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NapStealer - Reading in Bed

NapStealer - Reading in Bed

Submit your best story about nefarious napstealers, siesta thieves or other causes of sleep deprivation in our first-ever story contest.


Tell us about your most dreaded napstealer or make up a funny story about a siesta thief.

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  1. Can’t think of contest ideas now. I’m Getting a sleep deprivation headache.

  2. Still relaying. On my second wind. Just did a limbo contest. It’s amazing what sleep deprivation will make you do…

  3. stumbling beats caffenine in a contest of causes of sleep deprivation

  4. ((Girlfriend has challenged me to a sleep-deprivation contest. She doesn’t know she’s outclassed!))

  5. one is a bike race, the other is a sleep deprivation contest

  6. I appear to have given up my Glastonbury ticket in favour of entering a sleep deprivation contest with my newborn son

  7. If it was a sleep deprivation contest – you no doubt won that round my friend!

  8. I challenge paula in a sleep deprivation contest

  9. Last things is good for:
    – winning sleep deprivation contest
    – cataloging regrets alphabetically
    – catching up on my daydreaming

  10. All the cool people are going to the 24 hour Horror-thon. Enter that contest if you like fun and sleep deprivation.

  11. We Are is all right but not great: never trust a Guardian review of an Eggers book, as he writes for the paper. The best story is “Your Mother and I” and a lot of reviewers seem to agree that “Up the Mountain Coming Down Slowly” is the best though to me it seemed like just another travel-story among many others. If only bothered to review it on Palimpsest, you could have saved your pennies…

  12. Dragon Age Origins has the best story of this generation, now it is obvious that you guys clearly have no clue about awards. Stick to the jokes please

  13. Nurul Syazwani says:

    In my opinion, I would say that the best story is The Alien Corpse at Rosewell. I like it so much compared to other story because the words used in the passage are easy to understand and i know what the author trying to deliver. The film about UFO and alien are going to be an interesting one eventhough we never have a chance to see them in our life. as for me, alien is an imagination and imagination is one of an illustration that allow us to think beyond our self ability.

  14. blasak mazurin says:

    At least one gunman opened fire Thursday afternoon at a psychiatric clinic outside Pittsburgh, injuring several people, including a police officer who was grazed by a bullet.

  15. I agree with you. Sam and Carl are wonderful guys. I am friends with both them, and I do enjoy their company. It was a funny story, and it so happens to be literally the story of my life. If anything, I was poking fun of myself. There was no intention to or belittle anyone in the blog, just to poke fun at the situation. No hard feelings, just a funny story.

  16. They did that at my old high school in Birmingham but they did it with the football team for the whole season. It was actually pretty fair and all that, but from what the parents and coaches said they were looking for the best story lines–even if they were minor in comparison to what really was going on. But it left the school in a good light.

  17. I believe that the truth will come out. Right now, we are all going on speculation of what happened. If information comes out that the Police Officer acted unjustified, then he should pay the price. If it turnes out that the Professor was not showing proper respect to an Officer who was just doing his job, then hopefully people will see him for what he is (or would be if this is the case).

  18. Yes Mr. Obamma should appologize. He had no business getting involved!
    Dr. Gates acted inappropriatly with a police officer, the officer did what his procedures said to do.
    Why is this so hard for Dr. Gates and Mr. Obamma to understand???

  19. mart ken says:

    “This is like an episode of New Girl” – oh, it’s been far too long since I’ve come to work with a funny story to share

  20. It says “identified” peace officer. Being that the police officer identified themselves as being a police officer, and was probably telling them to drop the weapon….at which point they did not and they made the very conscious decision to shoot and kill the police officer. To me that is cut and dry first degree. It is not saying that a police life is more valuable than anyone elses. Not sure where you got that from. Not sure I would want to walk in a police shoes and have to have the real possibility of having a gun pointed toward me on a daily basis….

  21. pezzo vima says:

    Gaiman is utterly brilliant, a mythologizer who really be matched. His novels go a little wobbly, but his stories are astounding, and say his “Murder Mystery” is the best story ever read, probably breaking about a dozen copyright rules with this, though. I am, by the way, thinking about skipping the Baltics. Surely enough is enough for the first of the year.

  22. Kind of a Funny Story is an excellent book, it is not just another novel about a depressed teen, it is about a journey through life, and a journey through a mental institution. You can really get into the characters, and I think it gets people into perspective about what life in a mental institution is like, and gives you more respect for those people. Kind of a Funny Story is also, well, a funny story, there are a few laugh-out-loud moments (including my favorite about a German Shepherd-Chihuahua mix)! I recommend it for young children though, because it does contain things such as drug use etc…

  23. Funny story from a 4 year old! Not so funny story of todays churches. You hit the nail on the head Mike, even in 06. Its not a fun thing to come out, of what you have discovered, is the harlot churches. And when you tell them WHY you come out, that really makes us unpopular it?!?! Oh well, we choose to please God and not man who is church.

  24. It seems that Councilman Greenwell was confrontational towards the police officer from the beginning. In addition, he stupidly attempted to get out of his vehicle to talk to the police officer. Mr. Greenwell definitely was asking for trouble when he did this. learned to politely follow any instructions given by a police officer. It is not trouble to argue with these individuals.

  25. Obstructive Sleep Apnea – An Introduction Many children and adults suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) – a common sleep disorder. or complete blockage of the upper airway happens when the soft tissue at the end of the throat collapses and disrupts the person’s breathing. In order to continue breathing normally, the person gets […]

  26. Bonnie in Texas says:

    Jack, we put kids in time out for using the word stupid. Come on, the man in the world have a bigger vocabulary and he find a better word? Personally, I think the police officer followed procedure and should be commended for doing so in the face of an obviously bigoted homeowner. Caucasian American and would never consider being disrespectful to a police officer of any race. It is NEVER called for and can only exacerbate any already tense situation. I think Gates has a chip on his shoulder – more like a redwood! As for the president, well, maybe he the man in the world.

  27. Special occasions my eye! it a bottle of vodka one evening? all done it – I did two pints of gin once (in the first year – does anyone else remember that night? Oh, we had a laugh we!) and that was pretty messy. Not the worst, I grant you, but fairly bad.

    Lets compare stories everyone! What was your worst drinking experience? (Prizes for the best story.)

  28. Kelly Kane says:

    We have worked with and cured thousands of children and infused their parents with hope at the Enuresis Treatment Center in Farmington, MI. Besides being a deep sleep disorder, research shows that bedwetting is also genetic. If both parents have a history of bedwetting there is a 77% chance the child will also wet the bed. The average length of treatment is 6 months, and we are we can correct the sleep disorder and end bedwetting. Go to for more info.

  29. We’re kicking off our Word of the Day Super Story contest tomorrow! Stay tuned for details 3/14 – best story will win an iPad 3rd gen!

  30. sanketrajawat says:

    Comment Is taken positively from u always !! …
    but whatever is the CAPABILITY of AUTHOR… !! it reach the height of the BEST story writers na.. !! ;)…..

    reg grammer and spell check.. may be that is the laziest for me… !! but will try….
    hope fully after that u have to miss / skip the sentence… !! may be the REadbility and APPRECIATION wil also increase than !! 😛

  31. Anti-tax consultant faces federal trial
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  32. I know exactly what you mean! Another good one for me is when doing the dishes – no one in the whole house will come near me then. come not to mind though, I have some of my best story ideas either in the shower or while doing the dishes. I thought for a while it might be some magical in the water – but far more likely to be the fact of being left alone!

  33. In some ways Stephanie is doing what the Stratfordians try to do with their guy: take the scraps available and make the best story you can with them.

    With DeVere, there are a lot of scraps, so she is able to make a super story. And she can use some of the great insights that the Stratfordians have come up with over the centuries.

    Funny, the Stratfordians are loath to borrow from the Oxfordians because they claim their research is so speculative.

    Okay, enough from me for a while!

  34. That was a very funny story, and thats what it should remain as… a funny story.

    But to use it to justify their right to the land is illogical.

    The same story could be used by the American Indians in relation to the Eurpeon conquest of the Americas. They were here before we ever arrived. But for us our forefathers came up with “manifest destiny” to justify our actions of expansion!

  35. Rowan Shead says:


    Is a Secret Celebrity Tattletale Actually Downey Jr.? | Jezebel

    This is for blind-item junkies, gossip addicts and anyone just fascinated by a “too good to be true” story. This is celebrity urban mythology at its finest.

    I hope Aaron Sorkin and Sofia Coppola fight over who gets to turn this into a movie.

    Easily the best story you’ll read today, whether or not it’s actually him.

  36. I want to know if the security officer was an off duty cop and if so are thet authorized to use the taser? Was the weapon supplied by the stadium?
    A off duty police officer is not suppose to use their equipment in this way.
    I really dont approve because it will just lead to more and eventually someone is going to have a stoppage or something else from being tasered before this nonsence and misuse of this weapon, yes non leathal weapon,is put back into the context it was meant for.
    Well my opinion and glad I can voice it. Thanks ,United States Of America !

  37. chimabel ladasing says:

    Portal 2 won the Best game award at this year’s BAFTA’s,  as well as taking home two other prizes: Best Story and Best Design. The BAFTA Award winner …
    Continue reading 2 Wins Best Game BAFTA Award

  38. menger visa says:

    I have been a policeman for years, ever since I was arrested as a youth and given the option to either join the police academy or go to jail for many years. It was an easy choice and before I knew it I was running assault courses and training to use firearms. I walking the beat on the streets of Doncaster a year after I first training to be a police officer. One of my first nights for the Doncaster Police was Halloween. There were a lot of kids running about in Halloween costumes but this is to be expected on such an evening. However, there were also a lot of older youths who were out to terrorise the Doncaster public. This is not something I can abide and so I was on the look-out for troublemakers and those who wished to di …Stoneacre Mazda, In Doncaster

  39. The best story in this budget for Labour is tax rise for pensioners but he is too attached to this old class war schtick. Missed

  40. A 20-year-old McDonald’s employee has been charged in the near-fatal shooting of a decorated Chicago police officer. Paris Sadler is due to appear in bond…

  41. Boston Globe

    Bail set at $1M for man in NH officer shooting
    By Lynne Tuohy AP / March 22, 2012 MANCHESTER, NH—A judge set bail at $1 million on Thursday for a 22-year-old man charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a police officer in Manchester. Police said Myles Webster of Litchfield is accused of …
    NH police officer injured in gunfightPolice News
    $1 million bail for Litchfield man accused of shooting Manchester officerNashua Telegraph
    Man charged with shooting NH officerBoston Globe
    all 62 news articles »

  42. When you are affected by sleep deprivation, your concentration and decision making can be compromised. Sleep should play an role in a healthy lifestyle, as it gives you the energy you need to exercise and eradicates the body”s craving for excess food in an attempt to gain energy. Your body cannot be fooled into needing less sleep and you can only function efficiently if your brain has enough energy. Even our speech is affected by fatigue and sleep deprivation because as our tiredness grows, our muscles are harder to control. There are many causes of sleep deprivation and poor sleep hygiene which can stem from stress and worry preventing your mind from relaxing in your bedroom environment, not being appropriate for sleep. A … memory foam mattress

  43. “No. Because there is the assumption that if they had said ‘No, you cannot cross’, Zeke would have complied, seeing as how he was asking for direct permission from a uniformed police officer.”

  44. Police officer told me today they only use few in funeral procession if it’s a big crowd. My mom had them everywhere,and standing room only.

  45. That reminds me, I’ve been moved in my spirit to post my freaky story that you DIDN’T pick for that story contest way back. LOL

  46. macalilar powiscoff says:

    The uninsured woman said she did it to get treatment for a shoulder injury.

    Health – Conditions and Diseases – United States – Shoulder – Musculoskeletal Disorders

  47. […] 30-Word Story Contest: Not Just Blowing Smoke « Nonfiction Blog “In honor of SmokeLong 30th issue, they’re holding a 30-word story contest. From November 1 to November 30, SmokeLong will be accepting submissions of 30-word stories on any topic. The top 5 stories will be published in the 30th issue due out at the end of December.” […]

  48. Susan Hesnard says:

    […] *Was this racism?, posted July 21 after a black Harvard professor was arrested by a white Boston police officer who was responding to a of a break-in. The professor was having trouble getting his own front door to open: 50 responses. […]

  49. […] The Jane Austen Story Contest is accepting manuscripts until February 13th, 2011. You can read the full details of the contest, including the rules for submission, at the official contest website hosted at The Republic of Pemberley. We have ten stories entered so far that can be read online. Voting for the top ten stories begins on February 14th, 2011. The lucky winner will have their story included in the new Jane Austen inspired story anthology, Jane Austen Made Me Do It, to be published by Ballantine Books on October 11, 2011. Good luck to all! […]

  50. @R. Jordan

    My teenage daughter would never do that, as a pretty basic value in our family is to comply with all officer demands/requests; physical resistance is simply a vehicle to a felony. For assaulting a police officer, lucky that she get worse than a punch.

    This police officer is far outnumbered, and having all involved control the situation. It is well within the police rights to do necessary to gain control of the situation. She have been hit if she (violently) take action against the LEO.

  51. What happens when legendary producer Rick Rubin, David Lee Roth (VAN HALEN), Axl Rose (GUNS N’ ROSES) and Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW) are in a car together? In the two-minute video below, Sebastian reveals the details for his “best story ever” (clip of CBC’s of “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” show).

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  53. Buzuluk Blasini: mygdy justniceasses photo
    Please send me your stories…I need them! They make me happy! So only stories on men dominating women, thestories with the most thought win out.. And the best story will get my phone number still! I will stop posting when I am satisfied Yay!
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  54. Uuugh. My dog could workforce the CIA, specializing in sleep deprivation. I think I got an hour or so last night. No sick days left. 🙁

  55. carriordo met says:

    Percentage of Adults Aged 18 Years with a Complex Activity Limitation,* by Race/Ethnicity{dagger}–National Health Interview Survey, United States{section} [From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  56. hrens hedminkash says:

    garthsundem writes “As described in the NY Times Economix blog, the mattress chain Sleepy’s analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey to find the ten most sleep deprived professions. In order, they are: Home Health Aides, Lawyer, Police Officers, Doctors/Paramedics, Tie: (Economists, Social Workers, Computer Programmers), Financial Analysts, Plant Operators (undefined, but we assume ‘factory’ and not ‘Audrey II’), and Secretaries.”

    Read more of this story at Slashdot.

  57. BrownAlumniMag says:

    Sleep disorder kicking my butt on my Munch on a power bar and then you know what is next. Pick up a guitar and play. 🙂

  58. coxsham comphrys says:

    I've seen Twitter accounts where every tweet is “My new book X is available here” and every reply is Have you seen my new book X?”

    They wonder why I follow them back.

    being excited about your release, and being a spammer. When I tweet a funny story about my snail, I only want a plug for your book if a funny story about a snail.

  59. Q3 – Funny story – Found a lady my sister babysat on LI – shes trying to help me get a job in her co now!

  60. Twitter says:

    “Your brain, after all, is encased in darkness and silence in the vault of the skull. Its only contact with the outside world is via the electrical signals exiting and entering along the super-highways of nerve bundles. Because different types of sensory information (hearing, seeing, touch, and so on) are processed at different speeds by different neural architectures, your brain faces an enormous challenge: what is the best story that can be constructed about the outside world?”

  61. Pregnant lady can and should workout in moderation unless there are health conditions or risks that stop them from in a fitness training for example, causes of sleep deprivation. This should consist of intervals of no more than minutes at a time, several days each week if not every day of the week. […]
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  62. visterrain spottilden says:

    Everyone have the rare bad night’s sleep. But if the odd sleepless night is changed by normal sleeplessness then you might be experiencing a form of insomnia. Sleep deprivation is a usual problem as highlighted by a recent which? that suggested in the United Kingdom “Up to one in four people difficulty sleeping […]
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  63. Writing a novel needs a big time commitment. This story took almost 2.5 hours to complete…Once I decided to write a story, I couldn’t just possibly let it flow loosely so there was some planning needed after the plot was finalized.
    Guess the lead characters being women was influenced largely by the first and last sentences that we had to use.
    Thanks for your comments..

    This was our creativity club story contest..(Cogent)..results will be known on the 29th.

  64. tomotte wrobonfilk says:

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  65. phalko schoj says:

    Nope.Have sleep disorder where when I nap, get extreme REM & have to fight to wake up.So slept 6 hrs & then napped 6.Not ideal

  66. sley spin says:

    Phoenix is the best story in that bunch. It’s Basically Nash and a bunch of scrubs. Gentry is a coach of the year candidate for sure.

  67. If you are stopped for a DWI in Albany,above all else,stay calm and be polite.Remember that police officers are there to keep us safe.They have a difficult job,and should be shown respect. Roll down your window, shut off your radio, stay seated,and wait for the officer to approach your vehicle.Keep both hands in the officer”s sight at all times,preferably on the steering wheel.When the officer asks you to produce your license and registration, tell him where the documents are located.Then, once the officer knows and can see where you”ll be reaching,move slowly. A traffic stop is a scary situation for you and the police officer.Keep in mind that the officer is approaching a strange vehicle, generally cannot see the inside of it, and kn …Albany DWI Lawyer, Albany DWI Attorney

  68. As soon as Nas begins his story it grabs ur attention right away like in “the message”. he deserves his title of being the best story teller

  69. osberhansj says:

    An official has concluded that an increase in the sleep disorder narcolepsy among young people since 2009 is associated with the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix.

  70. dolberne pfabramp says:

    omg that happens to me! I will be telling a funny story but i will be like cracking up and everyone will be like ‘we cant

  71. Your brain, after all, is encased in darkness and silence in the vault of the skull. Its only contact with the outside world is via the electrical signals exiting and entering along the super-highways of nerve bundles. Because different types of sensory information (hearing, seeing, touch, and so on) are processed at different speeds by different neural architectures, your brain faces an enormous challenge: what is the best story that can be constructed about the outside world?

  72. SlashDot24 says:

    QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged Years Who Ever Received a Diagnosis of Diabetes,* by Race/Ethnicity and Hispanic Subpopulation{dagger}–National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2009{section} [From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  73. aud davicidine says:

    European research institute IMEC and its project have launched a European collaborative research project to build a lab-on-a-chip for the detection of tumor cells in blood.

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  74. well performance sir as you told earlier you have choosen a best story . . Keep going . . The we all danced for the fast beat

  75. “Best story EVER!!!
    You may as well retire, you’ll never crack a better story than this.
    Thanks for making me the funniest guy around the water cooler today.

  76. blingowley says:

    A Waikato driver trying to avoid a drink-drive checkpoint got the shock of his life when a police officer chased him down – on foot.

  77. brancoie cusa says:

    Residents of the city of Newburgh, N.Y., are feeling angered — and saddened — over news that they may have fallen for the worst kind of hoax.

    Cancer – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Organizations – Groups

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  79. potta haw says:

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  81. knapiah tague says:

    Yesterday when I went to see “The Kid Are Alright”, I saw the trailer for the film based on Ned Vizzini’s book, “It’s kind of a Funny Story”

  82. Actu Film, Actu Ciné - says:

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  83. petenbeite dolster says:

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  84. SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Police pepper-sprayed Notre Dame Tommy Rees and put him in jail early Thursday after he allegedly raised his knee and knocked the wind out of a police officer who had chased him down following an off-campus house

  85. fayer rod says:

    Youths, Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Adaptation: Reconsidering Our Deepest Beliefs
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    02 May 2012

    Youth reshaping their future through agriculture
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  86. When my lil bro a sentence with ‘ Funny story.. ‘ I noe he wants me to back him up when mom figures out.. he’s dead meat!!

  87. CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report says:

    This series is brought to you by MedPage Today. 1. Topamax Not a Growth Deterrent in Epilepsy. Children with newly diagnosed, epilepsy who were treated with topiramate showed gains in height. 2. U.S. Workers on Shuteye. Data from the National Health Interview Survey in 2010 indicate that some 41 million American workers — […]

  88. Slashdot says:

    Lawyers rank second on a list of the most sleep deprived occupations, just behind home health aides. The findings come from the Sleepy’s mattress chain, which hired researchers to analyze the results of the national Health Interview Survey, according to the Economix blog of the New York Times. The occupations with the least average sleep are: 1) Home health aides, averaging six hours and 57 minutes. 2) Lawyers, averaging seven hours. 3) Police officers, averaging seven hours and one minute. 4) Physicians and paramedics, averaging seven hours and two minutes. 5) Coming in at a tie: economists, social workers and…

  89. Anil Ahuja, Head Asia of 3i Asia says the power sector was the best story to emerge from India. “If there is one sector where you really don’t have to worry about overall demandsupply, that is power.” He sees India’s power at 80,000 to 100,000 megawatt and doesn’t expect it to change for the next threefive years.

  90. harling says:

    According to the CDC, one million more young adults in America now have health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. During the first 3 months of this year, the number of young adults aged between 19 and 25 with health insurance rose by 3.5% points, equivalent to about 1 million more people, revealed from the data from the National Health Interview Survey. Most offspring can now stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they are 26 years of age, …

  91. ABCNews24 says:

    Some sleepwalkers have been known to sneak into the kitchen and consume anything within reach, including cat food and coffee grounds, without knowing what they’re eating.

    Food – Coffee – Sleep disorder – Health – Conditions and Diseases

  92. says:

    I’m anchoring our 5 + 6 pm news tonight. Looking for a fun/funny story to run at the end of The 6 – let me know if you’ve seen something!

  93. thian carre says:

    I didn’t sleep more than an hour at a time without waking last night. No fun! Interrupted sleep, but not by Tigr. It’s a sleep disorder.

  94. Authorities say a suspect who was shot in the face by a Napa police officer is in a medically induced coma, but expected to survive.

  95. chholza says:

    Funny story – I decided to do my annual myspace check and I was looking through my friends to try to find this guy I used to work with. easily distracted, though (and probably ADHD) and clicking on various profiles to see what they were up to. So how I found your blog.

    I dunno, I guess it such a funny story. Anyway, I like the socks. I knit a ball of yarn. And sorry about your dad :(. Remember when he took us to Wild Waves and then we watched Evita at his

    – Denise from high school and stuff

  96. When I was a Nitmiluk, the guide we had told us a funny story about how the town of Katherine flooded very badly years ago, some locals grabbed a tinny and went in to rob the liquor store, since all was abandoned due to the water. They got cornered by a saltie at the door and escape, in the end having to call the cops to come and rescue them (and, of course, arrested them on the spot).

  97. Nocera Superiore Okelberry: onanie
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  98. Sooper Articles says:

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  99. I thought this was a funny story about not paying attention while eating a muffin. So I showed it to my wife. And she told me that it was not such a story and I should reading the New York Times so I would know what you are talking about, as from the clue in the title of this post.

    I am glad to have married someone who can explain your posts to me.

  100. Melissa says:

    I finally catch up with the story… 🙂
    OK Melissa, I think this is your best story so far (from what I’ve read). Lia is such a well developed character and I loved how the story was mainly character driven- it was great to see a character overcoming a ghost from her past and decided to let go, move on and the rain at the end, cleansing and promising a fresh it was the perfect ending.
    Well done my friend! 🙂

  101. swtor - Twitter Search says:

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  102. Short Story – The of Judge Capsule – Hindi

    This is an interesting and funny story in Hindi about the fight between the various organ systems to prove their superiority in the human body and the how the Judge Capsule resolves it. This story also teaches children that we need to work together as a team in peace and harmony to achieve success in life.

    From: BodhaguruLearning

    Views: 0

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    Time: 11:01 More in Education

  103. "lonely planet" - Twitter Search says:

    2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup: London Knights’ Colin and father Bob …
    Yahoo! Canada Shine (blog)
    The tale of the overage defenceman who never lost hope he’d skate in the MasterCard Memorial Cup with his proud father Bob a 30-year veteran police officer and the team’s director of security, looking on, might beat them all.
    2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup: Shawinigan Cataractes’ win marks end of an era …Yahoo! Canada (blog)
    Veilleux sends Shawinigan to Memorial Cup title
    Knights go sight-seeing while awaiting Montreal Gazette -Edmonton Journal (blog) -National Post
    all 475 news articles »

  104. balcox mun says:

    Kinda funny story but yet somehow I feel bad.
     Last night my phone was dead so I used Josh’s to call my Dad.Mind you this was at like 1 am.So I am talking to him and a private number beeps in and so I answered it thinking maybe it was Josh’s Mom( she …

  105. Err, a funny story this week about how a blogger got stopped by security guards for taking pictures of Joe Madden runs a WordPress blog called Meaningless It’s about those which have random fake slogans on them…

  106. One of the first things you learn in this business, after the of always getting receipts, is that there’s no cheering in the press box. You are to never, ever cheer for an individual player or team. Of course, cheering for the best story is …
    Latrisha Cogen liked Rangers shot-blocking mentality bad for NHL – YAHOO! on 15 May 2012 (1 week ago).

  107. coa warzen says:

    The Fake Sheikh, Mazher Mahmood, has a good wee scoop in the News of the World today. The papers’ posed as would-be immigrants, and heard immigration advisers tell them how to game the system. The quotes speak best for themselves.
    1. Official from the International Immigration Advisory Service in Manchester. “Floods have come in Pakistan. Say you have lost your family and your home. That’s the best story I can see … Just get me a few photos of the floods and we can say your relatives drowned and your home is gone. The British are very

  108. Dear police officer, if u want me to respect u then stop turning ur lights on at traffic light so tht u can save a minute on ur dunkies run

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  110. lenientcompute3 says:

    As described in the New York Times Economix blog, the mattress chain Sleepy’s analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey to find the ten most sleep deprived professions. In order, they are Home Health Aides, Lawyer, Police Officers, Doctors/Paramedics, Tie: (Economists, Social Workers, Computer Programmers), Financial Analysts, Plant Operators (undefined, but we assume “factory” and not “Audrey II”), and Secretaries. .

  111. @Jen: DUDE. MY sleep deprivation made me without sympathy, I must confess. But be glad to know, just getting to the destination – without even going to the park yet – is beautious. Relaxation nation.
    That is hilarious. I too come to unsubstantiated conclusions. The trick is to leave out the “unsubstantiated” confession.

  112. lockdefecate9 says:

    Everything you could wish for about HPV….

    Garland, S., Skinner, S., & J. (2011) Adolescent and young adult HPV vaccination in Australia: Achievements and challenges. Preventive Medicine. DOI: 10.1016/j.ypmed.2011.08.015  Adolescent and young adult HPV vaccination in Australia: Achievements and challenges

    Wong CA, Berkowitz Z, Dorell CG, Anhang Price R, Lee J, & Saraiya M. (2011) Human papillomavirus vaccine uptake among 9- to 17-year-old girls: National Health Interview Survey, 2008. Cancer, 117(24), 5612-20. PMID: 21692069   Human papillomavirus vaccine uptake among 9- to 17-year-old girls: National Health Interview Survey, 2008.

    Sheinfeld Gorin SN, Glenn BA, & Perkins RB. (2011) The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and cervical cancer: uptake and next steps. Advances in therapy, 28(8), 615-39. PMID: 21818672   The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and cervical cancer: uptake and next steps.

  113. A bus crash that killed 15 people and injured 18 others was caused by a “perfect storm” of sleep deprivation, speed and lack of oversight, the National Safety Board said Tuesday.

  114. jeanpierrecollazo says:

    It is a funny story. The caterpillar was the enemy of the yucca tree but the of history is the respect for life that shows your cousin. This should be developed to animals in general (not necessarily the crop killer insects…). Respecting the animals live we develop values that are reflected in the respect for the live in general (humans).

  115. cariberger says:

    It’s really sucky to note how much text based games use flash. Legacy of a THousand Suns has the best story I’ve scene in a Facebook game.

  116. Twitter says:

    SB Nation

    The Cam Newton Investigation Dead-Ends; Time To Smile At The NCAA’s Best Story …
    SB Nation
    Or the Alabama game, obviously, when Auburn was left for dead trailing by 24 points on the road, with ‘Bama a 312 advantage in offensive yards. …
    and more »

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    QuickStats: Health Care Visits* for Children Aged 1-17 Years, by Health Insurance Status{dagger}–National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2006-2010 [From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]

  119. Bookfool, aka Nancy says:

    I'm very excited about Halloween this year! having a scary story contest for my 10th grade Literature classes, and going to a with some of my friends. dressing up as the four season – Spring, which means probably be pretty cold that night (My costume involves a and flip-flops). As far as reading goes, I need to pick up a copy of In The Woods. I read so much about it during the Read-a-thon, and it sounds really scary! 🙂

    Sounds really fun! I hope Hallween be too cold for you. I want to read In The Woods and the Likeness after that. really getting a lot of great reviews, huh?

  120. Twitter says:

    Like new 12″ wheels. Nice little bike for yout little Spiderman Fan. Slightly used some small imperfections. Front tire will not hold air. Tell me why I should choose you to give this bike to. The best story wins. Be sure to leave your contact information. Merry Christmas!!

  121. baldinoglu cospering says:

    In all seriousness, Brave is a good attempt by Pixar to replicate a classic Disney fairy tale movie. It’s not their best story, but… cont.

  122. I just finished and I’m crying this was the best story ever hands down Idc what any one says all those nights that I stayed up (con)

  123. Channing Tatum’s ‘best story ever’ is just about every male stripper’s worst nightmare. Scratch that, it actually could be anybody’s worst nightmare. So, you’re out…

  124. jempol facebook - Google Blog Search says:

    Zach G. helps Matt Zaller with his bits. 171 views | 0 comments Click here to watch the video (02:48) Submitted By: Movie Trailers Tags: Zach Galifianakis It’s Kind Of A Funny Story (film) Matt Zaller Categories: Videos – Movie Trailers

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  126. today my boyfriend and i got into a huge fight. it was over the craziest thing to, it was over a cat fight i had with the school tramp. Her friend was hit by my truck and now there are all these kids after him. They came to my house surprisingly, now there is a HUGE mess. Middle School never prepared you for this in high school, weird to think that when you are all grown up, your own kids will want to know your craziest stories, scared to think that this might either scare them or it could end up being the best story they ever hear. Impressions are a big deal in high school and in life, thats a big lesson.

  127. borjah odelarson says:

    Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. Turn that diary into the best story you possibly can. – Douglas Pagels

  128. Study: A sleep disorder, where people kick and punch in the middle of the night, is being linked to the spouse that won’t stop snoring.

  129. Context The cost-effectiveness of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) compared with 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23) among US adults is unclear. Objective To estimate the cost-effectiveness of PCV13 vaccination strategies in adults. Design, Setting, and A Markov state-transition model, lifetime time horizon, societal perspective. Simulations were performed in hypothetical of US 50-year-olds. Vaccination strategies and effectiveness estimates were developed by a Delphi panel; indirect (herd immunity) effects resulting from childhood PCV13 vaccination were extrapolated based on observed PCV7 effects. Data sources for model parameters included Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Active Bacterial Core surveillance, National Hospital Discharge Survey and Nationwide Inpatient Sample data, and the National Health Interview Survey. Main Outcome Measures Pneumococcal disease cases prevented and incremental costs per…

  130. BACK IN THE SADDLE: Following eight-month battle with cancer, police officer …Rantoul PressBy DAVE HINTONRantoul Press Rivest felt like he’d been socked in the stomach.He’d hardly been sick a day in his life, but he knew he’d better get to the hospital after coughing up blood for two days and experiencing lower back pain.

  131. jordannIMZ says:

    best story ever I was like do you not know how hard it was for me to even ride in a car with him after that let alone be early

  132. vliciutt chanesh says:

    By day Mike Howley, pictured with wife Linda, is a mild-mannered loving husband but due to a rare sleep disorder that makes him act out dreams, nightfall turns him into a foul-mouthed wife beater.

  133. DENVER — The families and friends of both slain Denver police officer Celena Hollis and her accused killer packed into a Denver District Thursday morning to hear the charge against Rollin Oliver.

  134. You don’t believe it – do you? Well…here’s the proof. I wrote the following story for Vivienne Tuffnell‘s Story Contest. Read the story and leave your comments – I am desperately looking for alternatives – so let me know if I could  consider writing as a possible option! (Well…everyone I know is a wri …
    Somer Naidu liked Breaking News – The Caricaturist Turns a Writer! Read the Story, “An Archaeologist’s Nightmare!” on 11 June 2012 (3 weeks ago).

  135. hukker hakuran says:

    I finally saw No Country For Old Men this weekend. a must-see. There is so much tension in the movie, created through flawless editing and storytelling. realizations (questions left unanswered) about evil and its motivations and sources are unnerving. Everything about this movie was great.Also recommending is “Once” – the best story about love seen put on film in a long time. The simplicity of it is its greatest strength – plus great music.

  136. Twitter says:

    James Reimer, thx for stopping the puck + being the best story in Leaf land this year,, oh and don’t let the door hit ya on the way down.

  137. so funny story – will surely make you chuckle, my 11th grader suddenly wanted to take lunch to school on Tuesday (he was off on Monday)

  138. Tom Brady’s season with a team of no names was best story in football this year, sad to c them lose. Next best story is Green Bay.

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