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Having been frequently sleep deprived, I can speak from experience when I say that nefarious napstealers can attack at any time, especially when you least expect it. An important thing to prevent sleep deprivation is to set a sleeping schedule, but the problem is that things get in the way and as you are working or watching television or just sitting around doing nothing, time seems to get away and before you know it, the napstealers are at it again and you’ve been nefariously distracted again.

To avoid these complications, set a time when you will go to sleep and begin preparing up to an hour beforehand, by avoiding distractions and beginning to relax. Then, when the napstealers present themselves, they will be thwarted by your careful preparation and planning. While this is not a comprehensive list by any means, sleep loss, sleep deprivation and napstealers can wreak havoc on a person who does not have their sleep patterns under control.

I’m sure that there are many other ways which readers can suggest to help set good sleep habits to establish healthy sleep patterns. We would like to hear from you, our dear readers. Submit your ideas for avoiding napstealers and other siesta thieves in our essay contest.

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  1. Mississippi – Memphis, TN – The hospital is seeking a Pulmonology physician to join their staff BE/BC Employed or income guarantee Call 1:3; Solo practice. Call: Hospitalist take the first call, must be available for second call if needed. Sleep Disorder Laboratory is conveniently located on the second floor of the Outpatient Pavilion and consists of four hotel-style observation suites. 18 CCU beds-average censu

  2. ricollo says:

    GF was probably figuring the odds on when you could collect on that policy!

    We (nurses) do it all the time–look at people and diagnose their conditions and diseases, and gauge how long they have left to walk the and bug us.

    In fact, my opinions are in on several of you, and let me just say this: prepaid funeral arrangements can save your loved one SO much money.

  3. Lack of sleep does not only cause physical exhaustion. It may also lead to involuntary walking — while someone is still fast asleep. This is one of the results of a research team that researched the impact of sleep deprivation causes and how it can be associated with cases of sleepwalking. April 1, 2008, Montreal […]
    A post from: Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Causes

  4. i am still spectacularly cranky today (sleep deprivation counts for much of it). but R sent a pic of a car we cld buy so that’s cheered me!!

  5. lovoteaks sambrida says:

    I have the same problem, Angie! When I was a teenager I was diagnosed as having a full-on sleep disorder, so learned a lot of things that can be helpful: always have a “going to bed” routine, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and do anything in bed except than sleep and *ahem* other private things that happen in bed 🙂

    Also, if exercising too close to your bedtime, sometimes it can get your energy revved up.

  6. You don’t have to be one of the 70 million Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder to wish for ways to sleep better. Between heavy work loads that keep many of us up late, the lure of late-night TV, and our social lives, we may skimp on shut-eye…and then wonder why we’re tossing and turning when we finally do hit the sack. This week is National Sleep Awareness Week, so let’s take this to be aware of why exactly a good night’s rest is so learn some non-drug-related ways to sleep better. More »
    Post from: Blisstree

  7. Sleep deprivation and teens: ‘Walking zombies’
    Washington Post (blog)
    By Valerie Strauss This was written by Vicki Abeles, director of the documentary “Race to Nowhere,”and Abigail A. Baird, associate professor of psychology at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Baird’s primary area of research focuses on the …

  8. yashahirez says:

    Did you know? If it takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep during the day, you are likely sleep deprived or have a sleep disorder.

  9. If you do not have this information available, you will quickly discover that you may fall behind on these very shots and may open yourself up to many health complications. By gathering medical records and immunization records, you are ensuring that you are taking the steps that are necessary in order to prevent conditions and diseases from occurring.

  10. Jet lag can lead to daytime fatigue, headache, stomach troubles and insomnia, although it can manifest differently in different people. Jet lag is a sleep disorder caused by multi time-zone travel that disturbs traveller’s internal clock – or circadian rhythm – putting it out of sync with the external environment. This clock tells our body when it is time to wake and when it is time to sleep. have said that the more time …

  11. maihaneich hvisonne says:

    The Lumberjack has succumbed to this fairy illness. But I’m SURE my sleep deprivation in caring for them will IN NO WAY affect my health.

  12. polyphazer says:

    You can do it man. Keep and get it. all about waking up and telling yourself “I can do this” instead of just laying there and trying to remember your dreams, or enjoying the blankets. hard, but you will get it man, I tell you!

    all about sleep deprivation. You have to be in a state of complete sleep dep before your mind can adjust to it. Once you over come the sleep deprivation stage where forced into REM for only 20 minutes out of necessity 3 or 4 days in a row get it man. Good luck sir~!

  13. sarosada norine says:

    How to eliminate snoring? It’s the single most common concerns among people with this sleep disorder. Even so, the answer is probably not very simple in any way. Before you remove heavy snoring, you have to know the reason for snores at night.

  14. delayed2sleep says:

    That is very interesting about depression and DSPS. My father was bi-polar and toward the end of his life never slept, just napped.

    I have been trying to get to the root of my problem for decades. I am not bi-polar but have experienced two extreme “specific” anxiety disorders in the past.

    Obviously this sleep disorder is genetic and closely linked with other chemical imbalances in the brain. But does lack of sleep cause the imbalance or does the imbalance cause the lack of sleep? Back to the chicken and egg.

  15. chaung winningern says:

    Suffering from severe sleep deprivation- I even have blurred vision. Less than 5 hours sleep this whole week & have fencing club in an hour

  16. well, I say what like with 3 but everyone kept scaring me about the sleep deprivation once the born. Quite honestly, I slept better after my daughter was born. I was so glad she made it and was able to calm down a little and sleep when I could. Also your more and feel the sleep deprivation is it to care for your baby.

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  19. Alexis Walker says:

    The key words paint a grim picture of a US Interrogation process gone terribly wrong: CIA Office of Medical Services, Nazi-Like, Collected Data, Sleep Deprivation, Human Experimentation. Los Angeles Times, Editorial

  20. tetto albu says:

    Sleep apnea may raise depression risk
    Having sleep apnea may increase the risk of major depression, a new US study suggests. Research from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder in which a person has pauses in breathing …
    Sleep Apnea Tied to DepressionMedPage Today
    Depression Linked with Sleep Breathing Problems, Study
    Sleep disorder multiplies depression riskCNN
    ABC News -KPRC Houston
    all 20 news articles »

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  22. stephles301 says:

    Im probably the worst person to be doing my senior project on sleep deprivation. I’m the perfect example of what sleeping habits to not have

  23. hubmanne says:

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  24. ScientificAmerican says:

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  25. Twitter says:

    ‘Former US State Counselor Philip Zelikow has described the interrogation techniques during the administration of George W. Bush as
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  26. parkush chiler says:

    Getting your kids to sleep while on vacation can be a real challenge some nights. But what about when your in-laws are standing over your shoulder, second guessing your every move? How to make sure a vacation with extended family is a real, relaxing vacation.

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  27. blarneyaddition says:

    WEDNESDAY, April 11 (HealthDay News) — Sleep deprivation, in combination with disrupted “body clock” rhythms, could result in some of the changes to a person’s metabolism that can foreshadow both obesity and diabetes, researchers re…

  28. It’s 12:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 AM, kids! And I am being SUPER RESPONSIBLE today, people. I am writing up this con only in the pre-wee hours, instead of the actual wee hours totally writing into the wee hours again, never mind. I’m so proud of me! 
    Because! Today was Day Two of JordanCon 2012 (well, it was Day One of the official con, but it was Day Two for me, and I’m the one writing this thing so neener), and as promised I am continuing to brave the wilds of sleep deprivation to tell you alllll about it.
    Therefore I invite the brave of you to click on, and see!
    [Cafepress should be very ashamed of themselves right now]
    Read the full article

  29. pyt_juiCCy says:

    My neighbor has like a sleep disorder and his alarm is on at all times and he never wakes up. Needless to say I wanna throttle some necks

  30. […] So get to just talking how are you sleeping? Falling asleep easy? Feel rested when you wake up? Or are you struggling to fall asleep? Waking up feeling like you never quite got the rest you should have in the hours you were sleeping? Or are you not sleeping at all? Sleep deprivation does feed into Depression. And Depression? Yeh, it decreases your quality of sleep. Lovely. Oh, the havoc of sleep deprivation! […]

  31. twitter_786 says:

    A new study shows that a sleep disorder may be a sign of dementia or Parkinson’s disease up to 50 years before the disorders are diagnosed. The research is published in the July 28, 2010, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

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  34. ABCNews24 says:

    More and more teens and college students are becoming sleep-deprived because they can’t put down their high-tech toys. They say it’s extremely problematic, because children and young adults require a lot more sleep than adults, and ignoring this basic need in favor of texting or surfing the web can lead to serious problems.

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  44. Then back into all of our Comic Con stuff. Can’t wait. One week to go. I am both buzzing with excitement and tired from sleep deprivation.

  45. Zee News

    ‘Social jetlag’ may lead to obesity
    Times of India
    Urgent appointments, tight work timetables and hectic social schedules make-up modern life and they quite often clash with our intrinsic biological rhythms.
    Study reveals ‘social jetlag’ is fuelling rising levels of sleep deprivation …Herald Sun
    Do You Have ‘Social Jet Lag’?WebMD
    Snoozing at your desk? Piling on the pounds? You may have social jetlagDaily Mail
    CNN -ABC News (blog) -Herald Sun
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  46. Don’t know whether to see the doctor or go to a sleep disorder clinic.. It could just be that I have a very active brain.. I don’t know! :/

  47. After three days of 7am wake ups my body clock won’t let me sleep. If I wanted this much sleep deprivation I’d have gone to

  48. ha I wish coffee would do something for my at this point. But Im to far gone on the sleep deprivation that nothings going to work

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  51. Mark Allen Berube “I Sleep Very Well” The Romeos 2012

    A humorous song devoted to the silver lining of sibling-caused sleep deprivation! FULL WEBCAST Recorded ‘behind the scenes’ at Wherefore “After Dinner LIVE” Webcast on May 24, 2012 at the Romeo’s home. Videography by me with my little Cannon PS ELPH 300HS. Raw unedited cut. WhereforeArts’ Video crew: Tom Romeo – Director & Producer Robin Romeo – Announcer Berkowitz – Cam John Aalto – Cam
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  52. Indulging in sleep is something that not everybody can enjoy. The combination of hectic schedules and exigent obligations have resulted in greatly toxic lives. Others state, that there’s too much to do but so little time. Because of much pressure and obligations, we now live in a society of sleep deprived individuals. However, sleep deprivation […]
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  54. Twitter says:

    Zee News

    Junk Food More Appealing When You’re Sleepy: Study
    Doctors Lounge
    By Serena Gordon SUNDAY, June 10 (HealthDay News) — Unhealthy foods, such as sweets and chips, are more appealing to people who haven’t had enough sleep, new research suggests. When researchers examined the areas of the brain that were most active …
    Lack of sleep may cause obesity by affecting brain’s ability to choose healthy …
    Sleep deprivation may lead to higher anxiety levels, fMRI scans showMedical Xpress
    Sleepy brains drawn to junk foodCNN (blog)
    Zee (press release)
    all 20 news articles »

  55. sterminnet says:

    fMRI scans reveal how sleep deprivation impairs higher-order regions in the human brain where food choices are made – not the deeper brain structures reacting to basic desire. This new evidence offers another explanation for the link between sleep loss and obesity. Impaired brain activity in the frontal lobe was observed but not significant differences in areas traditionally associated with basic reward reactivity. Therefore, sleep loss may be more about higher brain functions than cravings.

  56. Every time I wake up Rise & Grind is trending. Shouldn’t there be some time zones to help me with this, or do I have a sleep disorder?

  57. PM is dreaming of how he will make SG dance to his tunes once he is ensconced in Raisina Hill. Sleep disorder time for sm in 10JP!

  58. Girl Slept for Two Months Straight

    Caters News Agency

    Stacey Comerford missed her student exams in April after ‘nodding off’ — and didn’t wake up until June. Rare sleep disorder affects mostly teens
    More Stories
    Why Many People Fear Success
    What You Should Do Before a Massage
    Type of Connection to Object Is Unhealthy

  59. Scientific American (blog)

    Sleep Deprived? Mind your dopamine.
    Scientific American (blog)
    Evidence That Sleep Deprivation Downregulates Dopamine D2R in Ventral Striatum in the Human Brain Journal of Neuroscience, 32 (19), 6711-6717 DOI: …

  60. (OOC, sorry guys, slept through RP tonight. Can’t take my sleep disorder meds till Weds, but I promise I will try to be on/awake tomorrow)

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  62. now i know what time the birds wake up. 4 am sharp. they like to scream in the direction of my room to my sleep deprivation

  63. chuo albergeneg says:

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  64. brissood says:

    A new study shows that Britain’s ever growing obesity rate could be down to a lack of sleep. Scientists have discovered that sleep deprivation makes you want to snack on sugary and fatty foods.

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  66. jungelson says:

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  67. I have a serious sleep disorder, I just woke up in the middle of the night (02:00 a.m.) and I can’t sleep anymore. That is

  68. Twitter says:

    Sleep Disorder Treatments – Revealed It is not uncommon to suffer from a sleep disorder, however, many people who suffer from sleep disorders do little about it because they don’t think it is a big deal. But consistent lack of sleep can cause anxiety and depression. That is why it is to consider trying […]
    Sleep Disorder Treatments – Revealed is a post from: SAD Alarm Clock

  69. “Missing a night’s sleep has the same effect on the immune system as experiencing physical stress, a new study from the Netherlands finds.   In the study, men who were kept continuously awake for 29 hours showed an increase in levels of white blood cells called granulocytes. And while levels of these white blood cells usually go through vary throughout a normal day, this rhythm was lost during sleep deprivation, the researchers said.   Sleep deprivation is known to be associated with the development of obesity, and with chronic diseases, such as diabetes and breast cancer. research is needed to understand how changes in the immune system may influence the development of these diseases, the researchers said.   Because the study was small, future research is needed to confirm the results.”

  70. JennAndAlbert says:

    I am completely caught off guard and have forgotten everything. And, guys, my kids are not even that old! They’re only six and three … I should still have some shadowy memories of their infancy, right? I can only assume sleep deprivation is to blame. Here’s my current deal. I nursed my first born to sleep every time f …
    Ilona Hussey liked The Bad Moms Club | Bad Moms Sleep Badly on 26 June 2012 (1 week ago).

  71. dnlbunting says:

    So 5 hours of sleep only? Lately I have been having sleep deprivation. A regular work and a sideline job. It consumes my sleeping hours..T_T

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