Nefarious NapStealers Promote Bullying

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, inadequate amounts of sleep caused by nefarious napstealers are directly related to violent and aggressive actions among school-aged children and the research has proven that  children who bully others suffer drowsiness and sleepiness throughout the day. The study performed by the University of Michigan Medical School research team was able to prove that children with behavioral issues were two-times as likely to suffer daytime drowsiness or sleep-disordered breathing problems as other children who were able to avoid nefarious napstealers and obtain recommended amounts of sleep.

The conclusion of this study was that to help eliminate aggressive behaviors, such as bullying, in children, parents need to make sure that their children are obtaining adequate amounts of sleep. They also recommended the following steps that families should take to help their children obtain adequate amounts of sleep:

  • Encourage napping, even if only as a source of microsleep
  • Do not allow children to have TVs, phones or computers
  • Set aside a specific place for reading activities, so that children can avoid reading in bed
  • Ensure that school-aged children obtain an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep every night. Preschoolers need 11 to 13 hours of sleep per night, while older children can subside on 10 to 11 hours of sleep nightly
  • Talk to your children about the importance of sleep and of avoiding bullying behavior, even if you’re tired

“What this study does is raise the possibility that poor sleep, from whatever cause, can indeed play into bullying or other aggressive behaviors — a major problem that many schools are trying to address.” – Louise O’Brien, assistant professor in the University of Michigan’s Sleep Disorders Center and the departments of neurology and oral and maxillofacial surgery

Researchers concluded that elementary school-aged students who participated in bullying suffered sleep disorders such as sleep-disordered breathing, including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, which contributed to many factors of their daytime sleepiness. Technological stimulation by computers, video games, cell phones and televisions in children’s bedrooms, as well as a hectic home life were also large contributing factors.

The study, published online May 26 in Sleep Medicine, suggested that although more research is needed on the link between sleepiness and bullying, efforts to reduce children’s daytime sleepiness could help eliminate a significant amount of bullying among kids.

“We know that the prefrontal cortex area of the brain is sensitive to sleep deprivation, and this area is also related to emotional control, decision making and social behavior, so impairment in the prefrontal cortex may lead to aggression or disruptive behavior, delinquency or even substance abuse. But the good news is that some of these behaviors can be improved, sleep-disordered breathing can be treated, and schools or parents can encourage kids to get more sleep.”

Conclusion: get more sleep, avoid napstealers and siesta thieves, and the nefarious napstealers that can enter family life or you may pay the consequences at school and even with law enforcement, if things get out of hand.

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  1. bullying is caused by sleep deprivation? so can we can finally institute my siesta initiative in every school and office in the country?

  2. Wth americans trying to blame bullying on sleep deprivation. How bout bad parenting smh

  3. Man I have to go to bed. I’m totally cyber bullying random celebs and fellow mummy bloggers. This is sleep deprivation, folks – not pretty

  4. weissbluthmethod says:

    When Dr. Dan and I this blog, the only intersecting point between media and sleep that I ws aware of was that TV in older bedrooms was associated with sleep problems. Thank you Marie for discovering a whole new, and I believe very insight: hungry and sleepy cues are more obvious when there is no TV distracting the parent.” Thank you!

  5. dattoli101 says:

    It is an awesome video! I would love to go to the University of Michigan to study a master degree or something! The lenght of the video is no problem for me or for anyone really intereste in learning. (the learning curve is about 1 hour and 30 minutes so it is fine). Outstanding job!

  6. I understand this. And I feel your pain. Communication really is essential–and not just for their sake of knowing going on with you; you harboring angst and frustration is worse and could potentially lead to passive-aggressive behaviors, versus dealing with it. I think you might just politely tell them what feeling.

    But then again, a girl. And I have prolonged belches.

    Prayers for wisdom.

  7. ver langi says:

    My poor sleep deprived little buddy. 🙂 I hope you got plenty of sleep last night. I let the dogs out early, but then crashed on the sofa for a few more hours.

    Depsite my best intentions, I have not cleaned a single thing this AM, stitched, knit or spun. But, I did through my paperwork from the board meeting so that I can send in my As that fictional southern belle would say, tomorrow is always another day.

  8. “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics!” – B.Disraeli

    The numbers of HIV victims are significant. What would be of greater interest is how many school aged children are suspected carriers of HIV? How many documented case are there of child to child transfer in the public school system. We know there are HIV positive students in the classroom now, has there been any situation of transfer “in school” that elevates the risk as being significant enough to remove / isolate HIV+ students?

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  11. ani hort says:

    this is a sign of immature social behavior.Since people in america are a mix of different nationalities, all cultural and social instincts have been annihilated from its people.People there really know how to socialize or even communicate at a specifically refined level(like that of a team they…improvise with stupidity..because cultural understanding and abilities are inherited as of a historical continuity among the people of a “nation”.

  12. The cruise that Cat was talking about was supposed to be MY 5th anniversary trip this year, but Gavin showed up in our lives last year and took my funds! He was it though…the cruise will come soon!Enjoy the week of uninterrupted sleep! On our weekend away this year, we went to Island and were back in the hotel, in bed and asleep by 8 pm. It was fabulous!

  13. dam uebbachang says:

    Thanks a lot for putting up the website. I have two suggestions for the area. One is a comprehensive map of bus routes by zone. The way set up now, if looking to go to a specific place from a specific place, you have to check each bus route for the zone, which is time consuming. It would be nice to just look at a map and see which buses go to the different stops.

    Second, bigger and clearer maps of the routes. Some of them are hard to read right now.

    Thanks again.

  14. Tom Kovach says:


    I agree.

    A few years ago, I worked in the public school system. I saw first-hand that it rewards disruptive behavior, warehouses normal children, and focuses on the fringe elements.

    An excellent comparison to public schools can be found in the story “Harrison Bergeron”, written more than 50 years ago by Vonnegut, Jr. That story can be found in his book “Welcome to the Monkey House”, which is a collection of stories. It is almost prophetic in its insights.

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  17. herle neese says:

    “The transfer of decision making to computers is the next phase of social evolution” ???? Really?? I think man will ever allow it. I sure as hell

  18. lmao “your a grown man act like one…. tell amy you wanna spend the wekend having a sleepover and playing video games with your friends” hahaha

  19. jaekastro says:

    lol … not fair. Sorry Pac I love ya but life is not fair. You never lived in Africa so there was never going back. Also this is America. He sounds like you wanted more of a communistic state. He could have left anytime. He was a hypocrite and self aware of this which is a major problem with the American people as a whole.

  20. macosten banh says:

    Who would ever think that cell phones might affect bees? What a great difference in the two one would think, but the fact that cell phones are a threat to humans, causing brain tumors leading to cancer, one should not be surprised to hear that bees as well are being affected by the radiations emitted by cell phones. But the question is that, who in our present day, would give up his cell phone to help bees?! Not to mention the other problems the environment is facing from cell phones (they way it is manufactured).

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  27. Objectivity + critical thinking + data Conclusions that can generalize to a larger population.

    One redeeming factor about the data that lay people collect is that they might also simultaneously collect subjective about their caloric intake or sleep patterns. For example, the iPhone sleep cycle application user could also annotate the figures the application creates with information about their daytime sleepiness or time to fall asleep at night. If they did this, they could make very relevant conclusions about themselves.

    And maybe this is the real message, if done correctly (i.e. with annotations) lay people can collect data and make relevant conclusions about themselves. Whereas, collect data and with any luck make conclusions about the population.

  28. Hello,

    I am Josie Kearns and I do not teach at the University of Michigan in Flint. I teach at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Also, I have TWO books Alphabet of the Ocean (March Street Press) and The Theory of Everything (Mayapple Press) and my first book of poems was published by New Issues Press titled New Numbers.

    Please correct these errors in your blog. Thank you.

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  29. mindfreedomvirginia says:

    Another over-diagnosed, but seldom discussed disorder is Borderline Personality Disorder. It is a trash can diagnosis inflicted mainly upon women. Where I live in Michigan there are two primary diagnoses attached to inpatients at the University of Michigan Hospital: Borderline Personality and Bipolar. Both are treated aggressively with medications by University of Michigan psychiatrists. If you are an older patient ECT is the norm at this hospital as treatment for any diagnosis that carries depression as a symptom. In my mind this is criminal.

  30. joplotzen says:

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  34. Aunt B.,

    I hope you get better soon. The weather is improving and spring is no time to be sick.

    Rachel is right, that is a wonderful line. The problem is that anything that evolves to that extent in a bathroom is also going to be capable of the of mayhem and other anti-social behavior we associate with the Blob, the Andromeda Strain and Charlie Sheen.

    Be well.


  35. Ryan your lesson idea is a great idea, the students would benefit from this in many school. As I read through your idea I immediately thought about the problems I had at Western’s library catalog collection. Your idea is one that several people can benefit from. Do you think that Camtasia is a program that is easy enough to use for elementary school aged students, or is it something that you would be working with each students one on one. I enjoyed reading your I think Camtasia is an excellent tool for teaching technology and reading your lesson give me ideas for my own school.

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  37. Poem for Vanunu « newritings says:

    Unfortunately I dont think Adbusters are serious enough about this campaign. As they mentioned in their reply to my email inquiry “they got ahead of themselves”.

    Their lame explanation was: “we thought we would have a specific place on the website where visitors could make a related donation, but we Sorry.”

    I thank them for the slogan which is catchy and seems so crystal clear pure logic… but it seems they are not up to the challenge.

    I wonder if the campaign could find a home elsewhere where it would be more visually recognized.

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  39. Karen, Whittier Ca. says:

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  40. Buckeye (re: Ed Schultz)

    Well he’s probably no more nuts than any Tea denizen, but his rhetoric is incindiary.

    Well, he of last week by referring to the House Republicans as “bastards” and called John Bahnor “the in chief” as I recall but drinking is an open secret (and maybe why he has little emotional control) and the house are.

    Also Shultz is very pro labor. He hold a candle to Glen Beck and never referred to the President as a “halfrican” though. my guilty pleasure among commentators.

  41. rosegregory says:

    The texting conversation has come up a lot recently between my friends and I. While we all agree that behaviors are rude, I think we are all guilty. However, the conclusion that we have come to do has more to do with the effect on social behavior than it does on social etiquette. Text messaging has made our generation less honest and more superficial, and we are not as good at socializing as we used to be. I wonder then if those college students in India who less impolite behavior when it came to text messaging have healthier social behavior.

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  43. Tom, it is interesting that you made a connection between your sometimes disruptive behavior and his situation at home. The student I followed also has divorced parents and he is one of the most active in class, making suggestions to the teacher when appropriate and wanting to answer questions. I wonder if his desire to contribute to class may have to do with wanting attention as well. Anyway, I have noticed, as you have, that homw situations can have a significant effect on school behavior/performance. Also, I liked that you just see this assignment as a one-time deal but are looking forward to continuing to work with the student.

  44. You have a great site. Thanks for your contributions. I have had personal experience with white spots on my fingernails that was clearly the result of a zinc deficiency. I have also noted this in patients of mine. And you are right, if a lack of adequate amounts of zinc is the culprit, looking deep enough will reveal other signs and/or symptoms of zinc deficiency.

  45. And that is of only 14 of the brood… now there are 2 more… Oprah did a show about them, showing their home… the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. They claim to have no debt… but what about the older children? The older children are paying every day for their “jobs” taking care of the younger children… they are doing the parenting. I just think these parents are beyond “out of control”.

  46. Thomas Jackson says:

    What nonsense!

    Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus during a time of rebellion, when the Capitol was in danger of being overrun by armed forces.

    Apparently, you are completely ignorant of the aggressive actions taken by Bush to test his ability to strip people of their rights at will. You should read more. Then understand happening when we throw him in jail.

    Is that enough?

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  50. Sonia_Gandhi says:

    Similar to sleep apnea, though a patient continually wakes themselves up due to the severity of their

    Nancy continually wake’s herself up due to chronic apnea.

  51. funkyloon: Oh my god Bradlers! I had no idea about this!! What are you going to do?

    Something is seriously wrong here. I understand why the police would do this. to look like Research Team 7 are more influential than we thought!

    Please be very careful!!!

    bizzariarox: mental, it? at the moment, just heading vaguely in the direction of cymru, but not sure what gain by going there.

    you think research team 7 could be behind all of this? i guess possible. i have guessed they were capable of something on this scale.

    being extremely careful, i promise!

  52. Chrystie Barker says:

    I think that standardized testing can be detrimental to young school aged children. I do not think it is right to be labeled “failure” at such a young age. Some people, children and adults alike, are just not good test takers. If standardized tests label some children failures while they are still in elementary school, that label can follow them throughout the rest of their education. There has to be a better solution to evaluating teachers, schools, and education in general.

  53. Actually, just to add on to my comment:

    Last summer, I was thinking about volunteering at local animal hospital. I arranged a meeting with one of the veterinarians to be shown around and discuss when I might be available to come in.

    But in spending a lot of time at the hospital, I realized that, as much as I wanted to help out, I have the stomach or enough “emotional control” to work there. I felt really sad just thinking about it! I wonder if possible that become habituated too, even though I imagine being regularly exposed to the pain of animals. Is habituation entirely involuntary? Or is it possible that we can be so opposed to an idea that we make ourselves unsusceptable to habituation?

  54. Well..
    Media is a reflection of society. It sells what people buy. They will obvioulsly have a research team corelating the sales and the news. If people didnt take soo much pain in understanding,investigating the poor personal matters, Media wouldnt have published it. They would have got tempted by the sales to publish more scoops. End of the day, Its a democracy, The majority of the people WANT the stuff , they decide to VOTE for it by buying and reading the news and Media just bows to the mandate and give more of what people want.

  55. schveenietodd says:

    Three strikes, will wither in California and other jurisdictions, as the budget will not make allowance for extended incarceration. Furloughs and commuted sentences on the marginally benign anti-social behavior will become the order of the day, much to the chagrin of “tough on crime” pols.

    Fiscal might just ring in a new era of prison reforms, fait accompli.

  56. protzke caine says:

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  57. Linus Wilson, Lafayette, LA says:

    An assistant professor from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette? I would introduce myself merely as “an interested citizen” if I were professor Wilson. Also, most assistant professors addressed as such – the standard “professor” is used most often. I think hilarious that Treasury makes a point to draw attention to his being an assistant professor and not a full professor at least twice.

  58. Scootypuff jr. says:

    I dream occasionally, but really serious about this being a rare occurence lately. not sure that my brain is spending optimal time in REM sleep. Probably has something to do with my poor sleep hygeine and the fact that I stay up till the wee hours of the night to surf the and write on this blog. That and the fact that overweight, snoring, and probably have obstructive sleep apnea sydrome. 🙁

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  60. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a new research suggests, may cause structural defects in the brain’s gray matter, resulting in problems with cognitive functions such as attention and memory. These brain changes are likely caused by the intermittent oxygen deprivation that occurs in people with OSA, who temporarily stop breathing many times each night. To determine whether there were quantifiable structural differences in the brains of OSA patients when …

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  62. rimi fatsumness says:

    Well, think about it…McCain has been sketchy on the social issues…Romney has been sketchy on the social issues…Brownback has been anything but sketchy…but again, how much name recognition does he have here? So, Hizzoner is good on non-social issues and is NOT sketchy about where he stands. I think the whole honesty thing may be more to the “christian right” at this point …

  63. Romney: Sanford Solid Veep Prospect « FITSNews For Now says:

    W – check out the blog I wrote a couple of days ago on Mitt fate

    With Guiliani winning so big last night, makes you wonder if the “christian right” here in the upstate really do care about the social issues?

  64. Emily Pantel says:

    This desensitization effect reminds me of the process of habituation that takes place in simple learning. I find it interesting that experiment yielded results that showed an activation of emotional control-related brain areas. Before reading your post, I come across a real-life example of habituation.

    I wonder, then, if now you would have an increased unpleasant response to the things you saw after being removed from the environment of the animal hospital since leaving for college (dishabituation).

  65. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nicole,Try adjusting the mask to see if you can loosen it a bit without causing a leak. A very small leak is okay, but too much and the air pressure will escape the mask and not be effective for you. Wear the mask for two weeks straight – you should be feeling a difference by then. But just the fact you are dreaming is an excellent sign! Oftentimes when I put a pt on the mask for the first time and get them up to a good pressure, they will have “REM rebound” which means they will have hours and hours of that dream sleep. Due to their poor sleep previously they were REM deprived. All of this REM/dream sleep usually makes a person feel exhausted in the morning, but as you wear the mask your REM sleep will decrease and normalize. Good luck with it all!

  66. punkcondemn11 says:

    Hispanics are enrolling in the higher education system at a greater rate than ever, yet they are less likely than their non-Hispanic peers to enter college or earn degrees, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. A new study by a University of Missouri researcher found that Mexican-American college students’ family and peer attachments are associated with prosocial and physically aggressive behaviors that can affect their success in college.

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  69. That is too funny. I like the idea of leaving a note that suggests violence. You have to say, leave or else, you just allow the mind to ponder the consequences of NOT leaving. I”ll have to use this one. totally in of passive aggressive behaviors.

    The guy with the specific cubical problem has more issues than not having his specific cubical when he wants it. thinking maybe he has control issues. thinking maybe he expect a ars response. Good for the other specific cubical guy for following the lead of his passive aggressor.


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  71. Consider this additional egregious example of DOJ withholding. The 302 filed 2/24/2005 describes the pages faxed about the University of Michigan researchers. Page 2 that was sent was an “Email reply from __________________ at _____ dated _______ to ____________ ____________ advised ________ via email
    [long redaction. The exemption claimed is b6, b7c and the email itself is not provided.

    The email must be provided under FOIA.

    Question: Why did the University of Michigan need to also send proof of vaccination for plague? Did they also have access to plague?

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  74. Joene,

    Great post on an often overlooked aspect of gardening. Too often we assume we know in our soil when we really have no idea. I also think many plants do not thrive because of soil conditions but gardeners are more likely to blame it on something else – like inadequate amounts of water or sun.

  75. Killercop Dotcom says:

    Good to see honorable law enforcement.

    As a victim of the worst representation of law enforcement, I know how damaging they can be… In New Mexico, I have experienced law enforcement actually enable criminals over and over and over, witnessed them violate laws for political purposes and watch as they perpetrated crimes. It is frightening. It is despicable and completely unjust to see them all get away with it and not even consider the victims they have created as they continue their lives without punishment or accountability.

    I good law enforcement and admire the overwhelming number of good law enforcement officers, in my opinion they all should get raises and any benefits available.

  76. heflicorba says:

    Dr. Price I would like to geta copy of the 501c3 to pass out to those of us who have committed to fundraising and sponsorship. Hopefully the funds and/or sponsorship we recieve will be available for the the Mini Conference.

    Also, the forum that was set up on last year was geat and we should do that again.

    I remember hearing someone speak about effective ways to deal with disruptive youth in the classroom, that can be the introductory discussion topic for the forum. We can include youth who have overcome similiar issues in school and educators who have delt with disruptive behavior and have a proven track record of success for student turnaround.

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  78. thefinalbattle2010 says:

    Hmmm, good point, but I still think a professional wrestler would have more elegance and style – stemming from the theatric side of things – than your average high school bully. And I think your metaphor would be overstating the point a bit – I want to make the gap THAT far. But I do thank you for allowing me the chance to debate metaphors.

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  82. billeman says:

    Well, not only are they not news programs but your assessments of their personalities is the other Hannity is a radio guy, not a policy/economics guy. He is not capable of discussing religion or social issues, in my opinion – he just treats them as “values”. focuses on irrelevant stories and is also not informed about religion or social issues – again treating these issues as “opinions”. The problem is that they do discuss religion and social issues, but they are no good at it.

    Consider last panel discussion on Special Jonah Goldberg (center-right) agreed with Juan Williams (center-left) on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE (I think). And then of course Charles Krauthammer was there – he is also center right. The Special panel is a lot more respectful and collegial than what I usually see on Hannity and O'Reilly.

  83. workingcollies says:

    Do you know what kind of copper those sheep with the toxicity had access to? and did they have adequate amounts of dolomite? Need more info on this to get a better idea of what happened, which reminds me that read about some folks that have copper pipes so their animals were actually getting too much copper, but thinking they may have needed more dolomite to buffer that copper. Lots of different angles to be aware of here.
    Appreciate you covering this topic.

  84. The way I call it, Obama is a typical third wayer.
    Centrist on economic policy, mid-left on social issues.
    McCain is a good opposition; mid-right economically, center-right on social issues.

    hoping that their similarities will spark some serious debates on the nuances of these policies. When they speak in genrealities along conservative/liberal lines the public just figures more nonsense. If both would be willing to admit that the real debate is in the details we could have some great conversations.

    I like that McCain is pushing for debates to soon. The more the better in my opinion. This voter still has an open mind.

  85. tgschell says:

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  86. At the conference, there were several presenters from the University of Michigan Medical School, including M Weiner, T.C. Dixon, S.Cendrowski, and P. Hanna. Dr. Dixon presented on new virulence factors. Dr. Cendrowski explained that “the presence of a colored complex, putatively an iron chelate, has been observed in the supernatants of B. anthracis cultures grown under conditions that favor production of known virulence factors.” He then discusses subtilis and explains that experiments are proceeding with a mutant b. anthracis strain utilizing a siderophore to scavenge iron after germination in the human host. But all this scientific stuff is over my head so just leave it to the FOIA people to produce documents relating to the license and the NAS scientists to explain the significance (forensically) of the spike for iron.

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  88. brini hew says:

    Although recently begun enjoying 2-3 naps a day (in cribs to boot! Thank you Mom!) give my left pinky finger for one night of uninterrupted sleep. recently begun letting Trip CIO all but one time (and just realized that it be his first wakeup that gets him fed…duh) and letting Jack CIO when he wakes up at 5 (especially since he goes back to sleep after a bottle). I understand how precious those naptimes are, though.

    WTF is wrong with all these utility companies? All across the world the same. I would have also let the baby scream into their ears! (but probably would have also paid it in the end just to get on with my day)

  89. Marie Kennedy says:

    You are so right, Cindy! The best of business travel has nothing to do with the business! being anonymous, the uninterrupted sleep in a huge king-size bed to myself, walking around in whatever state of dress I want, and ordering room service which I almost always do for breakfast because hotel coffee is SO good. (The rest of it is a drag!)

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  93. Autumn-Sky says:

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  95. If a person ONLY had to read, they would almost believe that social issues were the main concern of this mid-term election.
    As the writers of have day after day promoted DADT or some other NON-issue to avoid the 800 lb Gorilla in the room which is the Economy.
    Yea, you have it all down pat for sure Adam. That social issues are what determine political races. Social issues are what motivate voters to go to the polls.
    Ahh……….I think you will be reconsidering this stand on November 3rd, and asking yourself, dear Me, what happened??

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  98. padraic2112 says:


    In my examples, those developers also had very poor quality of work and were just generally miserable to be around, IMO.

    I agree with you – eccentricities alone do not indicate a value. a package deal, but the amount and quality of work being done far outweigh behavioral issues. I should have mentioned that.

    If the person wants lay on their desk and type with their feet, cool with me. But they better do above average work, because like it or not, be scrutinized more than someone who types with their hands.


  99. ALF IN THE FAMILY: An extraterrestrial bigot argues social issues with his family. Do black cats deserve to be eaten as much as white cats?

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  101. A1NaturesWay says:

    It was a good idea at the time but turning a 30min nap into 4 hrs is going to cause me some sleep problems tonight, oops

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  103. Karen Giardina says:

    This is similar to the one I read. I read about findings of a gene found in adolescent boys may be the cause for behaviors. I always find thses things interesting because it has to do with nature vs. nature, and most science with say its nature. If this is true then good that they may be able to treat anti-social behavior.

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  107. Great to hear that the University of Michigan Marching Band will be in Dallas for the ‘Bama game. It was the right thing to do

  108. amazing now days how many people have cell phones. Cell phones have ivolved tremendeously that you can do almost anything on them. In the first it talks about driver and cell phones. All driver should be a lot more careful with cell phones because many car accidents are casuse because of cell phone distractions. Many peopel are taking advantage of their cell phones. They should only be used for imergencies only; not to be on them 24/7 talking and texting.

  109. Hey Sweetie,

    I hope you and Amanda had a very Merry Christmas. Santa brought me a new job. the new surgical assisant at Sandhills Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic. This has been the best Christmas ever. I wait to talk to you when you get home.

    You and Amanda look like you are having a blast. My beautiful world traveling niece. We all have enjoyed reading about your travels. The pictures are great… guys have a wonderful New Year.

    Talk to You Soon……Love You Lots,

    Aunt Deb

  110. markandapril says:

    Notice how chewing my slipper, instead of the bone which was purchased specifically for chewing???

    been remarkably good for the first couple of nights thanks to innate parenting skills. The crying is a bit traumatic and I say had more than a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep but we just have to keep reminding ourselves good practice for when we have kids!

  111. campomadie says:

    It seems that each of us bears a different cross. I tend to anger easily at the kind of injustice that you gave as an example of the prof. My gut says, “defend yourself and let them know that you be treated that way.” Maybe in my case, allowing that kind of situation to occur without retaliation is a test of my emotional control. God works on our character in different ways. What he deems a trial to me may not be the same kind of trial to another, but rather a strengthening of a character trait they already possess.

  112. akquisecoach says:

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  114. so what reading here is if you need dentures or other dental work through one of these homeless vets programs you must have substance abuse to receive dental help?

    Yes since the VA does not provide dental assistance unless it was a service related condition. The VA does not provide services to homeless veterans unless they have a substance abuse problem. Many veterans in general are denied dental care by the VA.

  115. balde franamaleg says:

    I found this to be very interesting. I would have never thought that an individual can be treated for anti-social behavior. I remember learning that it is considered to be a mental disorder and like Amanda said, it is fascinating that they are now discovering that it can possibly be treated. I have heard about the increase in during stress but was unaware of any of treatment.

  116. Note to Fred, Yul, and Adele:

    Cheetah has written a book, so time you guys got to work on one. I had no idea that Cheetah appeared with Rex Harrison in Dr. Doolittle — another Cats Working connection. Poor chimp seems to have had a substance abuse problem. Well, it all the rage for celebrities to tell all about their substance abuse battles?

    You traveled in the same circles as Cheetah, but you have more writing experience.

  117. FWIW … Chicago is yet another EC team which I expect to see a lot of improvement from this season.

    THE MAJOR PROBLEM FOR THE BULLS LAST SEASON is no more … i.e. the coaching of Scott Skiles/Jim Boylan … and the addition of Derrick Rose effectively address their other major flaw … i.e. effective play at the PG-spot.

    Contrary to most NBA Observers, I do not think the Bulls lack of interior scoring from their Bigs is a major problem for their team.

    Expect VDN to be a solid NBA coach.

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  119. turaceland says:

    Hello, Progressive Conservative.
    The way I call it, Obama is a typical third wayer.
    Centrist on economic policy, mid-left on social issues.
    McCain is a good opposition; mid-right economically, center-right on social issues.

    typical blue collar, mid-left on economic issues, center-right on social issues.

    So, to me, the choice is the same old same old.
    not enough difference between the economic policies for that to be a deciding factor– both are undesirable, though the one more so than the other. So it comes down to the social issues.
    As far as that goes, on social issues, I see the far left as deranged, and the far right not much better.

    be interested in seeing your ideas on reading this material.

  120. Yes we have a love/hate relationship with our siblings. I know one Rabbi who has 8 children – they snap at each other, but are the most loving to their brothers and sister of any family I know……The older children babysit with the younger. the older children fix the plates of the younger children – same with cleaning the house and their rooms. Everyone helps, but the older ones are the leaders…. It is so nice!

  121. William C. Wells says:

    As much as Biola markets itself as, “the only member of the CCCU that is ranked in the higher leagues of education” I understand why complaining. Biola should use the to grow in the US News rankings instead of complaining about getting a leg up on the competition.

    Would The Lord have you complain or have faith in Him and rise to the challenge?

  122. Disrupting mobile phone service is a legitimate tool for law enforcement authorities working against terrorism or other dangerous situations, a mass transit agency has said in defending its own mobile shutdown last August.

  123. I understand that this is primarily focused on the concept of branding a university, but the Biola references were clear. I help but comment on an that was obviously written from a biased perspective.

    The real problem with the US News rankings is the reputation score – which is chosen from a severely limited and extremely biased sample base. by constantly tinkering with the score, many have accused US News of fixing the results to ensure that the expected top 3 come out on top each year.

  124. cincinnatus est exterminata! says:

    cinncinatus: Your officer friend the only one who has that theory. I also have friends in law enforcement who look at it as a risk/reward scenario. A closet with a grow-light guarded by a kid writing a term paper poses far less risk than a meth lab with a psycho packing an automatic weapon. As for not holding white, wealthy, politically connected criminals responsible…get serious. our elected representaives. We pay them to spy on and rob us.

  125. mcwhearnie says:

    Annie – Dr. Auger wrote this response. “If you receive sufficient sleep on a nightly basis and remain unrefreshed, you should pursure professional consultation regarding the possibility of a sleep disorder. This would enable a study that assesses whether or not you have sleep apnea. Although most people would rather not wear a CPAP (the used to treat obstructive sleep apnea) most patients adjust to it over time.”

  126. I have a major problem with the keyboard! Why would you make the o and the i so close together?! I am so tired if telling people I live them

  127. Flickr2FF says:

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  128. Pol Pot says:

    I saw this performance too (on a morning news program) – and I must say, I was also surprised at the depth of the emotional chord it touched.

    How sad that the current route for “discovering” this kind of talent seems to be a television show where the “judges” routinely channel their worst unrestrained middle school bully.

    I watch the “talent” show – but I will watch this guy in the future.

    Cindy V

  129. Sleep apnea is life-threatening, and it is the first thing to look for when people have excessive daytime sleepiness. Did you ask for your co-pay back? Complain to the insurance company? Just because a doctor, mean not a businessman. Anyone who sees their pet peeve instead of a real, living human being who is also a customer, needs to lose those customers. In flocks.

  130. I realized today that 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep is not enough to make u feel like u went to sleep. It’s gonna be a long day 🙁

  131. PhilWohl44 says:

    the 5 year engagement takes place at the university of Michigan and it made me think of you! I hope you have an awesome time!

  132. john thomas goetz says:

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  133. melian says:

    The only thing I have to say is: Is it really fair to the older children who have to take care of their younger siblings? They decide to have a baby. they be allowed to have a childhood? Or should they be forced to grow up (at the age of eight… or younger) and act as an adult. Let kids be kids, and if you want several children, you better be willing to take care of them, rather than making the older children do it. (

  134. Donald L Allen says:

    It appears to be Elin Woods decision. I think of Tiger Woods as a great golfer and not at all about his family life.

    Calling prostitutes to his home to service him while his pregnant wife is sleeping in another area of the same house is far beyond bad taste, totally unacceptable in my opinion.

    However, I think of Tiger Woods family life. The personal private lives of nearly all celebrities would greatly disappoint and utterly disgust many of their fans.

  135. joslavallo says:

    Hi, Holly. I also also read that you said the students in your class are held to the same standards. That is quite true in my classroom as behavioral issues are nearly nonexistent. I also wonder if the behaviors in your classroom are severe enough that teachers have to set more explicit expectations for students. You also mentioned that there is a sense of community in your placement, and that is the first of implementing any behavioral plan.

  136. barranti broebusche says:

    Not only is there not a “Michigan University” (the correct name is “University of Michigan”), but the vote to eliminate affirmative action was the result of a statewide ballot proposal adopted by Michigan voters — not at all a decision made by the University. In fact, the President of the University of Michigan, Mary Sue Coleman, has strenuously argued against passage of the ballot proposal, has pledged to continue diversity and is currently exploring legal challenges to the statewide vote.

  137. Teensavers is a residential and outpatient program for adolescents with substance abuse emotional and behavioral issues For more than 30 years we have provided a safe therapeutic and educational home environment that combines a unique five phased treatment approach with personalized treatment plans to transform the lives of teens and their families

  138. dcownden says:

    Hi Dan,

    I hit a cubic equation for question one. Just want to double check, the distance between the two hermits is the diagonal line connect the two hermits, not the distance along the shore, is that correct? If that is the case, can we leave it at the cubic step and not actually solve it, but to just outline/describe the following steps? Thanks.

  139. Yes, but this only works when the people suffering from substance abuse admit they have a problem. People like my son think that alright and everyone else has the problems.

  140. i agree with jason the cell phones are bad to use in class but an i pod touch yes the have apps but there is no ringer you cant text or call any one with it and there is internet on it for like research there is a calculater and other stuff for school

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  142. Not Vivian Paige says:

    “Well, it’s good that Mike has decided to join the rest of us on this issue.”

    Are you kidding me? What the heck have you done? You candidates who even like to talk about social issues.

    Signer has been talking about restoration of voting rights throughout his campaign. Wagner has been hiding from social issues (much the same way you did when you ran for office in Norfolk).

    We need to people running for office who are not cowardly in their proactive of progressive social issues. We need progressive bloggers to stand up for social issues as well.

  143. Hello Paul,

    You wrote, “I really do not think this premise is possible. If it were true, there must be a major problem with either “you” or the “other” Christians. One or both is not living a committed, consistent, scriptural, Christian life.”

    the point. There is a major problem with liberal “Christians” who deny these key doctrines that even Muslims actually of affirm…

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  145. Studying for a test on substance abuse. Finding that I know an inordinate amount about opiates, as I’ve used so much. Should I be concerned?

  146. brianda08 says:

    The first is old but true in a sense that cell phones are bad for drivers. People should use hands-free devices because that allows them to use both hands on the wheel. But that is not the only way to help people not get in crashes though. While people are on the phone talking to the person on the phone there getting distracted because the mind is on the conversation instead of the road. But people are good multi-tasker so the can do both talk and drive.

  147. Hi Michael,
    the social services assistant at Dove Adoptions International in Banks, Oregon. We found your “Adopting Older Children Internationally” from 3/3/08 and *LOVE* it! Is it okay with you if we print paper copies of this and include it in an information packet that we give to families who are preparing to adopt older children? We would add a reference to your blog, so likely that love your and want to find this blog.

  148. Richard Morton says:

    not a little philosophia of fatherhood in your poignant reflections. Besides memories evoked, I was most struck by two things: (1) your growth in wisdom, coping, and cabilities as 2nd-time parents, and (2) the place of sleep and our need for it in adequate amounts. These may be two of three wheels on the tricycle. Perhaps the third is prayer, to which you make very good and strong appeal.

  149. yoshimo says:

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  150. leightmane says:

    Thank you for this post. right, I am lonely and so are my older children.

    Have you written about how to balance older needs for friends and activities w/ baby and needs for shelter? I have friends who drag their little children all over creation because each of their grades children is allowed to pick one social activity and it all adds up. Carpooling should work in theory but most moms of many already have a full van!

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  152. riehlenyk waleaso says:

    Jen Blackwell, this is good stuff. Things that we need to hear, then incorporate into our lives, not simply as individuals, but as the community of Christ. The gospel is the “good news”, but sometimes the good news does not seem to be good news at first, because it proclaims something which goes against the grain of society, but has the capacity to free humans to be able to truly love others within that society, it is the paradox of the gospel. Thanks for the insight that you bring. Word! Peace!

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    A week of poor sleep has been capped off with an early-rising bird trained to sound like a car alarm. Clearly he thinks he’s awesome.

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  157. authorfriendly says:

    Indeed, the term “neurotic” should not be used. In fact, some early personality researchers in 40s and 60s denoted this dimension as Emotional Control and Emotionality instead of Neuroticism. Also it is to note that a trait is just a tendency for a behavior, and its manifestation depends on the situation. Sometimes traits influence behavior significantly, other times – not at all.

  158. lindarosewood says:

    Since got obstructive sleep apnea, I tend to fall asleep at the wheel after camping. I can remember fighting this tremendous urge to doze off on Westbound 4, which gets kind of exciting right before you hit level ground at Copperopolis. Loads of twists and turns that still keep my eyes open heard built it up the town and that it was gross. Terrific stories here–great reading Linda–

  159. Parenting Tips | The home of parenting information and parent resource. says:

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  160. I may live in the US, but I stand most US news. So, I use BBC News to get all my US news. They have great coverage of world events and only cover the most US news. Occasionally an news story crops up on Britney Spears or some such. But in general, I find it less repulsive than CNN or any other US news station. Cheers 😉

  161. Doesn't it become a discrediting five-fer? Trump, Priebus, and especially US NEWS and Paul Bedard!

    It seemed peculiar since I read the Priebus met with Trump my antennae was up. Then I found Priebus and Gateway had already debunked it! to find another once reputable magazine has unethical writers employed. Scratch Newsweek, Time, and now US News. Its time to hire writers who have integrity!

    Paul Bedard – US News – Senior Writer, Washington Whispers

  162. ipson fogali says:

    RT You know what they say “once you go Asian you’ll be divorced because Ninja life is not a family life”
    I think that’s how it goes.

  163. no doubt that a significant number of children with ADHD actually have obstructive sleep apnea. Treatment by removing their tonsils and adenoids are usually effective. Some children have narrow jaws, and respond as well to adenotonsillectomy. In these kids, rapid palatal expansion can help even more. If your child snores and has ADHD, at least get screened for obstructive sleep apnea.

  164. No, worry, Nathalie–it your post that freaked me out, but reading the book itself a few months ago! Interestingly, I do have a few friends who said that they able to get baby weight off until the baby sleeping through the night (and therefore they themselves did), which seems to add anecdotal at least, to the idea that poor sleep contributes to obesity. I know that I crave carbohydrates desperately when exhausted…

  165. Ken Bloom, Mark Wretchko and I visited this theater in March 2009 – it has a lot of promise! Sitting in Flint MI – in the middle of one of the worst economic times for that state and that city – we seriously doubted it would see any action soon. With the influence and means of the University of Michigan behind the project, we see a bright future!

  166. I think I have social issues. I’m not sure I want to watch a film that’s not on real time tv on my own without any twitter

  167. maru habin says:

    A small percentage of folks diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) have resultant headaches, and we know who we are. The first night I slept with a CPAP system & awakened without a headache I was sold! I tell morning headache sufferers getting their first CPAP that to the extent that OSA is the cause, their headaches are about to be over. They are a most compliant, most grateful, and most fervently advocating group.

  168. Anti-social behavior is often linked with anxiety and depression – both of which can also be biological conditions. for people who suffer from social anxiety, humans are social (and talking) animals.

    I think I should speak now
    I seem to speak now
    My words come out right
    I feel like drowning

    – Pink Floyd

  169. Robert Meek says:

    I think that most folks in marriage have a difficult time with this “compromise” word because the dominant personality hardly ever compromises while the more submissive one (husband or wife) always gives in. So to the dominant one compromise is much needed but not so much for the “submissive” one. Of course the “submissive” one often uses passive aggressive behaviors to even out their “submissive” activities.

  170. I personally think the title to your to stop all dog aggression is a bit misleading. Not all behavioral problems can be solved with a shock collar. Indeed, use it on the wrong type of dog and for the wrong type of aggression and you can ruin a dog. I have nothing against shock collars but it be cannot summed up that the shock collar will stop ALL dog aggressive behaviors..

  171. And for Oleg, in addition (what said): 1939, the U.S.S.R. had seven neighbors to the West: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. She unleashed aggressive actions against six of them, all but Norway, that is.

    For the Soviet-Union WW II on 17.9.1939 and not in June 1941! That is a just a plain fact, even for Oleg.

  172. ok ok ok I want to play too
    add my name to the list.
    Have to take a photo of my tree for our Christmas tree for so might as well do a layout while there.
    All parents of pre-schoolers and school aged children wont want to hear this but 13 days of kgtn to go… la la la counting soon
    will have to e-mail my layouts as well if that ok???

  173. MelindaCochina says:

    Working on my blog but my sleep medicine is kicking in. Forgive me if I’m talking about weight loss and then suddenly switch to dandelions

  174. (University of Michigan Health System) Children with public insurance are 22 percent less likely to receive comprehensive primary care than those with private insurance, according to new research from the University of Michigan Medical School.

  175. The lead scientist of the SPICE project called off a long-awaited field test after discovering that a patent had been filed by some members of the research team

  176. OMG!!! This is so true! I really feel for the siblings. I know my daughter puts up with a lot from her pdd-nos brother. He has had many aggressive behaviors and she is always loving and forgiven when he appologizes. She is just truely amazing little girl. She is only 8 and her brother is 10. It the life I expected for either of my children.

  177. the images of the omo tribes people in botanical regalia are exquisite and compelling. as for the legal decision making of the countries involved in the dam making – how frustrating… how many similar situations have occurred elsewhere? you think “those in charge” would know better… but obviously another motive driving their decision making.

  178. flatto bibia says:

    As a psychology major i found this really interesting. I have always been taught anti-social behavior is a mental disorder, and that it is really hard to treat. The fact that they are now finding out that it may be a biological problem and treatable is really amazing.

  179. nan lin says:

    Being a CEO is about managing, balance, quick decision making and above all spending quality time with Family. Life will not return and neither the age not spent with your children. By not spending the time with Family, a void is created that may never be filled later in life.

    So, no gain is again at the cost of kids and family life.

    Why earn today and spend later in correcting the spoiled kids.

    Take Care


  180. ClarissaPN2 says:

    So maybe the reason they have mind control or emotional control over you is because you don’t want to face the inadequacies of who you are

  181. teen muens says:


    Poor sleep affects 1 in 3 Brits
    Amid a growing epidemic of insomnia, a new survey has found that one in three Brits is suffering from sleep problems. The Great British Sleep Survey of 5000 …
    Two-thirds of Britons have sleep
    Three in 10 Britons suffer sleep problems which could cause mental health
    Two thirds of us fail to get a good night’s sleep, causing health problemsDaily Mail
    BBC News -Independent -NHS Choices
    all 37 news articles »

  182. So true! When your child shows signs of behavioral issues, and/or is later diagnosed with autism, you find out who your real friends are. Often, people you thought were friends know what to do, so they stop trying..but you find new people to replace them and usually end up better off. Tough road though! been there, done that, and still hard sometimes to go out in public, and are the worst, but having that network makes it much easier. Great blog!

    Oh, I know – are my LEAST FAVORITE thing in the world. Although, I admit, C had a great time at his OWN 😉 I do love my friends that I have now. It took awhile, however, as you know!

  183. Maybe if you would be the leader of the household and take care of your health issues first she will be more willing to deal with hers. Why don’t you go get a sleep study done and see if you have any sleep disorders before pointing the finger at your poor wife’s problems.

    I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and I now use a CPAP machine. At first I thought OMG there is no way going to spend the rest of my life sleeping that awful looking mask on my face every night. But now that I have been with a CPAP for nearly six weeks, it’s been such a wonderful change in the way I feel during the day. I wish I would have done this sooner, been struggling with daytime drowsiness for many years and now all gone thanks to the CPAP treatment.

  184. Aiyah.. Nothing that super la.. All the above mentioned, I also got to go lor..
    The only thing was when baby sleeps, I had some time to myself, so I could do all my stuff lor..
    The only thing I lack badly to this day since baby was born is… uninterrupted sleep! :p

    But yr dun disturb you? I never have uninterrupted sleep since Ross is born… but ever since i was preggy and he was weaned, i was able to sleep thru… now? Sihgz…

  185. pert szek says:

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  188. alex filipovic says:

    cell phones are cool i have nothing against them i dont see why teachers get so mad and stuff it isnt a big deal the deal is teachers dont want suff in class that are cooler then there boring work

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  190. (American Thoracic Society) The severity of sleep disordered breathing and nocturnal hypoxemia independently predict both glycosylated hemoglobin levels and Type 2 diabetes mellitus, according to a new study.

  191. starouse calle says:

    I disagree with allowing cell phones in classrooms because these days a cell phone can be used for many different things like texting, messaging, playing games, tweeting, facebook, calling and more. Students can be disturbing other classmates or even students from other class which would be leading to not focusing in class. In the other hand cell phones could be used as learning tools like a calculator or a dictionary. However students should be responsible to bring in their own learning tools to class. This is why I disagree with allowing cell phones in classrooms as learning tools.

  192. Anonymous,Thank you for the clarification.It remains up to to Michigan voters to decide if Affirmative Action is outdated as it remains the same for University of Michigan to deecide as an educational corps which is more knowledgeable, out of experience,about what can be good for education.But personally, I see admittance to any university should be based on merits. Equal education prior to university entrance should be given more

  193. The latest CBS News/New York Times poll shows President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a dead heat in the race for the White House. Given that Obama has had a relatively good week and Romney something of a bad one …
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  195. Personally, I take people who refer to themselves or others as “gamers” with a grain of salt. Playing video games classify itself as a lifestyle. a hobby. like calling someone who reads books a “booker”, or someone who watches television a “TVer”.
    And the fact that playing video games is apparently SO TABOO in the media and politics is utter idiocy (IE that mayor of a small town who JUST SO HAPPENS to play video games — or that kid who saved an old lady or whatever, who JUST SO HAPPENS to play video games. Give me a frigging break).

    Buddhism is a lifestyle. Playing video games is not.

  196. According to the estimates of the National Institutes of Health, over 12 million Americans are affected by sleep apnea. from lack of sleep and daytime drowsiness, the sleep disorder could lead to severe health problems including high blood pressure and stroke. Sleep apnea results in cessation of breathing during sleep.

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  198. merckenboy says:

    Sleep disordered breathing, which is associated with an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events and psychopathological outcomes, is also associated with an increased risk of cancer according to a new study.

  199. The most common associated with sleep apnea are usually loud snoring and increased daytime sleepiness. Almost everyone that has had stop snoring snores. However , not everyone that snores has stop snoring. Excessive daytime sleepiness occurs if a person drops off to sleep when they commonly should not be drifting off to sleep, for example […]

  200. lehumbeage pich says:

    You are such a good mom! I think your boys are blessed that you are looking out for their specific needs…it sound like it will be easy, but I am sure it will really pay off. I remember those awkward years for myself and for my older children…I think I helped my older children come through it better because of my own memories. It seems like you are doing a similar thing.

  201. Cara I can relate with having alot on the mind. It just seems like you have a whirlwind going on inside and I pray that God will give you clear direction and peace. As for your pet peeves…I am right there with you about the phone. I stand hearing it ring in the first place but at night…so rude!! You need all the rest you can get with a little “peanut” inside. I pray you get plenty of uninterrupted sleep tonight. Have a great weekend.

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  203. I myself as an adult am a huge fan of video games. I feel as if I can take my understanding of my students love for video games and apply it to my course curricullum. The fact of the matter is that children dont play outside nearly as much as they used to because they have centers in their living rooms. The overprotective parents dont mind, because outside they risk getting injured while unsupervised. The video game system is almost like an electronic babysitter that can keep our children occupied for ours. The question is whether or not our students are too dependant on video games for fun. Video games can be made educational and fun, and many are.

  204. sylvans abdell says:

    Men who use their cell phones very often are more likely to have a hard time sleeping at night and may experience symptoms of depression.

  205. Thank you for the comment!

    I would agree that it is a critical skill for a manager to be able to address behavioral issues of their employees. It is sometimes the tough conversations that can lead to a resolution or progress down the path of exiting the organization. But neither can happen until communication is initiated by either the manager or the employee.


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  208. It should be a law that if its 80 degreez or hotter, u MUST take adequate amounts of showers per day to keep the smell away.

  209. ThisChrissy says:

    When you forget that you left your keys on the bed and as soon as you turn you get that freezing cold feeling in that specific place

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  211. One major problem was that if you were close to one of the objectives or the keep, the kills count. This more or less limited the fight to between the two warcamps, with all the attendant issues with folks getting guard killed.

    Next time, they need to make sure that kills at the objectives, which are natural foci for combat, count towards the total.

  212. kquirre says:

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  215. prigo regoncamme says:

    “Local law enforcement really doesn’t have significantly more power than it did before 2001.” Damage Controller

    Utterly false.

    Clearly you know what talking about if what you think. Local law enforcement now has capabilities that include sophisticated eavesdropping capabilities, no knock access in the event anything “terrorism” related is “suspected” and the ability to read your mail, email, bank statements, etc. All in the name of national security.

    believe me.

    Ask Professor Turley.

    spoken and written extensively on this both in here and on television.

  216. Praxandros, I added the link at the end explaining that it is based on an written by two people, “Mehmet Hasgüler is an associate professor of international relations at Çanakkale Onsekiz University in Turkey. Murat Tüzünkan is an assistant professor in the of international relations, Cyprus International University.” You should get in touch with them and put them straight.

  217. Twitter says:

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  218. bosenhowic says:

    We need a minister of common sense in this country , with the power to over ride all the EU laws when it comes to pillocks like this . Sure they are welcome to a family life……take the wife , and the kids, and all the inlaws (and outlaws) , and send the whole lot of them off to Turkey. No problem there…………and family life preserved …… Turkey!

  219. subaillido says:

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  220. The Vice President must be absolutely ready at a moments notice to take over the job and associated responsibilities of President of the most powerful country in the world. Sarah Palin, who has zero foreign policy experience, is not up to this challenge. Neither is Obama, with his term as Senator. Simply put, neither has a President/VP selection that has adequate amounts of experience to deal with problems around the world.

  221. Vanessa Williams: Small Screen Star – & Soccer Mom!:
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    On her busy days: “I’m literally driving my 11-year-old to school and bringing snacks to soccer games and going to her swim meets, so there’s not much down time. But if I was away on vacation, my first stop would probably be to a spa to get a nice massage and relax!”

    Top Story? (feature beneath menu): 


  222. luebel bor says:

    “I remember reading about US news organizations and how they cut back on staff so much that what used to be the job of three or four people is done by one person. That one person only has seconds to put the graphic (the news biz has a special name for it) up and often only has less than a second to type the words you see.”

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  224. durmioka yus says:

    The mind (not the brain) can be considered to be an accident of evolution. In which case each and every subsequent aspect of cognition can also be considered accidental. Whilst the arbitrary nature of the thought processes is increasingly being recognised – how come the consistently arbitrary and accidental decision making of humans is not at the forefront of discussions about political and education decision making?

  225. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1385: The Posse Comitatus Act of 18 June 1878
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  226. David Dean says:

    TEENAGERS who thought about or attempted suicide were more likely to have suffered sleep disorders in earlier years, according to American researchers. Idaho State University psychology professor Maria Wong, who…

  227. Yeah, that is ridiculous.
    And it is easy in Japanese. one past tense. it. No hidden surprises. And it matter whether masculine or feminine, because, well, that exist in Japanese. Granted, the lack of tenses is just about the only easy thing about the grammar… And then the words that technically have to go into any specific place in the sentence. Those are weird.
    But yeah, four verbs for Completely unnecessary.

  228. fix maejinx says:

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    A post from: Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Causes

  229. luperogakole says:

    my mom is ridiculous. don’t tell me that my sleep problems and anxiety has anything to do with being on a computer or my phone.

  230. (American Thoracic Society) Hypoglossal nerve stimulation produced marked dose-related increases in airflow in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients without arousing them from sleep, according to a new study from the Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center. The study suggests the potential therapeutic efficacy of HGNS across a broad range of sleep apnea severity and offers an alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), the current mainstay of treatment for moderate to severe OSA. The effectiveness of CPAP is often limited by poor patient adherence.

  231. calbera says:

    Beautifully put, so right. The first six months with the first baby seems like a marathon, at the end of which you feel you deserve a medal and need a holiday to recover. With the second baby it just flies by, too quickly. And yes, I find it difficult to remember some of my baby days, even though she is only 3. Maybe once getting a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep again, some memories will resurface. 😉

  232. dr rania says:

    Since Dr Taha Ibrahim is a researcher, he should know that listing his resources and the name of the Jap. research team and the its president is essential to his claim. This aricle makes no scientific sense unless more sources are provided.

    Another thing, if this is true, the hard work is done by the Jap. team not by Dr. Taha Ibrahim. Still I would like to see a real link to the Jap. team and their research findings.


  233. catysius says:

    Thanks, Undine, and, yes, Inky, that rank distinction is truly something that matter on paper more than any place else.

    Up until a few years ago, our new instructors were called instructor for the first 2 or so years (depending on number of teaching experience they had–NOT on their degree) before they were “promoted” to assistant professor [fyi I escaped this by having just enough teaching experience]. This caused such ogida, especially with newly minted who were quite angry to be titled Instructor rather than Assistant Professor, for obvious reasons ranging from DAMN, a PhD already, to, I be taken seriously at academic conferences unless I can use Assistant Professor in my signature rather than Instructor….

    So now we have two levels of Assistant Professor (I and II), and more than a few new profs leave off that roman numeral on their email signatures;-)

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  235. Jill and Bethenny are the most negative, loud mouth, self righteous and overbearing women on the show.
    Bethenny treated Kelly horrible from the and now plays the victim because Kelly had enough of her hostile and nasty attitude.
    I actually understand what Kelly told Bethenny, stoop to such a low level with the nasty remarks and rotton attitude.
    If you like someone you have to constantly trash them and act like a high school bully.
    Bethenny is a bitter, know it all witch that enjoys other people with her viper mouth.
    Try posting a comment to Bethenny or Jill on Bravo that kiss their butts, it happen!

  236. I think primary school aged children are roaming the streets – there is no way that is going on en masse – they will just be at home looking after a parent or watching tv while their alcoholic parent sits there in a drunk stupor. Incidentally I know of loads of kids that went on long trips to SE Asia during school terms and thank god the truancy officers went around to their homes.

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  247. (American Thoracic Society) Sleep disordered breathing, which is associated with an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events and psychopathological outcomes, is also associated with an increased risk of cancer according to a new study.

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  249. zil labby says:

    I don’t know why people complain about their poor sleep. I workout 2 hours of crazy intensity a day and sleep like a baby. Hmmm

  250. olstregi zaismaldo says:

    Perhaps God was bringing this surgeon into my life at that moment to show me how gentle he was. That there are doctors out there that LISTEN to their patients. Lord knows how I was really impressed and made a mental note on the spot that if I ever needed anything in the way of plastic surgery, cranial surgery, or maxillofacial surgery–including wisdom teeth pulling for the kids, or anything that might involve a facial fracture–nose, etc. he was going to be my go-to guy. God must have known that I was going to need someone like him on my team. Everything happens for a reason. I just know it then. When I look back, the sign I now see in hindsight is very clear.

  251. Jamie Harrison says:

    I grew up playing video games. While, I hardly ever play now, I think the technology is incredible. It blows my mind to think of what gaming technology would come to in the future since the graphics are already insane. I think there is an issue with kids playing too much video games and being anti social. However, while growing up the parents should monitor their kids and allot specific times. The games are not the problem, poor time management is what really contributes to people being way too engulfed in video games. In time I think this issue will only get worse considering how much crazier the gaming technology gets.

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  254. I believe that cell phone user cause a lot of the accidents because they are distracted from the road ahead of them. with this, I also believe that making a law that prevents people from using thier cell phones while driving wont make a big difference. People will still use thier cell phones no ones going to change that because this country has become dependant of cell phones. People can try and stop it, but if someone gets a call while they are driving, 90% of the time it will be answered.

  255. gahnstelar says:

    “In ‘The Geography of Thought” (Free Press), Richard E. Nisbett, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, argues that this difference between East and West stems from contrasting notions that people grew up with about the complexity of the world….The argument: Americans and others in the West see the world as a series of objects that can be rationally controlled and easily described, while those in Singapore and the East focus on the flow of systems they see as connected in complex and ineffable ways….”

  256. Jason Miller says:

    I think that the way to educate children about insects is not through video games. Kids do not want to learn while they play video games they are more interested in shooting and killing. It would not be to make video games more educational because they get enough education in school about insects. I personally think it would be a waste of money to try and make video games more educational.

  257. reygutbert farrong says:


    I checked out your links and any evidence they provide for your argument is pretty pathetic. Assuming that the officer acted improperly (which might never be conclusively determined), you have no evidence that his actions were a result of military training rather than police training. In fact, from statements and comments by other police officers, it seems that the law enforcement community feels that he acted properly according to police procedure (which may be a problem – I would argue it is, but, if true, blows your argument out of the water).

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  260. Twitter says:

    Good thing my boys are so good to me! The HUGE ca$h treat should make 10am & sleep deprivation a little less painful, lol. Bedtime now-Nite!

  261. clenzel maken says:

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  262. Ministry Fox says:

    Between perusing old college music theory texts and a half-tab of Alprazolam, I have no trouble drifting off to sleep.

    But at my age, staying asleep after the Alprazolam wears off is another matter. I can definitely relate to the person who brags about actually getting 7 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep back in 1986. If I get 6 hours, I feel lucky.

    This getting older stuff is a bunch of crap.

    -Cranky Baby Boomer-

  263. scalind says:

    Republicans better figure something out, and quick. Maybe a shift towards the Less social issues and more economic ones might bring over 3rd liberals like myself. I can deal with some conservative compromises on economics if they lay off the social issues and bring some concrete ideas and a willingness to contour them if they work. The argument that government should be small can be paired with a commitment to honest evaluations and fluidity of practice.

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  265. louckler says:

    Ok But,

    a bit sleep deprived. You see, been many weeks since the last time received adequate amounts of sleep, solely due to the fact that I lay awake at nights, stare at the ceiling, and think of all the people that hate on us. On top of that all, these bags under my eyes are beginning to look hideous!

    Bite your tongue, summer shall begin to muzzle all negativity directed towards us. There are currently 75,000 views on this blog that disagree with you.


  266. threide says:

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  269. ayra hable says:

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    For people moving between systems, bearing in mind that in the UK, I believe that almost all “Assistant Professor” positions are actually permanent (unless clearly stated otherwise) once the probation has been passed, and that probation is often simply a formality. I think this contrasts to that an assistant professor position might mean in the US.

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  271. parody memo on Concurring Opinions hit the nail on the head. US NEWS wants to sell magazines, all. Their methodology is silly. US NEWS is here to stay and will remain very influential. As long as the legal community remains steeped in prestige and tradition, US NEWS will be there to validate the prestige for us insecure lawyer-types.

  272. courcotlan says:

    at the point where I forget that yelling at people while walking down the street with an old lady puppet is not normal social behavior.

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  275. latimpi says:

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    The national guard is not trained for these situations.

  276. Yes, I did visit that site before I this blog. I saw that most comments were filled with tit for tat tactics. I personally do not subscribe to such passive aggressive behaviors because there is no end to it. I wanted to create a safe space where constructive solutions could be explored and academically sound research based information on taboo topics and not so commonly discussed topics could be shared.

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  279. Well stated Louis. We all miss Percy but there were behavioral issues such that we could no longer trust him. He had a really good life when he lived with you and Stephanie and us. Our house seems large and empty without him. We will always remember him and be thankful for the good times we had with him. i know he was your first dog and that losing him was/is difficult for you. Love, Mom

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  282. nune hore says:

    “In addition, science is one of those things where people often think immune to the parameters of human decision making (because, after all, we’re really vulcans at

  283. yaret pera says:

    You know, I think the major misunderstanding is in not getting how this is a neurological condition. People consider the variety of symptoms, the fact that a spectrum disorder, the element of behavioral issues, etc. etc., and miss out entirely on the utterly fundamental neurological basis for it all. my 2 cents and thanks for asking.

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  286. CelebBabyLover says:

    Ellen Smith, why does it always have to be adoptive versus biological? I doubt Nicole thinks that way.

    She mention her older children because THEY WANT HER TO.

  287. I hate when people say they have good news and bad news, but more so i hate when they ask you which one you want to hear first.

    good news so your happy before the bad news destroys your life
    bad news so that the good news seems so much better but still something sucky happened

    how bout you tell me the good news and then tell your bad news to kick rocks cuz im not listening.

  288. […] Scheduling-wise, the major modification made is to reverse Friday and Saturday such that I am off on Saturday. That schedule simply works better for family life as I am unwilling to interrupt family life on both weekend days. (Incidentally, all of my weekday runs are fit into the workday, usually at lunch, owing to the gym attached to my office building). The shift between Friday and Saturday is not without consequence as I will lose some of the training benefit of running those long runs on tired legs. It also forces me to run my pace work on tired, and often sore, legs from Tempo runs. But the plan, and I will have to have faith in the plan. […]


  290. juliannefaust says:

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  291. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. After Gabe and I came home from Ethiopia, actually while we were still there, Gabe was so impressed with the beautiful older children that he said our next adoption would be for older children. Gabe had so much fun playing with the boys in the transition home. I hope that the rest of the paperchase goes quickly and that you can hold these two soon.

    With Love,

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  295. Kipli,
    My bad, I was confusing “Visiting Assistant Professor” with “Assistant Professor” or “Research Assistant Professor,” which many Universities seem to call their postdoc-like positions (at least many of the ones I applied to this past fall were so named).
    Oh, and really no secret that mathematicians are than everyone else. That only mathematicians can see that is itself evidence of their intelligence.
    I need to remember that one. 🙂

  296. hello chronicles…

    hmmm… not into tidings of and joy, huh? actually

    good news shared is a endeavor at any level.

    If I have good news to tell and you beat me to the telling,

    is it not good news just the same? I think good news

    can be overstated or overemphasized, just seconded…

    If I have good news to tell and I share it with you, it gives

    you leave to share it with others with my blessing… unless

    I ask you not to because I prefer to disclose it myself.

    The joy in good news is in the spreading of it…


  297. Sorry to hear you are having the migraines. I have been doing somewhat better since I a new medicine called Inderal as a prevenitive and some sleep medicine I take once or twice a week. Since daughter moved my stress level has dropped so I know if that is what helped or the meds or a combonation of the three. Hope you are better soon,I could write for hours on the headaches I hate them so. I will be praying for you to get some relief.

    Big Hugs,

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