The Nefarious NapStealer

The Nefarious NapStealer vs Humpty Dumpty

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Jason Jones was riding down the street when he bumped into a man.

“Excuse me,” he said to the man. “But have you seen anything strange around here? I mean, I’m Jason Jones, the main newspaper reporter around here. I’m also kind of a detective because of it but I’m trying to find out the answer to why no one is taking naps anymore, like they want to but they just can’t.”

“If that is the case, then you came to the right person,” said the man. “My name is Alex Windlewood but everyone calls me the news, because I always know what is happening around here.”

Nefarious NapStealer Story Contest

NapStealer - Reading in Bed


NapStealer - Reading in Bed

NapStealer - Reading in Bed

Submit your best story about nefarious napstealers, siesta thieves or other causes of sleep deprivation in our first-ever story contest.


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Nefarious NapStealing Newborns

Sleepy Baby

Nefarious NapStealing baby face

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The most nefarious nap stealers are newborns. They are not the ones who need the naps. It’s their parents. While baby is awake, their parents are changing diapers, making bottles, feeding baby, doing laundry, doing laundry, doing laundry, changing diapers, making bottles, feeding baby, making faces at baby, changing diapers, and then when baby is asleep they make a futile attempt at straightening up the house and doing the things that the rest of the family needs done and THEN they finally decide that they too are going to take a much deserved nap.