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  • British Ministry of Defence researchers have been able to reset soldiers’ body clocks so they can go without {rest|sleep} for up to 36 hrs. Tiny optical fibres embedded in special spectacles project a ring of bright white light (with a spectrum identical to a sunrise) around the edge of soldiers’ retinas, fooling them into thinking they have just woken up. The system was first used on US pilots during the bombing of Kosovo.
  • Because of the speed at which Earth moves around the Sun, it is impossible for a solar eclipse to last more than 7 minutes and 58 seconds
  • Seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohol-level of 0.05%.
  • There are over 25 million bubbles waiting to burst out of each bottle of Champagne
  • The 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska, the Challenger space shuttle disaster and the Chernobyl nuclear accident have all been attributed to human errors in which sleep-deprivation played a role.
  • It takes glass one million years to decompose, which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times
  • The NRMA estimates fatigue is involved in one in 6 fatal road accidents.
  • The heat of peppers is rated on the the Scoville scale
  • Exposure to noise at night can suppress immune function even if the sleeper doesn’t wake. Unfamiliar noise, and noise during the first and last two hours of sleep, has the greatest disruptive effect on the sleep cycle.
  • Gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if it’s buried in the ground for thousands of years (Platinum and Palladium also do not oxidize at room temperature)
  • The “natural alarm clock” which enables some people to wake up more or less when they want to is caused by a burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin. Researchers say this reflects an unconscious anticipation of the stress of waking up.
  • Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end
  • Some sleeping tablets, such as barbiturates suppress REM sleep, which can be harmful over a long period.
  • If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is
    dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.
  • In insomnia following bereavement, sleeping pills can disrupt grieving.
  • Each year 2,000,000 smokers either quit smoking or die of tobacco-related diseases.
  • Tiny luminous rays from a digital alarm clock can be enough to disrupt the sleep cycle even if you do not fully wake. The light turns off a “neural switch” in the brain, causing levels of a key sleep chemical to decline within minutes.
  • The moon moves about two inches away from the Earth each year
  • To drop off we must cool off; body temperature and the brain’s sleep-wake cycle are closely linked. That’s why hot summer nights can cause a restless sleep. The blood flow mechanism that transfers core body heat to the skin works best between 18 and 30 degrees. But later in life, the comfort zone shrinks to between 23 and 25 degrees – one reason why older people have more sleep disorders


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  1. Here's the key: remember that inside, not that hot. Your body temperature remains fairly constant, despite the intense feeling of heat on your skin. (Even if you have a fever your body temperature only goes up a couple of points).
    So remember that it is external, and try to relax into it.
    Oh and over do the salt. a myth that people lose that much salt from heat sweat. An isotonic drink should be enough – adding salted peanuts might overdo it.

  2. goll hendamamin says:

    Many older people are members of AARP not because of political idealogy, but for the many benefits of membership. However, now that those in the leadership positions at AARP have taken the stance they have on Obamacare many of these older people are beginning to see their dues go to something they are totally against. So many are leaving as you say.

  3. I agree with much of the above. In in school/college, I find it ridiculous that someone can get a C or D and still be considered as having passed—the difference in knowledge and understanding to an A is immense. (On average: An A student can have a bad day and write a C, e.g., but that is the exception.)

    Then again, “to err is and there is little that can be done about this outside of controlled settings—no matter how it is. The solution is not to eliminate human errors, but to compensate for it by various check-lists and protocols, reviews and double-checks, and similar, whenever it is warranted.

  4. tehNman says:

    one of the worse of the oil spill is that the American and UK governments tried to “close the spill up” with trash adding more polution

  5. bombousboy says:

    its exactly the same in other situations, 17 and I live in a large village with mainly older people that live there and you get the most foul looks and people looking down their noses at you just for walking. In cold weather I might wear a hood but always take my hood off turn my headphones down or take them off, make a point of saying hello but peopl look at you like your a mentalist!

  6. u0206584- Vidhya GanesanI do agree that SimMan is a great invention for trainees to practise on. However, given the fact that medical surgeries are highly complex and crucial as they involve human lives, it may be a better idea any day for trainees to practise on cadavers as the closest model of a human body is a human body itself. There are many aspects and dynamics of the human body which doctors are still trying to explain and understand and hence cannot simulate to the last detail. Also, cadavers are inexpensive and never in sparse supply.

  7. karjatch says:

    Not in the strict sense of the word. True hibernators experience a marked drop in rate and body temperature and generally stay for a long period in a den. Polar bears instead enter a state of walking hibernation where their metabolism slows. Only pregnant polar bears enter a den, give and emerge three months later.

  8. EliteSOULTAKER says:

    Search youtube videos for smoke stacks. Then find one that emits a bright white light. Oh wait you find any. Overexposure?? Get a clue! So what would be your explanation for the floating orbs?

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  10. my whole life been plagued by restless sleep. I definitely have nights of GREAT sleep but also awful nights where it feels like up all night! my friend actually introduced me recently to I figured out what type of noise I liked best (pink) and volume and the nights I use it I sleep infinitely better. it is actually kind of weird that this has helped to solve it, but whatever.

    ps the cake looks fab

  11. mckenzin dolsorger says:

    I tried it and the polish spread out at the room temperature but I tried it with cold water and it works 😉 anyways great video it really helped me!!!!

  12. Zebra Imaging is showing off these cool 3D prints on their YouTube channel.  The prints are created using traditional of 3D modelling and rendering combined with standard holographic techniques. The resulting holograms  are viewable under normal lighting without the need for special spectacles or viewing apparatus. Called ‘ZScapes’ over 8000 prints have already been created […]
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  13. The Fukushima disaster in March reminded the world, 25 years after Chernobyl, that nuclear energy is anything but clean, secure, and affordable. another nuclear catastrophe was needed to trigger a fresh debate on the use of nuclear power. Germany’s decision in June to phase out nuclear power by 2022 has provoked irritation among its pro-nuclear neighbors. Other European countries have yet to indicate whether they will follow Germany’s example; a world free from nuclear energy is hard for its to imagine. Europe’s economic and ecological future, however, depends upon the rising opposition to this high-risk technology, such as in Italy, where a recent referendum delivered a large popular majority against nuclear energy. In Germany, the idea of a nuclear phase-out has been gaining ever since the Chernobyl disaster. Over the past few decades, anti-nuclear activists, together with their political representatives in the Green have succeeded in…

  14. “that sounds like it would be a cool treat on a hot summer day.” i laughed so much when JT crying in the hotel room. best episode so far. sad that only one more episode left.

  15. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 1989, … Alaska’s Prince William Sound on March 24th 1989. … Exxon in cleaning up the spill all made the environme

  16. Our internal body clocks are very unreliable. We cannot depend on them to wake up on time; which is why we have wake-up calls – phone calls that wake us up. If you do not have anybody to call you in the morning to specifically wake you up, you can make use of a brilliant […]

  17. Today, I am imagining what the air must smell like. Once you know what pristine air is like, I think you ever forget it. Your pictures take me back to well before the Exxon Valdez oil spill to a time when I smelled the crisp, unspoiled air of Alaska. That is something that a picture cannot convey. Wondering when I can plan my next trip

  18. Such a pity no-one has been able to work out yet how to change body clocks.

    Our daughter was a little older when I left in charge of her – about 14 months. Somewhere there is a wonderful picture of her covered in the chocolate filling from Hit biscuits – when she was he investigate, just breathed a sigh of relief.

    Pity he realised that she had worked out how to open the biscuit tin, and how to take the two halves and lick out the filling….

  19. the minister said that Malaysia has no and safe to set up nuclear plant. But did he not know that human error can lead to disaster consequence in a nuclear plant as in the case of Chernobyl disaster. Are we Malaysians so perfect that we will not made any human error that wll lead to a nuclear meltdown? malaysians are known for their tidak apa attitude, just ask those victims of recent cases of bus accidents…..

  20. Nuno Luciano says:

    I played often with my brother, cousins and friends. Then I had a long period without being able to play, lack of time. ps2 games remained in their original packing for a long period : Medal of Honor, Strike Force, Prince of Persia, Onimusha or Shadow of Rome.I still have some pc games alike BattleField 2. Maybe give it a try on Xbox just after Halo3. still need some training to go on live!^^

  21. tromarkirm says:

    From The Chuckness: A new Bon Iver music video generally equates to instant REM sleep, in a good way. This one is no different. Follow Grizzly Adams as he gets in his truck and his rowboat, all while “Towers” knocks you out in the background. Bon Iver – Towers (Official Music Video) from […]

  22. TitforTat says:

    I can say that scientists who study evolution do so from the point of view that evolution operates in a naturalistic manner; the mutations are random (most of the time, save a catastrophe such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident) and the mutations that survive do so for either natural selection reasons, adaptation reasons or because the mutations harmful (genetic drift).

    But Blue Fielder is correct.

  23. KANGAROOS. Foraging when night or on cool days. Interesting, though, that they would forage at all during the day. Most kangaroos are nocturnal being most active at dawn or dusk. their eyesight be adapted for night vision? Does foraging during the day mess up their circadian rhythm? Or perhaps so early in the day that kind of still considered nighttime? (WOOT! Biological clocks.)

  24. Patricia says:

    I can understand the fear of presenteeism when using the meds as it will inevitably reduce the immune function and leave you compromised to infection. Not to mention, when I had an asthma in the 90s, I found pneumonia was a close and dear friend. Thankfully, it was workplace related (was a pretty nasty Level 3 facility) and once I left, my lungs cleared up nicely.

    Which leads to this question: Are the allergy symptoms seasonal or does it continue year round. If the latter, there may be more to the story.

  25. Kirsty Girl says:

    I fully agree that TEPCO and the government are responsible for this man made disaster and must burden the costs. Sadly, this will come from our tax dollars.

    I disagree that all vegetables from the are contaminated. The food safety laws in Japan are very strict and everything is being monitored. I will buy from farmers who are out of the contaminated areas but were originally included in the prefecture wide bans that had no relation to the breadth of contamination.

  26. A nice detailing of their lunacy. The pseudoimmunology on their page is especially painful, given that their description of immune function and how vaccines work is pretty much on the money… surprising how easily they contrast it with the (or whatever) explanation of their own

    Also, not 'rebuttle'.

  27. great never get this in msia. back then when i was in uni i only have 1 room to share with 2 uni-mate. 1 double decker bed, 1 single bed. 2 closets and have to share. plus have a natural alarm clock at 5.30 AM!! everyday~ -_- glad over now

  28. Nature in Priryat, the city which became abandoned after the Chernobyl Disaster, looks really beautiful in winter. Let’s check out the city itself. This Ferris wheel used to be very popular once. And today, it is only kids painted on … Read more…

  29. Melanin will be the substance in human body which acts as pigment. Colors of our hair and skin are fairly a lot dependant of melanin. You will be noticing gray hair in numerous human comes as well early.

  30. To download a large file or for any other reason, have you ever had to keep your Mac on all night? If your computer will be on when you have to wake up, you might as well use it as an alarm clock. Here to help you do that is an app called Wake Up […]

  31. boll mannettamu says:

    Pop quiz: rearrange the letters P N E S I to spell out a of the human body which is most useful when erect, and no it’s not naughty!

  32. I will refer back to my earlier response: the problem is not spatial. This is what you are referring to, is it not? The fact that suburbia is inherently less dense than the cities? I think all barriers to community boil down to 2 things. The first being fear – afraid of the vulnerability that comes along with true community. Second being the displacement of our need for community (relationships) to objects, finding fulfillment and satisfaction in material things. Human errors experienced by all, indifferent of environment.

  33. I closed my eyes and focused my attention to an imaginary white marble stone that was placed between my eye brows. White is a symbol of purity. I concentrated on that purity for at least two minutes. I visualized that a bright white light that emitted out of this white marble stone entering right…

  34. The British Ministry of Defence has recently (July) signed a contract for the development of an electro-magnetic catapult for the Queen Elizabeth class carriers, although there is no sign of a similar contract for arrestor gear. There are all kinds of rumours about either selling a vessel to India or sharing one with the French (meaning that Rafale would have to be able to use it). My guess is that UK is going to switch from the F-35B to the 35C or possibly even the F-18E/F, so training aircrew on a US carrier makes perfect sense.

  35. […] November, 2008 by landedunderclass David Davis, at the Alliance, takes exception to the modern practice of leaving stuff at the site of fatal road accidents, by […]

  36. Glad they figured that out…I can see that restless sleeping thing, Anika slept in our bed from until…until the restless sleep thing and she was kicking us and thrashing around. Now she wants to sleep in the bed when away on business and like…augh… I love to snuggle with her, but she keeps me up!
    still praying for Parker and for you guys! Thanks for the updates!

  37. […] Google Planning Pay-Per-Sale Model? – Social Patterns wrote an interesting post today a quick excerpt Source: NewScientistTech  By Max Glaskin Eerie blue LEDs in truck cabs and truck stops could be the key to reducing accidents caused by drowsy drivers, say US researchers. They say bathing night drivers in the right light can increase their by resetting their body clocks. The scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, are testing blue LEDs that shine light at wavelengths that convince the brain it is morning, they say, resetting the body’s natural clock. […]

  38. - Silicon compound superconducts at room temperature says:

    […] Bill wrote an interesting post today a quick – Silicon compound superconducts at room temperature Instead of super-cooling the material, as is necessary for conventional superconductors, the new material is instead super-compressed. The researchers claim that the new material could sidestep the cooling requirement, thereby enabling superconducting wires that work at room temperature. […]

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  40. hi i live in halls creek western australia and was travelling to broome today and i saw a bright white light heading of west aus about 1:00pm today on the 8th of august! it of reminded me of a comet not sure it was though! i take any pictures because it was very bright and i get a clear snap! did anyone hear anything on the news or anything? i thought for some reason it might have been fragments from space or something?

  41. Let me tell you about a typical day in the life of Ilana Olin. Mom wakes me at 7: 00. Mom wakes me at 7: 05. Mom screams at me and I get out of bed at 7: 15, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack all my stuff, and I’m out the door at 7: 42. […]

  42. Leigh-Anne Fraser says:

    good point about body clocks and the phenomenon of non-existent nights… I never seem to be able to get away from time unless I am ill or on vacation (both of which are rare). I have only experienced a few nights where the sun never set… it took some getting used to!! I think you are lucky to not be tied by time or at least barely. Maybe it has more to do with the shift in seasons than time itself? dunno

  43. salagarrid says:

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  44. fitti carriesbin says:

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  46. nouse berinck says:

    By the way, sleepwalking and talking in sleep actually happen in non-REM sleep, for the most oddly enough. So: in REM sleep, most likely, when dreaming, whether lucid or not, and in “deep sleep” when walking or talking your sleep and generally the twain do not meet.

    If everything is working properly, actually paralyzed while in REM sleep to prevent us from acting out our dreams.

  47. cras baek says:

    The Chernobyl nuclear accident not only changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents of affected areas, but also provided a strong impetus to the development of Western science. For physicists and physicians terrible nuclear holocaust has become an…

  48. […] Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Homer One of the plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case, she notes, “So Sarah was against the decision before she couldn’t remember it before she was for it. And now, of Going Rogue, Sarah Palin manages to insult and injure Alaskans who will never be made whole with yet another one of her documented lies.” Videos included. […]

  49. bilon narek says:

    yea we work off 3 hours at Vandy. Catch that REM sleep & keep pushing. It helps that everyone is in the library with me

  50. See Apsofacto This is their job. It is in their genes to wake the Mastiff and Zeke barks at any unfamiliar noise. The upside is no one will ever sneak up on you! 🙂

  51. Well after twenty years since the Chernobyl disaster, we are still waiting for a totally safe and risk-free nuclear power. Accidents and incidents continue to occur and there is still no solution to the waste and storage problem.

    The word Chernobyl still sends shivers down the spine and its legacy will be with us for years and years.

    Interesting post. it very sad to know that there are such desperate people with little to loose who will compromise their own health and safety just to make ends meet.

  52. mccout busukawa says:

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  53. What's new here you ask, Tim? Well that depends on who you ask. Progress in high-Tc has been slooooow. It took around years before conventional superconductors were explained by BCS, though, so we can take some solace in that. There are many putative models describing the strange normal phase (pseudogap and strange metal): where all the action has been in the last decade. Leggett is a contrarian and has avoided much of this model building, preferring to ask not possible first, and then speculating.

    I know of any researcher who openly talks about room temperature superconductors or when appear, so questions (4a and 4b above) are spot on.

  54. Well I myself an a real life documented insomniac from the age of 2 months and again confirmed at age 8.
    Time to me is more than day or night, I still struggle with staying on a regular sleep cycle. As i have calculated it this week I am on 36 hour days and 4 to 7 hour night or sleep very difficult to manage with out medications but some how I manage.
    The question of does time exist? Yes man made it exist! The next observation is does nature knowledgeably recognize time,? Yes I believe so but in another measurement such as seasons and or cycles,.

  55. Twitter says:

    Source: Medical News Today
    During a large-scale study of the socioeconomic costs of this neurodegenerative disease, Danish researchers, some from the University of Copenhagen, discovered that very early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease may be revealed in dream or REM sleep. Parkinson’s disease is a brain disease best known for the trembling it causes. It is an incurable, chronic disease and gradually affects the muscles and mental capacity, seriously afflicting the lives…

  56. Nivedita A Period 4 says:

    I think that it is fault for the oil spill. Although it was not an intentional explosion, it was still under there watch. Just like if a kid gets in gym class it not the gym fault, but it is still there responsibility. The mess that the spill caused includdes dead wild life, fisherman buisnesses closing, beaches being shut down, and loss of tourism in the states that were effected. Barack Obama said “this is the worst natural disaster in our nations history” which might be true in some eyes. The BP oil spill was the biggest oil spill in history, so BP has a lot to do before the ocean is completly clean, the fisherman get work back, and they gain back the respect that they lost.

  57. sydonishig grubene says:

    By Radmila Swann, Ottawa Citizen March 16, 2011 4:12 AM Re: Canadian defence scientists probe ‘biometrics of intent,’ March 8. I was dismayed to read that Canadian defence researchers are investigating how they might secretly scan people’s minds to …

  58. says:

    Traces of crude oil that linger on the shores of Alaska’s Prince William Sound after the Exxon Valdez oil spill remain highly biodegradable, despite almost 20 years of weathering and decomposition, scientists are in a new study. Their findings, which appear in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology, suggest a simple approach for cleaning up remaining traces of the Exxon Valdez spill – the largest in U.S. waters until the 2010 Deepwater Horizon episode.

  59. banisak arwin says:

    That's awesome about sleeping. good you are so in-tune with your body; I struggle with listening to mine majorly. been having weird dreams which lead to restless sleep). Yay for long runs- I would have a hard time splitting them up since I take forever to warm-up and get in my groove. Not only is your running discipline great, you have such great discipline in studying! hope some of the weekend was sans flash cards!

  60. zarazzinel purch says:

    China’s worst known oil spill is dozens of times larger than the government has – bigger than the famous Exxon Valdez spill two decades ago – and some of the oil was dumped deliberately to avoid disaster, an American said Friday….

    Exxon Valdez – Oil spill – United States – Exxon Valdez oil spill – Environment

  61. billi kleest says:

    just be responsible… if ur new.. u should know ur place… be respectful enough… and negative attitude in industry (my own observation) do u good… if ur popular now u might not be popular tomorrow… hehe… just be very careful… human errors are understandable but human errors times a hundred are not….:) all have peace of mind..

  62. blog4cetaceans says:

    The Exxon Valdez oil spill. The captain was drunk. I had to chuckle on that one. Like damn homie. Not the time for shots smh.

  63. lavella sal says:

    Happy Weekend! June Bug!!!

    Sorry I missed out on the celebrations, relied on the natural alarm clock and did not awake until of nine… Like a Bridge over Troubled waters, always there in the Spirit – Love Bril

  64. bodingtong says:

    Topic: The topic we have chosen is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Who: The company that is responsible for the oil spill is BP, an oil and gas company.
    Where: It occurred in the Gulf of Mexico located next to the United States.
    What: The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
    When: The oil spill occurred on April 20, 2010
    Why: Deepwater Horizon rig exploded April 20, 2010.

  65. utevan la says:

    How do I wake my children up for school? If you are like many parents, going back to school may not be a wonderful event. In the majority of cases, children have been staying up later than the normal bedtime for school, sleeping late in the morning, and of course are not on any type […]
    Sunrise Alarm Clocks for Kids is a post from: Natural Alarm Clock

  66. Lisa Lowe says:

    Johnnye, I really appreciate what you said about having to eat this way for a long period of time. so easy to get caught up in thinking that once I lose weight, then I can eat what I want. But, I have to realize that eating however I want is what got me this way. Like you said, now if we depend on God, he can help us eat this way for a long period (probably the rest of my life!)

  67. takabatats makoslat says:

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    I think older people are wiser people. I respect their opinion, but I like to make up my own mind. I think older people share many of the same values that I do. Although, older people have some different perspectives than younger generations today. I like to think of myself as a leader and not a follower.

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  69. I hate waking up feeling like crap. Bad dreams, restless sleep, and now I don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. Stress…

  70. May 19th 2010, 22:40pm, Durban South Africa. Saw very bright yellow ball with very bright red edges with curving tail,for about 10 seconds. No mention of it anywhere in the news. Back in March 2010, another sighting, this time extremely bright white light with blue edges and tail. Can anyone help as to what i saw?
    Also, have been seeing quite a lot of what seems like stars moving in the sky.
    Please help make sense of it!

  71. OMG! sometimes I despair for the human race…. This is not neglect, it is outright cruelty. This is not a tree they forgot to water once, its a sentient being they deliberately withheld nourishment and care to over a long period of time . Laws need to be changed if it is possible for the owners to take this poor baby back….is there anything we can doing to change the law?

  72. fantino bowick says:

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  73. wah! i like the digital alarm clock! huhuhu… how much is that? gift mo na lang sa akin… hehehe… me too, able to buy gifts for friends. the gift for my monito monita took me 4 bookstores before finally having it. the last bookstore ive been to only had a single copy na lang so i was lucky. twas beyond the budget limit pa nga e. hehehe… tas may tear pa at the back cover so i asked for a discount kasi they have no stock already, which was granted naman. hehehe…

  74. My dearest daughter-
    There is hope! I attributed my restless sleep to the fact that I was not in my own bed, but no! The double whammy of the whole deal is that I was in your bed. We all know she is the “mother of all housecleaning.” While she taught me how to clean, I never quite caught the “love” of cleaning. Enjoy your clean abode – you never know when show up. Mom

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    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    The kitchen and cooking are not my best skill areas.


  76. michaelishustle says:

    Once again money gets in the way of good ethics. I’m told not to toss meats & dairy products that sat out at room temperature for 2 hours +

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    Elders love reflexology! They are often not touched enough, and they do not have to get undressed. The reflexology sessions will increase their circulation and give a deep sense of relaxation.

    Cancer patients will benefit due to the increase in their immune function by the reflexology session. It may offset the nausea that may accompany their treatments. The endorphin response will help alleviate pain.

    Autoimmune disorders, clients who suffer with this will benefit by the increased immune function and pain relief.

    The Terminally Ill will respond to reflexology in profound ways. It will ease their anxiety, and assist in breathing. It the functioning of the organs, and the digestive systems and kidneys.

  78. Valley Oximetry Sleep Disorders Center diagnoses and treats sleep disorders such as sleep apnea narcolepsy and other sleep wake cycle disturbances for patients in the Phoenix and Mesa Arizona area

  79. o'leatty pareschwa says:

    Yes, success is not limited to the work of conversion. But if an entire fellowship has no significant conversion growth over a long period of time, a good chance an indication that something is wrong.

    And if, in the nation as a whole, Christianity is on a steady decline to a projected 4% of the Millennial Generation, then the (individual fellowships) are indicative of the whole.

  80. Disaster Management Strategy

    This past week I visited Ground Zero where the greatest man made disaster of all time occurred.
    I also visited Patong Beach, Phuket 3 months after the Tsunami. The greatest naturel disaster to hit the world this century.
    I am amazed at the human power that emerges after such an event. What would our world be like if we cared enough to change lives every day rather than wait for a disaster?

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  82. We were about 55 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio, traveling on I-71 N through Kentucky in the early morning (around 1:35am EDT) on March 31, 2009. A bright white light in the sky caught my attention. I initially thought it was an airplane, but it became increasingly larger and was moving westward and down. It ended in a burst of blue/green and orange. The colors were brilliant.

  83. Thank you for sharing, Adam and Frank. Canada is awesome with breathtaking views. The sound of the water, and the quiet must have been so relaxing for both of you as you spend your with your Dad, Adam. Never forget to slow down and enjoy all the beauty around you every day. Sometimes we get so busy that we enjoy around us.
    It was a good idea to not pay attention to time, but to your body clocks. glad that you had that experience and that it did you both good!

  84. I live in Southern Middle Tennessee and on October 28, I was in the backyard about an hour after sundown and I just happened to look up and see very bright white light jot across the sky and dissappear. From my perspective, it was about the size of a golfball and moved east to west for about 300 yards(which is probably a thousand miles or something actually). I was just curious if this could have been from the same event. I have never seen one quite this large and so bright. It was amazing.

  85. According to a recent conference at TEDMED, sleep deprivation is one of the biggest concerns for the medical profession. NewMore…
    Conspiracy Towards Sleep Deprivation Causes Diabetes? is a post from Hive Health Media, a Health News Site. Submit your guest blog post today!

  86. Use this Herb Effectively for Dermatitis, Asthma, Colic, Nausea, Vertigo and Much More « La Chica Organica™ says:


    Thanks for visiting us. Cooking a root breaks the herb down so you get more medicinal in your cup of tea.

    Yes I have used ginseng root as an herbal tincture but never as a tea. Ginseng is a wonderful herb that even my very old grandma takes frequently in pill form. Some Korean friends of mine said that in their country its known as the herb that resurrects the dead. Not literally of course but its medicinal are treasured because its very good for over all immune function and to promote all around wellness.

  87. CaseyaHughes says:

    God sows the seed and may be considered as an indication that the building had been for a long period of time in the hands of many people.

  88. druf wrazdenott says:

    Also, did you really write this at 5:44 AM?!? I always look at the time on your blog and some ungodly hour in the morning — I know turned into a morning person but my mom wakes up usually around 4 am and frightened that going that route! 🙂 She usually takes a snooze in the afternoons and stay awake past 8 pm. I keep thinking that going to one day suddenly become like her but my genes must be much stronger in me! 🙂

  89. Alarm Clock Touch 1.0 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Utilities Price: $.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Gesture-controlled alarm clock. Every function is just one or two gestures away!This app is a simple and elegant gesture-controlled alarm clock. All gestures are intuitive and very easy to remember/use.FEATURES:★ Gesture control for all functions.★ All colors are available for clock display.★ iPod music alarm.★ and horizontal orientations Background notifications: alarm works even when the app is not active!★ Show/hide seconds.★ Show/hide weekdays.★ 12/24 hrs time format.COMMANDS: I. CLOCK MODE.★ Swipe up(down) to switch on(off) first alarm. Swipe up(down) with two fingers to switch on(off) second alarm.★ Swipe left or right to enter first alarm setting mode. Swipe left or right with two fingers to enter second alarm setting mode.★ Pinch two finger to decrease screen brightness. Spread two fingers to increase screen brightness.★ Tap twice to open clock…

  90. capray yaud says:

    u0206584- Vidhya Ganesan

    I do agree that SimMan is a great invention for trainees to practise on. However, given the fact that medical surgeries are highly complex and crucial as they involve human lives, it may be a better idea any day for trainees to practise on cadavers as the closest model of a human body is a human body itself. There are many aspects and dynamics of the human body which doctors are still trying to explain and understand and hence cannot simulate to the last detail. Also, cadavers are inexpensive and never in sparse supply.

  91. Was it recorded? I really wanted to go as did Max Andronichuk. David McDonaugh put me onto the Wisdom of Crowds.
    I was especially fascinated by the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster example which seemed to stray beyond mere of and into perhaps morphic resonance territory…

    If your talk was NOT recorded – at my suggestion the DID recoding talks – might I suggest you take your own recording equipment in future to any talks you give (eg mobile phone). It is a great pity that the Putney Debates ran for some 20 years(?) yet so few talks were recorded (I know Sean has been videoing talks for some while now but not always around).

    These talks – I remember the last Putney Debate talk you gave on Pharmaceuticals – are far too valuable as podcasts to be lost.

  92. moschnitsu says:

    Daily Mail

    Chilling new footage of the 1986 Challenger disaster
    The Australian
    Challenger footage emerges Freak accident: 700 year old castle burns New footage 25 years after event Man was filming on home camera during launch NEW Scientist has revealed disturbing new footage of the 1986 Challenger disaster which killed seven …
    Never-before-seen home video of Challenger space shuttle explosion surfaces …New York Daily News
    Amateur footage of Challenger explosion foundCBS News
    Chilling video emerges of 1986 Challenger space shuttle disaster captured on …Daily Mail
    NPR (blog) -Huffington Post -Opposing Views
    all 36 news articles »

  93. rasiano rou says:

    The body is the most fascinating thing. Listening to the radio I’m disgusted by how people refer to the human body. It’s such a sacred thing

  94. My little-big sister way smaller than me, but 17 years old) has to be woken up pretty much anytime Mom and Dad come back from being gone from the house, or once she goes back to bed at night old, so she has to piddle about 2am, and then she sleeps until Mom wakes her up at about 10). Me? I wake up as soon as Mom moving. Heehee!*kissey face*-Fiona

  95. Torre Pallavicina Pouk: pic
    Let’s both have some Style and Grace. Excpet maybe on Sundays. Love for the simple things Eg. Music, SunShine’d Shoulders, Sunflower Fields, Hot Summer Nights. Open minds. that keep opening. Big that keep on growing. That’s a good Ya think?
    Join to connect with friends, share photos and create your own profile.

  96. Great of your handsome hubby. similar on the yin/yang sleep cycle. i go to bed far earlier than Iain and i actually dislike it when he comes to bed at the same time as me cos it means i have to turn off my own reading light and put my book down (actually it means i wake up in the early hours lying on my book with the light still on!) 🙂

  97. hannerton says:

    Fluff is marshmallow spread. Technically the name of a brand of marshmallow spread but so popular that come to just stand in for the product. essentially marshmallow semi-liquid at room temperature. Fluff is made of vanillin, egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar syrup, but also a good market of vegan and natural versions of the same

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  99. LONDON, May 1, 2012 (Reuters) — Oil producer BP a bigger-than-expected drop in profits on Tuesday, despite an increase in crude prices, as production fell after it was forced to sell fields to pay for the oil spill. … > read full story

  100. Good afternoon sailors,

    Are you guys is Salaverry yet? the for shore conditions for Chimbote to Callao.
    Tuesday Forecast
    Light winds with a slight chop. Moderate long period swell.
    Winds: S 10 to 13 knots
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    Breezy whitecaping conditions with moderate choppy seas. Moderate long period swell.
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    Wednesday Forecast
    Light winds with a slight chop. Moderate long period swell.
    Winds: SSE 6 to 9 knots
    Seas: SW 6 feet at 12 sec.
    Light winds with a slight chop. Small long period swell.
    Winds: S 7 to 9 knots
    Seas: SW 6 feet at 12 sec.

    Temps & Rel Hum are the same…very cold & very humid.

    Have a safe sail.


  101. British Ministry of Defence has announced that a 4,200 jobs would be axed from the armed forces in the second round of MoD’s program of personnel cuts.

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    The neural switch that controls fear has been discovered by researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy and GlaxoSmithKline in Verona, Italy. The researchers have identified not only the of the brain but the specific type of neurons that determine how mice react to a frightening stimulus. In the study, they combined pharmaceutical and genetic approaches with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) …

  104. Nuclear Power says:

    New York Times writer Joe Nocera has an excellent op-ed piece calling attention to the legacy of thyroid damage left behind by the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, and what …
    Read Full Post

  105. Sounds like you have settled right in and are loving Korea. We arrived on Thursday and are working on getting our body clocks working well. We live near Migeum Station on the Bundang subway line. We are way out from center city. We know your area of town and you are in a great location. Hope to see you before too long. We teaching next week. Marcia

  106. Scraps says:

    Yes, you will crack. But because you are The Mom, you will wait until everyone else is settled and it is most convenient for the rest of the gang. Then if you are like me, you will announce loudly that you are cracking up. In our house this consists of The Mom tendering her resignation and going to bed. Then The Mom wakes up and finds her resignation has been ignored. Torn up even. But you will be glad, because you are The Mom, and really, if you go, what else will you be qualified to do? This thing has really ruined us it?

  107. scapateyn says:

    Authors: Arendt J Abstract At Arctic and Antarctic latitudes, personnel are deprived of natural sunlight in winter and have continuous daylight in summer: light of sufficient intensity and suitable spectral composition is the main factor that maintains the 24-h period of human circadian rhythms. Thus, the status of the circadian system is of interest. Moreover, the relatively controlled light conditions in winter are conducive to experimentation with different types of light treatment. The hormone melatonin and/or its metabolite 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (aMT6s) provide probably the best index of circadian (and seasonal) timing. A frequent observation has been a delay of the circadian system in winter. A skeleton photoperiod (2 × 1-h, bright white light, morning and even…

  108. In REM, the brain is active and the body inactive, and this is when most dreaming occurs. REM sleep is characterized by an electroencephalography (EEG) that has low voltage and mixed frequency, similar in appearance to the wakeful EEG. During REM sleep there is loss of skeletal muscle tone, and an active sympathetic nervous system.

    In NREM sleep, the body is active and the brain inactive, and there is relatively little dreaming. Non-REM encompasses four stages; stages 1 and 2 are considered and 3 and 4 They are differentiated solely using EEG, unlike REM sleep which is characterized by rapid eye movements and relative absence of muscle tone. There are often limb movements, and parasomnia sleep walking occurs in non-REM sleep. A cyclical alternating pattern may sometimes be observed during a stage.

  109. Twitter says:

    Steve Inskeep talks to Steve Coll about his new book, Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power. In it, Coll delves into the business model of one of the country’s largest and most profitable corporations. He explores how the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 shaped the culture at the company for years to come.

  110. I loved the picture of the chipmunk/squirrel. from Hawaii, I tell the difference) Anyways, it was interesting that are efficient in keeping in energy because most of them fluctuate in body temperature. Most maintain their body temperature, therefore using a lot of energy, which corresponds to why they are not efficient in keeping in energy. I like connecting the dots!

  111. melch corzon says:

    Yes, some no-doz from your pretty pink no-spill childproof tin in your man-purse covered up by your all too prevalent lard rolls developed after years and years of sitting (sweaty) in your tighty-whiteys with dripped grease from your delivered pizza spilled onto your chest making its way to your resting forearms connected to your love, the joystic, which you escape your pitiful life through. Make sure to set your cheap digital alarm clock so to be awake for that life.

  112. So there I was, my head in my hands – reeling from the strange and bizarre series of dreams that plagued my restless sleep. I sat there feeling my pounding in my head when I noticed the sound…
    I rose and padded softly across the bedroom floor, my feet making no noise on the carpeting as I reached the master bath. I pushed the door open with my foot and to my horror………..

  113. thookhayal says:

    This Radioactive Dust Stopped at Frontier Checkpoint, was not based on the comment made by the Frenchman. He made this comment on this on my website, substantiating my claim that the French government did not disclose the extent of the radiation contamination in France.

    You will find a translated news (from French to English) below (France Launches Study of the Effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident); but the links provided by the French Government on the study do NOT link.

  114. aiscent says:

    Coolin on the corner on a hot summer day. Just me, my posse and MCA. A lot of beer, a lot of girls, and a lot of cursing.

  115. I think plan for introducing new laws to contain future oil spills is much needed. This catastrophe has had a significant impact on the financials of BP as it is their responsibility to contain and clean up the oil spill. I also think this oil spill has forced us to spend more money on research for developing ways to prevent future oil spills.

  116. I think the thing is that the fat melt at room temperature. So something called “oil” – if not a solid block at room temperature, the end result will probably also be fluid at room temperature, and not really what you want…

    Any neutral – without any flavour – fat solid in room temperature should work.

  117. duty ross says:

    During this historically long period of high-unemployment, too many people are working on their resumes, capturing all their areas of strength, documenting their experience, and sharing examples of how they performed in their various jobs, all in an to entice a new employer to meet them and ultimately hire them. This thought got me to wondering what a mother”s resume would look like in comparison to a professional”s. I suppose it would depend on the experience of the mother and the professional. New moms and new professionals can offer some experience and the desire to work hard and learn. The more experienced mother and professional can offer solid examples of how they have performed and grown into roles with increasing levels …mothers, tribute, mother’s day

  118. szoponisit says:

    What animals are affected by oil spill in Timor sea and how will it affect the food chain? How deep has the oil spill have an affect? information please on migratory as well as local!

  119. You are right that older people may have much wisdom gained by life experience but not every older person is wise. Some may even be the opposite of wise.

    Older people, even those who are not wise, are treated poorly by our society. We are a youth-oriented society where the signs of age are looked at as a weakness, not a strength.

    No matter if the older person is wise or not, they should still be treated as the unique individual they are and not just as an “old person.”

    Thank you for your comment!

  120. The accusation that nuclear power is unsafe is not justifiable. Personally, I would go so far as to say that it is the most environmentally friendly form of large scale power production that we currently have (even including the Chernobyl disaster). Whether the industry could cope with meeting setup/decommissioning costs without government intervention is another matter as evidenced by the statement from the Westinghouse executive.

  121. I posted this on Facebook on 3-13-11:
    In event of major meltdown and explosion of the Japanese nuclear reactors the radioactive materials (cesium-137) can reach the US West Coast. In order to minimize exposure:
    Wear long pants and closed shoes
    If eating outdoors wet the area
    “Figting against radiation is fighting again the dust”
    These rules were in force back in 1986 after chernobyl disaster

  122. President Bush again calls for oil and gas drilling on pristine protected public land. « Green Icebergs - a look at the world from a different perspective says:

    […] As discussed in my post of June, 17, there would be no term benefits to the consumer here and the damage done and species lost would be for all time. History points to the dangers. The potential for oil spills and their effect on the environment and the communities that live in these areas will be increased. The Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 is still not fully resolved before the There could also be unexpected outcomes like the mud volcano on Java triggered by drilling for gas. (See my post of June 15) […]

  123. absolutehealth says:

    Why I like the Whey Cool is mostly due to the following components: Beta-lactoglobulin (Binds fat soluble vitamins making them more available to the body.), Alpha-lactalbumin (primary protein found in human breast milk.), Immunoglobulins (critical for immune function), Bovine Serum Albumin (carrier protein and stabilizing agent for countless enzymatic reactions), Lactoferrin (antioxidant and immune modulating abilities). If a person is sensitive to milk a protein product especially with these complementary constituents may be problematic. Of course, protein in the form of powder is not ideal. I would suggest eating food containing protein as well as a host of other nutrients rather than drinking shakes. Shakes are convenient but will never be as good as actual food. Protein consumption definitely increases on an individualized basis with exercise but as a general rule a person needs (if exercising) 0.8-1.4g protein/kg of body weight in a day. more to come….

  124. “The birds are killed by the 84,000 communication towers that dot America and can rise nearly 2,000 feet into the sky, according to the authors of “An Estimate of Avian at Communication Towers in the United States and Canada.”
    Placing that figure in context, the Exxon Valdez oil spill killed 250,000 birds and the Empire State building is 1,250 feet high.”

  125. […] Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog WikiLeaks Japan International Atomic WikiLeaks Japan International Atomic Energy Agency Tomihiro Taniguchi U.S. Called Former Japan Nuclear Safety Official a WikiLeaks Former IAEA Official Tomihiro Taniguchi Advised Stricter Safety Standards to Another By LEE FERRAN Two years before a powerful Continue reading Readmore […]

  126. karus blooy says:

    (Scripps Research Institute) Scientists from the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute have identified for the first time a novel mechanism that regulates circadian rhythm, the master clock that controls the body’s natural 24-hour physiological cycle. These new findings could provide a new target not only for jet lag, shift work, and sleep disturbances, but also for disorders that result from circadian rhythm disruption, including diabetes and obesity as well as some types of cancer.


    This was a great show, hubby. The way-back machine segment was really fun. such a talented bitch.

    OCD stories were cracking me up…probably because I can relate so well. My freak-out is with my stupid digital alarm clock.

    When I was probably 10 years old, I missed a very appointment because I forgot to set my digital alarm clock the night before. From that day on, I obsessed over making sure my alarm clock is set before I go to bed. I will then lie down, only to have to look at the alarm clock again and again. At 37 years old, I still do it. Crazy. so stupid.

    That Celia Cruz mix was FIERCE! I was really loving that.

    Oh…and a little shout out to Ms. Hipps…I loved the new Pillow Talk album Very nice.

  128. Well first of all “GENERAL CHARACTEISTICS” what do you mean by that.
    I think that my generation is open and more accepting than pasted generations. We are obviously more advanced, and aware of the people around us. This generation is pretty much a straight forwarded and clean cut. For me age really does not have to do with respect. Some older people I respect and some I do not. You have to give respect to get it. Also age dose have some what to do with values but not really. My grandma and I share similar values where on the other hand my mother and I do not. Well young people sharing the same point of views and values, I would have to say no we do not. I am sure that some do but most likely they do not.

  129. Scientists have made fresh discoveries about the processes that govern plants’ internal body clocks and help them adjust to changing seasons, triggering the arrival of flowers in spring.

  130. Twitter says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa — what’s this waking up at 7:55am with no alarm thing? Who took my sleep cycle and switched it with their grandma’s?!

  131. Smoking is a difficult topic to address and analyze especially when dealing with an adolescent population. There are so many factors that contribute to why one may begin smoking. In my high school it was considered the cool thing to do and if you smoked you were of the popular group of kids. The same goes for teens seeing famous people, ads, and etcetera promoting smoking. They see it as being a of something. As stated in the many teens still smoke regardless of the knowledge that is given to them about the dangers of smoking. Sometimes it seems hopeless to intervene. I think that we can still reach out to teens as teachers to help them think of smoking as a negative. I really liked the idea of using the money from anti-smoking ads for finding cures to tobacco related diseases.

  132. lyne frustiff says:

    You may think the iPhone sleep cycle alarm clock is a nifty little gadget. I disagree. But think about this. The application your sleep cycle by measuring your movement. If you share your bed with another person, the presence of said second person interfere with the ability to accurately determine your own cycle? And even more supposing your sleep cycle alarm clock works as intended, measuring your sleep cycle and nobody and emitting sleep-interrupting noises at the right time during your sleep cycle and nobody consider the effect this would have on your bedmate, whose sleep cycle is likely to be different from your own. It would be . . . suboptimal.

  133. Greg R: The entire human body, when analyzed as a whole demonstrates irreducible complexity. Not that things cannot be simple. They can and are. But as a whole, the human body is very complex. And yes, we live in a fallen world, so there is no of creation that is untouched from the Fall. The human body is a marvelous creation of God, but a “fallen” human body in a world with “infections” etc…that seek to destroy the host. Life is a struggle because of the Fall.

    Life is fragile on one hand and can be taken in an instant and it is robust on the other and can miraculously find ways to route blood-flow for example, in order to sustain life.

    Behind this, is programed DNA that nature is not to code it. The presence of the code indicates a “Programmer.”

  134. Granpa 1 says:

    She is ethnic Russian “Sharapova was born in 1987 to Yuri and Elena, ethnic Russians, in the town of in Siberia, Russia. Her parents moved from Gomel, Belarus after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986 affected the region.[5] When Sharapova was two, the family moved to Sochi where her father befriended Aleksandr Kafelnikov, whose son Yevgeny would go on to win two Grand Slam singles titles and become first ever World No. 1 tennis player.”

  135. Movers & Shakers in Camera & Photo says:

    Alarm Clock Instruction For Use Table of Contents Preface and Quality Assurance Using instruction for Chinese time signal clock DV Structure diagram DV product introduction & handling instruction DV File storage instruction Relevant parameters of DV Power source and fittings Troubleshooting Precautions Preface This Instruction will guide you how to use the product. Meanwhile it provides the necessary information related to the product, such as the information for operating and *handling. You are recommended to read the Instruction carefully and understand all contents herein before operatin

  136. REM is of the sleep cycle, there an REM cycle.

    REM sleep is actually fairly light sleeping, delta wave sleeping, or stage 4, is the deepest and the most regenerative(i believe). This is why if you have a long dream throughout a night, or if you can remember your dreams very often you usually feel more tired, because REM is not the best state to be sleeping in.

  137. I think it is the responsability to reverse the efects of the huge oil spill because they caused it and they should be the ones that have to fix the spill

  138. Gorman_Dental says:

    Yeah I did the silly thing of giving myself 5 more mins b 4 I got up.Its like r body clocks know to wake as its time

  139. AnaSwagPrincess says:

    To the guy who won’t shut up about how his burger is “room temperature” – you need to stop. A ten minute rant is long enough.

  140. Danny, I think I found the basis for the policy in question:

    “After the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska in 1989, hundreds of untrained volunteers who helped swab up oil complained of respiratory problems, nausea and headaches after the crisis.”

    This pretty much justifies the official policy, as far as I am concerned. Yes, a difference between the crude oil in the Exxon Valdez case and the bunker oil in this case, but still close enough that the precautionary policy of the feds seems justified to me.

  141. Dreams Part One: The Shameful Mystery Of Sleep « A Psych Tech’s Blog - Inside the Snakepit says:

    Pah, insomniacs have it easy. At least people know what insomnia is. When you tell people you have a circadian rhythm sleep disorders, you just get stared at.

    Interestingly though, a gene called CLOCK – which stands for Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput – involved in the circadian rhythm and has also been implicated in bipolar disorder.

    I definitely had sleep problems before any craziness showed up. sometimes wondered if the ridiculous levels of sleep deprivation ended up causing my mental health problems, or if all connected together. But not really a question going to get answers in a hurry.

  142. Peter Zwillingskinderwagen says:

    Most off the shelf digital alarm clocks use the frequency of mains for timekeeping, and at one time computers often did too.
    And it really works with damn good precision since my digital alarm clock never needs adjusting whereas my expensive computer needs adjusting on a regular basis, makes yo wonder why they specify the computer to output a clock signal, would cost next to nothing too.

  143. najalamal teau says:

    This palm size, multi-functional unit can be used as a flashlight or a lantern. Powered by a single AA battery (included), the Luxeon Rebel-90 LED gives 85 lumens of “measured output” bright white light. Flashlight is made with aircraft-grade aluminum for superior durability and is lightweight–weighing just above 4 ounces with battery.Expires Jun 2, 2012

  144. fablehms kumph says:

    Michelangelo definitely left a mark in history that would make us remember what beauty really is. His way of expressing the human body is so genuine and authentic that there is no way it could be wrong. His way of visualizing the human body is so for us to understand, especially today in our society. Purity is a great way to describe work.

  145. heinbach sit says:

    One of the simplest ways to boost immune function is to get more sleep & relax more. Take a day off & see how that alone lifts your spirits

  146. The Associated Press

    Deadly snowstorm halts travel across Great Plains
    The Associated Press
    WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Fierce winds and snow that caused fatal road accidents and shuttered highways in five states, crawled deeper into the Great Plains early Tuesday, with forecasters warning that pre-holiday travel would be difficult if not impossible …
    Blizzard makes travel ‘dangerous’ or ‘impossible’ in of West, MidwestCNN International
    Deadly Snowstorm Halts Travel Across Great PlainsABC News
    Winter Weather: Deadly Snow Storm Snarls Traffic In Plains, SouthwestHuffington Post
    all 1,456 news articles »

  147. arte kenetta says:

    Dear sleep deprivation; pls go away,I dnt want u.Its ur fault Im fat Cus everytime ur here I get hungry& usually u get here around this time

  148. Joy, 42? That actually surprises me. I would have guessed much higher. I remember watching you go through the house winding each one up!!!!
    I have zero wind up clocks and one digital alarm clock in our bedroom. Other than that we have a few cell phones lying around and the microwave of course. Oh and the computer! I have any that digital.

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  150. A Fat Story « A Blog by Kevin Cox says:

    Also adding that:

    One of the reasons that there was a of milk was that body temperature of the cows that made the milk was increasing because of all the pollutants in the air they breath in. But rather than do anything about it, the Federal Government sat around denying that this increase in body temperature was happening, or that if it was happening, it was just of a natural cycle. When they finally decided to do something (because the science became irrefutable and the public getting concerned), it was a very poor and inadequate response. At the same time, some (admittedly now few) supposedly intelligent people argued that the increase in body temperature happening, and that it is just a vast left wing conspiracy to justify more intervention in the economy.

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    Deadly snowstorm halts travel across Great Plains – Dayton Daily News
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  153. A new research has indicated that what your mother ate when she was pregnant may make you obese or overweight by altering the function of genes (epigenetic changes) that regulate circadian rhythm.

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    hot tea is a good way to cool down, initially it raises your body temperature, then as it drops again it has a cooling effect…

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  162. Bill Bartmann says:

    Hi Elena,
    Sorry to be slow. I take the time to update my blog as often as I should but am committed to doing better.
    All fibers are not created equal. Today I am posting a blog that will give an overview of this issue. Most of the resistant starches you mention have limited health benefits.
    The most potent fiber supplement is psyllium. It provides laxation, cholesterol lowering, blood glucose lowering, blood pressure reduction, and weight managagement benefits. It is not a prebiotic and does not enhance immune function.
    For comparison, the resistant starch wheat dextrin, another fiber supplement, is not approved for laxtion, does not lower cholesterol, and is not a prebiotic and does not enhance immune function.

  163. kaku gotney says:

    The about body clocks is fascinating. My husband has horrible, non-existent sleep patterns – sleep for 14 hours one day, and then 3 hours the next, and never seems to be able to get on a proper schedule. He struggles with his weight. I get tired at the same time every night, and when healthy I sometimes even wake up before my alarm clock. I wish I could “fix” him to be like me, but just the way wired.

    My body clock as never been right either, hence my interest in the more of a vampire than anything else and a real struggle for me to be “normal” like other people. You have no idea how much I envy folks like you who can go to sleep when they go to bed, and wake up refreshed when the alarm goes off. 🙂

  164. fiddlerson says:

    QUOTE: “Sugars inhibit the function of our immune system, and increase diseases caused by poor immune function, such as colds, flu, AIDS, allergies, infections, …”

    I think HIV/AIDS should be in that list; a different kettle of fish.It is not caused by a poor immune function. I think you could say that eliminating sugar would be beneficial if one were HIV positive.

  165. Willis Eschenbach (23:44:44) :
    For an example from another discipline, consider the temperature of the human body. It is very insensitive to the environmental temperature. When the forcing from the environment goes up or down, the human body temperature barely responds.

    But when we get a fever, our temperature can spike radically. All the human body’s lack of sensitivity to forcing shows is that human temperature is not set by the forcing … but that doesn’t mean it can’t change as you claim.

    Yes, Willis you picked an example of an organism which has a control mechanism to maintain body temperature, a better example would be a lizard, the which body temperature of which follows the surrounding temperature! Also not true that the body temperature try sitting out in the snow or out in the sahara naked.

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  170. “Myrrh says:
    February 28, 2011 at 3:35 am

    But so far, you’re saying the molecules are traveling at around 400 miles per second at room temperature and pressure, some faster some slower.

    What’s room temperature? What is room pressure?”

    I was using the metric system where m/s means metres/second.

    Room temperature is around 22 C or 295 K or 72 F.

    The average pressure at sea level is 1.00 atmospheres which is 101.325 kilopascals or 29.92 inches of mercury.

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    Believe me, one time peeling eggs when the shells stick to the eggs will get your attention.

  172. I know what it was, but my brother and I were staring at the sky one night (I believe it was the 21st) and a bright white light flashed in the sky. It looked like it exploded because it sent a wave of light so I looking up supernovae but nothing came up that was anything like that. If anyone would like to inform me on what that could have been it would be much appreciated.

  173. Rochelle Ritzi says:

    This is a comment in response to Rebecca. Actually when you are in deep sleep (REM sleep) that really see the difference in brain activity. Our minds are very active and dreaming. If you recall your dreams, that is actually a good thing! That means you are going through through the proper cycles of sleep stages. We dream in REM sleep but we typically wake up straight out of REM sleep. The reason why people remember nightmares is because they awaken out of that deep (REM) sleep. If people typically remember their dreams then that usually means they are not getting enough sleep to go through all the stages of sleep! See… I really do enjoy this stuff!

  174. That is such a pretty bento.

    You know, my mom wakes up extra early to pack bento, just like any other wives of their generation, and been doing it for well over 30 years (and she was never a housewife. always had jobs herself.). To me that is crazy and unbelievable. I could never ever in a million years do that. I have that kind of love or dedication in me!

  175. Valeri,

    I too fell for his snare, more than once. The bright white light for me lasted several years and in it I was able to achieve “many great things” however; it came to me thru “the seductris” but it was the same dude none the less. Very powerfull white light.. Yes same exact Experience!

    The lord did cleans me of it “by fire” for over a year. Yea that was fun. Not!
    I be putting hand back on the burner anytime soon! LOL

    Great post!!!!!

    Christ is lord,


  176. tomczyk nke says:

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  177. Guys … these engines are broken in at the factory already. not really required to stay under 4000 rpms, but not good for the engine to be held at top speed 100+ for a long period of time (illegal too), so just sit there for 1000 miles not going over 4000 rpms … not necessary at all. Common sense the only thing needed with these cars.

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  180. A pretty good use of a precision 1Hz clock source would be if you are building a digital alarm clock, or any other device that you would like to keep accurate time over long durations, like a datalogger, etc. Even an error of as small as 0.07% corresponds to a minute a day gained/lost, so pretty easy to see how badly a 555 would do in that situation.

  181. maberg lon says:

    Quote “I’ve suggested that Western Australians apply for a rebate on their carbon taxes and have also recommended where us ‘pommies’ should all go if we want a good tan this summer.”

    Try Florida – Had their coldest Winter ever I believe. Bring your

    Poor old OZ – Very hot summer but ” Snowed to down to 1000M in mid January.

    Very odd – a very HOT Summer with “snow” . Maybe someone can explain.

    I can't???

  182. says:

    The British Ministry of Defence might place surface-to-air missiles on a water tower in a densely populated London neighborhood as of security for the Olympic Games this summer, a ministry official said Sunday.

  183. Tommy2-
    You have no idea what you really just posted do you? Any coastline of the US could be hit by a hurricane not just New Orleans. It is not a losing proposition…..have you visited recently or ever? Do you know what real history lives here in this city with the rich textures and mixes of people with french and spanish We are one of the last jewels of the south and deserve to be saved as I am sure your city would had it ever faced a man made disaster like Katrina. The city flood because of the force of the hurricane. The Corps of Engineers made the levees which failed to provide safety to the city. It was a man made disaster. The residents of New Orleans are proud of their city and their state.

  184. achs_fred says:

    Some how I’ve managed to completely mess up my sleep wake cycle lol I get tired around 4:30am…smh About to just lay in the dark lbs

  185. “* The government spent $175 million investigating the Challenger space shuttle disaster. * It spent $152 million on the the Columbia disaster investigation. * It spent $30 million investigating the Monica Lewinsky scandal. * But the government only authorized $15 million for the 9/11 Commission.”

  186. wordsbyhonaker says:

    hot summer

    too hot
    this summer day
    and yesterday
    and everyday
    how did this happen
    one small cycle
    and the dial bursts off the
    20 degrees that 30 beat
    why not hang out at 35.
    Celsius is easier to chew
    than fahrenheit. (what-100?)
    35 is enough, thank you.

    so, if my jam is sticking to the jar
    i beg your melted indulgence
    tell me tales of cool breeze
    summer ponds

    i know beige and sand
    and shadowless fields
    the relief of a eucalyptus branch
    offering some cool
    the sound of flies
    catching the wind of a passing car

    hot summer
    barely begun

  187. ago mata says:


  188. We call oatmeal – porridge and I also love eating it in winter with lots of brown sugar or honey. My restless sleep has been due to our summer heat, but I feel a cool change coming and now I need to wait for it to cool down the house which is so hot.

    iPod docking stations just the best invention. I create long playlists (100+ tracks) so I need to change my music all day.

  189. sweerinkin says:

    Edison officials say contingency plans will get Southern California customers through the high-energy-demand months while the probe of equipment wear at San Onofre continues.
    The troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant will remain dark through the hot summer months when energy demand is at its highest in Southern California.

  190. Twitter says:

    Prince William is to be deployed next year to the Falkland Islands in his role as a search and rescue pilot, the British Ministry of Defence said Thursday.

  191. Mom wakes up and wakes Kevin up in the rudest of fashion. At the same time, Kevin meets a very strange creature of a girl in London, England.

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  193. May 1 2012 – 11:32am
    London: The British ministry of defence (MOD) has identified six sites in the east of London for deployment of ground-to-air missile batteries to protect the Olympic and Paralympic Games scheduled for July-August. Read more

  194. Oh… I know that noise! It was actually a relief to MOVE when we did. Although, they were a natural alarm clock. Five in the morning. EVERY MORNING. 😀

  195. Werner, thank you, but trying to understand what saying and I speak Maths; need to work it out for me.

    My questions re your post:

    What speeds are the molecules Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour travelling?

    Where are the walls of the container constraining the gases from the plane?
    What is 1950 atmospheres of pressure?
    How far are the helium atoms at 1 atmosphere?
    How far are the molecules of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide?

    But so far, saying the molecules are travelling at around 400 miles per second at room temperature and pressure, some faster some slower.

    room temperature? What is room pressure?

  196. iginla12 says:

    My Grandparents are the epidomy of helplessness when it comes to anything technological. I have to reset their digital alarm clock twice a year for them because of daylight savings time (it only has one button for heaven sakes.) They have a DVD player and we had to write them detailed descriptions of how to use it. 1. Push the button marked power. 2. Push eject button. 3. Take out DVD if there is one already in there. ect. I think the technology is that difficult to catch up with either. Just buy a MAC. It is more a matter of learned helplessness.

  197. Restless Sleep (original song)

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  202. marktaylor79 says:

    I’m kinda obsessed with the whole Chernobyl disaster so that film is right up my street. It scared me as a kid.Hope its good x

  203. I'm so happy for you and hope look forward to the new protocol. You look great and are giving us all hope.

    Couple of questions…
    Are you going to continue with the high doses of MSM or will you try to see what happens if you wean yourself off?

    Also, the biggest question in my mind, is if you have kept a record of your body temperature during this ordeal?

    Morgellons sufferers typically have a drop in core body temperature. Mine went down from 98.6 to 96.3-97.8.
    I wonder in recovery if the body temperature goes back to normal?

    That is a question I have for all who recover from this. Thanks.

  204. dalenkelst says:

    First off, why in the world are you awake at *this* hour and commenting on my blog?!! Have you screwed up your sleep cycle yet again? tsk tsk tsk.

    Second, that “ear-splitting” call for yet another round of drinks emanated from our dear Satyajit that night. Now, never heard the guy talk–let alone scream–so, sure not his voice that you can almost “hear”.

  205. A few posts have suggested that these findings are “false” on the basis of the idea that stress inhibits immune functions via In fact, the story is much more complicated than that. Whether stress leads to increases or decreases in various immune system activities depends on many factors – the duration and intensity of the stressor, the type of hormone responses it elicits, and the kind of immune function being considered. The paper by Segerstrom in 2004 provides a good overview of these patterns. Also, effects on immune functions are not uniformly suppressive – at low physiologic doses it mostly has enhancing effects – but this too depends somewhat on which immune process is being considered.

  206. Interesting information. I would most agree with the fact that you need some down time before you go to sleep. I call it my wind down time. It helps. A lot.

    And for more information on rest, where do we go? 🙂 Since I had the good to read an advance copy of your book, I can highly recommend it to anyone reading here. It is absolutely every penny. The hard find the information – you have it all there – implementing your theories. Breaking old habits and retuning those body clocks. I think I better brush up on that!

  207. Michael.G says:

    I think BP is responsible for the oil spill because they owned the oil rig when it exploded. i also think that BP is responsible because they should have taken extra precaution because in nature nobody knows what can happen and when. Even though I think that other people should help, I still think BP is responsible for this major natural disaster.

  208. Find Free Articles - ArticlesBase says:

    PsychCentral.comHeavy Cell Phone Use Linked to Depression, Sleep Problems in …… extreme use of cell phones and computers may be linked to stress, sleep disorders … Dythymic Disorder · Dysthymia Treatment · Seasonal Affective Disorder …

  209. godcocks says:

    I am an Emergency Management/Homeland Security major (graduating this Friday, from Jacksonville State University, AL). I am interested in hearing more about your hazmat experiences with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. I am still in the learning phase of my new career and I really like the hazmat If you would like to become a feature writer on my site, I would definately be interested in adding your posts to “thedisasterhwy”. Sincerely, Wonda Benefield

  210. fpassemann sumi says:

    Stress is a big time threat to the nervous system which can have ramifications all through out the body. If you are under stress, the nervous system may be releasing causing weight loss to be harder if not impossible, it may compromise immune function or a host of other issues.

    Great post.


  211. AUSTIN, TX–(Marketwire – Dec 8, 2011) – EPIC Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) (the “Company”) announced that it is offering a substantial discount on its SOMNUS Sleep PadT to those persons suffering from a restless sleep due to chronic aches, pains, and stiffness or who just don’t sleep through the night.

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    Pakistan s army chief has cancelled a visit to London for talks on Monday, the British Ministry of Defence said, amid growing US allegations of Pakistani links to insurgents. According to Britain’s Ministry of Defense COAS Kayani had cancelled his visit but the ministry did not speculate as to why the visit was scrapped. A […]

  213. […] More info on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: – Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Mexico… The disaster continues – Oil Booming 101 -or- How BP’s Oil Booms in the Gulf of Mexico Don’t Work – A very simple explanation of the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico – A simple proposal to prevent future oil spills: Require oil companies to drill the relief wells first – Latest News from the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is grim – The oil spill in the Gulf is gigantic – here are two unconventional, surprising ways to soak up oi… […]

  214. Tardowyn says:

    actually, labs use room temperature very often as it will fluctuate. They base many measurements off of STP (Standard Temperature and Pressure, which is 273.15K (0C or 32F) and 1 atmosphere.

    It is generally thought that room temperature is not a single temperature, but a range of temperatures which humans are typically at (20-25C)

  215. NaterishOdeir says:

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  217. SLC–

    History is pretty meaningless when your sample is so small, and when spread out over such a long period. Until Reagan, there had never been a movie actor elected to the presidency. There had never before been a 70-year-old president. Did that mean he win?

    People forget that Wisconsin a liberal state. Feingold has proven that he can appeal to centrist voters. And in the upcoming election, Democrats will probably be able to win with just about anyone.

  218. mccraichsm harath says:

    The video treatment on anatomic of the human body where an educational one explained the weave classes of the human body as they are it the epithelial weave, connective and on the nervous and skeletal system come to explain the classification and human characteristic of the bone said that the bones were classified in long bones, flat and irregular the long bobbins are: hummer, ulna, radius, tibia, fibula, metatarsal and metacarpal and phalanges. The are carpus and tarso.the planes are scapula, the iliac crest, parietals, frontal and bones and I also speak on the irregular bones which are conformed by the sphenoid, and I speak on the cavity that have the bones.

  219. […] of supplemental info on booming – Latest News from the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is grim – The oil spill in the Gulf is gigantic – here are two unconventional, surprising ways to soak up oi… – How do you burn oil floating in the ocean? – Boom Types and Capabilities – Interior Secretary […]

  220. sharbertin groeden says:

    So why isn’t it in MLB?feel like taking a few seconds 2 get call right is more than the human errors r of game crap

  221. Anyone else here reading “I.T. WARS”? I had to read of this book as of my employee orientation at a new job. The book talks about a whole new culture as being necessary – an eCulture – for a true understanding of security, being that most identity/data thefts are due to simple human errors. It has a great chapter on security. Just Google “IT WARS” – check out a couple links down and read the interview with the author David Scott. (Full title is “I.T. WARS: Managing the Business-Technology Weave in the New Millennium”).

  222. sarinken wooda says:

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  223. demargios says:

    I went to Penzance when I was studying in UK more than 10 years ago. Picturesque town & very relaxing. I daresay probably be the only Asian there – more a Mat Salleh town and holiday spot, but that definitely is not a minus point. People are friendly. Town also has a natural alarm clock – the squawking of seagulls in the early morning!
    Of course, you must go to End for that photo op at the signposts to the rest of the world. Train ride to Penzance is also breathtaking. One thing I missed was visiting nearby Tintagel, the reputed of King Enjoy!

  224. debasir says:

    I say it is BP fualt for this mess. It was BP oil rig that burst. BP is responsible for the worst oil spill in US history. About 4000 birds were found covered in oil or dead. BP is responsible for all of these birds. BP put a tighter cap on the leak and stop anymore oil from leaking. the damage has been done. It is up to BP now to clean up the oil and prevent the ecosystem to spiral out of control. I know why the goverment has to spend our money on the spill and make the economey worse too. BP has really affected the world and must fix this!

  225. Women on nightshift could escape skin cancer, it looks like.For disturbed circadian rhythm can reduce production of melatonin, and it helps in warding off skin cancer. Shift work has been thought to have health impacts, with evidence linking shift work to an increased risk of several cancers including breast, endometrial, prostate, and colorectal, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. But there could be advantages too. In a recent study, researchers at Brigham …

  226. The restless sleep no doubt helped form a very though violent dream that can only be described as a freaks and geeks coming of age / in over their heads movie as directed by Quentin Tarantino.

  227. Teddy w says:

    I think it is responsibility to clean up the oil. I think this because they caused the oil spill so since they did something wrong, they should do something right. They should do something right because, since the oil spill a lot of people relied on the gulf for food for their restaurants and now they provide those foods so they are going out of buisness. Also alot of towns relied on the beachs for tourist attractions so now towns are empty and hotels are losing alot of money. why I think BP should clean up the oil.

  228. szower moonebenne says:

    Methylcobalamin, an active coenzyme form of vitamin B 12, is essential for cell growth and replication. It is more concentrated than other forms of B 12 in the cerebral spinal fluid where it can be used by the central nervous system. It donates methyl groups to the myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibers. It may also play a role in maintaining a healthy sleep wake cycle, as well as normal nerve function.

  229. #mex - Twitter Search says:

    It&aposs still raining cats and dogs on Slobbies&apos shack/doghouse. Finally the structure collapses under the beating of the … elements. Out of the ruins, Slobbies rises to scream “That&aposs enough! I&aposm moving back in with Ol&aposMom!!” Immediately the weather changes to a bright sunshiny day. Figures. Back home with Ol&aposMom, Slobbies thinks he&aposs warm and dry now, when a water pipe bursts in the ceiling and floods the house. Well, surf&aposs up! Next day, Mom wakes up and she&aposs all pumped up for action, because she&aposs refreshed after her vacation, but mostly because today is payday at work! Nothing can ruin her day now! … aside from a bird that poops on her when she gets out the door.

  230. danah kampa says:

    Google took the wraps off a lot of new hardware this week, but one thing it didn’t show off was its Android Accessory Development Kit — an angular box that resembles an alarm clock you’d find in a modern museum.

  231. corthowski dwelloye says:

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  232. Hey Matt, before I answered this I looked up “what is room temperature?” and it can swing from 65F – 75F degrees depending on where you live. Body temp is more stable and warmer so I would lean towards this 95 – 100 degree mark then let it ride down to room temperature.

    But right out of the bottle at 75F is great with osso buco as I recently discovered.

  233. So glad you could find some pleasure in your new work schedule! Congrats, friend!

    My family is SOOOOO traditional it’s ridiculous. they cling to tradition like nobody’s business. We always have steak and lobster for Christmas Eve dinner (neither of which I care for, but oh well), go to evening mass and then my dad reads The Night Before Christmas and Jingle Bells–even though we are all in our 20’s. lol! And then my mom wakes everyone up on Christmas by stomping around in her jingle bell socks with a flashing red reindeer nose. It’s ridiculous. And I can’t wait! xoxo

  234. The question is, what can one do about it? struggling with having to get up an hour earlier for a new job without flexible hours, but get to sleep any earlier than I could before. I read somewhere that some people (typically larks) have 23 hour body clocks and others (typically owls) are closer to 25 hours and not much you can do about it. Depressing. Clurr.

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  236. Body clocks may hold key for treatment of bipolar disorderMedical XpressScientists have gained insight into why lithium salts are effective at treating bipolar disorder in what could lead to more targeted therapies with fewer side-effects. Bipolar disorder is characterised by alternating states of elevated mood, or mania, …and more »

  237. Knowledge from Dumb Logan: Even though the spoon is room temperature, the soup you just pulled out of the microwave will not be. Be careful.

  238. kazullo says:

    This broke my And over $15,000!…so many children will be affected. This is disgraceful and the city should be ashamed and embarrased.

    And you are right Ken, it does give the children something to do and look forward to during the summer. I remember those days as a child when going to the community pool was a highlight many a hot summer day.

  239. neder knoss says:

    Jamie great body clocks move alike! Good question. In the midst of such a dark time where there is so much pain and we carry the good news… the great news, that we have a Father who loves us and can help us in the middle of our humanness and brokenness. People respond when we let them see the real us and all… and see God in us. Hope is a powerful gift to offer. Grace is the gift we as the body of Christ have to offer to others too. Philip Yancy had some great quotes about that in one of his books. have to find them and post them here.

  240. Leif Svalgaard says:

    rbateman says:
    August 2, 2010 at 11:12 pm
    Don’t think so. Sorry, Leif, but there are those out there who play shell games under cover of ‘k’. It is most distressing to see these things go on, and very sad. Most are honest. You know what they say about a few bad apples in a barrel.
    I believe in conspiracy theories. There are enough amateur organizations counting spots [including myself] that it is impossible to play any shell games. There may now and then be human errors or factors, but these are invariably uncovered and corrected. For example, SIDC have changed their algorithm slightly in August 2001 with the result that they now undercount the sunspots by 12%. This will be corrected in due time, unless I run into a historical record mentality.
    assume that malice is at play when simple incompetence is enough.

  241. I have never had a “normal” sleep cycle. My preferred sleeping times are from 2 or 3 A.M. until 8 or so with a nap in the middle of the day as needed; however, the the world does not accommodate me so I have to do my best to fit in with a routine. I also love sleeping for a few hours and then waking up in the middle of the night, but it distresses me when I am up for several hours because I know that when I am ready to fall asleep later it will be either time to wake up or I will not be allowed to take a nap.

  242. Common Sense Real Americans says:

    Yeah, Democrats can do no wrong and Republicans can do no right. Amazing how some things and people never change.

    I want to know where the media outrage is over this real MAN MADE DISASTER! Can you imagine the daily outcry regarding the ongoing contamination of the Gulf if GWB was still in office. The current President claims he is responsible and then proceeds to blame Bush – no wonder historical media sources are loosing viewership…

  243. Jill Nielsen says:

    Hi Team,
    It is good to hear you serving and sweating for the Lord. We had a great first day of VBS as well.
    Are you guys still getting up in the middle of the night or your body clocks have adjusted?
    Good job you faithful servants of the Almighty, your church family is praying for you all.
    How are you my Micah and my wonderful husband? Are you drinking lots of water? Putting on sunscreen?
    Isaiah 45:22

  244. davecross says:

    Okay, so I read something about the snooze button the other day. It said that not good for you to hit snooze because it messes with your sleep cycle. better to just set the alarm for 30 minutes later (or in my case, 45 … I hit my snooze 6 times most mornings), because then you get longer REM patterns.

    That could apply to life, too. When you snooze, when always waiting and kind of vegging, you miss out on the deep stuff.

  245. Circulator 38 says:

    === Google News for: “mind control” -satire -spoof -movie

    Mind control is next
    Ottawa Citizen
    By Radmila Swann, Ottawa Citizen March 16, 2011 4:12 AM Re: Canadian
    defence scientists probe ‘biometrics of intent,’ March 8. I was dismayed to
    read that Canadian defence researchers are investigating how they might

  246. erica alvarez says:

    In the video a professor explains like this compound the skeleton of the mainly the one of the man. In the subject the movements are explained and positions that the bones make, also make reference to the classification and of these. The exposed subject is very for professional ours formacion, to know about the operation and structures of the human body, that is our matter of study.

  247. UK Voter says:

    As always with this government, they say one thing and mean another. They know full well that if they lost the £20bn in tobacco duties and VAT, that it would mean a 4% increase in direct taxation. This is all about grabbing headlines, the last thing they want is everyone to stop smoking.

    They estimate the cost to the NHS of tobacco related diseases is £3bn, so they still get a of £17bn, on top of that, if smokers live longer, then there is less pension money to pay out and fewer winter fuel allowances. As always, the government always wins!

  248. jaygriggs says:

    Nice argument macncheese. Those were just the points I was going to make. For every smoker who gets up and leaves after their meal, there now may be a family who stays for As a mom, I hate to bring my family to a smokey environment, but with this new law, we can feel safe and enjoy our meal.
    Secondly, tobacco related diseases cost the state more money than it makes off of cigarette taxes, so I agree: Quit if you want to save us money! Or just go smoke in your car.

  249. so neat Marya that you got to enjoy spending time and reconnecting with Kent and Sean. Sounds like you all had a fun and much needed reunion! caught you, Nicole, and Paul on the night news at times and was so surprised to see you guys there. I guess all cross-trained and fill in for one another when need be. I help but wonder though…how do your internal body clocks handle the sudden change in your work hours? I know if I could do that. My internal body clock has been set at going to bed at 8p and getting up at 4a for 25 years due to my work schedule. also been wondering if you prefer working in studio or out and about in the community on breaking news.

  250. Nuclear Power says:

    Tennis: Azarenka slam dunks comeback
    New Zealand Herald
    She famously escaped the Chernobyl nuclear accident as a girl in 1986, fleeing to Moscow and being spotted by Navratilova at a tennis clinic there. With only US$700 to their name, Maria Sharapova and father Yuri made the brave, …
    Believe it, Victoria, believe it! The new tennis queenBallarat Courier
    Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka ready to fight for No. 1 in Australian Open …National Post (blog)
    Double the pleasure for AzarenkaESPN -Yahoo! (blog)
    all 1,400 news articles »

  251. gursifumik lanorishan says:

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia: Radiation levels rose slightly in Russia’s Far East on Tuesday but stayed within normal levels, officials said, as Japan struggled to cope with the worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

  252. joanharvest says:

    Taking pepto can upset the balance of natural gut fauna, suppress a pH change that is a reaction to disease (a way of fighting it off) and even cause immune system to become less effective.

    I would not recommend ever taking prilosec, gasx, pepto or any other stomach or gut altering “medicines” as a significant amount of immune function comes from the gut and is poorly understood.

    Stay hydrated (preferably with broth and water) and electrolyted and do not take “pepto”.

  253. the skelletal system is very in the study of the medicina end the nursing because the help we to learn detailed descriptions of the clasification, histology…
    the video that the human body can have synthesis on the foundation of the histology.

  254. Twitter says:

    A commercial salmon “fisherma&aposam,” Dr. Riki Ott (PhD in marine biology) experienced firsthand the devastating effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill—and chose to do something about it. Ott retired from fishing and founded three nonprofit organizations to deal with lingering harm. She is the author of Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. She lives in Cordova, Alaska.

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