Nefarious NapStealers Are Risky

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According to {a recent|an informative} {posting|article} in, Nefarious NapStealers have created {ongoing|chronic} sleep deprivation in our society and there are great risks associated with this tremendous lack of sleep in general in our {society|culture}. The truth is that Americans in general are not getting enough {sleep|rest}. We do everything on the run and we don’t even have downtime because we are constantly bombarded with copious amounts of information or we are actively participating in some form of distracting activity, such as cell phone usage, video games or browsing the Internet.

All of this can lead {scientists|researchers} to {believe|hypothesize} that the Nefarious NapStealers are hard at work in our {society|culture}, but my {hypothesis|belief} is that they no longer have to work at causing sleep deprivation, because the {thoughts|beliefs} and {actions|attitudes} that cause these symptoms are now {widespread|rampant} throughout our {culture|society}. The other thing is that  you don’t even have to write {concise|well-written}, {well-researched|thoughtful}, {descriptive|insightful} articles about anything any more, because as a whole, we {skim|infosnack|speed-read} and don’t really read {complete|entire} articles because we are {speedily|quickly} moving on to the next thing.

That is how the Nefarious NapStealers have infiltrated all ages and ethnicities, causing {rampant|widespread} sleep deprivation and other nefarious sleep disorders, such as napstealing, siesta thieving, sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia and a plethora of others that keep sleep clinics in business. If you’re up for a sleep study, a NapStealer may even be conducting one in your area. All you have to do is take a look around and see people {dozing|nodding off} around you to see that the {United States|USA} is one of the most sleep deprived {nations|countries} {on the globe|in the world}. Is this {a masterpice|well-written}? No. Is it {efficient|effective}? I sincerely {believe|hope} so.

What are the solutions? While there are not many solutions at the moment, the most helpful tools in the sleep arsenal are CSPAN and other government activities. These entities can unintentionally help, by curing insomnia with their committee meetings and voting sessions shown live on basic cable television. Another possible solution comes through religious meetings and activities where ministers drone on and on about any number of subjects. Let’s support these groups that are copiously trying to protect us from NapStealers and Siesta Thieves.

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  1. sasquatch08 says:

    the only possible solution in Afghanistan is a deal with the Taliban
    I expect this is impossible while counter-terrorism is pursued and enduring bases are built (killing Taliban will always inspire retribution and anger locals; the bases will always be a target)– and not showing signs of giving either up. Therefore, is there no possible solution? least one without a dramatic change in US policy?

  2. Buckley_LS says:

    I have a lot of habits, the worst of them all is thinking too much.. depression and a sleep disorder are my ramifications of this… >_

  3. Adela Rumonova says:

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  4. Oops, I just realized after reading the previous comment that you would have to be without the glasses for a while (a week?) if they were done through Costco. Sorry. So unless there is a backup pair, that be a solution.

    Would or Sears optical be a possible solution?

    Does the 30% off with AAA membership at Lens Crafters apply to lenses only?

  5. schhenny perchard says:

    Quite possibly people will give up their landlines in a recession, if they need to move more often. Landlines are non-essential if you own a cell-phone, and most broadband plans are often not much more expensive, or not at all more expensive than phone based internet if you already have even basic cable television.

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  7. thnitahlf driquester says:

    Anyway, this kid is just a WoW addict and needs to learn to grow up. He apparently has no social skills and has an unstable personality, which is probably due to long gaming hours, sleep deprivation and Red Bull -.- lol.

  8. I am not a priest, but I do agree with Fr. Hopkins and Fr. Rueda in their positions. I think there has been a tremendous lack of charity shown by the blogger and that is another of the problems we are facing after Vatican II.
    In all the history of our Holy Mother the Church one has never see so many apostasizing and leaving the Catholic Church because of Vatican II.
    I think Tridentine Mass should be celebrated in every church in the Archdiocese and educate priests in latin and in the rituals prior to Vatican II.

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  10. I too found this book fascinating and vivid. I imagine that many brave women of that time took great risks as the character of Caterina did in Signora da Vinci. Especially from the standpoint of a mother, whose driving force in life is to be there for her son, there is often no other choice than to take great leaps of faith.

    I loved the interaction between Lorenzo and Caterina.

    This book had me feeling like I was an insider during time.

  11. identity theft is a serious issue, many people may not realize but if their identity is stolen then theres a span of illegal activities they could be tied . This happens as the perpetrators use the ” fake” stolen identities. it is also true that there are not many solutions. But the most effective one would be to make computer users aware of how and why it occurs and ways to prevent it.

  12. I know more about sleep apnea than what you think. You never answered my question. Are you a doctor. I am not stupid and like to be called so. Hardly with my Hey why you educate me if you know so damn much. I read up on it and I am entitled to give my opinion. I have to explain myself to you! Why YOU stop putting your stupid comments on youtube. You realize you irritate people too.

  13. guiguet corona says:

    Yes Jerry sings with no rhythm. Note the conductor shaking his head when Jerry comes in out of time. He and the piano player do their best to follow the “phrasing” as Jerry rushes and drags. Jerry lost the tonal center during the brief modulation at the first turn around. We all have moments of making big mistakes on stage but Jerry showed a tremendous lack of professionalism in blaming the band.

  14. Jay Selway says:

    Hey Ellen,

    just curious, but when she had the sleep study did she have any episodes?

    When I had my head injury, I had a 4 day stay at the epilepsy monitoring unit at Sinai. Apparently they are the best in the area at confirming or ruling out entirely seizure activity. Dr. Jay Foreman is the guy to see there.

    Just a thought that you might want to check it out. I speak from experience that the B&SI Sinai is pretty outstanding. (My niece went there for epilepsy monitoring as well..)

  15. SeekingAlpha24 says:

    Social media sure is powerful. It allows people to share their thoughts in real time, and has become a tool to amplify small voices that the world has to hear. But the freedom and potency that if offers come with great risks, and this we have to practice with moderation. In fact, during the break out of swine flu in 2009, Twitter exacerbated the anxiety beyond the disease’s actual reach …

  16. aunabbouls jornayabet says:

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  18. klin hebatty says:


    I agree 100%, we in the caribbean cannot seem to emerge from this constant brainwashing….if the majority of economic activity is the result of trading only within barbados, or government activities etc., then where does that get us as a country. Absolutely no where. like creating monopoly money within a household and the husband trading with the wife and children only…yeah to that family its real money. Now take that monopoly money to the supermarket..exactly! The family has to earn real dollars not monopoly money. So focus should be on earning real hard currency!!

  19. frimerrync says:

    Roads should be cell phone free
    The Alestle
    Illinois Senate President John announced that Illinois might become the 10th state to ban cell phone usage of any kind while driving. It may come as a shock to some, but texting while driving has already been outlawed for two years. …

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  21. @bvbzahrabvb The proper way to act.. the manners you’re expected to show.
    (Yay! I have a sleep disorder so I’m sorry if I nod off at times)

  22. lauffellyn says:

    all well and good that anime is still being aired on Cable TV, but not nearly as much back when Toonami was around. But now that we have the internet and the ability and option of watching our legal anime on sites like CrunchyRoll and Youtube, and can download full episodes off of iTunes as well as the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace, I really see any reason to watch favorite anime on Cable TV anymore.

  23. I think that you should be allowed to teach your children by your own. One big issue with homeschooling is controlling the quality of education. If parents who homeschool their kids watched, their children could suffer from bad education or have some other kind of education which is very different form an average education. A possible solution would be homeschooling combined with some obligatory classes or official tests on a regular basis which allow your children to prove their knowlege to the state.

  24. cecil habon says:

    Pete and Eivind have big brains, Barry. I used to have one before sleep apnea killed off numerous brain cells in my head during the early nineties. :^)

  25. I love that verse and long like Paul for the same thing, but Christ crucified or raised in a Church service.

    I celebrate the resurrection many times a year, but find this Sunday and Christmas Sunday the two I most want to miss. This may sound horrible to some, but rather sick of religious meetings and these two special occasions often leave me with an Isaiah 1:12 reaction. “When you come to appear before Me, Who has required this from your hand, To trample My
    Hebrews 13:13 Therefore let us go to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach.

  26. gado anoy says:

    I applaud your AMAZING courage and your extraordinary way of sharing and describing your challenging journey. Your ability to find and express humor continues to makes me smile 🙂 I have really enjoyed your memories and stories about your time in Chicago. I recall that you were the only M.D who medical news on local TV. the medical on NBC a dentist???
    E-hugs to you and Lisa…

  27. Dewey Obst says:

    Interesting Excerpt:
    “The standard number/letter configuration found on phones, on the other hand, was originally designed in Soviet Russia, known today as Russia. To send secure messages to other conrads, both the sender and receiver would have devices with the modern phone keypad. This would then be used as both a coding and decoding device. Later on, in 2003, the year the war ended, the device was picked up by BellSouth and integrated into the worlds first cellular telephone.”

    Very interesting tidbit I found

  28. Ron Bolin says:

    There are two scheduled committee meetings remaining in April, once taking place as I write:

    Advisory Committee: April 27 at 12 noon in the City Hall Board Room

    Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission: April 28 at 7pm in Activity Room (Upper Level) in the Bowen Park Complex.

    Agendas for these meetings are available at the City web site.

  29. Straight-talking Sudanese mobile communications billionaire, Dr Mohamed “Mo” Ibrahim, lamented the “tremendous lack of governance in the European Union” over the debt crisis at the closing ceremony of the Africa Media Leaders Forum (AMLF) in Tunis on Friday.

  30. vicky0919 says:

    I think that video games are very useful for using them as an educational purpose. Video games take an eduactional topic and make it fun for the children using them. Also these days there are a lot of good games out there for all different ages and all differnt topics, which benefits all of the students when having fun and getting to use the computer.

  31. comrich per says:

    I sleep during my sleep study either — or at least it sure feel like it. (and yes, psychic ;>>> the Scots blood )

    glad you got a sleep study because that insomnia/sleep disturbance BITES.

    And good luck with that knee! (getting old for sissies, for sure)

    And now that checked to make sure safe from the SNAKE!, off to hook myself up to my turbo-charged sleep machine, turn on the Potter CD (Half-Blood Prince, 3rd or 4th time around — I go from book 1 on through the series, then over), and then Dreamland. :)))


  32. AdibIbrahim666 says:

    Forgive the spam.
    I just need to vent some stuff out like, WHY CAN”T I SLEEP? Do I have insomnia or some sleep disorder? #wtf

  33. ajmorabito says:

    Ha… Sofia, never hated on video gaming, just types of video games. played video games most of my life–still do. I love video games. Last year I attended James Beach and Matt session at the D.A.T.E. Conference on video games in ELA and was not a video game guru at the level of either of them, but I plan on incorporating video games into my classes.

  34. Since I,ve been in the Ambulance Service I,ve developed a addiction to tea!

    I drink copious amounts of the stuff due to the fact that we need to “eat in the saddle” at work. I cadge tea at hospitals, never turn down an offer of a cuppa at a patients house (circumstances and cleanliness allowing).

    I have trained my bladder to take on the size of a “space hopper” so that I can take on board more tea!

  35. The cause-effect relationship here is all bass ackwards. Heavy cell phone usage does not cause brain damage. brain damage that leads to heavy cell phone usage. Want proof? Just observe the people who are always yapping on their phones in public so all of us have to listen to what invariably amounts to half of a stupid conversation (which at least is only half as bad as it could be).

    So there.

  36. Dr. Free-Ride says:

    Short term possible solution: If an MRU has a medical school, what are the chances that there are a few fluent Spanish-speaking med students who need a little extra cash?
    Long-term solution – I agree with Arlenna.
    Also, there must be an organization somewhere that deals specifically with this issue, like an advocacy group for Hispanic Americans. Maybe they have resources to help doctors and researchers translate…….?

  37. bequeath there be a nationwide prohibition for cell phone phone usage while driving? The federal administration�€™s sensibility on cell phone phone usage while driving is firm and may also progress to… Related posts:Will there be a nationwide ban for cell phone usage while lusty? The federal administration’s stance on cellphone phone usage even though zippy is firm and may progress to an The State of Delaware offers its drivers, with its Delaware defensive driving courses, the to better their driving skills even though both lowering their automobile insurance premiums and improving

  38. I second what KC said above… my life is so hectic right now and finding time to watch my favorite shows is rare! What the BBC is attempting to do sounds like a great idea… if America catch on soon, I might just have to move to the UK! I definitely think that others would love this new, merging technology and will be quick to use it. The convenience of this new feature will definitely attract more users and once this becomes popular, the other forms of media/television intake will become obselete. Sooner than we know, basic cable television will become just like casette players and VCRs!

  39. We’re losing an hour’s sleep, but gaining daylight – KVAL

    We’re losing an hour’s sleep, but gaining daylight – KVAL
    Photo Flickr user robandstephanielevy (Creative Commons). WASHINGTON (AP) – As if you weren’t already sleep deprived, you’ll get an hour less shuteye Saturday night no matter what time you turn out the lights. At 2 a.m. local time …

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  41. trocco13 says:

    I think that the idea of using video games as an educational device is an excellent idea if it is used in moderation. Computer use in preschool age children has the ability to allow them to learn, if the game is educational, but also helps to develop their fine motor skills. With older children educational video games allows them to learn information in a nontraditional way that may grab their attention more than sitting down to do homework. But this practice should be done in moderation because kids need to have time to go outside, play, and interact with other children face-to-face.

  42. man bradelfi says:

    Well, I am eternally upset about paternalistic mandatory seatbelt laws, but this kind of rule seems like common sense to me.

    If a condition is known to create extremely dangerous driving conditions for others, e.g. drunk driving and cell phone usage, then that condition should not exist on public roads. I care if the idiots kill themselves, but leave me and other innocents alone.

  43. I wish I could be there today. It should be lively! Karen Bernard and Fran Allen are passionate and well informed Arboretum advocates.
    I attended the work session the evening of May 19th when the committee created by the Village Board to facilitate discussion between the Village/hudson/arboretum was put together. I agree that it would be great to have committee meetings happen outside of office hours but as long as this gets resolved without taxpayers paying for a lawsuit it looks like everyone could win.

  44. To compare a free internet (one without government-enforced net neutrality) to the current American cable TV system is foolish. It is net neutrality, not a free internet, that will result in a consumer-unfriendly result such as American cable TV.

    Government regulation drives the market away from satisfying the consumer and toward satisfying the government and special interests (including big “businesses”). Government regulation will result in a strange, unsatisfying tier-system or something similar on the internet.

    If net neutrality passes, in ten years everyone will be saying, “Oh, it was inevitable that the internet would turn out this way.” not inevitable. Stop net neutrality, keep the internet free, and avoid turning it into something like the current cable TV system.

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  46. I agree as well that they have their convenient aspects. My main hang up is that cell phones have been so widely accepted into our society without any thought about their effects, and I was just trying to balance out all of the other propaganda we are being fed about cell phone usage.

    Obviously, each family must make their own choices about what is best and what works for them.

  47. Icerocket blog search: aids says:

    Sleep Lab looking for a or with interest in working in the field of sleep medicine. Must have in Respiratory. The job will consist of night work solely dealing with sleep disorders. Training is available. We encourage the new employee to become double boarded by providing study material and resources to take the RPSGT exam which the company will cover costs. Most must have people skills and a positive attitude. Email resume and any questions.

  48. Claire (of Jon) says:


    Go to Their freeze dried veggies when sprinkled with nutritional yeast (or salt) feel like chips. The dehydrated blueberries are lovely; the pommegranite (sp) is explosive. Not cheap, but they often keep my on track with eating. Green tea (copious amounts) seems to help sometimes. Distracting myself. Good luck. Thinking of you.


  49. dela aptiscott says:

    I personally love it when people try something that has never been done before. I respect that some are willing to take great risks in order to achieve their cause. I know anything about President policies or his overall effectiveness as a president but I do commend him for trying something new in his campaign. I also think it would be cool if President Obama released an inspirational rap.

  50. I really understand why Government just draw things to their logical conclusion and close down all non-government activities altogether.

    This profiteering in the name of food should cease and we should allow the gummint to organise all food and economic supplies.

    I am sure that the powers-that-be would run a perfectly good NZ if it for those meddling citizens.

    Worked well for Russia.

  51. schmi germei says:

    Should you hook up with the activists? Not out at Occupy Wall Street, but to ride along with activist investors like Carl Icahn and Nelson Peltz. There are payoffs to be had, but also great risks: If you followed Icahn into Yahoo (YHOO) when he pushed to merge it with Microsoft (MSFT), you’d be down 41% today. 1 comment!

  52. It depends how in touch with reality the player is. I love me some good video games (though I prefer the Super Mario-type games myself) but some people can lose all touch with real and not. when I think video games could be a bad influence. But I remember hearing people/media blame video games (or rock music) whenever some teenager commits a crime, but I really think they can put the entire blame on video games. I mean, thousands of millions of people play video games for decades now. not all criminals! The parents have to bring these kids up properly as well.

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  54. sanimah says:

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  55. That sounds like sleep apnea – and anyone can have that problem. A friend of mine in college had a deviated septum which caused it. Minor surgery fixed that.

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  59. Steve Kroft talks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of Comedy Central’s “South Park” and gets to watch the process that each week produces another scathing and hilarious episode for the biggest hit on basic cable television. Now the disrespectful duo also have the biggest hit on Broadway, the musical comedy “The Book Of Mormon.” Watch the season premiere of “60 Minutes” on Sunday, September 25 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

  60. jey noen says:

    That there was an accusation of the military having whisked away money is clearly true, as was documented by mainstream media. The photo caption merely that observation. The photographers took great risks to provide the images which, along with the text was made freely available in a public forum. How much more sharing could there have been?

  61. Phyllis says:

    I liked this post, interesting that cell phone usage is so ubiquitous in developing countries, especially when many lack the that we take for granted. You should check out Tom book: “The World is Flat”. I think an updated version that just came out, but he writes about this very subject, and presents some interesting arguments.

  62. He talks about not relying on gas taxes as sources of revenue for ongoing government activities. In the spirit of the season we might read his remarks as meaning that he remembers something about demand being much more elastic in the long run than in the run, even if he remember how that applies to the effect of tax increases on government tax revenue.

    Not that I really believe the case.

  63. Bad news for cable TV. According to a new some 2.65 million subscribers have abandoned cable or satellite TV since 2008 in favor of Internet and over the air delivery. Nearly half of that, 1.05 million, came in 2011 alone. Another million or so customers are expected to do so by the end of 2012. [Convergence Online via Bloomberg] More »

  64. It's either a delicious irony or a sad day (I decide which) when two in the Harper government, a government well known for tremendous lack of enthusiasm to reduce GHG emissions, rationally disassemble the doublespeak of a freeway-building + emissions “reducing” middle government.

    I hope the federal (or your excellent review) end up in the hands of a couple of main stream not afraid to bring them to light for general scrutiny, and who will ask the premier some pointed questions about them.

  65. My stove broke, and with 5 hrs sleep in last 2 days, it’s taking all of my self control to not fly into a sleep deprived rage and throw it.

  66. Icerocket blog search: aids says:

    A sleepwalking adult is typically different than a sleepwalking child. While sleepwalking in childhood is fairly common, sleepwalking by adults is somewhat rare, and is normally caused by different factors. Somnambulism is the clinical term for sleep walking. It is of a group of sleep disorders …

  67. gudreveddl dram says:

    So yeah. I should be asleep. But I’m not. But I can’t. Ain’t life grand. Stupid inability to sleep. Can you tell I’m sleep deprived? Grr lol

  68. What a bunch of obtuse liberals. The only good they can do for mankind is to swig copious amounts of Drano.

    Quote me on that. 😛

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  70. lening, i see your argument but be a step backwards to go back to the old guard. Fact is these guys are going to retire at some point soon and replacements will be required for all forms of the game. Going back to them in T20s would show a tremendous lack of confidence in the talent pool. My take would be to find some more players so noone is taking their places for granted based on a few IPL performances.

  71. A in a pro-Taliban Pakistani daily has criticized India for disallowing a number of foreign Islamic religious leaders of Tablighi Jamaat from preaching and attending religious meetings in …
    May 13, 2010, 4:20 pm

  72. Love is like a glass door sometimes u don’t see it and it smacks u right in ur face. Great love and great achievements involve great risks

  73. Twitter says:

    So I have to go do one of these sleep study things in a lab with wires all hooked up and stuff. Very sci fi. I’m supposed to sleep??

  74. A cellular telephone is only dangerous to use during a thunderstorm under 3 circumstances:
    1. The Cellular telephone is connected to a power source such as a car or wall outlet.
    2. You are using the cellular telephone outside.
    3. You are using a cellular telephone connected directly (by wire, not wireless) to an amplifier and/or outside antenna.

    A cordless handset is only dangerous if:
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  77. fulsen tibbs says:

    Grad committee meetings are April 13 and April 19 this month. Our next Grad assembly will be on April 26 near the end of period 2.

  78. Nico Burasco says:

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    2. What are the positive aspects of video games? The negative?
    3. How influential are video games upon the youth? What about this IT makes it either influential or not influential in your mind?
    4. Considering the recent crusades against video games from activists such as Jack Thompson, how well does this present another viewpoint?
    5. In your opinion, is it ironic that video games can aid athletes?

  79. plus, here is the only place we sleep! there will be no night in heaven, no sleep there! 🙂 this is not of those graces reserved for i know for a fact that if i don;t get a goodnight sleep, or at least some sleep during the night ( sleep disorders plague me often enough), i am not effective and efficient in my day! As time passes i see the need for sleep more and more ( how i stayed up all those nights when i was a teen, i don;t know! it seams impossible right now)!
    off the soap box now, and on to work!

  80. reixnesser says:

    Send us five tickets to England, and call it a A really, really fun one. With a whole lot of little kids.

    Maybe we could drink copious amounts of liquor so they drive us insane? LOL

    We are praying for safe and uneventful travels back home for both of you. And praying that O and A adjust easily to a new baby in the house. And praying for safety. And praying for your sanity. I think got it all covered, right?

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    Currently there is no regulations on the subject, however, there is a lot of confusing recommendation.

    In most cases it is best if you get this taken care of before you go for your Physical. And there is home tests that can be done that will get you tested and treated for $1500.00

    If you have more questions call the information line on the web site


  83. Dawkins versus Timonen « "And sometimes he's so nameless" says:

    “How terribly human”

    Exactly. Oh well, we did spend good times there (although I never crossed you speciifically).

    Richard and Josh showed a tremendous lack of sensibility here, but I have this question.

    What do you exactly mean by “rickroll”? I asked this same question at rationalia. What did Josh do? It may seem obvious to the geeks, but a laymen….

  84. Seriously, people?? Educate yourselves on how the world economy works before you fire off opinions based on a tremendous lack of knowledge. I suggest you read The World Is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. It gives a good look into what is actually happening in the US and how we can adapt to preserve our economic leadership. Whether you believe it or not….YOU CANT PROTECT YOUR WAY TO PROSPERITY!!

  85. torrin clay says:

    Just found some markup I checked in just a few weeks ago that would make any standardista cry. I must have been sleep deprived that

  86. Me, anniesa, Kalvin and devin. Maleah can’t cause she can’t find a baby sitter & my parents and Zach have to go to gr for a sleep study.

  87. lyle mari says:

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    But I keep having to point out to these people that lions live in the jungle.

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    Krissy, your Dad told me of your blog only yesterday morning and I have read backwards through to September. A friend wrote me of bad medical news about a brother, “Life does deal difficult cards, it, and there is no choice but to carry on and try to gain wisdom from difficult times.” I have saved the card, and I type from it. You exemplify wisdom, and have transmitted it to your children. It showed when Braeden said not to tell Austin yet, a balance of what should be when is wisdom. Georgia

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  93. quisson tupp says:

    To Keith Meyers: Something is wrong with the audio transmissions on the city cable channel. During the committee meetings sometimes the sound on at all, and the rest of the time it has a `humming and buzzing` noise that is so annoying, and we are barely able to hear the speakers.

    Has the person incharge of getting things repaired called someone to have this fixed? Thanks for checking this out.


  94. casami nenburleas says:

    Ahhhh, this post is so fun… and helpful. I can completely imagine myself hovering over the cribs with excellent intentions and waking the babies. I love the sleep study idea and I am quite impressed that you guys were able to figure out that a smallish correction could make such a huge difference. And the image of the Bee chewng on a monkey and talking is too precious for words!

  95. “I think there are those on the British Left that actually might welcome a Tory victory . . . ”

    Why you name some names, Modernity?

    ” . . . not that they’d admit it openly”

    Oh wait up. covered your arse . . . again.

    “a bit like religious meetings, lots of slogan, shouting, etc, makes people feel good, but doesn’t achieve anything . . . ”

    with you there. Writing snarky comments on blogs is sooo much satisfying. 😉

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  98. MacyWhiteAir says:

    >> feel that you are suffering from this type of sleep disorder try getting more sleep. Even if you keep waking up you must stay in bed >>

  99. MRM: Wah wah. Not even in the same league. $800 out of pocket for a sleep study sounds positively in line for US standards.

    FF: Socialized medicine? Where? Not for foreigners! Happy on the 15th!

    Gamamae: yes, load up on those antibiotics while you are at it, especially the ones for back pain and sleep. We have moved onto Chinese worms …

    Safmomma: this is your first time commenting! Bemvindo and Happy on the 16th!

  100. bence azawa says:

    has anyone had a sleep study that has come up inconclusive? I am having one done after Christmas…as much as I don’t want to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, I am hoping to find some answers as to why I am so tired all the time. Had blood work done lat week to check for anemia, thyroid levels and…

  101. Most of the games on the ps3 are crap even their exclusives. Which is why Sony has only a few games that sell over 3 million. While the wii has a bunch ranging from e for every one to games even the so called hardcore says are too hard.

    Video games are not movies the ps3 is a movie box in a time where interactive movies suck and box office movies suck.

    Plus we all have an every thing box called a pc why buy a fanboy driven version of the pc.

    Last time I looked ps3 are sold in toy stores media hubs are not. Some one is confused as to which market he is in.

    It just goes to show ps3 devs are wanna be pc game makers that need hype box to well games.

  102. I think there are those on the British Left that actually might welcome a Tory victory

    not that admit it openly

    but be able to organise all of that wonderful juvenile street theatre and plenty of around London, waving placards

    a bit like religious meetings, lots of slogan, shouting, etc, makes people feel good, but achieve anything

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  104. ridge ofenbauerl says:

    Hi Jay! Thanks for the tip. No, she have any “episodes” during her sleep study. of the the frustration. But look at all that garbage on her! Docs are considering another sleep study. mention this to Brian and see if maybe we want to check out Sinai. Ugh – the intake on the medical history exhausts me just thinking about it.

  105. cruisin2 says:

    Alderman Meyer, thank you for your note.

    We did experience audio challenges yesterday during the taping of committee meetings, as we had a piece of equipment fail just as the meetings were getting underway. You may have seen the bulletin we put on the screen in the very beginning of Public Safety as we had no audio whatsoever for a period of time. We were able to troubleshoot in order to have limited audio as we recorded the remainder of the meetings but that remedy also included a hum in the system which we were unable to resolve. We have located the appropriate replacement piece of equipment and hope to have it installed in time for the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday.

  106. kuda macka says:

    Definitely try the doctor – the recommendations found are good sleep hygiene, and should be followed first to make sure not a lifestyle thing – but there are other reasons for insomnia!! You might get a referral to do a sleep study not sure what other tests they do first – I got shuttled straight to the sleep study because they guessed why already).

    Hope you are sleeping better soon – but what a way to use insomnia to your advantage!

  107. bend nosoyasidi says:

    I, too, stand water. I force myself to drink it sometimes, but generally I really do avoid it. I live on the Wet Coast for nothing, so rarely “crunchy” (Delightful description, by the way. Very evocative!).

    That being said, I do have a good friend who constantly drinks copious amounts of water, and has for years. (She also drinks copious amounts of red wine, which is why my friend.) She tells me that when she began her water-drinking régime, she peed every 5 minutes, but after a couple of weeks of perservering, she any more. It was like her body finally recognized that it could use all that water, she says. And she still run to the toilet nearly as often as I, the non-water-drinker, does.

    But I still like drinking water.

  108. Colorado is quite charming, minus the freezing weather. right-Great things come with great risks. But look at how many fires California has faced in the past year-A few months ago, you even said you go outside without breathing ash, and last summer, Santa Cruz had all those wildfires.

    In the end, most places are dangerous, but I feel California is becoming increasingly more dangerous. only a matter of time before a repeat of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake.

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  111. A ya (see above comment) MUCH cooler..Wow, amazing how similar our lists are! Cant wait for you guys to get here and we can make heaps of cool stuff and drink copious amounts of instant coffee and have the best Christmas EVER!! Yeah-aaah!!PS Sharing of the Potato Salad recipe could be arranged. The BIG secret is making your own mayo.. drool… man its goooood!!

  112. Elizabeth Blinstrup Good says:


    One interesting note about cell phone usage at the U of I….

    I was in a meeting this morning that discussed student cell phone usage. Currently, my classrooms do not allow cell phone usage, mainly because students sit and text while someone is lecturing. Today, we actually discussed texting students with information about our courses- homework and exam reminders, projects ideas, and deadlines. Is sending this information via email or posting it on a course webpage (my current methods) becoming obsolete? What forms of classroom communications will we see next?

    Just some thoughts about where technology can possibly be headed…..


  113. Correlation does not equal causation!

    If, as this says,

    “The researchers find an overall rise in both cable-TV access and autism, but autism diagnoses rose more rapidly in counties where a high percentage of households received cable than in counties with a low percentage of cable-TV homes.”

    it might be considering that high-cable countries are also countries where more people can afford cable TV. More people can *also* afford taking their kids to psychiatrists for an autism diagnosis.

    I mean to stick up for television, but this logic bothers me . . . Note – no psychologists were involved with the Slate study.

    Now I have to go watch VH-1.

  114. I was in Class six when cable TV happened…God it was such a boon….sadly now cable TV seems like a curse..what with inane reality shows being aired all the time…and movies are punctuated with long ad breaks…aaarrrgggh frustrating….Now the blessing in my house is the DVD player..I love my film collection and watch them on the player…. That way the fun is uninterrupted…

  115. Another possible solution is to have discovery enabled for the [embed] but disabled for the a chance someone could accidentally embed something by posting it on own line, but if they go to the trouble (via a UI or manually) of wrapping it in the then we can be sure they want to embed from that site.

  116. Sort of like chicken… if chicken was a variety of fish chopped up and poached and served with a jellied broth. Best to accompany with copious amounts of horseradish to clear your sinuses.

    I recommend buying a jar and tasting it forget the horseradish). Homemade is much better but I find the majority of Jewish grandmothers have the time.

  117. Joe Duck says:

    Well, … perhaps not entirely a happy note but I think of the charm shipwreck sites offer is the contrast between the beauty of nature and the acts of man involved in the improper construction or handling of ships. Many ships, many successful voyages … great beauty and great adventure. The shipwrecks are a reminder of the ever-present risks that they who go down in ships to do business in the sea take great risks that although often forgotten are in fact ever present.

  118. Rich Rhodes says:

    Is this a discussion about John 10:29?

    There are two possible points which you may be referring to:

    (a) the ambiguity in English between all “all existence” and all “all other (individual) things”?

    (Even in the former sense, a possible solution can be found in the philosophical stance of panentheism — not to be confused with pantheism).

    (b) the fact that the superlative is often used in this context rather than the comparative

    But this would be especially awkward in contemporary English, because saying “God is the greatest” would somehow equate God with Muhammad Ali.

  119. At the of all problems is not corruption but the psychology of Indians. Most Indians by nature are greedy, selfish and morally weak. It is these traits that cause them to be corrupt, callous, contrived and cowardly.

    dictatorship comes to mind as one possible solution. However, it does have to be a “moral dictator.” And I might just have used an oxymoron.

  120. roetke says:

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  121. Childhood obesity is a major and constant problem in the United States and this has had professionals from every stripe confused and befuddled. Of course it does not help that just about anything sold in the US that is a sweet liquid contains copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup. But that is an issue …

  122. curlywurlygurly says:

    I tend to buy copious amounts of those canned Whole Peeled Tomatoes. Just because I love to heat them up on the stove and throw some salt on them. But as far as real food goes… a big fan of pasta. I have a tendency of buying wheat noodles and a basic Classico base to which I add copious amounts of spices and veggies. I rarely, if ever, put meat in it. Though I do enjoy a good round of peppered bacon.

    I like to eat hamburger sliced dill pickles as well.

  123. From Consequence Of Sound: The following might sound a tad self-serving, but I can’t resist. New York’s annual CMJ Music Marathon more or less took over the lives of much of the music industry. And though much of our staff were among those attendees, covering the festivities, braving copious amounts of buzz […]

  124. dawa ebb says:

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    Well this could have been done ever since. I almost about to write a letter to the head of Verizon.

  125. cruisin2 says:

    Keith was instructed to ask any questions that he wanted at the committee meetings. That was impossible for him to do this week as there was no quarum because some alderman were missing, sick and behind bars. The items from the committee meetings were moved in block to Monday, which then made the time for Keith to get answers to Monday at the Committee of the Whole.

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  127. joanski says:

    I thought my snoring was just an annoyance until Dr K told me I would stop breathing between snores. Scared me enough that I had a sleep study done about 5 years ago, and found that I stopped breathing 300 times during the first night of the study. I was fitted with a CPAP mask(controlled pressurized air) and was amazed ! I realize how little sleep been getting, and the strain on my body from the effect of interrupted sleep.

    Anyone who snores loud enough to be conversation fodder the next day should consult their physician about having a sleep study done.

  128. ~Johannah Olson~ says:

    I subscribed to Doctors Without Borders. I found that they have blogs about Health Crisis around the world.
    I also subscribed to Medical News Today that has updates on what is going on in the medical world daily.

  129. Books are definitely easily However, some video games more

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  131. Return of dreams « Transitionland says:

    You may have a sleeping disorder in which you go to sleep but never get in the the deepest level where your body can rest. Sleep apnea is usually found in overweight middle aged men like myself, but you may have some similar condition where your breathing is impaired.

    Go see a doctor who can have a sleep study done. They will monitor your breathing, rate, etc. while you sleep to see if anything is going wrong.

  132. says:

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  135. The bleeding “progressives” will never agree to that so it will never happen. We will continue to spend copious amounts of money in hopeless situations to try to extract those last few moments of life for a person with no chance of recovery, thereby raising/keeping the cost of health care for ALL of us to an unaffordable level.

    uhhh, terri shiavo?

  136. Austin Paitz says:

    I subscribed to Doctors Without Borders. I found that they have a lot of health issues around the world.
    I also subscribed to Medical News Today. That will allow me to be caught up on new medicine and medical stuff.

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  139. Michael says:

    Whatever you do, give out your number.

    I also hate it when people drive while on the cell phone and some even have the audacity to text while driving. Pennsylvania should outlaw cell phone usage while operating a vehicle. They are a major distraction and the cause of many unnecessary accidents.

    I saw a bumper sticker that had a picture of a phone in a red ring with a red slash that read:



    Good luck with your new cell phone.

  140. heideyount weiber says:

    November 2, 2010
    Cnn Student News

    Today on Cnn they talked about the midterm elections. I’m choleric that the republicans won and not the democrats wait no furious because why can’t we have a country that has both republicans and democrats in the house. I don’t see how they can help is when the republicans are just going to turn down everything that the president offers up. While democrats would most likely agree to everything the president says. But if we had a house of both democrats and republicans even though there would most likely be arguing they would end up agreeing on a term example of this the Constitution.

    Also they talked about violent video games. They asked if it was going against the freedom of speech for the makers of the video games or Esbr. Yes it is

    Well that is all.

  141. Valerie says:

    So you get Sir Hiss out of YOUR VERY OWN KITCHEN?

    Btw, for the poor sleeping, see about a sleep study. now got a cpap and if the insurance ever gets antsy about the rental (which bound to do eventually), I will buy one myself! I even care that the comment was, “It makes you look like a pig.”

    I my cpap.

    I know there are all kinds of sleep disturbances, but a sleep study could it out for you.

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  147. I think that from preveous games they will make sure MANHUNT 2 will be no better than the frist. Too many parents are balming video games, even though they are buying them for there kids. They are putting the blame not on themselves but there putting the blame on the video game, the company, or simply the people behind the game.

  148. Twitter says:

    When the U.S. Supreme this year determined that corporations and unions had the same rights as the rest of us and could contribute copious amounts of money to candidates and political causes, the ruling was applauded by some and greeted by others with prophecies of doom.

  149. Valerie, are you psychic??

    Doing the blasted sleep study is why I sleep the night before!

    (No doubt a contributing factor to my nasty knee-ripping fall later in the afternoon too) — this morning when you commented, I was off getting the adhesive residue from all the electrodes washed outta my hair.

    really glad to hear that you your CPAP because likely to be the remedy propose. Now off to see about the knee; learning as I get older, that you have to be in pretty good shape to be able to in all this medical intervention! 🙂

    Oh, how did I shoo Sir Hiss? Easy — DH had just walked out the kitchen door, so I opened it and bellowed, “SNAKE!” (And hopped right up on the stool, and so to quote Paul Harvey, now you know the rest of the story!)

  150. I also think that a bureauacratic emphasis rather than real leadership has the WC and its churches. It seems protocol is more than content. It also seems there is a good old boys (and girls) network. At there seems to be a tremendous lack of integrity in high places and that filters down to as well. Local pastors know they often be if they make a courageos decision even if it may not be popular. All this has led to a survival rather than growth mentality.

  151. I felt that since people had their cell phones tempers escalate. The students feel cut off completely because they still had cell phone usage. I feel that if cell phone usage was also down people would have become restless and would have shown that today we, as a culture, can not survive without cable, internet, light, and proper washing facilities.

  152. video games - Twitter Search says:

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  153. karshykale says:

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  155. bayana sakalevola says:

    I think using video games for an educational purpose is a great idea. If we take something children find fun and use it to teach them it can only help them. They are going to be more engaged by what they are learning and will retain what they are learning. I remember as a child having one of those handheld computer games that had math and reading games on it. I really enjoyed playing it and it actually helped me with my math skills. Especially with today’s technology we should take full advantage of it and incorporate it in our classrooms.

  156. cloachmich mari says:

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  157. Lee Horton says:

    e boy is a design company with its own unique style. eBoy’s work resembles, but does not spring directly from, video games. The appeal seems universal. their resembles videos games that have just gone by. they use large pixles and a very spare choise of color. There never was an era in games that mixed the primitive graphic approach eBoy employs with the number of hues and shades they rely on. there is a growing demand on their product. they do work for Amazon, Coca-Cola, Renault, Adidas, and MTV.

  158. I agree that we should utilize video games in the classroom. We can not over do it of course. Every couple of weeks we can implement it because if we do it too much kids will lose interest in other forms of learning. There are indeed many games that qualify for instructional purposes. It would be best to integrate these video games into an already layered lesson plan that includes more popular culture/ media driven tools. Watch a video, write a response…… Play a video game and activate prior knowledge of a historical event ???? It is possible.

  159. bobradi says:

    This is the possitive power of the web – it gets such a slating sometimes but then something like this can happen and lo and hapy things happen.

    Wishing you all the best for this and I shall be following your progress – not that far from you but can offer you a place to sleep and copious amounts of good Yorkshire tea for the trip if you need it in Sheffield.

  160. It is for us as educators to keep up with technological times. Our instruction should be ever-changing in order to meet the needs of our current students.
    I think that educational video games are great and really have a positive effect on students. I have a 5 year old brother who was reading fluently by age 3 and a lot of his instruction was from leap frog (love that program :-))
    Many households have parents that work and have very little time to work with their children, this can be an alternative to this problem.
    I feel that educational video games can really help instead of hinder our students in their academic development.

  161. poulske says:

    Yes, I think the main reason for soccer fans who subscribe to Cable TV is just to watch soccer!

    Anyway, there are still us, the people who subscribe to Cable TV to catch the nice Hongkong dramas, and Taiwan variety shows. I guess, this would suffice.

  162. Frederick News Post (subscription)Woman defies bipolar setbacks: ‘There’s always hope’Frederick News Post (subscription)By Patti S. Borda Mary Buckley has come through almost 15 years of turmoil with a positive outlook about her future while managing her bipolar and sleep disorders. Despite the debilitating effects of those conditions, in May the 46-year-old celebrated …

  163. Yes, I totally agree with your point. Yes, competition is good when there are better quality of products. However, it is definitely not the case for this issue. Both service providers are just fighting over the rights to air soccer on their Cable TV. It actually gives me a feeling that they really bother about other channels, which would appeal to the non-soccer fans.

  164. Germolene says:


    The bottom line is that all of your suggestions are really variations of the theme of a one-state solution and your proposal to discuss these different variations as a possible solution lends legitimacy to the destruction of the Jewish state whether it is your intention or not (and in fairness it is clear from your writings that this is not your intention).

  165. Micheal Crowley:
    Did you ever consider that cable TV hosts” that happen to be conservative also happen to be teetotally bonkers?
    When is any pundit ever going to bring this “fair and balanced” train to a halt and deboard the propagandists?
    Are you maybe too young to remember the cold war and do not recognize propaganda when you see it?

  166. Nobody cares obviously. What does matter is who can win Obama. Either one will! Obama is toast. As for Romney I don’t feel having a POTUS conducting secret religious meetings myself. That only Mormons are allowed to go to. Places our nation in danger if you ask me. I prefer to have a POTUS out in the open with whatever their personal life including their religion is.

  167. Thanks for your input on Diamox, Simon. true you need to take it in advance, but latest medical news recommends 2 days to 24 hours before ascending over 3000metres.

    Also very true, it totally depends on the person – how you react to altitude and also how well you get on with Diamox. Cass and I tried Diamox ourselves, but this year I plan to as a self-test.

    Like you say, even if been at altitude in other places, you should assume each new place is different – your body may or may not react the same. And it depend on fitness!

  168. I had Southwestern Bell DSL and liked it until one day it just ssslooowwwed down to a crawl. I switched to cable through the local cable TV carrier. I like cable and had any problems but you have to have the cable TV as well and not crazy about their packaging.

    seem to get it ALL just right.

    Hang in there.

    glad you curse them out! 😯

  169. This may be a sign of sleep apnea, but I slept with the window open and woke up refreshed, in a good mood, and remembering good times I had

  170. jared gray says:

    this is about 4 pixel the “e-boys” that are famous. The “e-boys” formed in 1998 and they stated there mission was “stage and a shared identity and a shelter from all the killers out there.” The e-boys work resembles but does not directly come from video games. Only the e-boy from New york draws from a childhood of gaming, the others who are from east germany base there on video games that much but instead focus on pop-culture elements.The e-boys can be as simple as faces to as complex as entire cities with hi tech buildings

  171. “We understand that some in the tea and cable TV hosts want a government shutdown for their own reasons. But these are the same cable pundits who insist that even though $61 billion in cuts are trivial, Republicans should still shut down the government to get them. Self-contradiction is not a sound political strategy”
    WSJ: Owned by Murdoch
    cable TV hosts” that happen to be conservative, contracted to conservative cable TV network: Owned by Murdoch
    Eating their own already?

  172. Spent way too much time with my mom today. Thank God it’s over. Sorry for the twitterbitchin’. Now for copious amounts of therapy & liquor.

  173. I always wanted to hug any and every beautiful girl I ever came across, but never had enough courage.Now made me sad. Some of those girls could have been a little down at that point and could have done with the copious amounts of positive energy I carry around.
    Tsk Tsk! Poor things, those girls. I really feel sorry for them.They dunno what they missed.

  174. BlackBerry stock is crashed & at an all time low…. Its past time to get a new Mobile Cellular Telephone. Gotta wait til Dec doe

  175. [Vanguard] Ikeja – Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State has cancelled all government activities for the week to mourn victims of Sunday’s ill-fated Dana Airline plane crash, as he also declared a seven-day mourning.

  176. Try not to think about how you could live for a decade off of what was paid to use one Beatles song in a basic cable television show.

  177. The Buddhist leader in Vienna for a series of political and religious meetings asks the Archbishop to visit the Cathedral of Saint Stephen: “Religions teach peace, we must practice it in all aspects of life.” Cardinal’s thanks for Nobel Laureates’ visit.

  178. shacey rentunic says:

    “Music video about myself and those like me who are consumed by video games and television.

    not saying all gamers are like this, just gamers like me ;)”

    i see how giving anyone a bad name.

  179. borardon thout says:

    Guy at the gym is just standing there watching tv on the treadmill, not moving. He says gym membership was cheaper than cable tv. Lolwut??

  180. AliciaMaud says:

    My doctor wants to send me for a sleep study because convinced I have sleep apnea. I have exactly one risk factor – fat. But as far as actual symptoms, nada. No daytime exhaustion, dozing off while watching TV or eating dinner. No excessive snoring. I even sleep on my back, which is the position in which sleep apnea is most likely to occur. Heck, the fact that she prescribes me sleeping pills because I fall asleep should have tipped her off, but apparently been blinded and mesmerized by teh fat. so damn frustrating.

  181. Medical news on TV Sunday (3-9-08) spoke of a new study that showed the increased risk of breast cancer remained for women years after they stopped (The other risks did deminish.) The doctor on TV recommended against using unless it was absolutely necessary and in the lowest possible dose. Maybe Wyeth better rethink their next step.

  182. Yes, Singtel definitely had the means and money to spend so much money to win the rights. Hopefully they had made the right move to join this Cable TV industry and to fight against Starhub. hope the competition would not lead to either getting bankrupy. Else, the consequences would definitely be worse than what is happening now.

  183. Personally it benefited me as I am using Mio cable tv. However i feel that channels offered by Singtel cable tv is not as great compared to Starhub cable tv. This would contradict soccer fans who are currently using Starhub cable tv to change to Mio tv and not being able to enjoy the other channels of Starhub cable. If users were to get both cable, i believe it would over budget most of them.

    The amount that Singtel bid for was far beyond budget which in turns managed to win exclusive rights. From this, we can see the confidence in Singtel to bring up their cable tv services in singapore.

  184. Amelia Smith says:

    This is definitely awesome, but could have some consequences. Children could become even more consumed than they already are with video games, something that I thought would be impossible to happen.

    I know about the rest of you guys, but when I watch anything in 3-D, I jump around move and flinch like crazy too!

  185. One thing that concerns me about living alone is, who will tell me if my snoring is severe and recommend that I get checked for sleep apnea?

  186. bye kope says:

    A lets customers run the latest software on a remote server.

    Each time a new version of Windows is released, many computer users find that their hardware is suddenly outdated. For cash-strapped schools, upgrading to the latest hardware with each major software release is simply impossible. A New York called NeverWare is offering a possible solution—a server that lets even decade-old PCs upgrade to the latest Windows 7 operating system.

  187. I find that bidding for broadcast rights harms not only the consumers but the service providers too. It is true that service providers attract more consumers by earning more broadcast rights. However, as mentioned in the earlier comments, both Cable TV providers have already spent a huge sum of money to earn these broadcast rights just to earn more. the costs of these broadcast rights outweighs the estimated amount of extra income generated. Both companies will be at loss in the end and I believe that if they are willing to work together instead of competing with each other, both the provides and consumers will stand to gain.

  188. mitsundech says:

    video games are a of this culture, they are everywhere! its inevitable to get away from them. especially at a young age are always playing them. I think it would be interesting to see the effects of using video games within the classroom to promote a successful learning environment.

  189. mdinelle coathat says:

    Australia has always benefited from migration. People escaping from adversity, those who are prepared to undergo great risks to get here, are likely to make a great contribution to our society.

    The refugee issue is as much about our self-interest as it is about our compassion. Money spent on services to integrate them into society is well spent.

  190. mamondo bohatmande says:

    It is baffling to me why Barbados has never put out to tender an International license for some company to launch Cable TV, Internet and Phone service over a coaxial cable TV network. Most U.S. Cable TV providers look for markets that have at least 200-500 homes in a square mile. Barbados is one of the most densely populated countries in the Americas so it should be an easy shoe in…

    Think of the revenue that could be generated from such a license? They could easy take out an in the Financial Times of London (which is well read Internationally.) and announce the open round for bids and see what turns up. All have to do is place some “Did you know” facts in the add. Like the percapita income of Barbadians and sure enough tons of companies would probably put in an application.

  191. pee mcgreetzel says:

    Not putting words into your mouth when you said, and I quote. “The only good they can do for mankind is to swig copious amounts of Drano.” you fully endorsing people who disagree with you, Liberals in this case, should kill themsels. no other way you can spin it.

    Everything else you said is a red herring for this bit of “debate” because, again. Your exact words were “The only good they can do for mankind is to swig copious amounts of Drano.”

  192. ondsmaei malino says:

    Girl, LOVE IT! i swear pursuing my career in music has made me feel like i will be single forever! not many men have seen a woman take great risks to pursue her dream. whether it be taking a pay cut, moving across the country, sacrificing time, money, and the of security…where is a man to admire THAT in a woman? he only seems to admire her once accomplished everything on the outside, but was not there to see what she went through on the inside to get there. :-/


  193. Nathan Jurgenson makes his case against TED: At TED, “everyone is Steve Jobs” and every idea is treated like an iPad. The conferences have come to resemble religious meetings and the Ted talks techno-spiritual sermons, pushing an evangelical, cultish attitude…

  194. It’s a joyous time of year, when we prepare to finish the Torah reading cycle. But it’s not so joyous in my house. We are all woefully sleep deprived, trudging around with bruiselike circles under our eyes, looking like Sicilian widows in a Fellini movie. This is because Josie is not sleeping. And when Josie isn’t […]

  195. International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde told FRANCE 24 on Tuesday that even an “orderly” Greek exit from the eurozone would pose great risks but remains an option if the country’s “budgetary commitments are not honoured”.

  196. dandelionsalad says:

    This is very interesting and points out what needs to be done. It does not, however, offer a way of reaching that end. Mike Gravel is the only one offering a possible solution. He has an organization to collect signatures to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot. The amendment would give people (not corporations) the right of initiative or referendum.

  197. muscheedy says:

    Charges over state Medicaid rate cuts prompt federal inquiry
    American Medical News
    “The recognizes that the described injunctive relief falls of providing plaintiffs with the substantive relief they seek,” said Steven J. McAuliffe, a judge with the US District for the District of New Hampshire.

  198. Last week, several meetings were held between businessmen and farmers from the Palestinian Gaza Strip and representatives of the Israeli army, the Unit of Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories. Read More » Automatically translated from French »

  199. As some of you may remember, after receiving a diagnosis of possible sleep apnea, the next logical step was to schedule a sleep study. Glad you asked. Simply put, a sleep study is a night passed restlessly in one of…

  200. judnickers zieloskelv says:

    “International Business News shows a Project consisting of the expansion of Digicel PNG Limited’s cellular telephone network in Papua New Guinea, which was granted a mobile license in 2007. This Project will allow the Company to continue to expand geographically and have population coverage throughout the country plus will expand its products and services (including 3G).”

  201. DutchInfoNetwork says:

    Running on fumes today. Who knew that being up past 5am and drinking copious amounts of wine for 4 days could feel like a workweek?

  202. boet seux says:

    Anyone who’s ever taken a close look at a cellular telephone bill knows there’s a lot of fees and taxes buried in the fine print. But it’s nothing like the bill that city of Los Angeles has slapped on AT&T….

  203. diah knut says:

    It is another sad indictment on how disengaged have become – that no one notices government activities dealing with and defending the single service everyone has an emotional attachment to. I listened to a phone in radio programme yesterday and a caller was ranting on about the fact we actually hired an Australian to run our health care system! Huh? Still dealing with news that is 18 month old. What hope is there for democracy and citizen involvement?

  204. Star Wars The Old Republic - nuclear war 2012 says:

    I agree with you on that. a lot easier for people to blame the game industry instead themselves. played video games since I was a child and I turned out to be quite good and non-violent person. All thanks to my parents. But there are psychologists that say there is a connection between video games and violent behavior. we all violent, then?

  205. lette domitrzyck says:

    Asian carp are heading An innocuous statement, until you consider that this is happening not in Asia, but in the Illinois River. Researchers are concerned that the fish are just months away from making it into the Great Lakes, where a few specimens have been captured, but are thought to have been released there by foolhardy folks who didn’t want them as pets anymore. One possible solution to the impending invasion is an electric barrier built earlier this year under the Chicago Canal. The invading Asian carp, nicknamed “river rabbits” by some, are actually several different carp species, including bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) and black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus).

  206. muzitasney marchel says:

    Virgin Mobile India Limited is a cellular telephone service provider company which is a joint venture between Tata Teleservices and Virgin Group. Virgin Mobile is proud to be associated with V Festival. For the past 15 years, the V Festival … Read More »

  207. The exorbitant fines for attending peaceful religious meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses are a serious violation of the Constitution of Azerbaijan and the European Convention, of which Azerbaijan is a signatory.

  208. Habletic_Afc says:

    Wenger after signing Messi’s son: “Kid from here on Messi is not your dad. I am !! You will eat Arsenal, breathe Arsenal & sleep Arsenal !!”

  209. Jessica Casey says:

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  210. I think Lyons hit the nail on the head:

    He needs help …

    … to become a better person.

    Personally, I think he admits in his January 28 that he knows that the iPad has potential *after* all the eventual potential deals are done, but the video interview after the iPad Event was pretty disgraceful.

    For a guy who is only being talked about at all because he was lucky enough to be the “Fake Steve Jobs”, he has a tremendous lack of gratitude. I would happily take his income away from hims and be a better Evil Twin than he.

    He really does need to become a better person.

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  212. man, it’s a shot I’ll try it out. I don’t think sleep deprivation can kill you directly, you end up passing out at some point

  213. Google Alerts - "skin treatment" says:


    Electronic Cigarettes – Can They Help People Quit Tobacco Cigarettes?
    Medical News Today
    Despite all the alarming health problems associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes, many people today are addicted and cannot find a way to give up permanently. The E-cigarette, or electronic cigarette, is a healthier alternative that many heavily …
    Eating Fruits and Vegetables May Help You Quit SmokingForbes
    Kansas ready to snuff out e-cigarette sales to minorsKansas City Star
    S.Africa looks to toughen anti-smoking lawsAFP
    Times of India -Jerusalem Post -WGRZ-TV
    all 80 news articles »

  214. “Some DRM doesn’t let you play the games at all if you don’t have an internet connection. Had Minecraft been like this, I absolutely would never had made it through the horrendously long and strenuous sleep study I did Monday/Tuesday. Offline, singleplayer Minecraft helped keep me from blowing the test and losing it as I was connected to lots of wires & subjected to other IMHO, they’re good the way it is.

  215. baeuf heiro says:

    Video games are affecting children. They shouldn’t be playing video games contain violence. They will immediately behave as the characters in the game and that is a huge threat. Children don’t realize how dangerous it is to jump from heights, knifes, or guns. video games increases the ager as well. video games is a cause of violence and aggression. Parents should keep their children away from video games.

  216. Social media presents great risks as it does rewards for small and medium-sized businesses. With an increasing number of SMBs exploring the power of social media marketing, here are solutions for social media pitfalls you might encounter. [Search Engine Watch] [Read More]

  217. toppiesmellie says:

    Thanks Jay. Because TV was so much more localized back in the & there was quite a divergence in the content they would show. Therefore, in Ithaca (and before cable TV) I only saw what came out of Syracuse, Rochester and Binghamton NY. Later on, when cable first got going, we seeing channel 9 and channel 11 out of NY City (By the way — to my knowledge, Ithaca NY is the of cable TV!).

    You had mentioned “Marine Boy” on Twitter — and that one completely eluded me. another obscure Japanese Ever hear of “8th Man”? “Eeeiigth Maaaa-aaaaannn!” Heh!

  218. Sleep apnea? having a continuing argument with my new primary care physician about sleep apnea. She says that obese, and therefore I must have sleep apnea. And since according to her) I have sleep apnea, I lose weight unless I deal with the apnea.

    Hogwash! I think I have sleep apnea. not aware of any sleeping problems, and I wake up completely rested. She wants me to take a sleep study, and then probably to wear a CPAP device. It seems to me that doing well without a dang mask, and I intend to do it. So my doctor and I just have to agree to disagree.

  219. venairmes stell says:

    Senate Republicans Weigh Tying Spending Caps to Debt Rise
    San Francisco Chronicle
    “In essence, it’s a fiscal straitjacket, and I think the American people have seen the tremendous lack of discipline that we have here,” Senator Bob Corker, the Tennessee Republican who is co-sponsoring the measure, said at a news conference in …
    and more »

  220. meren narjanzle says:

    so, i must say, the gene that you possess that allows for and positive medical news has successfully been passed down–i lived on hamburgers and fries in college and was told i needed to watch my triglycerides–they were too low and i needed to eat a little more fat. thank you for that. appreciate the bumpy nose or big thighs, but i guess a good trade off.

    the mocha cookies look suspiciously like those yummy chewy cookies in the methodist hospital bakery–are they a cousin? that the best bakery?? okay, ready to bake.

  221. Elinor Mills: Thanks a lot for the information. I feel they really had no option. And do visit again.

    businessuncut: Moderating or filtering thousands of comments is really tough! Thanks for visiting.

    EB:”Shutting it down the best possible solution — but neither is moderating it. The best possible solution would be for people to behave themselves and act like reasonable adults. Since most people reasonable adults, however, obviously too much to expect (does that statement itself count as a flame?). ”

    Well said!

    Mike H: a useful link. Thanks.

  222. kilger bough says:

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  223. Listening to these House Committee meetings is just a slap in the face to hard working American citizens, they’d kill us off if they could.

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