Nefarious NapStealers Steal Academic Performance

Avoiding Nefarious NapStealers

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Inasmuch as everyone needs different amounts of sleep to function well, researchers have verified that young people require more sleep than younger children and adults in order to perform their best in school. Therefore, they are at a larger risk to the attacks of Nefarious NapStealers and other . Studies have proposed that middle school and high school students need at a minimum nine hours of rest for best performance of their school work, while it seems that a majority of adults only need 8 hours of sleep to perform normally.

Avoiding the Nefarious NapStealers – The “God” Particle Discovered

Nefarious NapStealers Discover the God Particle

Large Hadron Collider

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We don’t know for sure because CERN officials are downplaying it, but there are rumors that researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have discovered the “God” particle they have been searching for, efficaciously avoiding the in their pursuit of scientific fact. However, there has been no official word, so we won’t know for sure until the results have been verified and the studies have been published.

What do you think? Have they found it? If so, what do you think the ramifications will be?

Nefarious NapStealers and the Importance of Sleep


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According to a study at Harvard University in 2006,  because of the increase in people sleeping less than six hours per night, 75% of Americans experience sleep problems, if not full-blown nefarious . Normally, one shouldn’t be extremely worried about intermittent insomnia, which can occur for many various environmental factors. The real napstealer has to be chronic sleep loss, which causes all kinds of  health problems like weight gain, hypertension, and a weakened immune system. Therefore, people who don’t get enough sleep are not only sleepy, but can be fat, sick and irritable, as well.

Nefarious NapStealers or Heat Fatigue

Sleep Deprivation and other NapStealers

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Which is worse, those nefarious napstealers or heat fatigue. According to a Wired article,  when extreme heat sends your core temperature off the charts, the fact that your body slows down may just be a psychological response. It may not be fatigue or lactic acid building up in muscle tissue or nothing more tangible than what’s in your head.

A joint study conducted by researchers at two British universities shows that playing through the pain or fatigue or soreness is much more conceivable than trying to face siesta thieves or nefarious napstealers alone.

Snoring is a Nefarious NapStealer, Too

Nefarious NapStealers Obstuct Airways to Cause Sleep Problems
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Recent studies have shown that snoring is not only bad for the person snoring, but can also cause in the person who shares a bed with the snorer. That’s my interpretation of the following summary of the study:

“We have previously identified heavy snoring as an independent risk factor for carotid atherosclerosis. In order to explore the hypothesis that snoring-associated vibration of the carotid artery induces endothelial dysfunction (an established atherogenic precursor), we utilized an animal model to examine direct effects of peri-carotid tissue vibration on carotid artery endothelial function and structure.

Nefarious NapStealers Are Making Your Children Fat!

Nefarious NapStealers Cause Childhood Obesity

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A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) entitled Longitudinal analysis of sleep in relation to BMI and body fat in children: the FLAME study determined that if prevent kids from obtaining their recommended daily amount of sleep, those children are at an increased risk for becoming overweight.

The objectives of the study were to find out whether less sleep modifies the body in some way in young children that causes a propensity for obesity. Therefore, the scientists designed a Longitudinal study that included ongoing yearly measurements on 244 children ages three to 7 from a birth cohort in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Nefarious NapStealers Cause Pilot Fatigue

Deadly Consequences of Nefarious NapStealers

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According to USA Today,  a review of airline schedules for May 2011 revealed that an average of 2,600 flights a day are scheduled at times that make it hard for pilots to obtain adequate sleep. These nefarious scheduling issues can cause reduced alertness, napstealers or, in the very worst cases, nodding off on the job.

The airline schedules proven to create a nefarious risk of napstealing fatigue departures that occur early in the morning, flights during the night or arrivals that occur after midnight. Performing tasks at these times interrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and the brain’s deep-seated sleep requirements, according to experts in the field.