Nefarious Napping – It’s not just NapStealing Anymore

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According to World Wide Words, there are many uses of the word nap, including gnome-napping, kidnapping, dognapping, data-napping, art-napping), kegnapping), space-napping, and even headnapping. The common thread is that napping is synomymous with stealing. This is why napstealing is so nefarious, because it combines two thieving terms into one evil concept, Nefarious NapStealing.

The original, kidnapping, came about in the seventeenth century combined kid with nap, which is a word meaning to grab, snatch or seize and is very similar to nab, which may be Scandinavian. The other meaning of nap means a short sleep {taken|seized} or {snatched|grabbed} in the middle of something else. Hence, the terms power-napping, dognapping and catnapping.

Therefore, the nefarious term napstealing is worst of all because it is actual vile nap-napping.

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  1. Men just seem to be equipt to handle the same level of “exhausting day” as we are…:) Whe they get tired they nap. I know about you, but the word nap left my vocabulary the minute I gave Stacy

  2. Picky,

    Thanks for providing that information from World Wide Words. I accept that I am guilty of willful ignorance, and have updated the post to reflect the information you shared.

    On the OED, I would say that I was suggesting more that it was ignoring rather than falsifying its findings, mostly because, as I said, the entry on beyond the pale really go beyond dismissing the incorrect etymology, which I found surprising given that the OED is almost always excellent about drilling down as deep as it can, or at least saying “we know the origin of this word” when they hit bottom. But yes, it a justified accusation.

    Thanks for setting me straight!

  3. Aigoo! Aigoo! this drama changes so much on one episode… it keeps you going… (even if the main story moves at a snails pace, if you try too hard, you notice… )

    I hope my computer survives this drama. for every NEAR MISS I curse and abuse the monitor. *shakes fist in protest* if only this was a 12 or 16 episode drama…

  4. Ms Find says:

    Conclusion: In this rural Chinese sleep duration is independently associated with increased insulin resistance among women only, even after adjusting for adiposity and other potential confounders. (Source: Sleep Medicine)

  5. vamsterr says:

    I love the music of Birds of Tokyo. i met the boys on a flight from LAX to Sydney on March 14. I heard of them before. I hear a common thread between their music and that of The Moody Blues. For those youngsters reading this, they are a band, but B O T sound much like Moody Blues.

  6. raberrolve vivin says:

    yeaa , an off duty police officer shot a man who was caught shop lifting and the man took a women hostage at knife point .

  7. I agree, I think more of a problem of attempting to connect a massive amount of history to two Crusades-era factions and Ancient Astronaut theory. The original game was more about showing two different philosophies, control and choice, while the 2nd turns it into a more good vs. evil concept. I mean, it gets really silly when you realize that in canon the Templars George Bush and the Assassins backed Al Gore in the 2000 American election.

  8. yetişmesi gereken 5 sayfalık İngilizce yazı için Cuma ve günleri araştırma yapıp Pazar günü aktif olarak yazmaya başlıyorsunuz. Konu “Evil Concept”, yani Psikoloji, Sosyoloji, Felsefe ve işi gerçek olaylarla bağlantılamak gerektiğinde Anropolojiye hatta Tıp-Biyolojiye kadar gidebilen, biraz da Bilgisayar Mühendisliği okuyan birine fazla “yabancı”. Neyse, 8-10 kupa duble kahve içerek sabah öğle vaktine kadar yazdım. Can sıkıntısı, süreçteki mesaj trafiğinden bir şeyler aktarayım:

  9. GetAllJobs says:

    Steve Reed of Arden Fair answered your questions about security issues at the mall.
    Retired Sacramento City police officer Steve Reed, now head of security at the Arden Fair Mall uses his two-way radio Thursday, August 24, 2006.

  10. I used the actual vile, horrifying words, of.
    I called spob..sp**p and used scr*w in reference to someone scr*wing up. Otherwise, I see anything I said vulgar or threatenig. Just regular old comments.
    Wait a minute, in this last post I did use the common abbreviation for Friedman Units. That could be it.Still not sure about the other post. They keep you in moderation a long time. I locate my first moderation. know if it was ever released.
    Lord, this is making me feel as paranoid as LM.

  11. Full Slate’s Appointment Scheduling Software Launches 2-Way Sync With Google …
    MarketWatch (press release)
    They might be using Outlook, iPad and Android all at the same time. Google Calendar is the common thread that keeps all those devices — their computer, tablet and phone — in sync, in real-time over the air. This is crucial for small businesses.
    and more »

  12. down at the half, but not out. Refs are keeping this one at a snails pace. Need to light it up from beyond the arc in the 2nd.

  13. and while your dr friends marvel at your medical knowlege and teachings… I applaud you for your human perspective and vulnerability that shared which is the common thread among us… when all said and done..I hope to see the whole real in a book called something like… that which binds us all.. the common thread…. feelings!!!

  14. Fight on Folks!……..McGuinty will not stop building these In for a Penny, In for a Pound” with the “Greed Merchants” called “Wind Developers”.

    Only a total “morally bankrupt individual” would continue to harm children, not to mention adults with an Industry built on lies.

    This man along with all his “minions” should have to face criminal charges with their “assault causing bodily harm”!!!!!!

  15. buchitoyac fjori says:

    I have never understood why it is automatically considered first degree murder, when one takes the life of a police officer. Why should their lives be held at a higher value than everybody lives? All life is valuable and classifying this type of murder as automatically first degree is highly discriminatory and unacceptable, in my opinion. I like the though. Very concise and straight forward.

  16. repuchirot lyon says:

    “Account for that”? Not quite. Klerusblatt is Bavaria. La Civilta Cattolica is in the Vatican. There are other Germans. In fact, the common thread is that they are all in Nazi occupied territory. Why Pius reprimand them? Why did they keep publishing? Why did Vatican offices become a pipeline of safe conduct for Nazis to the west. These are all aspects of the Pius problem.

  17. Want to meet again sometime? « an Emergent cohort for the Capital District of NY says:

    Yes. Enjoyed meeting everyone very much on Wednesday. Cool to talk with people in very different situations with common thread of thought and desire to be… whatever it is: emergent, emerging, missional, intentional, influential, effective, good at it? Granted, the lunar eclipse was a total letdown, no offense God, but the conversation was great. Thanks for taking this on.

  18. One of these days, Smitherman, Gerettson and specially McGuinty will be held criminally responsible for this “assault causing bodily harm” on the poor souls who pay their salaries!

  19. Royce and Marshall stop by Shade45 to break down their new EP track by track. 1 – Explanation of the Bad Meets Evil concept – Continuation of Pt. 1 3 – Em on squashing his beef with Royce and album Intro 4 – They talk about the duo name, album title, […]

  20. I hope that the analysis looks at more than the PTAF issue. From our perspective the lack of response and snails pace in executing contract, drafting documents, getting environmental reviews right and getting loans closed are the biggest hurdle in Texas.

    Try talking to the contract administrators that are suffering through the incredibly slow and process.


  21. Ben Alpers says:

    Habeas corpus, the Geneva Conventions, the Bill of Rights . . . And the relevant common thread running between them is not that “things that are all in the Constitution,” but that they’re all vitally basic rights fundamental to the health and welfare of a free and liberal democracy.

    I thought the common thread among them was that none of them exist in America anymore. Well, okay, the 2nd Amendment still exists.

  22. Thanks for these comments, guys. been away for the past few days and had a chance to respond, but the common thread seems to be that there is no common thread; we each responded to different things where school was concerned, and recognize that others also responded to different things than we did. And Tracy, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I am!

  23. They did do something, they talked about it. They also did change a few things, but at far too slow a pace. They improved house building and recycling rates, but at a snails pace. I want every new building to be at the highest standard, and not on green belt or flood plain. At the same time they spend billions on widening motorways, and expanding Time for a change.

  24. Patrice Cormier changes his mind, pleads guilty to assault charges | ProHockeyTalk says:

    […] After originally pleading not guilty, Atlanta Thrashers prospect Patrice Cormier decided to plead guilty to assault charges stemming from a hit he delivered on Mikael Tam last season. The elbow left Tam convulsing on the ice in horrifying scene, as he suffered from brain trauma and teeth damage. Here is the National Post story. Former Quebec Major Junior Hockey League forward Patrice Cormier pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and received an unconditional discharge. […]

  25. I was not meaning to imply that the downturn would last for 20 years, but it might be that long before significant build out was possible, given the contamination and the snails pace that forward momentum on everything having to do with Alameda Point thus far.

    (And remembering what it was like in San Francisco when they were making Geary Blvd, tearing up the Fillmore and working on Granted, this may be less drastic in comparison… but maybe not!)

  26. @ Anthony – not a bad idea at all at all!

    MJ – I completely forgot when I booked it and picking me up at my door! be driving at a snails pace trying not to kill any Killers fans hehe.

    Becs – back! Yayness! Good advice on the wellies. going to Lovebox on Saturday and borrowing my lovely pink polda dot ones. Style or wha!

    Cheers muchly for the good luck wishes – I will need it 😀

  27. yorickdowne says:

    I can hereby confirm that a D-Link 615 rev. D3 will NOT do ipv6, cannot do protocol forwarding (required for some tunnels) and slows down to snails pace when confronted with UPD traffic (used for freenet6 / ayiya tunnels). The dir-615 rev D is something you want to stay away from if you want ipv6. The rev. C version does do IPv6, but it was only sold in the US, and did have a fair amount of ipv6 related problems.

  28. The Toronto Sun site is frankly awful, did they try to cram more onto the page? Personally, the blog is the only of the site I actually frequent. So waiting for that.

    a shame the paper owned locally, seems like being of a larger body makes change a snails pace if possible at all.

    Are those e-editions popular with readers? It seems like a lot of papers are trying it, but I imagine anyone paying for it.

  29. [news forum] says:

    A Toronto constable was charged Friday with assault causing bodily harm by the Special Investigations Unit in connection with the arrest of Dorian during the G20 demonstrations on last June 26.

  30. sun hidy says:

    Work? That is a word I vaguely remember from my past – must be an old english term – I think I replaced that word with the word nap.

  31. Blackwell the and Crafts House exhibits works by four made from …
    CUMBRIA.- The exhibits in Woven from Nature are – literally – just that. This exhibition brings together four contemporary whose work is either entirely or woven and which has the ‘common thread’ of being made from natural …

  32. croghan27 says:

    It it not often that I have much of a chance to commend the Ottawa Police Service – but they too had a chance to break a few heads with the recent (and continuing) Tamil demonstrations in our capital.

    They did not: the RCMP did not: any of the services did not react violently, even if there are stories of uncalled for aggression. Makes ya proud.

  33. anthonynorth says:

    Hi Anthony,
    “Yet underneath this unique tread,
    united by a common thread”

    I think that I may have stumbled across the

    Sometime ago I officially knighted you. I notice that Nave has now elevated you to Royalty, that is, been throned which fits in nicely with the of concept, and, recently been suggesting a revolution, are you planning a coup attempt, just asking? Or am I harking up the wrong tree? 😉

  34. logaertrub balkinkley says:

    To be “forced” from your home due to the actions of a stranger (in this case an idiot called McGuinty) has and always will be a CRIME!

    At least what always been taught until this Wind Scam came along!

    Maybe someone who is forced from their home and has to live in the street could call the OPP and charge McGuinty with “assault causing bodily harm”?…………..

    Now that be justice during the fake “Question Period” you all attended and see McGuinty being dragged out in handcuffs!!!

  35. I coordinate the Ottawa Police Service GLBT Liaison Committee and I am looking for someone to facilitate a workshop on intersectionality issues as it relates to intimate violence in the GLBT Community. Can you please advise me of who you think could do this,/ might be interested and how I would contact them.

    Thanks so much

  36. Resources: recommended reading, viewing, listening and more « the irresistible fleet of bicycles says:

    […] first essay, Reweaving the Fabric of Rural America: Food as a Common Thread by John Ikerd, has been posted. No Comments Leave a Commenttrackback addressThere was an error with your […]

  37. slanilsalv says:

    OMG! amazing. Go Todd, GO! I would have cried tears of joy just seeing him wake up and track – not to mention the scratching. I look forward to reading this blog every morning (7am Vegas time, since working at 7am.) Every day – such great news. It probably seems to move at snails pace while with him, but just think of how far come in such a period of time. Really amazing…..

    Michelle (Kevin, Mia, Jackson, Brody)

  38. Bookmarklet says:

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  39. simple>>what is the meaning of karma?

    Karma (like social order based on Karma NOT on is the common thread running between Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. I believe in first hand knowledge. The Gita is the primary source. Some of the finest commentaries are by Sankaracharya, Ramanuja, Madhava, Tilak, Aurobindo. Go and figure it out.

  40. agnus arna says:

    The province’s arbitration of police contracts threatens to devastate the Ottawa Police Service budget and needs to be overhauled, the force’s police chief said.Ottawa Police chief Vern White said Friday in a meeting with the Citizen’s editorial board that arbitration usually results in salaries about one per cent higher than negotiated contracts.

  41. A common thread running through the recent “Incentives, Risk and Regulation” symposium held by the Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance was the concept of principle-based standards. The Aug. 27-28 UT Dallas School of Management event, IECG’s annual symposium, brought together educators and business leaders to share research and experience on such topics as executive compensation, auditing and risk management, and financial system reform. The symposium’s second day was devoted to presentation of six academic research papers that explored the same topics.

  42. wadah wollacarma says:

    AA $1.2-million lawsuit against the Ottawa Police Service was filed in Toronto on Friday on behalf of Stacy Bonds, the Ottawa woman who was manhandled, kicked and strip-searched in police cells in 2008.

  43. jamarcevel says:

    Thanks for your comment. The common thread with the 4 job seekers profiled is that they did not have a system for approaching their job search or help with the process. We offer all all of that. We know the process is tedious and long and we guarantee that someone is going to get a new job. However, we know that without 10 times harder out there.

  44. Automotive News says:

    CUP: ? Soul Survivor
    Ever since the concept of “realignment,” a nefarious term for radical changes in NASCAR scheduling, appeared on the horizon, Speedway president …
    Kansas Speedway to Make Appearance on FOX in 2011
    all 3 news articles »

  45. Kay
    This is such a blatant destruction of our Rights as a Landowner that I understand why these Wind Companies reduced to being “common criminals” and charged with “Assault causing Bodily Harm”! Not only are homes rendered valueless and unlivable but the health problems involving proximity to wind turbines are being completely ignored by an arrogant and Dictatorial Government body. This must be stopped now and to do that we must band together as True Ontarians and get our Rights back which our Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Mothers and Fathers have fought two World Wars to protect!

  46. jonathanburton says:

    World Wide Words is my new favorite website. I know I will be spending lots of time there, and sharing it with my mother, another wordnik like myself. I remember sputnik! Our family watched from our back yard in Vancouver. We also had a dog named Nicky. We had a joke that when he was good we called him “picnic” and when he was bad we called him “sputnik” (cold war anti-soviet influence there — russians were bad.)

  47. GuardianUK says:

    A federal jury in San Jose has awarded $1.25 million to the family of a man who was shot and killed by a Gilroy police officer.

  48. First of all…..Hudak has to dismantle the OPA…………….he actually hinted at this during an interview last week on BNN TV…………while at it, maybe dismantle OPG, ahh what the heck……..dismantle the whole Energy Cabal that is running us out of our homes and towns!

    Secondly, Snobeldon uses this wording from above:….”This demise of the bravely announced new green Ontario might just be an amusing lesson in what happens when a politician without an ideology”…………………

    This whole Green Energy Agenda is “ANYTHING but AMUSING!”……………….it is a real TRAGEDY, a complete destruction of our once great Province!…………this leader should be charged with “assault causing bodily harm” by the Police!

  49. lam lakhbard says:

    Hear hear! You ARE the common thread, and I got a very interesting snapshot of you through your Facebook photos. incredible what assumptions we make just by reading the words people write…never mind by what they dig out of our wardrobes every morning.

  50. jadebuckeridge says:

    oh and you know them people that lean over the trolley and walk at a snails pace? Plenty of them mongs about aswell, got a sweat on here!

  51. I lost a little bit of my soul today as i’m going to pay someone to rip out the concrete in the back yard so the project can advance at more than a snails pace. On the plus side I’ll save a little bit of my back to break on building the new instead.

  52. blohomokab coringer says:

    Mo-ped rider airlifted after accident in China Grove
    Salisbury Post
    By Mark Wineka CHINA GROVE — A mo-ped operator suffered serious injuries Saturday night when his mo-ped hit a pothole on US 29 and threw him onto the pavement. China Grove Police Officer JS Washam said the mo-ped, traveling south near the Ketchie …

  53. barrie dee says:

    Nominations for the blogs and websites you love closed on January 15th. Now time for voting. There are excellent sites to choose from. This is how the competition looks so far: World Wide Words winning with 2476 votes so far. English club 1st runner…

  54. Carjackers strike at car wash shop in Pasay
    ABS CBN News
    … DZRH account manager Reynante Andrin. Pasay Police Officer 3 Respicio Jr., meanwhile, advised car wash customers to leave the car wash shop with their keys to prevent carjackers from taking their vehicles. – from Jerome Lantin, ABS-CBN News.

  55. oli dunsoehm says:

    I just saw a dude driving at a snails pace cuz he thought the security guard driving behind him was police. Sucks for the security guard

  56. SykoForSykes says:

    yes but that would slow the process to a snails pace, and also it would skew laws in favor of those in highly populated areas.

  57. whiteagle plyment says:

    Android proves that iOS isn’t the only game in town; it’s the common thread among companies such as HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. While Android adoption has helped all five companies, those who embraced Android fully and early on have reaped the biggest benefits.

  58. NewsROOM says:

    The Ottawa Police Service intends to defend itself against a lawsuit filed by an Ottawa woman over an incident in which she was manhandled and strip-searched in the Ottawa police cellblock.

  59. Amazing Vacation Homes Season 1 – Episode 13: Destination & Episode 14: Creative Spaces Amazing Vacation Homes takes a close look at the lifestyles and vacation-creations of some pretty unique individuals. These vacation visionaries can be found in lighthouses, or tree houses, or sometimes something that is even more sublime. The common thread to […]

  60. i can leave my car right here and i will take. a cab ,or you can give me a ticket and i will go to but the police officer did not ,

  61. mich pelanca says:

    Brad Plumer is relatively optimistic about solar’s future. Tyler Cowen less so. Robin Hanson expects change to occur at a snails pace even as solar gets cheaper: When solar is cheaper than coal or oil, that will include the cost…

  62. Erin Fair says:

    Cathy, I think you perfectly and beautifully express the common thread: “one of the perverse blessings of trauma is an eventual, gradual, universal understanding of pain, suffering, loss, and injustice. It is, at times, an infuriating knowledge.”

    It means the world to me to be able to share this with you. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  63. “>If you actually watch the clip, what he says makes a lot of sense. Basically, “if you’re not working and just living off welfare, we’ll pay for your childcare so you can go to work”. No idea why that’s the evil concept people are trying to make it out to be. What makes you think there are good jobs for everyone?”

  64. GAAAAHHH! I fail at proofreading and this damn computer fails at putting all the letters on the screen if I type at more than a snails pace.

  65. zionist OR zionism OR zionists - Twitter Search says:

    GTD is an evil, evil concept – Don’t buy it. Crowing about Inbox Zero is a vain attempt to feel And don’t ever use the B word…

  66. Get your point. But i think what differs in the two approaches is the performance. Running Windows through bootcamp will definitely allow you to use system resources dedicatedly rather than sharing it with another OS simultaneously. Using VmWare hogs a lot of system resources and RAM which makes the system work almost at a snails pace if using development tools like eclipse or MYSQL server on your windows machine.

    good thread though… cleared up a few of my points too in the process of discussion 🙂

  67. NewsROOM says:

    Somali mothers step up for community
    Ottawa Citizen
    They met with officers from the Ottawa Police Service to learn about youth and crime, and met service agencies working with youths in trouble with the law. They visited the jails where their sons are being held: the William E. Hay Youth Centre, …

  68. *sigh* Hugs, girl. You did good.

    I been involved in many funerals myself, but Catholic or not (I am, er, was… I think the common thread is to come together as a family. wonderful that so many people wanted to be there to celebrate your life and pay their respects.

    Sorry for your loss 🙁 Glad to have you back.

    And yes, Blades of Glory is a dumb movie, heh, but I watching it on Sunday and now I need to finish it. I want to know what happens!

  69. earyanguyn neelans says:

    ooo, new fave phrase, and definitely not found in world wide words, but a search on “cotton” there turned up “gossypiboma” – which might turn out to be useful if I ever get into OR nursing.

  70. NewsWorld says:

    Rampart (2011) LIMITED 720p BluRay X264-AMIABLE (EtHD)
    IMDB info
    Language: English
    107 Min | 1280 x 544 | x264 – 5044Kbps | 23.976fps | AC3 – 640Kbps | 4.37 GiB
    Genre: Crime | Drama

    Set in 1999 Los Angeles, veteran police officer Dave Brown, the last of the renegade cops, works to take care of his family, and struggles for his own survival.

  71. Incognito_977 says:

    Slowest bus ride of my life. Its as if people know I wanna get to the park and run before the sun sets, and they move at a snails pace.

  72. Not only is ms. Arlene King bias, in favour of the corrupt Liberal regime, she`s an absolute discrace, to the medical proffession, in Canada, if not the entire world.
    She belongs in a jail cell, for aggrevated assault causing bodily harm.

  73. I had expected that a film which opens as Nicolas Provost’s The Invader (L’envahisseur) does would bring something new and interesting to the illegal immigrant drama but aside from a fantastic follow-up scene, Provost’s film moves along at a snails pace as Amadou, an African illegal immigrant, falls in love with a wealthy woman and stalks her around the city.

    Continue reading

  74. I believe in prayer-I believe that we are all connected by a common thread-we can feel each other’s pain & joy. We share LIFE. Pray 4 others

  75. A sudden string of murders with social networking websites as the common thread running through them gives one the feeling of a cuddly baby suddenly becoming a cold blooded murderer. Social networking websites had come …

  76. It is interesting to think about these patient needs because they all seem to stem from a common thread; that someone was trained enough to recognize these needs! But that also goes back to the factors that increase training. The staff have to know what they injuries may look like and what needs to be accomplished in order to adequately treat the need.

  77. Boston24 says:

    Missing elderly couple’s car found near body
    (Ottawa Police Service) Ontario Provincial Police have found the body of a woman not far from a car belonging to a missing elderly couple from Gatineau, …
    Missing couple’s car found near body in Calabogie
    Car, body found in Calabogie woods Brockville Recorder and Times
    all 53 news articles »

  78. Crawley care less……..there is only one way that these Wind Developers would listen and that would be from the “defendants chair” inside a room being charged with “assault causing bodily harm”!!!!

    THEN watch the crocodile tears flow when the word “guilty” comes crashing down in front of his sweaty little face!

  79. spacki says:

    Police in B.C. are recommending a charge of assault causing bodily harm against a Kelowna RCMP officer in connection with a videotaped incident showing an officer kicking a seemingly compliant man in the face during an arrest.

  80. mathildson ranc says:

    Hear hear! You ARE the common thread, and I got a very interesting snapshot of you through your Facebook photos. It’s incredible what assumptions we make just by reading the words people write…never mind by what they dig out of their wardrobes every morning.

  81. In a blow to Illinois’ sweeping eavesdropping law, a federal appeals on Tuesday blocked its enforcement in cases where someone is recording a police officer at work.

  82. 070.0 #NewsTalk says:

    If the concept of science were a person, they wouldn’t care about religious people.  Wouldn’t hate them.  Wouldn’t love them.  Why?  Because science simply can’t be stopped.  Sometimes it acts as a extremely fast rocket and other times it slows down to a snails pace.  Regardless, it keeps going.

  83. … over changes that are geared toward casual players ? The common thread I see in all the raging I see over any given change seems to be that…

  84. An off-duty officer who chased down a dangerous suspect in the Byward Market, will be the first to receive the Chief’s Commendation award, the highest honour bestowed by the Ottawa Police Service.

  85. Gay Rights Media says:

    What days these have been for any PhD student researching the thesis entitled “Conspiracy Theory and the Murdoch Empire: Seeking a Common Thread”. …

  86. Buddy,

    not defending the police, staying that the problems are not due to police officers being former members of the military and that you provided any evidence to the contrary. I would agree that police rules of engagement allow for excessive force (especially with regard to tasers as Professor Turley has documented) I just agree that excessive force has anything to do with military veterans being police officers and I believe that your argument is illogical (specifically, you seem to believe that military training to follow rules of engagement make a police officer LESS likely to follow police rules of engagement).

  87. gabe filesing says:

    Power can lead to great acts of altruism, but also corruptive, unethical behavior. Being intoxicated can lead to a first date, or a bar brawl. And the mask of anonymity can encourage one individual to let a stranger know they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe, whereas another may post salacious photos online. What is the common thread between these three disparate states?

  88. I know what the sentence would have been in Canada but the charge likely have been simple assault, it would have been assault causing bodily harm, since Kevin broke cheek bone.

    Maybe Tony likes Carla because good in bed. it strange how so many of the relationships on the street are hard to swallow: John/Rosie, Liam/Maria, Vern/Liz/Derek, Jamie/Frankie, Steve/Moley remember her real name), Tyrone/Maria.

    never liked Janice, her only redeeming quality had been her love for Leanne.

  89. They met with officers from the Ottawa Police Service to learn about youth and crime, and met service agencies working with youths in trouble with the law. They visited the jails where their sons are being held: the William E. Hay Youth …

  90. ‎Minimum of 1 or 4 months with prior(s): ← Older revision Revision as of 13:48, 13 April 2012 (5 intermediate revisions by one user not shown) Line 54: Line 54: * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Perjury|Perjury]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Perjury|Perjury]] − penalty of 10 years by indictment (no + penalty of 10 years by + + of 1 or 4 months with + * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Impaired Driving and Over 80|Impaired Driving and Over 80 Causing Bodily Harm]] + + Minimum or Consecutive * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]] Line 73: Line…

  91. Tyson Maxwell says:

    2) a review of the integration of Ruby in the Java platform with JRuby and deployments WAR for J2EE. 3) how to Rails applications on different web servers. The only criticism I can make is the lack of a real common thread …

  92. This police officer does not belong in a uniform..For those who think he did right.. You only say that because it did not involve your own teenage daughter…I think he would have been man enough to punch a man in the face…he only punches young girls in the face and he is not capable of controlling simple situations. This police officer would have shot a male.

  93. dalla nirmel says:

    Local authors publish books reflecting faith
    Chillicothe Gazette
    CHILLICOTHE –A pair of retired teachers drew on their careers and personal experience to recently publish two books. Dennis Ray has just published “AWOL Christians,” his second book, and Pam Frazier has published “Pregnancy Is The Common Thread. …
    and more »

  94. gatlinburg wedding - Google News says:

    The annual summit of Pacific Rim leaders is intended to be a forum for discussing economic issues. But in talks on the sidelines of the two-day summit, security was a major subplot – and a power shift caused by the rise of China was the common thread.

  95. gormanter leclay says:

    In this interview from the Erlang Factory event in London, three creators of modern functional languages — Odersky, creator of Scala; Joe Armstrong, a creator of Erlang; and Don Syme, creator of — discuss the similarities and differences of their creations. They also discuss their languages’ common thread — that they integrate object-oriented features in functional languages.

  96. Community leaders and activists called for justice at a town hall meeting Monday night that discussed the acquittal of former Houston police officer Andrew …

  97. Anonymous says:

    A police officer must have complete control of the situation at all times. When someone does not obey the commands from a police officer, (and the request to get off of the tractor was reasonable), then the police officer has lost control.Do you know where police officers go when they lose control? To the grave and you or me might be an innocent bystander that joins him or always shocked at how ignorant some people are to the purpose of having a police force.

  98. Twitter says:

    I wonder how much better Windows could be if there wasn’t the evil concept of registry in there. Is it really hard to use files like UNIX?

  99. rohweilber says:

    I have a serious sleep disorder, I haven’t been asleep between 12AM to 3AM for the past weeks. I sleep at 7PM to 10PM, 3AM to 7AM everyday..

  100. The annual summit of Pacific Rim leaders is intended to be a forum for discussing economic issues and trade. But in talks on the sidelines of the two-day summit, security was a major subplot — and a power shift caused by the rise of China was the common thread.

  101. NaturallyCurly is a network of sites that informs, empowers and unites a community of people brought together by a common interest—curly hair. The flagship brand,, attracts engaged, influential consumers by creating user-generated content on a daily basis. The network includes, the leading natural hair blog with a growing community,, a professional community especially for stylists servicing their curly clientele, and a boutique e-commerce site showcasing more than 50 brands and 500 community-vetted products. The entire network finds the common thread—a curl, kink or wave—that bonds them together.

  102. leinetter says:

    Do you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Frank? If so, just go in and get the surgery done. I had it for 15 years before I had it done. I go in until my hand got like Bob and I even open it wide enough to grasp a can of pop. It can get real bad. After surgery, I was happy that I have a bad foot, because I could then kick my own ass as to why I was so stubborn to have surgery. all OK now. Surgery was the best thing I ever did…I could even sleep at night…and all those years, I thought I had a sleep disorder. It was actually my wrists keeping me up.

  103. Maybe cause I used the word nap it was like a trigger for you to just sleep 😉 Was nice to sleep in today :’) Ooh dear not..

  104. TimesWire says:

    A Miami police officer yesterday fatally shot a naked man who was chewing on the face of another man on a downtown causeway off-ramp, police and witnesses said.

    Related Stories
    A dimmer Detroit: Mayor prepares to switch off half of his city’s streetlights in attempt to save moneyCrime writer who became the storyAlaska clears up tsunami debrisMan charged with murdering NYC boy in 1979Happy Hotel Babylon!

  105. Hitachi NR65AK Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch Positive Placement Nailer Lightweight 6.2 lbs. Rear magazine loading Accurate overhanging nail tip Sequential firing mechanism ensures precise nail placement 30 day satisfaction guarantee and one year warranty on and labor Hitachi NR65AK(S) Strap-Tite Fastening System with MagazineTechnology is the common thread behind the Hitachi brand. […]

  106. fullamman sauverg says:

    Oh Please.If there was a actual vile of Reagon’s blood in existence.Ann Coulter would have gone all “The Boys from Brazil” with it long ago

  107. im really to think i might have a sleep disorder. this has been goin on since i was like in 2nd grade. its just gotten worse.

  108. Easy World News says:

    Created page with “{{Navbox |name OffencesNavBar/Violence |title Violent Offences |listclass hlist |list1 [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Administering a Noxious Substance|Admin…” New page {{Navbox |name OffencesNavBar/Violence |title Violent Offences |listclass hlist |list1 [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Administering a Noxious Substance|Administering a Noxious Substance]] (245), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Criminal Harassment|Criminal Harassment]] (264), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Uttering Threats|Uttering Threats]] (264.1), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Common Assault| Common Assault]] (266), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]] (267), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]] (267), [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Aggravated Assault| Aggravated Assault]] (268), [[Canadian Criminal…

  109. Watching 16 and prego, common thread is that the dads are never around, that’s why u have all these boys that don’t know how to be men

  110. Google Power Readers: Tech n Web says:

    We were moving at snails pace through the checkpoint of one of the Palestinian territories. That is where his voice keeps echoing, “How could you do this to an old man, he did nothing to you.”

  111. General ReviewNathan had succeeded in many different careers throughout his life, including luxury boat sales, lobbyist, president of a web hosting company and Navy Seal.  The common thread that ran throughout was a determination to be the bes

  112. Twitter says:

    For the first time in his three-and-a-half years as leader of the Ottawa Police Service, Chief Vern White has a full-blown crisis on his hands.

  113. tacio mar says:

    The year began in sorrow as the Ottawa Police Service laid to rest a fallen officer — Const. Eric Czapnik. And it ended in a crisis for the force, caused by the release of shocking cellblock videotape.

  114. If i’m i’m calling 911 and saying “Bitch! you better have a police officer drive me to the hospital! your EMT’s are slow as hel!”

  115. Boston24 says:

    The Ottawa Police Service has provided a draft 2012 budget that calls for a 2.5-per-cent tax rate increase, but warn that meeting that goal for 2013 could be a challenge. Police presented a draft budget Wednesday morning that calls for $9.3 million in new funding, and said the net increase after growth is taken into account means that the police of the tax bill will go up by $13 for the average urban homeowner.

  116. vernarathe says:

    You sure pick a good day for a drive! I used to loathe driving in the rain. Here and I suppose in Colorado, we have/you have drivers who for reasons of unbelievable stupidity drive faster so as their cars get wet! And they wonder after the event why they were in an accident????
    Sure is a lovely (???) backup of cars and trucks on that highway all puffing out lovely fumes into the atmosphere as they putter along at snails pace, at least with all that traffic the “speed hogs” are restrained!


  117. saniedmuno leow says:

    Two terrorism suspects made a brief appearance in on Thursday, and a third man, who appeared on Canada’s version of “American Idol,” has been arrested as of an alleged homegrown plot.

    Terrorism – Canada – Ottawa Police Service – Canadian Security Intelligence Service – 2006 Toronto terrorism case

  118. SacBee24 says:

    A couple hug as a police officer questions a man outside the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto, Saturday, June 2, 2012. Shots were fired and one person was killed at Toronto’s downtown …

  119. ska ammannisla says:

    Terri-Lynne McClintic , who pleaded guilty in 2010 to first-degree murder in the abduction and killing of eight-year-old Victoria (Tori) Stafford, will be on trial in a Kitchener on Sept. 12 for assault causing bodily harm.

  120. grawiya says:

    I had the worst hallucination of my life last night. A little girl was beside my bed and staring at me. Goddamn it, sleep disorder.

  121. As if in response to me feeling like I’m going at a snails pace on pages, another client emails me asking if I have time to help them out.

  122. robermes sters says:

    The UNabridged version included this key paragraph:”The common thread for membership on this list, which was compiled based on a series of conversations with Republican operatives and the own analysis, is that each of these individuals will have a role to play in the conversation about where the heads between now and 2010.”Just is all, here.

  123. Maks Manualsik says:

    The common thread in greentech is: China. The country, which has been the world’s key growth engine for clean energy and green technology over the past few years, has begun to see some weakness, and that’s causing ripple effects through the global green economy.

  124. ← Older revision Revision as of 16:24, 27 May 2012 Line 16: Line 16:  

    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Common Assault|Common Assault]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Aggravated Assault|Aggravated Assault]]

  125. ‎Maximum penalty of 10 years by indictment (no minimum): ← Older revision Revision as of 13:28, 13 April 2012 (One intermediate revision by one user not shown) Line 54: Line 54: minimum sentence and no requirement for consecutive minimum sentence and no requirement for consecutive * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Aggravated Assault|Aggravated Assault]] (268) * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Aggravated Assault|Aggravated Assault]] (268) + * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Perjury]] penalty of 10 years by indictment (no penalty of 10 years by indictment (no * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]] * [[Canadian Criminal Sentencing/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily…

  126. Twitter / 1234zz says:

    Three hundred complaints have been filed so far against the Ottawa Police Service with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), since the civilian body was established in October 2009. The police review agency, formed with little fanfare in response to a damning five years ago into Ontario’s police complaints process, has yet to crunch all its first-year numbers, but the complaints cover a multitude of alleged sins, including false arrests, rude or overly aggressive police behaviour, poor investigations and collisions involving police cars.

  127. ← Older revision Revision as of 17:04, 27 May 2012 Line 15: Line 15:  



    Criminal Law/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Aggravated Assault|Aggravated Assault]]

  128. akiattner app says:

    A Jamaican police officer has been charged with beheading a man who authorities say may have been a witness in a corruption probe against him.

  129. Princess Laci says:

    The key to communication is a common thread.
    I love the subject matter of this painting. All the comments show that it is a common thread and speaks directly to all who view the painting.
    The execution of the painting makes all the difference. The blurring of the lettering of the signs allows the mind to in the location. Nothing is left to chance. You have masterfully communicated the mood and message of the painting.
    Thank you Vinod for sharing.

  130. BTW, I def did a honk” to the police officer. He “waved,” let me pass him & proceeded to follow me to Chickfila. I was nervous ha.

  131. Children Safety Books (1st Grade – High School
    Written By An Award Winning Police Officer And Student Safety These Age Appropriate, Interactive, Modern Day Tips Provides Children With Everything They Need To Stay Safe Online, In Their Communities As Well As Traveling To And From School

  132. robbynxluy says:

    Ok. I think it’s safe to say by now I have a sleep disorder. To sleep more than 4 hrs at a time would be nice.

  133. Twitter says:

    At last, Skype’s Android app video calling, but it’s only available on four phones for now. Video calling works over Wi-Fi and 3G, and is on the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and Google Nexus S. The common thread among these phones is that they all run […]

  134. ← Older revision Revision as of 16:28, 27 May 2012 Line 16: Line 16:  

    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Common Assault|Common Assault]]
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]]
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]]
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Aggravated Assault|Aggravated Assault]]

  135. So I tried to find “wazoo” on World Wide Words…no go.
    Also, how confusing are those government messages about HIV/AIDS? It is good. No, it is bad. Nevermind, it really is of? Silly gov. messages.

  136. Boston24 says:

    An anonymous online video mocking how the senior leadership of the Ottawa Police Service has handled the Stacy Bonds affair has been circulating among rank-and-file officers.The animated video was created using the popular website, where people can choose a scene and a cast of stock characters, then have those characters speak text they type into the site’s software.

  137. armugiharn says:

    CORPUS CHRISTI — A Padre Island hotel guest is suspected of burglarizing the room of a San Antonio police officer, then claiming health problems when caught, police said. The officer and his …

  138. gaspaugh says:

    IN-Columbia City, Sales Account Manager – Tube Products Company Information: Triad Metals International is one of the largest structural steel, tubing and mini mill distributors east of the Mississippi River. Established in 1987, Triad Metals is a young successful company that has earned its reputation through hard work and persistence. Commitment to excellence is the common thread binding our employees to our comp

  139. बालिवुत Bollywood says:

    Globe and Mail

    Skype Video Chat Now Works on Android Phones (but Probably Not Yours)
    Video calling works over Wi-Fi and 3G, and is on the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro and Google Nexus S. The common thread among these phones is that they all run Android 2.3, but a Skype representative told …
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray to go on sale in AugustCNET UK
    Skype introduces video calling for Android phonesReuters
    Skype For Android Now Video Calls, Works Over WiFi And 3GWashington Post
    News Broadcast -GigaOm -CNET (blog)
    all 141 news articles »

  140. The year began in sorrow as the Ottawa Police Service laid to rest a fallen officer — Const. Eric Czapnik. And it ended in a crisis for the force, caused by the release of shocking cellblock videotape.

  141. Twitter says:

    IL-Chicago, 1245JGD CLICK TO VIEW JOB VIDEO! A large regional tax firm is looking for a Sr. Tax Associate Chicago Salary Range $60,000 – $70,000 Did you know to increase your stature in public accounting it is recommended to switch firms every three years? It’s true, if you stay at one firm your upward mobility moves at a snails pace…Have you looked at your resume? Take a look at it, I could almost g

  142. Technologist says:

    What does it take to be committed to something? A loved one, a pet, a hobby, an addiction? What about your career? The common thread here is time spent. We are all familiar with the ongoing struggle of effective time management.

  143. Twitter says:

    What does it take to be committed to something? A loved one, a pet, a hobby, an addiction? What about your career? The common thread here is time spent. We are all familiar with the ongoing struggle…

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

  144. ← Older revision Revision as of 16:27, 27 May 2012 Line 16: Line 16:  

    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Common Assault|Common Assault]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault Causing Bodily Harm|Assault Causing Bodily Harm]],
    [[Canadian Criminal Law/Offences/Assault with a Weapon|Assault with a Weapon]],

  145. defordis says:

    A 17-year-old boy from the Petitcodiac area has been arrested for assault causing bodily harm in connection with an incident that left a 23-year-old man in hospital with life-threatening injuries. …

  146. patsuyoshi fouch says:

    Here are the top 10 posts that generated the most traffic — and also discussion — in the year 2010. A common thread throughout — how much IT does a company really need these days?

  147. Yahoo! News: Weather News says:

    Call them “the millennials” — four newer filmmakers whose careers took off on the cusp of the new century and who, coincidentally, all have movies or a big DVD coming out this holiday season. It’s difficult to find a common thread to the careers of David O. Russell, Darren Aronofsky, Sofia Coppola and Christopher Nolan.

  148. “It telling a story about a kid who was kidnapped and abused by a guy. Then shows the molester, arrested, walking on an with an police officer, and then, right there and with the camera filming it, getting shot in the head by the father of the boy. It doesn’t show any blood or anything. The camera was just right to witness the incident without showing any gore. Guy is dead, father gets 5 years on probation. Everything ends well, I guess.”

  149. Reuters24 says:

    (Reuters) – A New York City police officer patrolling a Manhattan housing project was shot in the chest at point blank range early on Thursday by an unidentified gunman who remained at large.

  150. says:

    You’ve got three minutes.

    More info at​3-minutes

    Producers George Wang & Don Le
    Director of Photography Nathaniel Fu
    1st AD Danny Do
    Editor Ross Ching
    Music Composer Paul Dateh
    VFX Supervisor David Adametz
    Stunt Coordinator Xin Wuku
    Stunts (Add’l) Malay
    Special Effects Modeler David Nicholson
    Effects Fabrication Timberly Matonic
    Gaffer David Keton
    Key Grip Paolo Ongkeko
    Best Boy Grip Justin Vancho
    Boom Operator Evan Lee Dahl
    Sound Add’l Paolo Ongkeko
    Sound Design David Adametz
    Stylist Roxy Flores
    Stylist Asst. Raquel Flores
    Makeup Jennifer Luna
    Hair Danielle Starkweather
    PA Katie Soo
    Stills Photographer Nick Acosta
    BTS Add’l Giordanny Orellana
    Craft Services Adrian Zaw, Tiffany Nguyen
    Location Manager Mike Yamamoto

    Marshall Monitors
    Selective Stone

    Special Thanks to:
    Mark Fisher
    Marissa Upchurch
    Christine Chen
    A Common Thread
    Selective Stone
    Nelson Diaz
    Cast: Ross Ching

  151. If anyone is in the Clonmel area next week and would like to buy a book, I’ll be in The Common Thread Cafe Mon, Wed and Fri.

  152. Anonymous says:

    I seen any sign of Peter making lite of the situation. He used a fictional story that was all to close to reality. Since first published this story last week with over dozen detailes and documents, very little has changed. Coast Guard is still moving at a snails pace. Thanks and CGblog for having the balls to do what others have not, shine a light on this issue.

  153. gnuman1979 says:

    ahhh ! omg i remember when thought she was in trouble at the Game when the police officer told her to come here ! lmao !

  154. oham sundayal says:

    News Roundup
    Orléans Star
    Ottawa Police and OC Transpo do joint operation in EastDuring the nights of June 8-9, the Ottawa Police Service and OC Transpo up to address …
    and more »

  155. Twitter says:

    To anyone that listens to ‘s Good News, The War and The Next Big Bang and tells me the common thread, lunch is yours on Friday.

  156. A Dallas police officer was fired Monday after authorities say he falsely claimed that a DeSoto man struck him with his car while fleeing from the officer in April 2011. A Dallas County grand jury …

  157. gentheroup says:

    Jul 10 2012 – 7:21am
    Ottawa: Seven new rewards are being issued for information leading to arrests in unsolved homicide files dating from 1990, as of the Ottawa Police Service’s Rewards Policy. Read more

  158. That makes me think… is walking fast unnatural? If you look at the Aboriginals in Australia, they have two gears – snails pace or running like a gazelle,

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