Nefarious NapStealers Are Risky

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According to {a recent|an informative} {posting|article} in, Nefarious NapStealers have created {ongoing|chronic} sleep deprivation in our society and there are great risks associated with this tremendous lack of sleep in general in our {society|culture}. The truth is that Americans in general are not getting enough {sleep|rest}. We do everything on the run and we don’t even have downtime because we are constantly bombarded with copious amounts of information or we are actively participating in some form of distracting activity, such as cell phone usage, video games or browsing the Internet.

Nefarious NapStealers Hold Unclaimed Money According to Good Morning America


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As everyone knows by now, Good Morning America ran a segment this morning on Unclaimed Treasury Bonds, which the Nefarious NapStealers are trying to hide from the legitimate recipients. If you’re one of those people who love to go with the masses, you should try the following links for unclaimed money and unclaimed property. When searching these sites, make sure not to fall for the unclaimed money and unclaimed cash scams, which nefariously pop up all over the place.

Snoring is a Nefarious NapStealer, Too

Nefarious NapStealers Obstuct Airways to Cause Sleep Problems

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Nefarious NapStealers Are Making Your Children Fat!

Nefarious NapStealers Cause Childhood Obesity

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) entitled¬†Longitudinal analysis of sleep in relation to BMI and body fat in children: the FLAME study determined that if Nefarious NapStealers prevent {young children|kids} from obtaining … [Continue reading]

Nefarious Napstealer Facts

Jubilant NapStealers Bring In The New Year In Times Square

The Earth gets 100 tons heavier {each|every} day {because of|due to} falling space dust A night on the town will help you get to sleep but it will be a light {sleep|rest|slumber} and you won't dream much. Due to earth's gravity it is impossible … [Continue reading]

Sleep Deprived Indicators of NapStealing

Sleep Deprivation and other NapStealers

Having been frequently sleep deprived, I can speak from experience when I say that nefarious napstealers can attack at any time, especially when you least expect it. An important thing to prevent sleep deprivation is to set a sleeping schedule, but … [Continue reading]

Sleep Deprivation in Pregnancy

  The hormone adjustments and bodily discomforts associated with pregnancy could impact a pregnant lady's high quality of sleep. Each trimester of maternity brings its very own unique sleep challenges. Baseding on the National Sleep … [Continue reading]

Nefarious NapStealer Story Contest

NapStealer - Reading in Bed

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10 Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

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Nefarious SiestaThief Facts

International Headquarters of the Nefarious NapStealers

Some {studies|research} {show|suggest} {women|females} need up to an hour's extra {sleep|rest} a night compared to {men|males}, and not getting it may be one reason women are much more {affected|susceptible} to depression than men. For every … [Continue reading]