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  • Some {studies|research} {show|suggest} {women|females} need up to an hour’s extra {sleep|rest} a night compared to {men|males}, and not getting it may be one reason women are much more {affected|susceptible} to depression than men.
  • For every {live|real} Christmas tree {cut down|harvested}, {2|two} {to|or} {3|three} {seedlings|saplings} are planted in its {place|stead}.
  • Feeling {sleepy|tired} can feel normal after a short time. Those {intentionally|deliberately} deprived of sleep for research initially noticed greatly the effects on their alertness, mood and physical performance, but the awareness dropped off after the first few days.
  • {Consuming|Drinking} water after {a meal|eating} {diminishes|reduces} the acid in your mouth by 61{%| percent}
  • {Journals|Diaries} from the pre-electric-light-globe Victorian era show {people|adults} {rested|slept} {9|nine} to {10|ten} hours {per|a} night with periods of rest changing with the seasons in line with sunrise and sunsets.
  • Peanut oil is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn’t smoke unless it’s heated above 450°F
  • Most of what we know about sleep we’ve learned in the past 25 years.
  • The Shell (“Royal Dutch Shell“) Oil Company originally began as a novelty shop in London that sold seashells
  • As a group, 18 to 24 year-olds deprived of sleep suffer more from impaired performance than older adults.
  • The {sound|roar} that we hear when we {put|place} a seashell next to our ear is obviously not the ocean, but a combination of the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear and the sound of the surrounding environment resonating within the cavity of the shell. The shell amplifies some frequencies of ambient noise, which may include sounds originating within the listener’s body.
  • Experts say one of the most alluring sleep distractions is the 24-hour accessibility of the internet.
  • {9|Nine} out of every {10|ten} living things live in {underwater|the ocean}.
  • Some {researchers|scientists} believe we dream to {correct|fix} experiences in long-term memory. We dream about things that we think are worth remembering. Others think we dream about things worth forgetting – to eliminate overlapping memories that would otherwise clog up our brains.
  • Trivia in Roman mythology was the goddess who haunted crossroads, graveyards and was the goddess of sorcery and witchcraft. She wandered about at night, and was seen only by the barking of dogs who told of her approach (The word “trivia” derives from the Latin word meaning “a place where three roads meet”)


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  1. Twitter says:

    Bishop, battling sleep deprivation and nursing crippling aches after the exhausting trip, now faces three marathons on consecutive days to finish his 285-mile triathlon from Paris to London for Relief.

  2. westruckle pathiso says:

    On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme hears two cases testing how American law intersects with international law. One case involves a lawsuit against Royal Dutch Shell Oil, which is accused of aiding and abetting the Nigerian government in committing atrocities in the 1990s.

  3. hartie borgerta says:

    Maybe If I keep up my strict regime of beer, nicotine & sleep deprivation I’ll be able to just sleep through Sundays derby match 😉

  4. yatarpoliv says:

    I think you bring up a very point, especially for college students. I know that many students constantly stay up entire nights working on projects or papers, and I am not entirely innocent. We often forget that getting enough sleep is just as as completing required assignments. I think one of the fundamental ways to avoid sleep deprivation and thus decreased productivity is to be self-disciplined and not leave large amounts of work until late at night. This prevents people from ever having to choose between working and sleeping.

  5. WorldCapital1 says:

    We need to force the CB of Eire to Produce 0% lending for the building of schools, roads, railways, hospitals, high tech & power plants but not to banks. We need to leave the euro and float our Punt on the reacquiring of the corrib gas field royalties from Royal Dutch Shell along with a 10% stake for, eg Russia, Norway to develop the estimated 13 trillion in gas reserves & nationalise it along with our gold fields. It would leave us with 0 debt & a world class infrastructure

  6. nunokers says:

    Royal Dutch Shell launched an extraordinary preemptive legal strike Wednesday against opponents of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean, filing suit against more than a dozen environmental organizations likely to challenge its plan for drilling exploratory wells in the Chukchi Sea this summer.

  7. Shell, PetroChina to develop shale gas in China « Horn River News says:

    […] December 7, 2009 Leave a Comment Royal Dutch Shell and PetroChina Co. have signed an agreement to jointly develop the first shale gas resources in southwestern Sichuan province. Beijing wants natural gas to account for 5% of the energy mix by 2010, 10% of the energy mix by 2020. An early winter with low temperatures have increased recent demand and caused natural gas in of China (See Horn River News: Winter weather triggers natural gas in China) […]

  8. Royal Dutch Shell Oil Co. is taking the offensive against environmental groups that have put legal roadblocks in the company’s path to offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean. But one…
    Click to Continue »

  9. ashie dec says:

    Ford as a company is not doing too good regardless of the big name. Investing in Royal Dutch shell would be a good Idea because it provides the world with a much needed product. not too sure about Microsoft but kwame seem too happy with it. Maybe exchanging that and investing in another company would be a good idea. noticed that all 3 of us have invested in Apple which was a great move because it profited us the most. Good luck !

  10. asia vacation - Google News says:

    The perils of sleep deprivation
    KBZK Bozeman News
    He often goes to bed at midnight or later, and wakes up early, to work with fellow scientists in Asia and Europe. “This is a wonderful to go to my office and to working with the people who are awake in their office, in their labs, …
    and more »

  11. Look up shell in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Shell may refer to 753371_shelling_soft.flv Watch on Posterous Nature Seashell, a hard outer layer of a marine animal, found on beaches Exoskeleton, an external covering of some animals Mollusc shell Gastropod shell shell Eggshell [edit] Business Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational oil and gas company Shell Oil Company, the U.S.-based subsidiary Shell Canada Shell Nigeria Shell corporation, a company which serves as a vehicle for business transactions [edit] Shell (theater), a curved surface for reflecting sound The Shells, a musical group “Shells” (Angel), a TV episode [edit] Places Shell, Ecuador Shell, California, United States Shell, Wyoming, United States [edit] People Shell (born 1946), American football player and coach Donald Shell (born 1924), American computer scientist Karl Shell (born 1938), American economist [edit] Weaponry Shell (projectile), an explosive device fired from Shotgun shell,…

  12. walli ter says:

    SINGAPUR (EFE Dow Jones)–La petrolera Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA.LN) dejará de comprar crudo de Irán antes de que entre en vigor el 1 de julio el embargo impuesto por la Unión Europea para el petróleo iraní, dijo el viernes un de la compañía. El confirmó una…

  13. Shell Projects 50K Jobs from Alaska Ventue
    CNBC’s Sharon Epperson discusses the high price of gas, oil exploration in Alaska, and the future of natural gas, with Peter Voser, Royal Dutch Shell CEO. Also strategies for playing the oil space, with the Fast Money traders.

  14. John Knox says:

    I understand why you think this was fault. A large company like Royal Dutch Shell has no more time to waste on these details than Paris Hilton has to think rationally.

    These customers should count themselves lucky that they pumped water and not fuming hydrochloric acid. A busted engine is a lot easier to fix than melted legs. Ungrateful peasants!

  15. PressTV24 says:

    An Iranian tanker is due to discharge 1.5 million barrels of crude oil at Royal Dutch Shell’s Singapore refinery despite tightening international sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

  16. maryjaneck kupine says:

    Shell Oil – Glasgow – Share | Refer This Job To Friends Royal Dutch Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies, operating in over 100 countries and territories and employing more than 102,000 people. Our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Respect for People define who we are and how we work. Royal Dutch Shell has developed a global network of Shell Business Services Centres to provide first-class

  17. Royal Dutch Shell Plc (NYSE:RDS) signed Wednesday the first-ever production sharing contract with China’s state-owned China National Petroleum Corp., or CNPC, as the world’s second largest economy seeks to develop its untapped reserves, similar to those that gave rise to the U.S. natural gas boom, with the help of foreign technology.

  18. Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Peter Voser, says energy efficiency technology is a must-have to help feed a world with a growing appetite for energy, but the same can’t be say for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

  19. KUWAIT CITY -(Dow Jones)- Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB) and Total SA (TOT) are no longer lifting Iranian oil crude in Europe due to sanctions, the country’s oil minister said Wednesday.

  20. Mrs_TheMostHigh says:

    I can’t take my sleeping pills until I see how my new stomach meds work so I might have to deal with sleep deprivation 🙁

  21. Glasgow Jobs says:

    Look up shell in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
    Shell may refer to

    Watch on Posterous


    Seashell, a hard outer layer of a marine animal, found on beaches
    Exoskeleton, an external covering of some animals
    Mollusc shell
    Gastropod shell

    [edit] Business
    Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational oil and gas company
    Shell Oil Company, the U.S.-based subsidiary
    Shell Canada
    Shell Nigeria

    Shell corporation, a company which serves as a vehicle for busin

  22. hadd tsalsky says:

    BASRA, Iraq — Iraq approved a multi-billion dollar deal with Royal Dutch Shell and Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp on Tuesday that will provide much needed electricity from natural gas currently being wastefully burned off. State-owned South Gas and Basra Gas companies in southern Iraq will take a 51 percent stake in the contract, with Shell and […]

  23. Stents and surgery were both safe and effective at preventing strokes in people whose severely narrowed neck put them…

    Stroke – Surgery – Health – Stent – Conditions and Diseases

  24. baringer remillaney says:

    BEIJING (Reuters) – Lawyer Li Zhuang remembers the snap as police buckled him into a “tiger seat”, an instrument for sleep deprivation that he said was a staple in the crusade against organized crime that won fame for China’s now fallen leadership aspirant Bo Xilai.

  25. Association seen between common sleep disorder and feelings of hopelessness, study suggests (Source: The Doctors Lounge – Neurology)MedWorm Message: Please the Doctors In Chains campaign for the medics and sentenced for up to 15 years in Bahrain.

  26. British surgeons use therapeutic hypothermia on 16-week-old baby born with defects. Infant survived and is thriving.

    Hypothermia – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Congenital defect – Cardiovascular Disorders

  27. shaham alvantorp says:

    Less turned out to be more when patients were treated in the hospital for flareups of their lung disease,…

    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – Health – Respiratory disease – Conditions and Diseases – Hospital

  28. gruetzer rabueh says:

    The only way you could consistently do tasks this badly is if in the bits we don’t see they do endless sleep deprivation on them

  29. oleladiwho says:

    Just realised I gave the taxi driver a 20 and told him to keep the change, thought it was a fiver haha.. That’s sleep deprivation for you!

  30. gauskano says:

    I know, I’m being treated for a sleep disorder at the moment. I can fall asleep a lot in the day but not so much at night!

  31. devlicken says:

    ‘Did the swine flu jab leave my son (15) with chronic sleep disorder?’
    By Conor Feehan THE mother of a Dublin teen who collapses when he laughs or cries, fears he could be suffering from a serious sleeping disorder as a result of the swine flu vaccine. Mary Fitzpatrick says her son Conor (15) can’t be left on his own …

  32. Baghdad (UPI) Jun 30, 2010
    Iraq’s $17 billion contract with Royal Dutch Shell, backed by Japan’s Mitsubishi Corp., to produce natural gas from four southern fields launches Baghdad’s plan to exploit the country’s vast gas reserves in its drive to become one of the world’s top energy producers. Developing Iraq’s gas reserves would also go a long way to alleviating the country’s chronic of electricity gene

  33. Chasing_A_0 says:

    🙂 My friend has MS and sleep disorder and no longer can get his pot 🙁 His family sis,mum risk themselves to find it for him

  34. HOUSTON (Reuters) – An oil sheen spotted near Royal Dutch Shell platforms in the central Gulf of Mexico has caused the company to send a spill response vessel and seek aircraft over flights, a Shell spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

  35. HOUSTON (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell said an oil sheen near two of its offshore Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas platforms was dissipating Thursday, and it was “very confident” its installations were not to blame.

  36. Royal Dutch Shell: deep drilling must continue By 2010-06-27T16:30:44Z
    CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell says rising demand means deep-water drilling must continue, but that competitor British Petroleum’s massive Gulf of Mexico spill offers lessons….
    © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  37. The InfoStrides FriendF says:

    ‘If any person or group dares to question the great global warming and climate change green clerics will first attempt to discredit them – normally by leaping across the table and pointing the finger of shame right in their face, exclaiming, “You’re funded by Big Oil!”

    That makes it all the more ironic when you consider who first funded, and later ran the great global flag ship for the modern green movement…

    Donna Laframboise‘s recent entitled, The WWF’s Vast Pool of Oil Money chronicles the rise the globalist green charity – seeded with funding from global petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell, who’s former President of 15 years, John Loudon, later served as president of WWF International for four years after that.’

    Read more: Big Green Oil Money: WWF Founded and Run by Royal Dutch-Shell Oil

  38. Royal Dutch Shell PLC is considering $4 billion of onshore projects in Nigeria to help capture natural gas currently burning at oil wells that contribute to global warming and can sicken those living nearby, the company’s CEO said Wednesday.

  39. TopNews United States

    Swine Flu Jab Leads To the Development of Sleep Disorders
    TopNews United States
    As per recent it has been declared that many of the patients assisted with the swine flu vaccines have developed an overwhelming sleep disorder. It has been recovered that almost 27 people, out of which majority includes children have …
    defends indemnity deal with producers of swine flu vaccineIrish Times
    Compensation plan on table for victims of swine-flu sleep disorderIrish Independent
    Parents considering on flu
    all 38 news articles »

  40. TheInfoStrides Koncepts says:

    Royal Dutch Shell Plc is assessing projects that could be around $4 billion to boost oil production in Nigeria and cut flaring of associated natural gas, Chief Executive Peter Voser said…

  41. WashingtonPost24 says:

    Upstream Online

    Iraq approves gas deal with Shell
    The Associated Press
    BAGHDAD — Iraq has approved a multibillion-dollar joint venture deal with Royal Dutch Shell PLC to tap associated natural gas in the south of the country. …
    Iraq’s cabinet approves final Shell gas deal Reuters Africa
    all 120 news articles »

  42. "Jewish" via NoahDavidSimon : in Google Reader says:

    London, Apr 24 (Prensa Latina) The Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell announced on Tuesday an offer of 1,8 billion USD for the enterprise Cove Energy, which specializes in hydrocarbons …

  43. The next time you’re about to zap a cockroach with bug-killing spray, think about this: that creepy crawler may actually help you beat infections.

    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus – Health – Antibiotic – Nottingham University – Conditions and Diseases

  44. Scientists are working on new compounds to kill the bloodsuckers, which have made an “alarming resurgence.”» Lena H. Sun

    Bedbug – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Recreation – Pets

  45. Health News from Medical News Today says:

    * Techniques said not to produce intelligence coups * “Water-boarding,” sleep deprivation among techniques * Republicans dropped out of study, citing criminal probes * Concerns…

  46. Wikipedia - Recent changes [en] says:

    CIA operative defends techniques

    The man who helped lead the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation’ programme in US prisons overseas has defended the policy. CIA operative Jose Rodriquez says in his new book that sleep deprivation and waterboarding techniques are justified. Al Jazeera’s White House correspondent Patty Culhane
    From: AlJazeeraEnglish

    Views: 9

    0 ratings
    Time: 02:22 More in News & Politics

  47. Our pick of the best shows on Aussie screens this week.Jessica Watson: True Spirit
    Premiere. Sir Richard Branson narrates this documentary, which follows the epic journey of teen sailor Jessica Watson. With never before seen footage, it shows how she battled sleep deprivation, gale-force winds, mountainous seas and solitude on her quest to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world.

    read more

  48. “Causes of Sleep deprivation” was selected as one of the great challenges in health care at TEDMED 2012…

    Kim Kristiansen, M.D,. (2012) Causes of Sleep Deprivation – One of the TEDMED Great Challenges in Health Care. Picture of Pain. info:/

  49. The centers for disease control said there have only been 128 cases of Naegleria since 1937.

    Naegleria – Health – Business – Conditions and Diseases – Infectious disease

  50. Boston24 says:

    Author J.K. Rowling has given 10 million pounds ($15.4 million) to set up a center to research multiple sclerosis, the disease that killed her mother.

    Multiple sclerosis – J.K. Rowling – Health – Neurological Disorders – Conditions and Diseases

  51. mickola says:

    It may be the sleep deprivation, but The Field’s *Yesterday and Today* is finally making sense to me. I need to give it another chance.

  52. I’m going to end up with sleep deprivation from texting too much but I don’t have a care in the world and I’m loving it!!!

  53. B’nai B’rith International has sent a letter to Royal Dutch Shell to express its deep disappointment that the oil giant has resumed business with the Iranian regime, despite recent international sanctions against Iran. In the letter, President Dennis W. Glick and Executive Vice President Daniel S. Read More »

  54. guidoughs tymchardyc says:

    Treating Sleep Disorder Improves Psychiatric OutcomesMedscapeIn a separate Dr. Malik investigated the hypothesis that sleep derangement, specifically REM sleep abnormalities, might be a potential biomarker for the presence of underlying anxiety disorders. Interest in finding biological biomarkers for …

  55. Boston24 says:

    I’ve been having a sleep problem. Not personally. But with my Mac Pro.

    MacPro – Apple – Health – Sleep Disorders – Conditions and Diseases

  56. kruz tabourathl says:

    Pulling a late-nighter? You might not want to reach for the sugary snacks to keep you awake. A new study involving fruit flies suggests the sleep-deprived mind is kept by hunger. 

    Fruit – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Sleep Disorders – Research

  57. Boston24 says:

    Throat cancer say they need to know more about the actor’s cancer, but at stage 4, the highest survival rates are in HPV-related disease.

    Cancer – Michael Douglas – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Wall Street

  58. More than one-third of Massachusetts students evaluated during the 2008-2009 school year were overweight or obese, according to a released yesterday that revealed stark differences in how the obesity epidemic has touched cities and towns.

    Obesity – Massachusetts – United States – Health – Conditions and Diseases

  59. Свежие новости от says:

    LONDON, May 11 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell said it welcomed Qatar as a “major” investor following a saying that the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund was planning to buy a 3-5 percent stake. “We are delighted to welcome the Qatar Investment Authority as a long term and major shareholder in Shell, and given our excellent strategic relationship with the Qatari state,” a spokeswoman said in a statement.

  60. I was suspicious when Royal Dutch Shell and Mexican oil skimmers were not used. Too cheap to dump enough oil??? I waqs even more suspicious when the offer by Russia of two deep-diving bathyspheres (capable of operating at depths up to 3 miles with 3-man crews) was ignored. Were they afraid the Russians would see what is really going on???

    In any case, as a mainstream biological writer for many years, this is a terrible event that will result in large oceanic dead zones (also due to oxygen depletion caused by microbes feeding on oil plumes) and perhaps the starvation of millions.

  61. aheid hilli says:

    Royal Dutch Shell said it welcomed Qatar as a “major” investor following a saying that the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund was planning to buy a 3-5 percent stake. “We are delighted …

  62. sanctions - Twitter Search says:

    ExxonMobil and its Royal Dutch Shell plan to more than double the number of new wells in Iraq’s West Qurna Phase One to reach its projected production target, an Exxon executive uttered. Exxon aims to drill two to three times the current 370

  63. rlancasterrr says:

    ‘Sleep deprivation, a myth’, your next book? – do hope you have the chance to sleep in tomorrow, you shall not take all the coffee!

  64. ikutakist says:

    Ближе к началу американской сессии в среду нефть обоих сортов корректируется в пределах 1.5% с внутридневных минимумов, достигнутых ранее и являющихся 6-месячными минимумами. «Главная проблема заключается в том, что рост запасов происходит на фоне снижения геополитических рисков и, следовательно, увеличения предложения», – говорит Эд Морс, глава исследований товарного рынка Citigroup в Нью-Йорке. – «Также, рынок оказался застигнутым врасплох тем, как быстро ухудшилась ситуация в Еврозоне. Если Греция уйдет, это создаст прецедент, и последствия могут быть катастрофическими». Отметим, что вчера Питер Восер, глава Royal Dutch Shell, сказал о том, что слабый рост в Китае и других развивающихся странах продолжит оказывать давление на нефтяные котировки и во второй половине текущего года.

  65. Twitter says:

    Energy companies from China, South Korea and Japan, along with Royal Dutch Shell, will ship billions of dollars of Canadian liquefied natural gas to Asian markets.

  66. rossnervai voelinski says:

    CBS News

    Major European Energy Firms Cutting Iran Ties
    The US says France’s Total, Norway’s Statoil, Italy’s ENI and Royal Dutch Shell have agreed to their business with Iran. The United States says four …
    European oil companies pledge to end oil investment in Iran over nukes programWashington Post
    US sanctions selectively under its Iran policyLos Angeles Times
    Iran summons envoy for US “sanctions” on its officialsReuters
    Christian Science Monitor -AHN | All Headline News -BBC News
    all 757 news articles »

  67. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. People with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms: Difficulty falling asleep, Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep, Waking up too early in the morning, Feeling tired upon waking

  68. Shareholders in Royal Dutch Shell have been advised to oppose the oil giant’s “excessive” executive pay, which saw chief executive Peter Voser’s total remuneration double to more than £10m last year.


    Shell Shareholders Advised to Oppose CEO’s Pay, Telegraph Says
    Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA)’s shareholders were urged by corporate-governance adviser Pensions and Investment Research Consultants to block a pay increase being awarded to Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser, the Sunday Telegraph …
    Shell latest victim of pay
    all 3 news articles »

  70. Upstream Online

    Shell Eyes American Growth
    In the company outlined plans to increase production in the region (including gas, Canadian oil sands and deepwater oil) by 40% to 1 million …
    Shell plans rapid American growth Financial Times
    Shell Plans Second Deep Water Production Hub in the Gulf’s Prolific Mars Field PR Newswire (press release)
    Royal Dutch Shell plc: New Growth for Shell in Upstream Americas PR Newswire (press release)
    Reuters Africa
    all 79 news articles »

  71. AFP

    Oil companies withdraw from Iran
    BBC News
    Four major energy companies are pulling out of Iran in order to comply with US sanctions, the state says. Royal Dutch Shell, Total, …
    Total, Shell, Eni to End Iran Investments, US SaysBloomberg
    Four oil companies pull out of Iran: State DeptAFP
    Obama pressed to weigh Iran strikeYnetnews
    Monsters and -The Associated Press -CNN International
    all 626 news articles »

  72. Kol's Fav Feeds - General says:

    Appeal of United States of America has dismissed a case against Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSa.L) in which the oil company was accused of helping Nigerian authorities to violently suppress protests against oil exploration in the 1990s.

  73. engreen marciub says:

    LONDON (Reuters) – Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production has trumped Royal Dutch Shell’s bid for Mozambique-focused explorer Cove Energy by offering 1.22 billion pounds ($1.9 billion), highlighting international interest in East African gas finds.

    read more

  74. Washington – Spojené státy uvalily ekonomické sankce na švýcarskou dceřinou společnost íránské ropné firmy National Iranian Oil Company. Čtyři zahraniční energetické společnosti, Total, Statoil, ENI a Royal Dutch Shell pak souhlasily s omezením svých energetických dohod s Íránem, čímž se vyhnuly kritice USA. Uvedl to dnes náměstek americké ministryně zahraničí James Steinberg.

  75. Two energy behemoths Royal Dutch Shell plc ( RDS.A ) and Chevron Corporation ( CVX ) have been awarded the exploration rights for two shale gas fields – Yuzivske and Oleske –

  76. The New York Times has published a long, in-depth look into how Royal Dutch Shell won White House buy-in for its controversial plans to drill in fragile Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast.
    The oil giant, over environmentalists’ objections, has won vital regulatory approvals and is on the cusp of obtaining federal drilling permits to begin exploration in the and Chukchi seas this summer.

    Some tidbits from the story:

    Read more…

  77. iran - Google News says:

    Total SA of France, Statoil ASA of Norway, Italy’s Eni SpA and the Netherlands’ Royal Dutch Shell Plc have “pledged to end their investments in Iran’s energy sector,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg said.

  78. Total SA of France, Statoil ASA of Norway, Italy’s Eni SpA and the Netherland’s Royal Dutch Shell Plc have “pledged to end their investments in Iran’s energy sector,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg said.

  79. Jew News says:

    Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A, RDS.B) and Reliance Power will jointly build a 5M ton/year capacity terminal on India’s east coast to liquefied natural gas, seeking to tap into the rising demand for the fuel in the energy-starved country. The terminal, which could cost the as much as $1B, is expected to operations by 2014. Post your comment!

  80. By the way, profit margins of various oil companies for last (I was slightly off on Exxon Mobile):

    Exxon: 9.2%
    BP: 7.7%
    Chevron: 7.8%
    Royal Dutch Shell: 8.4%

    You know why stock just fell? Their five year average is 10.6%. That means Exxon is currently making less money on each dollar it invests than it has been doing.

    not that atypical. For comparison, IBM made 10.9% profit last and no calling for their heads.

  81. If thirsty – if you feel like like some water right now – drink. Otherwise This “people are always dehydrated” myth is just that. There are conditions and diseases that can make you dehydrated without actually noticing it, but a normal, basically healthy adult will regulate their hydration level themselves without ever having to conciously think about it.
    And drinking more water than you need is bad, not good, for your kidneys. Your body plumbing – it need or benefit from “flushing out” – a chemical plant. And like all chemical processes a pretty narrow range of tolerances within which everything works well. More better. In this case you end up increasing the pressure on the kidneys which can damage them over time.

  82. Twitter says:

    LONDON, September 22, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — At 07.00 BST (08.00 CEST and 02.00 EDT) on Thursday 28 October, 2010 Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE: RDS.A)( NYSE: RDS.B) will release its third results and third interim dividend announcement for 2010. These announcements wi

  83. I think we would be more excited if the prospect of all that sleep deprivation looming over us. My husband works in newspapers and he has just been doomed to 4 to 7 more late-night scrambles to get the darn scores in before they go to print. So we will root for the home team so long as they keep the games a different topic, I heard from our mutual friend that you are moving practically down the road from me — welcome to the neighborhood!

  84. Twitter says:

    Crude oil prices have plummeted 20 percent over the past three months, but the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Peter Voser, tells CNBC he doesn’t think global demand is “collapsing.”

  85. Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) Chief Executive Peter Voser Tuesday said he believed Greece will stay in the European Union and in the euro, and that the common currency will stay intact despite the …

  86. CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s opposition accused the government on Wednesday of turning a blind eye to neighboring Guyana’s oil exploration in a border region claimed by Venezuela, potentially inflaming a territorial dispute that dates back more than a century. The conflict was stirred up in recent days by local media that Exxon Mobil Corp, in with Royal Dutch Shell, is exploring for crude off the coast of the disputed Essequibo region. The two South American nations squabbled over the area, which is the size of the U.S. State of Georgia, for much of the 20th century. …

  87. dow jones - Twitter Search says:

    Британско-нидерландская Royal Dutch Shell Plc, второй крупнейший в мире энергетический гигант после Exxon , увеличила чистую прибыль в третьем квартале на 7% до $3,463 млрд по сравнению с $3,247 млрд за аналогичный период 2009 года.

  88. LONDON, Oct. 28 (UPI) — Royal Dutch Shell is still dealing with Iranian crude oil shipments under current contracts, the company’s chief financial officer said Thursday.

  89. LONDON, Oct. 28, 2010 (Reuters) — Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Italy’s Eni SpA beat analyst forecasts with sharply higher profits on Thursday, boosted by higher oil and gas prices and underpinning a strong sector trend. … > read full story

  90. News says:

    TransCanada Corp will build a $ 4-billion pipeline to serve Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s planned liquefied natural gas plant on British Columbia’s coast, the company said on Tuesday. Vancouver Sun – Business / Technology

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  93. In her first guest blog, Tiffany opens up about feeling overwhelmed with thirst and pregnancy sleep deprivation at 31 weeks along. The Disney star suggests other moms-to-be should “buy a calming night light” for those frequent “need-to-pee” …

  94. RedOrbit

    Cellphones, PC cause long-term sleep disorder
    Times of India
    A study has revealed that heavy mobile use is linked to an increase in sleeping problems in men and an increase in depressive symptoms in both men and women. STOCKHOLM: Youths who heavily use mobile phones and computers run a greater risk of sleep …
    Intense Mobile And Computer Use Leads To Sleep, Health ProblemsRedOrbit
    all 8 news articles »

  95. Have you ever tried melatonin for sleep if you are being affected by insomnia or a different sleep disorder? There are numerous natural options that a person can try to be able to combat their sleep loss and melatonin is one of these possible answers. You might want to give this a test if […]
    A post from: Insomnia Causes -Why You Can’t Sleep

  96. claure hansen says:

    AFP – Royal Dutch Shell said Thursday that net profits rose seven percent to 2.195 billion pounds in the third compared with the same period one year ago.

  97. Johnn Luevanos says:

    Shell puts in more time on Cove Energy offer: LONDON (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell has given itself more time to decide the next mov…

  98. LAGOS, June 15 (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigeria operation is working on selling three onshore oil blocks, the latest move to divest some of its onshore assets, a spokesman said on …

  99. AllAfrica says:

    par Tom Bergin LONDRES (Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell et Eni ont dévoilé jeudi des résultats trimestriels en hausse et meilleurs qu’attendu, soutenus par l’augmentation des cours du pétrole et du gaz, confirmant ainsi la tendance du secteur. Shell,…
    Source :

  100. LexyDaGypsy says:

    So much on the mind makes it hard to go back to sleep. I guess dealing with sleep deprivation is something I can do and will need it. Gn all

  101. Profits at Royal Dutch Shell soared by 18 per cent to $3.5bn (£2.2bn) in the third thanks to rising production and sharp rises in the oil price.

  102. grankert heorgemerc says:

    On behalf of the Government of Qatar, the Qatar D Block and Royal Dutch Shell Group (Shell) and the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed a new exploration and production sharing agreement. The agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, three signatories were Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry Epudula the Hamad Al? Attiyah Excellency, the Netherlands Fu, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Group Competition, the International Petroleum Investment Co., Ltd. Chief Accountant Zhao. According to the agreement, the three will jointly co-D block natural gas exploration. D block distribution of a total of 8089 square kilometers land in Kataerhai within, close to Ras Laffan City. D block mining exploration conc … buy urea, lc at sight

  103. levasson kramblezle says:

    As of the continued shake-up of its Nigerian operations in apparent response to the harsh operating environment, Royal Dutch Shell has stated that it will continue to sell off its onshore oil and gas fields in the country and channel investment in more profitable projects in other countries.

  104. Oh my God, I’m having a SLEEP DISORDER, so terrible. I can just sleep for about 20 – 30 min. & that is for 6 or 7 times. What a headache. 🙁

  105. sanityinjection says:

    No, suggesting no such thing. Any reasonable person can discern a difference between beheading prisoners and using psychological techniques combined with mild physical stress (such as limited sleep deprivation) to assist in interrogation. I am not suggesting that we should abide by no limitations, only that it is up to us what those limitations should be.

  106. "finance" via NoahDavidSimon : in Google Reader says:

    LONDON, November 2, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — to the announcement made on October 28, 2010 concerning the appointment of Mr Gerard Kleisterlee as a Non-executive Director of Royal Dutch Shell plc (NYSE: RDS.A) (NYSE: RDS.B) with effect from November 1, 2010, the following informatio

  107. Had a bit of sleep deprivation last night, to top of the sleepless night, my alarm didn’t go off so I slept in, thank the Lord it’s Sunday .

  108. Heavier than expected ice in Arctic waters off Alaska will likely delay until August Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s long-anticipated exploration drilling in the Chukchi and Seas, a company spokesman …

  109. A US based on interviews with former detainees, says Afghan prisoners were abused at a secret military detention centre in Afghanistan. The facility dubbed the ‘Black Jail’ is thought to be located at Bagram airbase. Former inmates’ claim they were subjected to strip searches, sleep deprivation and a lack of food. Some testimonies date from this year, despite President Obama’s pledge to clean up prison practices. The US military denies the detention centre even exists. Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, says Obama’s administration is worse than his predecessor, when it comes to detainees in Afghanistan.

  110. About to embark on polyphasic sleep pattern. 1 long sleep and 3 power naps per day. Next few days will be sleep deprivation time! it?

  111. BP’s and Royal Dutch Shell’s plans to develop offshore oil in Alaska’s Arctic frontier are facing setbacks, as they meet with stricter scrutiny and rising costs stemming from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill..

  112. koeppele says:

    The worst thing in staying up late isnt the bad life and sleep disorder i have reached , it is have the late night snack that ruins it all .

  113. Bashir says no Arab Spring in Sudan

    According to a statement Wednesday by the London-based rights group Amnesty International, Sudanese authorities have protesters and arrested some 2,000 people in connection with the demonstrations. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 13 former detainees, who beatings, verbal insults, food, water and sleep deprivation and other mistreatment while in detention in and its suburbs since mid-June. Injured protesters are afraid to seek medical care, and state security agents have detained wounded protesters in hospitals, the rights group said.

  114. About to crash. NYC & back on Monday, now & back, getting home at 5 AM. I can’t handle sleep deprivation like I used to.

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