Nefarious NapStealing Newborns

Nefarious NapStealing baby face

Image by chimothy27 via Flickr

The most nefarious nap stealers are newborns. They are not the ones who need the naps. It’s their parents. While baby is awake, their parents are changing diapers, making bottles, feeding baby, doing laundry, doing laundry, doing laundry, changing diapers, making bottles, feeding baby, making faces at baby, changing diapers, and then when baby is asleep they make a futile attempt at straightening up the house and doing the things that the rest of the family needs done and THEN they finally decide that they too are going to take a much deserved nap.

Babies have a pillow sensor. It is absolutely amazing. It does not even matter if you are in the same room with the baby. No matter how quietly and how slowly you lie down, within one minute of your head touching the pillow, you WILL hear a cry.
No matter how tired you are, you cannot get that baby to go back to sleep. You MUST get up and take care of it. Even if this baby hasn’t slept in hours and was only asleep for 8 ½ minutes, their nap is over and so is yours.

This is called sleep deprivation. This is also why babies are so cute. They have to be to make it through this time in their childhood. This is why babies are beautiful and so innocent looking. No matter how many times they do this you can look them straight in the eye and ask them if they are torturing you on purpose and they can look straight back at you with incredible innocence so you actually believe that they are innocent EVERY SINGLE TIME. Those nefarious nap stealers!

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  5. Suddenly, the “Saudi-9/11 connection” is on the table for the media. But it wasn’t, for the longest time. We know they ignored it because we know them, and we sent it to them. And we heard that it would be and was being ignored. They were only willing to do maudlin, “human interest” stories for the 10th anniversary of this monumental and still-mysterious event.

  6. vaisek kumanc says:

    Even with the sleep deprivation, tears, and endless money spent on supplies, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. My passion is endless

  7. hahaha….

    The Traffic Police must have bribed the BWSSB guys..!! lolz…

    Namma India…. 🙂 Innovation at its best…

    The way we use CDs as reflectors in autos rickshaws, the way we use bananas as agarbhatti stands .. haha.. so many 😛

    And I get amazed every single time, as they dig up roads just after laying them newly … Every single time…


  8. “And I get amazed every single time, as they dig up roads just after laying them newly ” –> hehe – thats another way of project management. Critical Path analysis –
    1. clean up and lay the tar/cement road
    2. electric lines need to be provided to the consumers on either side, dig up
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  9. Oh man, I just linked that video to Ian for things to share with the class about the Onion.

    When I saw this video, I thought about the we had to read about Fake News vs Real News and how “human interest” stories are never really commented on, even though to me they are some of the most useless pieces of news. Along with celebrity gossip, human interest pieces rarely, to me anyways, are actually that interesting. much more worried about how currency values or political decisions are affecting people than how a group of girl guides came up with the most ingenious car wash ever.

  10. the_mick says:

    Animal abusers are absolutely disgusting and deserve the harshest punishment. I put them at par with any other psychopath or murderer. All animals are wonderful creatures of the Almighty Allah. Their incredible innocence and ability to give unconditional love is something we humans can never acquire. And this notion of dogs being unIslamic pets is pure nonsense. The Glorious Quraan says nothing against dogs, not even a remote hint. because dogs are just like any other living beings. The source responsible for spreading this falsehood against dogs is the infamous Hadith. The institution of Hadith is notorius for its repugnant lies to suit the whims of the clergy. Needless to say, those hundreds of obnoxious Hadith narrations are NOT the sayings of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) who was a person with the most exemplary character.

  11. Every single time I mention your name to my friend Gene, he says, “You mean Dave Thomas, the founder of We laugh at this joke every single because it is funny, but because it is so unfunny that repeating it is profoundly absurd. explaining this to you so that in the future, when someone greets you with this inane joke, you might consider laughing at them.

  12. Jew News says:

    It makes me laugh every single time that I hear the line “swerving like cursive”. It’s like the most random thing to hear in a gangsta rap.

  13. For many Americans, the festival of Chanukah, which began at sundown tonight, is a blue-tinseled version of Christmas as they in the consumer frenzy of the holiday season in a somewhat futile attempt to compete with the appeal of the latter. Some have even merged the two into a hybrid celebration they call “Chrismakah,” […]

  14. Andrew passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last night. The forces of truth have lost a great and courageous warrior. Unlike most on the Right, he was not a cringing dhimmi eagerly throwing his comrades under the bus in a futile attempt to appease the Left. I hope that…

  15. I agree…this issue is nothing new. My dad pretty much is detained for background checks and questioning EVERY SINGLE TIME he comes back from india or some other foreign country. He even asked a lawyer to write a letter or something to get his name of the list for questioning so he detained every single time. That worked for like the first couple of months and then it was like the document expired or something.

    And I liked what SRK said in an interview…that the US needs to update their security system.

  16. nordblacew says:

    Whenever I ask the question about having a day for children, every single time the response is “every day is children’s day”. Is it though?

  17. JourdanSarah says:

    Oh my goodness I can hear birds chirping already. Do I have sleep deprivation? I hope not. Dear God, what do you want me to do right now?

  18. What I see in that face is the most incredible innocence and beauty that mankind cannot even conceive of. Also, I see justice in that face and I see a one on one relationship that Jesus wants with us. The scripture that sticks in my mind is the one where Jesus says he will come back as a surprise and he had better not find us smiting our brother or in orgies. I always think of this in light of all the Hollywood type “return of Jesus” hoopla that is spread in our culture these days.

  19. Breaking NewsBreaking News says:

    “Previously, you said, “…the older demographics do not know about him…,” and now it is “I’m not saying all the elderly would him.” If you are a perennial losing presidential candidate you can expect the odd human interest story. Losing is not news. Perhaps you have heard of Harold Stassen, Eugene Lyndon LaRouche. Alan Keyes, or Ralph Nader. They all have run for president multiple times, are household names, and never came close to winning. At least Stassen won a few primaries, which can not be said of RP.”

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  21. I know I say it a lot but it baffles me why gets my location wrong every single time. It seems to think I’m in the same place too.

  22. Jennie Lanning says:

    What a story! I think nearly the entire world was aware of the devastation that happened in Haiti, and such a human interest story definitely touches who knows about it.

    interesting to see the different perspectives of the different mediums–like the Amarillo station focusing on Jim Allen while BBC provides a deeper insight to the story.

  23. shirnersko says:

    I think any of it was a big deal. I am guessing the LL Cool J twitter got some people to tune in due to curiosity?

    Human Interest Stories – brand them anyway you want but what they are. Does it matter who the host is? Does a high visablity personality get people to tune in to watch? I know what were her numbers like for the program?

    Sarah special series on Alaska are a documentary so perhaps this is what she told the folks at Fox News she wants to do – Human Interest/Documentaries

  24. CNN Hong Kong Operations Supervisor Matthew Booth will attempt to watch every match from South Africa on television. Can he do it without being fired/divorced/committed to an asylum? Follow his updates here, as he becomes more and more incoherent from extreme sleep deprivation.

  25. aparcell moulondezi says:

    There is much that still needs to be understood about hurricanes, and if using this proxy produces better historic information then it has to be good for science.

    Trying to understand hurricanes and putting things in place to mitigate their destructive effects is much more than wasting trillions in a futile attempt to change climate by reducing man-made CO2.

  26. maguer garner says:

    Bored? Come see Victims of Leisure tonight – 10pm – Frontier Bar – 2421 Webberville Rd 78702 & see what sleep deprivation does to drummers.

  27. -I think lots of sites should have stories as much as in the human interest as this site did. I used to work for a paper called but they never got back to me and I shared human interest stories with them and informational stories too but they never got back to me so I currently do volunteer work elsewhere. What nice stories on this site called Build the Fire by Very good to read.

  28. The law surrounding what can and cannot be may be wrong but until the law is changed it is still a contempt of to publish the detail of what goes on in hearings concerning children. Apparently the national press do not recognise this which is quite astonishing (I appreciate that this is a couple of years old but a pattern still being repeated by other newspapers and the law has been the same for years). Nor do they appear to recognise the of publishing a balanced account of cases. Whilst this case clearly has human interest it is pretty plain that the account given is only of the story, and is peppered with emotive nonsense. not saying stories like this be saying that they should be BETTER. I should think the children in this case are quite able to identify themselves and I imagine that being helpful to anyone.

  29. zuri spollmer says:

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  34. Joe, a few thoughts and suggestions:

    1. Spare your “queen” on that first one. It may give her nightmares.

    2. Showing up in Ubauna with all that “bling” send the right “message”. “Hey kids, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and you too can be “blinging” from here to the farmhouse.”

    3. Everyone knows just not a “cool” kinda guy so sunglasses are a futile attempt.

    Just thought put in my “two cents”. Love ya.

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  36. haha oi! AND when he calls me every single time he’s out on the piss, calls me a skate cunt and invites himself to things pmsl

  37. I think really happen, but waiting for the John Kerry / Bubba Clinton moment when Obama pulls on the waders and sloshes into a swamp, brand-new 12-gauge shotgun in hand, to blast away at a duck in a futile attempt to show how down with the “legitimate

    guessing that hunting with Dick Cheney would be much safer…

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  39. I guess this fella would fit the description of stupid American. If he is dumb enough to go there in the first place, his life isn’t endangering any other American’s over in a futile attempt to save him. RIP idiot.

  40. Every single time this happens. I sit here waiting. Then I realize it’s never going back so I get over it. Then you come back.

  41. There is little hope that Tibet will move off the back burner of global concern. How many more Tibetans will burn themselves in a futile attempt to grab the attention of a world that is looking elsewhere?

  42. I also can’t think of a single time in 2 years my mom’s damned lapdogs have not barked LOUDLY, waking everyone when I come home at night.

  43. A futile attempt of finding a job has succeeded it its lowest form, I’m going to earning less than a homeless man begging on the street

  44. Plot: Emmy-winner Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC Television Network’s distinctive late-night talk show. The show features a diverse line up of guests, including celebrities, athletes, comedians and human interest subjects Genre: Reality, Talk Show | Links: Homepage – | Cast: Jimmy Kimmel Size: 350 Mb | Rls NFO: […]

  45. I believe, there is one news factor the media tends to use more over others. This factor would be the Human interest factor. If the story interesting then the readers will more than likely not look foward to reading more into the topic. Therefore, I believe that Human-interest stories is one news factor the media tends to use over others for the interest of readers getting to know other people and how they behave, to feel emotion and to have an to relate to their experiences.

  46. kanap cont says:

    Media tends to use one factor over another factor to acquire the attention of the news. In my opinion human interest is one of the most function that they use to acquire and gather readers and watchers. For the simple reason that they use are emotion to draw us in to listen. They make us say ” O my good how tragic” or terrible”. They tend to acquire the saddest thing and focus on that because that what catches eyes and listeners of today. In a way they manipulate us, to watch by causing us grief and lament to hear and see such horrific pictures and stories.

  47. After about 2 weeks of pretty intense sleep deprivation, slept like a baby. But sleep or not I still need breakfast. Wish I lived in a cafe.

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  49. Briefly, love your work and this post but could not help but share that I happened to read this after a conversation concerning out-of-context quotes so: “Nylon rope and condoms: it is the same every single time. No reaction, not even the slightest eyebrow raise, and always the offer of a seal choking” – gratitude for the unintentional(?)

  50. hmmm, so you are prepared to sneer at this but you do not provide any reason for why you think this is creative writing.

    Is it not the case that the problem is this legal system which hides from the light of day ? If the legal system were open, the light of truth would be perfectly adequate to dispel rotten or biased

    As it is, you are simply sneering at journalism of a perfectly reasonable human interest story. Unless, of course, you wish to go and deny that this man is deserving of any human interest ?

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  56. Apple’s demise has not been televised, and judging by its surging stock price, the massive success of its “New” iPad 3 and iPhone 5 (sorry, 4S), it’s no wonder that no one has written the tale that would have Steve Jobs flipping in his grave in a futile attempt to come back and re-invigorate the tech giant.

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  59. amir_2406 says:

    Liam said ‘hope we make you proud’ well liam 1D have made me proud every single time you open that little british mouth of yours.

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  61. ino bumba says:

    I’d love to see with the GOP nomination, but I will not destroy the most likely nominee in a futile attempt to make it happen.

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  68. Love this story!

    For those who complain that the news is always bad and that they want a “feel good” news show, check out Sunday Morning on CBS – they do a quick recap of headlines in the beginning (60 seconds or so) but the rest of the hour and a half is human interest stories and fun/interesting/sweet things about this country and the people in it!

  69. gler yan says:

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  74. Anon, interesting, and probably was a motivation for many to become interested – a little human interest in what is otherwise a boring race. Maybe it. no one is excited about the race amongst those I have talked with in Mendo – and they include a lot of lawyers and defendants – people with who will be affected by the outcome.

  75. When you enter the Race Across America, you sign up for one extremely arduous bike ride, with countless hills, long, lonely roads, heavy winds, hunger and sleep deprivation.

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  78. Twitter says:

    Lol I swear every single time I’m about to go to bed I look online and Liam’s tweeting or something related to 1D is up.

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  89. imjuzakyd says:

    Er, nope? Is that a bad thing? *looks around, feeling dumb*

    I think have time to reread stuff anyway. With the number of books in my To-Read pile, I doubt be able to do that anytime soon. (Besides, I only got a copy this MIBF).

    Hm. read The Little Prince like three or four times already. Every single time, still moved by its simplicity. Every single time. ^_^

  90. marquierso gall says:

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  91. zar crister says:

    Why the hell does Corned Beef have to come in those crazy packages you open with a key?!? I cut and bleed every single time. Dammit.

  92. How is it that my even from upstairs my cats know when I’m about to open a can of tuna. It’s a cat stampede every single time.

  93. I just read ths in a brief i’m editing :The content generated by the contest is of typical human interest from an editorial perspective. ??

  94. guarao rambie says:

    I came up to room with best intentions of getting work done, but my eyes keep closing. Think it’s a futile attempt to stay up.

  95. yeanne salvion says:

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  98. kohlebo baney says:

    I really love CTRL + SHIFT + V in / works perfect every single time | I <3 apps [copy + paste without formatting]

  99. I love how every single time he tries to scroll, it fails and he’s all “yep, very nice, very fast”. Windows folks are a strange breed.

  100. propagandistwal says:

    Bump: a couple of these people were also horrible CEOs. Meg Whitman oversaw a long stagnation at eBay. Carly Fiorina drove HP into the ground. Jon Corzine drove MF Global into the ground, then oversaw over a billion dollars of theft from customer accounts in a futile attempt to buy time on his company’s bad bets.

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  107. Dave Thornber says:

    When will US learn we can’t fix the world. Let some other country pay for the futile attempt to save Syria from itself. China, do u hear me?

  108. bouncedecrepit3 says:

    Some days you’re dehydrated and ate cake and haven’t had enough salt or water or sleep, and you feel it every single time you take a step.

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