Nefarious NapStealers Cause Pilot Fatigue

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According to USA Today,  a review of airline schedules for May 2011 revealed that an average of 2,600 flights a day are scheduled at times that make it hard for pilots to obtain normal sleep. These nefarious scheduling issues can cause reduced alertness, napstealers or, in the very worst cases, nodding off on the job.

The airline schedules proven to create a nefarious risk of napstealing fatigue departures that occur early in the morning, flights during the night or arrivals that occur after midnight. Performing tasks at these times interrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and the brain’s deep-seated need for sleep, according to experts in the field.

Nefarious SiestaThief Facts

  • Some research suggest females need up to an hour’s extra rest a night compared to men, and not getting it may be one reason women are much more affected to depression than men.
  • For every real Christmas tree harvested, 2 or three seedlings are planted in its place.
  • Feeling sleepy can feel normal after a short time. Those deliberately deprived of sleep for research initially noticed greatly the effects on their alertness, mood and physical performance, but the awareness dropped off after the first few days.
  • Consuming water after eating diminishes the acid in your mouth by 61%

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