What You Eat May Be A Siesta Thief

A fMRI scan showing regions of activation in orange, including the primary visual cortex (V1, BA17). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

{Getting|Obtaining|Having} a good night’s sleep {might|may|could|might just} {mean|imply|indicate|suggest} you {will|will certainly|will definitely|might|may} {pass|bypass} on the {cheeseburger|hamburger|steak|fries|carbs} the {next|following|coming} day, sleep {researchers|specialists|analysts|research workers} {suggested|recommended|proposed|advised} here at the {annual|yearly} {meeting|gathering|event|conference|convention|assembly} {of|for} the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.

{Laboratory|Lab|Research laboratory|Clinical} {experiments|studies} with {healthy|physically fit} volunteers {indicate|show|suggest} that {people|individuals|men and women|most people|many people} who {experience|encounter|suffer|suffer from} sleep deprivation undergo brain {changes|modifications|adjustments|alterations|transformations|developments|shifts|mutations|differences} that make them {susceptible|vulnerable|prone|at risk} to making {poorer|inferior|lesser|low-quality} {dietary|nutritional|diet|health|nutritionary} {choices|options|selections|alternatives|decisions|opportunities}, {said|stated|pointed out|declared|expressed|suggested|announced} {researchers|specialists|analysts|research workers|scientists|clinicians|investigators}, {noting|indicating|mentioning|noticing} that functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans {correlated|linked|related} with {areas|aspects|items|ranges|portions} in the brain that {influence|impact|effect} {integrated|incorporated|combined|attuned} decision-making– that is, the {ability|capability|capacity|potential} to {determine|identify|figure out|establish} if {eating|consuming|devouring} {a doughnut|donut|pastry} was not only {rewarding|gratifying|satisfying|fulfilling|enjoyable} and {tasty|delicious|appetizing|delightful|delectable} but {also|additionally|even} {healthy|well-balanced|wholesome|healthier}.

When Stephanie Greer, a graduate student at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of California Berkeley, {scrutinized|looked at|checked out|inquired into|inspected|studied} fMRI {studies|investigations} of the ventral striatum– the {area|location|spot|region} of the {brain|cerebellum} that is {linked|connected|associated|attached} to {rewards|benefits|perks|bonus|awards|compensations|advantages}– she {found|discovered|located|identified} no statistically {significant|important|notable|meaningful} {differences|distinctions|variations|exceptions|deviations|variances|aberrations} {between|among} the sleep-deprived {and|as well as|and also|along with} the sleep-rested {individuals|people}.

{{But|However|Yet|Nevertheless|However,} {when|as soon as} she {looked|checked|saw} at the insula, cingulate, and orbitofrontal {areas|locations|spots|regions} {of|within|in} the brain, {there|generally there} were {strong|powerful|substantial|well-founded} differences in which areas were enhanced among individuals who were sleep-rested.|{When|Whenever|When ever|Anytime|As soon as|At the time} she {looked|checked|checked out|viewed|considered|studied} at the insula, cingulate, and orbitofrontal {areas|locations|spots|regions|vicinities|sections} of the {brain|cerebellum|cerebrum}, {there|certainly there|generally there} were {strong|powerful|unyielding|powerful|clear|compelling|sound|well-founded|overpowering} {differences|distinctions|variations|contrasts|exceptions|deviations|variances} in {which|what} {areas|locations|spots|regions|places|vicinities|sections} were {enhanced|improved|boosted|greatly enhanced|increased|enriched|strengthened} {among|amongst|amidst} {individuals|people} {who|that} were sleep-rested.} {All|All of} these {differences|variations|contrasts|exceptions|deviations|variances|aberrations} {were|were really|were actually|were certainly|were without a doubt|were undoubtedly} statistically {significant|considerable|important|noteworthy|consequential}

she {demonstrated|indicated|established|proved|made evident}.

“We did not {find|discover|identify|uncover} {significant|substantial|considerable|notable|meaningful|noteworthy|consequential} {differences|distinctions|variations|deviations|variances} {following|after|accompanying} sleep deprivation in brain {areas|locations|spots|regions|places|zones} {traditionally|typically|customarily|usually|generally|historically} {associated {with|by having|through}|connected with|accompanied by} {basic|standard|fundamental|simple|general|ordinary|common} {reward|bonus|award|compensation|advantage} {reactivity|sensitivity},” Greer {said|stated|pointed out|declared|mentioned|announced} {in|throughout} her {{oral|verbal} {presentation|demonstration}|speech|presentation}. “{Instead|As an alternative|Alternatively|As a substitute|And surprisingly, instead}, {it|this} {seems|appears} to {be|be actually|be simply} {about|in relation to|in connection with|in respect to} the {regions|areas|spots} {higher|much higher|a lot higher} {up|at the top} {in|within|inside} the brain, {specifically|particularly|especially|exclusively} {within|inside|throughout} the frontal lobe, {failing|neglecting|forgeting} to {integrate|incorporate|include|combine} all the {different|various|assorted} {signals|indicators|signs|alerts|marks} {that|which} {help|assist|aid|enable} {us|one} {normally|generally|commonly|customarily} {make|arrive at|reach} {wise|sensible|advisable|good|smart|prudent|intelligent} {choices|options|selections|decisions} about {what|exactly what|just what|the things|the thing that} {we|people|individuals} {should|ought to|really should|need to} {eat|enjoy}.”

Greer {enrolled|signed up|registered|enlisted|recruited} 23 {healthy|healthy and balanced|well-balanced|healthier} {subjects|clients|cases|patients} {into|in to|inside|within} a crossover {study|research|investigation|exercise}, 13 of whom were {women|females|ladies}. {All|All of|Every one|Each of} the {subjects|clients|patients} were of {normal|typical|regular|usual|standard} weight and had no {restrictions|limitations|constraints|regulations|restraints} on {food|meals|food items} and no food {allergies|sensitivities|hypersensitivities|intolerances}. They had no {history|record} of neurological, psychiatric, or sleep {disorders|complications|conditions|ailments|afflictions}. The {healthy|healthful|healthy and well balanced|able-bodied|heart-healthy} {volunteers|subjects|participants} were {assigned|designated|appointed|selected} to a well-rested {period|duration|period of time|time period|span} from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. {and then|then|and|afterwards} {at|by} 9:30 a.m. {underwent|went through|undertook|experienced} the fMRI {study|research|investigation|survey}.

The {other|additional|alternative} group {stayed|remained} up {all|all of|all of the} {night|night-time|nighttime}, were {offered|provided|supplied|furnished|given} {a snack|a treat|a bite to eat|a midnight snack} {at|about} 2:30 a.m., {breakfast|morning meal|early meal} {at|near|about|around} 8:30 a.m. {and then|then|afterwards} the fMRI. {In|Within|Inside|During} the fMRI, the {subjects|patients|volunteers} {were|were simply} {asked|questioned} {about|regarding|concerning|pertaining to|relating to|all about|in respect to} their {desires|cravings} for {certain|specific|particular} {foods|meals|dishes|food items|snacks}– {whether|regardless if|no matter if|whether or not} they {wanted|desired|wished|preferred|would like} {or|or perhaps} didn’t {want|desire|prefer|choose|have an urge for} them. {And then|Then|Afterwards} the {results|outcomes|final results} were {analyzed|evaluated|studied|investigated}. {In|Within|Throughout} the {second|2nd|next} {{part|component|element|aspect} of|component of|aspect of|portion of} the {study|research|investigation|exercise} the {roles|functions|positions} {were|were simply} {reversed|turned around}.

In {a second|a subsequent|an additional} {report|statement|account}, Scott Wolfe, MS, {clinical|medical|scientific} {coordinator|manager|director|administrator} at the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center, {enrolled|signed up|registered|enlisted|recruited|signed on} 12 {men|males|guys} {and|as well as|and also|along with} 13 {women|females|ladies|girls} into his sleep deprivation {study|research|investigation|survey}. The {subjects|patients|volunteers} {were|were generally} {about|around} 34 {years|yrs} {of age|old}, had {normal|typical|regular} weights {and|as well as|along with} body mass indices. {Excluded|Left out|Omitted} {from|out of} the {study|investigation|exercise} were {individuals|people} who smoked or who had {diabetes|diabetic issues}, neurological {diseases|illness|conditions|disorders|afflictions}, and {other|additional|various other} {conditions|problems|disorders|afflictions|ailments|diseases}.

{{In|Throughout|During} {this|the aforementioned}|Within this|In this particular} {study|investigation|exercise}, the {individuals|people|volunteers} {spent|devoted} 6 days on {restricted|limited|regulated|restrained} {sleep|slumber}– 4 {hours|hrs}– {or|or else|alternatively} had {normal|typical|regular|standard} {rest|sleep} {periods|durations|times} of 9 {hours|hrs}. {After|Immediately after|Subsequent to|And after} a three-week {washout|rest|balance} {period|period of time|time period|time}, {they|these} {{returned|went back} to|revisited|came back to} the sleep {unit|area|clinic} {and|then} their {roles|functions|tasks} {were|were simply} {reversed|flip-flopped|turned around|switched|transposed}. {While|Whilst} in the {sleep|rest|slumber|siesta} {unit|module|component} their {meals|foods|mealtimes} were {controlled|managed|regulated|supervised} {for|for the sake of} 4 days {and then|then} they were {allowed|permitted|enabled} to make their {own|very own|personal|individual|own personal|particular} {food|meal|nutrition} {choices|selections|preferences|decisions} {in|during} the {next|following|ensuing|subsequent} 2 days. {After|Following|Immediately after|Subsequent to} 6 days the {subjects|clients|patients|volunteers} were then {given|provided|provided with|administered} fMRI {testing|screening|diagnostic tests|assessments}.

The anterior cingulate cortex {is|is generally} {correlated|associated} with {total|overall|complete} sleep deprivation {and|as well as|and also} {appetite|cravings|hunger}, Wolfe {noted|indicated|mentioned|documented}. {In|Within} his {study|research|investigation|academic work}, he {found|discovered|identified} that activation {of|from|within} sleep-deprived {individuals|people} “was similar to that of the obese” as {shown|presented|demonstrated|illustrated|established} in {other|additional|many other|various other} {studies|investigations|exercises|works}.

“In the sleep-deprived state, unhealthy foods activate the areas of the brain more involved in addiction and cognitive controls,” Wolfe {said|stated|declared|mentioned} {in|throughout} his {oral presentation|presentation|speech}.

{While|Although|Even though} the {studies|investigations|examinations} {may|might|may well|might just} {point to|indicate|suggest} {areas|regions|aspects|domains} {that|which|} {can|can easily|could} {use|make use of|employ|take advantage of} {additional|added|increased|even more|further} {research|analysis|study|investigation}, Sanjay Patel, MD, {lecturer|speaker} {on|regarding|about} {medicine|medical science} {at|in the} Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham & Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School, in Boston, told MedPage {Today|Right now|Now|At present} {that|the|this} use of {healthy|healthy and balanced|well-balanced|wholesome|healthier} {volunteers|subjects} as {subjects|cases|patients} {in|throughout|as part of} the {studies|exercises} {may|might|might possibly} {not|not actually} {{relate|connect} {to|with}|pertain to} {people|individuals|everyday people|men and women} {who|that} {are|are generally} {obese|overweight|at an unhealthy weight|too heavy} {or|or even} {diabetic|suffering from diabetes}.

He {also|additionally|at the same time} {suggested|recommended|advised|theorized} that {by|through} {excluding|leaving out|omitting|ignoring} {patients|individuals} {who|that} {are|are actually} {obese|overweight|at an unhealthy weight} {or|or even|or perhaps} {diabetic|suffering from diabetes}, the {researchers|scientists|clinicians|experimenters|investigators} {may|might} {be|be actually} {testing|analyzing|assessing} the {wrong|incorrect} {population|people|populace}. “The positive findings are relevant as being hypothesis-generating to see if this works out in real life,” he said. “The negative study may be negative because they are studying the wrong people.”

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  1. When watching a hypnotized person, what exactly separates their actions from their “hypnotizes state”? Recently, in 2009 at the University of Geneva, a study was conducted to test the activity that a brain under hypnosis undergoes. The study hypothesized that there is a amount of paralysis that occurs that therefore lets a hypnotized person have their motor skills inhibited. The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to test whether specific inhibitory processes of the executive control systems existed. The study concluded that although “hypnosis may enhance self-monitoring processes to allow internal representations generated by the suggestion to guide behavior but does not act through direct motor inhibition” (

    Source: Cojan, Yann, Lakshmi Waber. Neuron, Volume 62, Issue 6, 862-875, 25 June 2009

  2. rimagneuge says:

    “According to a study by the University of California Berkeley minorities and individuals who come from low income, little education backgrounds are far more likely to be on Myspace than Facebook. “I find the title, then, quite offensive. Are individuals who come from low income households, who are minorities, and who have little education automatically dumb, as the title insinuates? You say “not quite that stark of a difference,” but the implication here is that you have little regard for the intelligence of people from marginalized backgrounds.

  3. tamsynx says:

    We have a mixture of patterns. At the seminar group for my research cluster, we have a graduate student and faculty discussant for each presentation. The graduate student always goes first. a smallish group, so most people sit at the table. At larger colloquia, a little more stratified. Some graduate students sit at the table and some hang out on the periphery.

  4. Jennifer Abrams, a graduate student at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), has been awarded a three-year, $33,000 fellowship from the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) to her innovative research into the molecular causes of protein misfolding diseases like Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s and Parkinson’s…

  5. augh wyllippste says:

    I really liked how you put so many facts and detail into “What has been Crept over us for the past 30 to 40 years. And you are right, people only buy junk food for the taste, and low price. Do you like Junk food? Are “Magic Pills” Another term for “Weight Lost” Pills? And How do you think your brain, and your stomach are connected? Because you said that “Junk food can effect smaller kids IQ. Great Topic. I Learned that Junk food can Effect your IQ.

  6. gott waint says:

    Please, got to follow up on this post for us with the mysterious “_____” component of your trap description! Or is this an attempt to bait us instead, the hapless readers of TDF!

    The have discovered my high climbing tomato plants alongside my house and the shrilling decibel levels are drilling at frontal lobe! Please follow up on this post!

  7. hasmianili says:

    […] that the ventral striatum, a dopamine-innervated region of the basal gangia (discussed in a prior post), is more active when subjects perceive an error in their reward expectations such as a sudden […]

  8. schenevi gee says:

    (University of California – Santa Cruz) The Pew Charitable Trusts has named Alexander Sher, assistant professor of physics at UC Santa Cruz, a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences. Sher will receive a $240,000 award over four years to his research on how the retina heals itself after laser surgery.

  9. That's a fair response. I, like you, did work as a graduate student knowing that the prof was working for a client outside of the scope of his University work. I would suspect that if it were known by all in advance he would not have been convicted. It appears that someone believed (obviously the govt.) that Glass violated the law and hence business ethics in the actions he took.

    Perhaps there are others that worked as a graduate student with Glass who have comments.

    Thank you for yours.

  10. mallannoni gorstalila says:

    CA-Berkeley, Haas School of Business University of California Berkeley Office of Marketing and Communications Open Position Marketing Communications Manager: social media, and online marketing communications The position oversees for academic programs and other school initiatives, handles day-to-day social media for the school’s MBA programs, and manages a variety of onl

  11. These days, not only women are aware about their looks, as men are also serious about what they look, most especially when it comes into their body mass indices. So, are you one of those men who are having huge waists and does it makes feel humiliated?…

  12. sherrie1690 says:

    I can relate to wanting to be at home “playing video games and eating unhealthy foods.” I like to sit in front of my computer and eat unhealthy foods. (Well, I did eat some fruit today at the computer, but now eating popcorn!) I must learn not to eat anything while sitting at the computer — old and caught up with me at last!

  13. OMG! How cute are they? I love the way they are looking at each other…they say of a special relationship only twins can have. Thanks for the assvice. not taking any iron. As a matter of fact, not taking the prenatals. They stay down. I am hitting the folic acid and the whopper protein shakes loaded with crap though. I plan on doing the pump thing too. Thanks for posting during your sleep deprived state!

  14. King Curtis says:

    We really should be outraged about the bailing out of Wall Street. The American people must get more concerned about holding their elected officials accountable. as the PEW Research Center has discovered, too many Americans are not even aware of current affairs going on in this country and abroad. This is such an and well-crafted piece.

  15. Anytime there’s some of of negative study I’m to get use to  black women being  at the top of the list. A new study shows that the rate of American women who have children with multiple fathers, also called “multiple-father family structure,” is “pervasive.” According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, 1 in […]

  16. Alright, Lene, take a scientific perspective.

    “Deborah Yurgelun-Todd and colleagues at the McLean Hospital Brain Imaging Center in Boston, Massachusetts have used functional magnetic resonance imaging to compare the activity of teenage brains to those of adults…. The results from the McLean study suggest that while adults can use rational decision making processes when facing emotional decisions, adolescent brains are simply not yet equipped to think through things in the same way.” Also, “Jay Giedd and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) have reached similar conclusions using a brain imaging technique that looks at brain structure rather than activity. results suggest that development in the frontal lobe continues throughout adolescence and well into the early twenties.”

    So, whether “you” perceive children capable of making such life-impacting decisions, science/biology says they are not.

  17. Nunu, Nunu… first calling her fat, purple and sick and now lying & twisting the facts? tsk tsk tsk.

    noon, I hope you get better soon. Being sick for a long time is worrisome. I bet the brown background means that you eat junk food. not eating junk food now, are you? Sick people eat junk food.

    Nunu, you encourage people to eat junk food. Look how sick she is!

  18. melaniemusings2 says:

    I was sitting on a bench in Tompkins Square Park and Miguel was leafing thorugh his and a few people looked at it (including me) and a conversation is self-trained and has great feeling in his work. We need superheros now. He also has done a wing at Beth Israel Hospital which is adorned with his superhero as well. Liza I am glad you like it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I looked at StatRef, searching altered mental status or delirium and ct or radiograph, and nothing but an unhelpful outline. Then ovid searching delirium and radiograph and came up with one study that just examined how many times a head ct was ordered in AMS and a retrospective view of positive findings on head CT and they found that AMS or focal neuro exam was more likely in the presenting symptoms. I also tried ACP searching the same, and find anything. Long story be yelled at for ordering at the U but yelled at for not ordering at Rose.

  20. sebachapek says:

    I quickly opened a pre-release e-mail from John to “scan” the contents of his new book, when my eyes were drawn to every word until I had finished chapter four. that called “rivoting!” True hope and change is on the way for those who are reaping the pains of past sescrets like Scott Wolfe, Exec. Dir., InYou Ministries

  21. 2008 Election says:

    The injustice of it is almost perfect! The wrong people going hungry, the wrong people being loved, the wrong people dying! Was I really wrong to believe that a–a kind of–burning virility of mind and spirit that looks for something as powerful as itself? The heaviest, strongest creatures in this world seem to be the loneliest.JohnOsborneJohn Osborne, Look Back in Anger

  22. A team coordinated by Mathias Pessiglione, Inserm researcher at the “Centre de recherche en neurosciences de la Pitie Salpetriere” (Inserm/UPMC-Universite Pierre and Marie Curie/CNRS) have identified the of the brain driving motivation during actions that combine physical and mental the ventral striatum. The results of their study have been published in PLoS Biology…

  23. age ther says:

    […] This story was originally published in the Georgia Straight on January 26, 2010. By Goldis Chami, Rebecca Goulding, and Calyn Shaw Imagine that you have a steady stream of vaccines, medicines, and diagnostic tests that you want to use to help improve the health of hundreds of thousands of children, women, and men in low and middle income countries. How would you go about reliably and cost-effectively delivering steady supplies of these goods to v Read More […]

  24. Brain Science Podcast says:

    Lead author Susan Landau of the University of California, at Berkeley’s Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, and colleagues assessed the association between lifestyle practices — cognitive and physical activity — and beta-amyloid deposition …

  25. zou boronn says:

    Friend of the Blog (and Dark Energy Song performer) Lloyd Knox, Professor of Physics at the University of California Davis, has teamed up with undergraduate students David Gribble and Justin Smith and graduate student Damien to launch a new endeavor – The Spherical Cow Company – which … produces documentary videos to demonstrate […]

  26. Lindstrom niet onder de kerstbøm? - Frankwatching says:

    […] Of course, neuroscientists just poaching on traditional philosophical territory; they are interested in spirituality as well. For example, a study published last year in Neuroscience Letters, (Volume 405, Issue 3, 25 September 2006, Pages 186-190) examined the neural correlates of mystical experience. The investigators used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study patterns of brain activation in 15 Carmelite nuns. For discussion of this study, see this link. […]

  27. Spaceand Science Research Center says:

    You are invited to read the latest press release from the Space and Science Research Center (SSRC 3-2009), posted Monday, June 15, 2009, titled:

    “Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Reviewing Climate Change and Cap and Trade Programs to Insure Investor Protection”

    Please see this new press release and the included letter to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro at:



    John Casey
    Space and Science Research Center

  28. ghandria says:

    John Bengson, together with Marc Moffat, is leading a session on know how between 4 and 6 on wednesday:

    III-J. Symposium: Know-how and Concept Possession
    4:00-6:00 p.m.
    Chair: Phyllis Rooney (Oakland University)
    Speakers: John T. Bengson (University of Texas–Austin)
    Marc Moffett (University of Wyoming)
    “Know-how and Concept Possession”
    Commentators: Kevin Falvey (University of California–Santa Barbara)
    Aaron Zimmerman (University of California–Santa Barbara)

  29. On another note, the Graduate Student Caucus is beginning to make plans for our seminar panel next year and looking for a faculty member to help chair/organize that panel (what Kristina Straub did this past weekend) and others to serve as respondents to the graduate student papers. If you are interested or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me (n.e.miller [at] wustl [dot] edu). Thanks!

  30. Thanks for your comment. I have read the Manchester research and have indirectly referenced it throughout this and blogs – indeed the positive findings of the research completely mirror my own feelings about interactive technologies and the uplifting effect thay can have on teaching and learning. By exploring new avenues of interactive control and classroom enhancement, not trying to belittle the impact of IWBs, which has been massive. The point is solely that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and by taking these into consideration, technology can overcome other less flattering research by taking on a more flexible, holistic approach.

  31. Your LinkedIn Network Updates says:

    (TrendHunter.com) Cocooning by Filipa Tomaz, a graduate student at the Tisch School of the in New York, is an interesting furniture series that addresses the feelings of restlessness, tension and anxiety, which…

  32. Cerijenkz says:

    The worse regret we have in life, is not for the wrong things we did, but for the thousands of right things we did, for the wrong people ..

  33. spri stich says:

    I agree that child obesity is a multi-faceted problem, unsolvable through bans and restrictions. As many have said before me, instead of just limiting unhealthy foods, we need to adjusting our way of living and educating the populace. The first is definitely a major issue in the US; not only have we made healthy foods more expensive than unhealthy foods, but we have also created a society in which sizes are extremely inflated. The second is an issue that Jamie Oliver brought up: we need to educating people about food and health. The current “landscape of food is creating an unhealthy country…[we need] food ambassadors and food education [to create a] new standard of fresh, proper food…”

  34. jasomcka says:

    Junk food is a tasty snack. I work on a farm and junk food is a reward for a hard days work. Is it really bad for you if you work off all the calories after eating it? I think that it is ok to eat it as long as it is in moderation and is worked off. I love junk food but I work off all of the calories that it gives is it still bad?

  35. College is meant to be for higher education, not playing football. If these programs want to stay open and running, they need to be self-sufficient –the Cal football program the Cal football program, not the University of California the Cal football team. Spending all that money on something that does nothing to increase the level of education or the quantity of students educated, in a HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM, is completely absurd.

  36. horsaum says:

    A presentation at the annual meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society on April 3rd revealed that cases of eating disorders have links to brain-activity. areas of the brain show sluggishness for people who eat very little, while the same areas are hyperactive when it comes to over-eaters. The five test groups:1. People with anorexia at 85% or less of a healthy weight2. Recovered anorexics3. Those at a healthy, normal weight4. Those who are clinically obese5. People suffering from a disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome, wherein a mutation on chromosome 15 causes developmental delays, mental deficits and prevents the sufferer from feeling full.Quote from to study the extremes, because the biology is clearer in those individuals,” said psychologist Susan Carnell of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University. “That helps us understand normal weight variation.”

  37. Learning Outside the Lines « New Urban Habitat says:

    This is a great post on the experience of new motherhood. I can SO remember feeling like I lost my old self when Soren came, and now I truly cannot imagine life without my children, nor me without all that my children have taught me about being in the moment and living life well.

    Thanks for a good reminder of the value of the journey (as I am in a slightly sleep deprived state of late).

  38. Henry Moorhead says:

    Taxes on soda, candy with warning labels, banning candy in school all are ridiculous. Obesity is a problem, but not one that can be solved with taxes that is a problem in the culture, what needs to be done is more proactivity about exercise and healthy living. Reward successes do not punish failures. The fact is unhealthy foods are cheaper, more common and in terms of flavor are often considered better, because they are sweeter. Education teach the problems of candy.

  39. Spend thrift campus chancellors whether at private or public universities must be dismissed. University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau($500,000 salary) spends $300,000 for ex Michigan Governor lecture and $3,000,000 on consultants to do the WORK of his job and the WORK of his many vice-chancellors.
    Pink slip University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau honorably: NOW

  40. Anonymous says:

    You guys not aware but Sanjay Patel who is developing this Motel has few motels like Galaxy Motel and Oasis Motel on Pennsylvania Avenue as well as Crossbay Motel on Crossbay blvd and they are nothing but encouraging prostitution also he had a motel in long island city called Q-Plaza motel was shut down by New York State because they were caught doing prostitution. You have believe it but check records. You probably want to have such going in your neighbourhood but some good decent legitimate hotel. Change is always good for good not for bad. It will bring you nothing but trouble, my friends trouble and when I say this I mean it. We gotta do something about it no matter what.

  41. Twitter says:

    Conclusions:  The findings suggest that abnormal VACC, OFC, and ventral striatum responses to happy and neutral stimuli are trait features of BD. Acute mood states may be associated with additional lateralized abnormalities of diminished right rostral PFC responses to fearful and neutral stimuli in elevated states and increased left OFC responses to fearful stimuli in depressed states. (Source: Bipolar Disorders)

  42. Twitter says:

    There are quite a few skin care mistakes that can prevent your skin from looking its best. There are unlimited things that can cause skin problems such as acne, rosacea, wrinkles, and dried out skin. We are constantly exposed to toxins in the air, we eat too much junk food and don’t drink enough pure water and we try to save money on skin care products by buying those that are cheaply made and contain harsh chemicals. We’re going to concentrate in this on some of the habitual mistakes people make that keeps their skin from being the best it can be.

  43. scartis elschio says:

    to mr adhd is for desperate gullabull people. look into the research done on a cross section of the public and adhd suffers. both were tested for frontal lobe dopamine responses the adhd sufferers not only had lower production levels but also the cells that administer the dopamine werent as spread out as on the non sufferers. there are many functions of the left frontal lobe and the symptoms of adhd are generally within there e.g organizational skills, rationalization. so you see you silly boy it pays to do your research not just be a lemming. goodnight

  44. Following the right people on Twitter is but so is unfollowing the wrong people. If you are leading a busy life, you don”t have time to read thousands of tweets per day, when too many tweets come from the same users. Here are some tips that will help you identify who you should unfollow. Use Twitter Lists. Create lists so that you can categorize and keep track of people who post similar content. There is no need to continue to follow these individuals in your main feed. You can keep users on lists and you can check them whenever you want. This will ensure that tweets don”t get lost in the feed. Watch who is unfollowing you. Quitter is a Twitter tool that lets you know who stops following you an … follower-to-following ratio, spammer, tweets per day, Twitter lists, unfollow people

  45. Rikki, Fargo, ND says:

    I want to share some positive findings from our FB Pulse questions tonight — while many people seem pessimistic about the overall economy, their responses show their personal situations are in pretty good shape.

    We asked: Are you worried about losing your job?
    79% said NO. That is a good thing.

    The latest results on whether you were more hopeful / more fearful / no change after listening to the address:
    52% say MORE HOPEFUL. More than 105k people had responded at last check.

    I believe in being realistic, but I also believe you can be realisitic and focus on the positive. too to be Debbie Downer!

  46. morazeal says:

    Well, you may be right about Berkeley. I was a GSI (and an instructor too) at Berkeley and I easily give students As. However, grade inflation at the graduate level even at Berkeley. When I was doing my course work as a graduate student, I would have to retake a course if I got a grade lower than A-! That means professors will be pressured to give at least an A- to a graduate student because a B+ is a failing grade.

  47. I have a couple of requests for the new Supreme Ruler, Head Huncho, and Grand Pumba.

    I like junk food, junk food is please protect junk food and allow everyone access to it!

    Also, I have tried many health drinks… and most are vastly improved by adding alcohol. Will you please make that a requirement for all health drinks (that they contain alcohol)?

  48. gillenscho says:

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  49. scrookfiet weianic says:

    with you on the planning and the eats 🙂 I find that the days that I plan ahead what going to make for dinner are the days that I make horrible food choices. As far as better fast food choices, I like Jack in the Fajita Pitas. I know where you are or if you have a Jack in the Box near you, but pretty good and not bad calorie and fat wise.

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  52. The oversimplified answer is to never eat fast food (even though it can be healthier than restaurant food sometimes), but if you ever do find yourself looking at a fast food menu, Reddit members have got your back. Fast food workers share the least healthy and most unsanitary food choices at their establishments. More »

  53. bako kanes says:

    […] The Globe this morning that both employees and management will be taking cuts in pay and security, and that 20 bloggers, organized by Paul Levy, president of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, simultaneously published a post asking readers to submit suggestions on how the Globe can improve its financial position. blog is at runningahospital.blogspot.com).  joined the rally in a separate post. […]

  54. God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet that person, we know how to be grateful

  55. frantancha says:

    Before I even read what you had under the picture, I thought it was Michael J. Fox as well. Hmm… Scott Wolfe has adorable dimples..Sorry about your face… that sounded bad, but you know what I mean!Love You!

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