What’s so Nefarious about Missing Naps

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According to the New York Times, sleep studies have been conducted to see how much {sleep|slumber|shuteye} people actually need. It seems that the old adage that 8 hours of {sleep|rest} is the optimal amount seems to be true. But what about those {nap|rest|snooze|slumber}{stealers|pillagers|crooks|looters} like work and other things that are so nefarious and seem like you have to get them done no matter what? It doesn’t matter. {Sleep|Slumber|Shuteye} is the most {important|vital} thing.

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    1. Thank you for the link back! Nice article!

    2. walbman shaini says:

      Nokia will launch the Lumia 900 in the UK in June, according to Carphone Warehouse.The 4.3-inch Windows Phone Mango device was praised upon its debut at CES 2012, but until now has been billed as an AT&T exclusive in the United States.The listing on Carphone Warehouse’s website gives Nokia fans the to pre-register […]

    3. Twitter says:

      Are Google Glasses the Beginning of the End of Gadgets?

      Are Google Glasses the Beginning of the End of Gadgets?
      Video In late February, the New York Times that Google will release its Android-powered, heads up display Google Glasses before the end of 2012. Different stories exist around the functionality and look of Google Glasses, being built in the secretive GoogleX offices. But thanks to observations from people like 9

    4. rejadar says:

      Hugs. I can imagine frustrating. After my CBAC and cyst removal, the meds they gave me and my anemia made me black out. I got to the point where I had to have people with me every minute because I was worried faint with a newborn and a toddler. not the same, but that was scary enough. I can only imagine having a sleep disorder can be very challenging. bring you a bag of coffee to the next ICAN meeting.

    5. banjiro odbert says:

      Batista is simply the “greatest” wrestler of our generation. He also cuts the most inspiring promos I have ever seen. His book is sure to be a New York Times best seller, and sure it will be a real page turner. Batista is 4w350m3!!!111

    6. Serving in the military did me lots of good. I wish all our politicians were required to serve also. The President of the United States should be required to serve in the military in order to be eligible to run for the office of POTUSA.

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    8. I agree with you 100%! Sometimes the New York Times is confusing. Looking at the Times, it seems that they have a way of doing things that no other paper tries to copy. They are unique, and should thus be the best. But to me the New York times is more wordy and less “pictury” than other papers which sometimes leads to confusion. But like you said, it is the New York Times. How can I know better than the editors over that paper?

    9. Sometimes the united states need to go by the slogan let go and let god when it comes to other countries problem – niggas are hella nosey

    10. freakapotimus says:

      I found your blog by clicking on one of my own tags (sleep disorder) from the blog I just today. using mine to keep a sleep log as well, plus other notes about my sleep habits and patterns. pretty sure got delayed sleep phase syndrome/disorder, and since finding websites and blogs I feel so alone in my sleep-disorder-world.

    11. Mozilla is planning to make an announcement at SXSW 2012 on Saturday that The New York Times will be joining the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project. The project is designed to drive technological innovation in journalism by placing fellows in the newsrooms …

    12. Tony Cisneros says:



      IMMEDIATELY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



      WANTING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    13. “MEMO TO NEW YORK TIMESSo we are still pretending that the New York Times is not… well… the New York Times? I am not picking on you. Many bloggers and others seem to be raising the issue of the journalistic ethics of the media as if journalism were still alive.What gives? Is it like some kind of hypersarcasm that continues on long after regular sarcasm would have given up? The NYT would not cover a nuke in Washington if they could not figure out a way to blame it on capitalists, Jews or Republicans.

    14. Mike Booth says:

      Dear Mr. Booth,

      In your remedy to the United States Vs. America problem you yourself have committed the same crime. To refer to the United States as United Statesians as opposed to Americans would be to usurp the title United States from other countries who use it, such as the United States of Mexico. If we are to take Mexico as an example, it would make sense to follow their grammatical structure. United States of Mexico Mexico therefore, the United States of America America.



    15. […] Blog Maverick detailed a plan for newspapers to mold their business models into that of online video sites. What if The New York Times created an agreement with a cable giant like Comcast. Suppose Comcast gave their customers exclusive rights to the online edition of The New York Times for a small fee. Each entity would help with for the other. Comcast becomes a purveyor of one of the most influential news chains in history, while The New York Times gains revenue and expanded readership. […]

    16. Jeff King says:

      New York – The New York Times candidly that the city’s of Buildings said in a statement that it was issuing a violation to the owner of The New York Times Building for “failing to safeguard the public and It said inspectors had determined that an exterior glass panel fell from the 52-story tower, causing minor injuries to a pedestrian.

    17. krautencel boggan says:

      ALwyns Blog Read All the Latest World News ALwyns Blog SPot – new york times latest news American Is Held After Shooting of Civilians in Afg

    18. “the hallowed front page of the New York Times”

      the mindset that the Times (and other newspapers) get past. That is the root of the problem. All history aside, for me today in 2009, the newspaper is probably the least efficient means of getting the news. In the front page of the New York Times is not “hallowed” to the vast majority of people.

    19. Excuse me? Yes, the United States played better through the majority of the game, but Japan wanted to win more than the U.S. It clearly shows by late goals in regulation and in OT. Ask around the world and almost anyone will say the USWNT is the best in the world, but they did not finish that game playing their all. I think they got a little over-confident. be mad at Japan just because they beat the United States in the final.

    20. To Juggling mother.
      I Have become a bit of an on sleep as I have to deal with a sleep disorder. OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) If you remember your dreams that is a good thing. most people that have waking dreams (which are the ones we remember) are not getting enough sleep. The more dreams your recall (not have) the more likely you are suffering from a sleep disorder.

    21. nonthaboori2 says:

      My sleep disorder is simple. I have energy to do what I like, and get tired if I don’t like it. I just have a nice doctor.

    22. My entire life I’ve been riddled with sleeping issues. I don’t know that I have any of “sleep disorder” but I do know that it is very rare that I get enough sleep. I’ve always assumed it was because of my Type A personality, there aren’t enough hours in the day so I compensate by going to sleep late, and waking up early. Throw in the fact that I have a work schedule that always changes; my circadian rhythm doesn’t even know what’s going on half the time. I use to take sleeping pills on a pretty regular basis.

    23. The CEO of the New York Times just got an exit package $23 million. The company’s earnings over the past four years were $3 million.

    24. IN ONE HOUR! Very special guests TODAY, March 13 3-4 pm PT, 6-7 pm ET.

      Hale Dwoskin, author of the New York Times bestseller, The…

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    27. Posterous says:

      The New York Times The main Syrian exile opposition group suffered a serious fracture on Wednesday as several prominent members resigned, calling the group autocratic, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and powerless to help Syrian rebels as government forces, having flushed insurgent strongholds in the swept into the rebellious southern city of Dara’a. […]

    28. gickenouy ove says:

      Sadly, Perez may be more in-depth at times. also sad, the prospect of the hallowed front page of the New York Times taking space.

      And as for broadcast television news, as CBS Producer Fred Friendly put it:
      “Television makes so much money doing its worst it afford to do its best.”

    29. zapadopkin says:

      The New York Times is being accused of having a double standard when it comes to questioning religion, after it ran an ad calling on Catholics to leave their church, but nixed a nearly identical ad aimed at Muslims.

    30. Each year, no less than 25 000 people in the United States of America are exposed to Hepatitis C due to the professional negligence of the medical practitioners, including the hospital administrators who failed to the degree of precautionary methods imposed in infectious/communicable diseases ward.
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    31. fenboyler ngiardon says:

      EAs are in… Now to wait until Monday to find out whether or not I get to keep working to be an officer in the United States Air Force.

    32. Amen, Holly.

      One of the biggest issues I have to deal with as an editor is managing the unrealistic expectations of authors. Seems like every one of them thinks their book deserves to be excerpted in a national magazine, reviewed by The New York Times Book Review, optioned by Hollywood and earn them a booking on Oprah. And I deal mostly with sportswriters.

    33. Ha! “If you want to find out what it means to have a society without any rituals, read the New York Times.” – Joseph Campbell

    34. groustetan noorlins says:

      The Daily Star

      Korea to Hold First Parliament Session Under New Leader
      Voice of America (blog)
      Korea announced Saturday it will hold an annual parliamentary session next month around the time of a planned rocket launch that has sparked widespread condemnation.
      N Korea parliament to meet amid rocket launch tensionsThe Hindu
      US warns N Korea rocket aimed southNDTV
      Korean Meeting Likely to Empower New LeaderNew York Times
      The Hankyoreh -AsiaOne -New York Times -NPR (blog)
      all 555 news articles »

    35. Investigadores militares suspeitam que o sargento acusado de matar 17 civis afegãos realizou dois ataques separados, segundo divulgou, este domingo, o jornal New York Times. …
      in Jornal de Notícias

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    39. I have a sleep disorder and am always tired. I’ve gotten used to it, and I try to stay up later to make up for it.

    40. USA TODAY

      Golf: Double bonus for at Houston Open
      GMA News
      South African Charl has two good reasons to be happy competing at this week’s Houston Open in Humble, Texas, as he prepares for his Masters title defense the following week.
      Westwood takes Masters preparation to TexasMalaysia Star
      Masters faces male-only dilemma with new IBM CEOSan Francisco Chronicle
      Will the Augusta National Golf Club Admit a Female CEO?Bloomberg
      New York Times (blog) -Kansas City Star -The Press Association -Washington Post
      all 332 news articles »

    41. new York times is now running the weekly china daily paid supplement? if they need money y not take it from canned ceo’s severance instead?

    42. Mar.29 – French Prime Minister Francois Fillon says there is high probability that Europe and the United States will strike a deal on the release of strategic oil reserves in a bid to bring down prices and prevent a Hayley Platt

    43. 1 in 176 million are the odds of winning the mega million jackpot. Thats more than half the population of the united states holding a ticket

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    46. Sometimes we become so sophisticated we have to read the New York Times in order to figure out whether it’s a hot or a rainy day.

    47. Johnn Luevanos says:

      Federal regulators are considering restrictions, or even a complete ban, on the serving of peanuts on commercial airline flights.

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    48. alfardizzi says:

      actually i dont have a sleep disorder im just too lazy to get out of this chair and lay down cause im in a position

    49. По подозрению в убийстве трех афроамериканцев в городе Талса (Оклахома) арестованы два человека. Об этом сообщает Associated Press. Агентство приводит имена задержанных — это 19-летний Джейк Ингланд и 32-летний Элвин Уоттс. Подозреваемые были арестованы в воскресенье, 8 апреля, в небольшом населенном пункте Терли (Turley) к северу от Талсы. Там они жили в одной квартире. Ингланд и Уоттс были задержаны в нескольких кварталах от своего дома. На след подозреваемых удалось выйти благодаря анонимно предоставленной информации. В операции по задержанию участвовал вертолет. Оба задержанных — белые. Были ли нападавшие расистами, пока неясно. По данным AP, накануне нападений, 5 апреля, Ингланд оставил в Facebook запись, в которой утверждал, что чернокожий ровно два года назад застрелил его отца. При этом Ингланд, которому, по всей видимости, принадлежал аккаунт, использовал расовое ругательство (его страница позднее была удалена). Как пишет The New York Times, подозреваемый в убийстве отца…

    50. ABCimGnarly says:

      as a natural born citizen I want to thank you for your service to the United States of America. We are indebted to your service.

    51. robalainsk says:

      I was amused to read Maureen Dowd’s recent column titled “State of Cool” in the New York Times, calling Hillary Clinton “cool,” because I was about to write just the opposite — not just about Hillary, but about her (and my) whole generation of liberal-progressive-whatevers. They are anything but cool. They are the New Squares. […]

    52. Türkiye’de başlatılan 28 Şubat operasyonu, Batı’nın başlıca medya organlarının da gündeminde yer aldı. New York Times, operasyonu, “hükümet ile askerler arasındaki çatışmanın devamı” olarak niteledi. Haber Kaynak : Haber7

    53. […] NY Times Is Setting Up Sarah October 31, 2008 Posted by Daniel Downs in John McCain, Sarah Palin, conservative, media bias, news, politics, presidential election. trackback By Don Feder, Boycott The New York Times In this campaign, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is easily The New York Times’ favorite target. John McCain’s running mate represents everything the mainstream media despise – pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage and anti-big government. Once upon a time (before he secured the GOP nomination), The Times actually like […]

    54. Wicked_Kick says:

      Rest assured – I don’t want to steal anything from you, including your beauty sleep – but, stop invading my space. The Net should be big enough for the 2 of us, don’t you think? You stay over there, I stay right here.

    55. Wicked_Kick says:

      I’m never sleep deprived. I try not to drink caffeine in the evening, and reading a good book, comfy in my bed puts me out like a light.

    56. truthmatters says:

      try buying on ebay and you might never be sleep deprived, again.

    57. My parents could at least me in what I wanna do, I want to become a United States Marine. Mom Dad, I plan on joining, please

    58. TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com says:

      U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Press Release: Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and Victor W. Lessoff, the Acting Special Agent-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, today announced the unsealing…

    59. […] Why Google Should Buy the New York Times With acquiring a strong web presence, getting a “hook” into other avenues on a massive scale, and even adding to their core competencies, Google is uniquely positioned to modernize how the market thinks about the value of newspaper compani (tags: journalism newspapers google new+york+times) […]

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    63. croncrestr farres says:

      al.com (blog)

      Nature Conservancy: 629 picnickers counted at Birmingham’s Railroad Park …
      al.com (blog)
      “We’re real excited,” said Linda Montgomery, director of philanthropy for The Nature Conservancy of Alabama. “And we’re hoping people are learning about the Nature Conservancy and what we do to conserve our natural resources in Alabama.
      Day 2012: How You Can Help Save Our Planet’s ResourcesHuffington Post
      make masterpieces from picnic tables for Sunday’s Picnic for the PlanetThe Birmingham News – al.com
      Becoming interested in the environmentmsnbc.com
      The Nature Conservancy -New York Times (blog) -Care2.com
      all 36 news articles »

    64. I definitely ignore obnoxiously large and excessive so not sure I would notice the conflict at first, but it is a problem. I would not take the story seriously or trust it because no writer would say anything bad about the company who helps pay your paycheck. The New York times stupid in the sense that they would show Aflac in a negative light, but it is stupid for even writing the story in the first place.

    65. (Reuters) – Embattled vice chairman Eduardo Castro-Wright has resigned from the board of MetLife, the largest life insurer in the United States, the company said on Tuesday. “Over the past weekend, I notified you of recent events that will require my immediate and personal attention,” Castro-Wright said in a letter to MetLife Chief Executive Officer Steve Kandarian, a copy of which was filed with securities regulators. …

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    67. ScienceDaily: Latest Science News says:

      We’ve all heard the news of women found living with dozens of cats. But why do pet hoarders always seem to be female? The answer might have to do with women’s role in society.

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    69. damnn I seen yu in the New York Times kissin a lil mexican baby on the forhead while gettin the key to the city lmao

    70. 4G LTE networks are the future of the mobile space with major carriers in the United States rolling out their 4G networks, but when i…

    71. Bookmarklet says:

      Getting a new laptop or buying a new license for an operating system is often cheaper in the U.S. than in most other countries. Europeans, for example, are used to paying a hefty premium for Apple products and the situation is similar in Australia, where the cheapest MacBook Air currently costs about 15% more than in the United States. Now, however, the Australian government is a parliamentary inquiry into these pricing schemes. According to Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, the politicians behind this inquiry hope that calling these companies out publicly will result in prices dropping.

    72. rajcheins swirta says:

      Researchers have published a case involving a 67-year-old man admitted to a hospital in March after spending eight days suffering from fever, of breath and confusion. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia, but were at a loss to find the underlying cause, according to the this week in The Lancet.

      Pneumonia – Infectious disease – Health – Conditions and Diseases – Harvard Medical School

    73. There was a really interesting in _New York Times_ in the section about and race. The writer was describing the issue in detail and used some very interesting language, including the term “postblack” that had been used by black in the past. Really the read. You can find it online at the New York Times. It speaks to your provocative and interesting post here.

    74. NtoxiCated_BSL says:

      (OOC, I won’t be on RP tonight. The meds for my sleep disorder aren’t working & I can’t stay awake. I’ll be back tomorrow. Sorry :-/ Gnight)

    75. I’ve been having a sleep problem. Not personally. But with my Mac Pro.

      Mac Pro – Apple – Health – Sleep Disorders – Conditions and Diseases

    76. China’s top military officer visiting US military installations
      CNN (blog)
      By Chris Lawrence The Pentagon welcomed on Monday the highest-ranking Chinese military official to visit the United States in nearly a decade: China’s minister of national defense, Gen. Liang Guanglie. He is meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta …
      and more »

    77. fjell wess says:

      From ABC News and Univision, an English-Language Channel for Hispanics – New York Times Blogs

      From ABC News and Univision, an English-Language Channel for Hispanics – New York Times Blogs
      The Walt Disney Company’s ABC News division and Univision have tentatively agreed to create an English-language cable television channel for Hispanics in the United States. The companies, which will each own 50 percent of the joint venture …

    78. tsimitha says:

      (Ooc, won’t be on RP tonight. Feeling crappy & can’t take meds {my UTI meds OR my sleep disorder meds} today. Sorry I’ve been flaky lately)

    79. buchaic says:

      William J. Cunningham, nato nel 1929, è un fotografo di moda del New York Times noto per i suoi scatti rubati nelle strade di Manhattan, dove gira quotidianamente in bicicletta a caccia delle ultime tendenze, per le sue rubriche settimanali “On the street” e “Evening hours”.

      Bill Cunningham New York di Richard Press, uscito in dvd in Gran Bretagna e Stati Uniti, è un ritratto dell’eccentrico e discreto e una celebrazione del suo instancabile lavoro, vera antropologia visiva urbana dagli anni settanta a oggi, rivendicazione dello stile personale rispetto alle tendenze imposte dal mercato della moda.

      Internazionale, numero 948, 11 maggio 2012

    80. albuller says:


      Talks on Greek Coalition Collapse, Threatening Deal
      New York Times
      ATHENS — Talks to form a new Greek government collapsed on Sunday, when the leader of a left-wing that favors rejecting Greece’s loan agreement with foreign creditors again refused to join a unity coalition, making new elections almost a given.
      Greek government talks turn uglyCNN International
      Greek for coalition of India
      Coalition talks in Greece fail to produce agreementTelegraph.co.uk
      Sydney Morning Herald -National Post -euronews
      all 2,572 news articles »

    81. . Hej, jag läste din kolumn i AoT. Problemet var att jag hade läst den tidigare, då skriven av David Carr i New York Times.

    82. zubaid lin says:

      The accounts of the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC and the Nigerian Mission in New York might have been frozen by the Bank of America and Wells Fargo, two leading financial institutions in the United States of America over alleged money laundering activities. Sources informed African Examiner that the action of the banks was sequel […]

    83. Bradley says:

      Just to be a pedantic dork:
      TECHNICALLY, the United States is not 230 years old.
      These United States of America was really born in 1787 when the Constitution was ratified.

      Ultimately, it was not until the Civil War that “The” United States really used until the Civil War to promote a more Federal Union and less of States Rights.


    84. hara fredeya says:

      Ranking „Miejsc na wakacje 2012” wg New York Times
      TTG Polska
      Miejsce pierwsze: Panama. Od 12 lat Republika Panamy ma znów władzę nad sławnym kanałem Panamskim i od tego czasu ekonomia kraju znacznie się rozwinęła. Dziś prowadzone są prace nad powiększeniem kanału, dzięki, którym podwoi on swoje możliwości jeśli …

    85. Ping.fm says:

      The spending culture at Facebook, just as we suspected, adds more evidence that this is a seflish social media bubble, which has kept its money relatively contained — for good and ill — to the tech world. Facebook millionaires don’t spend like other millionaires, as The New York Times’s Somini Sengupta in her write-up of the “Reticient Rich.” Taking a look at the wealth Facebook has …

    86. Twitter says:

      “>There are ~8000 universities in the United States. How many history teaching jobs do you think there are? Well, there are 8000 universities, so if each of them teaches 3 history courses per semester (a gross underestimate), we need 24,000 history professors. Oh, wait, the woman in the *has* a job. It’s just a really, really exploitative job.”

    87. Delicious/tag/english says:

      Perhaps setting the tone for the 2012 election coverage, the New York Times leaned “staunchly” on “deep-seated” conservative labels in Sunday’s front-page off-lead by Jennifer Steinhauer (pictured) and Jonathan Weisman: “Tea Focus Turns to …
      Marry Pfund liked ‘Conservative’ Overload on NYTimes Sunday Front Page, Thanks to Suddenly Significant Tea – News Busters on 15 May 2012 (1 week ago).

    88. US criticism of China’s human rights “biased”: spokesman
      People’s Daily Online
      BEIJING, May 25 (Xinhua) — A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday described a recent US government on China’s human rights practices as “biased.” The spokesman urged the United States to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other …
      and more »

    89. shrinowiet says:

      Ask shane about the deer Is it a sleep disorder if you keep having the same dream over and over? over and over for months?

    90. I would not pay to read the New York Times online. The only reason I read the New York Times online is that it is available for free. I never read newspapers before they were available for free online (I have, however, been subscribing to magazines for a long time).

      That being said, my university subsidizes copies of the New York Times during the school year, so I automatically get a subscription with my tuition anyway; there would not be an incentive for me to pay for online access in addition.

      However, I would be sad if I were no longer able to access the NYTimes archives for free anymore. It is unlikely that I would be willing to pay for access to that either.

    91. When the New York Times Tells You Sunday Means Saturday and Sunday | WordPunk says:

      […] If anything I love in the world of print journalism, the Sunday New York Times. There are so many sections exploding with glorious information waiting to be devoured, from the Magazine to the special fashion This is precisely why, when I saw a New York Times sale booth a few weeks ago with lovely tote bags being offered for subscribers that I felt that I had to bite. I knew exactly what I wanted the Sunday New York Times. […]

    92. Twitter says:

      Enterprise News

      Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Revive Senate Campaign
      New York Times
      SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — After a month of floundering, Elizabeth Warren, the embattled Senate candidate in Massachusetts, is hoping to impress Democratic activists here Saturday at their state convention, where they will endorse a candidate for the …
      Massachusetts Democrats to Pick Senate CandidateWall Street Journal
      Marisa DeFranco could help Elizabeth Warren save her Senate campaignBoston Globe
      Warren address at Democratic convention focuses on Brown’s voting recordBoston.com
      Boston Herald -TPM -WWLP 22News
      all 163 news articles »

    93. krzyns mcneile says:

      A 20-year-old cellist from Rhode Island won the Miss USA crown and will represent the United States in this year’s Miss Universe pageant after embracing transgender beauty queens.

    94. CHICAGO, April 13 (Reuters) – The rain in Spain will only cause you pain. So goes the latest worry about Spain’s current financial woes for international investors. Yet that may not be the case if you’re truly a global investor and look at the larger picture in the United States and abroad. I’m not d …
      Jeanette Proffitt liked Don’t do the tango on Spanish concerns on 13 April 2012 (1 month ago).

    95. ReutersMostPopular says:

      The United States government is not fully acknowledging its responsibility for Georgia’s to propagandize the “Russian occupation of Georgia,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said on Wednesday.

    96. I.. president of the united states.. today; declare war, on terrorism.. so far we have won the battle.. but now we shall win the war

    97. USA TODAY

      Best Buy chairman resigning immediately
      Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
      Best Buy, which is struggling to compete with online electronics retailers, announced that founder and Chairman Richard Schulze is stepping down immediately and is looking at options for selling his 20 percent stake in the company.
      Best Buy founder resigns as director, may sell his stockUSA TODAY
      Best Buy’s founder re-examines own role with companyVancouver Sun
      Best Buy founder resigns from boardFinancial Times
      New York Times -Huffington Post -Reuters -Wall Street Journal (blog)
      all 235 news articles »

    98. apophel says:

      **Written by Doug Powers It’s looking like the Supreme would be doing Obama re-election hopes a favor by flushing this thing down, even though Nancy Pelosi’s constitutional leads her to believe it will be upheld 6-3. From the New York Times: More than two-thirds of Americans hope the Supreme will some […]

    99. Twitter says:

      Attorney General Eric Holder has assigned two prosecutors to investigate media leaks; “The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive,” President Obama said Friday (Charlie Savage/The New York Times)

    100. vosavis says:

      1. Where are you getting that the LA Times story was “2 hours later” (as if it matters anyway)?

      2. Note that the New York Times, unlike the LA Times, credits someone who is on the ground in Kenya, which means that you may or may not be accurate in suggesting that the New York Times just interviewed people “on the phone.”

      3. Whether or not the New York Times is right, basic familiarity with the of journalism would counsel that it is always prudent to wait for a more complete view of the facts before being too self-righteous.

    101. swandeloy wui says:

      New York Times (blog)

      Romney back to economy after immigration detour
      Mitt Romney is trying to steer his bus tour back to middle-class economic issues as he visits three communities in Pennsylvania following a detour caused by …
      Romney Fights for Attention After Obama Immigration AnnouncementFox News
      After immigration detour, Romney hammers economy anewSalt Lake Tribune
      Immigration overshadows Romney rural bus tourReuters
      New York Times (blog) -The Guardian
      all 1,158 news articles »

    102. dam cock says:

      WASHINGTON—In a sweeping aimed at overhauling the nation’s aging infrastructure, the United States on Sunday unveiled a 3,000-mile transnational power strip, which officials said would provide Americans with 126 billion new electrical outlets…

    103. I never knew that! Maybe I have the sleep disorder cause I often have a hard time breathing points and I’m not sure what it’s from?

    104. New York – Velmi exotický doping v poslední době odhalily testy u dostihových koní ve Spojených státech. Jde o látku, která tiší bolest, pocházející ze zad jednoho druhu jihoamerické žáby. Koně díky ní mohou běhat rychleji. Informoval o tom dnes list The New York Times.

    105. ScienceCareer says:

      We are trending in the united states right now! Oh I am fine by the way expect I got a non working phone cuz of the flood!

    106. [at New York Times] – Google is bowing to criticism and defections and cutting the prices it charges for heavy use of its maps by Web sites. A million downloads a day will fall to under $500, from almost $4,000.

    107. Alexandria Jobs says:

      City – Miami, FL – Company Profile: City is the leader in the goods industry. We are America’s largest specialty goods chain and the country’s premiere Halloween specialty retailer. City operates more than 600 company-owned and franchise stores throughout the United States and Rico. City is a division of Amscan Holdings, Inc. and has its in Rockaway, New Jersey. Amsc

    108. delnas tollgo says:

      USr Healthcare – Nashville, TN – Celebrating 44 years of providing quality healthcare to Nashville, Middle Tennessee and the surrounding region, TriStar Centennial Medical Center is a 657bed comprehensive facility offering medical and surgical programs including behavioral health, 24hour emergency, and vascular, imaging, neurosciences, oncology, pediatrics, rehabilitation, sleep disorder, and womens services.

    109. semargretz says:


      The cult of the Apple Store
      4 of the New York Times’ series takes readers inside the indoctrination process Apple Store employees. Photo: — If you’ve ever …
      Apple retail employees come in sprightly, but leave worn-outVentureBeat
      Apple’s retail ops unpeeled: How sales relate to payGigaOM
      Check Out How Apple Brainwashes Its Store Employees–Turning …Business Insider
      all 4 news articles »

    110. RIELLE Hunter says she and former United States presidential candidate John Edwards have ended their relationship. Hunter told ABC’s “Good Morning America” yesterday that she and Edwards were still a couple until…

    111. Twitter says:

      June 29 – In Washington, D.C., residents and tourists sought some relief from the heat in fountains and on the Potomac River, as a third of the United States was under a heat advisory. Sarah Irwin

    112. kiveatthi says:

      Morris Dickstein, “Dancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression” (Audiobook)
      Blackstone Audio | 2010 | English | ISBN: 1441762523 | MP3 VBR V8 | 23 hrs 34 mins | 749.12 MB
      Hailed as one of the best books of 2009 by the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, this vibrant of 1930s culture masterfully explores the anxiety and hope, the despair and surprising optimism of distressed Americans during the Great Depression.

    113. despearn says:

      link to online store healthpills24.com Acomplia to buy Riobant A resource guide for eye health and vision correction, including lasik surgeons, custom wavefront lasik, conditions and diseases, and much more. 29 Sep 2008. Around 2.3 million people in the UK … Continue reading →

    114. The New York Times Loses Control of their Content with a Paywall | WordPunk says:

      […] Frank Rich quit the New York Times to avoid being abandoned behind that paywall, and you can see why when you look at this nonsensical and arcane subscription model the New York Times is trying to push the in the marketplace: […]

    115. kazuhidema says:

      Sarasota Herald-Tribune

      Affordable Care Act: Debate on Law Heats Up in Florida
      The Ledger
      TALLAHASSEE | The U.S. Supreme may have ended its debate over the Affordable Care Act, but the rhetoric over the historic decision is just heating up in Florida.
      Romney, Obama both misstate facts about new lawAZ Central.com
      Health-care law does goodArizona Republic
      Kingston: Need for action to repeal, replace misguided health care lawSavannah Morning News
      Vindicator -Sarasota Herald-Tribune -New York Times (blog)
      all 1,519 news articles »

    116. TravelPod.com TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at TravelPod.com says:

      The United States and its European and Arab will threaten the Assad regime with global sanctions if it fails to quickly implement a Syrian peace plan that includes the appointment of a new interim government, U.S. officials said Thursday on the eve of an 80-nation conference.

    117. Techmeme says:

      Draper’s New York Times Magazine story about Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super-PAC, is the most interesting political story of the week. One takeaway from Draper’s story is that Priorities USA really does have a big role in the campaign. The tepid pace of the recovery suggests that Obama … More »

    118. I’m never tired i actually have a sleep disorder and take medication to sleep because my brain doesn’t shut off but for some reason am tired

    119. nousenbern yanasahima says:

      I’m tryna get all my bros out of laffy! It’s crazy out there, more people dying in the united states than in a combat zone

    120. Republican superPACs expect to rake in $800 million by election day, and Democratic superPACs are hundreds of millions behind. Democrats have “implicitly conceded” says the New York Times’ Draper, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compete.

    121. ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Eritrea said on Monday the United Nations was considering imposing sanctions on two Eritrean military officials over allegations they had helped Islamist militants in Somalia, and accused Washington of being behind the plan. The United States Treasury included the two Eritreans on a list of six people placed under sanctions last week for their role in the Somali conflict, which U.S. officials see as a growing threat to stability across east Africa. “On July 3, the U.N. …

    122. Let’s just be glad that Justin will be out of the United States for the next 2 weeks and hopefully he’ll be happy and less stressed.

    123. flori abin says:

      United States Australia’s Jarmila Gajdosova bowed out in the first round of the Stanford Classic in California.The unseeded Gajdosova, who has endured a challenging 2012 that has seen her WTA …

    124. dorschmelg says:

      Created page with “”’Bill Dauster”’ is a lawyer, economist, and speechwriter who has served on United States Senate and White House staffs since 1986, and currently works as deputy chief of st…”

      New page
      ”’Bill Dauster”’ is a lawyer, economist, and speechwriter who has served on United States Senate and White House staffs since 1986, and currently works as deputy chief of staff for policy for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Since 2005, has written and expanded Wikipedia on each of the 54 weekly Torah portions.

    125. wahler cherrangas says:

      Brookdale Senior Living Inc. – Colorado Springs, CO – Resident Care Associate Job Number: 51433 Brookdale Senior Living Inc. (BSL) a publicly traded company (NYSE: BKD) Want to become a member of our professional team and work for one of the largest senior living providers in the United States? Consider joining our team at the Brookdale Place of Colorado Springs, CO! One Company One Mission One Voice. Good people make the difference and are the key

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