont St. Michel! So beautiful out there.

  82. The Supreme of Pakistan has issued notice to the Prime Minister’s son Ali Musa Gilani, in connection with the chemical case, on Tuesday. As the hearing continued, the SC issued notices to Ali Musa Gilani along with DG Anti-Narcotics Federation (ANF) Major General Shakeel and Principal Secretary Kushnood Lashari. The ANF also requested and enlistment of Ali Musa Gilani and …

  83. One of the best predictors of elections over the years has been the mock elections held in schools. Most school kids only reflect what their parents think and, unlike parents avoiding pollsters and unwanted telephone calls, have no reason to either lie or clam up. Michael Barone that in Washington state, 15,400 K-12 students […]

  84. Twitter / justin_fenton says:

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  85. Well true not as good as it was in season 1 (and to a lesser extent season 2) but still a better than average show.

    The worst sub-plot was the one earlier in the season with paper (the one that noone read). The euthanasia sub-plot was kind of nice though.

    I find the overall plot of the season though, a little hard to swallow.

  86. …and then in a flash of disturbingly over enthusiastic rapid eye movement trained to scan the entire world, at a glance, it dawned on me like the moon over Miami, which, on days, is actually visible at dawn, that in a curiously iconic moment of I am, in fact, the mother ship. Good help is so damn hard to find these days…::sigh:: an era, maties!

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  89. near:"kansas city missouri" within:50km - Twitter Search says:

    When im sleep deprived i get very irritated & I also despise when people dnt value my 8 hours sleep or question y im tired!

  90. dah tiuse says:

    Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tuesday called on the Damascus regime to account for the fate of two Turkish journalists missing in neighboring Syria since March. Haber Kaynak : Hurriyet Dailynews

  91. A fretful day – Mr S off on the early train jet lagged, sleep deprived & grumpy, me at dentist in 30 mins, and a sick dog to get to the vet

  92. trid lugesh says:

    Thank God, finally adult leadership in the White House… I real leader that is already making some of the toughest decisions in decades and what is the Republican response! No No No, its to big, its to much money, and here is Bobby Jendel!
    They got us in to the mess have not at a single moment in time have they come up with a plan to get us out of this mess.

    Great Blog, thanks

  93. Why does Mr. have to be accorded the title of Prime Minister if he is no longer the PM. We do not to have to follow what other countries do. we ever do things our way? Amazing how no one ever suggested the title for Sir Harold or Sir Erskine or Mr. Barrow. What is so special about Mr. that he must be elevated.As far as I am concerned the PM is there as a servant of the people. When they are no longer the PM they are to be respected for the role they had and treated as dignitaries but the current PM must not stand in his shadow.

  94. Crazy Random Thoughts by me (twitter): If at first you don’t succeed do you blame it on John Chow? I do! He caused global warming man!

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  96. The Voices of Baby Boomer Women | Blog for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women says:

    Just hooked up a 20L keg of Black Oak 10 Bitter Years. 8% ABV, $8/14 oz tulip. Open at 6:00. Lots of love, bitter, sleep deprived owner.

  97. bretta deir says:

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    materials : games, stories, puzzles, songs, drawing
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    b. Adolecents

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    methods : Communicative Languange Teaching, Cooperative Languange Learning
    c. Adult learners

    materials :
    methods : Audiolingualism,Cooperative Language Learning

    2. The materials and methods are appropriate for the specific group of learners because learners of different ages have different needs, competences, and cognitive skills. So the learners can learn easier and more effective.

  98. gue keeta says:

    Beautifully written no doubt. Love the way you have played with small sentences this time.But stop putting your thoughts to words for some time now. Rem our discussion over lunch today? Maybe you need to stop giving a structure to random thoughts. Cos random thoughts when given a structure can set a lot of other sub-structures in motion.
    Take care.

  99. Love this idea using the chalks…have to try this. recently worked with silk flowers because flowers sold for scrapbooking are really expensive. I with 1 hydrangea stem which provided lots and lots of individual flowers and they tend to have some nice color variations. I discovered that you can iron silk flowers for scrapbooks/cards if you require less dimension. Twinkling H20 water color paints on the silk flowers add a bit of sparkle. Thanks for the idea…great poem!

  100. Ross Perot was also left handed. If I am not mistaken the debate amongst Clinton, Bush I, and Perot was the only presidential debate where three lefties debated.

  101. davidubben says:

    Coming to the realisation that life without my old as the hills e-mail address just won’t be the same :/ And to a lesser extent no more MSN

  102. I do agree that since technology has become a bigger influence into our culture today that more toys for young children are becoming more advanced in what they can do. Even though the toys with technology help young children learn and develop skills that we be needed for the world, I think that there is becoming a lack of engagement with the outside world for young children. Also there is a lack of interaction amongst each other which is creating a lack of social development and imagination for the children.

  103. meier assain says:

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  104. in my life i find that i can do just about anything for 15 minutes.
    i can convince myself to do even the most mundane tasks if i tell myself i can quit after 15 minutes.
    usually, after the 15 minutes of i am usually well on the way of feeling a satisfaction of accomplishment to stick with it until completion.
    i agree with the “where are their best friends?” theme….hahaha
    ( have a little problem…)

  105. It is Ok- I like it better than Headway, but I have taught ESL for 6 years to adults and English File or Total English are always the textbooks that everyone likes and I have tested them all! FCE is enjoyable as well-an entire chapter on the male/female issue. For Business English- International Express or Business Spotlight magazine is the best.

  106. talk about whether a Right handed (English) or Left handed (Continental) knitter”Annie, a left-handed continental knitter, formerly a left-handed English knitter. confused as to why you refer to left-handed knitting (from the right needle to the left needle) as continental knitting. If you have some time, love to hear your thoughts.Thanks.

  107. lavanich says:

    First, congrats on coming so far! I loved reading your weekly recap and think a great idea! (can I snatch it for myself?) hehe
    Great job on the 90 minutes! a slacker at getting back here, but I did my 90 minutes in the form of 5Ks on Saturday as you know.
    Lastly, you are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pics of you … look how radiant your smile is!

  108. Yesterday Mr Mills observed for the 1st time that his wife of 19 years eats left handed! Don’t tell me I ain’t got no mystery!

  109. I feel like when I’m on twitter, it’s kinda like I’m in a big room with all of you and we are just shouting out our random thoughts.

  110. ClayBuster says:

    As many have already noticed, two things will be the key to chances at the AO:
    – First serve: seems to be completely ABSENT lately.
    – Concentration lapses: really like to see Fed staying concentrated during an entire match again…

    Anyways, just an exho this. All will be revealed in only two weeks to come… not all to sure whether Roger will get a happy ending there.

  111. Just like snowflakes…no two are alike. stopped listening to the supposed tos since they seem to be true for my little guy. My guy and I have been hanging out since 3:00 together with a couple ten minute cat naps in there. For some reason, he sleeps for chunks of time for his dad from 6:30-8:30,9-12, 1-3, but once mom hits duty at 3 or 2 depending on the night he squirms and makes lots of noise until 5:30 or 6 when then we are awake anyway. He just had a poo so I am hoping he can sleep for maybe a half hour or an hour before I end up having to change diaper, feed, etc. and the cycle again.

  112. Tropic Thunder has been playing on my TV for nearly 2 hours, and it’s about to end, but I haven’t paid attention to a single moment of it 🙁

  113. HSchwende says:

    ‘the prime minister is nothing more than an arrogant posh boy that doesn’t know the price of milk’ OMG THE NEWS IS ACTUALLY FUNNY TODAY

  114. Yes! My poor IUGR Jack was in the NICU for 18 days after I brought Nate home. Those were the easiest 18 days of my entire 3-month-long-twin-mom-existence. We got into a groove, and actually got 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Then Jack came home, and our lives descended into “twinsanity” and recovered since!! We only get 7 hours of sleep if in bed 11+ hours….

    Babies are tough, but 2 are more than twice as hard as one! And as much as I joke about looking for 24-hour online adoption agencies during late-night feeding frenzies, I trade them for a singleton.

  115. The rocks on the road bumping the car all over become much more noticeable. You can see the individual flowers along the road. From a distance you couldn’t see them, but up close, they were there in all their glory. I think of self-care just like that. … Think about where you need coaching in your lives. What areas of your life are tangled that could use clarity? Email me at Please put in the subject line, “life question for the coach”. …

  116. mcrousseli dagand says:

    You are quite correct. Beckles has his protocol way off base.

    A man of his education should know that a title of office is only sustained for Heads of State or others such as Judges, Generals and Ambassadors
    who are RETIRED, or permanently out of play.

    For Beckles to suggest that a former PM who is STILL SERVING as a back-bencher of the Opposition should retain the title of Prime Minister is fatuous on his and can only arise from other suspect motives. Shame on him.

  117. arreavelea syrelsey says:

    What fun! We climbed to the top of the Eiffel tower this spring with our boys! That was fun!! We also visited the Louvre. Check out their website for the Mona Lisa – they have a FABULOUS interactive activity about the Mona Lisa! You can look at the front and the back in detail through a magnifying glass. My boys spent hours studying that one painting and then they got to go and see if for real! They were soooo excited and told the curator all about it! LOL! He was duely impressed – and so he should be! There many 8 and 6 year olds who are so up on the Mona Lisa!

  118. strom toljo says:

    How about flowers for the tables at restaurants or coffee shops? With the end of school, always flowers for the teacher. Could you market with a coupon book which would give an amount off for a monthly occasion or Maybe you and other business owners in your area could co-market, even sell such a booklet as a school fund-raiser. You need to train your community to think of buying individual flowers or small bouquets as a regular thing to treat friends and coworkers to. Not fattening, like donuts! Maybe offer a subscription, purchased in advance. What a nice holiday gift – the promise of a bouquet a month! In a downturn, flowers at a low price-point can be one of those

  119. In other news, Busy Girl graduates high school in 18 days. I have mostly tried not to think about it, but last night’s didn’t help.

  120. Despite the fact that sleep deprivation was not determined to be the reason for the failure to respond correctly to the threatening situations, it seem clear that the lack of dreams was the culprit. REM sleep may not only consist of dreaming, and it could be that depriving a rat of REM sleep will not only impact its energy level, but also its capacity for judgment, which may only to its mental dexterity and not to the manner in which dreams have impacted its awareness. REM sleep may have more significant consequences to the mental health that does not directly connect to dreaming.

  121. bhelmaillo says:

    The Russian government’s budget projections commission has decided to raise gas prices for domestic industry by 15 percent in 2013, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said on Thursday. …

  122. Considering the mess that is Haiti, I think that 18 days will count against it. I bet that is more jacked up than many realize. How many months do you think it will take to get that operational? So many competing priorities…feeding 3 million people, maintaining order, providing housing…all that while maintaining the flow of supplies into the country will make repair difficult. Looking back on this 18 days might be considered quick.

  123. I dont know, but from past expereince, I would suggest that she (the leader of the opposition) would be doing the cannibalizing. I would not worry about her. I am sure she can hold her own. I understand she throws some good punches too.

    With regard to Owen, he can be called Prime Minister as a matter of protocal and respect. In Canada they are still calling Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeau was always called Prime Minister as well. No money is attached to it, why worry.

  124. I have time to read all the comments but I just wanted to say that with a new baby sometimes comes a little resentment for baby 1. I know it sounds odd but perfectly normal that while you are trying to love and care for new baby and yourself, you may find it hard to capture the feelings for baby 1. typing as fast as I can and am not very explaining it very well but if it happens, it is normal and it WILL PASS.Best of luck.Rebecca F.

  125. Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza City held a rally on Friday in solidarity with an Islamic Jihad member, detained without trial by Israel, on the 62th day of a hunger strike.
    “We stand by the heroic symbol of prisoners, brother Khader Adnan, in his unlimited hunger strike,” head of the Hamas government in Gaza Ismail Haniya, just back from a tour of Gulf countries via Egypt, told ahead of the event.
    Palestinian officials say Adnan’s two-month hunger strike is the longest period a Palestinian detainee or prisoner has ever gone without food.

  126. Because of the prevalence of obesity in our country, many Americans are expected to develop a serious condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which can lead to cirrhosis, fibrosis, and in some cases liver failure. It is also one of the best predictors for coronary disease…

  127. hauretta bie says:

    slow. Set a timer for 15 minutes and pick something to do like dust the living. Stop when the timer goes off. Take a break for 15 minutes. Set the timer a do it again. You will be surprised at how much you can actually accomplish in just 15 minutes! Like a game, I try to see how much I can do before the timer goes off. slow, you can do it!

  128. freebert says:

    Today the Prime Minister’s office released a summary of the life of Benzion Netanyahu, born in 1910. Here is what he accomplished between the ages of 18 and 38: Following his graduation from the Beit Hakerem Seminar in Jerusalem, Netanyahu…

  129. Caltechgirl says:

    well, I can explain of it….Evidently you went right into REM sleep, hence the incredibly vivid dream and remembering the dream. Also, during REM sleep, our brains actually turn off the nerve impulses to our voluntary muscles, this is why most people move during REM sleep. Sometimes, if you wake up quickly enough, that acetylcholine block is still in place and you feel paralyzed. But it goes away in a few seconds.Weird, huh?

  130. robolina linda says:

    Please do not cut any funding that our young children. Please consider all possibilities before cutting the funds that our young children and their future. Thank you for reading my comment.

  131. enjoyed this very much. While in college and taking a Neuroscience class I did a research paper on “Sleep Deprivation and Memory” and as it mentions here, sleep is very to obtain long term memory. Sleep has different faces which are divided into Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and Rapid eye movement (REM). which influence how well you sleep and also the intensity with which you remember.

  132. Twitter says:

    Sooner or later we all have a bad nights sleep. Today is my day. I will do my sleep deprived brothers and sisters proud. Or sleepy.

  133. Corina, thank you by the way!!!!!

    David? You are absolutely correct in your assumption. He is an amazing advocate for himself. He makes me laugh so much! It takes him “forever” to explain any situation as he reflects every single moment so the person he is speaking to, understands. Yep, we understand all right: most of the time we recieve more information than we care to know, lol. Hugs 🙂

  134. Victor Callender says:


    We need to get back to the point and not be distracted by EPA lectures, Turn-coat Beckles, ESA Field rum et al.

    The question is: WHO IS IN CHARGE? I really think Mia is in charge. Will she be the next Prime Minister? She has been touted as being gifted. Well, see how gifted she really is as Opposition Leader. History shows that it takes extraordinary leadership skills to keep that position for any meaningful length of time.
    I suspect she will be cannibalised.

    Any fellow sages out there in agreement with me?

  135. Because we have young children, been having “faith talks” without naming it. It is not a formal thing. For us, just getting a 6, 4 and 1 year old to sit in one place is difficult. Thanks for the reminder that, like a snowflake is unique, we can talk about things anywhere, as we walk, sit, rest, eat, play… any time we are together. Formal is good for some, but with my young children, “as we go” works into our lives.

  136. the previous record holder for championships in WRC was Tommi Mäkinen. Once he had a chance to drive Williams F1 car he crashed it immediately. It would be nice to see if Kimi can do as good in WRC as Loeb did when he drove the RBR F1 around the track.

    IIRC one year in RoC Loeb was bested in Citroen WRC, and by whom you may ask … well go and figure out. As a hint I might say he was a F1 driver

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    ‘Booming Economy Without Jobs’
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    all 8 news articles »

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    Post from: TheGloss

  140. Citysteader–I'm honored and humbled to hear that this post speaks to your experience. The healing process (both physically and emotionally) takes time, and it is completely normal to feel lots of conflicting emotions all at once, especially when you are also trying to adjust to life with a new baby in the house. 🙂

    Congratulations on your new baby!!

  141. rwenzel11 says:

    When I was learning to write, there was no consideration given to the fact I was left handed. Same in craft lessons – no left-handed scissors were available. We were just labelled as cack handed.
    Now, as the proud owner of many left-handed implements, I know that is not the case. Try getting a right hander to cut a thin, even slcie of bread with my left-handed bread knife!!

  142. Cross Z says:

    Banshee 1.3.2 add sync function and can read the files in ipod, I think this is because of sync.Because it still can not watch folders and only can sync all musics in library. So watching fuction is not needed in this case.2 things needed:1) new/old marks for ipod podcasts2) Chinese characters problem. Still a lot of music files with non-english file name can not list correctly in ipod.

  143. mcknec says:

    I'm left handed too! And it definitely is difficult being left-handed in a right-handed world. We are kind of forced to adapt, and it can be very frustrating.

    Especially finding the ONLY pair of left-handed scissors in the classroom, which work anyway.

    I love the letter formation It was interesting!


  144. zotta jemaneller says:

    Soccer: West Ham 3 Cardiff 0 (5-0 aggregate): West Ham are 90 minutes away from a return to the Barclays Premier League after sweeping aside Cardiff in their play-off semi-final.

  145. pandora uk says:

    The Prime contractor was caught watering the Prime lawn and was fired by the Prime Minister because the Prime Minister know his contractor was watering the Prime lawn despite the Prime Wife telling the contractor to stop wasting water on grass. It appears the Prime Minister only became aware there was a water crisis in the country a couple days ago during a speech where he urged a handful of to stop wasting water on grass. One wonders if the Prime Minister would have fired the contractor or even noticed his grass was the greenest in the land if the Trinidad Express brought it to the attention.

  146. Hi Ellen, thanks for showing us that plant. I remember it from when we lived in PA, but I was young and toting four young ones everywhere. Your story was great and I searched for the photos of it. Beautiful.

    Thanks, Frances! Sadly, none of the photos I found even approached the beauty of the wandlike clusters I see here, though there were some good close-ups of the individual flowers. What a shame! really a stunning plant. One seeded in on the roadside here at Haven, and I got hugely excited, thinking maybe get a colony going here, but it disappeared—doubtless another victim of the mower. I recall ever seeing one in Tennessee, but maybe around and I just missed them.

  147. Gabrielle says:

    My good and bad habits
    I sometimes go to the beach, but I usually stay at home.I never go camping. I play soccer three times a week. I go to school,there I have to study every day and I always study at home. I usually have good grades.I hardly ever eat junk food and I always sleep early.These are my good and bad habits.

  148. What's really weird is left handed too! And I agree completely that teachers should understand that we do need special equipment being left handers. As Katie has said, using the left handed scissors was always a good idea, but not all teachers would carry a pair in their classroom. I also think that left handers should be provided with the left handed notebooks. I am always having to wash my hands because my left hand covers over my writing and smears it. Although it is unrealiastic, I believe that left handed students should also be provided with special work books for the same reason, our work seems smeared becauseo ur hand covers what we have written. Great blog! I found it very interesting.

  149. Hi Deshaun. Thanks for keeping up with my writing. Also, it is commendable that you acknowledge your Bad Habits. That is the first step to fixing it. Keep me posted on your story…..and Maxwell is pretty cool.

  150. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant native to the Americas that possesses a large inflorescence (flowering head). The sunflower got its name from its huge, fiery blooms, whose shape and image is often used to depict the sun. The sunflower has a rough, hairy stem, broad, coarsely toothed, rough leaves and circular heads of flowers. The heads consist of 1,000-2,000 individual flowers joined together by a receptacle base.
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  152. e! Science News - Biology & Nature says:

    I know so many people who have all the pillows they need and yet have trouble sleeping at night; they walk through their lives sleep deprived. What many don’t realize is that the Torah already told them why they can’t sleep.

  153. Todd,

    You mentioned that the parking lot would benefit families with young children. That makes no sense seeing at the Dept” is on the complete opposite end of the HPPC campus. This would also make me question the validity of re-doing Circle Drive.

    I just follow the logic of “creating safety for parents with young children.” Simply on the grounds that do you think an elderly couple is going to have those concerns when parking? Will they give up a coveted parking spot so a family with young children could park closer to the church? I most assuredly would say no.

    Again, while the plans seem exquisite and beautiful, the logic fails to go meet the demands for cause.



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  155. Harper dares Dion to face voters « Canuck Politics says:

    By all means, if Harper want another Federal Election, I will because it is undemocratic for the three to make such a coalition. Also, since when did Harper lost the confidence of the people. Harper even release his Annual Budget for the up coming year. If the people of Canada did not vote for you to be the Prime Minister of Canada then so be it. Using tactic is undemocratic.

  156. wartin mathill says:

    I was very upset that CNN chose to cut off Prime Minister comments in the news conference to go to their own talk. You played all of the President of comments in both languages. Canada is the US biggest trading – supplies a great deal of your energy supplies and has the US in many of your world endeavours. We do not get a State dinner – but we do deserve to have our Prime Minisiter and his statements respected. It was a true statement of what CNN thinks of Canada – we are to be taken for granted. And you have many Canadian viewers who I am sure share my views.

  157. georgentyn scholmaz says:

    Chicago Cubs Pitcher Kerry Wood to Retire: Fan Reaction
    Yahoo! By Adam Hughes By Adam Hughes | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 15 minutes ago When the subject of baseball’s greatest single-game pitching performances comes up, as it inevitably does after a no-hitter or other dominant outing, one name that always comes …
    Kerry Wood and the greatest game pitchedESPN (blog)
    Kerry Wood is memorable for many reasons, but this one thing stands out to (blog)
    Kerry Wood plans to retireNewsday
    Huffington Post -Chicago Sun-Times -USA TODAY -Fox News
    all 261 news articles »

  158. In anul 1865, inginerul finlandez Fredrik Idestam si-a facut o fabricuta de in localitatea Nokia, in sud-vestul Finlandei. A numit-o Nokia, dupa numele localitatii, unde mai erau doua fabrici cu acelasi nume. Una producea galosi, iar alta cabluri. Citește mai … Citeste tot la

  159. nozzetia marconi says:

    Cumberland Courier Newspapers

    Deck the halls with Christmas cheer
    Cumberland Courier Newspapers
    For example, a beautiful glass bowl or vase filled with baubles can create a dramatic effect in less than one minute. Individual flowers, such as roses or …

  160. So happy you are feeling more like yourself again! Depression sucks, and I know the last person to notice it when it hits. the slow descent, and by the time you notice, already in it.

    Now, you can appreciate a good day again. Not every single moment (I think a passage in Idiot where the protagonist talks about a guy who almost got hanged but got pardoned at the very last moment, then decided he was going to appreciate every single moment after that, but of course, because just not how wired), but the really good ones. And it sounds like you had a lovely birthday.

  161. casters says:

    Because point spreads are indicative of what the best predictors in the business (the Vegas people) think is going to garner the most action on both sides of a given line. So if the Vegas people think a 3 point favorite to things out, that is a relevant prediction to take into consideration.

    All of us thought the Miss. St. game was a sure fire win going into it, but Vegas (if I recall) essentially had the game listed as a pick There was a reason for that. They are on the money with their spreads more often than not.

  162. Nancy pretty much summed up current knowledge about egg allergy by relating her experience: the MMR is OK to give even with egg allergy. For flu vaccine, in case of severe allergic reactions to eggs, you need to give the vax under close medical supervision and preferably use a vaccine preparation with the lowest amount of egg protein remnant as possible.

    The only other vaccine AFAIK that has egg issues is the Yellow Fever one, which relevant to most of us, thankfully…

  163. Dear all, thanks for all your wonderful comments!

    Actually, I just clicked the shutter, all and its just a plain amateur digital camera, its kinda just lucky that it turned out nice!

    fangting: The pond is beautiful! Try selective vision, look at individual flowers and leaves and find beauty in everything.

    Hi Alan, you describe how your pictures relate to me perfectly.

    Coming from you, it means a lot!


    Hey Clapso, thanks for that!

    Hello zhiyi, hi-five! I love plants a lot, especially trees and flowers! All of them are different and have an unique pattern to themselves.

    Thanks a lot!

  164. I am delighted that England are through to the next round. Why, when I dont like football at all? Because one of the big family history sites, normally expensive to use, is FREE for registered users for 90 minutes of their choice in the 24 hours surrounding England matches. And I was halfway through the house search of in Norfolk to see if my PATRICK ancestors lived there when my 90 minutes ran out!

  165. There was a study recently published in the journal Science that claimed that people learn best if you teach the general, abstract information first. Of course, they used college students in their study, and they are capable enough of forming concrete images and examples to help themselves understand abstract material. Imagine what would happen if they tried this with first graders. The researchers claim they are going to try this with young children next, and if Piaget is right, it should be a huge disaster.

  166. Mona smile or as you said her sweet smile… has a mystery associated with it , indeed Mona lisa is in itself a mystery.. a work.. presently kept in Museum of France… first thing still unknown is who the girl ” Mona Lisa” actually was.. second mysetry is that like u said her smile sweet.. every critic has quite different interpretation for her smile.. The most intresting about the painting is that ” Her eyes would be looking just to you irrespective of the angle u see the canvas from”…

  167. dar jerostel says:

    We are excited for your family and glad that everything went well! It is amazing how things change with a new baby…Your right new life can be nothing more than a creation from God, I watched this video by answers in Genesis a while ago, called “fearfully and wonderfully made”. It goes through each step of a new baby being “knit” together in the womb, so many steps have to fall right into place for a new baby to be made, a wonderful testimony of our creator.

  168. João Gabriel says:

    I have a lot of good habits. I usually go swimming. I study every day. I always have good grades. I always play soccer. I have a lot bad habits ,too. I play a lot of video games, I sometimes disobey my mother. I watch a lot of tv and I sometimes eat junk food.

  169. idro tyrumlaou says:

    WV – We are located in a picturesque, historic suburbia nestled only an hour away from our nation’s capital Washington D.C and only 90 minutes from beautiful Baltimore, Maryland. Our West VA area offers affordable lifestyle, good public and private schools, affordable rea

  170. farcely says:

    Yes I was piecing together a quilt that I am making for my son in preparation for the move to his “big boy” bed! I almost got the top done – a turquoise and brown palette. And I keep checking your new releases because the next thing on the list to make is a new baby quilt for the new baby that will be going in his crib in February! SO many nice ones to choose from!

  171. funny, people always say that to me, but technically right handed, I just write with my left hand. (My mom taught me to write with my left hand when I was a kid, as she thought I was left handed. Found out later not. Still write left handed, though.)

  172. goll arguer says:

    Great advice for a problem that frequently plagues me. It is much easier to accomplish tasks or goals in bite-size pieces. One technique used by myself is to decide on a task/goal and set a timer for a period of time – usually an hour or 90 minutes. Then I plant myself in my chair and work only on the task or project allowing no interruptions (phone, email, etc.) for that 60 or 90 minutes. Then I take a break, check email and phone messages, and set a timer again. This really helps me keep myself on task.
    Lynn Murphy
    Key Innovative Solutions, Inc.

  173. Song Harri says:

    I had the webcast on as I fell asleep last night. And wondered to myself, “I wonder if my friend Jenny is there…” and I prayed for you, that the longings of your would be answered by the One who longs for you!The “movements of your really count, all 90 minutes! Sometimes I think He looks down and says things like this, “Hey everyone look, my beloved Jenny!” And then I think He, knowing who we are as individuals counts our 90 minutes as MUCH in the Kingdom!!!

  174. vis hoeffo says:

    I woke up like an hour ago and have been sober since. Pretty sure thats the longest period i’ve been sober since we got here

  175. I like photography because I think life is all about moments. A whole lifetime, or a whole day cannot be perfect, but just a single moment can be. A photograph is a single moment captured in time. I feel like time is moving way too fast, so taking photographs helps me pause things.

    What like to know is how Scott got the foreground and background exposed so well in that shot! Long exposure?

  176. Oh yeah? Well we had a system for the leaders debates, but the people spoke and public pressure forced the media coalition to let her in.

    Canadians want Prime Minister DION – we said so in the last election.

    Sooner or later the coalition will have to listen to Canadians, and that will be a bad day for the jackals behind this power play.

  177. » Marbled Rye and Evolutionary Algorithms says:

    […] Alsin colocou como meta aos seus algoritmos tentar recriar (ou copiar da melhor forma a Mona Lisa de Da Vinci usando apenas 50 904.314 o algoritmo de Alsin chegou a uma imagem bastante da original, se considerarmos que algoritmos exatamente mestres da pintura (ou pelo menos, ainda pode ver a imagem final no do ou ver as diversas no weblog de Alsin. […]

  178. coach - Twitter Search says:

    LONDON, Aug. 12, 2010 (Reuters) — Former 100 meters world record holder Asafa Powell withdrew from this week’s London Diamond League meeting on Thursday with a back and hamstring strain. … > read full story

  179. When I took my psychology class awhile ago I do remember reading about REM sleep and nightmares when you sleep on your back. It’s crazy!

  180. The road from Parwich to the B5056 has been gritted. The lane through Bradbourne was clear and fine, except for the moment when we had to give way on an upward slope to a 4X4 coming downhill, and nearly got stuck in the snow at the side of the road… grr…!

    Incidentally, the snow ensured that yesterday was the busiest ever day on PARWICH.ORG, nudging ahead of Wakes Week 2009 (the previous record holder) with just under 1800 page views.

  181. Fransisca says:

    Mona Lisa ROFL
    Just yesterday I was watching their 3rd BigEast fanmeeting DVD where the guys were asked to draw Mona Lisa. Me and my mom were LOLing at the drawing. Jaejoong drew some crying monster with a huge stuck out red tongue (and a bunch of mountains at the background), while Junsu drew his Mona Lisa topless, with boobs 😀 We laughed so hard watching this. The Dong Bang guys are endless fun^^

  182. cat - Twitter Search says:

    (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 19, 2012 ) Montgomery, AL — A sweet little kitten can bring an enormous amount of joy to a person. From watching them playfully jump and paw at string to cuddling with them during one of their many cat naps, a kitten quickly becomes a…

  183. chutchinen morminah says:

    Congrats on your new baby girl! lovely.

    P.S. My husband checks his email more frequently than I do, I am always late on news. I must give you his email address. It is

  184. BerdyStg says:

    To say u don’t care about someone who u were with for a longest period of time is a LIE because they know u more then u might know yurself

  185. Best Price Genesis Pro Bow, Right Handed, Black Price, availability and shipping terms and conditions of Genesis Pro Bow, Right Handed, Black. Look at our special deals today on our store. Get more and spend less when you buy Genesis Pro Bow, Right Handed, Black. Also read our Genesis Pro Bow, Right Handed, Black reviews before you decide to buy Genesis Pro Bow, Right Handed, Black.

  186. WASHINGTON — The United States has now endured what by some measures is the longest period of war in its history, with more than 6,300…

  187. chwerkeeha brada says:

    That took about 90 minutes by our count. Germany reiterates its opposition to letting the permanent rescue facility (the ESM) directly fund troubled eurozone banks. Both the broad European stock index and the euro have retraced their big gains on the earlier bank recap news. 3 comments!

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  189. as shocking as it is, they deserve to call the shots on this one since they did service fans with their subs for the longest period…

    so who gets to sub index 2 now? I surely mind crunchyroll quality via HorribleSubs, but for archiving? almost every anime that I have planned for archive will be slapped with HorribleSubs if that happens (which a bad thing but it sound so good either)

  190. as long as you have a piece of armor with No Encounters, dodging 200 lightning bolts TOO bad. though it is frustrating if your concentration lapses and you get hit.

    funny…after doing all this other grinding, i think even put lightning dodging in the “Top 3 Most Tedious Things in FFX.”

  191. visonna says:

    from attempts on Presidents Reagan and Ford to john killer…and many more…at least of the goal was that 15 minutes of fame.

    instead of giving them their 24-48 hours and 15 minutes of fame, news organizations should come to an agreement never to mention the name. no publicity, no fame, no motivation …

    ron mcfadden

  192. hey vojta,

    About the scar, you probably did that to yourself after REM sleep (where the fight most probably happened). REM sleep is when you are the most asleep and it is probably the hardest to wake up.

    I have had those embarrassing moments of wetting the bed some time ago as well, haha. What happens here, you can still wet the bed during REM sleep. In REM sleep your body is paralyzed, but if wondering why you can still wet yourself then the answer is the same of why you can still breathe during REM. You peeing is just the natural reaction from your brain to think that you are actually in front of the toilet peeing, so you do it in bed.

    Hope that clears it out ;D

  193. scholarlyclever says:

    Toronto Star

    Amazon, Sears, compete for baby bucks
    Toronto Star
    On Friday Sears launched its new Baby Room at the Eaton Centre, with 80 per cent new product, including and baby food makers purchased on the recommendation of mommy bloggers. On Friday night, Sears Canada CEO Calvin McDonald will meet with the …

  194. Hi. You are right that lying down is not a very good substitute for sleep, although it increases your chances of falling asleep. In order to feel rested, your body must enter the deepest stages of sleep (five total) and get plenty of REM sleep (rapid eye movement). REM occurs when you dream. Without REM sleep, nearly impossible to feel rested, even if you do sleep. Nyquil, some sleeping pills, and other alcohol will knock you out, so they can be better than nothing, but they also specifically suppress REM sleep. Therefore, best to get a good old-fashioned night of sleep if at all possible. not one to talk…I average about two hours per night.) I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Wow that is VERY interesting! Thanks, and thanks for dropping by!

  195. It's an interesting question, but even if you become a great photographer, you still, by chance, be that person who captures a single moment in time, a moment which becomes more than ANY amount of practice could have ever given you? Perhaps that practice gives you the eye and the patience, but in some cases, really being lucky, being in that right place at the right time.

    That makes photography more appealing, in my opinion. That chance, that one off chance you get to a moment and realize the full fruition of something beautiful and captured in a single moment of time, and you, the photographer, get to share that forever.

    Then again, I hate practice.

  196. satoruvash says:

    My interpretation: You love futuristic, maybe sci-fi movies!

    I love the house btw.

    I know. I find it hard to believe that random thoughts from top of the head might have any meaning at all. Maybe they do sometimes, after all, they come from our complex brains… I just think it happens significantly more often than real random thoughts.

  197. I've read many of your postings, though this is the first time felt the need to respond to any of them.

    Perhaps right — loving N enough. She probably knows you better than you do yourself, and in that knowledge realizes that you be changed. Sure you might be able to undergo some self-realization and make a conscious decision to change – but it would always be on your terms. They say that the best predictors of behavior are the ones from their pasts. I believe it, and when one comes to grips with it – you either learn to be happy with who a person is, or you give up and move on.

    The world is filled with so many amazing people and we deserve to be with the ones who make us happy. I hope you both find happiness and peace in your lives.

  198. Pete and Wayne arent identical twins but Wayne is left handed and Pete is right handed. What strikes me as odd is that Pete eats the left handed way and Wayne eats the right handed way!

    My children are all from the same parents, same decade, grew up in same house and yet they are sooo different! Leah is left handed while the other two are right handed and they all have different colour eyes! Its fascinating to discover the amazing differences that children from the same parents have!

  199. Like SBC, I once wrote about The Renaissance Era. Like you, I was amazed the amount of talent bestowed upon the world during that period. I wonder if they knew the masterpiece being created during that time frame would be as reveled in the future, as it has become. interesting is how some of the players from that era used to all meet up in a Harlem and give dialogue. I can only imagine the conversations and product which came from those meetings.I agree, great post.

  200. whitomeo mcardlundo says:

    the Prime Minister must give his words of assurance to the Malaysian people with regards to alleged involvement with razak baginda and altantuya.

    it does not augur well for a Prime Minister to keep his silence on this Mongolian murder case which has gave grave untoward impact on the prime minister-in-waiting.

    this is the time for the Prime Minister to show his wisdom in resolving issues of this nation as a statesman. our country needs a strong and squeaky clean head of the executive NOT one who is tainted with blood in his hands even at the perception level.

    Mr. Prime Minister, you ask for the Malaysian to be a world class citizen. we have taken your challege. we, on the otherhand, ask of you to be a world class Prime Minister and stateman. Will you say your opinion on this Najib-Altantuya-Razak Baginda issue to us.

    Will you?

  201. naps always vary. She will usually take one long nap, then a few cat naps, then another long nap in the afternoon. She was waking up twice a night, then went to once, then to no wakings, then back to two, now it is one…there is a 3 month growth and there is also a thing called the 4 month wakeful where they only stay asleep for 45 minutes or so at a time.

  202. Researchers at the University of Toronto are the first to indentify a potential cause for a severe sleep disorder that has been closely linked to Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. “Our research is the first to establish a potential genetic link to human REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD)…

  203. One can perform self hypnosis to try and lose weight, stop smoking, or rid oneself of other bad habits. … Many people find it hard to make changes on their own and must go to a hypnotist for their experience and knowledge.

  204. Oh, Renee ~ What an angel! And I so love pictures like this. These sweet early days pass so just gotta capture it. The “big kids” being so enamored with her…it end, but the newness of it does. My kids favorite pictures are the ones when they first “met” their new siblings.

    Oh, if only we could soak it all in and remember every detail! Breathe deep, enjoy that new baby smell, that new baby hair…oh, how precious and fleeting.


  205. I'm left handed too!

    been thinking about trying my hand at crochet lately, I really dig those “granny squares” and quilts and stuf. And of course softies! But with my limited extra $ to buy embroidery floss and fabric, I think now is the time to fostering a yarn fetish 😉

  206. Nice it may be 18 days until launch, but just got my advance copy in the mail in time for the weeknd> can’t wait….

  207. dashboard says:

    “all i know is that no one means the simplest “how are you,” only a sugary way of screaming knives of indifference” sometimes people really do care. just others show it in a different way. and maybe others are indifferent but that mean not it. every single moment and if people cant realize that then they are dumb.

  208. Johnny Kissko says:

    Hi Craig,
    As designers of learning activities and games in the physical world, we left the e-learning-on-a-computer-screen to toehrs, in order to focus on a more rich learning environment. However I agree that the arrival of tablets (and phones to a lesser extent) and the technologies you mentione offer real for collaborative and engaging learning.

  209. I'm not left handed, but my mother and my brother are. I was reading a book once, about connecting with your right brain in order to better tap into talent, and it was saying that left-handed people still house their intelligence in their right brain, even though their left side is more dominant rather than their right. The only case where this is thought to be different (and people get to research this stuff too lol) is in the left-handed children of left-handed mothers. So i guess my brother has a backwards brain.

    Hah! That explains a lot!

  210. Hey Karen,I hope this isn’t too ridiculous of a suggestion, but I have found I can do anything for 15 minutes. I think I could even stand up under state sponsored for 15 minutes. Anyway, so if there is something that is really scary to me, I set a timer for 15 minutes. Once I get into it, it’s usually not too bad. If it can’t get done in 15 minutes, I sit down the next day and do the same thing. Sometimes I find once I am in it, I can work past the timer. Googie

  211. winessley says:

    You know, if one bit of advice I can offer after my series of losses is to embrace your pregnancy and your new baby. No matter how much you try to ignore going on in your body, a loss still breaks your I suggest you love, love, love every single moment — each and every one so valuable. And, when your pregnancy ends with a round and healthy baby, be that much more glad you enjoyed your journey.


  212. What i have learned from my capstone is what things in your dream can mean for your physical, emotional, and social lives. I have also learned alot about sleeping, and the types of things that happen while you are sleeping, like REM (Rapid Eye Movement). I also learned about different dream theories that people have thought up over the years.

  213. This story reminds me of a 16 year old and a book titled Eragon.

    Christine – With a hardcover release, I think expecting it to do better than well. Instant bestseller.

    Rinda – I hear ya. They say they wrote a chapter a night, switching back and and did very little sleeping and eating. guessing they also do much house cleaning, laundry, child-rearing or husband-taming, either. *g*

    So the new “Write a Bestseller on Your Vacation Plan”. All you need is 18 days off (away from work & family), a room with a desk, a chair, a coffee pot, a package of adult diapers, and a writing in an identical room, to collaborate with via the internet.

  214. The Kings have to take this game, and they have to take it with the dominance that they displayed over the Wings in Detroit and the Avs in Colorado. They cannot let them in the contest for a single moment. They also have to win any fights that might occur after we handing them their feathered asses.


    GO KINGS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Recently, optogenetics, which controls the activity of neuron using the light-activated protein, has been getting a lot of attention. This light-activated protein works like a switch of neurons by sensing specific color of light. This time, Associate Professor Akihiro YAMANAKA and Dr. Tomomi Tsunematsu from National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), succeeded in suppressing only the activity of the orexin neurons in the mice’s brains (hypothalamus) when the optical switch was on, using the light-activated protein, halorhodopsin (eNpHR). This flipping on and off the optical switch led mice into sleep and wakefulness. Those mice fell into non-REM sleep (slow-wave sleep) only when the halorhodopsin-expressed orexin neurons were exposed to the light. It is in the Journal of Neuroscience published by the Society for Neuroscience in USA (July 20, 2011, Eastern Standard Time, USA) .

  216. bram klebergemp says:

    pray every single moment of my life…My prayer is to lift women to equality with men. WORK & WORSHIP are one with ~Susan B. Anthony

  217. I never heard the song or any iranian song , wait.. lemme check in IMEEM… a very long list, dunno which one is this song in have been counting every single moment in waiting;It’s only for that one single moment that I’m still alive today.For that moment that my search would be moment I would find my lost one in the mirror in front of mea pretty deep meaning. beautiful..

  218. In a twist straight out of the movie Inception, a duo of developers from Brooklyn, New York, has built a sleeping mask designed to allow people to have lucid dreams that they can control. While it may look like a standard sleeping mask, Remee has been billed as a special REM (Rapid Eye Movement) enhancing […]

  219. AptsFlorenceIT says:

    I’m such a Disney dork. I could sing almost every song from the Disney Renaissance era from top to bottom. And it’s probably on my iPod.

  220. hochika ruffy says:

    that's disgusting.

    Those who voted NDP which is social in political policy did not vote for a Liberal Government.

    No one outside of Quebec voted for a Bloc Prime Minister but almost half of all seats went to one and you think logical for 3 of completely opposing views to team up to government.

    Thats the definition of undemocratic

  221. […] Day to Ignite CQ5 CMS Discussions in Europe and U.S. « Irina Guseva: Random Thoughts on CMS, WCM, E… view page cached Guseva: Random Thoughts on CMS, WCM, ECM and Other Acronyms RSS Feed Irina Guseva: Random Thoughts on CMS, WCM, ECM and Other Acronyms » Day to Ignite CQ5 CMS Discussions in Europe and U.S. Comments Feed Irina Guseva: Random Thoughts on CMS, WCM, ECM and Other Acronyms Main Motivator for ERM Use is Fear of Leaking Secrets EPiServer Keeps Spreading Its Wings Beyond the Nordic Homebase From the page […]

  222. Jose Damaso Ramon says:

    By Kimathi Kamau NAIROBI, June 13 (Xinhua) — The agent of world record holder Patrick Makau has denied Athletics Kenya (AK) it did not provide the federation a into why he dropped …

  223. Cross Z says:

    Banshee 1.3.2 add sync function and can read the files in ipod, I think this is because of sync.Because it still can not watch folders and only can sync all musics in library. So watching fuction is not needed in this case.2 things needed:1) new/old marks for ipod podcasts2) Chinese characters problem. Still a lot of music files with non-english file name can not list correctly in ipod.

  224. i had that exact same problem with samantha and i think it was from caffeine. according to my older sister (with 4 kids), some babies have a hard time sustaining their sleep when transitioning into REM. you just have to let her cry, in other words, just train her to fall back to sleep on her own. the more you just pick her up when she wakes up after only 30 to 40 minutes (which is how long it takes for her to get to REM), the more tired she is throughout the day b/c not truly getting her rest by getting her REM sleep. hope this makes sense. feel free to give me a call if you want to talk about it more. and i LOVE my coffee, too!

  225. Gerry
    Skimming down the list of your latest blogs, here is the thumbnail for this one:


    Which would make one think that “not getting enough” is one of the four.


  226. […] Conversation with Bill Odell of Helpstream « Random Thoughts of a Boston-based CTO: John Moore’s … view page cached Posted on October 13, 2009. Filed under: Social Business Strategies Tags: interviewing, Social Business Design, Social Business Strategy, SSC From the page […]

  227. He-he I am left handed too! We are in our right mind! We rule you in feral right hand-er’s be afraid be very afraid! The down side is we do not make very good Moslems, we do everything with the same hand which means we eat and wipe our… Well it means we do not make very good Moslems anyway.

  228. I guess rather have someone with no experience and therefore NO bad habits than someone with tons of experience and evidence that shows a LOT of bad habits.

    Cord Hall has honesty and integrity on his side. Cord is respectful and a pleasant change from current behaviors.

    He has run a clean and ethical campaign.

    Those alone are enough to get my vote. praying for your win Cord.

  229. Yes, I just spent my 15 minutes writing a poem and reading this… so 15 minutes well spent. absolutely right about this though — self-love, right? Take time for yourself — self-love not selfish, right?
    You know, the human learns more in the first 3 years of their life then they will the entire rest of their life. We learn to walk and talk and communicate and sing and rhyme and color and write and early reading like turning a page — and we learn to love ourselves… really. Have you ever seen a 2 year old who Or laugh aloud? Or show love unabashedly? Or show their emotions, whatever they may be? So much goes on in that first 3 years, almost baffling. Sometimes… I feel like in the first 3 years again.
    I like the archives — a lot of thinking room back here.

  230. I went from using ~200mb the 1st two months to all of a sudden 598mb just 18 days into our billing cycle. My wife went from using 45mb to over 200mb just 18 days into the cycle.. Something is definitely up and at&t is clueless.

    The only new app that we both have is the weather channel app, but really, how could it use soo much just updating the live tile?

    Whatever it is, it put my wife over her 200mb Microsoft help me prove the apple fanboys wrong, but to wonder

  231. Associate Professor Akihiro YAMANAKA from National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), succeeded in suppressing only the activity of the orexin neurons in the mice’s brains (hypothalamus) when the optical switch was on, using the light-activated protein, halorhodopsin (eNpHR). Those mice fell into non-REM sleep (slow-wave sleep) only when the halorhodopsin-expressed orexin neurons were exposed to the light. It is in the Journal of Neuroscience published by the Society for Neuroscience.

  232. clow lein says:

    I think that young children should be given the possibility of choosing by themselves their own way of no matter what people expect from them. The main problem that we find nowadays is that people are (in a way) forcing their children to follow a kind of stereotype and this is what we should try to avoid in order not to loose their own personality.

  233. pyroArsonist says:

    If I punch you in the face with my left hand, but im right handed, does it still count as me punching you in the face

  234. Doh!!! This bit
    (random thoughts · stuff · thoughts ) You tend to have randomly of “I don’t give a stuff about what Tony thinks”

    was supposed to read

    (random thoughts · stuff · thoughts ) You tend to have random thoughts of “I don’t give a stuff about what Tony thinks”

    See how upset made me I even think straight. Now where are my pills…

  235. #quote -RT -filter:links -from:twuoted -"#christian" - Twitter Search says:

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    Yes…I actually tried writing both left handed and right handed. Right handed I had no trouble (other than the normal issue of not being right handed). As a lefty…I also tend to write a little more “upside down” (watch President Obama write for an understanding of that) and it just really work at all. Although writing more “normally” lefthanded caused the same problem. From a programming point of view it is probably harder to remove previous scribbles AND the wrist pressure than just wrist pressure and a blank area.

  237. SuuperG says:

    One of our patients (and employees!) will be discussing how being a dad with young children can lead to weight gain on tonight at 9pm!

  238. lesteinski dend says:

    Yes there is a whiff of bullying about this. Carr is not in the same weight category as the Prime Minister – or Ashcroft.

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  245. How can the PM of a country made a statement that corruption is a technical matter ?

    Then committing a murder or robbery or rape or fraud is also a technical matter ?

    The more issue is whether these murderers, robbers, rapists or fraudsters can be given a second chance to stand for public office ?

    If according to the logic, then a murderer can be a Prime Minister or a corrupt politician can be a Finance Minister or a robber can be a Home Affairs Minister. Syabas then to Malaysia.
    Welcome to Malaysia, Home of the Second Chancers.

    This is pure rubbish and can only come from the mouth of one who was one.

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  249. When my second child was born I took my first child to the hospital to see the new baby Momma had. Momma got a new baby and my daughter got a new baby. My daughter fell in love with her own new baby – it was special. It was brown, not the same as Daddy, Momma or new baby.
    My daughter fell so in love with her brown baby that she wanted some real live ones of her own. Today, years later, she does. She has three wonderful, beautiful brown boys and another is on the way.
    My family has expanded from its European background and I am thankful. I am a very proud father and grandfather.
    The human race is one race and my family is too.

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  251. Can't argue with any of that. stop clamoring. And right. What I love about the 15 minutes is that I (mostly) worry about it being good. I just write. Maybe be good later. Or not.

    I agree, (wild) creativity is a muscle and working ours. *flexes for you*

  252. lbachio jainter says:

    This is very interesting and thoughtful. I completely agree with everything you stated in this blog. I have many many bad habits that I think about every single day and I am really willing to get rid of them. Some of the habits are really hard to fix, but like you said, asking God through prayer will help. I plan on stop “thinking” about my bad habits everyday and asking God for his help. sure life would be so much better if I can stop some of these bad habits. By the way, Maxwell is amazing!!

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  254. vichaunder says:

    I too found it very frustrating trying to listen to the joint news conference between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Harper. Could CNN not hold off on their discussion until the news conference ended? It was very apparent they think what had just transpired between the two leaders

  255. Title Mangler - improved says:

    Today I am a joiner at work, am left handed but am sawing wood with my right hand so it feels like someone else is cutting it for me!
    Today I am a joiner at work, am left handed but am sawing wood with my right hand so it feels like someone else is cutting it for me!

  256. :)! OH! I remember those days……sleep? what is that?:) HA! Yet, those cat naps seem to keep you going & most of all, it is HIS strength that He gives so lovingly each moment! May you & Julia (and Sis. Keaton):) be blessed with some wonderful cat naps and feel more energy than ever! Praise God for the wonderful Sabbath yesterday! His Presence is surrounding us & I thank HIM with a full God hold you each one very close with His loving arms!!!!!

  257. REM is a band. Irving sleeps with a BAND. Well actually he PLAYS in the band while he sleeps.

    How cool is that

    (I perform in my own “band” sessions while I sleep, too, but I rotate between Ok GO, Queen and Switchfoot, depending on temperature. If you listen to “On Fire” – me in lead vocal. How cool is THAT

    (Yup, we have very amazing musical talents – undiscovered, unrefined, un…natural XD?)


    (REM Rapid eye movement, happens when you sleep lol =p)

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  259. PIERTOWN says:

    ‘When Harry Met Sally’ was great but I did spend the entire 90 minutes willing someone to stove in Harry’s smug face with a cricket bat.

  260. motockeri abucker says:

    Yarou is very talented. and to a lesser extent as is armwood. but they are freshmen..

    yarou is no dante cunnigham as a senior. is he going to fill in and give 30-35 productive minutes a game? not likely. there is a process with 95% of freshmen. look great at times and struggle at others

    Redding is a solid ROLE player. one of the best players in the conference? no.

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  262. I love how all of the media focus is on Walcott, very little mention of Warnock sneeking in at the last minute! Is this the second best left-back England have? He only has one cap, used in either of the friendlies, and going on from Villa fans he is prone to concentration lapses. I have heard rumours that Leighton Baines has big problems with homesickness (wimp), but with Warnock as our backup I am hoping Fab has Cashley going everywhere in a ball of cotton wool!

  263. NHL fans will get a free gift to the season — NHL Center Ice will be offered free by cable systems across the country for the first 18 days of the season. From Oct. 7-24, fans will be able to watch up to 40 out-of-market games per week, …

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  265. helllllloo, that ngo-ngo joke is so cornyyy!! and also, i didn’t know you played taboo at the hospital! i guess it’s a good thing i didn’t play against you and ’cause i would’ve won, woohoo!

    remember the last time we played taboo…
    bambi: dis is what you do when you shleep
    everyone: snore? toss and turn?
    bambi: no, you shleep… and den you do dish wid your eye-sh.
    everyone: rapid eye movement?
    (tick tock, tick tock… and time!!)
    bambi: the ansher ish “wink”!

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  268. generalla says: I appreciate your comment. Would you clarify what exactly is regressive? It seems that what you are saying is that—if the drawings capture only fleeting moments in a continuous process—no single moment can reveal the character of Is that what you mean? If so, would seem to be the wrong term to describe the inadequacy.

  269. Everybody has a lot of habit,this habit have bad and good.But,the good habit staight insist,the bad habit need amend.
    Today,i talk about my bad habit.I like watch TV and that for ages also have not a rest . Korea TV sitcoms are always attractive, too many people love them, me too. i remember when i have summer vacation or summer vacation, i also watched them with my mother.
    But ,you see. we are young, better for us go outside to commuicate with others and to realize the society, not to stay at home, not to sit before the computer or TV.
    For me , i also have bad habits, the poorest one is that everyday, i sit before the computer for nearly 8 hours.
    i think i have to change this bad habit which is not good for health.

  270. Well.. the invigilator in my hall said she wont leave us in last 15 minutes.. if v shd go out of hall.. we can go before the last 15 minutes
    Thats what the instruction in question paper also said..
    “None should leave the hall during the first 30 min or last 15 min of the examination”
    I know what kind of rule this is! to make students to stay in hall for the last 15 minutes..

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    I have been reduced to watching documenteries while I wait for sam to get home. Did you know that during REM sleep the body is paralysed?!

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  274. Now that Emma’s adoption is finalized and she is sealed to our family, I feel time is passing at just the right pace (not to jinx myself). The only way I can get her to take a good nap is for her to sleep on me otherwise she only takes 20 minute cat naps. I can’t complain because I love snuggling and it’s a good time to cat …
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  277. opis ves says:

    Hugs and Blessings to you during this process.

    “I don’t expect a change overnight. I understand that you have to fix the condition, not just treat the symptoms. It is a process. I don’t think it will be easy. On the contrary, I am fully aware of the difficulty. We have to unlearn bad habits and learn new, healthy habits. In order to do this, we have to recognize what our bad habits are and figure out ways to combat them.”



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  279. The hard about blogging for 15 minutes is to get a post completed in that amount of time. Still, I can think of lots of applications of that plan: paint (watercolor) for 15 minutes, clean up the yard for 15 minutes, iron for 15 minutes, and so on.

    The other thing been doing which has taken a bit of the pressure off is to alternate days for things, like blogging. been trying to work on posts one day and blog-housekeeping the next day.

  280. it’s like one of those nights when I’m on my bed and my brain just screams deep random thoughts and everything is clear and coherent and

  281. heetsunia zaias says:

    Its not only ratings agencies that have given a thumbs down to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his disastrous economic management. Now, one of the world’s most popular news journals, Time magazine, has lobbed another blow, calling Singh the “underachiever”.

  282. my sleep deprivation is causing me to lose my ability to hear, its pretty rough. Thank god I work at home & can take a nap

  283. elbins millowakie says:

    […] I usually post too much anymore about blog traffic, but there were some interesting things to note. For the last several weeks, I have had very consistently high blog traffic for me, about 14 straight days of 120-170 hits per day. Friday traffic was about 200 hits, then yesterday the traffic dropped way off to about 80 hits. I guess people are still mad at me because I said I hate the Chipmunks Christmas Song. Still, I reached the blog traffic of a couple months back when I was at about 200-400 hits in a given day. Either way, for me it was the longest period of +100/day traffic. Much of it is because of my Top 5 Terriers post which is receiving about 40 hits a day and will soon become the all time most accessed blog post surpassing the Top 5 Most Annoying Songs. […]

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